Dexter had returned to old habits, when hoarding himself up in his bedroom became a daily routine and a nightly occurence for him yet again. The Dhampir was still lost and alone in his greivence even though Valeria had been working hard with him. Despite her efforts, he still felt as though he had no purpose; his hatred for humans only grew darker and colder. He couldn't help but sit on the edge of his bed, enraged at how he had been orphaned by the tender age of seventeen, robbed of his chance to make his father proud and show that he could live up to his family name.

The human radicals who'd taken so much from him, still walked along the earth with their heads held high. It made the Dhampir's blood boil. Standing to his feet, Dexter walked over to where his katana Samurai sword hung; it was ancient and more of a decoration to him, but Dexter had always held a deep fascination for it, and yet he never would have believed it would be the very weapon he'd be yielding for the rest of his days. After attaching it to his back where it stayed most of the time, the Dhampir decided to go out. Home wasn't home, and there wasn't much point in sitting on the edge of his bed where he was getting absolutely nothing done.

When he had first moved to the city; he followed the path that a lot of Dhampir's had with working the borders of Evermore to ensure absolute safety. Nothing got past him, and he was ready to take action if something would ever happen. After patrolling and working the borders for several hours, Dexter's feet were tired, and he strained to keep himself awake; as much as he cared about people's safety from ignorance, it was a boring job. He figured a drink wouldn't harm him; if anything, he was in dire need of one. Flagging down a cab, the Dhampir set off to one of the few bars that didn't have many human occupants, in fact "Royal Misfits" was the only one he'd been to that no human dared walk into.

Walking in with his hands tucked into his pockets, he was greeted by today's hit music, the smell of booze, and fancy cigars. Hanging his head low, he'd occasionally give a smile or wave when he passed someone who'd spoken to him; at this rate, they all knew him here pretty well. It was the one and only bar he had grown to like in the city.  Some knew him as the 'lone ranger' and at times, they steered clear of him, especially those allied with humans. He had grown a sense of paranoia, fear that they may have been spying on him for the humans. But, Dexter had never went out of his way to harm any of them, he just refused to co-operate and protect their kind.

A bottle of rum and two beers later, the Dhampir had bored himself with sitting there along, among a bunch of upper class people who stuck their noses up at him; deciding to leave after paying his tab. The fresh air welcomed him out of the bar like a blanket of comfort; he'd sweated most of the booze out of his pores at this point, and felt a desperate urge to go home and shower.

For the time being, Dexter decided he’d stand outside the bar; taking in the night life as drunks exited and filled one cab after the next, and those eager enough to shove past him to get their first drink for the night. Shaking his head, annoyed, the Dhampir sighed to himself; it was only moments after that, that his attention settled onto the road where a car barreled past him, nearly plowing a distraught female down in it’s path. Had he not been quick on his reflexes, she would have been roadkill in the blink of an eye. .”What the fuck, woman!” he yelled at her, groaning a little after having to land pretty roughly on his back to pull her out of incoming traffic. They collided as one, Dexter making sure he received all the impact of the concrete road. He wasn’t wearing no cape, and he wasn’t in the shape to be anyone’s hero. Had she been a human, Dexter feared he would have watched that car squash her like a bug, with a smile on his face.

Shaking his head, the Dhampir ran a hand through his sweaty dark mane; before crossing his arms; annoyance striking him like lightning. But, he hadn't taken notice to the females features, and how her eyes were swollen and blood shot. She was in dismay, and he couldn't help but feel slightly sympathetic. After guiding her safely to the sidewalk, Dexter glanced back up to her face, having it hard with making eye contact; It made his blood boil to assume she'd been hit on by someone. Likely a boyfriend with how she sobbed and cried, careless of her surroundings when she had attempted to make her way to the bar before nearly being ran over. She was apparently anxious enough for a drink, that she didn't even care to check before crossing the road.

Clearing his throat, Dexter grimaced "Someone hurt you?" he questioned; he was good at keeping those safe who didn't rank as the very ones he hated with a burning passion; humans. And from what he could tell, she wasn't a human at all. Much to his satisfaction, he sighed in relief before glancing bac to the bar, shaking his head for what he was about to do next; his time in the bar had already became vitiated. "Come on, drinks on me" he stated before swinging the door to the bar back open. Whether she joined him, was completely up to her; Dexter was only doing what he felt was right, if she was being beat on by some maniac in her life, then she didn't need to be sitting in a bar alone, wasting herself away for the next ignorant man to take advantage of her.

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That’s how Elle felt in that moment. Everything was almost replaying for her in slow motion. Every little word, ringing through her ears and mind, over and over again. The Therian, felt like she could barely breathe. From the ache and pain in her chest. Her heart, breaking all over again.

Since coming back to Evermore, after 5 years away. Life for Elle, had been a bit of a roller-coaster. Trying to deal with her past demons, officially becoming a member of the Lycanthrope pack, in the Therian faction. And dealing her feelings for a certain Valkyr. Baptiste and her, had been a couple 5 years ago. And quiet inseparable, back then.  Elle considered him, the love of her life. And in certain ways, he still was. But after certain circumstances drove her away from Evermore; both of them were broken. And now, she felt like she was the more broken one, out of the two. Considering the argument, that drove them apart.

Elle still felt deeply for him; and it’s not like she could forget all that they had been through, and fall out of love at a snap of her fingers, because he wasn’t at that place anymore. Even if he said he wanted to be, it wasn’t enough, because of his sexuality. Not that it had been an issue before. But now, she couldn’t help but feel, like she might have been some sort of experiment, to see which he truly preferred. Maybe, she was wrong to feel like he shoved their relationship, and what they used to have; back in her face. But a part of her felt like that. The young Therian, didn’t even think she could face him, for a while. Ignoring the beeping of her phone. If that had been Bap, checking up on her already. She didn’t want to talk to him. Much less, see him any time soon. Not, when everything was a reminder of the past, and what she truly lost now.

Her vision was blurry, clouded by the heavy tears that kept building. Since her and Bap’s reunion, she had been a bit of a mess. Never had she cried so much. Only this time, it was worse. The tears kept coming. If she could cry a river, she would have cried more, than one. Elle wanted to numb away the pain. Her eyes swollen from crying so much. And yet, there seemed to be no end to her sobbing. Ignoring the looks, people were giving her. No doubt, wondering what was going on, with her. Lost in her own misery and pain. Elle-Mae didn’t even see the car coming in her direction.

The car honk, almost brought her back to reality. But it was the feel of someone pulling out her out of the way. It all happened so quick. One moment, she was about to step from the pavement onto the road. The next moment, she was on the ground with the by-stander, that had saved her life. Not even realising, she had walked into oncoming traffic. Internally groaning to herself. Today was not her day. His annoyance with her, made her flinch slightly.

It took her a few moments, to try and collect herself; enough to sit up. It may have been her blurry, teary vision that she didn’t recognise the Dhampir. Dexter, had been more of a passing acquaintance a few years ago, rather than a close friend. “I...sorry, I totally did not see that car.” Elle’s voice cracked as she spoke. A bit shaken up, as she struggled to thank him, for pulling her out of death’s way. As if her day, wasn’t bad enough already. She could have been squashed flat. Once she was up on her feet. Elle, stuck close to the Dhampir whom led her back to the sidewalk.

His question, made her heart clench. Did he mean physically, or? Despite Baptiste, having a wild temper. She didn’t think, he’d physically hurt her like that. Or, she hoped he wouldn’t. “Physically’s a long story.” Elle managed to croak out. She wasn’t entirely too, sure that he needed his evening ruined, by her blubbering and sobbing about her relationship issues with Bap. Or rather, a relationship that no longer,even had hopes of rekindling? Elle-Mae didn’t even know what they were anymore. “I am sure, you don’t need my making your evening miserable, with my issues.”

For a moment, it seemed like he was debating where to take her. As he suggested drinks on him. Elle was about to protest, not wanting him to pay for it all. But she did need a drink, or a few. Following him inside. Elle tried to wipe the tears from her face, that kept pouring down. “I am Elle by the way. Elle-Mae.” The Therian managed to croak out her name, to introduce herself to him. After all, he did save her life. The least he deserved was know her name.

Dexter could see that his harsh tone immediately made her flinch, almost as if she'd been hit by someone before. Her swollen teary eyes didnt do much to convince him that she hadn't just been abused by someone. Whether he was wrong or not, someone had definitely harmed her, whether mentally, or psychically, he kind of felt bad for her now. When she went on to apologise, Dex shook his head, chuckling "Well, clearly" he stated in response to her admitting that she hadn't even noticed the fact that she had just literally walked into oncoming traffic. "The important thing is that you're okay" he added, giving her a once over from head to toe, partially because she had killer curves, but another reason was because he was convinced that someone had abused her.

Now that they were both back to their feet, Dexter stuffed his hands into his pockets giving her a side glance as they stood on the sidewalk, just outside the entrance to the bar he had just left himself. Dexter, for some reason, felt a sliver of relief wash over him when she said she hadn't been abused, at least not psychically. "Good. No matter how little I know you right now, I would have gladly kicked someone's ass for putting hands on a female. You're not lying to me are you?" he questioned teasingly. Something about her tone though, held a genuiness to it that said she wasn't lying the first time she'd told him she hadnt been abused. When she said that what she had just went through was a long story, Dexter looked to the bar's neon sign that read 'open all night every night' before glancing back to her, smirking. "Good thing you were just about to join me for a drink then huh?" he questioned playfully, and hoped with that hint, that she would really join him.

"Trust me darlin' you aren't making things any worse than they'd typically be" he stated, flirtacious eyes set upon her features once more. A desire to get to know her burnt right through the Dhampir, which was odd for him, because he didn't let people close to him, not even on his best days. But behind her tears, Dex could see a strong willed woman, who could make any man happy. As the two of them now sat down side by side, Dexter had drinks slid their way, and had told the bartender to keep them coming, that he'd pay at the end of the night like he always did in this bar. "Well, Elle-Mae, it's nice to meet you. I'm Dexter, why don't we start this night with you drying those pretty eyes?" he questioned before grabbing the napkin sitting near his glass full of bourbon, and hesitantly, he reach over to wipe her tears away before folding the napkin up and sitting it back down.

"Really. It's not a burden, and we have nothing but time, i'm sure whatever you'r going through, will be there when you're done, but give yourself a break .. talk to me" his smooth voice rolling off his tongue, but he did wanna hear what she'd been through, maybe it would amke him feel less miserable about his own life. The music that lingered in the background, somehow fit the mood, it always made Dexter feel as if he were in some kind of movie when ironic things like that happened.

Whether it was sheer luck, or fate that Dexter had pulled her out of the incoming traffic. Elle was pretty lucky, right now. But, still slightly shaken up by the almost impending death, had it not been for him. Hearing his chuckle; Elle wasn’t sure what he found amusing. Maybe, it was her pathetic apology. But then again, who apologises for almost walking into oncoming traffic? “Really, it’s not like me to do such a thing.” The young Therian spoke. She didn’t want him thinking that she was suicidal; or something. Because, she wasn’t. If she was thinking straight and not clouded by tears and pain. She wouldn’t have done something like that. “Yeah, I am okay...I think. Just a little shocked and shaken up by own stupidity.” She was in one piece. That was good. But it had left her a little unnerved to say the least. Elle didn’t want to use, her crappy emotions and day; as an excuse. Even, if it had obviously had a part to play; in her not minding things around her. But the Dhampir, was her saviour. Literally.

She could feel his eyes on her. Assuming, he was just making sure that she was unharmed.  Elle couldn’t find the words to thank him enough. It slightly surprised her, that he would be willing to defend her. He barely knew her. And with Bap’s temper, she wasn’t sure; if that all together would have been a wise choice, if he had hurt her physically. “No, of course not.” Elle said, as he questioned if she was lying. She wasn’t the type to lie, in general. And nor, would she even think about lying about something as important and hard, as abuse. If that had been the scenario.

His playfulness, made her smile a little. It was a slightly strained, sad smile. The usual, light and warmth to her smile, was missing. Nor, did it reach her eyes; with that hint of a sparkle, she seemed to have. As down, as she felt. Elle didn’t miss his hint.  “Well, you already did offer. It’d be rude to refuse….and honestly, I could use something strong, right now.” Wether it was to numb the pain, or get over the shaky scenario outside. Few drinks, was the way.

A slight, blush began to creep up her cheeks as he called her darlin. That was a first. Someone, managing to make her blush; in her messy state. “Well, I don’t know. Me weeping and rambling on about my ex, whom I am not over. Not to mention what happened outside...that doesn’t seem quiet...good in my book.” If that, wouldn’t make someone’s evening bad. She wasn’t sure what would. But maybe that was just her view. She was sure, no one would specifically enjoy, having someone rant on about their ex; they were still in love with. Were his nights, usually worse than that? Sitting at the bar. Elle ordered a cocktail, that had some vodka in it. As he introduced himself. Elle just about managed to get her voice, back to semi normal by then. “Pleasure, to meet you too Dexter.” It may have been a strange way to meet. But somehow, they ended up where they were meant to. Dexter surprised her, once more as he reached over to wipe her tears. Elle didn’t push his hand away. The gesture, was flattering and sweet of him.

“You’re right, about that.” Elle said, with a slight sigh. That issue, wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. If she could crawl into the smallest hole, to hide away from it all. She would. But, it wouldn’t solve anything either. Elle, took a sip from her glass. Yet, a part of Elle felt like, she could talk  to him about her issues. She wasn’t sure how she got that feeling. “Is it normal? To be, still be in love an ex, even though it’s not going to go anywhere? Or, may I just being one of those mopey, pathetic girls?” Elle questioned. It was one of those, thinking out loud moments. And questioning herself worth. Her forehead rested against the table, with a groan. “What’s wrong with me?” she muttered. Somehow, feeling like this was her fault. Was she not good enough? Of course not, she wasn’t a guy either. The argument, had screwed her over quite badly. She couldn’t think, straight about the entire situation. Feeling, like she was part of the problem.

Dexter folded his arms, one over the other, against his toned chest, shaking his head and findinng it utterly amusing that she'd even found the need to apologize for walking into oncoming traffic. 'Sorry for almost dying' wasn't your every day kind of apology. Dexter's reflexes had gotten way better through the training he had been doing with Val over the past few weeks, otherwise, he may have been even more pissed off for risking his life, possible getting himself hurt in the process. So at the very least, right now he could say the training had paid off.

With furrowed brows, the Dhampir listened, and he could tell she felt incredibly stupid so he wouldn't spend anymore time making her feel bad for nearly getting herself killed, he was sure she was doing that all on her own. Clearing his throat, he gave her a simple nod when she said she was okay "Makes sense, i'd question your sanity if you were completely fine after that" he stated, chuckling lowly. Dexter grimaced as he looked to the ground, had he not been here, maybe she would have died. He didn't like thinking that him being in a specific place at a specific time had everything to do with whether someone lived to see their next day; Fate had a funny way of spinning the tables in his life.

The Dhampir sighed, thankful to know she'd not been beaten on by some douche bag male who'd thrown her aside and broke her heart, he figured that was bad enough without adding psychical abuse to the plate. Whether he knew her or not, that wasn't okay by him at all. Any man who was willing to lay hands on a woman, needed to know what consequence tasted like, or what Dexter's fist tasted like. He nodded, almost a way of acknowledging he had finally made her strain a smile, strained or not, at least she was trying, even in spite of the emotional roller coaster she was riding right now. "That's the spirit" Dex chuckled, when she responded by saying since he already offered, it'd be rude of her to decline. "Something strong to take the edge off, and company as good as mine will do you just right"

Dexter found her amusing for sure, when she spoke of how things had played out for her today, and mentioned an ex she wasn't oer, he couldn't help but shake his head. "What is it with that? Relationships take that big a toll on someone.. I can't say that I know what you're going through.. but I don't know, I guess I just don't see how getting broken up with can hurt as much as it seems to hurt you" he added expressively and a little too bluntly. Dexter was built differently than most. Things that should bother him, didn't. He was a cold person, with hardly any emotions; he was lucky to still have his humanity at all, to be frank. "But, no. That don't sound good at all, however, you're free to weep about it all you like.. a few drinks in, and you won't care that much, so if it helps to rant about it until then, the floor is yours" he stated, making a gesture with his hand as if he were showing her a stage for her to stand on.

Dexter had been a womanizer all his life, and right now, he was no different. Wiping her tears away was just a simple way to charm someone who'd just gotten their heart broken. Women usually couldn't resist his charm at all, and Dexter longed for the day that he met someone who finally could. Someone who could keep him on his toes and challenge him, and make him walk the straight and narrow. Shaking those thoughts away, he sighed. He didn't figure it'd happen no time soon, and his time was too valuable to dwell on what he didn't have. If this female only knew what heartbreak felt like in his shoes.. he thought silently. Maybe hed never been dumped by a significant other, but being an orphan at just the tender age of seventeen, he really taken a toll on him.

His parents killed by the very ones he and his family, and the rest of his kind had bent over backwards to protect; Humans. He would never in his life be okay from that night, but he'd learned through some of the training with Valeria.. or at least he was beginning to learn to stop holding onto things he couldn't change, and move onto what he could do something about. When she said it was a pleasure to meet him, Dexter smirked. "Let's hope" he teased, referring to it being a pleasure.. he'd not fulfilled that part of his life in a long while either. Not that Dexter really focused on his sex life, but that didn't mean that like every other man, he didn't have needs, because he damn sure did, and more often than not, Dexter found himself a little lonely. So sitting here with someone as attractive as Elle, he could deal with for the night.

Dexter gripped his own drink when the bartender slid it his way, gulping down over half of it in one drink, nearly choking a little when she asked if it was normal to still be in love with an ex, who made no plans for their future, apparently the one who'd gotten her so distraught that she nearly walked into oncoming traffic. "Well no. I don't think it's normal to hold onto someoone who's already let go of you, but it's also not easy to let go of someone you love, even if that love is one sided, i wouldn't imagine it to be easy. Like i said.. never experienced that before myself, but i'm a man who desires normal things, so it's easy to imagine what's right and wrong, and it just seems a little wrong .." he expressed, and finished off his drink. At this point, he'd drink several large glasses, due to the fact that he'd already been in the bar drinking, before the incident with Elle outside the bar.

"Mopey maybe.. pathetic.. nah, I wouldn't go that far. And you look pretty good with a smile on your face" he said bluntly, hoping it'd help her to move on from being that mopey girl in the bar, washing her sorrow away with vodka. "I didn't peg you for a vodka girl though, that surprised me" he teased, and placed an elbow on the counter top before shifting in his seat to turn and face her. "Tell me a little about yourself, things outside of the broken female I saved outside" Dexter said, giving a faint smile. "How about this, we play a game. Never have I ever nearly walked into oncoming traffic" he smirked, and gestured for her to take a drink "Now you'll take a drink, because you actually have did that" he chuckled, and planned on spending the rest of his night this way. Whether or not he plaanned on getting to know her, was in the air, but for the time being, he couldn't lie and say he wasn't enjoying her company.

Mope in front of a stranger, about Bap. Check. Apologise, for own stupidity. Check. It seemed, like the young Therian, had a way of embarrassing herself in front of the Dhampir. It wasn’t intentional, but hearing how silly her own apology sounded. It sure added another check onto the embarrassing moment, to the list. Even his own amused expression, at her apology added another strike, to the list. It wasn’t every day, that she made a fool out of herself, like this. Even, during a life or death situation. “I am pretty sure, my Sanity is intact.” As Shaken up, as she may have been. Elle had not lost her sanity. One, she would have to been totally insane and bonkers, to have done such a thing on purpose and/or be alright, after the incident. But neither was the case. Heart-broken yes. Insane...nope.

Elle wasn’t entirely too sure, if Dexter was just protective, or one of those guys that were so against domestic violence, that they’d gladly defend even a stranger. It was rare, to see a guy whom would do that. It left the young Therian, a little surprised to say the least. Elle could tell, that the Dhampir was trying to cheer her up. “Mhh, you might have to show me, what a fantastic company you are then.” She prompted. Elle wasn’t quite sure, if he had a high ego or not. But his words were a bit teasing, and on the edge of ego; if he thought his company would be better than others. Although, she was sure...his company was indeed better...than solitude. Or company, that of a concrete floor.

His rather blunt comments, about the break-up caused Elle to look at him. The young Therian could hardly believe her ears. He sounded a little..cold about the matter. Did he never endure a rough break-up? Unless of course, he always done all the dumping, then it’d make sense. “Are you always, this overly blunt? Even about Sensitive Matters?” Elle spoke. Putting the emphasis on the word Sensitive.  Inwardly, Elle wasn’t too impressed, about his cold approach to a break-up. It seemed a little...harsh. Maybe, she shouldn’t judge too much. Elle didn’t know him, and what he endured-to think, the way he does. But she was no stranger to heart-break. Wether it was due to Baptiste, or not. As he made his grand gesture, telling her she had the stage; if she needed to vent some more. Elle-Mae shook her head slightly. “Mind you, I am not trying to turn it into a theatre performance.” That was something she wanted to clear up. Ranting on more would probably make her feel worse, than she already felt. Yet,on occasion; she felt the need to get some things off of her chest.

Despite being heart-broken. Elle was still could be quite opinionated young lady. It’s not that she hadn’t a filter. She did. But at times, her own blunt way came out. Usually, Men’s charms left her weak in the knees, and acting like any other typical female. But Elle-Mae didn’t and couldn’t go down that road, not again. She needed some walls; a way to keep herself safe, from falling down the same path.

Elle caught onto his teasing comment. “Well, unless you turn out to be the Devil! You might just be fine.” Somehow, her words managed to come out, just equally as teasing. Elle couldn’t remember, the last guy she had been vulnerable with. There hadn’t been many lucky guys, in her life after she left Evermore, 5 years ago. It took a lot for someone to win her trust, let alone her heart. And this time round...Elle wasn’t sure, that she was ready to let someone in. Charm or no Charm. The prospect of dating someone, any time soon; was not on her mind. Yet Dexter was managing to stir some inner curiosity; and making her want to know him. 

Elle tried to pull herself together again. Taking note of his view on the situation. Maybe he was right. It wasn’t healthy to hold onto, something that would never be again. But at the same time, Elle wasn’t cold and heartless to just forget, everything she and Bap had and automatically, fall out of love with him. Elle was certain,things didn’t work like that either. His blunt comments about her smile, didn’t go unnoticed, of course. There he went, trying to charm her again.

“What type of girl, did you peg me for then?” Elle asked curious, with a slight raised eyebrow; when she lifted her head off of the table. But he was right, Vodka wasn’t her go to drink. Not usually at least. It seemed like she had the element of surprise,every once in a while. “What would you like to know about me? I am usually an open book of sorts.” The young Therian told him, as she took a sip of her drink. It wasn’t long before he suggested that game. The Therian rose a sharp eyebrow at him “Oooff...harsh, using that as a first example to start off.” Elle shook her head, at him. Before taking another sip of her drink. Thinking of an example, she could use for him. “Never have I ever, been overly blunt about someone’s break-up.” Elle rose a slight eyebrow at Dexter. “Your turn...drink up.” She added, trying to be a bit playful.

Dexter could sit and listen to her for hours. Even if this wasn't meant to be a moment that amused him; it definitely did. He couldn't help but chuckle at her comment about her sanity "I don't know love, you should probably have that checked out, on a professional level" he stated in response, smirking playfully. He probably sounded like the typical tool saying things like that, and finding the ability to laugh in someones darkest moments, but he had learned the hard way that if you didn't find a way to laugh about the worse of things, it would only drive one to the brink of insanity, and make you miserable. 

Leaning forward, with his elbows propped on the surface of the bar, Dexter shifted so that he faced her now, with a wolfish expression; he did want to bring pain to any man who dared hitting a woman, but now that he knew that wasn't the case, he reach for a different kind of expression; not wanting to bring down the mood anymore than it was for someone who seemed as broken as she did. "Trust me darlin' by the end of this night, whoever broke your heart will only be a faint memory; my company is just that good" he said teasingly, but his ego definitely was in a spot light of it's own right now. He supposed the booze was helping with his confidence, because Dexter typically wasn't so forth coming like this. 

Dexter chuckled, and nodded "Not always" he admitted when she asked if he was always that overly blunt about things. "And I guess ive also never had the joy of loving someone so much, that it hurts to lose them" he added, spilling a small detail about himself; that he'd always been single. "Back in the place where I grew up, I had barely escaped my teenage years, and I was a 17 year old orphan due to the attack that killed my parents, after that, females didn't matter to me at all, I didn't think about nor long for love, I didn't care about anything to be honest.. most days, I still don't" he rambled on a bit about how his life had been, and why he'd not ever dated anyone. "And when I moved here, to the city I mean; everything became about finding myself again, training with my leader, and learning to cope with the rage I constantly feel.. still a work in progress but yeah. I suppose we could say ive not had any time to experience heartbreak, but from the looks of it, I damn sure don't want to either" he admitted, figuring if heartbreak was as bad as it looked from where he sat, then he'd never wanna put himself through that. 

A little bit of bliss, wasn't worth that much hell. Dexter chuckled when she said she didn't wanna turn it into a theater performance "Come on, what's the worse that could happen? People boo you off 'stage' " he smirked, but really, he knew people needed to vent sometimes, let all their anger go, and relieve themselves of the blinding rage it usually consumed people with when they stored everything up for a long time like Dexter himself had. 

Dexter chewed on the inside of his jaw as he watched her; typically he watched with anticipation to see how long it took for just the words from his mouth to make women squirm, hell sometimes even men, but Elle seemed a little different, and that much was refreshing. For once Dexter would have loved a challenge, someone that didn't cave and worship his charm. "Oh honey, i'm quite the devil" he joked, smirking at how she'd finally loosened up a little. That meant Dexter had succeeded in at least helping her distract herself from what was hurting her so bad. 

When she asked what sort of girl Dexter pegged her for, the Dhampir smiled and took a slow swig from his own glass even if they were in the middle of a drinking game; he needed to wet his mouth with the glorious taste of the whiskey that continued filling his cup, one glass after another; at least the bartender serving him and Elle was on her game, and kept the drinks coming. Dexter knew it wouldn't be long before he was drunk, but after leaving once already and being in here again, he felt like fate had exactly that in store for him; getting wasted off his ass to the point of not knowing his own name. Snapping from thought, he pursed his lips "I peg you for a sophisticated chick who's never usually even seen at a bar like this; do you like wine more than you do liquor?" he questioned, and was possibly way off about what kind of girl she was, but his assumptions at times, surprised him. 

Clearing his throat, Dexter gave her a knowing-look before speaking once more "And, let me guess. You're a Virgo" he added, slightly amused with his own guesses even if they turned out wrong. But. reading people had came as a natural gift to him long ago, when he moved here to the city especially; it's how Dexter managed to get by without snapping. Knowing whether or not someone had good intentions before even speaking to them usually paid off. Dexter put some thought into her next question before running his hand across his face "Well, if you're going to be an open book; start by telling me what a beautiful female like you was doing crying the way you were, bad break up? Even a broken heart can beat again" he stated, hoping she'd really hear those words. "I may not have ever had the same heart break you're feeling right now, but I know suffering, so you're not alone for what it's worth" the Dhampir said expressively, using his hands as a way to make small gestures as he talked. 

Dexter laughed as she took her next drink, telling him it was harsh to start off that way; after winking at her, the Dhampir gave her a beatific gaze; seemingly happy for once, when he'd not really known a genuine smile to approach his features in ages now. as she pulled the same stunt on him "I see how we're playing" he winked, "Never have I ever desired a kiss from someone ive only just met" he grinned from ear to ear before taking a shot, shuttering as the alcohol burnt it's way down his throat. But, he did see how gorgeous, and possibly fun she could be; kissing her was something Dexter wanted to do the moment she'd smiled at him. Her smile radiated from her, and lit his entire world up, making time cease to exist in that split second. No no no. He had to stop this though. Dexter wasn't the type of man to fall, and he damn sure wasn't the type to be in a relationship where strings were attached, and emotions were like loose cannons. Shaking his head, he swallowed harshly, and a little awkwardly. 

"How long have you lived here in the city?" he asked curiously, bobbing head head to the song that'd just came on, before standing to his feet, holding out a playful hand to her "Care to join me?"  he asked, before he began shuffling around on his feet,being quite skilled where dancing was concerned. 

"I know that love is so unforgiving
You've been a victim too many times
And I'll be the friend, hold you together
I'll be forever, will you be mine?"

The lyrics to the song playing fit quite well for Elle's situation, and though Dexter wasn't trying to snatch her away and make her his forever, he did find the passion in every moment like this, because they were slim to none; and Dexter was naturally a passionate, loyal person. 

As she had managed to try and calm herself down. The sobs have stopped. The only evidence left of her crying, were the tear-stains on her cheeks. And her puffy eyes, which still slightly stung from her tears. There was something about his company, that was slowly making her loosen up. And considering the circumstances she was in. Elle didn’t think it’d be so easy to revert to her usual self, and have a little fun. But obviously, with his company. It was. The Therian slightly gasped, hearing his words. Mock offended look on her face. “Excuse you? Did you really insist, I need to see a shrink?!” Elle playfully slapped Dexter’s arm “Ruuude!” The Therian shook her head at the Dhampir. Although, his amusement did make her smile a little bit. Almost, like his laughter was some kind of medicine. Maybe a good laugh, was what she needed right now.

As she took another sip; the taste of Vodka, burned against her tongue. Slowly numbing away the pain she felt inside of her chest. Glancing towards the stranger that saved her life. Elle rose a slight eyebrow, watching him with a set of curious eyes. Devilishly attractive, Tall and strong, Charming Good Company, Seemingly Mysterious and Alluring. Yep. Elle was in trouble with those qualities. She shook her head, at his words. “Wow…” Elle’s slender finger run along the rim of her glass “Your ego, sure is rocketing towards the roof there Dex!” As Opinionated as that statement was; Elle wasn’t afraid to tell someone, if their ego was getting the better of them.

It seemed like she wasn’t the one full of surprises either. Elle looked at the Dhampir stunned, for a few moments. “You’ve never been in love?” Elle asked. “I find that a little hard to believe, that you would be single all your life.” As he proceeded to explain a bit of his past, and why he was alone. Her eyes softened slightly. A sympathetic look across her face. She knew what it was like to lose her parents. She had been a little older than him, when her mother first died...her baby brother only a year younger than him. “I am so sorry. I know what’s it’s like to lose your parents at a young age.” Losing parents at any age was tough. But being so young, certainly made it worse. “I don’t wish heart-break on anyone. That is for sure. Love can be tough, challenging and certainly painful. It’s not easy. But it’s also worth it and one of the most wonderful things, I think.” Elle-Mae said honestly. No relationship was perfect. It had up’s and down’s. But it was worth it, if you worked through the bad and down’s of a relationship to make it work; and stick together no matter what. You just needed the right person, by your side to survive through the downfalls. But, she couldn’t imagine,being totally alone like him. “Don’t you ever get lonely? To be with someone? I am sure, being alone sucks.”

His question was a good one. “Oh I don’t know? Embarrass myself yet again? People throw food, or drinks...or kick me out? The list can go on.” Elle replied playfully. “Just take your pick, of the cons associated with that situation.” Elle spoke as she downed the rest of her almost empty glass. Making a slight face at the strong taste. Her nose scrunched up slightly.

Elle could see the bar-tender glancing between the two of them, for a few moments. Seemingly amused by their banter. “Mhh should have guessed. You have that devilish glint in your eyes.” Elle replied. As the drinks kept coming. The Brunette was curious, as to what sort of girl, he had her pegged for. Listening to him, Elle licked her lips slightly, before pursing them. Seemingly amused at his guess. It was a little bit off. Elle-Mae shook her head. “Well first off, that depends what type of sophisticated you mean. Is a Book Editor, that has a Black Belt in Karate and knowledge and skills in dance sophisticated enough for you?” Elle-Mae asked with a slight raised eyebrow. “And I am no stranger to bars. Granted, I don’t go to them often...but I’ve been seen in bars. But this one? First time here...And I am more of a Cocktail kind of Gal. 3 points, if you guess my favorite combinations.” Elle-Mae told him, with a playful smirk. “I do enjoy wine sometimes.” If she was out for dinner, then she would opt for a red wine, sometimes white. Depending on the dish.

As he guessed, she was a Virgo. Elle-Mae looked slightly impressed. “Well you got that one correct, if you guessed my age and birthday, along with that also. Then I’d be really impressed.” Half challenging the Dhampir to take a guess. It seemed, like he could read her well. And that was surprising. Not many people had that talent. At least, not many she had the pleasure to meet. As he asked her about, what gotten her so upset. Elle chewed the inside of her cheek slightly. “It’s a bit of a complicated situation...but bad break-up, certainly sums it up. I don’t think, I’ve ever had….a good...break up.” Was there even such a thing, as a good break-up? Probably not. But it indeed seemed like they were kind of in the same boat. He knew, hurt and heart-ache. Even if it was a bit different. But they both experienced pain of some kind. Smiling slightly, as he assured her; that even her broken heart could beat again.

The young Therian caught his beautific gaze. The smile on his face,catching her attention. It certainly made his eyes sparkle. But she managed to keep her composure, and not let it show that it affected her. As it was a smile, that could go make anyone weak in the knees. His comment amused her. “Oh, two can play it that game.” Came Elle’s witty come-back, of the well known saying. His next words words, caused the Therian to do a double take. Her eyebrow raised. “Say what now?” Blinking at him in surprise. Boy, did he have some nerves. The Therian bit her bottom lip. Trying to think, if she ever felt in a situation like that before. Not even Baptiste, made her feel like that when they first met. It took Elle, a bit longer than that; to desire that sort of intimacy. Even if both Bap and Now Dexter, were tempting. “Nope! Not happened to me, before.” She spoke, popping the P. The bar tender giggled in slight amusement.

“See how long, you can keep those lips to yourself, Prince of Darkness.” Elle made a playful remark, connected to the Devil Joke. It took her a few moments, to think of her next statement. “Never have I ever, done something reckless.” And with that, the Therian took a sip of her drink. Growing up with two brothers. Elle didn’t have the innocent card. And like most teenagers, she made a few mistakes.

Hearing his question. Elle couldn’t help but pick up on the lyrics of the song. Internally groaning. Another song for her situation. At least, a soppy love song wasn’t playing. Or, that would make her weep again. “Only about a month or two. I just moved back. I was here about 5 years ago.” Elle said honestly. “What about you?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. As he got up on the dance floor. She tilted her head. Her brown locks falling to one side. “You dance?” Setting her glass down. Elle took his hand, sliding off her chair. Before moving to the music.

As her hips swayed. Her brown locks bouncing slightly. In tune with the beat of the song. “So, what does the Devil do?” Elle asked teasingly, raising an eyebrow at him. He now knew, her occupation. She wondered what he did for a living. On occasion, her brown locks, slightly whipped against him. As the song eventually changed. Elle was still on the dance floor with Dex. Moving in tune, with him and the music playing. Ever since she could remember. She had loved dance. Going to dance classes from a young age, as well as Karate. It was something, that helped her keep fit and in shape. Aswell, as get a rounded educated and skills in things she liked to do. And with some alcohol in her system, she felt a bit more loosened up. The Therian was enjoying his company. Even with the amount of teasing. It was helping her, feel better.

Dexter could sense that she'd finally began to loosen up as he'd suggested for her to do. Though, he wasn't really good at following his own advice .. if Dexter had listened to half the things he was preaching at Elle to do, then he wouldn't be so riddled by anger himself, and be as vengeful as he currently was, and likely would always be. Ever since the human radicals had attacked their dojo, shooting his parents down like dogs, Dexter had simply hated them; he had went from bending over backwards to save their lives, to hating them enough to watch them die with a smile on his face. While the Dhampir simply had no love left to give for the human faction, he never had went out of his way to harm them either. He simply would just never try to save their lives again, or help anyone who protected them. 

When Elle smacked his shoulder, the Dhampir snapped out of thought, almost jumped startled, but he chuckled either way. Often times, he had let his mind, and all the thoughts that filled it, crowd his every day functioning to the point that he could be in conversation and stop mind ways in, due to the shit he had on his mind. "Seeing a shrink isn't the worse thing.. mine does me quite well" he expressed, realizing how wrong that sounded. "And not in that way" he then said quickly, chuckling before flashing her a wink. 

Dexter watched her intently as she sipped from her glass, and seemingly slipped away from him in thought. He could tell she was checking him out a little, just before she spoke again, teasing him once more. The Dhampir smirked at what she had said, shaking his head, finding himself growing a little fond of the Therian "my ego? you've not seen the half of it .. you're a little guilty for making my ego swell .. with the way you keep looking at me, how can I not feel like i'm God's gift to women" he joked, and poked his tongue out playfully before leaning forward to down another shot slid his way. 

Dexter saw as her expression changed to one of sympathy, and almost instantly, the Dhampir cringed a little. He hated being shown or given any sympathy, it never made the issues go away, and it made him feel like he was less of a man. "No, never" he stated simply to her first question, and chuckled as she said she found it hard to believe that he'd never been in love. "Never gave it a chance" he added, and grimaced a little as her eyes softened, before she began speaking of how she knew what it felt like to lose both parents. "Thanks.. I think?" he muttered, while still gazing to the floor and twiddling with his thumbs. Dexter had never been great at opening up to people when he was sober, and he was sure that he wouldn't have said as much as he had already if not for the booze he'd drank so far. "Being an orphan at age seventeen has it's downfalls. It's why i'm so fun to be around" he stated truthfully, but with a flare of sarcasm in his tone. Because any other occasion, Dexter was the complete opposite of fun. 

Something about Elle made him loosen up however, in ways he never had before.  Dexter gave a fake, sarcastic yawn then, as she went on about love, how it was rough and challenging and often heartbreaking, but when it wasn't it could be the most amazing thing in the world. "Maybe .. but when it's not, it looks exactly like .. you" he said bluntly, gesturing to her red puffy eyes, and the tears she'd been shedding "and in your case, it's pretty damn dangerous.. hell, loving someone nearly got you killed" he added, remembering the feeling in his chest just before the two of them collided to the ground when he had pulled her away from traffic. Dexter laughed when she asked if he got lonely, but he hadn't really meant to laugh; it's just how he reacted to those questions nowadays "Ive been alone for years darlin' it stopped bothering me when I came to the city and found a job patrolling the borders" he admitted, but deep down, even Dexter knew he was lying to himself. Everyone had a human tendency to hate loneliness. 

The Dhampir could only laugh at her answer though, the list of cons she gave as to what could happen if she actually got on stage with him. Shaking is head, he smirked "I doubt they'd throw food at you.. but thanks, i needed that" he chuckled, and truly, he did need a good laugh. "Perhaps I am the devil" he then said, and took a swig from his glass, nearly choking on it when she said she was a book editor / black belt in karate "You're joking right?" he asked, simply not have seeing her as the karate type of person at all. As shocked as he was, it was nice to know she done such a thing.. at least he knew she could give someone a run for their money, had he not been around to protect her. When she playfully told him he'd get three points for guessing her favorite combination, Dexter just shook his head, deciding he'd not take the challenge at this point. If he was aiming to impress her, then assuming he knew things that he didn't wasn't the way he wanted to go about it. "So, I was half assed right on everything.. what's my score?" he asked jokingly, flashing her a wink before wiping up the whiskey he'd almost wasted earlier when she surprised him with the whole karate statement. 

When Elle-Mae said a bad break up basically summed up what had gotten her so upset, Dexter sighed "I suppose losing someone, even romantically is the worse feeling a person can have". The Dhampir couldn't contain the chuckle that escaped his lips though, when she said she had never had a good break up.. "Are they ever meant to be good?" he asked teasingly before nudging her side playfully. Dexter chuckled yet again, realizing how floored his next statement had her "Liar liar, slutty dress on fire" he stated, shaking his head.So far from the ways she looked at him, weren't very different from how he'd looked at her once or twice.. the desire to kiss her was pretty strong, but if she was going to say nope.. then he'd roll with it and pretend he didn't wanna kiss her either. Perhaps the booze was respnsible for his behavior, and even if it was, it felt good to let go, and have some fun for once. 

When her next words rolled off her tongue, the Dhampir blinked, trying to recall his reckless moments if he had any. "Hmm" he started while clutching his glass "Im sure Ive done plenty, but the booze don't want me to remember at the moment" he stated before taking a sip as well. Dexter gave her a lingering gaze when she began speaking again, something about her making his heart flutter a little rapidly. After clearing his throat, he had managed to conjure up an answer of his own "I have lived here for a while.. much longer than you" he stated, flashing a playful wink, before his eyes widened a little at how Elle had climbed off her seat, and immediately joined him. "Oh do I.." he then said as she seemed shocked that he danced. As the Therian began moving to the music, Dexter found his dark gaze glued to her.. her body and the way it moved mesmorized the Dhampir to a point where it seemed as though time stood still and the only thing in existence was her, and her gorgeous smile, and the way her brown locks danced wildly as her hips snaked around the dance floor like nothing he'd ever seen before. 

Dexter had almost forgotten how to dance but it came back to him in the moment that she asked what the devil did. "Well, after everything ive seen.. whenI moved here I started patrolling the borders of the city, wanting to ensure absolute safety. The rest is odd jobs for me.. I make my money honestly, and I work my ass off for what I earn.. as long as I stay busy, I seem to stay balanced with the anger and rage" he expressed, while looking into her eyes. As a slow song had started after a pretty upbeat one, Dexter slowed his own pace, and held out his hand, wanting to make sure she was okay for a slow dance before pulling her into one. He knew it may be a sensitive matter for someone who'd just nearly died in oncoming traffic because of a breakup. "It's been a long time since ive allowed anyone close to me.. and ive never in my life allowed a woman this close to me.. " he started before he began swaying to the music "with that being said, i'm not sure what makes me like you as much as I do, but what I am sure of, is that is scares me.. so don't .." he choked on the last part of what he wanted to say. 

"Damn it.. see? feelings are hard for me" he admitted with a chuckle "what  i was trying to say.. don't let me regret coming to the realization, that I kinda like you a lot miss Elle"  he stated, shocked by his own words. "Its gotta be the booze" he blurted out without meaning too.. but he wasn't quite sure what was going on here, all he knew was that yes, he definitely was enjoying himself, and the female he was with. "Perhaps after this song ends.. we can go some place different?" he then asked, of course he wasn't trying to tear her clothes off.. yet anyways, but he did feel like taking her back to his place,. 

Elle-Mae noticed how he seemed be bit distant. Lost in thoughts, or so it seemed. Before she had slapped his arm, almost waking him up from his distant, day-dreaming. Her brows furrowed at his comment about his own shrink. Making a slight face,Elle put her hands up. “I mean, hey...what-ever floats your boat Dex. What you and your shrink do...well that’s not my business.” The Therian spoke, before he did his best to correct himself. “Whatever you say.” she said in a slight sing song voice.

Holding her almost empty glass in hand. Elle couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow as he playfully accused her off making his ego swell. “And how exactly am, I looking at you?” The Therian tilted her head. “Please...if you would indulge me.” Curious as to what, he think he saw. Unless he was that good, and caught her subtle stares his ways. His next comment, made her laugh. Shaking her head. Wow, cheesy. She thought to herself. But wether or not, she would admit it. The Dhampir’s company and presence was already growing on her.

She noticed the way he reacted to her sympathy. But Elle wasn’t one to, not show care and sympathy towards someone whom was hurting and lost on the inside. It would be cold of her to dismiss it, as she knew what he went through. Even if she lost her parents in a very different way. The Therian still trying to wrap her head, around the fact he never had been in love. It was rare for her to meet someone like that. “Wow, you sure...are missing out on a lot.” And she meant the good parts, of course. Not the bad. She caught onto his slightly sarcastic comment, about being fun due to being an orphan. “Are you implying, you’re a total utter bore, when drinks aren’t concerned?” she asked teasingly.  Elle didn’t think he would be that bad, during other occasions. Was she wrong?

No one had grown on her so quickly, like he was starting to. And truthfully, it scared Elle a little. Elle couldn’t let herself go through heart-ache again, if they got too close. It was too soon. Yet his fresh perspective on things, was partially what she also needed. “There you go, being rudely blunt.” Elle piped up, as he said a bad break up, looked like her. A person in a mess. “Can I expect you to keep bringing that up, every 6 minutes?” Elle-Mae rose a sharp eyebrow at him, as he referred to her almost death experience. But for her, it was also a first. No break-up before, had led her to almost killing herself, due to oncoming traffic. “I am pretty sure, living among so many Supernaturals is more dangerous, than oncoming traffic.” she pointed out, under her breath. Him laughing to her question caught her off guard. He sure, had some strange ways to react to her questions. Her brows furrowed, as she listened to him claim it didn’t bother him. “I think, someone’s pants are catching on fire.” Elle breathed out. Clearly, not believing him; when he said it didn’t bother him. Everyone had wishes, desires. Surely, he too must have had them, despite denying it.

Lucky enough, her list of cons amused him. And it made her a little better; that she made him laugh about the situation. Elle giggled at his reaction to her admitting, a few things about herself. “Do I look, like I am kidding?” Elle asked him. She was deadly serious. Downing the rest of her drink. Elle reached for the new glass, that came her way. “I grew up with 2 brothers. So naturally, I learned to be a bit more tougher. Not to mention. I always had a fascination with martial arts from a young age. It’s a good hobby and helps get rid of frustration.” Elle explained her reasoning behind taking up Karate. She didn’t want to be seen as a weakling, around a male oriented family. As she was far from it. And Elle-Mae always enjoyed learning new things. “I think you’ll find, I have a few surprises about me.” Elle smirked slightly. As he asked how many pouts he had. She pursed her lips slightly. Seemingly half in thought. “Mhh for half assed-guessing, A solid 40.” She replied back playfully. “Take it, or leave it.” Elle added.

His question about break-up’s, caused her to purse her lips. Laughing slightly as he nudged her, returning the gesture “Mhh, If I ever go through a good break-up. I’ll let you know.” Elle had heard about people going through a good break-up. Mature. Mutual. No hard feelings, on good terms with the exes after. It seemed like a myth more like. “Bollocks. Absolute Bollocks.” Elle spoke to herself, more than anyone else at her trail of thoughts. His teasing liar comment, caused her to shake her head. “Pretty sure, you half assed that comment.” Elle said teasingly. “But for the record. I don’t lie.” Elle told him, giving him a serious look.

As she moved to the beat, of the music playing. The amount of drinks in her system was probably a good idea. As it made her feel loose enough. “Define a while.” Elle replied, curiously. Even if she wasn’t directly looking at him, she could feel his eyes on her. Transfixed.

Listening to him tell her, about his own job. She watched him with a certain amount of curiosity. “Mhh, I wouldn’t guessed, you’d be patrolling borders for a job.” Elle said honestly. Guess, he had his own surprises. “Ever think of trying to find a different outlet for your anger and rage?” she asked gently. As the song changed to a slightly more slow and romantic song. Elle bit her bottom lip. Not entirely decided if they should,but he pulled her in for a slow dance. Almost like he was a magnet,she couldn’t pull away from. Swaying to the music with him, Elle listened to him talk. He was opening up? What he was saying, took her by surprise. The confession, wasn’t what she was expecting.

Nor could she find the right words, right now. Elle bit her bottom lip slightly. Frowning a little bit, at the last remark, that it may be the drinks. It wasn’t exactly what a girl liked to hear; that alcohol was the reason for someone admitting things like that. Still searching through her own brain, on how to best respond. That’s when she heard his question. “Depends what you have in mind?” Was this oncoming dangerous territory, if clothes were lost? Elle seemed to think so.

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