Thaddeus spent his nights awake scaring the guest with his ability to manipulate shadows. He would never understand why the business did so well. He noticed a long time ago that humans enjoyed being scared by things that went bump in the night. Even if they didn’t want to admit it out loud. So as he opened up the Inn under the pretense of being haunted her didn’t imagine it would blow up the way it did.

It grew to the point that he needed to hire staff though his staff was a bit more different than most companies. While Hana the woman he hired to tend the desk during the day was human, he needed more Valkyrs and other supernatural species on the payroll to keep up the haunted inn affect. He was to the point of starving himself to keep the doors open which didn’t help the recovering blood addicted Valkyr.

That morning he knew he was going to need some blood, if he went much longer he may drink from Hana and that was something he didn’t want to do. So he flipped on the coffee maker and ducked  into his room through the office. He picked up the blood bag from the fridge and poured some of it in a mug. Taking a long sip of the pure blood grimacing at how cold it was knowing he should have heated it up. Still feeling it run down and his body begged for more. He wanted to feed that but the knock on his bedroom door made him place things back in the fridge.

Thad made his way out of his room, wiping his lips from the blood he had downed when his eyes landed on the woman that Hana said was waiting for him. Thad straighten his shirt and moved over to the female. Offering a smile and holding his hand out to her. “Hello welcome to Crowthorne. Come this way.” He lead the woman into his office and then closed the door and walked to take his seat on one side of the desk. “How Can I help you? Miss?”

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The Guard always seems to go on missions alone and even when things go wrong it ends up being a story she can dramatic tell on her blog. Of course, putting it in a different person so people won't know it's heard but to tell it by a person in the city. It was not like she is lying about what happened since all of them end up to be true. This time, however, became something a little more than her job. Zandra was asked to be uncovered about someone who does not want to be shown but has been causing trouble.  Being the month of Halloween she thought it was going to be a prank but it happened to be a little more serious. 

The area, she thinks about check into a hotel for the night. Zandra happened to find a hunter hotel around the Valkyr territory. Since it was the spooky time of year she might well go a little ghost hunting while she s look around for her so call trouble maker.  Zandra might ask about writing about the hotel for her blog since the supernatural and human's alike to get spooked.  It gives her idea about writing small scary stories a day for a treat for the month. As the guard got out of the cab as she paid to get her stuff her hazel eyes looked at the build-in awe. The hotel didn't look at what she thought as she walked to the door and walked in. Looking around she went to the front desk asking to see who owns the hotel along with her wanting to check-in for only one night.

There were questions she did wanted to ask him about what she has been hearing. Not like it was bad or anything but whoever this person is the ranks want them taken care of. Erythreus never let her go on a dangerous mission ever since the last one that messed up her leg months back. Zandra has been taking care of herself ever since. As the lady who was named Hana said she would be right back and get him the human waited as she looked around at the detail. It's been years since she has been in a hotel, which was years ago before the Isles fell help her father move to Evermore was she he grew up. 

As the guarded looked around to see if anyone stood out or acting weird she heard a voice spoke up. Turning around to see the owner as she took his hand and smiled. "Thank you, Your hotel looks lovely," Zandra said as she walked with him to his office. Sitting down as one of the chairs in front of the office she took her jacket off as she wears a long black sleeve shirt with her hair braided on the side. "I don't like to be too much of a bother. I wanted to ask you about the problems around the area. I have been hearing something about a person or a group that has been doing things around the area and can be questionable to dangerous. " Zandra asked wondering if he has been anything that had been going on or has an idea what she is talking about without her telling him the full story why she is being there. Zandra deep down thought about staying at the hotel to have some peace and alone time.

Thaddeus gave her a soft smile as they shook hands and then looked around the deep red walls with black trimming being colors the Valkyr himself where drawn too. “Thank you I tried to keep the original colors the best I could from the records I found.” He said spinning the tale he had created some time ago when it came to the inn. He enjoyed the inn clearly being the only home he had ever own.

As the pair made their way into his office and he pulled out the chair for her before walking around and sat at his chair behind his desk. He raised a brow as he tried to think about if there had been anything strange going on around the Inn. “well first you are not a bother at all, It's nice to have some company every now and then.” her chuckled softly with a gentle smile as he then picked up a small leather book.

“As for if there has been anything strange around the Inn is rather hard to say. Being a haunted place I get many reports from people who are staying here. As for anything strange I have noticed.” he opened the book and flipped to a journal entry from a few nights back and held it to her. “There was a strange group that checked in and requested a room near the back door for an easy escape.” He said as he then pointed to what he wrote. “I cleaned their room and they seem to have a questionable amount of bags.”

Thad then closed the journal and settled back in his seat. “Can you tell me what you are looking for? Maybe I can be of more help if I know what is going on.” He said as he looked her over taking in her braided hair and gentle features and striking eyes compared to slightly darken skin tone.

The Human smiled as he looked around, she could tell the male is very passionate about his inn. "I see you're a fan of history. I would love to hear the history and the backstory of the place. I am still learning about the city and its history if that says anything." Zandra added. This is one territory she has not been in but she is happy to give it a chance.

As she sat down as a smile on her lips looking at the male brings out a leather book. "Well, you're not wrong and thank you. I know someone like you will be busy but if you say I am not then alright" Zandra said very cheerfully. She did wonder what is in the book but she guessed she will find out sooner than later. Let everything flow as it goes, she is never in any rush which is something she learned as a blogger who has interviewed many people. 

A Hunted Inn sparkled her interest quickly as she listened closely. Like she thought to watch the male open the book up she brought out her note pad to write what is going to be said. She looked at the paper the male given her as she took it in her hands and read over what the entry said. "That does sound questionable for sure," Zandra said as something came upon her that this might be the group the Aliward might be looking for. "Do you remember anything they said, what they looked like or what kind of bags they had if you saw them?" The human asked. No one who is passing by for the night won't ask for something that specific in detail. "Do you mind if we can visit that room? I would like to see it for myself." Zandra asked politely. She didn't have a good feeling at all. 

"Well without giving out to much. I have heard about suspicious activity around the area. As my father is part of the police force here in Evermore he could not find people to come out so he personally asked me to look into what is going on. For what I can say this group is very dangerous and any information I can get would be the most helpful. If that makes sense." Zandra with ending it with a nervous giggle. The one thing she is not good at is explaining things, Zandra didn't like to lie with her father's within the lines. No one can't know she is a Guard but a simple Human. Then again if she is not careful she could be a meal as well. So playing with her words as careful she can possibly do.

“Well everyone likes their own things. So I guess history of an Inn that was haunted drew me in.” He chuckled as he looked over to her with a smile. “I am sure I can talk your ear off but are you sure you wanna hear all about the murders that happened in this place that lead to it being closed?” He chuckled not wanting to scare anyone with his tales if they were not a fan of gore.

“My shift part just ended I would have been heading into my apartment.” He pointed over his shoulder to a door that was there. Most assumed it was a closet but it was actually a very open floor plan he placed inside of the Inn so he could live there. “So I promise you are not taking up my time.” He smiled and then looked to the book as he spoke of the group he looked back to her. “Does that sound like what you may have been looking for?” he wondered.

Thaddeus closed his eyes and went back to that night in his mind. “They were all shorter than myself. So ranging from five nine I would say to five eleven. There where four of them. The ginger one stood out because he looked like he would be a good boxer and that is something I notice since I trained for years as a boxer. Then there was one with a massive scar down the middle of his face. They spoke in a heavy irish accents but I couldn’t tell if they were fake or not. They didn’t want help to their room but they had more bags then there were each of them.” he gave a humm trying to think of anything else. “That is all I can remember off the top of my head I am sorry.” He said as he gave a nod. “Yeah we can look at the room.” He grabbed his keys and stood from his desk and moved around to help her out of her chair before moving out of his office.

“It's nice your father trust you enough to accept your help.” He said as he lead her through the halls to the room. When they reached the back of the Inn on the first floor he unlocked the door as he hadn’t rented since that night, not liking the feeling he got from it. “Go ahead and look around.” He said as he reached over and switched on the lights and using is valkyr powers to push the shadows back. “Say you are not running from those guys are you? Cause I don’t think you should be looking into this if you are gonna end up hurt. Or if they are really bad guys.” He said as he leaned into the frame of the door watching her.”

"Please do, I don't mind hearing the history of this place. After all, it's the personality." Zandra said with a smile. With how old the INN is Zandra was not shocked to hear murders or something bad happened on the landscape many years ago. "I don't mind topics like that, I have heard and seen worst." Seeing her mother's body after being murder in the hospital traumatized her enough to handle hard topics. 

Zandra looked where he pointed as she nodded thinking how smart that was. "Looks like the owner can disappear at any given time and no one will never know. Now you see it now you don't in a way," she said with a smile.  When the Thaddeus talked about the group Zandra nodded answering his questions. "Sounds close to what I got." 

Getting her pen ready along with her notebook she started to write what he said, something told her if she calls her dad for someone to sketch out the person it will help a whole lot along with the search will also be fast. "Red flags already. How many bags would you say they brought? What color was they? Black?" Zandra asked knowing Black is a common color for groups like this but ever now and then some would use Red or White. "Don't be sorry,  everything you have given me enough to sketch out the guys. Everything is very helpful in being more ahead than before walking through the doors. You don't know anyone who would know these guys?" she asked. She can still he didn't know them but someone has to and there is nothing wrong to ask. 

Standing up with the other as she walked out letting him lead the way. Walking through the hallways she put herself inside one of the men to understand that night. Zandra looked back a few times now seeing why they did choose the back. if anyone would be watching them they had to be in plain sight it's impossible to seek on them. Very smart but that is if they didn't leave anything. 

"You can say we have each other backs. It all started with my mom and how wrong her death was we both agreed to stick by each other with no hesitation to ask for help." Zandra said knowing it's the truth. Coming up to the door she looked to see where the back door was and what Thaddeus said is true it's not far away. "Thank you," she said stepping in as a bad feeling came over her.  "This is a whole lot of bad. The feeling is not good at all," she said lightly Looking around she laughed. "If I was why would I be looking for them? I never heard of the group until it was brought up." Zandra said looking thought the tight areas for clues. Zandra brought out her phone flashlight as something shiny got picked up. "Alright what are you?" she asked taking a napkin pulling out the page with an unknown item. "This is a twist of events."

“Well maybe sometime I can tell you the story about the place and you can tell me if you think it's really haunted.” Thaddeus gave her a gentle smile. He was more. Word of mouth kind of guy. After all people came up with the craziest theories on how the inn was haunted and sometimes he blended them into the story he had already made up in his mind. Truly the mystery behind it is what kept the place thriving. So he didn’t always give a full story. Made his job easier to let people do what they do best. Assume. He gave a slight chuckle with a shrug. “More so that I sunk all my money into this place so I needed a place to rest my head every now and then.” He nodded for a moment. “Welp hopefully this can help you get more answers to what you are looking for.”

Thad touched his hand to his face for a moment  as he thought about the bags. “There were ten bags and there were a few black ones and then some strange moss green ones. That looked to have reddish clay on the ends maybe.” He muttered as he focused on his memories of the males but due to being a recovering blood addict he often focused on the smell of blood then other things. “If you have someone to sketch it out I can confirm how close to them it is. Maybe it will also help me remember something else about them.” He said optimistically.

As they stood in the room after walking to it. He looked over to the backdoor for a moment double checking the locks where still on it. “I’m sorry to hear about you mom.” He said softly as he looked back to her for a moment. “It's always rough losing a parent and a partner.” He smiled softly. “I am glad you and your father leaned on each other though. “I have known my fair share of lost through the years.” He said as he leaned against the door frame to the room.

Thaddeus watched her work quietly for a moment. “Did you always want to be like your dad? Doing cop work? Or where you more like your mother?” he asked as he then moved some things around opening a closet door “Red clay is in the carpet fibers.” He said as he nodded his head down towards it. “Most likely indicating they hid the bags in an area heavy with it.” He said before looking back at her. “What is that?” he asked as she looked at the page.

"It would be a really great story to cover during Halloween time if you let me post the INN on my blog. Regardless, hearing this INN's story would be fascinating to hear for sure." Zandra said with a smile. It does make her wonder if something will come up or she will see something like others before her. She does believe in the impossible, for a human-like herself. "it's always important for a roof." When she was asked what she is looking for Zandra looked at him, "Am looking for people." 

When Thaddeus was telling her every detail, Zandra wrote everything down word by word. "I can phone my dad and give them this description to see if anyone can do that for me. 10 bags, that is so not questionable for just a few checking in." Zandra said commenting, whatever they came for or is after they can't be trusted for sure. That's when everything for her didn't feel right at all, she had a bad feeling about this. 

Writing down what she thinks is strange along with details of the room, the human smiled to herself when he spoke about her mother. "it was not might to be for her to be alive just for a while longer." she said turning around to face the male. "It's hard for sure which is why I and dad stick together if someone wants to try and go after him he knows I will be right there to fight back and I know he will do the same back." It's showed how the murder of a family member brought to people together with a stronger bond. "It's the little things that make up the difference. Death is never a friend to anyone, I am sorry for your losses as well."

Going back to what Zandra was doing, everything about this room felt weird and she can't pinpoint it no matter how much she tries to look for the answer.  Something was hiding in plain sight but what? Zandra smiled, "Every since I was a little girl, he wanted to train me from a young age but he respected my choice but the moment I said train me he did. Me getting into things and looking for trouble however, that is from my mother's side. She was almost the leader like a person while my dad liked finding things out. My mom, you can say she will do anything to make sure she is right along with getting the truth. She is my side for my personal view of my blog, write about the truth no matter what. That started in High school for the school newspaper, I got a teacher fired for false grades along with throwing out work. I might be more fister then her but you can ay both sides did be a favor in the long route." she said with a little laugh. 

"Red Clay looks like a common clue. Looks like this group had been around brink and tile work but what they can use for that? Unless it can be used for something else I have not heard about." Zandra said drawing a question mark around the red clay. "Whatever they were hiding does not sound good. This area or someone they are after is in danger." Zandra folded the paper lightly to see if there was anything more but it looks like it's only one side. "Looks like orders or instructions to something."

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