The silence that is all she ever heard laying on her back her vision fading in and out as a paramedic poked and prodded at her. She was in too much shock to even be able to respond and tell them or sign that she was deaf, with her not being able to communicate the paramedic picked up her iPhone and scrolled to the medical card. Nodding he looked to his partner to tell her that the patient was indeed deaf, but she could read lips. She didn’t have any other medical conditions from the ID, she usually wore a medical Alert bracelet but it must have been knocked off in the accident. Tears stained her eyes and face as her vision grew blurry from the tears the adrenaline was slowly wearing off and she cried out in pain. The Paramedics kept talking amongst themselves but they spoke to fast for her to keep up, and finally, she faded out. It felt as though she was slipping into a fuzzy dream her body ached all over and was screaming at her, it was too overwhelming.

When they reached the hospital the Paramedics passed her off with the little information they had on her Medical history from the phone. “Seniah Abigail Rose, 18, Deaf, was hit by a car has been fading in and out of consciousness.” The Paramedics told the hospital team about her vitals, before leaving her in the care of the hospital team. It was a few hours before she was set up in her room and left to sleep with fresh casts over her arm, and leg to set the bones back into place. She was on some pretty heavy pain killers right now and still wasn’t fully able to communicate with the nursing staff. The one nurse took it upon herself to look into the woman’s purse to find a contact so she could have some support.

The nurse found some paperwork with an all too familiar name on it Ambrose Griffin, the nurse left the room and went to call Ambrose herself. “Hello is this Ambrose?” She asked waiting for a response. “Hi this is Danny the nurse up at the hospital, hey I have your daughter here she was in a pretty bad accident pedestrian versus a vehicle. She is sedated right now, but she should be okay. I think it would be a good idea if you came down to answer any questions about her insurance. She hasn't been able to talk to anyone yet.”

Seniah looked out the window, her vision was still fading in and out a little, she wasn’t really feeling any pain due to the medication she was in. She reached over and picked up her cell phone the screen was pretty cracked and broken from the accident, that was when she noticed her bracelet was missing. She tried to climb out of the bed to grab her purse which the strap was also broken. Seniah felt her heart almost bottom out of her chest, as she used her one good hand to try and search for her items. There was no sign of the bracelet, her mother had made her bracelet there wasn’t another one like it in the world. Burying her face into the pillow as she began to sob once more, how had she gone from excited and nervous about meeting her father to laying in a hospital bed from being hit and somehow managing to survive the rather rough accident.

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