Thaddeus spent his nights awake scaring the guest with his ability to manipulate shadows. He would never understand why the business did so well. He noticed a long time ago that humans enjoyed being scared by things that went bump in the night. Even if they didn’t want to admit it out loud. So as he opened up the Inn under the pretense of being haunted her didn’t imagine it would blow up the way it did.

It grew to the point that he needed to hire staff though his staff was a bit more different than most companies. While Hana the woman he hired to tend the desk during the day was human, he needed more Valkyrs and other supernatural species on the payroll to keep up the haunted inn affect. He was to the point of starving himself to keep the doors open which didn’t help the recovering blood addicted Valkyr.

That morning he knew he was going to need some blood, if he went much longer he may drink from Hana and that was something he didn’t want to do. So he flipped on the coffee maker and ducked  into his room through the office. He picked up the blood bag from the fridge and poured some of it in a mug. Taking a long sip of the pure blood grimacing at how cold it was knowing he should have heated it up. Still feeling it run down and his body begged for more. He wanted to feed that but the knock on his bedroom door made him place things back in the fridge.

Thad made his way out of his room, wiping his lips from the blood he had downed when his eyes landed on the woman that Hana said was waiting for him. Thad straighten his shirt and moved over to the female. Offering a smile and holding his hand out to her. “Hello welcome to Crowthorne. Come this way.” He lead the woman into his office and then closed the door and walked to take his seat on one side of the desk. “How Can I help you? Miss?”

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The Guard always seems to go on missions alone and even when things go wrong it ends up being a story she can dramatic tell on her blog. Of course, putting it in a different person so people won't know it's heard but to tell it by a person in the city. It was not like she is lying about what happened since all of them end up to be true. This time, however, became something a little more than her job. Zandra was asked to be uncovered about someone who does not want to be shown but has been causing trouble.  Being the month of Halloween she thought it was going to be a prank but it happened to be a little more serious. 

The area, she thinks about check into a hotel for the night. Zandra happened to find a hunter hotel around the Valkyr territory. Since it was the spooky time of year she might well go a little ghost hunting while she s look around for her so call trouble maker.  Zandra might ask about writing about the hotel for her blog since the supernatural and human's alike to get spooked.  It gives her idea about writing small scary stories a day for a treat for the month. As the guard got out of the cab as she paid to get her stuff her hazel eyes looked at the build-in awe. The hotel didn't look at what she thought as she walked to the door and walked in. Looking around she went to the front desk asking to see who owns the hotel along with her wanting to check-in for only one night.

There were questions she did wanted to ask him about what she has been hearing. Not like it was bad or anything but whoever this person is the ranks want them taken care of. Erythreus never let her go on a dangerous mission ever since the last one that messed up her leg months back. Zandra has been taking care of herself ever since. As the lady who was named Hana said she would be right back and get him the human waited as she looked around at the detail. It's been years since she has been in a hotel, which was years ago before the Isles fell help her father move to Evermore was she he grew up. 

As the guarded looked around to see if anyone stood out or acting weird she heard a voice spoke up. Turning around to see the owner as she took his hand and smiled. "Thank you, Your hotel looks lovely," Zandra said as she walked with him to his office. Sitting down as one of the chairs in front of the office she took her jacket off as she wears a long black sleeve shirt with her hair braided on the side. "I don't like to be too much of a bother. I wanted to ask you about the problems around the area. I have been hearing something about a person or a group that has been doing things around the area and can be questionable to dangerous. " Zandra asked wondering if he has been anything that had been going on or has an idea what she is talking about without her telling him the full story why she is being there. Zandra deep down thought about staying at the hotel to have some peace and alone time.

Thaddeus gave her a soft smile as they shook hands and then looked around the deep red walls with black trimming being colors the Valkyr himself where drawn too. “Thank you I tried to keep the original colors the best I could from the records I found.” He said spinning the tale he had created some time ago when it came to the inn. He enjoyed the inn clearly being the only home he had ever own.

As the pair made their way into his office and he pulled out the chair for her before walking around and sat at his chair behind his desk. He raised a brow as he tried to think about if there had been anything strange going on around the Inn. “well first you are not a bother at all, It's nice to have some company every now and then.” her chuckled softly with a gentle smile as he then picked up a small leather book.

“As for if there has been anything strange around the Inn is rather hard to say. Being a haunted place I get many reports from people who are staying here. As for anything strange I have noticed.” he opened the book and flipped to a journal entry from a few nights back and held it to her. “There was a strange group that checked in and requested a room near the back door for an easy escape.” He said as he then pointed to what he wrote. “I cleaned their room and they seem to have a questionable amount of bags.”

Thad then closed the journal and settled back in his seat. “Can you tell me what you are looking for? Maybe I can be of more help if I know what is going on.” He said as he looked her over taking in her braided hair and gentle features and striking eyes compared to slightly darken skin tone.

The Human smiled as he looked around, she could tell the male is very passionate about his inn. "I see you're a fan of history. I would love to hear the history and the backstory of the place. I am still learning about the city and its history if that says anything." Zandra added. This is one territory she has not been in but she is happy to give it a chance.

As she sat down as a smile on her lips looking at the male brings out a leather book. "Well, you're not wrong and thank you. I know someone like you will be busy but if you say I am not then alright" Zandra said very cheerfully. She did wonder what is in the book but she guessed she will find out sooner than later. Let everything flow as it goes, she is never in any rush which is something she learned as a blogger who has interviewed many people. 

A Hunted Inn sparkled her interest quickly as she listened closely. Like she thought to watch the male open the book up she brought out her note pad to write what is going to be said. She looked at the paper the male given her as she took it in her hands and read over what the entry said. "That does sound questionable for sure," Zandra said as something came upon her that this might be the group the Aliward might be looking for. "Do you remember anything they said, what they looked like or what kind of bags they had if you saw them?" The human asked. No one who is passing by for the night won't ask for something that specific in detail. "Do you mind if we can visit that room? I would like to see it for myself." Zandra asked politely. She didn't have a good feeling at all. 

"Well without giving out to much. I have heard about suspicious activity around the area. As my father is part of the police force here in Evermore he could not find people to come out so he personally asked me to look into what is going on. For what I can say this group is very dangerous and any information I can get would be the most helpful. If that makes sense." Zandra with ending it with a nervous giggle. The one thing she is not good at is explaining things, Zandra didn't like to lie with her father's within the lines. No one can't know she is a Guard but a simple Human. Then again if she is not careful she could be a meal as well. So playing with her words as careful she can possibly do.

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