An alcohol soaked cotton ball was held to the large gash running over his right eye, a parting gift from his beloved wife. The same wife who had insulted him, bruised his ego, poisoned the pack and left after a physical altercation she ran. "Eli, are you alright?" A soft voice with a seductive edge to it asked from behind him as a young redhead entered the bathroom Elijah only watching her reflection as he cleaned another set of scratch marks which ran across his throat. "Why didn't you just divorce the bitch? Leave her to whatever fate becomes her?" The redhead asked as she reached out to stroke his shoulder.

In one swift move Elijah turned on the woman, cotton ball dropping to the floor forgotten as he lashed out his hand gripping her throat tightly as he lifted her off of her feet and slammed her against the wall. His lip was curled up in a snarl as he growled at beta of his pack. "She is my WIFE regardless of what she's done she's part of this pack and you will speak about her with respect!" Elijah may not have held very tightly to his wedding vows and often cheated on his wife and spoke down her but she was still his wife and he would be the only one to do so.

"Your opinion is worth less than the air you breathe and I have half a mind to end that as well. You aren't a part of this pack to think, you're a part of this pack to follow and listen to me." By this point he was close barely whispering into the redhead's air as she clawed at his hand trying to loosen his grip. He could feel her fighting to pull air into his lung but he didn't care. She had insulted his wife and questioned his authority as an Alpha, she didn't deserve to live but he couldn't thin out his pack now or turn them against him, he needed them all.

Loosening his grip he allowed the redhead to drop to the floor in a heap gasping for breath. "I am the Alpha here and don't you ever forget or question that!" He growled out low as he turned back to the mirror watching as his eyes glowed red the beta cowering in fear, affected by the intense anger which was bleeding off of him in waves. "Tell the others to double the efforts to find Tansy, she's not getting away, there's nowhere for her to hide, not from me." The redhead gave a weak nod before crawling as quickly as she could out of the bathroom before scrambling to her feet and rushing to comply with his orders. 

Whatever weakness they sensed at the lose of his mate was not going to a feeling which lasted long. Tansy had not only drawn blood but she had insulted him and damaged his standing with his own pack and that would not be allowed. Once she was returned to the pack her life would be a short one but her life was his to take, his to do with what he wanted. There were no friends for Tansy to run to, he had made sure to break those bonds to keep an incident like this from occurring.  So who could she run to? Who would help her? No one, no Alpha or pack would stand against him, any how had heard of him stayed out of his way and gave him what he wanted. 

"I'm coming for you little wolf." He said speaking to his reflection as his eyes continued to glow reminding him of exactly what he was. Tansy would bend to his will and return, she had always bent to his will and this time would be no different.

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