(TRIGGER WARNING Drugged and Attempted Rape)  

Partying; something some people took too seriously and others not serious enough. Castor was one who was somewhere in the middle of both. Partying was her way of dealing, her way of forgetting about all the crap she had gone through in her short-ish life compared to some of the other factions. As the woman moved through the large crowd of the bar, she swayed to the loud music letting herself get lost in the sounds. 

Hours blurred by as she got drunkier and drunkier unable to really tell much of anything besides the fact that the music was moving through her. After she received her last beverage and gulped it down it wasn’t long before Castor felt off, something wasn’t right. She knew what it was like to be drunk, she also knew what it was like to be drugged, this was a feeling she had never experienced. The world was blurring together and she felt like her own limbs didn’t want to work with her. 

Pulling out her cellphone she texted her Doctor “Friend” (Friend; being a very generous word here, basically he was the only Doctor she liked who kept most of her stupidness off of her records.) {911} The text read and she attached her location before hitting send. Castor tried to weave through the crowd towards the back exit. When she reached the outside, she shoved her fingers down her throat trying to force herself to be sick.  

Hearing the door behind her Castor was far too out of it to be able to cast a spell in the right direction, so she opted for trying to run instead. Her legs carried her through the back allies until they gave out, the person chasing her caught up to her and was about to have his way when a few drunks turned down the ally and chased him off. The last thing Castor remembered before passing out was Wes showing up yelling at the drunks around a very messed up Castor. 

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