Mi-Yeon stared out of her bedroom window in the Celestial mansion, unsure of what to do. Most weekdays she would be working at the coffee shop, but the owners gave her the week off because they were going out of town for a short vacation. Although she was happy for the couple who was getting away to spend time with each other, it now left her nothing to do. The young brunette twirled her hair around, continuously wondering about what she would do, when it finally hit her like a ton of bricks. She remembered people talking about an ice-skating class that was being taught at the Evermore stadium. Mi-Yeon has only had the past two years to learn new things, due to being imprisoned by the Ailwards, and she had yet to try skating. Walking on ice was not fun, as she almost always slipped on the icy surface, but perhaps skating could help her learn to balance on ice better.

Moving to her wardrobe, she began browsing her somewhat extensive collection of clothing. Some would say that she has a shopping problem, but Mi-Yeon doesn’t see it as such. Grabbing a pair of dark blue jeans, a blue t-shirt, and a blue sweatshirt with “Just Don’t” printed on the front; the young brunette began getting changed in the warm outfit. Given that she was going to a cold place, dressing warm seemed to be the best option, plus her coordination with outfits hadn’t let her down yet. To top off her outfit, she grabbed a blue beanie and placed it on her head. As she walked down the large halls of the Celestial mansion, she yelled out “I’m going to the stadium”; just in case one of the other Celestials went looking for her. She wasn’t exactly sure when the skating classes began, so she hoped that she wouldn’t be there too early.

Getting into the cab she had previously called, Mi-Yeon asked him to take her to the stadium, and then paid the driver upon arrival. “I can’t say I’ve ever been in a stadium. I guess this will be two new things for me today” she stated with a smile as she began walking towards the door. Before she reached the entrance however, the young Celestial found her footing slip, and she began to tumble backwards. A perfect way to start out her training session, slipping on ice outside of the stadium. As she tumbled backwards the only thing she could say was “Whooooaaaa”. She was ready for the thud that was coming, and knew that her bum was going to be in pain for a little while.

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Jae had been in Evermore for about a month already and yet he found himself feeling as much a stranger here now than he did when he first landed in the airport. He’d done okay at settling into university life, his dorm room decorated with a few pictures of his family he left back home and his journal laid on his desk, full of all the things he had written over the last few years but he still missed home dearly. It didn’t help that the two people he had been assigned to live with had known one another for years and for the most part were just too interested in partying to even notice his existence. The only real friend Jae had made to far since coming here was Hanseol.

The dhampir wasn’t adverse to making friends, he actually liked having people around him, his problem was the kind of people he seemed to be surrounded by weren’t the kinds of people he could see himself ever being close to. So for the most part he had spent his time alone, writing posts for his blog, jotting down notes or little poems his mind came up with or playing games on his laptop. As he was scrolling through his facebook however, an advert popped up on the screen. Normally he would just keep scrolling but something about it drew his eyes in “Ice Skating Lessons” he pursed his lips clicking on it.

He’d always wanted to try ice skating, mostly because it looked like a lot of fun to glide across the ice and he enjoyed athletic activities. Looking at the schedule he saw that one of the lessons was due to start in 2 hours time and without much thought, clicked it and entered his name on the enrollment list. Well he wanted to branch out and try something new right? Perhaps this was the start he needed. Feeling the sudden new found enthusiasm he now had he got to his feet, changing into loose fitting slacks and a shirt which he figured would be comfortable for moving around a lot and then pulled up Uber on his phone.

He had to admit he was excited to try something new, especially because he hadn’t had the chance to pick up any sport since he’d gotten out of the military. Grabbing his coat from the rack he announced he was going out to the two males who were clustered on the couch, watching some horror movie and waved himself off shutting the door behind him. Slipping the coat on over his shoulders he followed the now familiar route out of the apartment complex and flagged down the car that was waiting for him.

It took about 40 minutes to get across the city to Evermore stadium thanks to the early morning traffic but he whiled away the time talking to the driver, practicing his English and talking about random things such as the weather and both their plans for the day. By the time he arrived he could see a few people heading into the stadium, likely to prepare for the lesson. He thanked the driver and climbed out, tapping the option to tip and then tucking his phone away. Looking up at the stadium he felt a little nervous. Would all the people in the class be better than him? What if he couldn’t even stay on his feet. He sighed but moved forward anyway, he needed to stop letting doubt stop him from doing the things he wanted.

Just as he was about to walk up the steps and enter the stadium he heard distress from someone just up ahead of him, without much thought the dhampir moved at supernatural speed over to the young girl who was about to trip over ice and held out an arm to stop her falling, as he did so however he stood on the exact same patch of ice that she had done and rather than saving her from the fall he ended up falling too, landing with a thud on the ground. He was about to curse but then he just started laughing at his own clumsiness, burying his head in his hands “Not even set foot on the ice rink yet and I’m already falling” he sighed as he peered over to the female.

The thud she had been expecting didn’t come, instead she was greet with a softer landing than she was anticipating. At first she wasn’t exactly sure as to what was happening, but it soon became evident when she heard a voice speak. That was when she realized everything that had happened in that brief moment. She slipped, this guy came to stop her from falling, he slipped on the ice as well; and just like dominoes they both fell. As she tilted her head to the side to see the male, she realized her head was resting on the male’s body and stood rather quickly, only to fall on her bum once again. “I’m sorry” she apologized, as her face blushed a deep shade of red.

“You didn’t hurt yourself did you?” she questioned curiously, after all it was her fault that he fell, and her landing on him had to have hurt as well. After a brief pause, she extended her hand to the male; “My name is Mi-Yeon, but my friends call me MiMi” she stated with a gentle smile. “Did you come here for the ice skating lessons as well?” she questioned curiously. Some would say that she was quite the curious kitty, but Mi-Yeon saw herself as a knowledge seeker. If she didn’t know the answer, she would find the answer through research or questions.

The way the two of them kept slipping and sliding on this particular patch of ice was almost like a sitcom, so much so that the male couldn’t hold back his laughter as he held his hands out to prevent her bumping into him again. The dhampir found humor in the whole thing, though he did look around a little to see who had been watching the two of them keep falling down. He remained sitting, looking at the female who had also fallen, noting the way she seemed embarrassed by the whole ordeal “Don’t sweat it” he responded matter of factly before he dusted some of the ice off his pants.

He rubbed his knee and laughed again “I’m alright, I heal pretty fast” he teased softly “Are you alright? You fell twice after all?” he raised his brows curiously before allowing a smile to grace his lips at her introduction “Jaesung, or Jae for short” he responded reaching out to meet her hand with his and shaking it, the male’s head bowed a little at the same time, more out of habit than anything. The female, now that he had the chance to look at her, seemed to have distinctively Korean features and that same faint glow to her skin he’d learned to recognize as a celestial.

With a steady movement, he pushed up from his seated position, to his feet, doing okay at managing to stay on his feet this time “Yes, though part of me wonders if I should take this as a hint that me and ice aren’t going to get along all that well” he chuckled and offered his hand out towards her to help her up, doing his best to stay away from the deadly patch of ice they had both completely fallen for “Though if we’re going to make it in time we should probably get moving” well he was doing okay so far, he thought to himself, maybe this whole branching out thing wouldn’t be as hard as he originally thought it would be.

The two of them were quite similar in their clumsiness on the ice, although she wasn’t entirely sure if his was due to him rushing himself to rescue her. As the male sat there laughing, she felt the urge to laugh as well, but she refrained from laughing due to her embarrassment for falling on him. While she did appear to be clumsy by the ice, the young Celestial was eagerly anticipating the beginning of the ice-skating lessons. Although she felt the need to apologize, the male had just told her not to sweat it, so she just smiled and nodded. It definitely wasn’t the best way to meet another person, but Mi-Yeon was very short on friends, and she would take any chance that came her way.

She watched from her new perch in the snow, as the male before her rubbed his knee. “Well healing fast does sound pretty good” she stated with a small laugh. She knew of a few species that had increased healing, but she was still learning, and was unable to identify them at first glance. “Yeah I’m okay. You cushioned the first fall, and the second didn’t hurt too bad, though my bum hurts a little” she spoke with a laugh. She had only just met this person, and was already talking about her bum to him like it was no big deal. Shaking the male’s hand, she smiled at him; “It’s nice to meet you Jaesung”. Mi-Yeon wasn’t sure if Jae was just something his friends called him, so for now she decided to stick with his full name unless he told her otherwise.

The young brunette couldn’t help but laugh a little at his statement about him and ice not getting along. “Yeah that’s quite true. If we’re clumsy now, putting blades on our feet might not be a good idea” she stated with a laugh as he helped her to her feet. “However, I’m still excited to try this, and I’m hoping that it might help me learn to balance better on ice. You’ve seen yourself how clumsy I can be on the ice” she said as she spoke truthfully about her intentions. Hearing him say that they had better get moving, she held his hand a little tight as they made their way inside. She figured if she held his hand, then there was a slightly better chance that she wouldn’t fall again.

Now inside the building, she released the male’s hand and brushed her hair away from her face and behind her ear. “I guess we go that way” she stated as she heard voices in the distance. When they arrived at the location, they got there just in time to hear the instructor say that it was a couples skating lesson. Mi-Yeon froze, shocked by the words. She hadn’t gotten the full details from the people talking at the coffee shop, but she hadn’t expected it to be this. She looked around the area, and everyone seemed to already be pairing off into their respective couples. Before she had time to realize, she heard the instructor’s voice speak again; “There’s our last couple”.

At this point Jae just had to laugh at his own clumsiness or he’d be falling into a pit of embarrassment every day, he’d learned if you could trivialise something then it didn’t feel like such a big deal anymore, even though it didn’t stop people staring or judging. It did make him question his own sanity for showing up to an ice skating lesson however but he supposed it couldn’t hurt to practice his balance all things considered. “At this point I think I’ve tripped and fallen enough times that it’s second nature anyway” he admitted with a chuckle before checking she was okay too.

It seemed like the two of them had come out pretty unscathed, though he couldn’t help but wonder whether that would still be the case by the end of the lesson “Good, it would suck if you didn’t even make it to the lesson” he teased before responding to her introduction “Same to you” he responded honestly, it seemed he had a habit of running into Korean celestials at this point, considering this was the second person he’d met and in both cases he’d fallen over them. Weird. He wondered if she knew Hanseol, did celestials know each other?

The brunette put into words the exact concerns he had about this lesson, but Jae was very much of the mentality of fearing something and doing it anyway, it was how he made it through most of his life so far “Can’t let a little thing like that hold you back or you’ll live your life in fear of falling” he commented with a laugh, though she was already leading the way up the stairs and into the building. Jae had to admit it felt strange that she kept a hold of his hand as she did so but he figured if she was paying little mind to it then he didn’t need to worry either. He followed her wordlessly through the hallways, not really taking in much around him because they were rushing.

As they walked into the preparation area he heard the instructor speak, looking over at the two of them, like Mi-Yeon he stopped for a moment in surprise, his eyebrow arching a little, he hadn’t noted that this was a couple’s lesson before. His mouth fell open dumbfounded when the male simply assumed the two of them were here to skate together, he turned to face the brunette for a moment with a surprised expression on his face “Me and her?” he asked as though his brain couldn’t process what was happening and he went speechless “We...uhh…” but the instructor had already moved onto telling everyone to get their skates. He gave Mi-Yeon an apologetic smile for his reaction “I guess we’re partners” he stated with an awkward laugh, reaching up to scratch at the base of his neck.

Realizing they were once again behind everyone else he pointed out the racks of skates over on the wall “Well we get to learn together” he stated, drawing on his optimistic side “It will be fun” he assured, it didn’t have to be awkward if they didn’t make it awkward right? He grabbed a pair of size 9 skates and set them on the ground before taking off his trainers and beginning to lace up the skates, when he was done he placed his shoes and bag up in the place where the skates were as everyone else seemed to be doing. Whilst he was fastening them he peered out towards the clear white ice that was untouched through the glass window, he couldn’t deny he felt a little nervous about all of this but he’d come here with the intention of breaking his usual habits and he was at least going to try.

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