(TRIGGER WARNING Drugged and Attempted Rape)  

Partying; something some people took too seriously and others not serious enough. Castor was one who was somewhere in the middle of both. Partying was her way of dealing, her way of forgetting about all the crap she had gone through in her short-ish life compared to some of the other factions. As the woman moved through the large crowd of the bar, she swayed to the loud music letting herself get lost in the sounds. 

Hours blurred by as she got drunkier and drunkier unable to really tell much of anything besides the fact that the music was moving through her. After she received her last beverage and gulped it down it wasn’t long before Castor felt off, something wasn’t right. She knew what it was like to be drunk, she also knew what it was like to be drugged, this was a feeling she had never experienced. The world was blurring together and she felt like her own limbs didn’t want to work with her. 

Pulling out her cellphone she texted her Doctor “Friend” (Friend; being a very generous word here, basically he was the only Doctor she liked who kept most of her stupidness off of her records.) {911} The text read and she attached her location before hitting send. Castor tried to weave through the crowd towards the back exit. When she reached the outside, she shoved her fingers down her throat trying to force herself to be sick.  

Hearing the door behind her Castor was far too out of it to be able to cast a spell in the right direction, so she opted for trying to run instead. Her legs carried her through the back allies until they gave out, the person chasing her caught up to her and was about to have his way when a few drunks turned down the ally and chased him off. The last thing Castor remembered before passing out was Wes showing up yelling at the drunks around a very messed up Castor. 

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In the past few weeks he’s thrown himself into work taking extra shifts trying to make up with having taken leave. Which meant taking working double shifts which was always a killer, he tried to take a few parts when he could to have a nap till he’s called into deal with another patient. Luckily he managed to escape having to work a whole friday night. Not many people liked to work the night shifts on friday or saturday nights because most of the patients who came in were drunk or drugged up not making anything easier. He’d already had a difficult shift. There was a multi car pile up and victims coming into the ED. The patient he was looking after nearly went through the windshield, all was quite messy. The woman’s head was injured and there was fluid in her abdomen, she had to open her up in the ED before helping and assisting down in surgery. Something that reminded him how his job was always stressful but rewarding at the same time with there being a happy ending in the first place. With how the two teens injured in the accident were on their first date and the accident made them have a closer bond. Wes stayed a bit later than he should have but always made sure each time before he clocks off to go down to the ward where he still is. Always checking in on her with how she’s been in a coma for so long, making sure never to forget her. Wanting to be kept updated if there’s any changes but she’s been the same for ages. His sister's condition was always a mystery to all the doctors. A supernatural mystery. 

When he stepped out of the ED a text message appeared from someone who’d he’d not heard from in a while. Castor, a fellow Diviner who only called or texted him when she needed something. For him to get her out of trouble she’s always finding herself in. Wondering to himself what it was now. Seeing just ‘911’ along with a location. Confusing him even more. As he looked up the location she’d sent he recognised hearing of it before with where they got some people brought in the ED’s from parting going wrong. Able to sense that Castor managed to get herself involved with the wrong crowd again. Wes sighed heavily, already tired from his 12 + hour shift and now this. Without a second thought he hurried away from the main doors of the hospital heading to an nearby alley way. Away from prying eyes choosing to use his transportation powers to get him to where Castor was. Not knowing what happened or what state she might be he had to act fast. Picturing the place in his head, Wes was magically transported leaving in his place was black smoke. Wes had appeared just by a house where a house party was going on, he tried ringing Castor but kept getting voicemail. 

Choosing to step into the house trying to find her which was proving more difficult. Trying to make his way through into a house full of drunk people. Able to smell a heavily lingering smell of alcohol, drugs and tobacco from everywhere. Managing to search every room, trying to find the caster but nothing. Even stumbling upon some things he never wanted to stumble on. After he knew she wasn’t inside he had to search outside nearby. Knowing nothing was never easily with her. Seeing her nearby was always somewhere that she might have gone down. Finding himself calling her name but there was nothing. Reaching one ally he saw two groups of people one lot went away but another was gathered around one person. Making him think that it must be Castor. Almost finding himself running over soon as he saw them get closer to her. “Get off her” He yelled protectively managing to step out in front of the drunks and pushing them away, “Leave her and go” He threatened standing his ground ready if any of them were to try to attack him but luckily they chose to turn away and leave. Wes leaned down in front of Castor who looked very messed up and out of it. “What have you done now?” He wondered sighing, before checking her pulse seeing it was weak, able to sense she’d taken something. “Come on let me get you out of here” Carefully lifting the brunette up and carrying her bridal style knowing too well he was going to take her to the ED, used to helping her even if it was not protocol. Away from anywhere that could cause questions coming their way, or drawing attention to supernaturals something nobody like them wanted.  

Castor felt like she wasn’t able to fend off anyone her entire body was betraying her, and when she saw Wes she felt safe and passed out as she felt him lifting her up into his arms. Her ‘dreams’ were none existent everything was just a deep dark blackness, when she finally came to everything was so bright and she winced covering her eyes with her arms. Groaning she rolled to her side and vomited into the garbage can beside the bedside.

Gripping the bedsheets Castor felt like her entire body was under attack slowly she let herself calm before she set a fire or two. When she realized where she was she nearly began to panic again until she saw Wes in the chair beside her bedside. “Why would you bring me here!” She growled. “You know the deal, no hospitals,” She said. She could already feel the bruises forming on her skin where the men had grabbed her. Thankfully for Wes they didn’t get close enough to finish what they had in mind.

At least she had her wits about her enough to text him before it was too late, the fellow Diviner was someone she usually trusted because he was dark like she was. He understood her, and what she had been through he knew all about her past and her need for revenge against her brother and the man who killed her uncle. Yet here they were in the one place Castor never wanted to be a hospital.

Her head was still spinning as she was coming down off of whatever they had given her, it must have reacted badly to the other drugs she had taken before along with the copious amounts of alcohol.

Wes knew the drill by now. Almost so used to saving Castor by now getting her out of trouble without anyone finding out. Reason why she always called him instead of anyone else was because he was foolish to answer and go to her each time. In a way she reminded him of his sister in many ways but had more of an attitude and darker side. Reminding him how much he missed his sister so he tried to help Castor out when he could. This time around Wes felt more pannicked than most. With there being no string of messages no clear explanation of what Castor wanted just an address. All a big mystery. Soon finding she had gotten herself in much more than he first first expected. Not thinking that she’d wind herself in a house party or more known as a drug lair. Feeling disappointed with the dark path she turned to not expecting of her, thinking she was better than it all. He could simply turn around and let herself get out of the mess she found herself in or to go and help her. Yet Wes knew he couldn’t turn his back, he could never do it. Feeling it was his duty both as a doctor and as a better person to help out someone who's in harm's way. Wes wasn't even too sure that she’s even here just had been given the pinpoint of an address. It didn’t help either how she wasn't answering his calls or texts. Finding himself going in blind. Looking high and low in the one place he didn’t want himself going in, checking even a room. Going into rooms where he saw people getting high or drunk. Seeing no sign of the dark haired diviner. Not knowing if he should feel relieved or more panicked not finding her there. All not knowing where she is or what's happened to her was the worst thing. Thinking if she was here she was ready to go down a dark path but wanted him to save her. 

Quickly leaving, making a swift exit not wanting to be followed by anyone. How it was a place he didn’t want to go in and knew he never wanted to go back in only to find someone. Wes started to check down every alleyway trying to use his phone to track down Castors. How he couldn't simply use a tracking spell since he didn’t have anything of hers. All making it even more difficult for him since he wasn’t that good with hacking into phones. Looking down Wes could see by his phone he was getting closer and closer. Almost surprised how she’s made it this far on her own, expecting her to be quite drunk by now. Knowing her habits. The Instar Diviner felt panicked seeing people surrounding someone on the floor.  Instinctively knowing it was Castor, quickly hurrying over and protecting her. Fending and sending the people away. Luckily for him they soon turned away and back to the direction of where the house party was. Not partially wanting to fend off a group of drunks tonight, knowing it could end badly if they turned to violence. Luckily it went his way. Wes quickly turned to Castor, checking her over for any signs. Luckily he couldn’t see any puncture wounds from any needles, no substantial injuries. Using his phone torch he shone the light into her eyes seeing how the eyes didn’t react how they normally should. Slow and not assertive. Wes knew that she must have taken something. “Castor what did you take?” He pressed on sounding assertive and worried. Wes knew she was already passed out by now. Suddenly Castor’s body started to conoluse  with her body starting to react badly to whatever she had taken. Acting quickly he put her in the recovering position, so her head was on her side so she always was all clear. Not wanting for her to choke on her own vomit.  

Wes knew he had to act quickly so that it’s not like normal where he’d take her back to her apartment to sleep it off. Not a quick fix this time. Without knowing she took the drug, he couldn’t help her himself. Preparing himself for the aftermath that's going to follow when she wakes up and finds out what choice he had decided. “Don’t kill me for this Cas” Pleading to her even if she couldn’t hear. There’s no time for him to call an ambulance, knowing how the response time could vary to how long she had left. Checking her airways were clear first that they were, he correctly picked her up. Quickly making his way back to the hospital and to the emergency room. Soon as he arrived at the ED he shouted for help, saying he found her like it. Doctors and nurses soon arrived with a gurney in hand. Placing Castor on it she was soon wheeled into her one of the rooms, strapped up to different IV’s and Vitials. Wes took a step back letting other doctors help her instead of taking charge. He was off duty and preferred someone else to take charge but watching to see. Hoping that it was nothing too serious letting the other doctors that he didn’t know what she took but she had a seizure. 

Hours had passed, luckily they were able to stabilize Castor with her vitals going up which was a good thing. Wes sat in a chair at her bed site not wanting to leave till he knew she was okay. Soon as he felt himself drifting off to sleep he was awoken to a panicked and furious voice. She was awake. Quickly getting onto his feet and to her beside putting her hands on her wrists carefully, stopping her from getting up. “I know the deal but I had no choice” Trying to explain himself knowing she had full right to be mad at him. “I didn’t know what you took. I found you in an alleyway surrounded by drunk people. You passed out then had a sizer, I had to get you proper medical help” Letting her know how serious it was and she was in bad shape hoping she’d realize he did the right thing in the end. 

As Wes grabbed her wrists, she tried her best to calm down, everything still felt a little woozy, Laying her head back against the pillows. “Just the usual pills, alcohol.” She said and rubbed her forehead. “But someone spiked my drink with something else that I guess reacted badly.” She bent over and grabbed the bin next to the bed and vomited into it.  

“Well can we go now... I don’t like these places, too much light too much poking and prodding and info wanting, always trying to fix you and put you on a better path telling you what you are doing is wrong.” She made a face. Yes, Wes worked here and he likely had given her the speech before but this time was different Castor had done what she did to forget.  

For a single night she wanted to forget what was happening in her life, the one good thing she had going was Lorenzo and he was beyond amazing to her.  Now she had lost her best friend Wyatt the two were not on speaking terms after the incident and Castor was really struggling with coming to terms with what had happened between them. 

Jumping from one type of addiction into drugs and Alcohol Castor used to be big into that scene but Enzo had gotten her out of it. Castor knew Enzo would be disappointed in her for her actions tonight but she just needed life to fade, was it too much to ask. 

“Wes please can we just get out of here... I can’t” She pleaded with him trying to sit up again slowly. Resting her hand on his wrist “Always my Hero, I didn’t try this, I was in control for a while there, I was getting ready to go home and everything.” She tried to explain the situation to him. 

For the last few hours he’s been waiting for Cassie to wake up. Still he was waiting for her tox screens to come back to find out what she had taken. All he knew that it wasn’t so good seeing how her vitals were still over the place. Her kept pestering other doctors to find out more or trying to look after himself even if he was off duty. Thankfully the dark haired diviner was soon waking up. Just as he thought she reacted badly trying to get up yet she couldn’t escape his grasp making her fall back into the bad. Wes knew she was probably too weak to get up so there was no point of fighting him. He was waiting to find out what exactly she took. Finding his eyes rolled before sighing hearing how she spoke of taking the usual pills and alcohol, knowing the two mixed together weren’t a good thing to begin with. His eyes widened hearing that someone spiked her drink explaining how she actually ended up just as bad as she is. Suddenly he watched as on call her body was really badly, seeing Cassie was trying to grab the bin. Wes helped her by holding the bin, seeing how her body had not got rid of everything she took. “You know all those things are seriously dangerous, you nearly overdosed Cassie” He was worried, sounding concerned only letting her know how serious it all was even if she thought it was her usual every friday. “I’m trying to be your friend and not your doctor” He sighed looking over to her still concerned. 

Wes knew how Cassie didn’t like hospitals seeing it happen quite often people all freaked out. “You can’t go just yet” He went on saying only just disappointing her knowing it’s something she didn’t want. “You still got to finish your IV and we got to wait for your tox screens to come back so we can rule out any permanent damage having damage” He insisted letting her know he wasn’t taking no for an answer. Motioning over to the Iv that was in her arm that was giving fluids to hopefully flush out any of what's left of what she’d taken. Wes knew she was eager to leave but he wasn’t letting her go, hearing how she said she was in control. “But you wasn’t in full control because you already taken too much that's how you let it slip past you” Hearing before her telling him how she was in control but this proved she wasn’t “By time I arrived at that place to find you, you were nowhere to be seen” He begun to say looking over to her letting her know exactly what happened. “I found you a few blocks away nearly blacking out on the floor, there were 3 other men who were following you getting closer but I got them to go away” Wes already knew if he wasn’t there at the right time something worse could have happened to her. Making all of it much darker than a simple night out, letting her know how serious it all could have been. 

Dangerous, she knew what Dangerous was and she wasn’t trying to overdose the last thing she wanted was to die. After her experience with Wyatt, she just wasn’t sure how to deal with life. She just wanted to not feel anything for a little while. “I know you are my friend Wes.” She looked over at him trying her best to stay calm. “Do you really think I would take my life?” She scolded as she looked into his eyes. 

Castor remembered texting him to come and get her that she didn’t feel right, but she didn’t remember leaving the club; let alone a group of men coming after her. Though it would explain the scrapes on her arms and legs. She sighed maybe Wes was right maybe she had gone too far this time; it was not her intention. 

Looking over at the almost full IV she let out a frustrated groan “Fine, But the moment it comes back we leave. Anything extra we can do from home.” She stated, Wes knew her well enough to know she would sign herself out against Doctors orders. “I don’t know how I let them him her whatever slip something into my drink... If you haven't noticed I have been a bit distracted.” Which was the truth, Wes and Lorenzo being the two who had seen how bad things had gotten with the magic addiction her and Wyatt had. It had almost killed them; Cas still needed a lot of help before she would be able to be back to ‘normal’ 

Letting out a sigh she covered her face with both of her hands she felt the tears welling up in her eyes. Her life was a train wreck and of that she was certain. She still hadn’t found the man responsible for her uncle, she was still angry with her brother, and now Wyatt was out of her life because they had an unhealthy bond. Lorenzo was her one ray of sunshine, but she was ashamed to tell him everything because if he knew the truth about how much she enjoyed the darkness of the magic he wouldn’t see her the same. 

By now he was used to Castor’s reckless behavior, having seen her go through all the stages. Yet this was the worst one yet. Knowing if he hadn’t found her when he did, knowing what to do she could have easily died. He only wanted to press how important it was for him to understand what happened so it couldn’t happen again. Looking over to her with a heavy heart he nodded her head listening to her as she said that she wouldn’t try to kill herself. He knew that she wasn’t trying to, knowing that the Instar Diviner wasn’t that stupid. “I know you would Cas” Reasuring her softly knowing that it was like her. “Later on you got to tell me what's been going on with you” Easily able to see when she was keeping something bottled up. How she was like a firecracker easily able to explode. He’s been busy with getting back into work lately forgetting to check on her, seeing now how she needed him and he wasn’t here. “I’m only trying to help remember that” He wasn’t trying to have a go at her, since they weren't family but he was only trying to look after her as a friend. Seeing how some similar situations didn't end so well, with some of his patients not all making it. Just thankful that whatever Cassie had taken wasn’t so deadly as others, seeing how she’s not had a fit since when he first found her in the alleway. Which was good considering. He was just waiting to find out what she’d taken, knowing that the hospital would be able to figure it, yet he wasn’t sure how long it would take. 

Looking over he could see how she was protesting but knew she’d have to stay for a while longer, even if he knew she could protest and sign herself out. Hoping that she’d listen to him since he knew more about this stuff than her. “Yes, soon as it’s figured out what you took and what's needed after you can go home” Nodding his head sticking to his word. Soon learning how she’d managed to take the drug, how it’s one of the easiest and common. “You gotta be more careful Cas” Sighing a little sounding like a broken record but he was only trying to look out for her. Still not knowing what she’s been up to lately seeing how she’s been more distracted, not herself. Wes could see how broken she was reminding of how he was not long ago. Trying to bottle it all in whilst in reality it’s not the way. “I can help you, if you let me. People need people. Even if you're too stubborn to admit it” Wanting to let her know she’s not alone even if she thinks she might be at the moment. All dark diviners shared the same stubbornness trait. “I’m not going anywhere so your stuck with me” 

Cas reached out her hand and slowly pulled Wes closer burying her face into his chest and she continued to cry she wasn’t ready to explain everything to him not yet. She would when she didn’t feel like he was holding her prisoner in a hospital but right now she just needed to cry and let all of her feelings and emotions out. She could hear everything Wes was saying but it felt like he was so far away in the distance, she knew how to be careful she knew how to be smarter than this. Something inside her felt broken and it had ever since her uncle died, something she didn’t know how to fix. Castor was able to fix everything but not this whatever this was. It felt like forever that was how long her crying session lasted forever or so it felt to her, her breathing was ragged she sucked in a deep breath trying to calm herself. She wiped her eyes and looked up into his eyes “Wes this isn’t me, none of this is me, I can’t take it anymore, life needs to stop throwing hard things at me, I just need it to stop.” She sobbed and closed her eyes trying to calm her insides and thoughts. 

“Wes, I’m an addict... And not to drugs like you think.” Yes, Castor was addicted to Drugs she had been in the past and she was again but she was only doing drugs to avoid going back to the magic. Looking down at her hands “The dark magic... it’s so strong, and powerful and addictive you have no idea how it made me feel. I just... I want more of it... but it nearly killed Wyatt, I had to stop him... I had to stop myself and now we can’t see each other. It brings us back when we see each other we need to do more...” She felt her puffy eyes searching his face to see if he understood what she was saying or not. 

It was hard for him to see how broken Cas was in front of him. He knew that she’d been through and still is going through a lot of pain and heartbreak. The reasons why she’s been acting out and been more reckless too. Moments later he felt Cas burying her head in his chest, knowing she’s letting it all out. “It’s going to get better, trust me. It might not seem it at first but it will” He reassured her softly as he stroked her head trying to calm her. He’s found himself having his own emotions and feelings under control having seeked and found the best help.  Still he had yet to find what exactly had been going on with her and push her to do all the reckless things. Not paying attention till now to see that he should have acted sooner. “What do you need to stop Cas? You can tell me” He pleaded with her, almost not wanting her to do what she normally does by pushing things away and changing the subject. “I want to help if you can let me. Not as a doctor but as your friend” Making sure that she’s not alone and didn’t need to keep pushing him away. Wes was always good at helping Cas, they were similar in many ways but different at the same time. Both find themselves outcasts from their faction. 

He could see she was ready to open up, that she trusted him enough. As she spoke of being addictive he wasn’t surprised but then confused then she said that it wasn’t for drugs. Waiting till she could explain a little bit more, hearing as she spoke of being addicted to dark magic. Wes had heard of cases before, he’d seen little bit of it himself but swayed away. Only having dabbled a little, like many other Dark Diviners. Now hearing more of her story he knows what she’s been going through. It was much darker and deadlier than he first thought. “Oh Cas, you should have come to me sooner” He pulled her back into a hug comforting her softly. “If you want you can come to live in my apartment. I can help you get better, do research so we can figure out how to help you” Wes offered whether or not she’d take it. His place has been lonely with all that’s been going on with his sister. Now with more time passing he didn’t want the apartment to be so lonely all the time. If Cas did want to stay with him then he could keep an eye on her, trying to help to get her clean both from magic and other addictions too. 

Unloading all of her feelings onto Wes actually felt good in some way, though she still felt crummy she wished that she could just numb herself to feelings altogether.  She knew Wes was her friend before he was her Doctor. She was glad to have a friend like him Castor just felt like the black sheep all over again. When she was growing up she was the black sheep she was more prone to dark things unlike her twin who was leaning towards the light, her family basically shut her out for it. When she was claimed by the Dark they sent her away they gave up on her, her uncle was all she held dear until his death. She now had lost Wyatt and Enzo. She was waiting to lose more people she knew was coming, she just knew that the world was not done throwing darkness at the Necromancer. Whenever she thought she was happy, life reminded her that she was not allowed to be happy, that she had to be dark and alone.

“I couldn’t have come to you sooner, there is nothing you can do! This is all on me, and me alone. I need to do the work, I need to get better, I need to avoid the magic, and I need to stay away from people I love or else they will die.” She said through her sobs keeping herself resting against the man she tried to stop the tears and the emotions but the damn had already been broken. When he brought up her moving in with him she almost scoffed “You don’t want me as a roommate, I am horrible, I don’t clean after myself, I listen to my music so loud, I am an addict who knows what I will do at any given moment. Wes, I am not a good person why do you try to save someone who isn’t good?” She asked looking up at her close friend. 

She looked away again her mind wandering and her eyes closed as she lay back against the bed listening to the steady beeps and sounds of the hospital room, as well as the people outside of the room. She could hear someone being paged over the PA system but still, Castor felt disconnected from it all. “Can we just go please I don’t want to be here any longer.”

Wes knew lately he hasn’t been a good friend. Being too focused and wrapped up getting back to work, that he’s not been able to see that one of his friends' lives was falling apart. Maybe he could have helped her sooner then known if this wouldn’t have happened. “I should have helped you sooner, I’ve just been too busy with work and everything” Wes had been wrapped up in a type of dark magic of his own but this was only for research. Trying to figure out how to help his sister. Every dark diviner has dabbled in some type of dark magic at some point. It’s what draws them to the darker side away from the light but needing to know where to stop. Wes now knew how much Cas was struggling to control all of the dark magic. It hurt him seeing how broken Cas was, bottling it all up and she was about to break. “Come here”  He consoled softly, hugging her. “You still have me, I’m not going anywhere” He reassured her, letting her know that she’s not lost to everyone. She didn’t give up on him so he wasn’t going to give up on her. “I can help you with your addictions to both magic and other substances”  Not wanting her to wind back in the hospital anymore soon, Wes knew that Cassie didn’t want to either. He was barely able to convince her to stay in the hospital as it is. 

“I’m serious Cas, the room is all yours if you want it. With or without your faults. You’re not going to scare or push me away” Wanting her to live with him so he could keep and eye, helping her. Along with she’d be helping him too without knowing it. His place was too big and empty for just himself, just a reminder that he was alone. Needing to be around others was a way he couldn’t feel so alone. “I’ll hire a cleaner” He didn’t like cleaning either whilst working long hours he never felt up to cleaning up his apartment when he got back. “You need to stop doubting yourself” Wes could see that Cas was just like him months ago when he was struggling with his emotions and struggles. He knew that Cas was someone who never believed in herself and always put herself down. Just he has to see if he’s done enough convincing for her to accept his offer. In the past he could remember her saying that her place was not that good, but he wasn't too sure. 

Wes almost forgot for a moment that Cas hated hospitals until she remembered him. “Oh right, I almost forgot. I’ll go and find out what’s taking so long. Then we’ll go” Quickly getting up from his seat and headed to the stop, looking back to Cas hoping that she'd at least wait till he got back and not run out on him. The emergency department was quite busy, probably what was taking it so long. Choosing to log into one of the computers to see if he could find out. A minute later Wes saw what drug she had taken, it wasn’t a common one but it was fatal. Which was god. Wes soon printed out her discharged papers and grabbed a few things out of the store room that he’d need. Returning back to the room, seeing Cas was there waiting for him to come back. Wes was both surprised and relieved that she didn’t do a runer. “Good  news, it's not life positioning. You can get out of here” He cheered grinning, waiting to see Cas’s reaction to them being able to leave. 

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