Evermore City was the place Kiara had mentioned a lot. When Eve left and travelled around America, the one city she avoided was Evermore City. She knew about the Supernatural and she wanted to avoid them at all costs. Times have changed for her though. Being on the run constantly from the police had led her to Evermore City and even though she knew of the dangers that lurked around each corner in the city, she ironically felt a sense of safety from the police in the city. Her settling in the city for a bit meant that she had to find a new source of revenue and she did not want to have to rely on illegal activities to generate her money. She was good with cars and she found an auto-shop in a part of town that not many people would go to.

Her manager, Ray, was lazy. She was certain she had never seen him do any kind of work for time she had been there. No wonder no one came to the auto-shop. Plus, Ray was always doing one of two things. Reading his magazines or eating the same fast-food day in and day out. He disgusted Eve. There were many days where she would love nothing more than to just connect her fist with his cheek. Though, she was thankful he did not recognise her. So that was really the only thing stopping her from doing something stupid.

It was another ordinary day for her. Her hair was up in a bun as she usually would have when attending work but there were no customers, so she took the time to work on her own car that she was “borrowing” from one of the citizens of Evermore City. She took the time to change to license plates to avoid any confusion too.

“I don’t pay you to fix up your own car, Stonewall.” Ray yelled from the other side of the garage, with his mouth filled with chewed up food that he still had not swallowed.

All she did was peek up from over the hood of the car, staring directly at him. Her eyes said it all. All Ray did was put his hands up, clearly not wanting to hear another earful from her that he would hear on a day-to-day basis. “Or do whatever the hell you want as usual.” He finished, retracting his previous statement. Not many people enjoy their jobs but being around cars was like therapy for Evelyn. She enjoyed it. She loved it. “Evelyn, come here.” Ray really knew how to annoy her. She stood up straight and began marching towards Ray, ready to give him another earful, but before she could even say a word, he spoke again. “Customer for you.” Evelyn moved her eyes from Ray to the male who was now entering the auto shop.

She pulled a towel from her right back pocket that was hanging out and began wiping her hands that had black stains on them from tinkering with the engine of her car. “I don’t understand why you can’t get off your fat ass and actually do something for once.” Eve hissed at Ray, quiet enough that the male walking towards them would not be able to hear her.  

“You’re lucky I like you, Stonewall. Any other boss would have fired you for that comment.” He responded, with humour laced in his tone. Evelyn rolled her eyes, but she knew he was more than right. She never understood why he put up with her. She crossed her arms as Ray, miraculously, stood up from his chair with open arms and in a cheerful tone, greeted the customer, “Welcome toRay’s Auto Shop! How may we assist you today?”  

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Liam didn't make it a point to get to know most people. He considered socialising with others to be a necessary evil of life, so those people that he frequently talked to were more like allies than anything else. All apart from his younger sister, whom the Ailward Guard always swore that he would protect with his life. They were blood and there was something that counted for in the world. He tended to start his recent mornings lost in research deep in the manor's library. It was difficult work and doing it alone was more exhausting than he tended to acknowledge. Spending many days, if not weeks, reading countless pages about the darkest rituals known to both man and magical kind could corrupt one's mind. It was why he liked to take breaks and get fresh air. Even if he felt onto a lead, the human forced himself away from the old, dusty books and out into the city. Each day was different and today was simply to catch up on the menial tasks that he'd been missing while his research for the guards had taken over. 

One needed a car to get around the larger parts of the city, at least, the humans did. He couldn't keep up with his mentor physically and the easiest way to provide himself transportation that was more than a few miles was to drive. He'd acquired an old Chevy Mustang shortly after arriving. It had been in dismal condition when he found it. It was barely a wonder that he'd purchased it with his first paycheck for less than a grand. The owner probably thought that he was duping a young innocent, but really, Liam just liked vintage cards. When he was very young and before his father had decided to skip town, one of the things that they'd always done together was work at repairing the family's minivan. He still had fond memories of the smoke and sounds of metal, despite that the person he shared them with was forever tainted. 

It was January and bitter cold. The frost was biting at his fingers as he walked. Liam shoved his hands deeply in his pockets. He'd gotten to work with an automechanic a few times on his new, but very old beast of a car. It had been his pleasure to learn from Ray, but today was just a stop buy visit, now that all of the major problems had been solved. At the front desk, he didn't find the jovial, yet familiar face of his car-smart friend, but a young woman with long hair and a stern expression. Liam peered around the doorway with a curious tilt to his head as she greeted him. "You must be new. I dropped my car off this morning to be detailed. The old one. Ray usually shows me what he's done, so I can practice in my," He cleared his throat. "Very little spare time. I'm Liam."

He offered his hand to shake. "And you are?"

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