Hearing talks about a attack on the science center was not an idea please Zandra wanted to be around. Chemicals, and many other things can go wrong but a it was part of her job. Being a Human in the guards was not easy not being the others guards who are not human adding up to their working title within the ranks. The darker women, got ready to get her job done with the hopes nothing more then stopping this attack to happen. One thing about this job is to listen while watching to the bright mind in the science department. It was not her best subject but as she listens to others she can fully understand what is being said and what they are doing other than sitting down trying to understand everything by writing.

Wearing her hair in a side ponytail, black tight jeans, green button up shirt and boots, she gotten ready a day ahead so she dont be late to anything. Zandra didn't want the aspects or the other guards to look down on her just because she is a human. She grabbed the bus going to in and out of the city of Evermore, she had to admit she spreads way to much time around the area but she could not help they have the best stores that sells things she adores. One thing she has not seen was the building she is going today. Being undercover and normal with the crowd was not going to be easy as she didn't know what the people look like. Movement and actions will only tell her.

Going up in the convention center, told her this will be a mess if Zandra does not stop the attack. Getting a flyer and walking in, reading names to see who will that want to target and name made her look. Halland Emery. The darker female has not meet this Halland before but day they both will be in for a shock. She had to make sure she does not mess this up so she went to look for people keep her brown hues open for anything. For what the darker women could say, there was never a break for who she is so she has seen so many wrongs and how people want to act before their plan comes to plan.

Getting into the middle of the event, she found herself looking at a big stage in the middle as the crowd was gathering. “ This is a perfect stop for the attack to happen.” Zandra said under her breathe and keep looking around. Up or down, gun or snapper either way she has to think of something. As Zandra was about to move a voice came introducing someone with clapping at the tail in. “Halland?” she asked as she turned around seeing the face of the women and sighed. “Human, oh boy this is going to be more fun.” Zandra knew she has to find the person fast as she went to the side to see everyone and keep a watch on Halland.

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Today was the day. The day where she got to show the science departments technology to the world and the young bright minds of the future. There was a lot of preparation that went into these such events. A lot of time consuming planning. Trying to figure out what was going to be placed on display and what was going to be actually shown how things work. Plus, on top of all that. Holland was offered to make a speech. Letting the young minds of today know how important this technology is and that anything is truly possible. If you work towards it. It wasn’t easy getting to where she was today. But every step she took, the good and the bad. It was all worth it to get to where she is today. The human never got truly nervous at anything but speaking in front of a crowd. It dated back to the High School years, during presentations. Causing her to freeze like a deer in head lights or the point where she found herself running out of the classroom to throw up. So hopefully today’s speech was hopefully going to be different.

Standing out in the back as she watched some of the men do their jobs while unloading some more equipment that would be needed for today. “Oh.. Oh please be careful with that.” paranoia started to set in. A few things starting to wobble as they excited the van. “Oh that too. If that breaks, well.. I doubt you really care.” letting out a soft sigh as she over-looked everything. Making sure nothing broke. Most of these items were impossible to replace if anything ever broke. She couldn’t image the horror if that ever happened. Most of her items were already placed around for display. But these were the items that were actually going to be used, to show the audience how the task force would be able to use them and keep the human species a little safer every day. She was going to drive herself nuts, sooner or later. If she wasn’t there already.

Glancing down at her phone that was being held within the confine of her digits. Groaning. “I have to go.. Just... don’t break anything, guys.. please. That’s all I ask.” placing the phone into her pocket as she walked her way over towards the stage. Placing a smile across her features. Giving them a warm welcome as she made her way up the thrice steps and over towards the podium. “Welcome, guys! I’m so excited to see such a big turn out at the Science convention. It only gets bigger and better ever year.” chocolate brown hues gazing out towards the crowd. Digits latching on to the podium tightly. The fear of suddenly talking in front of everyone started to hit her. Gulping, camera’s going off as pictures were being taken. Which quite frankly, didn’t really help her chances of not freezing in the head lights. “Today’s technology is bigger and brighter than ever. Science is...” she had dared to gaze up at the crowd. “...is changing every day live styles, more than people realize.. from every day little devices, such as your cell phones to the technology you’re using at work. Too the new and improved equipment the police us to keep us safe.” the crowd starting to clap as Holland continued on. This wasn’t so bad, now was it? Wrong. It was utterly horrifying.

As the women begin to speak her words, everything with her begin to be on a  time limit. Zandra was all alone with no one to back her up. It is not easy to be human within the guard that are in other species. Why would anyone want to go on a mission with a human just as herself but her one friend Tatianna but she is always busy to take up a offer for a mission. Either that or Tatianna didn't want her to close everything down like most of species would think humans are. The dark women walked through the crowd as she heard someone in black with a group of guys were planning to go with their plan very soon.

"Just when things won't get an easier. Mental question, why is everyone choosing black?" Zandra asked to herself looking for the group but didn't see anyone as she got nervous and then closed her eyes. " Zandra you can do this, prove to the guards that a human is no better than the other species and make sure your alive after this. Get everyone out of the building." Zandra looked around as she noticed on of the men who brought Holland out was next to her and walk up and stood next to him as she looked at the man and monthed. 'Trouble is coming get her out.' The man didn't move like she knew he wouldn't. Being very annoyed she saw the group with nothing. "If they don't have guns then what are they planning. Think Zandra." The dark women talked to her life and then her eyes went wide. " A Bomb! People need to get out of this area."

The man looked at her and then Zandra sighed. " Get her off the stage there is a bomb somewhere." Knowing those word will get him to move she started to talk with people and to move to another room quickly. The darker female, knew this mission was now more darker then she thought as she knew people's lives where in danger. With her yelling bomb, the guys could pushed the button or people will start running know it will all be chaos.  After she saw people telling others, Holland's speech was put on hold as the dark female looked up at Halland, Zandra knew it was either she had enemies about her plan to make things a better place and more experience for human's to protect themselves or they don't want to smart and bright person to speak about her work. Either was she watch the women and the guards left the room and looked at the group who looked pissed and got ready for a fight if they where going to put one up. "Everyone get out of here, this place is not safe!." Supernatural or not she walked into this alone and might be in trouble but this was her job, it was not her fault no one wanted to trust a human with them.

Everything thus far the human said, every one seemed to enjoy. Thankfully. — honestly, she thought her speech would have been a tragic ending. Science was her passion, supernatural was her passion. Speaking in front of crowds was not. All throughout high school, she tried to avoid speaking in front of the class. Unless it was some sort of presentation, even then. She really didn’t want to go about speaking. It honestly made her stick to her stomach just to think about it. One time during high school, she managed to get herself nervous enough to the point where she actually barfed her way into the clinic, where the school nurse was. It was a nightmare that she didn’t want to happen all over again, however. This speech so far had been proven itself good so far. Small claps here and there until she saw movement in the crowd, guards quickly guiding the human off stage in the middle of her speech. Not that she was happy to be saved from that, but what the hell was going on?

“There is a bomb in the area, Miss Holland. We must get you to safety.” Those words struck a chord. It caused her to freak out but some how she remained some-what calm. Not wanting to make the problem worse than it already was. “What..I can’t leave my things here.” Being able to push herself away from the guard as she took off to her equipment. There was no way in hell she was going to be leaving these things behind. She worked way to hard to have them be blown up. It would set her back months. Months that she wouldn’t be able to get back. She’d pretty much would have to start all over. So that definitely wasn’t going to be the case. The guards chasing after her, but she didn’t care. All she wanted was for her stuff to be safe. That’s just what she was going to do.

Now pushing against one of the Rey guns as she attempted to push it back over towards the car. People running around like crazy. As they too were trying to get themselves to safely. Screams of horror started to come into sound as things started to blow around them, one by one. People becoming injured within a matter of seconds. It caught Holland’s attention. Such travesty. — who would want to do such a thing like this? Was it because of the things she was showing? It looked as if some supernatural didn’t like what was going on. Well, one would only assume it was supernatural. Holland knew there were some species out there that didn’t approve of the humans growing stronger and learning how to defend themselves. So this was probably a way to tell her to stop. Which, wasn’t going to happen. The humans needed protection too. She wasn’t going to just stand by and watch everyone get hurt. They were far more important than her equipment.

Arms being wrapped around her waist as the guards attempted to pull her away. “Nooo! People need our help!” She shouted as she fought her way free only to have the man place her back down on her free, now running to the center of the crowd. This was probably stupid. She could get hurt just like any other human out there. “Oh my.... gosh.” Chocolate hues glancing down at the ground as she saw a woman lying there, either dead or knocked out. Hopefully knocked out. Quickly bending down to her knees as she placed two fingers up to the woman’s neck, checking her pulse as it was still faint only to then quickly look around, seeing a darker woman behind her. “Quick, call 911! She needs medical attention.” Stating with worry as yet again, another bomb managed to trigger itself off. So much for her event. Something tragic always happened at these things as of late.

Within moments after Zandra told the guards there is a bomb and noticed the guys. Zandra chased the boy as the police got on scene. "Guys in full black, there is a bomb around here, we need to find it before people get hurt." Zandra yelled at the team as they somewhat took her serious but the ones who didn't believe her laughed it off and went on their own business. 'Do they think a bomb is a joke?' is all the she questions within her mind. She chased after one of the guys and pulled out her father's gun knowing how to handle things without shooting. " It's the end. Stop the bomb right now!" she yelled as the man laughed with a smile and with eyes that can took within the soul. Icy Blue eyes.

" You dumb girl, think your an officer, a bodyguard, you are a pretender, a no one. " The man said as Zandra didn't let her guard down. " Your to late." Seconds she heard screams and the building shake. Grabbing the bar as she looked down to see the bomb went off. Zandra went to handle the guy but withing a flash he was gone. " Mission failed I guess. I need to help People at least and help out the police to get a look out for the men who cause this.Running down her mind went into talking bad about herself. ' How could I made things different if I could not stop the people with a single bomb. Her hand touched her forehead as she heard someone trying to get someone attention. The speaker for before, she thought she got away from the building.

Zandra got on her phone as she run the brunette. " Yes Hello, There was a bomb at the science center and we need medical attention right now. Please hurry." Zandra ripped her shirt a little and tried to help as much as she could. "Miss, are you ok? You should be out of the building. There could be more then one bomb. it's not safe." Zandra didn't want no one to get hurt as she heard the ambulance getting closer as more police officers came piling in to building as a few came to them and help the lady. " Hurry there might be fore bombs, please don't ask questions. Peoples lives are at stake." Zandra said to others who wanted to ask question but what the guys looks like. The darker women looked at the brunette female and walked up to her. "Let's get you out of here. You must be scared out of your life right now. Why did you come back? If you don't mind me asking."

Heart racing at a frantic pace. - Holland knew some supernatural didn’t like the work she had been doing, but the humans needed to feel safe too. The supernatural were not the dominate species, even though they clearly felt like they were. Humans were just as important to Evermore as the supernatural are; but she wasn’t about to let some crazy supernatural get the best of her today, even if they set up bombs. They were not going to win this time around, no way. So needless to say, she had rushed over to a human who had gotten hurt from the bombs, knocked out more than likely. “C’mon.” she whispered to herself as she placed both hands against the woman’s chest as she started to press in, starting CPR. Her breathing was low and she was losing a lot of blood. People were scattered across the place, some lying hurt and some fleeing. “C’mon, don’t die on us now.”

Her attention turned towards the darker woman who had called 911. Giving a nod of approval. “No offense, miss but don’t tell me to get out of here when there is people dying.” sirens going off in the background, police arriving in a quick fashion as they started to check the area. She wasn’t going to be just running away when people were out here dying. Not if she could at least help them some how until the proper help comes showing up. Ambulance started to finally show up. People rushing out to help the indeed. “Over here! She’s dying.. I’ve tried to give her CPR but it isn’t working. She hardly has a pulse.” she couldn’t show any panic on her face without setting any others off. ‘Switch places with me.’ one of the woman said who came from the Ambulance. Slowly lifting up her hands to have them trade places with the other woman only to watch her place the dying woman on the stretcher and loading her up in the ambulance.

Attention now turning back towards the darker woman who was helping as she asked her question. “Why did I come back? Look around you.” arms crossing over her chest, brows furrowed with a soft sigh as she stepped closer. “Most of these people here are humans. I’m not going to step back and watch my kind die all because someone thinks they are bigger and better.” She could care less about her weapons and everything that she had built to protect the humans. If someone was indeed, Holland would be right there to protect whomever it was. No matter what the cost is. “I’d rather see my weapons destroyed rather than watch anymore humans die. They are always the ones getting killed off, which is part of the reason why I started making things that could help protect us in the future.” blinking a few times as her chocolate hues scanned over the woman. “And by the looks of it, the humans are your kind too..”

From one thing to the other, Zandra didn't know what she was really saying anymore. Everything was going crazy she lost the group who attacked not only the women who was giving a speech to help her kind out but the outcome was more chaositic then she would of pictured it. How will she put a report like this in? How can say write she was the only guard who was there and didn't ask for backup from anyone. Everything was just not working out ever since she got back. Zandra was trying to process everything and trying to play everything back slowly within her mind as the other told her the answer why she came back as the darker women looked down knowing that was a selfish and dumb question to ask. 

As the Ambulance came, she went to check others some where dead but others still had a change to make it though. " it's going to be alright. Help is here." Zandra said as memories of what happened to her mother came to her brown hues. Zandra knew she was not stronger like she said she wanted to be. Weak and slow. Zandra sighed to herself watching the boy she was helping get carried away.

Zandra heard the other women talking to her knowing she was furious at what she said before, Zandra deserved it she had no right to ask the question in the first place. " Am sorry by that question. I have no right to ask you that. It is selfish of me." Zandra didn't want to bring her problems into someone she didn't know but she looked to the side to see the bomb squad  gathering together  making her self better all bombs are off. "I don't like to see our kind get hurt or even die to add. Am not that heartless." Zandra was not scared to say she is a human, she is proud of being who she is even meaning being in a blood line of Human Aliward Guards as the job she was fated to do starting on the wrong foot. " We should look at other floors for more people? Those mean knew what they were doing so this plan was made months before this to happen. Why can the Human's live in peace?" Zandra saying the last part to herself.

Holland didn’t mean to come off harsh. She was usually the sweetest person anyone would meet, but in a time like this? There was no time to be asking questions. People needed their help more than anything and that’s what she was here for. She may have been a respected scientist around the community, but once upon a time. She did try to get into Doctoring school; picking up a few things here and there.”Stop..” the brunette moved in front of the darker woman, placing her hands into hers to help her remain calm. “Stop and just take a breather.” she didn’t want to say stop apologizing and be rude about it. There was no time for apologies. Another bomb could go off at any minute if that was the case. “Don’t apologize, just help.. alright?” giving her a warming smile with a nod.

Now removing her hands from the woman’s as she turned around on the base of her heel. “That’s a good idea though. Checking all floors.” God knows there was too many. Her laboratory was even on one of those levels. “Everyone seems to be okay down here, for now.” chocolate hues glanced around as she slowly began to walk, making sure everything was alright before she headed into the building, hopefully with Zandra behind her. She had blood spatter against her white lab coat and under her nails. A few probably would have looked at her weird but there wasn’t time for that. If they heard the bomb that went off outside. Then more than likely they all scattered out and into a safe place.

Eyes widen as they landed on a few people who had still been in the building, minding their own business. “Get out, now. A bomb went off and there could be a possible another one around.” watching them all scatter out. Feeling a little better now that those few people rushed into safety. Walking back more into the building as she made her way down a few hallways. Nope, thankfully the rest on the first floor had done made it out safely. Now making her way up the steps to the second floor, rushing as fast as a human could. “Get out, there could be a bomb in here.” yelling at everyone on the second floor. She was still annoyed at the fact that someone went out of their way to target the humans.

Zandra listened to the other as she sighed and closed her eyes for a few seconds hoping not a lot got hurt thinking of the worst is not in the character of the darker women. "Be careful where you step, we don't know what other things they could come up with." Zandra warned the other not knowing if they needed it but any door, room or table can have something to make the situation worst then what is going on now.  As the other went to get people out she did the same but also looking for anything more. "So How many floors are there, This is my first time in this building. " Zandra asked as she helped a scared woman to the staircase as it warned her heart as another women came to them and took the other down.

Zandra at time point knew she has to be a fast learner thinking if they where to put a bomb is in any floor it would be the weakness of the building to bring the big disaster to many people. She is thinkful it was not a Celestial doing this but another. What species would come up with a idea plan, a gang, knowing the answer would be anyone who wants the species gone but that is the simple get out answer anyone would think of. Getting people out and checking each room she walked around to find the other. " Have you seen anything that is out of place of odd. If not then we can get on the next floor."  

Her pace went faster and faster up the ever winding stairs as she finally got to the second floor. People were still doing there every day job and working to take care of people. Clueless as to what was actually going on down below. Did they not hear what was going on? To be honest, Holland looked like a hot mess and here she was, trying to get everyone to safety. “Leave, everyone leave.. There is a bomb in this hospital. A few already went on, people are dead and we don’t need more.” the brunette stated in a panic. It probably wasn’t best to be in a panic, as they needed someone calm and collected to keep someone else calm, but Holland was just as scared as everyone else. She couldn’t keep calm without herself going crazy but that's beside the point. The point was she needed to get everyone out and alive without any harm coming to anyone else today.

Walking down the hallway as she helped people down the step as she saw the fellow female who was helping come up the second round of stairs to get to the second floor. “I haven’t seen anything yet that’s out of the normal for a hospital, but we have at least another ten floors we have to cover by stairs. Elevators are the one thing we cannot take, especially if there are more bombs in this building.” sighing as she shook her head in disappointment. The last of the hospital staff had finally exited the building; some staying behind with the patience, as they couldn’t go unattended either. She was in awe of their dedication.

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