With this little mind of hers, Helena has no idea what to do, where to go, where to start… If she was going to be honest with herself, she didn’t even know anything else. Never mind what she enjoys, never mind what comes to her. Her search has been continuing for some time, yet nothing seems to be popping into her head.

Helena bit her lower lip as she sat down on some sort of homemade swing that she has made. Living off the grid can be a tough job, but she liked what she made out of it, living in some sort of homeless camp. It wasn’t exactly a homeless camp though, it was her home…

Food was tough, but the fact that she was a lycanthrope helped her a lot, probably one of the only things she knew, and it eases her a little bit when she thinks about it...

Glancing around, the young lady glanced around… she thought… she heard something… something not particularly correct in any shape or form.

Nobody was meant to find this place.

This place was meant for her alone.

“Whoever that is, I suggest you get out.” She mumbled to herself before sighing softly.

“Hnnnngn, whats the point. I'm sure they will only pass by anyway…” Helena mumbled some more before walking away from her tent.

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Tick. Tick. Tick.

The clock hung across the room kept ticking, exactly like it should do; to work. Like what the person inhabiting the room should be doing, but no, instead she was busy jotting down her reviews on her notebook. From page one, it had been random sketches, but up to page 4, it was filled with a completely different content, most those that consisted of her Psychic element. She also had list down the names of all the Masters in Evermore. The fact that Evermore had rare element Masters such as Electric, Metal and Gravity was already an amazing feat. And now they would be the first tribe in history to possess all 8 element Masters. To be honest, Sofi wasn't sure how she would ascend to her leadership as the new Grand Master of the Evermore tribe and while she kept convincing and encouraging others, the same didn't exactly work for her own self. 

She was a good actor to show that she hasn't been encountering the same insecurity issues as others, of course, it was a tad bit easier when you've been in the field where manipulating the state of mind for a while. It builds you up to mask any emotion when you probably feel the most. Rubbing her temple after letting out a heaved sigh, Sofi decided she couldn't keep doing this self thing with herself, not when she's surrounded by things that would pressure her more than good, aka the newspaper articles she collected regarding the Initia tribe here. Before she assumed the leadership for the tribe, it was under the command of another one, who she knew to be quite wise beyond his years and that did hold a weight over her to be the best successor her predecessor will ever get, that's what you get for being such a perfectionist, she could almost hear Rowan saying I told you so. 

Which doesn't really work when the Electric Master is just the same as she is, dictating every move perfectly to make sure it stays precise. With one hand running through her blonde locks, she got up from her seat and closed her notebook shut, tossing it inside her drawer before grabbing a hold of her jacket as she makes her way out. She desperately needed to let off some steam, when she's not in control of her unpredictable element, she's always a bit overwhelmed by all the voices. That's the con of having that element, you really had to train diligently to make sure you are in control of it at all times. 

When she decided to walk to the woods, she didn't expect her stroll in the spacious area surrounded by shrubs and trees, to be interrupted by a voice. A feminine one. Walking straight to where the source was, she leaned against a tree and crossed her arms while raising her eyebrows at the random tent pitched out in the middle of the woods, and the lone female. "Yes?"

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