The idea came to him randomly as most of these ideas do. Kyle had been wanting to travel, the last five years of his life had been just that, so it was possible that the young Therian was growing restless. There was always some kind of excitement when he traveled and he liked the sense of the unfamiliarity of a new town. However, when he arrived in Evermore, he could already tell something was unique about the place. Now he likes the city as much as the next person but it seemed that old habits die hard. He had every intention of coming back to Evermore and with his work not being such a problem with time, he had plenty of it on his hands.

 He wanted to at least venture out but now he wanted someone to go with and that was only one person. He had brought the idea up as a “what if” to Jessalyn one night and when he saw her interested, he knew that he wanted to go with her. There was no secret to how Kyle felt about Jay. Now that there were no worries surrounding their minds anymore, he thought he ask her. There was a sense of excitement in Kyle as he was looking forward to taking a day trip to somewhere new and also because Jessalyn will be with him. He pulled his phone out of his back pocket with purpose and texted her what time he would be coming to her home and that he would be seeing her then. He checked to see if his car would be running good the night before and in the morning he was set to go. He drove down to Jessalyn’s, the weather was going to be warm and for that, he was thankful. He would take any other weather over the cold and he was glad that it was going to be spring soon. He knew she was the same way and he should have figured that was the case. She had a warm and bubbly way to herself; she was like sunshine personified. The thought made a small smile appear on his lips. He parked the car in front of her house and got out to jog up to her door. He knocked three times and waited for her to answer, glancing around the neighborhood and glancing up at the sky as a small smirk spread across his face. He didn't know what this day would hold but there was never a dull moment with this Initia around. 

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"This will be fun." she said to herself going to make a shower. The warm water was so refreshing and comfy. She would stay there all day but she didn’t want to lose any minute of having a great day with Kyle so she got out of the shower after 10 minutes with a towel around her slim body. She stood in front of her closet for a few moments thinking of what she is about to ear. Tapping her pointing finger on her cheek, she grinned seeing the perfect outfit for her. When she got the text from him, she let a smile cross her face announcing him she was ready in 15 minutes. Until he arrives, she will be ready. She started to change and put a simple make-up on her face and taking take of her hair. It was no mistake what she was feeling for Kyle. Something she never felt for anyone and she was glad she could start building something with him. He was kind heart, sweet, funny and was a person she was starting to get addicted to. She couldn't stay away from him and nor that she wants that. 

When he mentioned a trip road the other days, she said yes without thinking twice. She wanted to go with him and explore the surroundings and she never got to do it since she arrived. Even if she didn't want to go alone, she was glad it was him that was joining her. She was ready to have a perfect adventurous day with him and have some fun. Once she was ready, she looked in the mirror the last time fixing her clothes, fur cap and hair to look perfect. She wanted to be that perfect for him. Even thought they went through a lot, she was glad they finally have no worry about anything. They could be happy together again. At the thought, she smiled warmly before clapping once. Looking at her blossomed lips, she decided to go with a mate red color. It can be sweet and still could feel Kyle's lips without being afraid he will become in Rudolf but with the red lips instead.

By the time she was ready, she heard the knocks and rushed on the stairs to open up." Now, behave until Sierra arrives to take care of you alright?" She told her pets before she opened the door for him. When her eyes felt on him, she grinned slightly as she jumped towards him getting him in a tight hug." Love!" She said excited that he arrived. After a short moment, she cupped his cheeks to let her gaze study his features. As her hazel blue eyes looked with his crystal eyes, she felt like a teenager in love once again." I am ready for the adventure!" She admitted all excited as she chuckled." And I did make something for the road, just in case." She added.

He turned around when he heard her voice chime out as she walked out of the doorway. An easy smile found his lips as she got him into a hug. “Hello, love,” he greeted back as his arms wrapped around her waist. As she pulled back a little only to cup his cheeks, he smiled as his eyes were filled with a mixture of content and adoration for the woman before him. His eyes took in her appearance, “Well look at you. Looking beautiful as always,” he chuckled softly. He wasn’t usually one to be considered a sappy person but Jessalyn brought out his affectionate side easily. He was definitely wrapped around her finger. His blue hues met her warm hazel ones and he chuckled when she heard that she was ready for an adventure. “Great then. Road trips never goes as planned so I’m sure there will be some excitement,” he smirked some before he let his arms fall from her waist.

“Oh really?” He asked with a smile in response to her making something. “Well I look forward to seeing what you made.” He pressed a kiss to her cheek before his hand found the small of her back. “Let’s go inside and see it,” he told her and followed her into her home. He chuckled when he saw her cat and bunny lounging on her couch and then was greeted by Hero running towards him. “Hey, buddy,” he said as he paid some attention to him before following Jessalyn. “So I was thinking about where we should go…” he mentioned as he met her in the kitchen. He leaned himself against her counter top before watching her get things ready. “How would you like to see the ocean. In California?” he asked with a hopeful smile. “It’s a bit of a drive but we’ll be back before you know it.” He added quickly so she can think about it better. He knew how much she loved the river banks in Evermore and with him knowing that it was a secret spot for her only made him like the place more himself.

“We can walk the pier and just enjoy being there before coming back home. I know you’ll probably be thinking about these little ones here,” he said as he glanced at the two lounging blobs of fur on the sofa. “So what do you say? Seeing the ocean while exploring California a bit. They got plenty of sights around the state.” He couldn’t help but let his eyes light up with slight excitement. He remembers enjoying “the Golden State” when he lived there momentarily but the short time made him always curious to go back. And when he met Jessalyn and her love of the river banks, he wanted to take her somewhere that was similar. “I would have taken you to Georgia but that’s a long drive and figured we shouldn’t be gone for too long..” he mentioned but if she wanted to go there, he would oblige happily.  

Every time she was with Kyle, a smile couldn't vanish from her expression. He was her favorite non-family person that always can help her when she is in need. Jessie never felt what she feel for him in her entire life and she feels lucky every minute that she and Kyle are now a couple because he was just perfect for her. His personality and his charms were no where to be found at someone else so having him was the greatest thing that ever happened to her. "Thank you Love. You know I love looking beautiful for you." She chuckled slightly at his words before placing a kiss on his cheek. "I am sure it will be amazing!" She admitted excited with a nod of her head. It was one of the most time that she was getting out of Evermore. Ever since she arrived, she didn't got a chance to explore outside and now she knew that Kyle had chosen a great road trip that she will have plenty of fun.

She gave a nod and letting her hand travel on his arm, she softly intertwined her fingers with his as she guided him towards the kitchen. She was slightly curious if he would enjoy it. She does cook all the time but she never got the opportunity to cook him so it was slightly the first time he would actually taste what she made. Seeing Hero coming in a rush made her laugh before turning to look at his play time with Kyle. She was slightly surprised that Hero was loving Kyle that much. Her dog usually wasn't that friendly with anyone besides her family but it was a really interesting interaction the two had. " I believe you are the first non-family person that he enjoys playing with." She admitted wrapping her hands to her chest smiling happy towards him. As she got in the kitchen getting the bag on the kitchen, she turned towards Kyle. " You got my attention when I heard ocean." She responded with a big grin as she was a big fan of any river, lake or ocean that she could possibly see. She was happy that she thought about her desires and the things she enjoyed when he made the road trip. It was one of the gestures that she loved about Kyle.

"Don't worry about them Love." She responded towards him looking at her pets." I had already spoke to Sierra and she will come here to take care of them so my babies will be in good hand." She assured Kyle with a smirk before giving a nod of her head. " It sounds pretty interesting. I had never been to California so it will be my first time there. But it means you might have to be my guide." She admitted with a bright laugh towards him before she walked towards him and stroke his cheek gently. When he mentioned Georgia, she raised her eyebrows with a bigger smile cross her face. "Visiting Georgia sounds pretty tempting." She admitted with a nod of her head. She saw from time to time that Kyle was missing Georgia and she always wanted to help him get there so he could see his childhood place all over again. "I don't have a time to come home." She admitted with a nod of her head before giggling." I would had wanted to visit Georgia as well. I wanted to see the places you grew up." She admitted with a nod of her head. But she didn't knew if she could use both option that can be done in the road trip.

She took his hand smiling as she shortly guided to the bag she wanted to make with the food and little snacks she prepared for their gorgeous trip." I made some chocolate, fruit and candy muffins if we will want something sweet along with white chocolate cookies and raspberry hand pies. I also made some Artichoke pasta salad, bacon, fried potatoes, fruits and some salad. I didn't made the popcorn but I bought it from the store so I don't know if that actually counts. " She admitted with a slight laugh and a shook of her head as she walked behind him getting him in a sweet embrace. "What do you say? Did I do well Mister Chef?" She asked with a soft grin before resting her head on his shoulder for a moment before starting to get the food bag ready so they won't waste long time staying. 

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