It seems like the book on her side while she laid on the sheets of her bed wasn't moving since last night. And it actually didn't. Malva hasn't touched it ever since she decided that her head couldn't crack anything more. Too many stuff to remember. Constance, her tiger cub that Aureus had gotten her a few weeks ago sat by her feet, curled up in her sleeping position and did just that. Staring at the ceiling above her, the Aspect of Magic wondered how she was ever going to get around things if her head doesn't want to cooperate with her right now. Everything was shutting down and she didn't like the sudden motion the slightest. She needed herself to get working but to no avail, all her attempts seemed to go down futile.

"Come on head, work with me. I need you. Why do you always disappear on me when I need you the most? And come when I don't want you to." she grumbled, turning her body to the side, obviously knowing well that those were how things go. You don't always get what you want. Not even if you're an Ailward Aspect, no.

Rolling herself out of the bed, she found herself rummaging something that was somewhere within her drawers. It was a few vials of potions to god knows what. That's basically what happens when you've been into witchcraft and magic for so long, you actually became the damn thing itself. In all honesty, she is the Aspect of Magic, so it was only fitting. If anyone was witchy, it's her. Taking a book from her book shelf, she placed the few vials and the particular book in her bag as she took out a spare of clothes and shoved it in as soon as she was done folding it. Which was a complete waste of action seeing as the space compartment in the bag was unlimited and endless so she'll end up just pulling the clothes up. Malva was a meticulous person leading up the path of being a perfectionist. 

It seems like she's had everything she needed in her bag almost all the time. Perks of actually being a witch to have a shortcut getaway. Although, most do not like to use the option of her portals since for first timers, it might get nauseous for them. She didn't have anything to do and since she wasn't getting anywhere with the spell book she found, she was going to go to Marseille today to meet an old acquaintance. She shouldn't be wasting any time since she seemed to be a target these days. Despite the enemies not being able to actually incapacitate her like they did to Benjamin, she didn't want to calculate the weight too much. The possibilities were still endless and the risk will never go unseen. 

Grabbing the straps on the bag, Malva wrapped a jacket around her before making her way downstairs. Just when she thought she was going to go unseen, she was blocked by Gabriel. "You have got to be kidding me..really Mal? Where are you going." Malva huffed and looked around her, no one else was there but them both but she knew better than to fool him. He's been her apprentice for centuries long, and whilst Tatiana and Valentine knew her well, he probably her just as well or maybe, even better. "Come on, not now Gabe. I really need to go." Her grip on the straps were tighter and she was in a hurry to escape him. "As much as I'd love to let you go, I can't. You know Ven will string me up if I let you go alone without a guard." She didn't know what gave her the initiative to pick him but she was going to pick the first person that wasn't him and it just so happened to be the phoenix who's name was quite the catch.

"I'm taking Draco. Yeah. So now I have a guard accompanying me so, bye." Without nothing to delay, she literally just grabbed a hold of Draco's arm and dragged him away from the living room and off to the entrance. Once they were there, she was busy picturing where she wanted to go to even say anything to the phoenix. "I'm sorry you had to do this. I'd just use you for a reason to go alone and dropped you off somewhere but they'll track you so- sorry. You were the only one that wasn't Gabriel Dimitreu there.." She did recognize who he was. Draco d'Fierro. Who doesn't know that surname. It's practically royalty famous around there. "First timers might feel nauseous but not enough to want to throw your insides up. I think..We're going to France, birdy. I hope you got nothing against France." With a swift action of her hand, a purple swirl started to form a circle until it was big enough before them. "Who knows, maybe you can get Illi something." She beckoned for him to go first since she didn't want him to lose his way but she could understand why he was still reluctant. 

"I love Illi too much to be hurting her fiancee so don't worry. You'll be in one piece when we get there."

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The two of them were getting along better compared to earlier when he was dragged of by the Aspect causing him to be annoyed. “That's one of the reasons why I wanted to go for the job. I was kind of sick of being bored stuck at home all day with the cats. Being like the house husband” He admitted to her something he never told Illiana, before he was confused by what Malva said next. “Celestials?” The Italian Phoenix was confused of what she meant. Thinking maybe he’d got somewhere in the conversation. “I don’t understand” He added looking to her to see if she said something she weren’t meant to say. Was it something that the aspects new and few guard members including Illiana knew. Whilst others like him didn’t. “We don’t want it our lives to turn into an episode of Orphan Black” He chuckled mentioning a show that was on netflix which had clones popping up in each direction. It was a good show, him and Illiana used to watch it together.

Maybe Malva was right if he bought something for Illiana she might be not as pissed at him then. Whilst he could turn it around and blame it on Malva since she’s the one who dragged through a portal nearly out of his own free will. “So you must of travelled the whole world then?” He pondered a little, he was like her able to fly anywhere he wanted. Flying quite a distance made him exhausted since he was still a young phoenix compared to most phoenix’s. Youngling as his aunt used to call him. “You don’t say” He muttered sarcastically. “I still feel a bit sick from early” Draco complained once again, not letting it go but it seemed like Malva weren’t bothered one bit. Probably used to it all. He wasn’t looking forward to the journey back to Evermore. Even think about it made him feel a little bit sick, hoeping she had more of that nasusua remedy in that Mary Poppins bag of hers.

He’d always had an fascination with Dragons. Growing up reading books about them, mostly from the Game of Thrones saga. “Damn that’s a bummer” Putting all the fun out of that, whilst if could tell that if they wanted to they could burn a village to the ground from the Dragon’s fire coming from it’s breathe. “So your all bigger Dragons?’ Wanting to find out more but somewhat disappointed that others won’t see it if they’re Dragon forms are invisible to other people's eyes. ‘So your saying that I’m like untouchable cause I’m the Aliward Guard’s ambassadors fiance?” He mused grinning almost. “Are you classing us as friends?” Already creating somewhat of a friendship relationship almost, since Malva hadn’t tried to kill him yet. Able to put up with his kind of annoying self. Malva then continued on doing her shopping whilst he was looking to and from his phone. To make sure she hadn’t done a runner on him leaving him in a foreign country with no way back. Not partially wanting to fly all the way back to America. The d’Fierro almost jumped out his skin seeing a necklace being thrown at him. Luckily catching it since he was prone to not be good at catching it, seeing in his hands was a beautiful sapphire necklace. “È bellissimo” He spoke in his native tone admiring the necklace seeing how it’s reflection shines in the light. Malva was right Illiana would love it, letting him off the hook and in her good books.

At the sudden mention of Orphan Black, the Aspect of Magic found herself scrunching up her nose. "Dude, I swear, I feel so clueless hearing all these modern quotations and references everywhere. I feel so left out." She feigned offense playfully before shaking her head. "I need to get myself caught up with all these things..if I have them, at least. It's as if I could have more of it. 24 hours a day is not enough." She mused lightly, which held a truth to it. They might not seem like it, but their faction could hardly see 24 hours as time for them. It was too little. They were committed to their work alone and their personal lives had to become the second option. It's a handful. But they signed up for it, so there was no backing out from it.

 "You're not untouchable, no. But yeah, I guess you're not as expandable as most would want to believe. I don't think anyone would like to try that though. We don't really want any of our facilities or guards to catch on fire." The mischief twinkling in her hues were quite visible as she teased the young Italian phoenix. When he spoke of friends, she couldn't help but to ponder at that sudden thought that came up out of the blue, despite herself talking about it briefly just earlier. "We're already acquaintances..we're basically family once you became part of the faction, even more so when you're related to the Ivakovs and Dimitreus too. I'd be safe to say we're friends, as long as time can stretch. Our faction is very close. A bit too close, sometimes." The faction has been together for centuries long, and she was sure it wasn't going to be buried down any time soon. But Malva did have some thoughts that didn't correlate that well with their current situations. 

"Come on, I don't think we should spend any more time here than we need to. This place is as shady as it should sound like. It's been a few hours too. Time went differently once you enter the portal." She shrugged and beckoned for him to follow her out. "I hope Illi finds her happiness in you. You seem like a nice guy, Draco. And I've met plenty to know."

Draco almost burst into laughter watching seeing Malva scrunching up her nose in disgust almost when he mentioned Orphan Black. “Not my fault you still live in the middle ages” He shot back joking to her knowing that she wouldn’t be so offendended. “One word… Netflix” A solution to solve everyone's problems. He could tell that Malva needed to try to get more into the modern world, but it would be too much work. “Maybe an episode or two is all my an Illiana get after work” Like she said not enough time after work to spend watching anything, real life always getting in the way. Draco knew that even after Illiana got home her head was still wrapped up into work related stuff. It’s a never ending string of responsibilities and duties something that Malva knew a lot about.

He was almost untouchable. His name, his species and who he was engaged to was all part to it. Getting almost the special treatment it did have it’s pros and then it’s cons. His lack of training didn’t help either, maybe more so the reason why he’s never put forwards for any missions. It’ll be like going in blind. “Unless it’s only me, Evan and Sapphire on fire” Draco laughed mentioning the three phoenix’s in the city and part of the guard. “It is quite cool to set yourself on fire, you think it would hurt but like quite the opposite” People mostly fear phoenix’s not seeing through their abilities to the people inside of the flames of fire. “Your counting down the days till me an Illiana get married” Like many people but in reality the two weren’t sure when they wanted to get married. The dates and timings weren’t right at the moment since the two are too busy with work to find time to set a date and plan a big wedding. It would probably the a small wedding with a few family members or friends but they weren’t too sure.

This whole place was starting to give him the creeps, quite shady as she said. Feeling that he would need to have to always look over his shoulder to be sure no one was stalking either of them or plotting against them. The same thing. Draco hadn’t thought about the time difference. “So it’ll be like it’s been a few days when we get back” He queried sounding curious not knowing how it all works but too hoped that it didn’t. Knowing that Illiana would be worried to find if he went missing for a few days. No words, no notes just in another countries. “Thanks Malva, maybe in years to come I’ll be able to say the same” He smiled back at her as he followed her out of the shop, ready to head back home but not looking for the portol journey back to say the least.

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