Raina knew she wasn't going to have much of a summer, and for two years now she'd had that knowledge. Warm weather meant being gone more, with her diving team. She spiraled though when she was able to get out, when she was able to find some michief to get into, and tonight wasn't any different. Rai was already on a  drunken stuper, walking the city streets with a staggering posture. Since her vision had been blurred as much as her senses, she could have sworn she'd seen a pole she could lean against. 

Sighing happily, Rai went to the said pole, and just as she leaned, she felt flesh, only now realizing it was a member of ECPD, she knew he worked as CSI, and she knew she was busted for public intoxication at the moment, even if he couldn't cuff her himself, she feared he'd call someone  who could. "I totally thought you were a pole from a distance. Sorry sir" she stated, chuckling. This was a moment she'd never let herself live down, that is if she woke up sober enough to remember it. 

"So, what are you even doing?" she questioned, like a drunk idiot would to someone who worked in the police department "You patrolling the area?" she questioned once more before settling herself against the wall behind them of some kind of store before sliding down it, so she could sit down on the ground. Patting the empty space beside her, Raina made a gesture for him to join. Initia didn't have the advantages that other supernaturals did when it came to getting drunk, their tolerance was that of a humans, and Raina always consumed more alcohol than her body weight when she did make a point to drink. 

Raina didn't think things could get worse than her being drunk and leaning into this man, thinking he was a pole, but things esculated quickly when a fancy car rode by and bullets began flying by them. Raina was oblivious to the fact that the people shooting, were actually aiming for the male, and that it was his high profiled family who'd ruined his life. But while sitting there unknowing, she screamed out, and that had certainly sobered her up. Once the young Initia could stand, she looked to the male with tears pooling up in her eyes. 

"What the actual f*** was that?!" she shouted out at him, after making sure he hadn't been hit by a bullet, things could have went so much worse just now, and now her being publicly intoxicated was the least of her worries. nd, at the very least she wanted answers, she could have been hit by a bullet, and her life could have ended, in the blink of an eye, just because she'd been out enjoying the night and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

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Quentin stood, leaning himself against an actual light pole that illuminated him in it’s washed out fluorescent lighting. The drugstore’s neon sign also shined out around his silhouette before the smoke from his cigarette trailed out of his nose and mouth slowly as he took in the small hit of nicotine. While it was oblivious to others that Quentin smoked, it was a vice of his that he picked up. It calmed his nerves especially after he was stressed by how his past was catching up with him. Receiving threats at his work was something that set him on edge to say the least.

After his superiors came to a decision while he was away on a crime scene, he was informed that it would be in best interest for Quentin to stay on house lock down until it can all be sorted out as it would be him in danger and also the police department. So he was escorted back home but the angel-child was done with the mouse and cat game that he played in his life with his own family. When it came to the type of people he grew up with, he knew it all came down to mind games. Letting your target’s mind turn on them with the fear and paranoia before the enemies could hand deliver the target’s own demise. Quentin only got a taste of it that winter night when the cold steel of the shotgun barrel was pressed into his chest before they ended up taking an innocent life of the girl he loved. Quentin was done with hiding and blending in to save his own hide. No, he was ready to fight back.

Which he guesses this is why he was standing near the drugstore a few blocks from his home. Was it a stupid idea? Oh yes, but the young Nephilim was at times impulsive. Now that he was growing more confident in his Nephilim powers and had more knowledge on what he could possibly be capable of, he wanted to take his fighting chance.

That was before he felt someone lean into him, a petite figure before he could see the woman apologize as she mistaken him for a pole. The drunken chuckle that soon followed her words made him chuckle also as he took in another drag. “I’m waiting for someone,” was all he said as he looked at out the corner of his eyes though a dimpled smirk was on his lips. As she patted the spot near her for him to join, he dropped his cigarette and put it out on the ground with the toe of his shoe. He was about to tell her to that she should get going for her safety but as he opened his mouth, he turned his head upon hearing tires screeching as they turned onto the street. “Shit!” The black car racing down the streets within a second, after that, everything happened in a blink of an eye. The bullets blasting by them as he turned and kneeled down to cover himself but also placed himself in front of the girl. He would have inflicted pain on the driver but he got himself distracted.

His heart racing ten times faster than before; he was sure his eyes were glowing a vibrant purple from the high of emotions and adrenaline that he had. He looked back to the girl who was already on her feet and clearly coherent enough now to take on the situation. “F***ing hell,” he muttered under his breath as he looked around. “It’s a long story. But you seem like a nice girl that shouldn’t get involved in this.” Though he know it was too late and that she involuntarily got dragged into this.

His eyes ran over her frame to make sure no bullets pierced through her flesh but as he went to stand up and straighten himself out, a loud grunt rumbled out in pain from his throat. “Oh, f–“ he cut himself off as he bit down on his tongue to hold in the pain. His hand flew to his side, right below his rib cage on his left side. As he drew his hand back, it was covered in blood. He could feel the searing painin  his left arm too which he knew all the bullets that hit him were stuck in his flesh like the one lodged in his back.

“Please tell me you didn’t get hurt,” he groaned out in pain as he got a better look at the girl. He could see the fear and the tears in her eyes. He felt guilty as someone he didn’t even know could have gotten killed just by standing near him. He didn’t know whether he should leave her alone, petrified on the sidewalk or offer to take her somewhere safe but he knew they both had to get out of here.

“If you want to avoid the police or anything, I suggest we both should scram before we get a lot more trouble on our hands,” he said as his eyes were steady on her. “I know a safe place where we can go,” he said before looking around. There were a few people already starting to become concerned so he took the Initia’s hand with his blood-free one and started to run down the street, hoping to keep the blood that started to drip from his wounds would seep into his clothing instead of leaving a trail that led to the two of them.

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