Malva stared at her room's ceiling, where her mind took her time to get up and resume her work. She's been working on her the spell journal ever since she got it from Benjamin's office. But she can't figure out what was missing. Everything was in it, but it makes no sense why Malva would give a human one of her many spell books. It was just so random and she knew, however random it might be, it wasn't just a normal coincidence occurrence. She figured something must've happened once upon a time ago when she met his grandfather. She hasn't been trying to get back into her head but she was still traumatized by what happened the last time she tried to do it. Yes, she did try to get back into her head one more time after the incident with Benjamin. It didn't work so well, though.

She remembered being pushed back by her own consciousness that still laid in there. In her defense, her memories weren't exactly all jolly and happy. Most of them were dark, tragic and filled with gloom. Her bad luck streak did not end after she was resurrected back to be the Aspect of Magic alongside her siblings. If anything, it got worse. As if she wasn't already sleep deprived most of the time, she can't even sleep a wink nowadays due to so many contents filling her head. Last week, she had to send a few on a mission in Italy. Apparently, some has been practicing the magic without reading the rules and regulations. It wasn't as if they even had a rule book or guidance on it. It was just a bunch of amateurs trying out new things. Now Malva does not mind the ones with magic in their blood to practice magic. However, there are still a few rules they need to be reminded of.

The element of Magic was always having problems each day ever since a few months ago and with what Malva was currently occupied with, she couldn't focus on both. So she made sure to put it on night and day. She worked her duty as the Aspect of Magic by day and continue her research on the Vaughn's family by night. She found a few interesting things, of course. Such as how his former home was actually home to few objects and enchantments, especially a few symbols and sigils that could be used by basically anyone with enough knowledge since it didn't truly need a magic user. She has yet to tell him that she wanted to take a look, mainly because she understood how family problems still persisted in some people. She would know the feeling, considering as her parents wasn't exactly Parents of the Year, either. While doing that, she had the opportunity to track down what was left of her family's descendants. Malva was the only child of her family but her mother had siblings, which meant she does have aunts and uncles living elsewhere. 

The lineage still lives on till this day, a 16 year old female witch. Though her family wasn't the best example, she does love her aunts. Despite everything, she still actually loved her parents. Maybe she should come and see her. Maybe another day. She's too busy to occupy her head with petty emotions and wants. Staring at the file before her, was a file that belonged to one human. Holland Emery. She was the head of science department, someone who has been studying about supernatural for some time. Maybe, this time, it would work. She just needed to find out who she was back then. There must be a good reason why she had kept this buried, but right now, Mal can't be convinced. And so, she pushed the file into her bag alongside her spell book, before making her way downstairs, to which she had no one to ignore since most are not even in the manor. 

The sounds of her heels clicking on the stony pavement down the road to the town square was not reassuring. It just reminded her how nervous and anxious she was that she could pay attention to every sound and movement it made. "Get a hold of yourself, Malva. You're Malva Ailward. It's just one trip. If Ben said she's a trustful person, then she must be." Of course, a part of her is still grumbling at how much she seemed to trust that one particular human. But then again, she was the one who sought him out, in the first place. So if anything, it was on her. Soon enough, the light haired Aspect arrived at the building where Holland is supposed to be working at. Entering the building, she leaned by the door frame once she arrived at the particular floor, knocking on the door. "Holland Emery? I'm Malva."

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Yet another around the clock shift was pulled for the human. PM from AM. There were nights often like this when the work was getting good and for the fact she never really had anyone to go home to. So compared to going home alone in an empty apartment verses staying here at the lab where something was always going on. It was worth the all nighters she’d pull recently. Mostly because she was passionate about her work, which was easily tell-able with all the hours that she had placed into this job. It was also probably one of the many reasons why she was granted head of the Science Department. Not just because Sariah had gained a higher status, or so she liked to believe anyway. Holland was one of those people whom liked to say she was married to work more than anything. There was no time for having a life outside when there were break through to be made and she wanted to be the one who made them.

Eye was now resting upon a lens as she looked into. “Daniel.. Daniel, come here!” the brunette said out of excitement, moving herself out of the way. “the vampire cells are re-creating themselves. All by themselves. Well. With the help of us a little, but we did it!” This lab was more of her home than that stuffy apartment that her parents bought her for graduation. Every day there was something new to be discovered or created. The things that can now be created with these cells. The man looking through the lens as well, nodding in approval. It felt good to accomplish something. Granted, she’s made accomplishments before, but it felt good to do something better for the community at hand. Letting out a small squeak as she had wrapped her arms around the co-owner to embrace him in a hug. A tight one at that. It was not every day they get something done with vampire cells, when everything was already set in stone with how they were made among other things, with the legends and the lures. So needless to say, this was totally a break through.

Letting go of the hug as she had heard her phone go off in her office. “Let me get that. Hold the excitement till I get back.” laughing softly as she quickly rushed around the man, pushing the door open to her office, chocolate brown hues looking down at the phone. A number that wasn’t saved into her contacts. Hm. Usually calls were made to the lab phone if it was anything important. But this was her personal phone ringing. It wasn’t often she’d answer phone calls with numbers she didn’t know. But then again, not like she had gotten many calls on her personal cell these days. She hadn’t really had any friends enough for them to go about calling and the friends that she did have were right here in the lab. Then the only other people who really called this number was her parents on a daily. Wondering how work was always going and if anything new happened. As much as she loved her parents, they did manage to get on her nerves a lot. They never left her alone enough to get any break through, well that was... until now, but that was beside the point.

Hm. Hand clasping around the phone as she had shut the door behind her, placing the call on whisper. “Holland speaking.” she answered the phone as she would answer any business call that was made into the lab only to have the person quickly respond. Malva, that name sounded familiar. “Oh, yes! Ben might have mentioned you’d call.” now sitting herself down in the leather chair as she had stayed on the phone call. “He said you’re having something maybe I could help with? What are you having troubles with?” asking as she tucked a brunette strand of hair behind her ear. “If you’re having any issues that I can maybe help you with. Feel free to stop by the lab. You literally won’t miss it. It’s a big white building in the middle of town. With the words ‘Science Department.’ on there.” smiling as those chocolate hues shifted out to the only man that was left in the lab. She could tell he was still excited and all she could do was hold her laugh in.

When the voice of a female greeted her once she had her hands on the phone, Malva pursed her lips lightly before nodding slightly, before taking a look where she was at. She was definitely at the right place. Seeing as she could actually see a female who's engaging on her own phone inside. That might be Holland Emery. Judging from the appearance and physical features the woman held, it fits the profile perfectly. Now, where would she know about that from? Especially when the Ailward Aspect had never even meet any other human except Benjamin, much less her? Simple answer. Ailward Manor. Their base of operations, where they kept everything on everyone. Their profiles that had every single information stamped over, from their academic achievements to their first mug shot. 

Creepily stalkerish, but would you expect any less from an organization that keeps their eyes out for every single living being in the realm you call world? Supernaturals and humans alike, they did not pass off their radar that easily. Malva, for sure was way more used to supernatural creatures, especially those who possessed magical abilities within their blood and those who lives immortally, since she was tasked to watch over them specifically due to her aspect being magic itself. But she's been getting around the profiles of humans in Evermore, especially those who were in the privy council. She had her eye out specifically on them, at the moment. They were an interesting topic to lay out to. A council made of the humans in the eternal city.

With what she's heard from her own brother, Venetus, they were doing a project where they would be building a cell specially made to contain the supernaturals. Malva was curious and wondered if the Ailward Aspects were categorized in that of the supernatural one. Would their abilities really be damped if they were in the said cell? Only one way to find out. Not that she wanted to be a test subject at all. The day that happens will be the day everything ends. 

"I think I found the place just fine, Miss Emery." She trailed amusingly as she knocked on the glass door softly a few times, to indicate her presence to the female. She had a small smile tugging on the corners of her lips. "It's very hard to miss it, you're right. I'm Malva Ailward, though I'm pretty sure Ben's told you that." What would you feel if an Ailward Aspect just so happens to appear at your doorstep? Well, that one has been done before when she visited the male human. But literally, here she was, standing before Holland, a human scientist known for her studies on supernatural itself.

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