It seems like the book on her side while she laid on the sheets of her bed wasn't moving since last night. And it actually didn't. Malva hasn't touched it ever since she decided that her head couldn't crack anything more. Too many stuff to remember. Constance, her tiger cub that Aureus had gotten her a few weeks ago sat by her feet, curled up in her sleeping position and did just that. Staring at the ceiling above her, the Aspect of Magic wondered how she was ever going to get around things if her head doesn't want to cooperate with her right now. Everything was shutting down and she didn't like the sudden motion the slightest. She needed herself to get working but to no avail, all her attempts seemed to go down futile.

"Come on head, work with me. I need you. Why do you always disappear on me when I need you the most? And come when I don't want you to." she grumbled, turning her body to the side, obviously knowing well that those were how things go. You don't always get what you want. Not even if you're an Ailward Aspect, no.

Rolling herself out of the bed, she found herself rummaging something that was somewhere within her drawers. It was a few vials of potions to god knows what. That's basically what happens when you've been into witchcraft and magic for so long, you actually became the damn thing itself. In all honesty, she is the Aspect of Magic, so it was only fitting. If anyone was witchy, it's her. Taking a book from her book shelf, she placed the few vials and the particular book in her bag as she took out a spare of clothes and shoved it in as soon as she was done folding it. Which was a complete waste of action seeing as the space compartment in the bag was unlimited and endless so she'll end up just pulling the clothes up. Malva was a meticulous person leading up the path of being a perfectionist. 

It seems like she's had everything she needed in her bag almost all the time. Perks of actually being a witch to have a shortcut getaway. Although, most do not like to use the option of her portals since for first timers, it might get nauseous for them. She didn't have anything to do and since she wasn't getting anywhere with the spell book she found, she was going to go to Marseille today to meet an old acquaintance. She shouldn't be wasting any time since she seemed to be a target these days. Despite the enemies not being able to actually incapacitate her like they did to Benjamin, she didn't want to calculate the weight too much. The possibilities were still endless and the risk will never go unseen. 

Grabbing the straps on the bag, Malva wrapped a jacket around her before making her way downstairs. Just when she thought she was going to go unseen, she was blocked by Gabriel. "You have got to be kidding me..really Mal? Where are you going." Malva huffed and looked around her, no one else was there but them both but she knew better than to fool him. He's been her apprentice for centuries long, and whilst Tatiana and Valentine knew her well, he probably her just as well or maybe, even better. "Come on, not now Gabe. I really need to go." Her grip on the straps were tighter and she was in a hurry to escape him. "As much as I'd love to let you go, I can't. You know Ven will string me up if I let you go alone without a guard." She didn't know what gave her the initiative to pick him but she was going to pick the first person that wasn't him and it just so happened to be the phoenix who's name was quite the catch.

"I'm taking Draco. Yeah. So now I have a guard accompanying me so, bye." Without nothing to delay, she literally just grabbed a hold of Draco's arm and dragged him away from the living room and off to the entrance. Once they were there, she was busy picturing where she wanted to go to even say anything to the phoenix. "I'm sorry you had to do this. I'd just use you for a reason to go alone and dropped you off somewhere but they'll track you so- sorry. You were the only one that wasn't Gabriel Dimitreu there.." She did recognize who he was. Draco d'Fierro. Who doesn't know that surname. It's practically royalty famous around there. "First timers might feel nauseous but not enough to want to throw your insides up. I think..We're going to France, birdy. I hope you got nothing against France." With a swift action of her hand, a purple swirl started to form a circle until it was big enough before them. "Who knows, maybe you can get Illi something." She beckoned for him to go first since she didn't want him to lose his way but she could understand why he was still reluctant. 

"I love Illi too much to be hurting her fiancee so don't worry. You'll be in one piece when we get there."

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Life had gotten busier for the young d’Fierro. A flash of reality seeping in. Having never had a stable job. The only real paycheck he had was back when he was in high school busting tables in a local restaurant near to his village. To earn some money but only spent it back then on alcohol and cigarettes. Stuck in a loop not knowing how to get out of it. It all changed after his mother and old coven were murdered. Packing up all his things and leaving his city Rome behind. On the run almost, not sticking around to be questioned by the police. Why he was the only one left, knowing it’ll only lead to more question. That’s all been cleared up now. It wasn’t really much of a life he left behind, having nothing left there. Travelling around half the world to find his father's family. For once in his life he was accepted. Finding out what and who he was. Picking up the English language quickly sometimes he spoke Italian without noticing he was doing it.

It was around a year ago when his family all sat him and Makena down, explaining that they decided to all move away. That there was nothing left in Evermore for the Phoenix clan. A part of him wanted to go with them. Having only just found them not too long ago. Draco knew he couldn’t leave. Choosing love rather than family. He was madly in love with Illiana d’Fierro, wanting to make a life with her. Get married, have children to start a family of their own. Illiana had her guard commitments tying her down to the city, they couldn’t get up and life. It was a hard decision he made with Illiana but one he didn’t regret look back at it now. To stay behind with Illiana. His family accepted his wishes and left. Draco still kept in touch with them time to time. Mostly it was his aunt checking up on him making sure he got up to know good.

Only a few phoenix’s stayed behind like him. There was one catch. They needed to belong to a fraction as The Phoenix clan was no more. Choosing to join the Aliward Guard. Draco, Sapphire and Evan all made a vow, swearing an oath to follow the rules and laws. To have pure intentions. Choosing to leave behind previous differences and loyalties to become a member of the guard, meaning he couldn’t leave and go with his family. Not to go down the dark path like his father. A tattoo marked their loyalty. His was on his lower chest, not in plain sight. Unlike one of his tattoos, he had a feather tattoo that covered his right inner forearm. That one he had for a few years now. Both Illiana and Draco had a tattoo obsession but she was worse than he was. The last one they got was their matching Harry Potter tattoos.

A few months back he started his job as Cornelia Bradford's assistant. Working in the police department. Starting from the bottom as the only qualifications he had was his grades he had when he graduated from high school. Choosing to dropout of college, never went back when coming to the city. Looking back at it now he regrets not carrying on with his education. He was young and naive. Thinking that he wouldn’t need it as his family were rich, but they decided to cut him off almost. Enough to help cover their rent. Draco had his job at the Aliward Guard but weren’t the same. Still new it all. Illiana kept telling him he needed more training before taken on different meetings. So when the job offer came up he decided to take it. It helped to pay the bills and Draco like it.

Today was one of his free days. Taking a few holiday days here and there. Draco was on his way to the Aliward Manor to see Illiana. Always tending to pop in and see her. When he didn’t have a job he would do it regular since she had become the commander. He had just been to McDonalds picking up some lunch for the two of them. He was eating his burger walking through the corridor not waiting for for Illiana. All of a sudden he felt himself being dragged away why someone. Draco looked and recognized it to be Malva Aliward and aspect. “What” He spoke muffled as he was still half eating not knowing what she meant. Draco looked back to Gabriel, Illiana’s brother mouthing to him for help.

Not knowing where she was dragging him off to. “What are you doing, where you taking me?” He questioned looking more confused hearing as she started to ramble telling him. “You think?” His eyes widened hearing as she said that she was transporting them to france. “Oh and that makes such a distance wanting to go” He shot back a bit bluntly but he was just annoyed how he was being dragged off out of the blue. “Do I have a choice?” He asked with hope but knowing probably not since it was part of his job as an Aliward Guard to protect the Aspects. “One piece?” Draco complained reluctantly stepping forwards into the portal. “I’d better get a pay rise?” He half joked commenting as he walked into the portoal not knowing where he was going or what for.

When he asked her if he had a choice in this matter, she shrugged and wondered for a while. "Uhmm nope. Not really, no." She shook her head with a coy smile, obviously pleased with the sudden overturn of reactions she received in less than a few minutes. He seems reluctant but then again, who wouldn't. The Aspect of Magic just dragged you away while you were half way eating your lunch, saying we're going to France. How well is that honestly going to stick with anyone? None, exactly. But he didn't seem like he showed that much mind when he stepped into the portal afterwards, resulting a chuckle erupting from her. 

Shaking her head slightly as she entered the portal, the first thing she saw the moment she stepped out of it was the bright skies of Marseille. "Well isn't that one pleasant view." The joy that laced her voice was very evident, surprisingly seeing as she felt forced to come there in the first place. Well, a small magic shopping in France wouldn't hurt, would it? She peeked to the side a bit as she saw him standing by the corner of the alley, probably trying to get a hold of his own insides. "Look it on the bright side, at least you didn't puke your insides out-" That was when she heard a groan from him and stepped away. "Too soon?" Malva had a sheepish smile decorating her features. She felt sorry for him but she'll have to make it up to him soon and she didn't mind. As long as it stays in the range where she could fulfill, of course.

Giving him a moment for him to recollect himself, she examined her surroundings. Everything was so different yet it still breathed the same air of familiarity. "Marseille, you never cease to amaze me." She took out her phone and typed something on it as she turned around to check if he was alright. Rummaging through her bag, she wondered if having unlimited space to it was more to an advantage or disadvantage because reckless her can't seem to find where she placed the small bottle of remedy. The Aspect of Magic sighed and called upon it secretly, and the bottle came to her grasp soon enough. Taking it out, she offered it to the male phoenix. "It will ease your nausea..and other symptoms. Portal jumping can be difficult. Two sides of the coin, really. You could end up fine or you could uh- have a few difficulties." She wasn't sure on how to put it past it. She wasn't good with complimentary after all.

"You're holding up to it better than most, though." However, she knew very well that it wasn't the right place to give out those words so she focused back to what she was doing earlier. "The apothecary is not that far off from here. Just a few miles of walking here." The last time she went to the fine famed apothecary to procure some of her rarest ingredients was in 1645. The owner was actually a vampire, quite the charmer too. But his descendants worked in the store. Some spells and potions required rare ingredients and like it or not, she will have to travel half way across the world to get them. At least it was France and not Russia. Her Russian self will always find a way to use her tongue to spat out the words that will likely get them in trouble and Draco probably did not want that. For all they know, the roles of guard and aspect could be reversed.

She walked there, of course. She didn't wait for Draco even though he would probably lose his way there considering the place was literally foreign to him and he wouldn't know his way around. She did, turn around to see if she was trailing behind though. Seeing that he was trailing slowly from behind, no risk of him going missing was there. She would have to reason with Illiana and well, Malva wasn't exactly the gooder Aspect who could do much with apologizing. The Russian light haired Aspect beckoned for him to follow her as they soon arrived at their destination. The apothecary looked aesthetically pleasing from the outside and it was no different from inside too. Witches learned how to keep the places luxurious and fancy. It's France, after all. Some of them has quite the taste. None of them managed to live longer than 150+ though. Dragging him with her she entered the door where she had to go through a certain enchantment, soon both of them find themselves surrounded by so many ingredients that probably held the warning 'Do not touch' every corner they turn. 

The scenery didn't last long however, seeing as two female figures blocked their way. "Are you lost, little dove?" Their scrutinizing gaze were unwavering and Malva didn't like it one bit. She felt like she was being looked down. Surely, she held her own pride to it and hubris wasn't one of her fatal flaws for no reason. "Were you not expecting a guest, miss?" The tone in her voice was obviously indicating, that the Aspect of Magic was not finding any of this amusing and given her temper, one should really learn not to poke around it.

"We're expecting one. I don't think you're her." 

"Darling, I am Malva Ailward. Where's Antonio. I don't think I have to deal with the likes of you when your owner's around. Move. I don't like asking twice." While her voice held no hostility whatsoever, the menacing purple glow in her eyes seemed to state otherwise. It was enough to make the two amateur witches back off where Malva walked past them.

Trouble always seemed to follow him when he wasn’t looking. This time the trouble was Malva Aliward. Draco was already familiar with Malva Aliward before joining the Aliward Guard. Remembering back to when he used to live his family in the d’Fierro villa, Malva would always be around. Lurking. Mostly following his aunt around all over the place. For reasons he never knew why. Just that she was the more weirder of the aspects who was followed around by her protectors his future brother in law Gabriel or soon to be cousin in law Tattiana. “Why are you dragging me into it? Why not Gabriel or Tatiana?” He questioned looking to her for answers but already knowing he;d not get a clear one. “Your loving this aren’t you” The young d’Fierro smirked almost cunningly seeing how she was finding amusement of dragging him off someplace out of the blue to accompany her on some weird quest or mission. “Am I going to regret this?” He motioned looking to the portal not knowing how he’d react to portal jumping only just got to grips with flying for so long or when it’s a bit busier. Giving Malva one last look before walking through into the portal not knowing where exactly he was heading into. Making him almost think to himself can people end up getting lost portol jumping. That he’ll end up in some country or place not knowing how to get back.

Draco wanted to close his eyes as he walked through the portal. Already feeling the side effects of portal jumping for new beginners. Nasua was what hit him the worst. Feeling like his insides were all going to come out. Whilst Malva was completely fine enjoying the view whilst he was trying not to throw up. Draco looked to see an alley nearby and hurried over. If he was to throw up, its’ better in an alley rather than middle of the street. “I think i’m going to throw up” The young phoenix groaned hearing Malva trying to jinx it, before he threw up what he had for breakfast. “You think?” He shot back sounding grouchy as he was trying to not throw up any more. Wiping his mouth to look a bit more decent, like he hadn’t just thrown up. “I 100% prefer flying than porotol jumping” He remarked, still complaining about it.

Still feeling like he was going to throw up he tried to not think about being sick. He looked to see Malva was rummering through her Mary Poppins bag for something. Pulling out a small bottle of elixir or something. “Is this a trick? Are you trying to poison me?” Not knowing what she’s up to. “A few difficulties?” He remarked commenting, choosing to take his chance on what she had to help with his nausea. “Fine give it to me” Giving in and taking the bottle of elixir she had. Taking off the wooden cork lid before downing it all in one go. Settling his stomach a bit enough so he didn’t feel like he was going to throw up each moment. Already able to see it wasn’t going to be an easy mission or whatever she had planned to do here in France. Draco was finally able to take it all in, the place where this is. “Wow this place is something” Of course it didn’t match up to his home city of Rome. He missed Rome, where he was born and grew up in. He missed the Italian culture, language and setting. “Where are we exactly?” He asked curiously, knowing that she’d probably already told him but he was too busy throwing up to hear.

He trying not to think about having to go through it all again when porotol jumping back home. As flying from France to America was quite a distance away. “So most people throw up portoal jumping” He joked, laughing as he rubbed the back of his neck. Before focusing on to the reason why they were here. “Isn’t it a pharmacy?” Using the modern day term for it. Not really fully understanding why she brought him all the way over here when she just needed to pick some potion, remedy, ingredients or whatnot. Nowadays most people order things over the internet. Whilst for Malva she’d portal to other countries to find what she needed to get. Something he didn’t understand but knew he’d just have to go with it.

Noticing he was in a daze seeing that Malva was already walking off without out him. “Shoot, wait up” He called running to keep up with her. Knowing that both the aspects and illiana would have his head if anything happened to Malva. Since he’s a guard member, one of their jobs was to protect the aspects. He knew he wasn’t the best one for the job but he was here dragged along so he’d had to do the best he could. Making sure to keep up with the brunette aspect. Hearing as she told him to follow her. The phoenix nodded his head, as a way of telling her he understand. Slowing down as Malva was walking into the shop he followed behind. Taking in the place seeing that it looked outdated to say the least. Feeling himself being dragged into the place. He looked to see there were lots of bottles saying do not touch. Feeling the urge to try not to pick anything up knowing on he’s luck he’d drop or break something.

The two of them turned around hearing as two other people appearing, approaching them. Sensing already that the two women were looking down on them almost in a way, that they the didn’t belong here. Choosing to standing a little bit in front of Malva, blocking her to protect her. His inner guard self coming out. Not knowing what or who these people were. Draco was more reassured hearing as Mavla stood her ground not wanting to be scared by those two. Having more authority over the two. He looked to see Malva’s eyes glow purple, surprising him not having witnessed it. Thinking to himself not to piss her off. Stepping to the side to let Malva past, following behind her as the two walked past the two women not giving them another look. Not giving them the light of day.  

Hearing the phoenix ask where they are, despite not liking answering nor asking twice just as she stated to the two witches earlier, she felt obliged to do that much for the poor phoenix that she had just dragged along with her through the nauseous pain of portal jumping just so she could escape Gabriel. "We're in Marseille, darling." She told him as she make her way through the aisles that held so many herbal ingredients and stones. Mostly gem stones, really. Ranging from the obsidian onyx to sapphires, it was a surprise that particular section did not turn out to be the people's main attraction if they had set a foot in there. "It's called an apothecary. But yes, in a way, it is connected and called as a pharmacy nowadays. More to spiritual sense kind of pharmacy, I guess. Though they do offer 'online' services, I'd rather not. There are some things I needed to procure for my spells and potions, and I can't exactly just order them through a line. I don't even do them on phone, much less the internet. Call me old school even though I am one, but despite the services being much more 'easier', it's definitely more risky." Malva shrugged, taking one of the onyx stones, examining it from the corner of her eyes.

"These stones are safe for touching. No cursed objects in this aisle, so don't worry. The last thing I want to do, is to deliver a cursed fiancee to Illi. Gosh, she'd have a tantrum if that ever happens." Shaking her head slightly, she shuddered at the mere idea of that ever happening. She's had her fair sum of share with Gabriel, Tatiana and Valentine's antics and she didn't wish to add Illiana's to the pile. Them Ivakovs and Dimitreus seemed to have a temper in the same bloodline. Well, they are related. "Take a look, I'm sure you have an eye for jewelries. Pick one or a few, I'll take them with me. Who knows, a gift for Illi might cheer her up away from the stress of her duties. We've been sending guards back and forth for missions nowadays, somehow the world managed to find out a few problems to give us. Doesn't help when we don't exactly have the number we used to. You're in training, aren't you? Illi hasn't sent you out for a mission yet, hasn't she?" Which was very true, Malva worries a bit too much these days. Maybe she was being paranoid but it seems that she had every reason to do so. 

She has been too preoccupied by Benjamin and her case into figuring the key of what was their past. She had a feeling it had something to do with his bloodline, seeing as his grandfather had started whatever it was that he had with the Aspect of Magic. It has traveled down to his son, Benjamin's father, Damien. Though he might not know much of her, but he had a few of her stuff, to which Malva was very sure she probably were friends sometime ago with the grandfather of his back in 1933. It doesn't help when she was still in her dilemma state of not knowing anything. That, and her immense trouble on her current duties that has been piling up like the Empire State building. Her being tired and exhausted since a year ago was not an understatement. She truly was feeling the deprivation running deep. One of these days, her lethargic self might not be able to function so well. She desperately wished it would happen when people aren't in need of her service or help. Because if that happens, well, then both sides are screwed up majorly.

"I'm sure Illi will send you out soon. She'll have to do that eventually, since we're losing more and more guards to send out for missions until there is not enough to guard our base. Besides, seeing as this is your unofficial one, pretty sure you'll be promoted soon." She assured, although she wasn't sure if he even wanted to go out for missions in the first place. Honestly, if she was Illiana and she didn't have that much of responsibility on the faction, she would prevent Draco from going out for missions. Well, they had a lot of casualty loss over the past year and they were not going on well at the moment. But, then again, her sense of loyalty will intervene and take place; one that she wasn't even sure whether it was good or bad for her, seeing as it seemed to make her go full Aspect mode. Sometimes, she wished she could let go of the Malva Ailward, Aspect of Magic title and persona alongside the responsibility for one day and just take a rest. 

She noticed, that Draco got a look of her go witchy mode for a while earlier. She would not admit it, but she didn't like her indigo colored hues as time passed by. It was probably due to her not wanting to let it define her or that she's already so tired from all the usage of it. Since those hues only came out during the times that she was using magic or was in any way affiliated to magic at the moment. That, and the fact that she get those whenever she went down the emotional train. Gosh, how she hated those trains. "Getting out of Evermore is a fresh breather of air, but unfortunately, the unity we had in Evermore didn't spread out throughout across the world. We at least, had a peace agreement. Humans were treated equally generally. But out here, they're still viewed as someone who's at the bottom line of the food chain. Such a shame, really."

He’d never heard of the place where they were at. Draco was never good at remembering names of places or georptraphy in that face. “Aah Marseillie” Speaking like he’d heard of the place before as he followed behind her through the different asliels. Watching as she was looking for what she was after, since he had no clue what she needed. Just followed behind her. He could see from looking around at the labels just gibberish names. He understand English but not weird names of different things or french names. There were some things that caught his eye but he thought of the urge to pick up and touch stuff. “So coming in person to these places you can see if your getting the right stuff. In a sense” Now he was looking a bit dumb mentioning earlier why she couldn’t just search and order what she needed online. “I see” He answered seeing how she picked up a stone of some sort looking at it. To examine it more closely.

“Cursed objects?”He looked puzzled and worried at the same time for what place she’d dragged him into. “She’d go belistick if we return and something bad happened to me” Illiana mad is something you’d never wanted to see, trust him he knew on first handed. Whilst he knew how to make her love him again. Thinking that now he’d choose wisely of how he’d go abouts in this shop. Sticking out like a sore thumb in a shop that's meant for witches not phoenix’s like him. “She have been a lot stressed lately” He agreed with Mavla. Since taking the position Illiana have been stressed having more responsibilities and duties on her plate. To be reposbil of a whole group of people rather than just herself. Draco always tried his best to help her in any way he could. “It’s a stressful job” He added whilst not knowing all the details as there were some things she felt from him. “I’m still in training, but I recently taken up a job as Cornelia Bradfords assistant in the police department. So Cornelia’s been showing me some of the ropes for training and getting more fitter” He nodded his head and started to tell her some stuff about his life, before shaking his head to her asking if he’d been sent out on a mission. “Not been out on a mission before, Ana says I need more training before. She’s looking out for me mostly knowing that something may go wrong because i’m not experienced enough”

The guard had been short of guards for quite a while after the Isle of skye was destroyed they’d lost many good members that day. It all taking its toll on how everything is operated these days. “I want to do more, get in on the action. Instead of being on the sidelines all the time. It gets boring quickly” Watching everyone all go out on missions and come back telling stories of their success whilst he stayed behind. “I miss it, being somewhere different. Away from it all, not feeling trapped all the time” Agreeing with Malva about how it was good to get away from Evermore. Whilst not everywhere is like where their city, there’s no peace in other places like they have in Evermore. They still had a long way to go before peace in other places would be a thing.

Mostly, Malva knew what she was doing in a sense of way. Possibly due to the fact that the Aspect of Magic hated not knowing anything. Knowledge is power, she says. But, the phoenix definitely made her more intrigued. He was, in a way, very similar to that of his aunt, Leona d'Fierro, the infamous phoenix. Yet, he still stuck out being something entirely different at the same time. He was very much like an enigma. "She's looking out for you for a reason. A very good one. I'll tell you, if I was Illi, I wouldn't want to send you out on these life-threatening missions even though you could handle yourself. She's lived quite a long life ahead of her. And trust me, living these long lives doing the same thing over and over again, with the exception of different settings, it gets very tedious. You get so many action but in time, you will come to find it very wholesome and meant nothing more than what you would see daily. You also don't get chances at love that easy too. She's the commander of our guards now, but even before then, she has always been one of the busiest guards we had. She was excellent and brilliant at what she does, same goes for her relatives. But, honestly, at some point in your life, you start questioning why you're even doing it. I did. And I'm not supposed to."

Turning around to face him while pursing her lips, she fiddled around the chains on the shelf. "All I'm saying is..She wants to keep you safe and content. She loves you and she can't lose you. Like I said, people like us, we don't get chances at love so easily. If others had it hard, imagine people like us. Devoted to one cause, working for it for god knows how long. Kinda makes me wonder, if I'll still be here as Aspect of Magic, or one day it'll come a moment when the mantle is given to another and I finally get my long well-deserved rest." Malva shrugged, not thinking much about it, she will just accept it when the time comes. That was, if she was granted of it. "You'll definitely get more experience under the belt working with Cornelia. More on the physical part. You know what- you should come to the operations room. It's where we train guards, as I'm sure you already knew of that information. But other than physical training, we make sure to train their heads too. Magic is susceptible to everyone. Even us. So, we try to make sure the prevention is better off.. It gets better and interesting, I promise you." She reassured him lightly, because she was always reminded on how Benjamin noted that her bed side manner could use more work. Well, she was a pessimist.

"Oh must wonder why I dragged you away. Well, I can't bring Gabriel, because I shouldn't be meeting up with Antonio, the person I am going to meet. He doesn't like him..said that vampire was bad influence despite me being a very capable 1290 year old Aspect who knows which one is the bad or good one. So, if Gabriel knew who I was meeting, he would drag me away and I would never be able to run away from it seeing as I made a mistake giving him a weapon that could subdue my powers. So..yeah. No. And Tatiana, she's not present and even if she was, things haven't been going well between us.." She was very upset by that. She didn't want her relationship to go to waste like that but there are some things she can't find herself to share it with her, despite Tatiana being connected to her in almost every way. "And you were there..I needed to escape fast. you are." She mumbled sheepishly.

People say you have your whole life mapped out. Starting off with at the bottom was getting through high school. Getting good grades for exams that would lead onto getting into good colleges around the country or for other schools around the world. Leading onto getting a degree then eventual job starting off into a high paying job. Having a career then finding someone to settle down with, have kids and then live your life. Although nothing always worked out as planned. Especially for him. Getting pushed off track after school, dropping out of college when everything happened. The bad and the good. He and Illiana meeting was something he hadn’t thought would happen but it did. Like fate had brought them together, falling in love quickly. The two rushed things, moving into each other, matching tattoos but he knew when he proposed to her that the time was right. He knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Death do we part. Listening to Mavla he understood all she was saying clearly. That all that Illiana was doing was just to protect him, not wanting anything bad to happen to him. “I do worry a lot when she’s away on missions. I know that all she does is dangerous, but she’s good at what she does as you say. She can handle her own, but I still worry you know?” Like most partners the other half worries about the over one's health. Especially with her line of work.

“She’s already lived a long life, waiting for someone like me to come around” Adding to how quickly the two had fallen in life, she’d been waiting a long time for him to come around. “Her relatives are quite a handful to say the least, almost puts my family to shame” He laughed joking to her referring to how reknowned his father’s side of the family were. Although mostly for the bad reasons but she knew. “I’m sure there’s someone there for you. As people say there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Who’ll like you for the weird yet adventurous you” He added pointed out but for the end bit he was teasing the aspect. “It’s a good job, challenging but something different” At first when taking on the job he had not much knowledge or understanding but after time he’d started picking it all up. “Yeah she noticed how ‘unfit’ I was when it came to fitness”  Remembering back to when she made them fly out to the woods so that they could train. “Opportations room?” He asked looking to her, it was somewhere he’d not been to. “I don’t want to train alone but i think Illiana might be training me soon. Training their heads?” Not knowing what she meant by it.

It seemed that she was finally telling him why she’d chosen him rather than Gabriel to accompany her to France. “So he told you beforehand that meeting this Antono guy was a bad idea but you still wanted to go ahead with it. But couldn’t take either Gabriel or Tattiana as they’ll sway you out of it. Whilst on the other hand you still need someone to go with you as you can’t go to places, meeting  like these alone. Grabbing me at first pick” Basically saying all that she’d just told him but he was curious to hear what was matter with her and Tatiana. “She’ll come around don’t worry, it’ll all blow over” He reassured the aspect one thing people didn’t do in the guard or aspects as to hold grudges for too long.

Malva nodded in understanding. "Being worried counts. You'll always have that feeling no matter what the situation make out to be. It'll be there." Despite the cold exterior and vibe the Aspect of Magic radiated, she was, in fact, quite a sensitive person with a fragile heart. If she had opened herself up just a bit, people would be able to see it, but unfortunately, both sides never seemed to be able to cooperate, until recently. For the past month, Malva found herself to find the simplest things to hold a warm stretch of sentiment to each their one. "I'd be lying if I said I don't really feel worried for my guards whenever they were sent out on a mission. Especially the ones that has grew up their entire life with me. Gabriel, Tatiana, Valentine, Illiana..I can't even begin to start off the list. I don't have a lot of people that I care for, so what was there in it became twice as important than anything I've ever done in my long life." 

But, speaking of that, it seems like the two were starting on a wondrous path of friendship. She liked how realist the phoenix was, and how despite all the things that was clearly against what he was on to, he still managed to find and pit a reason to go up for it. Staring at him as if he's grown another head, she scoffed as she shook her head. "Really now? Yeah well, I'm a dragon, so I don't expect much of a fish still living in the polluted world for me to take my pick. Beggars can't be choosers." She shrugged. Love wasn't even an option for the Russian woman. She was too committed and dedicated to her line of duty to even stop to think of what a normal life would have been like. It wasn't as if she got a brief tour of it. She didn't exactly have the best example of a past life.

"And wait..what did you mean by weird yet adventurous me? Excuse you, d'Fierro, do you think I'm weird? My god, the audacity." She feigned her gasp as she covered her mouth with her right hand, looking at the male phoenix in disbelief. "I am a very nice person, once you've known me, you know. But I guess, most people just see what they want to see. Besides, reputation were made to precede you." Malva shrugged off the feeling, acting like she would not give a single damn about what others think of her, when in reality, she does. "Cruel world. Place's great and spacious. But the people in it doesn't really precede its beautiful form. I guess that's why we're even created in the first place. So there would be people to mend the imbalance had something such as that occur." From the way she talks, it was very obvious that she was quite the old soul somewhere. She carried the tranquility of herself in her words, and occasionally, thru actions just as well.

"By training your heads, I meant by training your soul and how your vulnerability might stand in your way. And while your physical is mostly at a very good scale, we can't forget to train this too." With a mention of it, the Aspect of Magic pointed at her head. "I usually supervise the training for it. Seeing as I was one of the many that suggested it in the first place. It's a good thing, I guess. Besides, you get to know the guards and aspects better in a way. And once you've reached a certain degree, you might even know how your aspects work. Some of you are assigned personally to us. I'd like to think of it more to whenever we had to send guards out to carry what we asked, it was better off with people we trusted more. It build up, eventually. For instance, Gabriel has been my apprentice ever since he set foot in the Isle, there wasn't a spell he has not practiced yet that comes from me. Valentine, she's always with Tatiana for most missions and in time, we grew closer. Tatiana though..she knew me better than anyone. That's why it hurts twice as it does when our relationship aren't much on stable terms at the moment. At some point a few centuries long ago, Tati and I bonded even better. I made a spell that sealed our minds and physical states together. So what she feels, I feel and vice versa. Of course what happens to her in physical scale, it would not be inflicted upon me. Aureus would have a fit if he knew that was possible. But, we knew each other like an open book. Makes her job easier into protecting me too. I'm hoping you're right..that she'll come around and maybe I will too. But not now." She shook her head, letting out a heaved sigh. "Definitely not now. Exactly what you said, yes. I love Gabriel, I truly do. I love Tatiana as well. But if living with them for so long taught you a thing, it's that these Ivakovs and Dimitreus are relentless."

Maybe it's that he’s scared of losing people because of show how much he’s lost. Wanting to keep Illiana close and protected where it’s safe. Rather than have her out on some dangerous mission, not knowing what is going on. If she was safe or hurt. Among many other worries. Looking to Malva as he listened to her words, understanding. “I can’t lose anyone more” He spoke his thoughts out loud by mistake since not everyone knew of his past before coming to Evermore only his family, Illiana and Cornelia. People all had their own worries and demons on their own. “That they would never come back. The guards lost so much in the past few years. It’s just finding its feet again” The guard went through a tragedy of their own as the Isle of Skye their base of operations was blown up. At that time he wasn’t a member of the guard but knew and saw how it affected everyone but too thought that it was a bit fishy. Thinking about it. As the Isle was cloaked where only aspects and guards could get in and out, only ones who knew about it. How could it suddenly be blown up? No one searched for the person responsible for it. No vengeance taken adding onto his curiosity. Losing many guard members who everyone knew for years. People’s friends and family. He was there for Illiana when she needed someone, helping her through it.

“Okay maybe telling and then showing people that you can turn into a dragon is a big turn off. You know the huge size difference from you to them. Let alone the dry scales and the bad breath that can spit fire when anyone pisses you off” The young d’Fierro laughed joking to the fiery aspect hoping she’d take the funny, banter side to it. Not wanting to be burnt to a crisp. “A fish might be a good match for you” He added on, continuing to tease her before becoming more serious. “I’m sure there’s someone there for everyone, you might had to wait a long time before someone comes along. Take me and Illaiana for instance she’s nearly 1,000 years old and I’m only like nearly 22. She’s waited all those years, not finding love Until I came along. It’s just a waiting game for sure. But the outcome is the best thing at the end of the day”

His words would be coming back to haunt him as he said that Malva was weird but tried to cover it to same himself. “Welllll if you say it like that yes” He pointed out, chuckling shaking his head a little seeing how she was fake being shocked. “Your the one who goes a drags random strangers into portals to other countries. Like they’re a pack of beef” Among other things already able to see how the aspect was quite weird in her own ways. But a good weird. “Putting in and out the light in the darkness. To find balance for it all” Understanding somewhat about the aspects and what they do but not much. Just that Malva was the witch of all the aspects.

Training was all still new to him. Yes he’d have some training with Cornelia but that was more to build up his fitness and stamina rather than combat and weapon training. Not been trained in the arts of the field. The dos and don’ts. Draco hadn’t heard the expression of ‘training yours heads’, something it seemed to be used a lot in the training for the guards. “I still don’t understand” He was the type of person who needed to be told something that could be the simplest things over and over again till he got it. “So you could be the one to train me on it then?” He looked to her seeing whether she was willing to help train him. “Well it’s the least you could do for you know dragging me off through a portal somewhere to be your minion” He smirking pointing out the advantage he had on her, not letting her forget it so easily. “Well I know i would be no use to any of you aspects to be the protector, bodyguard too” He could barely protect himself let alone others. “Wait what?” He looked confused yet shocked. “So you both are connected like if one gets hurt the other one feels it?” Something he’d never heard of that only was seen in movies or shows he’d watched. “I agree with you there the Ivakov’s and Dimitreu’s one of a kind but in a good way”

She was sure Draco didn't meant for his words to come out as audible but it did. Malva didn't really take much in account nor did she mind what he has to say. Most people think they were this fearful family of dragons that would glare you to death just because you said something. While that could be just as likely, they were like any other big families. With the hint of supernatural in them. By a hint, she probably meant a lot. Malva didn't want people to look at them in that light. She didn't want people to treat them differently, much to her own surprise. She felt awkward and so out of place for that reason. 

"Once a guard enters our life, it automatically became their own too. What's the saying.. Ah. What's mine is yours? God.. The cringe is real. Sorry." She shook her head slightly and scoffed at the mere saying. She felt as if her tongue was as dry as the sand. "I'm not saying you won't lose anyone else.. Because in our line of duty, that's basically one of the top perks. Risking your life without knowing you might live another minute or not, every day. It sounds surreal and overwhelming at first, but I can assure you that you'll pass on the euphoric paranoia eventually." Again, the Aspect of Magic felt like she wasn't helping the current situation at all. What did you expect a natural pessimist to do in such situations?

Malva knew how much it hurts losing someone. Especially, when another comes to take the place not long after. They've lost so much a year ago. The fall of the Isle made everything seem possible for any possibilities that could befell them in the short time. The Russian born woman didn't like Evermore originally in the first place, and when they were forced to make their home in the eternal city, permanently, she wasn't really paying much attention to it. But she hated the city, despite adoring the idea of the city. A city where unity between every species of mankind were possible, both supernaturals and humans alike. Who wouldn't be want that. It's a good assurance for good life where they would not face the criticism they had faced before. The city was everything the Ailwards wanted. The bitter feeling that rested in her was the fact that they couldn't find a better reason to settle down in it. They had to use the reason of them having no home no more and that irked the Aspect of Magic, who's spent so long feeling like she does not belong anywhere except the Isle of Skye, despite having the chance to be almost everywhere around the globe already.

"Sorry to disappoint, d'Fierro. But we don't breathe fire. We just use them for flight. And we are majestic creatures, excuse you. We don't resemble the dragons you see in fairy tales." She exclaimed, rolling her eyes at the phoenix, although she admitted it was nice to smile and laugh after a while. She didn't really get any chances to jest so much with the problems that has been flooding the Aspects these days. But lately, she's more softer and easier to get to. And she wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Her half self would definitely say it's a bad thing because it is a weakness and she shouldn't show so much to others. "Well, I'm not hoping. I don't think I have the time to lounge around. I signed up for this, I'm not complaining much. Guess it's good to have a few friends though.. Immortal, please. I don't think I could handle another funeral." She shook her head, having witnessed enough before a long time ago, so she basically stopped having friends.

"Just warning you, birdy. I don't really go lenient on anyone. But it wouldn't result to you losing your mind or go crazy, so I don't think it's not something you couldn't handle. You firebirds are resilient, after all." Her eyes wandered off to another aisle, basically leaving the phoenix there. "She's lucky to have you. And you're lucky to have her. Take care of her properly, d'Fierro. I don't imagine anyone from the family would be so civil and pleasant hearted if she gets hurt because of you." Her voice traveled clearly from the aisle next to them. "I basically came to do some witchy grocery shopping. I might be here a while.."

Spending the day in France was the last thing he would he would be doing today or any day. His day off turned not to be so free after being dragged through a portal out of his own free will. Not that he was complaining so much. Just maybe more of warning before would have been better.He wondered if Illiana would have wondered or noticed where he was, as he was supposed to popping into seeing her before being dragged off by the Aliward Aspect. Probably not if she had he would had a phone call or text. “I wonder if Illiana wonders where I am” He spoke wondering, missing her almost. Thinking that if he would be in France it would be with her at least. “She would be pissed to find out I’d gone to France without her” Draco chuckled shaking his head almost. Maybe it’d be best to buy her something before they left to make it half okay at least.

“So do you normally portal to other places or countries often? Or just for aspect stuff?” Being a bit nosey but making conversation too as he looked around at all the different jars with things in. Remembering how when he was younger he was interested in all this stuff, reading spell books. When he would that he would one day be a Necromancer or Fae, now he knew that all didn’t turn out as he had thought. Since he turned out to be a Phoenix like his father and not a necromancer like his mother. Like how he didn’t think he would be part of an organization aimed to protect humans and other supernaturals. Keeping the peace. Listening to Malva explaining almost giving a pre-joining speech he could help to laugh at her words. “Yup that is cringe” He chuckled shaking his head. Their conversation was now turning deep, starting off joking but turned serious. Everyone has worries about losing someone. Some people know it better than other people. He was one of them and so was she.

He was kinda disappointed almost to hear that the Aliward Aspects don’t breathe fire, making their abilities not be so spectacular. “Like in Game of Thrones” He interjected, mentioning one of his favourite shows. He liked shows and movies that had all the prehistoric times. Where the legends were true. He’d not seen any of the aspects in the dragon form, wondering if they were huge like he’d seen on the show or smaller. He’d probably not find out. “Me either” He spoke sounding solem for once but knew it was they shouldn’t think of the past all the time but look to the future. “I’ll be your friend if you want, but now I think we are. Putting up with each other and not wanting to kill each other by the end of the trip” He offered. Trutfully the phoenix didn’t have many friends. Only illaiana and Cornelia, maybe some people at work but that was it. He was always the one to stick to himself, feeling like an outcast almost. Being the loner kid nobody wanted to play with now he was one of the few of his kind in the city.

“You so sure? I’m very sure my family have lost their mind by now. Especially my uncle Leonardo but who came blame him, you with all that happened” He interjecting almost knowing that Malva would know what he was saying. All that was happening as war was nearly breaking out between the few fractions but was all saved by the Aliward Aspects and guards as the peace treaty was made. “I will don’t worry” He reassured her, he would never hurt her. She was everything to him. He was lucky to have her and he couldn’t wait to call her his wife. “Alright well I’ll be waiting for you” It was his job to follow her able especially in places like these not knowing what dodgy people are about. Especially if the supernatural are involved.

Chuckling softly at the Italian male phoenix before her, she shook her head slightly, clearly bemused with the male. “Probably. Illi’s gotten much more busier these days. What with the whole Celestial matter thing and others that accompanied it. I wish the Celestials were our only problem at the moment but it doesn’t seem like it. I found a few disturbation and disruption in my own element alone for the past month.North America, Europe..hell, even up to Middle East. It’s forming a pattern, though it’s quite random.It doesn’t help that we don’t have the numbers to spare to send them out for missions and have them in the city with us at the same time. Clones sounded very advantageous right now..even though they sounded creepy.” Clearly, the Aspect of Magic was deeply troubled by the sudden changes of events in the element of magic itself. Usually, it didn’t come back that much. However, things seemed to look a bit different now.

“She might. That’s why I suggest you get something for her. At least, it’ll be half way okay?” Knowing fully well that one didn’t really pass off as a reassurance, the Aspect of Magic still kept her stance on it. She wasn’t good with reassuring people anyways, she didn’t see the need to actually have that sense of calmness waving around. They had Argent for that. She’s more to being a realist, if anything. “When you have the ability to go anywhere in the whole world, you kind of used it to your own gain just as well. I used it to go to some places with Tatiana back then. I could fly but can’t say the same for the dhampir. Sometimes, I conjured them up for some guards, so it’ll be more convenient. That way, they’ll be able to go and come back without any risk of transportational injury. Other than a few side effects that consisted of nauseous and ill tummy, of course.” The way she had shrugged it off made it seem as if she wouldn’t give a single care in the world, when it’s the exact opposite.

Game of Thrones. Now, that wasn’t the first time she’d heard the reference from someone else. Draco d’Fierro was definitely not the first. “No, unfortunately no. I think it’s for the better. If we go all berserk and become one with our temper, it’ll be a problem. We’re not really supposed to fry anyone, after all. Our dragon forms are invisible to other eyes, and we don’t really transform into them much unless we needed to use it for flight purposes. To quench your sense of ‘curiosity’, I’d say we’re bigger than the ones you saw in the tv. Slightly bigger.” The small twinkle that danced around her sapphire hues, were gleaming. Again, Malva couldn’t seem to find herself to actually get used to people offering out their hands of friendship to her, lately. For the Russian born brunette, it was something foreign. Maybe not entirely, but it's not something she was used to. 

"Maybe so. That's a feat there, d'Fierro. If you'd ask anyone else, you'd probably know my level of tolerance didn't travel well. Not that you'll be hurt in any way, seeing as you're basically an 'off limits' kind of person. I cherish the friends and family that I have now, despite not having much of them, so I'll abide by that." It was obvious that the purple dragon was beginning to open up slightly to the phoenix. Lately, she was trudging through the emotional train where she was washed over by many layers of emotion. So, if she had displayed any hint of friendliness or a higher level of tolerance, it was probably due to that. She knew fully well for what the d'Fierro family was known for. She was a friend to his aunt, Leona, after all. Despite some of their differences, they did however, manage a decent friendship, with all the banters and snark here and there. Somehow, even after gaining his seal of approval on waiting for her while she did her shopping, she didn't feel certain that she should have left him there. So she took what she needed as quickly her hands could carry. Meeting her long time friend will have to wait, she wasn't in a rush now, anyways. 

She saw a particular sapphire necklace on the shelf, where she had taken it as she settled every payment at the counter. Once she had done so, she tossed the said necklace towards Draco. "The sapphire suits her skin tone. Makes her eyes more cerulean too." 


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