Ery had been beside himself and insanely uncomfortable since he'd found her outside of her door drunk and broken. Ery himself was nothing but a shattered alcoholic and emotions were on an ultimate high. At first he wanted to walk away, just leave her there getting satisfaction from knowing she'd suffer just a little more. The Aspect of Death obviously still having a taste for revenge sighed as he glanced over. For a moment he found himself struck on her sleeping frame, remembering that it didn't use to hurt so much.

Erythreus hadn't been in the right state of mind since the day he'd left Sio dying on Dom's floor. If anything he had became a much bigger alcoholic and more bitter towards everyone than he had already been. Becoming just a shell of what he use to be, had also drawn the attention of his siblings towards him. Ven and Deus had even suggested AA meetings. But Ery found the idea to silly to even entertain. Being immortal meant that he'd have a lifetime of these problems, and there was no way he'd spend his eternity seeing shrinks, doctors, drug counselors etc.

Rolling over on the opposite side, the Aspect of Death stared out the window to the full moon painted in the sky. Holding back what felt like tears making their way to his eyes before gently and almost silently getting out of bed. After easing out into the kitchen without waking her, now was his chance to do what he'd been contemplating on ever since she'd fallen asleep. After grabbing an ink pen and paper, Ery sat down at the table with a bottle of booze and began writing. An hour later the Aspect had finished a pretty long letter and laid it on the table before stepping out side for a brief second, picking a rose from one of the several rose bushes, laying it on top of the letter.

Glancing through the crack of her door, Erythreus sighed and left with the bottle of whiskey. The note read:

"Dear Bo, as I sit here writing this, you lie sound asleep in the next room, which makes it even harder to say goodbye. I never had a safe landing in my life until I met you, as unsafe as it technically was considering how we met. I guess all things have a twist of irony. But, the point is, you made me feel like someone, if only for a short while, around you I felt like I had learned to breathe again, full of life even if I am the Aspect of Death. And at one point with you, I had even began thinking, there was no one better worth dying for than you... but I guess every happy person has their ending as all fairytales do. After everything you went through, and everything you put me through, something still led me back here to you, seeing you locked out of your cabin, drunk and broken gave me a twisted sense of satisfaction. But, then you told me everything that happened to you and Dom. It made me feel helpless towards you, And the fact that you were in this situation with him, only confirmed that what I felt for you was one sided. I need to leave.. and just be free of all this. I'm sorry Bo, All my love

~Deathy Poo"

After getting onto his bike and securing his helmet, his leather gloves gripped the handle bars tightly, inhaling deeply as he sped off into the night. Even though Erythreus didn't leave any hints as to where he was, he knew Sio would know regardless. He'd always spoken of a place that he'd go to if and when the time ever came that he was ready to give up his duties and die like a normal human being. He'd found a rock cliff hovered over a beautiful ocean, much like the one he was thrown off of by the two Vampire brothers who'd killed him the first time he died, making sure he'd wake up just like them.

Not far from the rock cliff, was the safehouse he'd made memories in with someone else.Tatiana Ivakov. They had always said missions were to be done with a guard, and unfortunately, when Ery's first mission came around he'd been stuck with a beautiful goddess who had tried to write off even the wrongs in people as good, no matter who they were or what they'd done, she seemed to find light somewhere beneath their darkness. It was her greatest weakness, and the ultimate reason that she'd been only a memory to him and not a current lover. However, he had made contact with her not long before going to Siobhan's that night.

In Ery's eyes it'd been a mistake, especially after their failed mission together. They hadn't failed their mission in technical terms. only with one another, and Ery had lost her trust forever. Jacob; a rogue Guard, who's face haunted him to this day, had tried to kill Tati from behind, and Ery had lunged himself at Jacob, slicing through him with ease, killing him instead. Tatiana didn't believe Erythreus; and before that day, the two had developed feelings beyond what a guard and aspect were meant to have. But killing JAcob caused Tati to lose her feelings for him,. at least thats what Ery had assumed.

Snapping out of thought Ery entered the cabin, sitting his helmet down, and walking over to the couch that was covered more in dust than it was in fabric. Grabbing one of the few bottles of whiskey he had brought along with him he began sipping at it, flicking through his mobile device the one thing from the new age world that he enjoyed was music, and with that he'd put it on a song to ease himself some. He knew what he was doing, and he knew he'd be looked down upon for it. But, he couldn't handle the heartbreak anymore, as odd as it was, it seemed as though the Aspect of Death felt grief more than any of the others, and perhaps that was the Vampire nature of him, or it was simply because he felt that betrayed.

As the (music) started, Ery let his head fall onto the back of the couch. His icy-blue orbs staring up at the ceiling, he'd planned to just go peacefully; fall asleep in hopes he'd fall asleep dreaming of something peaceful, not the many memories that haunted him, the wrongs he'd done and the people who had wronged him themselves. It was only as he had finished off the first bottle a couple hours later, he'd heard a loud thud at the door, not a knock, because he only heard it once. Ery didn't get up to answer it though, considering he was basically in the wilderness; it could have simply just been an animal.

Sudden screams though heard all over the world, the screams of those dying pierced through his ears. Perhaps it was punishment for even thinking he could give up and die like a normal person, he was the Aspect of Death, and the dead was his responsibility. The fact he'd left the manor and came here, perhaps the Gods were punishing him by sending every ear piercing scream of those currently dying by murder among many other reasons straight through Ery's ears. "Stop it!!!!" he called out holding his head feeling as though he'd had a migraine. And, for a moment things got so silent that he could hear the beating of a birds heart had one been flying above the cabin.

He didn't know what was happening or why, nor did he care. Slipping his leather bike gloves off he tossed them aside and readjusted himself, this time lying stretched out on the dusty couch where many memories were made, thinking about each of them with equal measure. Remembering Tatiana telling him like it was yesterday that she'd wished she was full Vampire and Ery telling her she didn't really wish for that and how he'd shared his whole life story with her too leading them both to have feelings for each other. But then he rememberered their fight about him killing Jacob, allowed the rogue guards to escape. Then his memories went on to the other, Siobhan, he'd met her the night demons were following her, he had slayed each one of them with ease, and fell for her the same way he'd fallen for Tatiana.

But as time went on, Siobhan too left him. For whatever reasons they gave him, he was still bitter. And right now, he just wanted it all to go away. It wasn't much longer he'd finished another bottle as he sat there guzzling each one, to help speed the process of sleep. He then soon began to fade. Completely forgetting to lock the door, but now it was to late. Because for all he could care, he'd lie there and sleep and continue doing so until he just didn't wake up anymore. Ery didn't expect what was to come, or who was to come. But after sleep came, he'd dreamed of the both of them coming to his rescue; Tatiana and Siobhan both. But that was the issue in his life, he didn't want to be saved.

The music that currently plkayed in the background of his dream much different than the dream he wanted to have, was truly one that fit how he looked at things, and he did just want to be a simple man. Lying there dreaming of a house on a farm, raising a family and having someone to truly love him was what he'd dreamed of, meanwhile not knowing help was on the way, but they didn't know how stubborn he'd be about leaving either. Whoeveer came for him, would definitely have to fight him to get him to come back to where he belonged.

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Siobhan woke up in the rental she barely used other than the time she didn’t want Dominic to see her in such an emotional state. She was thankful he was away on a mission when list nights bender happened and she was stuck back in Lucifers grasp. The thought of that hateful diviners touch made her whimper in fear, but she told herself over and over again that he was no longer an issue. Sio moved her feet to the wooden floor and felt the pain of the hangover form the night before.

She groaned as she lowered her face to her knees letting the wave of nausea passover here before clearing her throat as she moved to stand up. She needed water and her healing to kick in so she could feel better. Looking to her phone that sat on the table next to the bed she picked it up reading the text from Dom that held a good morning, along with a photo which was part of her job to guess where he was just by it. She typed back to him ‘Good Morning Beasty, I’m missing you, be safe. Today guess: Rome?’ She did miss him, the longer he stayed away the darker her thoughts seem to get.

Her gaze went to the empty bed behind her, she remember Ery had been there when she told him repeatedly to leave and yet he laid next to her, not touching her but just being there, as she kept her back to him sobbing when ever the two were around each other it was either the best of times or the worst and lately it had been always the latter. She wondered if he made his way home as she pushed her mess of her hair behind her shoulder and out of the room.

The rose on the table caught her eye as she tilted her head to the side, the only person who tend to bring her flowers was Dominic and they tend to be flowers of the wild. She moved over to the table and lowered herself on the couch as she picked up the rose moving it to the side. She picked up the note and opened it letting her eyes scroll over the words. “Oh no.” where the words that left her lips as she stood up rushing back to her bedroom to get dressed.

She would have normally told Dom to go and get him as he tended to be the only one who could talk sense into that aspects head but he was gone. Siobhan never felt more helpless then she had in that moment. She picked up her keys and moved out to the motorcycle that she had rebuild that sat in front of her home. Getting it started she took off towards the Ailward Manor she figured if anyone could help her, they would be in the Ailward home. Maybe one of the other aspects could talk him off the ledge literally...if she wasn’t too late.

The Ailward Manor wasn’t hard to find once you knew what you were looking for, she had been there a handful of times between dropping Dominic off and once to see Ery though he refused to see her. So here she was pulling up parking her motorcycle and climbing off of it. She walked to the Manor door and knocked quickly on it till a blonde pulled it open giving her a look that could kill.

“I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t be here I just…” She quickly pulled out the letter she remember to shove in her pocket “I think Erythreus is going to stay away from the other aspects till he is almost dead and then jump from a cliff that reminds him of the one his brother vampires tossed him from. Please I need someone who will go with me to bring him back. I can’t have him die over this…Over me.” She placed the letter in Tatiana hand.  “No matter what has happened between us, I will always consider him a friend…” She waited for the blonde to answer her.

Twilight shifted into sunlight; another sleepless night ensued. Days like these, it was ‘ought best to do something protective. So Tatiana had found herself in the training room with some new guards. Training for countless hours, kick after kick; punch after punch. It was one of her favorite things to do as a guard. Helping out the lower ranks. It sometimes gave her a sense of purpose, because all she really did was go on mission after mission. It was good to just stay back at the manor for once and relax. As she truly never really did have a day off. “Take a break kids, you all have earned it.” she stated with a warm smile. “actually, I think we’re done for the day. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.” it was a quick change of the mind as she wanted to spend the day with her mother. Something she had been wanting to do for a while now and not just on missions.

Turning around on the base of her heel as she went to pick up her water bottle that was on the table only to take a quick drink before walking out of the room. Helping train the new ones often made her feel helpful as she could around this manor. Usually if she wasn’t on missions or at least doing something on her day off. She’d end up driving herself crazy. Tatiana was one of those people who always had to keep themselves moving. As of late, she hadn’t even been painting either. She just didn’t have the muse for it these days. It was part of the reason why she took up more time training with all the new members of the Ailward guard, seeing as she was one of the best guards. Plus, it helped in remembering the new faces. In case if she ever had to go on a mission with one of them. But everyone knew that Tatiana was someone who liked to do things on her own, including missions.

Now making her way out of the training room as she walked herself down the hallway, passing the front door only to hear a knock. Looking back and forth to see if anyone else was around to get that. Guess not; allowing a shrug to roll off the base of her shoulders as she then approached the door. Opening the door as her icy blue hues landed on a smaller blonde, whom she had never seen before. She had started to speak in a worried tone of voice, something about Erythrues had caught her attention, or she thought she would have just been someone who was blabbing away. Digits clasping the letter the blonde had given. “So you’re Siobhan?” she had asked as she glanced over the letter. The guard had heard a lot about this certain angel, but never actually gotten around to meet the person. This wasn’t the way she pictured meeting, but if an Aspect needed help. It was her duty to serve.

Every fiber in her body was telling her not to go. They hadn’t talked in almost hundred years, if that. There had been so much history between them; but at the same time. Tatiana couldn’t very well allow the Aspect to kill himself either. At one point, he was there for her when apparently she almost got stabbed in the back, literally. So now it was her turn to be there for him. “No need to say anymore.” reaching back as she grabbed her leather jacket off the rack, slinking it on as she shoved the letter into her pocket. “Let’s go.” going down the steps as she approached the bike. If she was honest, she hadn’t been on one of these in ages. “Did he say anything to you? I mean, other than the note. Anything to you that maybe seemed... I don’t know.... triggering?” pressing lips into a fine line as she glanced up at the woman who was too making their way down the steps. “I must have you know, before we do this...” swinging her leg over on the back of the bike, offering her the helmet. “I haven’t talked to Erythreus in almost a hundred years. So I may not be much help, but I’ll try.”

Ery had been llying here for nearly a week and a half now. He was now weak, but at peace. He'd never been ungrateful for being given a chance to live.. but over and over again, and now after 1500+ years, the Aspect of Death had grown weary and tired. His soul felt broken, as much as his heart seemed to be. What had led him to this, was a number of things. All the way from the few women who'd gotten under his skin and ripped him to shreds down to the longing of having a normal life.

Flashbacks, and memories filled his mind, making the pain more dull as time continued ticking by slowly. Even though he was in true agony, Erythreus was calm, and he was able to focus on other things, like a few certain blondes he had lost. Not everything had been bad either, he was able to remember the good things about them with the bad. Sio being the first, Erythreus would have given anything to keep her safe, constantly encouraging her and hoping to see her use her wings one day, but he now laid hereslipping off into a slumber that would probably be his final one, leaving Sio with nothing but a letter to say good bye. Then, there was Tatiana, who hated Ery for saving her life, but she was one to stay in denial when the truth was as hurtful as her own was.

Jacob trying to kill her, destroyed her and broke her heart, so to tell Erythreus he was lying was just easier for her. But, at some point after seperating from her, with her final wish for him to rott in hell, Erytjreus had finally started to miss her, and felt as empty as he had when he'd lost Sio. The day he left Sio in the floor to die, felt just the same as Tatiana walking away from him, wishing the same fate for Erythreus. A tear fell from his chee but he didn't mind the emotions, it's not like anyone could see him in this state. There was nothing around for miles and miles, the very reason he had picked this cabin, that and the cliff just ahead of where the cabin was, looking like a replica of where he'd died the day the two Vampire brothers killed him, before he became an Aspect, and having to live his life like a Vampire.

Deep beyond the man that Eryhreus seemed to be in the eyes of literally everyone, he was humble, kind, and had one of the biggest hearts for a man of his structure. Ery had always dreamed of having a normal life, and not even the other Aspects knew this about him, for he didn't want them to see him as a failure. Erythreus loved being an Aspect and everything that had came with it. But after 1500+ years, the Aspect began feeling as though he'd been waking up everyday on repeat. Nothing new to ever look forward to, and the rest of his life planned out for him. Something that didn't bring any kind of joy or happiness to him. Inahling, Erythreus finally closed his eyes, surrendering to the slumber that he assumed would be his last.

However, that was shortly lived. As he heard a loud noise outside of the cabin, an explosion like sound, the Aspect stood, falling to his knees just as quickly though. Forgetting that fast how weak he now was because of being here for a week or more with nothing around him for miles, and nothing to comfort him but booze. Blinking a few times, the Aspect immediately thought he was hallucinating, that hallucinations were just a part of him dying as an Aspect and giving up on his duties. But the images from outside of the window came close and closer, rogue guards.. again. "You've got to be freaking kidding me!" he yelled loudly, but with a raspy voice.

It was when he seen another two images, whizzing their way past the rogue guards carefully and flawlessly that the Aspect shut his eyes, hoping he'd wake up from this dream/nightmare any second now. But the two of them burst into the back door. "Goddamnit! what are you doing here?!" Erythreus yelled as he glared with a sinister gaze dancing in his icy blue optics, his eyes traveling over to the blonde pair who were the last people on earth he thought he'd see. "Why didn't you just leave me be, to rott .. like you both hoped I would after everything?" he asked, enraged that they were here, not only to save his life, but risking their own to do so.

"This is going to end in a blood bath, that none of the three of us may make it out of" he then expressed, pointing to the window where the guards began surrounding the cabin. Ery began mentally plotting. "One of you are going to have to go and hold them off.. I do not wish to come home" he stated, sternly. He knew whoever didn't go out to hold them off, would have to stay inside with him, and he knew which ever one did that, would try to convince him that this wasn't his end, that he was indeed coming back with them. Shaking his head, his eyes fell to the ground in front of him. "So much for dying in peace.." his weakened tone muttered out. A pair of icy blue hues then met those of an emerald pair. Tatiana was the one who he'd not seen in a while, minus the one time that they'd both given into weakness and desire. But even then they had left things off on a bad note, and Tati still hated him.

But, little did she know, he loved her.. very much. And Sio would always hold some sort of place in his cold heart. "This is unbelievable... seriously!" he yelled again, he couldn't imagine either of them so much as getting hurt for him, let alone dying because of him. "I barely have any strength.. you two came at a bad time" he then said, coughing... widening his eyes as he looked to his hand which was now blood stained, coughing up blood was surely another sign that this was his ending. And now with rogue guards outside, it may be all three of their endings.

Siobhan looked ot Tatiana a little taken back when she looked her over as if she had known her, that made her wonder how often Dominic talked about her to the other guards. She pushed Dominic out of her mind he was on mission he need to focus and she need to focus on not letting Ery act out his theatrics on how he wished to kill himself. Placing his death on her soul was one she would not have. Not when she knew that he could still have a life and find love if he just chose not to give up. “Yeah I am Siobhan.” she nodded softly to her “I am sorry I don’t know who you are.”  She said with a slight frown on her features.

When she agreed to help her she nodded following her back to where her bike was parked and she looked to the fellow blonde. “When it comes to Ery and I I tend to trigger the worst and best in him.” She frowned slightly as she watch the woman get on the bike and she shook her head at the helmet as her wings released from her back, she stretched them and smiled to the woman “You are gonna have to keep up with me.” She smirked to the girl as she had become very confident in her flying skills as of late. A lot of her nephilims skills had grown and she became stronger thanks to the the help of her fellow nephilims “I know where he has gone, its a place where he took me and threw me off a cliff to get me to learn to fly.” She said looking past the woman remembering that day. “Ery and I are very complicated…” she mused slightly.

“I am trying to repair the friendship I like to think we could have. Maybe its time you do the same also.” She focused back on the blonde as she jumped into the air her wings catching hand flapped them. People had called her many names, Ery and Sio had fleeting moments but it was Dominic who held her heart, through all there ups and down they always went back to each other. Fate seem to have a way to bring those who were meant to be together together. “Try and keep up blondie.” She joked as she was always called that by others. She took off keeping her eyes on Tatiana to make sure she was keeping up on the bike her and Dom rebuilt.


They reached the safehouse after what felt like forever. Two women on a road trip together got to know a lot about each other.  They had reached it finally, Siobhan pulled off the sunglasses that were on her face looking over to the cliff that Ery had thrown her off of almost a year and a half ago now.  She nodded to Tatiana who she learned was a Dhampir and always had weapons on her. Siobhan had remembered her bow on her bike before they had taken off. She picked it up from the holder that was fashioned on the bike and pulled and Arrow to rest against the string. “Alright let us see what is going on in there.”

Siobhan was hoping to find Ery with someone maybe he found someone and all of this was for not. As the two blonde made their way around the house just to make sure there was no one there with them. Siobhan could here Ery screaming inside about rogue guards and it caused Sio to look to Tati with a raised brow before they both entered through the back door. “Ery.” Sio said softly as she hooked the bow around her body and moved closer to him.

Siobhan tend to be a gentle person only becoming angry when it was need and as Erythreus layed here acting like a child because he didn’t get the toy he wanted it became clear to her that not only her but Tatiana had been a woman that rejected his advances once upon a time. Siobhan let out an angry huff as she stood up and offered a sharp kick to Ery boot. “Goddamnit Ery no one wants you to die you stubborn Aspect.” She rolled her eyes at him “You are being over dramatic just as you were that day you through me over the cliff. Now get your fucking ass up and let us take you home before you get any worse.” She said and looked to Tatiana.

A loud sound outside made the girls turn and she hissed out and looked back at them both with purple eyes looking to Ery and then to Tatiana “Get Malva on the phone get him home I will make my escape don’t come back for me.” She said as she pulled the bow from around her and she looked to Tatiana swallowing hard. “Just in case...Tell Dom… Tell him I’ll see him flipside of the graveyard.” She blinked back tears before she was out the door once again.

Here she was the Angel that he said would often be the death of him once again trying to save death even from himself. Her purple eyes flared as she moved outside of the safe house she stayed close to the building as she moved around it towards where the sound came from. Even though the aspect clearly claimed to hate her she would lay her life down for him, just as any guard would without the title. Ery was her friend even if he didn’t think he would ever be able too. As a man came around the corner she used her pain inflection to catch him off guard shooting him through the eye with an Arrow.

Siobhan manage to get a few of the rouge guards who clearly had gotten word of the aspect who wanted death. When Tatiana came into view and she almost shot and Arrow at her “I told you to take him and get him home.” She said as she shot the person behind her “It isn’t safe for you out here.” She said as she moved closer to her.

“Tatiana, Tatiana Ivakov.” the blonde had stated when the woman replied not knowing who she was. It was one of those things where Tatiana knew who she was, but not the other way around. Well, when she was close friends with Dom who never really tended to shut up about a woman name Siobhan and with all the pictures he had shown. It was easy to spot her out when the time had came. Allowing a shrug to roll off the base of her shoulders when the woman had rejected the helmet only to see wings come back from behind, lifting herself up off the count. “Nephilim.. impressive.” she had never known anyone that was a Nephilim outside of her family and even then, she never really did spend much time with her family; seeing as they all came from Octavia’s side, who she was never really close to either. The woman had just shown up in their lives like nothing had ever changed and personally, she didn’t even know her mother had a sister till she arrived at the Isle.

Sighing softly as she mentioned the word complicated. Complicated was the biggest understatement of the year for her. When it came to everything Erythreus, everything was a matter of complication. “It’s like you said... it’s... complicated.. It’s not just me that’s at play here.” There was more than just her to think about in this matter. Like her mother, who detested the two together. Apparently we always brought out the worst in each other. Although, Tatiana never really saw it. She saw them always rushing into danger for each other, willing to get killed for one another. Maybe it was just her mother being over-protective, like she always is. Then second, what would the guards think about her dating an Aspect? As if she’s getting an easy pass through the guard. It was always a lot of drama to unravel. Drama that hadn’t been touched in over hundred years. That didn’t mean the two didn’t sharing a passing glance in the hall way every once in a while. “This whole thing. It’s much bigger than just Erythreus and I.” even though the two were the main problem of it all.

Erythreus was a topic of conversation that she attempted to avoid, but it wasn’t like that all the time. Laughing softly as she heard the Nephilim challenge her to keep up. “Oh challenge accepted.” the dhampir was never one to turn down a challenge, even though Siobhan was more than likely to out fly the bike. Then there was Tatiana’s speed, she could have ran her way there but again, the angel would have more than likely out flew her. Dhampir’s speed wasn’t as fast as vampires, seeing as she was also part human. Getting to the place Ery was held up at. It took longer than expect. It took about a weeks trip worth of hiking and bike riding. But they had finally arrived after what felt like forever. Over the course of time, the two bonded over the most unlikely person, Erythreus. Sharing the history between one another, telling her how the two were best friends at first until they went on her first mission together and explaining about the rouge guards, even though Tatiana had managed to leave a few parts out. She didn’t want to bring the angel into a mess that was hundreds of years old. It was better if she didn’t know the whole story.

Rushing into the safehouse as she had heard the Aspect screaming. Those damn rouge guards were going to be the death of everyone. But upon entering the safe house, suddenly everything became so....real to her. Wave of emotion came rushing back. The last time she had shared a conversation with the Aspect of Death was in this very safe house. But she couldn’t allow those emotions to get the best of her, not right now. There was too much at risk. She had brushed those emotions off when the sound of Siobhan’s voice brought her back from the lingering emotions. Shifting herself about the safehouse. The angel was doing just fine in attempting him to get everything together. Making her way over towards the window as she peaked her way out. “We got company.” Eryhreus was right. Those rouge guards were back and looked more revenge driven than ever. Hand reaching down into her combat boot as she pulled out her staff only to then enlarge it by pulling it.

Attention quickly turning back towards the woman as she spoke, watching a tear go down her cheek only for her to take off. “No, Sio wait!” calling out but by the time she took a step forward. She had already made her way out, leaving the Aspect and the guard alone. “God damnit.” whispering under her breath. This was the last thing that she had wanted, because the last time the two were alone... Well, things happened; emotions had gotten the best of them. The night ended in a deeply shared moment to where the next night. She had taken off while Death was fast sleep. It was the last time the two truly ever had a conversation. Quickly pulling out her phone from her back pocket as she dialed the Aspects number. “Yeah, Mal? We’ll be coming back soon. We’ve just ran into a few problems.” the two had been on the outs as of late, but they had the same common ground this time around and that was getting this Aspect back alive.

Clicking off the phone as she placed it into her back pocket only to turn around on the base of her heel, gulping down her feelings. “For fuck sakes, Erythreus.” Blue optics shifted around as they didn’t want to meet with his. She didn’t want now to be the point of conversation, because what she had to say. It was building. “Why did you think it was okay to run away when your life suddenly got hard?” she stated as she started to pace. “If I ran off every time my life got hard then... then I wouldn’t be here right now. How is it fair?” eyes finally landed on a fresh pair of clothes. “You know what... forget it...” digits latching on to the clothes as she threw them at the Aspect. “Get dressed, you smell and then we’re leaving with you. Even if I have to drag you.” everyone knew that Tatiana did good on her threats. “Get dressed while I go help Sio.” turning around as she had walked towards the door only to stop in her tracks as those icy blue hues landed on a picture right before the exit way.

It was the two of them, having a good time. A good time. It was such a rare thing these days. Glancing back towards the man, emotion written all over her features as she then placed the photo face down before making her way out towards the door where she had found the guards attacking. Fuck, there was more than last time. Watching the woman approach and scold her for coming out only to then place her hands up as a sign of don’t shoot. “He’s changing and it looks like you’re needing help.” Tatiana stated as her grip on her staff wound tighter. “I’m not going to give Dom the chance to kill me if you get hurt in any--” being cut off in the middle of her sentence. “Watch out!” Pushing the angel out of the way only to step forward as she shot her leg upwards, kicking him in the chest, knocking him back. “Trust me, Sio. This is what I’m trained for and I’m pretty sure Ery is a big boy enough to get changed.” in all honesty, she didn’t want to be in the same room alone as the man. but she wasn’t going to sit there and watch him get changed either.

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