Malva stared at her room's ceiling, where her mind took her time to get up and resume her work. She's been working on her the spell journal ever since she got it from Benjamin's office. But she can't figure out what was missing. Everything was in it, but it makes no sense why Malva would give a human one of her many spell books. It was just so random and she knew, however random it might be, it wasn't just a normal coincidence occurrence. She figured something must've happened once upon a time ago when she met his grandfather. She hasn't been trying to get back into her head but she was still traumatized by what happened the last time she tried to do it. Yes, she did try to get back into her head one more time after the incident with Benjamin. It didn't work so well, though.

She remembered being pushed back by her own consciousness that still laid in there. In her defense, her memories weren't exactly all jolly and happy. Most of them were dark, tragic and filled with gloom. Her bad luck streak did not end after she was resurrected back to be the Aspect of Magic alongside her siblings. If anything, it got worse. As if she wasn't already sleep deprived most of the time, she can't even sleep a wink nowadays due to so many contents filling her head. Last week, she had to send a few on a mission in Italy. Apparently, some has been practicing the magic without reading the rules and regulations. It wasn't as if they even had a rule book or guidance on it. It was just a bunch of amateurs trying out new things. Now Malva does not mind the ones with magic in their blood to practice magic. However, there are still a few rules they need to be reminded of.

The element of Magic was always having problems each day ever since a few months ago and with what Malva was currently occupied with, she couldn't focus on both. So she made sure to put it on night and day. She worked her duty as the Aspect of Magic by day and continue her research on the Vaughn's family by night. She found a few interesting things, of course. Such as how his former home was actually home to few objects and enchantments, especially a few symbols and sigils that could be used by basically anyone with enough knowledge since it didn't truly need a magic user. She has yet to tell him that she wanted to take a look, mainly because she understood how family problems still persisted in some people. She would know the feeling, considering as her parents wasn't exactly Parents of the Year, either. While doing that, she had the opportunity to track down what was left of her family's descendants. Malva was the only child of her family but her mother had siblings, which meant she does have aunts and uncles living elsewhere. 

The lineage still lives on till this day, a 16 year old female witch. Though her family wasn't the best example, she does love her aunts. Despite everything, she still actually loved her parents. Maybe she should come and see her. Maybe another day. She's too busy to occupy her head with petty emotions and wants. Staring at the file before her, was a file that belonged to one human. Holland Emery. She was the head of science department, someone who has been studying about supernatural for some time. Maybe, this time, it would work. She just needed to find out who she was back then. There must be a good reason why she had kept this buried, but right now, Mal can't be convinced. And so, she pushed the file into her bag alongside her spell book, before making her way downstairs, to which she had no one to ignore since most are not even in the manor. 

The sounds of her heels clicking on the stony pavement down the road to the town square was not reassuring. It just reminded her how nervous and anxious she was that she could pay attention to every sound and movement it made. "Get a hold of yourself, Malva. You're Malva Ailward. It's just one trip. If Ben said she's a trustful person, then she must be." Of course, a part of her is still grumbling at how much she seemed to trust that one particular human. But then again, she was the one who sought him out, in the first place. So if anything, it was on her. Soon enough, the light haired Aspect arrived at the building where Holland is supposed to be working at. Entering the building, she leaned by the door frame once she arrived at the particular floor, knocking on the door. "Holland Emery? I'm Malva."

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Yet another around the clock shift was pulled for the human. PM from AM. There were nights often like this when the work was getting good and for the fact she never really had anyone to go home to. So compared to going home alone in an empty apartment verses staying here at the lab where something was always going on. It was worth the all nighters she’d pull recently. Mostly because she was passionate about her work, which was easily tell-able with all the hours that she had placed into this job. It was also probably one of the many reasons why she was granted head of the Science Department. Not just because Sariah had gained a higher status, or so she liked to believe anyway. Holland was one of those people whom liked to say she was married to work more than anything. There was no time for having a life outside when there were break through to be made and she wanted to be the one who made them.

Eye was now resting upon a lens as she looked into. “Daniel.. Daniel, come here!” the brunette said out of excitement, moving herself out of the way. “the vampire cells are re-creating themselves. All by themselves. Well. With the help of us a little, but we did it!” This lab was more of her home than that stuffy apartment that her parents bought her for graduation. Every day there was something new to be discovered or created. The things that can now be created with these cells. The man looking through the lens as well, nodding in approval. It felt good to accomplish something. Granted, she’s made accomplishments before, but it felt good to do something better for the community at hand. Letting out a small squeak as she had wrapped her arms around the co-owner to embrace him in a hug. A tight one at that. It was not every day they get something done with vampire cells, when everything was already set in stone with how they were made among other things, with the legends and the lures. So needless to say, this was totally a break through.

Letting go of the hug as she had heard her phone go off in her office. “Let me get that. Hold the excitement till I get back.” laughing softly as she quickly rushed around the man, pushing the door open to her office, chocolate brown hues looking down at the phone. A number that wasn’t saved into her contacts. Hm. Usually calls were made to the lab phone if it was anything important. But this was her personal phone ringing. It wasn’t often she’d answer phone calls with numbers she didn’t know. But then again, not like she had gotten many calls on her personal cell these days. She hadn’t really had any friends enough for them to go about calling and the friends that she did have were right here in the lab. Then the only other people who really called this number was her parents on a daily. Wondering how work was always going and if anything new happened. As much as she loved her parents, they did manage to get on her nerves a lot. They never left her alone enough to get any break through, well that was... until now, but that was beside the point.

Hm. Hand clasping around the phone as she had shut the door behind her, placing the call on whisper. “Holland speaking.” she answered the phone as she would answer any business call that was made into the lab only to have the person quickly respond. Malva, that name sounded familiar. “Oh, yes! Ben might have mentioned you’d call.” now sitting herself down in the leather chair as she had stayed on the phone call. “He said you’re having something maybe I could help with? What are you having troubles with?” asking as she tucked a brunette strand of hair behind her ear. “If you’re having any issues that I can maybe help you with. Feel free to stop by the lab. You literally won’t miss it. It’s a big white building in the middle of town. With the words ‘Science Department.’ on there.” smiling as those chocolate hues shifted out to the only man that was left in the lab. She could tell he was still excited and all she could do was hold her laugh in.

When the voice of a female greeted her once she had her hands on the phone, Malva pursed her lips lightly before nodding slightly, before taking a look where she was at. She was definitely at the right place. Seeing as she could actually see a female who's engaging on her own phone inside. That might be Holland Emery. Judging from the appearance and physical features the woman held, it fits the profile perfectly. Now, where would she know about that from? Especially when the Ailward Aspect had never even meet any other human except Benjamin, much less her? Simple answer. Ailward Manor. Their base of operations, where they kept everything on everyone. Their profiles that had every single information stamped over, from their academic achievements to their first mug shot. 

Creepily stalkerish, but would you expect any less from an organization that keeps their eyes out for every single living being in the realm you call world? Supernaturals and humans alike, they did not pass off their radar that easily. Malva, for sure was way more used to supernatural creatures, especially those who possessed magical abilities within their blood and those who lives immortally, since she was tasked to watch over them specifically due to her aspect being magic itself. But she's been getting around the profiles of humans in Evermore, especially those who were in the privy council. She had her eye out specifically on them, at the moment. They were an interesting topic to lay out to. A council made of the humans in the eternal city.

With what she's heard from her own brother, Venetus, they were doing a project where they would be building a cell specially made to contain the supernaturals. Malva was curious and wondered if the Ailward Aspects were categorized in that of the supernatural one. Would their abilities really be damped if they were in the said cell? Only one way to find out. Not that she wanted to be a test subject at all. The day that happens will be the day everything ends. 

"I think I found the place just fine, Miss Emery." She trailed amusingly as she knocked on the glass door softly a few times, to indicate her presence to the female. She had a small smile tugging on the corners of her lips. "It's very hard to miss it, you're right. I'm Malva Ailward, though I'm pretty sure Ben's told you that." What would you feel if an Ailward Aspect just so happens to appear at your doorstep? Well, that one has been done before when she visited the male human. But literally, here she was, standing before Holland, a human scientist known for her studies on supernatural itself.

A slight jump was caused by the knock on the glass. Not expecting the Aspect to be there so soon. A wide smile arched from her lips that spread ear to ear as her index finger pressed the red hang up button on her phone. Hands placing on either side of the chair as she pushed herself up quickly only to then make her way over towards the glass door. “Yes, yes. Malva. Please do come in.” the human said in an exciting tone of voice as the door was now open for the female figure to come in. All Holland could do was stare at the beauty the Aspect was. Those chocolate orbs had never seen anything like that. Such a creature. Time did her good for being over a thousand years old, she presumed. The brunette had heard rumors of such a species living beyond anything that anyone as ever done, but she had never been in a presents of one. Until now.

“Forgive me for staring. I’ve had many species come in and out of this lab but never an Aspect.” shutting the door behind the two woman. Not being able to stop her staring. “I mean, of course I’ve heard rumors of how great they are and what they can do but I’ve never actually been near one. Let alone be able too...” trying to find the right word where it didn’t freak the woman out. “Help?” she didn’t necessarily want to use the word ‘test’. The word test tends to freak people out when it comes to working in labs or a hospital. Most people didn’t like to be poked or prodded at. Which was completely understandable. “You need to tell me your beauty secrets too, because... I cannot look as good as you and still be human while you’re....” trailing off at her sentence. It was best not to call the woman old, but she was just trying to make conversation. Plus, she rambled when she was nervous.

“Have a seat.” heels clicking against the tile floor as she made her way back over to the counter as she started to move things around, creating enough space. “Sorry about the mess. Things tend to get scattered around here when we’re working on more than one thing at once.” Most of the prototypes were on display in the lab, such as the sell that could contain any supernatural species out there. Most of the things that were on display in the lab were used in the forces, such as cops and FBI agents. Humans need protection too against the supernatural. The brunette couldn’t understand why she was so nervous around her, when she had been around other species before. Maybe it was Intimidation? The high level status that she carried. Holland didn’t want to mess anything up. Although, she always remained professional about anything and everything, but for some reason. This time was different.

“So.. what can I help you with?” that smile never went away. “Ben didn’t tell me much over the phone. Said it wasn’t his place to tell, but that I could some how help?” Pulling out a seat for the Aspect to sit down in. “I’m curious though. A species like you. What on earth would you need help with? With all the power at your finger tips. I would assume it could help you.” standing on the other side of the table. Still moving things about, so it didn’t look so crowded. “Sorry.. I don’t mean to sound rude or pry..” once again, there goes her babbling and sticking the foot of hers in her mouth when she wasn’t suppose to. But honestly? The human had so many questions that were un-answered, that now hopefully. They could be answered by someone who knew what they were talking about. However, she did truly want to help in anyway she could, if it meant expanding her knowledge on the supernatural.

While Malva was standing by the glass doors, she had a slight quirk that probably was meant to look like a small smile, the one people wore on first meetings so it would not look so rude for them. As she noticed her presence, Malva set her phone aside, tucking it in her bag before entering the building. She was still cautious of her surroundings but she did know when to use those abilities and when not to. She knew all too well, that it'd be foolish to harm her due to the status that she carried. One mistake could very well jeopardize an entire peace treaty. And somehow, she doubted they would want to start having problems with the Ailward Aspects, in any way possible. They were not one to be tested with, despite their motto that held no hints of malice at all. As the Aspect of Magic had said it before, they were peacekeepers, not saints.

She did notice the lingering stare that she received from the brunette human. It made her feel awkward, even though she was used to all the staring. No one could really comprehend what kind of species her family were from. There were just 8 of them, after all. No more, no less. There was no one who could replicate them besides themselves. "Of course..I understand. I don't see any reason for my siblings to come venturing here, too." In the way she was speaking, it was also clear that she kept herself in a very good and civilized manner, despite her exterior not really giving off the vibes. Sensing their slightly tense atmosphere, the Aspect of Magic could not help but to chuckle at the female. The Russian born woman knew the nervous feeling that the human was currently feeling. However, she didn't exactly like it. The feeling of being looked at like she was something amusing just as what an artifact was supposed to look like. A mere object. 

"Please..treat me as usual. Just like how you would treat your acquaintances." She insisted. "I'm glad we had good rumors spiraling around. Reputation precedes, after all. I wouldn't want to give a bad first impression. I had enough who judged me so easily by my exterior. I was about to change it." The slight bluntness that accentuated her husky voice was always there, and Malva wasn't sure if it was for the better or not. Some could take it as a sign of impoliteness or the latter, which was a sign of how she naturally is, around everyone. That's the thing that made people frustrated. Because they could not sense if she was being hostile or the other way around. Like her siblings and the people around her had once again said, she is a complicated woman.

Holland did strike a small smile in the Aspect. She was quite amusing, and cute in the way she was running things. Most of the people she's had the pleasure of meeting didn't really babble their way into a conversation, mostly because it could either go two ways. One, where they are already used to the Ailward and was blunt enough to talk their way out, or the one where most would not really try to struck any form of conversation with her, probably manipulated by intimidation. Most were the latter, in her experience. "I can't really share anything, because I don't have one? You can say it, Holland. I know that I'm old-" Dismissing it with a shrug, she was being casual about everything. "I'm over 1290 years this year. So yeah..if you didn't call me ancient, it would have been an understatement. Sadly, I can't disclose any of those so called 'secrets', miss. Since I died at 19, I basically retained the same look after I was resurrected. Perks of immortality, I'm guessing. My mind ages with me, but my physical appearance does not. The same goes for most that had immortality attribute to them." 

Turning her head slightly to the side, gracing her features with a smile as she took a seat, she gave the brunette a slight tilt. "That's a surprising fact..second compliment I've gotten from your kind. My younger sister told me I needed some makeup on me, seeing as I'm too 'pale'." Malva could still remember herself scoffing at the younger blonde sister of hers, who was Aspect of Darkness. She had accustomed herself to the ways of 21st century fashion faster than any of them. While Malva liked to keep herself simple. As simple as things could go for her, at least. She was immensely grateful for Benjamin's help, and from the looks of it, Holland Emery seemed like someone one could trust. "That's respectable and honorable of him, not telling you." She nodded in agreement. The question Holland had laid out was not foreign for the dragon. It wasn't the first time she's been asked that. It certainly won't be the last. 

"Well..Holland. I'm not sure if I could do much with these-" The Aspect of Magic proceeded on as she raised her right hand and twirled it around, as if she was examining it, as purple swirls and slight sparks came erupting from it. "My duty is to make sure the balance of the world stays balanced. It's hard to believe, I know, but we're not invincible, darling. Very much the opposite, actually. We're also not so fragile and delicate to the point where we cannot defend ourselves when needed, but a price does come with the abilities. It's a responsibility we'd have to wield for the rest of our lives. I dare say, a time will come where it could be a burden, instead. Mine came a lot longer than I expected, a few centuries late..but it's here. We can't solve everything with it." Putting her hands down on the table, she eyed the variety of weaponry a few tables from them. "You weren't rude. Trust me, you weren't." She reassured, seeing as she was a woman who believed a lot in knowledge, and the female before her, was very much like the type. 

"I need your help into helping me recover some fragments of my memories. This is strictly personal, which is why I find myself here with you, instead of with our head of technology. My siblings and guards cannot know of this. And I trusted Ben enough to let him into my head before..since it concerned his own lineage. I know you wouldn't disclose any of our activities to others too. I have just met you, of course I would not easily trust you. But, I'm hoping a time where I wouldn't have to threaten you to keep your mouth sealed, would come any day. I don't prefer resorting to such methods." The intimidation and dark tone that traveled in her voice was as icy as her sapphire hues reflected it to be. Until she shifted it into a warmer persona, where she ended it with a smile, instead. It was surprising how different Malva Ailward could make herself to be. One moment, you'd see a regular woman, the next you see warm her, in less than a minute had you crossed her, you'd be met with a cold temperamental Malva. She could shift into a warmer persona that resembled innocence and serenity just as fast. Like what she was doing at the moment. "I'm sure we'll have no problem working with each other." Long gone was the dark cold tone, as it was replaced with a warmer set.

Please treat me like normal.’ The Aspect suggested. She guessed she didn’t like to be stared at, but then again... no one really liked being stared upon. However, Holland has met almost every kind of species out there. Minus a few, this species. The Aspects being one of them. Obviously, they were a higher power. The rumors about them were always circulating around the human world. Of course with the one’s who knew about the supernatural. The human lead her over towards the table with a nod. Out of all the species, Aspects were the one’s she was curious about. Their power was different from any other species in the world. A power Holland had yet to tamper with. So an Aspect just offering her mind and powers up to her. Well, that was like Christmas to Holland. It looks like it came early this year. But Holland had to compose herself in order not to get over excited. When the supernatural just offered themselves up to be tested on or at least them giving away some of their blood. It was honestly the best, because she obviously can’t be doing around these days asking just anyone for samples.

“Beauty is what’s beneath, not covered in make-up.” allowing a shrug to roll off the base of her shoulders only to then have suddenly see purple sparks flying up in the air. With such ease. Honestly? She was quite impressed. All the pressure the Aspects had received with these such powers. It was something that Holland didn’t think she could handle. Which is why she was happy as a human. Studying the powers from afar instead of having them herself. Well, in a way she was glad she didn’t have to worry about such things, but then there were those hard days where magic could easily be the solution. “I honestly don’t think I could do what you and your siblings to. All that power, making sure the word is stable. I couldn’t do it.” in a way, Holland had respect for the Aspect, for what she was able to do. She’d rather stay cooped up in the Science lab rather then running about out there with some kind of power that could ruin the balance of magic.

“Of course, Malva.” giving her a nod of approval. “Nothing goes outside of this lab. I personally make sure of that. No one goes in and out of this place without me knowing.” the intimidation in her eyes was something else. Which was why she immediately lost the eye contact. “There is such thing here called client confidentiality. I promise you. Your siblings will not know a thing. - Granted, you’re not just any ole person that walks in here. But the same principle still applies as such.” turning around on the base of her heel as she started to walk towards the other end of the lab, in another room. The door was open, so the other woman could have heard what was being said. “If any of my men or woman get out of hand. I’ll personally handle them. You don’t need to worry. It makes your stress level higher and with what I’ll be needing you to do within the next few minutes. Your levels need to be some-what low.”

“If you could leave your personal belongings out there and come in here, please.” patting the leather seat as she turned around to grab a clip-board that was placed on the table behind her. “Before we get started. I’m going to need to test your brain waves. Just to see what is there and what frequency everything needs to be done at. I hope you don’t mind me asking you a few personal questions either.” hues glancing down at the clip-board. “Just a few route questions.” there was no wasting around. The Aspect was here for a reason. So they were going to get around to it instead of sitting around and making small talk. Which was good too, but it was also her excitement getting to her, wanting to see what the mind of an Aspect looks like. “Have you used magic like this on yourself before? Do you remember if it was a spell that you created, any herbs? any objects you maybe used?” needing all the information that went into locking the fragments away.

Jotting down any information that could pertain to be useful. Placing the clip-board down on the table as she made her way back over to the Aspect. “If you could just lay back for me.” placing a hand against her shoulder in attempt to help the woman lean back. If she was honest, she hadn’t worked on someone in a while. Of the supernatural species of course, but this case was going to be a tough one. She could just feel it. Usually the first attempt wouldn’t be the last. There could be many other ways of getting these fragments back. “I need your mind to be clear and stress free.” Holland had suggested as she then made her way over to shut the door. She was going to try her best to help, Malva. But there wasn’t going to be truly any guarantees that anything would work, due to her never working with any kind of Aspect magic. If there was any difference at all.

Now making her way back over towards the Aspect as she was now near the top of the woman’s head, grabbing a few things from behind the seat that were attached to the equipment behind. “What we’re going to be doing is electroconvulsive therapy.” it was something that she had preformed a few times on others, but for different reasons. “It basically stimulating the brain with mild electric shocks... depending on which level I’ll be using.” sticking a few wires to the forehead. Pushing back some of the brunette locks of the woman. It could maybe trigger some of those lost fragments that you’re looking for.” as she then stuck a few more on before checking to make sure everything stuck. “I must warn you. It may hurt.” a soft sigh escaped her features. The human was never a fan of hurting someone, but it was all in the name of science right? It was considered helping someone, no matter how bad it truly hurt. “Now, once we proceed. I suggest you stay in the lab until we figure out how to unlock those bits and pieces of your mind. We don’t need you going out if you’re drugged up or something of the sorts.”

“You can tell me to stop whenever it becomes too much.” walking passed the woman. She had done this kind of therapy before. All with different out-comes. More successful than others. She only hoped to help the Aspect with what she needed. Holland never found something she couldn’t tackle or find the answer for. Well, that was expect for her brother... who was lying in coma at the hospital, but nevertheless. She wasn’t going to give up until she found the answer and Malva getting those memories back. Making her way back over towards the door as she needed to be out of the room for this procedure to even work. Grabbing the object that had knobs among other things on the item that controlled the electric shocks, going from the highest to the lowest. “3...2...1...” flipping the on switch as the system was set to the lowest shock, just to test things out and to see if anything worked. If not, then she’d only go higher.

What in the world was she doing?

That was exactly what her own subconsciousness was actually asking her. More like demanding, considering the tone. In all honesty, she didn't even know why she had even come to such resort. She would've never resorted to any of these, that's one thing for sure. At least, her past self. She's going down the road of where it's never-ending, and she couldn't help but to scold herself for doing this. But she was desperate, and she didn't think she had any more time to spare in search for her answers that she is seeking out. She had tried every possible method she could, within her own element, but it doesn't seem like it was bearing any fruit to the attempts.

Offering herself up like some sacrificial lamb to a human who's studying them, was easily a big mistake. But Malva couldn't risk having her faction knowing what she's doing. So going to Valentine is a big no. Their head of medical was the purple dragon herself, so there wasn't really much of a choice there. This was her only way. The only way she could truly find the answers to her endless plethora of questions. She had thought of it countless times before actually going with it. There was in no way could they replicate anything they got from her. There was not really anything they could get from her, may it be how her powers manifested or how their species worked. As it is, Malva herself, had viewed them to be like human, but not exactly one. They did not possess enhanced agility and strength nor do they possess healing attributes. They were nothing special other than the abilities that enabled them to do what was in their own respective aspects. Which meant, they could still very well suffer a mundane injury just as any human could. Which was probably to why they had guards to protect their well-being whenever they had to settle the imbalance of the world. Seeing as they'll be very vulnerable after using their abilities.

"It's not easy." Was all that she mustered up, responding to her statement on protecting the imbalance of the world. Sanity was a hard thing to hold on to when you're too numb. It definitely gets harder when you're constantly pressured with everything. "But a duty is a responsibility." The tone in her voice had indicated how much she had the level of respect on to their duties. She knew, as holders of the aspects, they were forced to go in between hard choices, one they had to make most of the time. The Aspect of Magic had complied to every single instruction the female had given out. She left all her belongings there. She took her bag off her and placed it carefully on the table as she followed the young scientist. She couldn't help but to scoff at her, however, once she was presently expressing how delighted she was to be able to study something like her. 

"Don't be too excited. There's not much in there. It's a something my siblings go through from centuries. We place a barrier there. Courtesy of my brother and me. We don't really want to expose ourselves to any risk of tampering." She told her beforehand. "But fortunately, I can lift it up so you can help me locate which part of the memory I am looking for. I've tried it once, trust me. I know it's not going to be easy, because if it was, I wouldn't even set a foot in here. No offense." She was sure whatever she did back then, it wasn't going to be easy to unravel it. There was basically only person who probably could find it, but it all leads up to her oldest brother, Aureus. And that is the last thing she wanted. "I used a lot of forms of magic. More than what most have learned today. It's a given ability since I was the wielder of magic itself, but I'm guessing, whatever I did back then, it was strong enough to fight present me. Which probably meant, what I hid, was crucial enough. I need to find out what that is. Nothing more, nothing less." She made sure to warn Holland, she wasn't so keen on letting anyone in her head, especially not a stranger. But some things required certain measure.

"You stop when you found it. If I find out that you went further, you might not like the outcome." 

"Clear and stress free..sounds easy. Not." It was quite a challenge, seeing as Malva had her head occupied with so many thoughts and worries. Would you? If you basically handle the entire world's fate in your own element? If she can't fix every imbalance rupture, she's no use. However, hearing that she might have to stay in the lab longer than possible, she wasn't really liking it. What if something goes wrong? She can't exactly stay that long from her siblings. It won't be pretty. "I'm hoping that won't take much of our time. Really, a lot depends on that." She had to be mindful that a rupture can come anytime and she had to be ready for it. She bit her lip slightly, as she closed her eyes for a while, before fluttering it back on, her blue hues staring at the wall. The smallest volume didn't give her much effect, she's been through worse. It didn't even bother her the slightest. She gave Holland a shook of her head before waiting for the volumes to get higher.

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