The idea came to him randomly as most of these ideas do. Kyle had been wanting to travel, the last five years of his life had been just that, so it was possible that the young Therian was growing restless. There was always some kind of excitement when he traveled and he liked the sense of the unfamiliarity of a new town. However, when he arrived in Evermore, he could already tell something was unique about the place. Now he likes the city as much as the next person but it seemed that old habits die hard. He had every intention of coming back to Evermore and with his work not being such a problem with time, he had plenty of it on his hands.

 He wanted to at least venture out but now he wanted someone to go with and that was only one person. He had brought the idea up as a “what if” to Jessalyn one night and when he saw her interested, he knew that he wanted to go with her. There was no secret to how Kyle felt about Jay. Now that there were no worries surrounding their minds anymore, he thought he ask her. There was a sense of excitement in Kyle as he was looking forward to taking a day trip to somewhere new and also because Jessalyn will be with him. He pulled his phone out of his back pocket with purpose and texted her what time he would be coming to her home and that he would be seeing her then. He checked to see if his car would be running good the night before and in the morning he was set to go. He drove down to Jessalyn’s, the weather was going to be warm and for that, he was thankful. He would take any other weather over the cold and he was glad that it was going to be spring soon. He knew she was the same way and he should have figured that was the case. She had a warm and bubbly way to herself; she was like sunshine personified. The thought made a small smile appear on his lips. He parked the car in front of her house and got out to jog up to her door. He knocked three times and waited for her to answer, glancing around the neighborhood and glancing up at the sky as a small smirk spread across his face. He didn't know what this day would hold but there was never a dull moment with this Initia around. 

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"This will be fun." she said to herself going to make a shower. The warm water was so refreshing and comfy. She would stay there all day but she didn’t want to lose any minute of having a great day with Kyle so she got out of the shower after 10 minutes with a towel around her slim body. She stood in front of her closet for a few moments thinking of what she is about to ear. Tapping her pointing finger on her cheek, she grinned seeing the perfect outfit for her. When she got the text from him, she let a smile cross her face announcing him she was ready in 15 minutes. Until he arrives, she will be ready. She started to change and put a simple make-up on her face and taking take of her hair. It was no mistake what she was feeling for Kyle. Something she never felt for anyone and she was glad she could start building something with him. He was kind heart, sweet, funny and was a person she was starting to get addicted to. She couldn't stay away from him and nor that she wants that. 

When he mentioned a trip road the other days, she said yes without thinking twice. She wanted to go with him and explore the surroundings and she never got to do it since she arrived. Even if she didn't want to go alone, she was glad it was him that was joining her. She was ready to have a perfect adventurous day with him and have some fun. Once she was ready, she looked in the mirror the last time fixing her clothes, fur cap and hair to look perfect. She wanted to be that perfect for him. Even thought they went through a lot, she was glad they finally have no worry about anything. They could be happy together again. At the thought, she smiled warmly before clapping once. Looking at her blossomed lips, she decided to go with a mate red color. It can be sweet and still could feel Kyle's lips without being afraid he will become in Rudolf but with the red lips instead.

By the time she was ready, she heard the knocks and rushed on the stairs to open up." Now, behave until Sierra arrives to take care of you alright?" She told her pets before she opened the door for him. When her eyes felt on him, she grinned slightly as she jumped towards him getting him in a tight hug." Love!" She said excited that he arrived. After a short moment, she cupped his cheeks to let her gaze study his features. As her hazel blue eyes looked with his crystal eyes, she felt like a teenager in love once again." I am ready for the adventure!" She admitted all excited as she chuckled." And I did make something for the road, just in case." She added.

He turned around when he heard her voice chime out as she walked out of the doorway. An easy smile found his lips as she got him into a hug. “Hello, love,” he greeted back as his arms wrapped around her waist. As she pulled back a little only to cup his cheeks, he smiled as his eyes were filled with a mixture of content and adoration for the woman before him. His eyes took in her appearance, “Well look at you. Looking beautiful as always,” he chuckled softly. He wasn’t usually one to be considered a sappy person but Jessalyn brought out his affectionate side easily. He was definitely wrapped around her finger. His blue hues met her warm hazel ones and he chuckled when she heard that she was ready for an adventure. “Great then. Road trips never goes as planned so I’m sure there will be some excitement,” he smirked some before he let his arms fall from her waist.

“Oh really?” He asked with a smile in response to her making something. “Well I look forward to seeing what you made.” He pressed a kiss to her cheek before his hand found the small of her back. “Let’s go inside and see it,” he told her and followed her into her home. He chuckled when he saw her cat and bunny lounging on her couch and then was greeted by Hero running towards him. “Hey, buddy,” he said as he paid some attention to him before following Jessalyn. “So I was thinking about where we should go…” he mentioned as he met her in the kitchen. He leaned himself against her counter top before watching her get things ready. “How would you like to see the ocean. In California?” he asked with a hopeful smile. “It’s a bit of a drive but we’ll be back before you know it.” He added quickly so she can think about it better. He knew how much she loved the river banks in Evermore and with him knowing that it was a secret spot for her only made him like the place more himself.

“We can walk the pier and just enjoy being there before coming back home. I know you’ll probably be thinking about these little ones here,” he said as he glanced at the two lounging blobs of fur on the sofa. “So what do you say? Seeing the ocean while exploring California a bit. They got plenty of sights around the state.” He couldn’t help but let his eyes light up with slight excitement. He remembers enjoying “the Golden State” when he lived there momentarily but the short time made him always curious to go back. And when he met Jessalyn and her love of the river banks, he wanted to take her somewhere that was similar. “I would have taken you to Georgia but that’s a long drive and figured we shouldn’t be gone for too long..” he mentioned but if she wanted to go there, he would oblige happily.  

Every time she was with Kyle, a smile couldn't vanish from her expression. He was her favorite non-family person that always can help her when she is in need. Jessie never felt what she feel for him in her entire life and she feels lucky every minute that she and Kyle are now a couple because he was just perfect for her. His personality and his charms were no where to be found at someone else so having him was the greatest thing that ever happened to her. "Thank you Love. You know I love looking beautiful for you." She chuckled slightly at his words before placing a kiss on his cheek. "I am sure it will be amazing!" She admitted excited with a nod of her head. It was one of the most time that she was getting out of Evermore. Ever since she arrived, she didn't got a chance to explore outside and now she knew that Kyle had chosen a great road trip that she will have plenty of fun.

She gave a nod and letting her hand travel on his arm, she softly intertwined her fingers with his as she guided him towards the kitchen. She was slightly curious if he would enjoy it. She does cook all the time but she never got the opportunity to cook him so it was slightly the first time he would actually taste what she made. Seeing Hero coming in a rush made her laugh before turning to look at his play time with Kyle. She was slightly surprised that Hero was loving Kyle that much. Her dog usually wasn't that friendly with anyone besides her family but it was a really interesting interaction the two had. " I believe you are the first non-family person that he enjoys playing with." She admitted wrapping her hands to her chest smiling happy towards him. As she got in the kitchen getting the bag on the kitchen, she turned towards Kyle. " You got my attention when I heard ocean." She responded with a big grin as she was a big fan of any river, lake or ocean that she could possibly see. She was happy that she thought about her desires and the things she enjoyed when he made the road trip. It was one of the gestures that she loved about Kyle.

"Don't worry about them Love." She responded towards him looking at her pets." I had already spoke to Sierra and she will come here to take care of them so my babies will be in good hand." She assured Kyle with a smirk before giving a nod of her head. " It sounds pretty interesting. I had never been to California so it will be my first time there. But it means you might have to be my guide." She admitted with a bright laugh towards him before she walked towards him and stroke his cheek gently. When he mentioned Georgia, she raised her eyebrows with a bigger smile cross her face. "Visiting Georgia sounds pretty tempting." She admitted with a nod of her head. She saw from time to time that Kyle was missing Georgia and she always wanted to help him get there so he could see his childhood place all over again. "I don't have a time to come home." She admitted with a nod of her head before giggling." I would had wanted to visit Georgia as well. I wanted to see the places you grew up." She admitted with a nod of her head. But she didn't knew if she could use both option that can be done in the road trip.

She took his hand smiling as she shortly guided to the bag she wanted to make with the food and little snacks she prepared for their gorgeous trip." I made some chocolate, fruit and candy muffins if we will want something sweet along with white chocolate cookies and raspberry hand pies. I also made some Artichoke pasta salad, bacon, fried potatoes, fruits and some salad. I didn't made the popcorn but I bought it from the store so I don't know if that actually counts. " She admitted with a slight laugh and a shook of her head as she walked behind him getting him in a sweet embrace. "What do you say? Did I do well Mister Chef?" She asked with a soft grin before resting her head on his shoulder for a moment before starting to get the food bag ready so they won't waste long time staying. 

Kyle had chuckled at her words about Hero and how he was the dog liked outside of her family. "Well, that makes me feel a little better. I just hope your siblings like me the same especially your older brother," he told her as he was still leaning against the table top. He hadn't met her family just yet but he knew the day would come as he knew how important her older siblings are to her.

When saw the smile cross Jessie's face at the mention of going to Georgia, it made one appear of his own. He recalls the look on her face when he talked about it and how he'd want to take her one of these days. He was about ready to talk more about it before she went to grab the food that she made for them. A small chuckled escaped him as she listed off what she made and he smiled brightly at his girlfriend. "I think you were cooking for royalty when you made this because all of this sounds delicious, my love," he said before placing a quick kiss on her cheek.  He then pretended to have a serious expression as he glanced down at the food. "I say you did well, young Chef," he said as he pretended to put on an English accent like Gordon Ramsey. He knew he was still bad at it but it sometimes made her chuckle to hear it which he was okay with. "No, but really all of this looks great," he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind as she got things ready.

"So, I was thinking just now..." he started before letting her go and taking the bag from her hand. "If you don't have to be back at a certain time, we can go to California then spend the rest of the time checking out Georgia." He suggested to her with a small smirk as they still stayed standing in the kitchen. "And don't worry, we won't be gone for too long. " He said with a nod, watching her face for a reaction. He felt good opening up to Jessalyn and showing her where he grew up seemed like it could make the bad memories balance out with some good ones he created with her. Though, there was something that bothered him or tugged at him like a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He still hadn't told her about his past and what was trained to do, much less about how he was worried about those vampires getting to him though he was now worried about them finding her. 

They found Alex, the vampire that raised him easily after they moved to Georgia and who says they can't find Kyle? He was one last little thing they forgot to take care of. They didn't realize that he didn't burn down with his pack but a rogue vampire from their army saved him and took him someplace safe. He didn't worry about his life now but only about the people he grew close to which was Jessalyn at this moment. 

His eyes found hers again and just like that, those thoughts were now being kept at bay from him. He now felt relaxed and smiled warmly now at her as he stroked her cheek. He placed a kiss on her forehead before slinging the strap of the bag over his shoulder. "You ready to go now?" He asked, with an excited grin. He was ready to let go of the dark memories so he can find good ones with the woman he cared about. He was glad that he was the one by her side as she explored these new places. 

When he mentioned Cedric about liking him, Jessie turned to stroke his cheek gently before giving him an assuring smile." I am sure he will like you Love. He will just need time to see that I care about you and besides that, to see that you are not planning to hurt me." She responded towards him." You will see that with Sierra won't be that bad so only because Cedric is more.. hard to talk to doesn't mean it won't be possible." As Cedric didn't found out about her and Kyle was a big issue for her. She truly wanted to tell him about her happy relationship with Kyle but she knew her brother and being so overprotective over her and Sierra  and that was a big of a problem for her to explain him. She had been really happy lately after everything that happened in her life recently but it was a pain she can't tell her big brother that she found a man that was making her happy. 

She smiled gently at the kiss on her cheek and when she heard his hard English accent made her chuckle and laugh brightly every time. He was just perfect how he always wanted to make her happy, to smile and too feel like she is a precious person for him. Gently she started to think that she really is. "Why thank Mister Chef. I feel delighted for your words and I will treasure them all my all my life. " She said with a more strong accent then her usual one. Once with her coming there, her accent had faded a little but it was still there if she ever wants to use it. Feeling his arms around her, made her smile look at his with the corner of her eye before getting the bag ready. " I tasted your gorgeous cooking, now it's time to show mine." She admitted with a big grin turning towards him once she done the preparation of the big bag and sighed satisfied as she went to wash her hands at the sink.

As dried her hands with a towel before hearing him speak. As she gave him her full attention, she leaned against the counter smiling wrapping her hands to her chest giving a nod thinking of what he told her. She always loved going somewhere with him because it felt like endless fun as she was having a marvelous time with him and having a change to actually see Georgia along their way where he had grown up sounded perfect. She let a smile cross her face as shortly after she clapped getting all excited about the idea. " I love it~! I will finally get a chance to see Georgia!" She said happy walking towards him getting him in a hug placing kisses all over his face." This will be amazing. I am sure of it. And I am so excited that this is my first time getting out of Evermore." She said feeling ready excited about it even if they haven't left the her house yet. She didn't knew everything about his past but she hoped that she will hear it whenever he wants to share it. 

Letting her eyes on him, she seemed pulled in his thoughts for a few moments. She wondered what he was thinking about which such tension in his eyes. He seemed troubled by those thoughts. Like something was hunting his mind and was getting him worried for an unknown reason to her. When his eyes met hers, she gave him a gently warming and loving smile as she relaxed under the touch of his hand on her cheek. it was such a warm and welcome feeling. His touch could relax her with ease whenever she was stressed. He was the one that was keeping her head on her shoulders and her feet on the ground mostly of the times. She chuckled at the sweet kiss she received before giving a nod of her head." I am ready Love. Let's go and start some amazing memories, together." She said having a grin grin cross her face as she let her fingers intertwine with his.. She knew one thing for sure. This love with him was real and he was important to her. They had been through a lot and they always passed it as a team, together. 

She walked along with him at the door and petted her pets one time before walking out of the apartment locking the door. Looking at the clock, she was sure that Sierra will come in no time to take care of them so she placed the key under the carpet in front of her door as her secret hiding.  After that, she turned to him and took his hand into hers once more." The official road trip begins." She smirked with a nod of her head before placing a kiss on his cheek letting him guide her to his car.

Though there were worries, worries that had been on his mind since he found out about what happened to his pack and who Alex was, seeing her excitement and smiles made the worries melt away into nothing. He knew as he looked into her blue hues and along her features, that he would never let anything happen to her. He would protect her from whatever would come for them without hesitation and make sure she was safe as long as she was with him. He loved her more than she would ever know though he tried to make her feel it when he was with her. Hearing her words, he smiled brightly and nodded in agreement with her. “Yes, let’s make some wonderful memories,” he squeezed her hand as he spoke. He ready for that. To go to at least some of the places before but have her be a part of it now when he can look back on it. After all that they had been through in the past, he ready for them to not worry about other things.

He grabbed the bags that were ready to go and the food she made for them as he walked with her to the door. He smiled to himself as she said goodbye to her pets before she locked the door behind her. Feeling her hand slip back into his, his fingers intertwined with hers as he brought the back of her hand to his lips to place a soft kiss to her knuckles. Kyle smiled at her words followed by the kiss she gave him to his cheek, “I’m looking forward to this, love.” His tone was warm and sincere as he could feel the warmth she radiated spread through his chest, causing him to feel like weights were being lifted from him. He opened the door to his truck for her first before putting the bags in the bed of his truck, keeping the food one in his arm as he climbed in. He placed it between them should they get hungry already.

“Alright, here we go,” he said with a bright smile as the engine roared to life and he plugged his phone into the aux before letting whatever playlist he had continue to play. “Are you sure you don’t have to be back at a certain time?” He asked, glancing over to her with a soft, playful grin. “You know how much I worry,” he chuckled as he made his way to the freeway. It was true and she always reminded him that he worries too much, which made him chuckle.

He felt happy as he drove, with Jessie in the passenger seat. Thoughts came to his mind as he neared the turn off onto the highway. He wondered what it would be like for them to be like this. Carefree and excited. Before it was all worries that weighed down on them but their friendship remained in tact until the night he kissed her unexpectedly. He couldn’t help what he did but he was glad that he did it. Now he then that she wouldn’t be in the arms of another if he let his chance slip by. From there, their feelings for each other were out in the open which only grew stronger for Kyle the more he spent time with her. He was glad for how things turned out.

I don’t know where you’re going

But do you got room for one more troubled soul?

Then the song played in the background pulled him from his thoughts as it started to play. It was as if the time lined up perfectly as they were now on the open highway. “Hey,” he chuckled as he glanced over to her. “Look what song is starting off this adventure,” he said as he turned the volume up before letting his eyes back on the road. Another good memory flashed through his mind. Stage lights and crowded spaces. Surprising her with concert tickets before the band came out on stage. The happy look on her face as she sang along to the music. He remembered that concert every time this song came on and how the nights they spend listening to music with each other.

He took her hand into his as he sang along, singing the words to her as he kept his eyes on the road so he wouldn’t be swerving. “Let’s be alone together...We can stay young forever, scream it from the top of your lungs...let’s be alone together...we can stay young forever, we’ll stay young, young, young...” He laughed softly before placing a kiss to her hand once more. He looked over to her for a moment as he smiled brightly at her. This was a rare moment for the young Therian to feel pure happiness after a long time of having a heavy mind and the woman who he loved brought out a better side of him. His blue hues lighting up before they tore away from her pretty face and back to the road before him, still keeping his hand in hers as they drove.

She waited for this trip so long. Even thought mostly of the days she was spending them with him after work up until the sun goes down, she never gets tired of that feeling. The warm, gentle loving feeling he was giving her was making her be the most happiest girl alive. Now and then she thinks about what could had been if he didn't kiss her that night and made her open her eyes to see what she exactly wants to do. She was insecure because he feels for Kyle were there but she didn't knew how things will turn out. But that kiss changed literally everything that she ever doubted about. All the worries about the future, all her plans were turned upside down when she felt his sudden lips upon hers. But it also made her open her eyes and see that she was walking on the wrong path that time. 

She wanted him and the had been through a lot to make it happen. But she was glad she thought for this and she was feeling blessed that this strong love between them was staying and growing each and ever day. She remembered friends saying that she will get tired seeing him almost every day and spend so much time with him but she loves when she proves them wrong. She actually can't get enough of all the time she has with Kyle and she wishes to have it every day again and again. She knew she probably wasn't the best girlfriend ever and that she can be stubborn too, but she was grateful that he was accepting her just the way she is. Childish, stubborn, loud and cheesy. He always had that gift to make her feel special, loved and appreciated. She sometimes wonder how she had that luck to meet him and actually get him fall in love with her by she also also grateful for that. 

She smiled at the squeeze of her hand before chuckling giving a nod of her head." Together." She said with a warm tone before walking towards his car. " Sure you won't want any help with them?" She asked looking over to him. Not that she thought he didn't had enough power but she just wanted to help him with everything that she could. As everything was locked, she smiled looking over to him. This is a trip she was sure they both need. Some freedom, just them two without anyone known around. When she felt the gentle kiss on her hand she smiled warmly at him chuckling brightly. She could easily fall in love with him every time he was doing a gentle, little thing. He was having that power to turn her around to him every time. " I am looking forward to it too Love. I am sure we will have so much fun." She admitted with a chuckle giving a nod of her head.

When he opened the door for her, she smiled brightly thanking him before gently getting on the seat putting the seat belt on before letting her hazel green eyes study him as he left some bags in the back of the truck and came with her one with the food putting it between them. She helped him arrange it so it won't disturb him while she drives before smiling over to him. As she heard his question, she wanted to say something but stopped as he continued." You know me too well Love." She chuckled looking over to him. " I don't need to come at a certain time. I promise." She assured him with a nod of her head. She wanted to have fun in this trip. She wanted to feel free along with him and have gorgeous memories without worrying how fast the time passes and how she needs to get home. 

Letting her hazel eyes on the road with a gentle smile, she was smiling excited being happy that the trip finally begins. When she heard his voice, she raised her eyebrows turning to his voice. She was in thought as she haven't heard the song but he turned the volume up, she grinned happy clapping at the known song. The concert night. What an amazing night. She could remember everything like it was yesterday. That gorgeous surprise Kyle had made for her as he wanted to go to a certain ' random ' concert. She still remember her shock when she saw FOB on that stage. That's why she loves Kyle so much. He takes time to get to know her and just remember what she loves and what she does like. He gives her that gorgeous attention. 

She felt his hand and smiled warmly towards him as he kept singing. Ah, she loves his voice. It was melody to her ears. She could listen to him all day long. Shortly after, she sang along with him happy moving her free hand around like she was holding a light. Exactly like she did in that night. Feeling his sweet kiss on her hand again made her chuckle and laugh before cupping his hand gently placing a soft kiss on it as well happy. She was happy. She was loved. She was feeling everything she ever wanted. And it was all thanks to him. For the fact that he is in her life and for that fact that he loves her that much.  She loved the fact that she could see him thing happy. Every time she was managing to make him smile and see that he is really happy was making her feel relief and happy. He deserves happiness and she wants to be that person that will always gives him what he is worth of. Happiness and peace. When she locked her eyes with him for a moment, she smiled warmly before making another kiss on his hand keeping it in her hands. " I love you." She muttered in a velvet tone before looking ahead on the road smiling. She meant every word ever time she was saying it.

Kyle smiled as he saw the brief flash of memories that night before holding her hand in the air, laughing softly as he shook his head. This is what he enjoyed about Jessalyn. She was fun loving and free but she was also so thoughtful and caring. He often wondered how he got so lucky to have her around. When he came to Evermore, he was lost to say the least. Jessalyn was among the first set of people he met when he moved here. They were friends from the start from their meeting in the diner and unknowingly to Jessalyn, she already pulled him in from the start. So to see how far they came to live in each other’s happiness made the lycan happy.

He gave her a smile at the kiss she placed on her hand as his eyes returned to the road. Her soft velvety tone made him feel calm and content as he glanced over at her. “And I love you,” he squeezed her hand before letting the smile turn warm. His eye returned to the road but his hand stayed in hers. It was a comfort to have her close and he was sure that she knew how she calmed him down from his worries. His mind wandered from the effects of his past and he felt great and carefree when she was with him. He stared out to the open road as the song ended. He then released her hand only to place his phone near her, “Here, you can play whatever you like.” He said before curious if she’ll pick a song out.

“Let’s see what I can grab out of the delicious goodie bag,” he said with a playful wink t her as he reached into the bag with his free hand to pull out a ziplock bag full of red grapes. “You want some?” He asked before settling it between them as he continued to drive. “So we have about 15 hours until we get to California. We can always find a place to rest our heads if you want to,” he said as he glanced over to the clock on the dashboard. He was thinking of showing her a couple of places on the way that he remembered seeing the first time while traveling. That was his favorite part of traveling was seeing landmarks that he saw in books while in school and new views for the first time. They would be passing through some spots and he figured he could show her them. He was going to surprise her with that and he hoped that she wouldn’t mind so he would wait to reveal that.

The hours it took to get out of the state of Colorado passed easily with the expectations of pit stops along the way to stretch out the limbs. The hours passed with the music between them and the conversations the two carried as they entered Arizona. He always found it easy to talk to her and she made him laugh which he was glad to have her in the passenger seat.  Kyle spotted a diner that look straight out of the movies as they passed through a small town. He glanced over at Jessa and gestured his head towards it, “Want to grab a bite to eat, BlueJay?” The sun was almost setting over the horizon so maybe he can find them a room for them to crash for the night while they were here. “Then after, we can just sleep and start up again in the morning.” He smiled, knowing that the trip would be a long one but he was patient. He pulled off of the highway and found the road that led to the diner and other restaurants that clustered around the small area. Right next to the neon signs flashed signs for vacancy which they can try for. Finding them a parking spot, he put the car in parked and looked over to her. “You ready?” He asked with a crooked grin before he hopped out the truck and shut the door behind him to walk around to her side to help her out. He glanced at the place and it didn’t seem bad at all, he had been in worse places. “You know I wouldn’t lead you astray right?” He whispered to her with a joking tone and chuckled, not sure if she was turned off by all this. “This place doesn’t look awful but rather good, promise,” he added with reassurance before guiding her towards it. The summer air feeling great against his face as a small breeze blew past them. With the sun quickly fading and the lack of city lights that he was used to in Evermore, the night sky was already illuminating with the scatter arrays of constellations.

Jessalyn had never had any idea how she will meet the perfect man in her life. She had never thought about it and the moment she thought about less, it was the moment when it hit her and simply the next second, Kyle had came in the view in the dinner asking for her order. How would had thought what superhero talk and simple exchanging words might had gotten them where they were now? Crazy in love and free of any worry. She would had never thought she might be lucky enough to be in that happy and gorgeous relationship she was having now with him. At that time, he was just a friendly stranger and a new friend that she slowly started to get addicted to. She wanted his time and his attention.

She could still think of how stupid she was for just turning to Blaise when he came back in town. She thought that the thing that was between them long ago will come back and they will start over where the paused but it seems that Jessalyn’s feeling were already stuck with Kyle and even thought, she thought she can do it, the 180 degrees turn back to Kyle is the best decision she had ever made. She would do it all over again just for him. Her love for him was something that she can’t describe in words and she was the most happiest girl alive knowing that he shared the same strong feelings that she was having for him. It was cloud nine and she wasn’t planning.

Hearing those soft gorgeous words made her cheeks turn slightly red as she got her lips into a straight line before letting the most sweetest smile to cross her face. She had never smiled that much in her life since she had been through so much but Kyle had show her the power to actually be happy and leave all the worried behind. Keeping his hand gently into hers, she let her hazel strong eyes on the road loving the feeling of having his close and feel his warm gentle touch. When he passed her his phone, she smiled moving her shoulders happy having a song in mind that she wanted to put. When it came on she sang chuckling.” I was just an only child of the Universe, and then I found you.” She sang moving her head on a side and other looking over to him wanting for an reaction.

When he pulled out the bag full of red grapes, she smiled giving a nod before helping him set it between them before getting one and got it closer to his lips for him to take.” I will be your co-pilot. Providing with food and water captain.” She chuckled gently before taking one of her own after he took it. She gave a nod at his words looking ahead.” Well, you know this places so I will leave myself in your capable hands.” She admitted as she trusted him more then anyone in this trip and in general of course. She knew he will show her some amazing things and that this trip will be amazing simply by the fact that he was there. With here making amazing memories.

The hours passed like they were nothing when she was talking random things with Kyle. The way that he was being with her and how he was so open and so funny, was everything be more amazing then they usually were. His charming way and amusing personality was making her feeling like she could do that all day. Just talk with him and laugh over and over again. When he mentioned a dinner, she raised her eyebrow before giving a nod smiling.” Honestly yeah. It would be nice for another stop and some warm food.” She admitted gently towards him before looking of to him. “ Aye aye captain!” She said all excited as she saw him pull off the higway towards the small area. As he stopped the car , she extended her hands gently ahead stretching before smiling as he helped her out.” Thank you Love.” She placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

She gently let their hands intertwine as he guided her towards the place before looking towards him. “ Of course I know that Love. “ She chuckled grinning.” I thought that you will leave me in the middle of the desert. “ She laughed joking before giving a shook of her head. She knew he will realize she was just joking around and that she loves to make him laugh. She smiled gently at the summer air that hit them gently before she rested her head on his shoulder as they walked. She was loving this trip from the moment they left.

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