In the morning a the courthouse it saw not that crowd but after a few hours there became more people. The Dhampir has been on his feet most of the morning from clients to records and to find some of his co-workers. One of those happened to be named Sungeun, Nikolas didn't mind the other male around as he found them very interesting. There is always something the male would say to make Nikolas think and see things in a new light. The Dhampir only got to see the male three times with the whole day he knew it was not life-changing. The whole day became busy out of the blew.    

As Lunchtime slowly approaches, the dhampir took a moment to get go his phone to see what sounds good and fast for him to eat and then come back at a no later time. Nik wonders if he will have the time to do his training later that day. As he got a plan getting ready to get up he bumped into Sungeun as they did talk a bit, looks like today did tire them out but he caught the male talk about his brother that could be waiting for him. "If I see I can tell them you are on your way out?" he asked. Nik never knew what the other's brother looked like but he was sure to recognize him by the first glace. 

The dark brunette got his jacket as he stepped out to the cold world that is welcoming winter. "With this weather, I can get sick very quickly." Nik wished he got a heavier jacket. It looks like he miscalculated the weather of today.  Nik will have to worry about the jacket later on his way home. As he walked he did look around with hi blue eyes wondering if he did miss the other's brother inside, who would be out here in the cold? 

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There was one main thing that didn’t differ all that much from his life back in Seoul to here in Evermore and that was his Dhampir training. Since the day he had come here and asked Donovan for training he had been a regular at the Dojo, always practicing with his weapons and also his hand-to-hand fighting skills. His training had multiple motivations behind it, for one, he wanted to get into better shape and build some muscle so he could be stronger. For two, he wanted to learn how to protect those important around him so he never felt as weak as he did that day when he and Han were attacked at the vet clinic.

It had been slow but definite progress and now he could easily while away the afternoon by doing practice runs, working out on the equipment and practicing his throwing. Learning to throw with his left hand had been hard but nowadays he could do it pretty well, throw with the left, fight with the right as Donovan told him many times. He was really grateful to the elder Dhampir for taking him under his wing. Tonight Jae was in one of the back rooms, tucked away in the dojo and doing reps on the punch bag, pretty hard reps for him too because he was letting out a little frustration at the same time.

After he finished his reps he headed out into the dojo only to realize that everyone seemed to have left for the night, he grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat from his brow before grabbing his bag and heading for the front door, this wasn’t the first time he’d been the last to leave so he knew the drill, he headed outside before casting a locking rune to seal the door until tomorrow and then wandered out into the cold, he was only wearing a hoodie and he was fine at first thanks to his body temperature rising because of the workout but before long he was rubbing his arms a little to try and warm up from the cold.

The Dhampir has been getting help from Taehyun and just asked for help from a Valkyr since his family protects the species for help and was happy to accept. Only know what he taught himself to his father was not enough since it would've been outdated. Ever since leaving his old life, Nik wanted to learn everything without being looked down again but as of living in the city, he has been pretty happy and slowly coming out to be himself. 

He has not heard his family for many years and he didn't expect a call anytime soon but his father was an expectation. His father has been keeping tabs on him which is the reason Nikolas is still being a lawyer to this day. In order for him to stay in America and not want anyone to come to the city to check on him, he has to still do the dreaded job but he soon came to like it as he started to talk to more people.

Nikolas did know later he has to train by himself to order for him to miss a day of practiced. For many years Nik used to being alone with no one to guide him or even bothered to help him. Now thinking int the present, the dhampir was walking down the street to order some lunch back along with coffee for the front desk who asked and offered to pay him but Nikolas didn't feel right to take her money even though she wanted to pay for it herself. The little things he could do for others make the world a better place. He had a few more hours to get things he needs to get done before closing up his part of the office building. He wondered if he should get someone warm to keep him from getting sick. 

As the dhampir came close to the door Nik didn't look if there was ice on the ground as his foot stepped into as he couldn't react in time and feel to the floor. "Watch where to step." the dhampir told himself as he there to progress and knew he has to take him to move his body to get up.

The attempts to stay warm didn’t get him very far considering how absolutely arctic-like it was today in Evermore city, the Dhampir had never been a big fan of the cold, it always chilled him to his bones and made him want to get inside as soon as possible, normally on a cold day he would wear many different layers but when he was training it seemed like a nuisance to have to take quite literally everything off only to have to put it all back on again when he was done. He was regretting not bringing anything now though as he shivered slightly.

He had just got to the bus stop he usually got his bus over to the south of the city from when he looked up at the sign trying to determine when the next service was only to see that most of them had been canceled. He grumbled to himself, thinking about how winter always seemed to be like a curse to the city and that quite literally everything seemed to come to a halt because of it, he was just about to call for a cab when he heard the sound of a loud thud behind him and then heard someone grumbling to themselves. He turned around to see another male he thought he recognized from the dojo a couple of times on the ground and headed over immediately to offer to help him up “The ice is really out to get us today huh?” he commented with a grin “Though it’s usually me slipping over in this weather, I have zero coordination” he pressed his lips together “Are you okay? That kinda sounded like it would hurt a lot” he commented with a polite smile to the male.

Being born as a pre-maturely, Nikolas can get sick very easily it makes his life harder as it's always the indoor walls the Dhampir always knows for most of his life. He was not prepared for arctic-like weather they were having in the city. Nikolas knew Audrina would not be happy if he missed a day at work knowing it was the only place they both can see each other but not the way they want. Due to her royal blood, they both knew her mother would not allow them to together look like she does not believe in the world of secrets. It's the one thing Nik and Audrina has to keep their love together. it all started with her after all now it's his job to protect her along with him trying to be stronger and adding knowledge to every lesson he gains from his training. he still has a lot to go but Nik vowed to ever back down and show the world and prove to his family the weak can be stronger.  

He wants to say "Look, Mom. You didn't believe in me but look at me know." Nikolas wanted to proud of himself for once and do something that makes him feel like living. 

The Dhampir sighed was about to give up as Nikolas felt someone coming up to help him. "It sure is. Here I told myself to watch your step and I end up breaking my word. Thank you."He looked up with his blue eyes toward the male. Nikolas knew the other from somewhere, yes at the Dojo. This is embarrassing for sure. Went he got up he dusted off the show that was stuck to his jacket.  "You're not alone. Winter likes to be a pain to everyone one way or another." Nikolas smiled and nodded. "Yes, I am. Thank you for your help. I remember seeing you're from somewhere. Am Nikolas or just call me Nik." he said introducing himself. 

"Around this time of year, it's summer where I am from," Nikolas said talking about New Zealand but it's not like he enjoyed the winters which it's summer around the city. When people told the Dhampir about the difference in seasons Nik thought it was a joke well look who underestimated himself. Not like he is proud, his butt will be sore later on. 

Jae laughed under his breath and shrugged slightly as he helped to pull the other male to his feet “I know what you mean, I swear if there is anything I can trip over, slip on or walk into, I will manage to do it” he grinned slightly, cursed with the klutz gene unfortunately, him and his sister Ahri both had the curse while their brothers Eun and Hyunsik didn’t have the same problem at all, he was a little jealous. “Yeah can’t say I’m a fan of the cold, my skin gets all dry and then my nose goes all red” he grumbled slightly because it literally took him about two seconds after stepping out into the cold to end up looking like a mess, which is why he was very quickly regretted not bringing a jacket to training with him.

Now that he was looking back at the male though, Jae recognized his face, which made him frown for a moment trying to figure out where he had seen him before and when the other male said pretty much the same he bit his lip “The dojo by any chance?” he asked hoping he hadn’t just completely read that wrong and brought up the dojo to a random human “Jaesung” he responded with a grin and a slight nod of his head “But call me Jae, nice to meet you Nik” he knew a lot of people now with longer names which were shortened to one syllable, made life much easier he had decided.

“Oh that must be weird for you” he commented with a chuckle, it must be hard to get used to the seasons being flipped around and it being cold when you expect it to be hot and vice versa “I’m used to the cold honestly, Evermore isn’t too different to back home, though the mountains are definitely different” he’d never been to a city surrounded by mountains before Evermore and he found it really pretty to look out at them.

Getting back on to his feet Nikolas laughed a little hearing what the other had to say. "I can't say winter is my friend too, I get sick really easily. " Nikolas has poor health due to his being premature. The Dhampir has to be extra careful with who he is around, the weather and wear the correct clothes which is the one flaw he does not have right now. His jacket was too light for this weather. "We're going inside? I know it will be a lot better than out here." Nickolas asked knowing he didn't see the other before he feels around.  "Ain't you cold or are you warm-blooded? if you are lucky." Nikolas thought it as weird to see someone out in about with no jacket. 

When the other male talked about the Dojo, Nikolas looked around making sure no one had no heard that. "Yeah, now thinking about it," Nikolas said was happy himself is a Dhampir and the only one to hear. Nikolas looked at the other after hearing his name. "Jaesung? Oh yes, your Sengeun's brother right?' he asked making sure he is talking to the right person. the Dhampir smiled at the other, Jae is a nice nickname has anyone called you, Jay? I know the sound similar but it's never wrong to ask." Nikolas said knowing he didn't want to ask a dumb question even if it's obvious. 

"It is, sometimes I do look at my calendar forgetting I am not in New Zealand.  If you ever go there by any chance think opposite that is what I tell people when they are planning to around this time." Nikolas will never forget seeing travelers and tourists that it would be cold and didn't bring anything for the summer weather so they had to buy close. He will never understand why it's different but it is. 'Where are you from? The mountains here are beautiful for sure am sure if anyone wanted to paint them it would be a masterpiece for sure. 

Jae wrinkled his nose a little in distaste when the other male said he got sick easily “I hate being sick” he commented under his breath, thankfully Dhampir did have a higher tolerance to resisting sickness but that didn’t mean they couldn’t or wouldn’t get sick, they were still half-human after all. “Yeah let’s no stand out here in the cold” he other male had just come out of a door so he headed back inside there, closing the door behind them so that he could check he was okay outside of the cold weather. He was thankful for the heating. “Oh I just got done training and forgot to bring a jacket, I was just gonna make a dash back and hope for the best honestly” he laughed running his hands over his arms and sighing “Not my best idea ever” he mused with a shake of his head.

His expression lit up a little when he realized he had been right about recognizing him and when he mentioned his brother he nodded slightly “Yeah he’s my older brother” he frowned for a moment “Has he been training at the dojo?” he asked with a curious expression because he didn’t remember seeing his brother there, then again, maybe he purposely went to training when Jae wasn’t there “Well that just sounds like my name with a slight American accent so” he grinned and shrugged slightly, he didn’t really hear much of a difference other than one being spoken in Korean satoori and another in American or he supposed Australian accent.

He chuckled thinking how annoying it must be to think it’s a certain time of year only to remember at the last minute that it’s the opposite and having to change how you dress “It gets really cold in New Zealand during the winter if I remember correctly” he commented, remembering how Nik said before that he got sick easily he imagined he must have had to stay indoors a lot during the winter. “Seoul” he responded proudly when the other male asked him where he was from “I’ve been here in Evermore for about a year and a bit now” he nodded slightly, he did think his English speaking was improving too, he was learning to mock the American accent of his classmates “Well I can’t paint but I could write about them?” he chuckled “Do you have any talents?” he questioned curiously.

Getting sick is something the Dhampir didn’t like to admit it is the reason no one believed in him in the beginning. Nikolas can try doing so much to keep his health up but it will not stop him from his fate to being sick no matter how much he wanted to try. When they both agreed to go inside Nikolas can feel the heat on his cheeks. A sigh came from his lips happy to in a building with comfortable heating. Nikolas chuckled a little hearing what the other hopped for, he could understand due to when you’re moving your body you can warm very fast. “It makes sense why you didn’t need it. This weather is bitting me due to I have not bought a better jacket so looks like we both aren’t living up to our best ideas at the moment. 

“I am not sure about that part but I see him every day at work,” Nikolas said knowing he just says Eun before going out on his lunch break. “You just reminded me I need to go by there to see how I can do to improve my self.” Nikolas didn’t have much to go by since he was not trained from a young age like most Dhampirs, he is good at the books but that is something he was forced to do in away. “Am a lawyer to make things a little clear,” Nikolas said with a light smile. He knew Eun said something but Nikolas tried to remember what he had to tell Jae, he is sure it will pop into his head. “You sounded a little done when I mention about your older brother. Are things not alright? I know it’s none of my business so you don’t have to tell me anything or any detail.” Nikolas knew family talk can be sensitive he for one understands that. 

The Dhampir nodded at what the male said, “Have you been there before?’ he asked wondering if they crossed paths at some point if the other did go there before. Nikolas has had no complaint yet about Evermore until now but it can be solved with time and money. He pays for more clothes and anything else but he knew that was not selfish but looking out for his health. Hearing the other is from Seoul made Nikolas curious about what it’s like in Korea. “Sounds like you miss your home city. What’s it like in Seoul? I have never been there but I heard it’s beautiful and nice.” The dhampir hoped the other didn’t mind him asking. When the other dhampir asked him about talents Nikolas was taken back a bit. Did he have any? “None at the moment. I think I can sing a little. I have not explored that part of myself yet.”

He chuckled and shrugged “Worst comes to worst I can always jog home, that’ll keep me warm enough” he was well trained enough that he could just drop into cardio workout whenever he wanted without too much of struggle “You should wrap up warm though, last thing you want is the flu” Jae hated being sick, as rarely as it happened because of his supernatural healing, he always felt under the weather when he was sick which made him wanna do nothing other than sleep, which wasn’t exactly productive when you were doing a full-time degree course and needed to work a part-time job on the weekends.

He smiled softly realizing the other male was a lawyer like Eun, he never really saw much when it came to his brother’s work, until a few months ago he had been working in Seoul and now he was in Evermore is was supposed to be for a single case but here they were months down the line and it seemed like Eun was hesitating when it came to going home “Damn so you two must see one another a lot” he laughed, two Dhampir who attend the same dojo and then the same workplace. “Oh that’s not it” he responded with a slight smile “I’m just wondering about what he’s up to, it seems like he’s gotten attached to this city” which wasn’t a bad thing in his mind but it made him wonder if their father was going to come here looking for Eun and in turn, his father might find out that Jae hasn’t really been living at the university dorms for months now.

He shook his head slightly when the other male asked him if he had been there before “I’ve never really been anywhere honestly, the first place I got to see after Korea was here in Evermore” he smiled shyly, even then it had taken months to convince his father to let him come here and it felt like it was on this test window where he expected him to come running back home. “I’d love to travel though, maybe one day once I have a real job and can afford to take the time out” it could be a while considering the field he was pursuing was highly competitive but he was sure eventually he would find his calling. He bit his lips slightly when he said he sounded like he missed his home “I miss things about it but I don’t really miss the life I had there, honestly” he admitted with a shrug “But it’s a beautiful city, always buzzing and the scenery is amazing, you could spend days just exploring around and seeing all the architecture and even the trees” he smiled slightly. “Singing huh? I’ve never been all that good at singing, my shower might hate me” he chuckled under his breath “So no plans for today?” he asked because he seemed to be happy to stick around and chat with someone he just met.

The dhampir nodded with a slight smile knowing what the other male said is true, no matter how much you move around or workout you get warmer faster. That is a fact. Thinking about walking around and get a better jacket might be better than going straight back into work. Just like the male heard what Nik was thinking about he nodded with a sigh. "I might look for one before going back to work. Being sick around this time is not the best call." It's true he didn't want to get sick.

Nikolas smiled with a nodded knowing this is a subject he does not like to talk about due to the negative impact it had on him growing up but seeing the way it brightens up Jaesung it made him feel good.  "Time to time again. When it comes to where I work he is hardly around but the times I see him we have a simple talk. I did see him before coming out for lunch, however." He said with the best of his knowledge. He listened to the other wondering why Jaesung said attached in the way he uses the word in his sentence. "I don't know much about what he is doing but I have heard he is working on a case. Some say it's been the same one and it's ongoing or it's new. Sorry I can't be much of help." Nikolas said knowing this will be on his mind all day. He would ask about what the male said but it's not his business. 

 By listening to the male it sounds like he does not like to stay in one place or one area for too long before he wants to see new things. Which is very fair on his part.  Looks like they both have one thing in common they traveled far from where they came from. "Sounds like a big goal. Where would you travel first?" Nikolas wondered knowing everyone sometimes chooses something different each time. Nikolas listened as his heart stopped to heard what Jaesung had to say about the life he left behind, it looks like he was not the only one after all. "Korea sounds like a place to be, I will take your word for it if and when I do think about traveling." He laughed when he heard the other talked about trees. "Did you have anything you liked to do that you miss being in Korea? Like foods or shops for an example." Nikolas asked wondering what is normal typical life in Korea. Nikolas laughed a bit more hearing about their shower hating him. "Am sure it's not that bad. Not really other than finishing work which will be only three more hours after lunch. What about you?" Nikolas asked as he too is very happy to talk with someone he never meets, it felt good to start talking and knowing how to be social. 

He nodded slightly in agreement “Where are you planning to look for one?” he asked with raised brows because they were in the entrance to a building and if he needed to look for one then that implied he needed to get one “Wouldn’t it kinda be counter-productive to go out in the freezing cold to find a coat?” he laughed softly “If it was me I’d call an Uber and then worry about bringing one with me next time” though Jae didn’t really mind being cold, it was being too hot which bothered him much more. .

Jae and his brother were in the same city for almost a year now and yet it still felt like he didn’t see Eun all that much, not that it was that surprising considering his brother was a lawyer and an extremely hard worker but it did feel like he heard more about Eun than he got to actually see of him lately “He’s a busy guy nowadays, you’d think being in the same city I’d see him more often but that case is keeping him really busy” Jae wasn’t sure of much about it but he did know they had called Eun here to take the case from Korea specifically. “Oh that’s okay, it’s not your job to keep an eye on him, I was actually just visiting the dojo” the dojo was well placed in the city, allowing Dhampir to come and go pretty easily.

Jae raised his brows pondering where he would go if he had the chance to, he hadn’t really thought about it much beyond the general notion that he wanted to travel somewhere one day “Well I guess I might choose London because I could see many things related to Shakesphere and as a writer that’s definitely one of my goals to see” he grinned shyly “Or maybe I would see Italy because I heard it’s a really nice place to see” Jae could see himself getting lost walking all the little streets and whiling away the afternoon. “Definitely make sure to see more than Seoul, the culture is very different once you leave the city” he nodded slightly, despite being born in the city himself he had been to smaller towns many times to see his grandparents.

“Oh definitely the food, we have this food called Kimchi and even now I’m in America I still want to have it with everything” he laughed slightly, it wasn’t the same getting it here than at home though but there were a few times that Han had made it from scratch for him and that had been amazing. “Well now I’m done with my workout, next point of call is to do some studying, I have an essay due at the end of the week and I’m a little behind on it” he laughed softly shaking his head in amusement, he always told himself he wouldn’t be that college kid who was always behind on his assignments and yet now here he was.

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