Rachel had been laying on the ground outside of her house for the past three hours. The clouds covered the sun and so she laid there waiting for some sign of snow. “Come on,” She whispered. All she wanted was to see snow fall from the sky. Her eye lids grew heavy and soon she fell asleep. The feeling of someone being near her, woke her, and she just laid on the ground. Not caring, she rolled over and stroked the soft blanket beneath her. Her phone chimed and she answered, hoping it was someone saying they’d found her brother. Instead it was an old friend, going on about about her daughter’s first steps. Sighing, she listened for a a little while before hanging up. She turned back over onto her back.

The February air made Rachel shiver as she stared back up at the sky. Her eyes began to drift closed as she watched the clouds move slowly by. Soon the Dhampir was soundly asleep underneath the grey sky. Her breathing slowed and she relaxed into the warm blanket. She dreamed about her faceless brother. They were running through a maze, him always a step ahead of her. Every time she got close enough to grab him, he would slip right through her fingertips. Suddenly the sounds of someone approaching hit the dhampir’s ears and she was awake within seconds. Sitting up, she looked around, gasping for breath.

From the looks of it, night had fallen while she’d been asleep. The bright crescent moon shined its light down as the female looked around. She knew that someone was close by but she didn’t know quite who. “Hello?” She called out, tentatively, before cursing to herself. People got killed in the movies for trying to talk to the killers. She got to her feet and slowly slipped one of her twin daggers out. Through the dark, Rachel saw a shadow move towards her. She wasn’t used to someone in the dark... she was used to being the person in the dark. She stumbled back as a male stepped out of the shadows. 

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Baptiste lived in a dellusional bubble of something most people called "life", the life he lived though, wasn't one worth waking up for. Sighing to himself as another customer came into the bar, he threw the towel he'd been wiping the bar top off with, over his shoulder and took the womans order quickly. It was nearly that time for him, when his shift ended and feeding time came. Baptiste only ever fed on those who done wrong to themselves or to other people. Because of the path his father had created for him, he'd refused all sources of blood if it came from the innocent. So, instead... he followed those who were sloppy drunk, out of the bar, and fed from them.

About ten shots later, he found his first meal for the night. The woman who had came in earlier, now slumped over on the bar stool. Baptiste always made it seem as though he was innocently walking them out for a cab, while really, he was just taking them into the alley beside of the bar to quench his thirst. After the tips of his fangs protracted, he sank them deeply into her jugular, savoring the irony taste as the dark red liquid rolled past his tongue. After a moment or two, he let his fangs detract, and veiled her memories to the best of his capability. Veiling someones memories came easier to those who consumed blood on a regular basis, but the skill often came hard for Baptiste, as he didn't have a daily ritual of feeding, only when he was at work, and only when he noticed that the "victim" was way to drunk to even know what was happening to them.

Snapping back to the present moment, Baptiste had sent the woman on her way, hopefully with no memory of him. After that he made sure to clean his mouth, thankful that he hadn't stained his clothes. He had actually perfected the art of feeding to a point where he didn't waste one single drop, it was never messy for him nor the one he was feeding on. His shift was also over by now, so with that, the Vampire walked inside, letting the other bartenders know he was leaving for the night. Tony; the bartender he'd befriended and had grown close to, smiled and wished him a good night, while Bap done the same before exiting the bar once more.

Baptiste had seen this woman around a time or two, making it easy for him to stand there and watch her sleep, until she'd woken up, calling out with just a simple "hello." Smirking,  he approached her from the shadows he'd been lingering in. A mean to clear his mind rather than stalk her however. Her house being right near the street happened to be close to the place Bap always came to sit at for the peace and quiet. Many occasions he had seen this girl resting on the ground underneath a blanket of stars, but this was the first time he had ever went near her. Being near her though, set his senses on fire. Dhampir, he smiled knowing he was around one of his own.. kind of.. sometimes though Baptiste never understood the life of a Dhampir, how they were so alike to Vampires but so different, at the same time.

"Relax" he stated simply, when he noticed her stumbling backward away from him. "Im here almost every night, this isn't the first night ive seen you sleeping" he then said, smirking at her. Baptiste got away from the darkness that shadowed his face so she could see him clearly. He had no intentions of seeming like a creep, so with that he left his hands in his pockets, and a small distance between them. "I'd ask... but I can only assume someone laying outside the way you do every night, is a means of clearing your mind... you talk in your sleep though" he teased, flashing a wink her way. "I'm Baptiste .. Baptiste Dupuis" he said, introducing himself, only releasing one hand from his pockets, extending it to her for her to shake. He didn't know why, but for some reason, he had to get to know sleeping beauty. Something about her, just got through to him in ways women hadn't in a very long time.

Rachel stood there in silence as she watched the male. She wasn’t quite sure of what to make of him. Anyone else would have thought, thought he was a normal human being, but she could tell otherwise. From the looks of it, he was a vampire or Dhampir like herself. Her eyes drifted towards the direction he’d come from. Her mind began to race as he made the comment about seeing her sleeping. A snort escaped her and she let loose a low chuckle. “Definitely not weird at all...” she muttered softly.

As he came closer, the dhampir let her eyes wander over his face. Her eyes were drawn to the tattoos running down his neck. The designs were impressive. Glancing back up at him, she gave him a small smile. She picked up the blanket and wrapped it around herself, shivering slightly. Not knowing how to engage with him, she stood there in awkward silence. Talking to a strange man who watched her sleep was not something she had expected to do that morning. She would have laughed til she had cried if someone had told her that a day earlier. 

“In a way it’s to clear my mind... but I mostly like to wait for snow to come down. It’s been a while since I’ve seen any,” Rachel said quietly. She thought about his teasing for a moment and came to the conclusion, that he was alright. She didn’t quite trust him, but figured he would have killed her already if that’s what he had planned. Biting her lip, she replied, “What have I said?” She knew then she might have said something terrible or humorful. “Rachel Morrison... it’s nice to meet you,” she introduced herself, slowly shaking his hand. She might not trust him, but she did want to find out more about the man who watched her sleep.

Scanning her features over a couple times, Baptiste smirked. He didn't realize how beautiful she was, all the days he had sat off from afar, seeing her sleep on the ground outside of her home almost every night. Now that he stood only a few inches from her, he could see her clearly. Bap hadn't been coming here just to watch her. He'd been coming here for the scenery across from her house, finding it peaceful and calming to his twisted up nerves and emotions. When she muttered out a set of words, rather arrogantly, he rolled his eyes. "Are you calling me weird?" he asked, chuckling. He'd been called worse, so it didn't matter.

Baptiste rarely approached strangers, even if they were petite females like her, but sensing what she was put Baptiste in his comfort zone. A moment of silence passed as she ran her eyes over his inked up skin, smirking as she smiled. Being thankful that the sky was still dark, Bap decided he'd stay a little longer and by a slim chance, he'd get to know her. Watching as she wrapped up in her blanket, the Vampire chuckled. "Cold?" he asked, seeing that she was shivering, he slipped his leather jacket off, placing it around her shoulders when she stepped closer to him. "I don't need it, I never get cold, the jacket is more for style" he explained, offering a warm smile.

Baptiste then listened to her explanation of why she liked laying on the ground as often as she did. Nodding, he continued smiling. "The snow is only good for it's beauty, the cold that comes with it, can go on somewhere else" he then said, chuckling as he glanced up to the sky. It was more peaceful tonight than it had been in a long time for the Vampire. Usually he was up to his ears with stress, and dealing with drunk customers at the bar he worked in, but for a change, Baptiste was enjoying himself. Even if she was a stranger.

"No worries, you've said nothing wrong. I just don't want you to feel like i'm a predator. It;s not like I sit in your yard with you and watch you sleep, I sit over there though.." he stopped talking for a moment, pointing across the road from her house, where a bench sat underneath a street light, and behind that, it was shaded by the darkness that fell when night time did. "So, seeing you sleep is something I can't really help, since my go-to spot is right across from you.. though.. I have became intrigued with you" he admitted, smirking at her once more. "It's nice to meet you also miss Rachel" he stated before bringing her hand up to his mouth, kissing it gently before letting it fall back to her side.

"Maybe we can take this conversation somewhere else though? somewhere to where you can warm up" he finished off, probably again sounding like a creep, but seeing her shiver put a slight strain on the convo, and being the gentleman he was, he didn't want to keep her outside in the cold. "I could walk you to my place, for a few drinks and friendly conversation, if you can trust me enough... and I'll walk you back home when you're ready." he added, falling silent so she could speak.

The night seemed to grow colder as Rachel stood talking to the stranger. Wrapping the blanket tighter around herself, she looked up into the sky. She hadn’t ever thought of the fact that someone could watch her sleep. She never actually meant to fall asleep outside. She would come outside to watch the sky and sooner or later... she’d be asleep. Nothing had ever been taken from her bag and she’d never been approached, so she’d figured everything would be fine. A half smirk appeared on her face, as she answered him, “Maybe I am..” Shrugging, she looked back at him, and raised a slender eyebrow. 

The Dhampir was intrigued by the strange man. As they stood there, she realized that there was something about him that seemed to be trustworthy. She wasn’t quite sure what, but she knew she didn’t feel like running away. When it came to strangers, she usually avoided conversations, but she didn’t mind talking with him. When he took of his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders, she tried not to smile. “Thank you,” she said, softly. At his comment, a thought crossed her mind. He was a vampire. She never dealt with his species but had always been curious about them. A barely audible whisper escaped her lips, “Vampire...” Her hazel eyes traveled along his face.

Rachel slid her arms into the jacket and inspected it. She wasn’t sure on how to feel about wearing his jacket but decided it was fine. When he started talking again, she looked up at him. “I like the cold. I get cold year round,” she stated, simply. She placed her blanket on her bag and then let her eyes travel around their surroundings. Things were going great in her eyes, she hadn’t said anything stupid, and he seemed to be a complete gentleman. “Alright, It’s just I say random things in my sleep, so I’ve heard,” she muttered, following his finger with her eyes. Nodding, she looked at the bench veiled within the shadows. 

“I don’t blame you for not being able to see me. The couple next door are always on my case about sleeping outside,” Rach shrugged, not effected by it. She gave him another smiled and raised her eyebrows as he kissed her hand. “And you as well. Of course.. let me get back stuff,” she said. Leaning down, she grabbed her blanket and bag. The brunette female turned back to him and gave him a small half smirk. “That’s sounds fine to me. Or we could go back to my place, since it is just right here,” she offered, shrugging. 

As she smirked, Bap smirked in return. He could have approached her weeks ago, he couldn't help but ask himself what made tonight so special? Inhaling, he then let his gaze follow hers which ended up staring at the sky. Baptiste rolled his eyes as she cutely admitted she was in fact calling him weird. "I'll take it, like I said.. ive been called worse" he flashed a playful wink at her before rolling his shoulders a bit. Lately, the Vampire had been up to his eyeballs with his workload. Pulling double shifts, and sometimes he didn't even leave the bar. The owner wanted to sign it over to him, seeing as he was a human, up in age and knocking at deaths door, and although Baptiste had grown used to working in the bar, he wasn't sure it was the life he'd want to live forever.

Baptiste needed adventure in his life, change, something different. All of that could be thought about a different day though. Baptiste cut his eyes over to the female who now seemed more trusting of him, what had changed to make her feel that she could trust him, he didn't know, but.. he was definitely good with her trusting him, he certainly only had good intentions towards her. Mostly. He offered a smile  back at her when she thanked him "You're welcome doll" he simply replied, and placed his hands into his pants pockets. With widened eyes, he cleared his throat. "Excuse me?" he questioned in confusion.. she'd just whispered the word Vampire, and he wasn't sure if it was just her way of letting him know she knew what he was, or if she was wary of them.

Baptiste watched as Rachel slid her hands into the pockets of his jacket, thankfully he wasn't a man-whore who kept a stash of numbers on him. He then listened to her speak, she had a soft angelic-like tone which pleased his ears everytime she said something. He could only chuckle when she addmited to saying random things in her sleep. He assumed all people did that when sleeping, sometimes, he wondered if he ever did it, But sadly the Vampire couldn't remember when he last slept. When she mentioned the couple next door got on her case about sleeping outside, he narrowed his gaze to the house next door. "Perhaps they're doing that for your well being, you never know what lurks in the dark" he stated, knowing there were more predators out here than there were normal people.

Baptiste then realized, going into her place made much more sense, they were standing in her yard already afterall. "Sure, your place it is. Let me grab that for you" he stated, grabbing the bag from her which had her blanket thrown onto it. "Lead the way miss." he gave a warm smile, gazing towards her door. "Oh and I hear there's a V-day thing coming up in the city, who's escorting you?" he questioned, hoping he wasn't to late, but tomorrow happened to be the day of the lovers, and even though he was used to spending it alone, he wouldn't have minded being by her side during the dance, or whatever it was. Bap then fell silent, waiting for her to lead them inside, and after a few drinks, perhaps he'd know this girl a little more than he did right now, which sounded pleasant to him.

The cold air felt like ice and she felt the wind begin to pick up. Shivering, she gave Baptiste a smile, and chuckled. Glancing over to her neighbors houses, she could only imagine the couple coming out, and finding her standing with a stranger. A twinkle entered her eye, as she thought of their hilarious reactions. Turning back to the male, she replied, “hmmm.. alright.” Shrugging, she wondered what he was thinking about. The curious female watched as he rolled his shoulders, not really saying anything.

Her eyes drifted back to the night sky and she let out a barely audible sigh. The moon was bright and shining as she watched the clouds drift slowly by. Her fascination with nature would often make her distracted from the reality of life. Dyllann had grown used to how spacey Rachel could become, especially when it came to being outside or around her kittens. Glancing back at him, she wondered how he would take all the cats in the house. “I sneezed,” she covered up her slip of tongue. She didn’t think he’d heard her but now that he had, she decided to cover it up.

Rachel’s mind wondered back to the concern of how her cats would react to him. She knew Tibbles would probably get really upset while Felix would get way to excited. The others would avoid him she was sure of. As her hands rested in his pockets, she gave him another smile smile. The calmness of everything took hold and she pushed her cats from her mind. She wasn’t sure on how to go about talking with him. She wasn’t used to anyone other than Valeria, Dyllann, and Logan. She watched him narrows his eyes to her neighbors place. “I know they want the best. They’re super sweet and concerned. I’m not that scared of the dark,” she muttered, looking back at him. The Dhampir turned her back to him and began walking towards her house, gesturing at him to follow.

”Thank you,” she said, gesturing to her bag. She bit her lip, avoiding the question abou this the Valentine’s Day dance. Opening the door, she turned back to him, “So this is my house. Excuse the cat’s, especially the fat gray one,” she glared as Tibbles began to stalk towards Baptiste. Felix came running and skidded across the floor, trying to slow down. She grinned and picked up the small kitten. “Where’s Alex?” She asked about her puppy. A small bark was heard before the small lab went running over to Baptiste. “Well.. that’s Alex, Mr. Tibbles is the grumpy one, the one in my arms is Felix,” she introduced the pets in the room. She wondered if Dyllann was home but decided not to bother her.

The cold air had became frigid to the petite one, causing Bap to chuckle. "We should get you inside" he stated grinning at the brunette who seemed to be lost in thought again as she stared above them. Baptiste too became captivated by the scenery, as they watched the clouds swim past the moon, the sky had suddenly became littered with stars, he smiled as he glanced back over to her. "I haven't seen stars in.... well, longer than I can remember" he admitted chewing on the inside of his jaw.

As she turned to him and said alright, his smile grew brighter, revealing perfect dimples in his cheeks and pearly whites. He could hear the cats from inside and wondered how they'd take a stranger coming into their home, he'd been attacked many times before but never ambushed by a bunch of furballs. "I think I can handle the cats, don't worry" he chuckled realizing she was analyzing the same thought as he was. With an eye roll he nudged her side playfully. "My hearing is on point lady, why did you whisper that? are you wary of my kind? you're practically just like me... I think. I don't know much about your kind, maybe you can telll me?" he suggested

Snapping his gaze back to her, after glaring towards her neighbors house, he nodded as she said they wanted the best. "Well it's nice to hear you have neighbors who are concerned for you. We all need that every now and then" he admitted. Rachel had finally began walking towards her house, gesturing for him to follow, and he did just that, not able to peel his eyes away from her curvy featues. Clearing his throat as she said thank you, he offered a gentle smile."No need to thank me love" After sitting her bag down, he chuckled when the door swung open, seeing the cats immediately.

As a puppy then ran towards him, he leaned down and began petting it, grinning as it tried to lick his face. Baptiste stood back up and gazed around "you have a lovely home, do you live here alone?" he questioned curiously. Bap then kicked off his shoes out of respect before treading across her floors making himself comfy on the sectional couch, patting he empty space beside of him, shaking his head as Alex took the spot meant for Rachel. "You can sit on the other side of me then, it appears ive made a new friend" he added, before stretching his legs out in front of him, "tell me a little about yourself Rachel, consider me intrigued" he smirked, it felt as if hed known her forever now, due to seeing her sleep in her front yard almost every night,

But, now as he was face to face with her, he wanted to know all he could about her. She was beautiful and smart, so far from what he had gathered, but a girl like her had so much more than just looks to offer, and he had hoped she would offer that to him.

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