Phoenix had spent the entire day out with Artemitra the woman he had grown to have some very strong feelings for he felt like it may be love. The Valkyr had never really known love other than from his sister Elle-Mae which the feelings he had for Artemitra were very different than the feelings he had for his sister. Looking down at his cellphone he opened his contacts scrolling down to his sister’s name, he stopped and hesitated on her name. He had run into her long enough to get her phone number but not long enough to stick around, Phoenix wasn’t sure how he was to react when he saw his sister again. He still looked as young as he did before not having aged a day since he had died Phoenix hadn’t told Elle-Mae what he was now, he knew she and Justice both were Therian’s which could be a danger to his kind now.

With all the tension between Justice and Phoenix having grown over the years Phoenix wasn’t sure that Justice wouldn’t use his gifts against him. He had heard that a Therian bite could do damage to a Valkyr not enough to kill but to stop them in their tracks so to speak. He did not intend to find out what that felt like, not if he had a say in it, Exiting the contacts app he sighed and closed his phone before pulling on his boots. He felt the hunger he often felt after not feeding for a short period of time, he would need to hunt and soon.

Leaving the apartment he locked the door just as his phone rang pulling it from his pocket he chuckled and answered in his thick Russian accent “you read minds ?” He said as he answered the line. “I was just thinking of you.” He put his left hand into his pocket as he shuffled down the street looking for his next meal. He could feel the intense hunger threatening to take over. The male still refused to believe that he had a problem he just figured this was how some of his types were. The overwhelming urge to feed he remembered the woman who had turned him had warned him that if he became rabid she would take him out herself.

“I am out for a walk” He saw a woman walking alone and his fangs elongated. “Care to join me?” He asked. He smirked, “Sure I can meet you soon.” He said and hung up the phone. Following the woman onto a smaller street, once he was sure no one was paying attention he approached her and started up an innocent conversation with her. After gaining her trust Nix convinced her to allow him to feed, after feeding he made sure not to take to much in fear of becoming drunk like before meeting his sister which would be a mistake.

After feeding he let the woman go with a large smirk on his face he cleaned off his mouth using his speed to meet up with his sister without detection of being late. The night was Phoenix’s favourite time his strengths were heightened than, after eating he felt stronger and faster. It was a rush that he couldn’t explain whenever he feeds he wasn’t ready to give up that feeling. “Hey, Sis.” He called out when he spotted her just up the way.

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Since coming back to Evermore, after 5 years away. Life for Elle, had been a bit of a roller-coaster. Trying to deal with her past demons, officially becoming a member of the Lycanthrope pack, in the Therian faction. And dealing her feelings for a certain Valkyr. Baptiste and her, had been a couple 5 years ago. And quiet inseparable. But after certain circumstances drove her away from Evermore; both of them were broken. Elle still felt deeply for him; and it’s not like she could forget all that they had been through, and fall out of love at a snap of her fingers, because he wasn’t at that place anymore. Amidst the chaos of everything. Elle had always briefly run into her elder half brother Phoenix. His arrival, in Evermore took her by surprise. Having not seen him for so long. Elle had always loved and adored her big brother, most out of their family unit. And quite frankly missed him, when he left.

Elle, knew that Phoenix felt the most unloved. But, it wasn’t true. Despite, how he and Justice. Their baby brother argued; she knew their brother loved him also. But Nix always refused to believe so. But since, their meeting a while back. Elle could detect something about Phoenix had changed. Elle-Mae could detect no heart-beat. Which told her, he was a Valkyr. Of course, she kept it to herself. If he was ready, to tell her. He would. Just like,she didn’t spill her own secret about being a Lycanthrope. But chances are, if he knew about supernaturals, he could detect it already.

Picking up her phone, that evening. Elle called up her brother. To see how he was doing. Laughing a little, as he answered the phone. “No, I don’t think I am quiet the mind reader yet Nik.” Elle said with a slight smile. Using the nickname, she always did for him when they were kids. “What are you up to?” Elle asked. She leaned against the counter in the apartment kitchen, taking a sip of her tea. A walk, sounded good actually. “Sure, a walk sounds good actually.” Maybe getting some fresh air, might help clear her mind. After ending the phone conversation. Elle set the empty cup in the sink. Putting her phone down.

Grabbing her jacket. The Therian slipped it on. Before slipping her boots on. She grabbed her phone and keys. Before heading outside. After locking up. She ventured outside. It seemed like a peaceful evening so far. Elle-Mae admired the beauty, of Evermore when-ever she could really. It didn’t take her long to get to where she was supposed to meet her brother.

“Hey, big brother.” Elle said with a warm smile. Probably the first genuine smile she had in a while. Walking closer, she picked up the smell of iron. Blood. He didn’t look, like was harmed, or got in a fight? So, she wasn’t sure why that smell lingered around him. “I see you turned into more of a night owl, over the years.” Elle teased him slightly. She didn’t remember a time, he liked the evenings so much. Like he seemed to now. Her arms wrapping around him, giving him a hug. It really was good to see him. The Therian gave him a soft squeeze. “How’s life treating you in Evermore?” she asked curious. Wondering how he himself was settling down.

Nix smiled and hugged his sister back tightly planting a kiss to the top of her head when he released her he held her at arm's length and looked her over smiling. Phoenix had not felt this genuinely happy in a very long time looking around at the night sky “I often enjoyed night, it was when parents were asleep couldn’t give me trouble sneaking off” He reminded her with a smirk. Finally he let his hands fall to his side his English was getting much better but it was still broken at times, though the more time he spent with Artemitra the more he learned of how he used to talk before he only spoke Russian it was weird that he had forgotten English after speaking it most of his life. The Valkyr had somehow mostly blocked out the majority of his life from when he lived with Elle-Mae and the others. Taking a deep breath of the night air he turned to her and flashed her a toothy grin. “Plus you being  like the other half of the family you already know why night is my favourite.” He said.

Phoenix would not say the words out loud though he really hoped that Elle-Mae would catch on so that any passerby would not catch onto what they were discussing. Phoenix’s hopes that Elle-Mae was a mere human went unanswered he could sense she was of the supernatural like himself, he did not wish the life of a supernatural upon anyone. The dangers in someone's life grew with a simple change and shift in one's body. If she didn’t catch on to what he said then she would likely think he was making some sort of underhanded remark towards her father. There was no love lost between the two of them and Elle-Mae was no stranger to it, she had grown up seeing the way Phoenix was treated. As much it must have pained her to see him leave she had to understand why he did it.

“I rather like Evermore there are many interesting people here.” He chuckled too put it mildly. Nix spent most of his time alone or with Artemitra, or out ‘hunting’ for a snack. Nix was glad he had eaten already otherwise his hunger would likely begin to show already. He was not sure how Elle-Mae would handle the sight of her brother feeding off of another person.

Watching Elle he began to walk down the road “Where would you like to go little sister? Anywhere in particular?” the male knew nothing about her now, nothing of what she liked or did on her downtime. For now, he would let her guide the way, after all, she was his little sister and Nix often let her have her own way growing up why would he change that now. Some things he would not change about himself but when it came to her he could see himself making more exceptions. 

It felt like relief, being back in her brother’s arms. She had really missed Phoenix. And him hugging her, in their usual affectionate way; brought back memories of childhood. Giving him a squeeze. Elle smiled at her brother softly. “Oh trust me, I remember, what happened with you sneaking off.” The young woman, thought back to their younger years. Elle had sneaked off after her big brother a few times. Getting in trouble along with him.Of course being the younger one. Nix had usually taken the blame, instead of her.

His comment didn’t go unheard, by the young Therian. Her greeny-blue eyes snapped back towards her big brother. Looking at him with slight confusion. “ know?” Elle swallowed slightly. No wonder, that her big brother liked the night more now; being a Valkyr. He was in his element. And of course, the fact that her ex was a Valkyr himself. Elle-Mae was no stranger to the opposite specie. But being his baby sister;she couldn’t help but wonder and worry, how he ended up being one of them. What trouble did he get into? Out of the two Lovett Siblings, Elle was closest to Phoenix. She knew, how her own father treated him. Seemingly preferring her and Justice; because they were his flesh and blood. Nik, was only half. It was unfair. And every day; she wished that she could have changed a lot of things in their family. But was unable to do so. “Where did you go, after you left?” Elle asked him softly. The Therian, could have guessed why he left their family home. But it certainly wasn’t easy. Her big brother was gone. After that, the family was slowly crumbling away. Now it was just the three of them left. Phoenix, Her and Justice. And Elle couldn’t bare to loose either of them. They were the only family, she had left. At least blood related.

“Define Interesting.” Elle said with a slight laugh. But she had to admit. She had met her fair share of interesting people, here in Evermore. Both on her prior visit..and now. If the Therian wasn’t in her apartment, working. She was spending time with what friends, and slowly making her into the Lyncanthrope Pack.

As the pair walked, side by side. The young woman, was stuck in the mess of her own thoughts. That she totally missed, what he had asked her. Her cheek flaring up, in embarrassment. “Huh? What?” She asked, pretty much forgetting his question. Out of the two of them. Elle most likely, remained the same in some ways. A lot of her hobbies from her younger days, still remained the same. Of course, few things about her had changed. Like the fact, that she was a Supernatural. Had a steady Career, Would soon be part of a Pack. Just to name a few changes in her life.

He chuckled at her reaction to him knowing that she was a therian, shaking his head her reaction was as cute as she was. Nix chuckled once more “Well there is this one young Diviner I met recently she is utterly obsessed with Watermelons, and she has as much energy as the energizer bunny if not more. I don’t understand how she does it, it is like she rolls out of bed this way and goes up until she falls asleep.” Looking up at the sky for a moment his senses were so much more keen at this time and he loved it.

“Have you met some interesting people that stick out in your mind?” He asked. There was no way he was going to bring up the other interesting person in his life, not yet at least he knew the moment he did his sister would have two hundred or more questions for him. He was not ready for those kinds of questions he was enjoying keeping his relationship or friendship or whatever it was between him and the woman he liked. 

Laughing again as she said Huh?What? “Earth to Maeday” he teased her by waving his hand in front of her face. “I said where would you like to go little sister? Anywhere in particular? Since we are kind of just aimlessly walking at the moment.” He waved in his in a showy fashion to the road in front of them. Phoenix only ever seemed to be goofy when around Elle-Mae other than that he was a pretty stern person. While yes he smiled and laughed he did not come across as a guy who would be out goofing off. 

He wanted to tell Elle-Mae all the places he had gone, where he went when he left why he went, though deep down he was not ready to let her in on that part. He knew that if she figured it all out their relationship would surely never be the same again, he went to Russia to be with his biological father. There he got into the Russian mob life, his step mother was murdered in cold blood as a way to retaliate against his father by a rival. Phoenix himself had been in pretty deep and he was sure Elle-Mae would be ashamed of who he had become through it all. 

His face remained light and with a smile even though his internal thoughts were much darker and depressing Nix had learned long ago how to hide what he was thinking from the world. If he were ever caught and tortured by one of his father’s rivals Phoenix’s face would never show what he was truly feeling and thinking. His father’s men had tortured Phoenix as a way to train him that was a big part of the reason he had many scars on various part of his body, most spots were easily hidden by clothing. Others like his back were not hidden at all and often raised many questions so Phoenix rarely ever went shirtless in public for those reasons.

Elle felt a little stupid. Of course, her brother most likely knew she was a Supernatural. Quite a lot of Supernaturals could tell, if someone else was a Supernatural. Elle-Mae was kind of hoping to explain to Nix herself, what she was. But that idea flew right out of the window. Listening to him talk about a certain young Diviner. She rose an eyebrow. “Wow, she sounds ...energetic and hyper.” It made her giggle, the way Nik described this young Diviner. Elle hadn’t met anyone, with that amount of energy before, either.

As he asked her the same question. There seemed to be a few people, that stuck in mind. One being the stubborn Celestial Lucius, whom managed to test her temper. But the two were slowly becoming friends. “I suppose Lucius is interesting. He’s got this...glow around him. It’s un-natural. I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean, the guys annoying as heck sometimes, but he’s a good guy. He counts as someone interesting.” Elle wondered if she should mention Dexter. The Dhampir that caught her eye, and was a constant devilish flirt. But knowing, Nik would probably go into his protective older-brother mode.Elle decided not to mention him, just yet.

Nix teasing her, certainly brought back childhood memories. “Sorry, I spaced out for a moment or two.” The young Therian apologised. Looking amused by his theatrics. “There’s a few places. The park is quiet peaceful. Or we can go to a bar, have a drink or two.” she suggested. There were quiet a good bars around. Elle had been too a few. One of them was on the Dhampir side of the city; the same place, she and Dexter run into each other the first time they met, and he had saved her life. Elle was happy, to what-ever Nix agreed. 

“ long have you been? You know…” Elle made a fang gesture using her hands. Half figuring, the silly gesture would help break the ice, when it came to the subject of him having no heart-beat and being a creature of the night.

“If I you I’d avoid her.. I mean she has way more energy and man it can be rather irritating, to be honest.” Phoenix was nice to the Diviner for one reason really, that was to impress Artemitra the Diviner was her friend. He would have gladly chosen to avoid Ridley if he was given the option really, “A glow?” Nix only knew one type of supernatural that glowed and that was the Celestials, their glow was actually harmful to a Valkyr and it could actually be deadly unless they were bonded with a Celestial. 

Nix was not bonded so he was very careful when he was around any Celestials choosing to stick close to the shadows when around too many of them at once. “A bar my favourite haunts” He chuckled as she suggested a bar. Though he went to a bar for far different reasons than his sister he guessed, laughing at Elle-Mae’s silly little gesture to him. 

“Eight Years… Eight very long years…” It seemed like it was a lifetime since he turned “I was out on a job when I came into some trouble, I was killed.” He bluntly stated a short version of the events “A woman saved me, brought me back as I am now.” glancing over at his sister “Truth be told, I like this version of me better than the previous version.” He winked at his sister.

Leading the way to a bar he offered his arm out to his sister “How long has it been since you discovered that you are..” He made a face at her. Was her first shift as painful as he had been told was she alone? Or had someone been with her to help her through it? “I also heard our… brother” He gritted out the word brother “is here in Evermore.” Phoenix had once wanted to be close with Justice but the years apart had only fueled his hatred of the other male.

He barely remembered why he hated his brother so much other than the fact that Justice had been the golden boy, the prized jewel everything his mother and stepfather had wanted. Meanwhile, Phoenix could have vanished and he figured no one but Elle-Mae would have missed him.

Elle rose a slight eyebrow at her brother’s comment. “Aww come on, she can’t be that bad.” She spoke, in return to his avoid her comment. Elle didn’t avoid people, unless she had a genuine reason. And someone being bubbly, was not a reason to avoid them. Not in her book. As he asked her about Lucius, she nodded. “Yes, a glow. Like a literal glow.” The more she said it, the more it sounded crazy to her. “I know, I sound insane for even saying, someone’s capable of glowing.” It seemed pretty impossible to her.But unlike her brother, she didn’t know about Celestial’ Lucius never admitted to what he was. So she was left, racking her brain about it.

“Isn’t that what most guys say?” she teased her brother. Knowing, how men in general favored bars. 

Listening to her brother, tell her how he was turned. Elle-Mae laughed slightly, when he mentioned he preferred this version of himself. “Of course you do. You’re Immortal. The Eternal Stud.” she teased, as she nudged him playfully.

Her arm linking with his. The young Therian sighed, hearing Phoenix. “About 10 years, give or take a month or two. I was in my first year of College, when it happened...a month before, mom was diagnosed…” It still hurt Elle, that their mother was gone. And how, distant she had been from her family that entire year, after she first changed. But she had been struggling, with her new found self back then. So she didn’t want to hurt anyone. It was bad enough, she injured someone on her first shift. If she injured any of her family; the guilt would have been much much worse.

At the mention of their baby brother. Elle could practically hear the hatred, behind the word brother. Phoenix and Justice, was all Elle had left; when it came to immediate family.  And it hurt her, that the two had such a bad relationship. She still lived in hope, that one day they’d be able to rekindle a brothership, and be on better terms. She nodded. “Yes, Justice lives in the city.” Out of the trio. Their baby brother, lived there the longest.

“She irritates me.” He stated about Ridley he shrugged his shoulders. “I try to stay away from her,” he smirked. Watching his sister’s face trying to understand how a man could glow. He lifted an eyebrow to her “A glow, hmmm sounds like an interesting person to meet for sure.”

“I not like most men little Sister.” he reminded her, which was 100% the truth Phoenix was nothing like the majority of people.

The Eternal Stud that made Nix laugh rather hard shaking his head he watched his sister. “I not go that far.” He added. Phoenix knew he was good looking but he wasn’t really looking to impress anyone with his looks. He was still focused on his job and learning more about what he is, and not getting killed for his newfound love of blood.

“I am sorry for not being… here when you need me.” The Valkyr hated that his sister had been so hurt by their mothers passing and that Phoenix was not there to support her. Phoenix didn’t know how to be around his family not with the lifestyle he had after leaving them, Now he could blame some of the lifestyles on being a Valkyr.

Hearing that Justice lived in the City, Phoenix was glad he had yet to run into him, “Well let’s not get into such topics.” He smiled tapping her hand with his leading her. When the arrived at the bar Phoenix opened the door and waited for her to come inside with him. The music was pounding in his eardrums though it didn’t seem to phase him. Making his way through the crowd making sure his sister wouldn’t be bumped into by anyone, he ordered himself a whiskey looking to his sister “And for you?”

“You did always have a short temper and even a shorter fuse.” Elle teased, when he claimed Ridley irritated him. Knowing her brother so well, she knew what got on his nerves. And it wasn’t hard to get on his nerves either. So if this Ridley person was as chipper, as her brother claimed; no wonder he wanted to stay away from the poor girl. She was still in thought about the mysterious glow. “If you would see it up close, you’d understand...but yes...certainly interesting.” she agreed.

Elle rolled her eyes slightly. “And you always remind me.”she teased back.

As he laughed at her comment, it made her smile slightly. It’s been a while, since she managed to make her brother laugh. “You’re telling me, girls weren’t ever lining up for you?” she teased. Knowing how girls always fauned over him, at school. Was he really going to deny it? Of course, it was just her sisterly way of teasing him. “I am surprised, you’re still single…” 

A slight sigh escaped her; even though she wished to have had, her big brother around back then. Things were shaky, for more than one reason. “It’s okay...I know why you left. Can’t change the past.” All they could do, was hope for a better future. Elle would like to have a better relationship with her elder brother; now that they were both in the same city. After all, she did miss him. But she had somehow learned to cope without him, when he was gone all those years.

Elle rose a slight eyebrow at his comment. But didn’t make a comment. The Therian was aware, that he couldn’t avoid their baby brother, forever. Even if her big brother would try. Following her big brother inside. Elle could feel the music bouncing around in her ears; it was blaringly loud. But she had been in a few bars like this before, so she was used to it. As she took a spot near her brother. “Rum and Coke for me.” Elle didn’t drink much of the strong stuff, unless she was down in the dumps. Usually she settled on some sort of a mixed drinks and Cocktails.

“Short fuse, No idea what you speak” Phoenix shook his head and watched his little sister closely, her face when she spoke about the man was not a light he liked coming off of her. It meant she liked him and Phoenix was protective of his sister and the idea of her liking someone worried him because liking someone could lead to a broken heart and not something he wanted for her.

“They may faun, doesn’t mean I give in.” He commented Though when younger Phoenix definitely ALWAYS gave in, he always had some woman hanging off of his arm for any sort of function he went to. As he got older he was not always as interested in such things. His views now had definitely shifted, even more, fighting, surviving, blood, and a certain Celestial. He felt different around her not like he ever had around other females growing up. He had this need to protect that seemed almost imprinted into his very being, the thought of anyone harming her almost drove him to a fit of anger each time.

“What else is on your mind?” the Valkyr picked up his whiskey and downed the glass rather quickly signalling for another. He winked at the bartender and flashed her a smile before turning back to his sister, something seemed to be on her mind and he was not sure he liked that she seemed suddenly distant was the only word that came to mind for the Valkyr.

The Therian rose an eyebrow, at her elder half brother. “Of course you don’t.” This conversation, brought back memories of the good old days. When the pair would teasingly bicker, about his temper/short fuse in regards to certain things. Nothing had really changed. Her brother, still in many aspects was the same. In other aspects...he was different. Just like Phoenix. Elle-Mae had also changed. She wasn’t the baby sister of Phoenix, that relied on his protection. Over her adult years; she’d learn to deal with her troubles/demons on her own. Not wanting to drag either of her brothers, into past troubles. As everyone had their own thing going on. They didn’t need to worry about her, ontop of everything.

But if anything, her brother probably got the wrong idea; about her and Lucius. Whilst she was curious; there were no romantic feelings there. Maybe just those of friendship. Love, wasn’t something that Elle wanted to dive into, anytime soon.

“Mhh, what happened to, I always need a girl on my arm to look cool, to parties ect?” Elle quipped, as he claimed he wouldn’t give in. Squinting her eyes slightly. Elle wondered if someone had changed her brother’s ways. Which of course, would be a very good thing. But if anything, Nix was probably secretive about certain things; that being on the list. “Unless…” Elle squinted her eyes slightly, was her brother possibly seeing someone? It’s like something clicked then. “You’ve met someone haven’t you? is she? What’s her name? How long have you known each other? Does she live close by? Maybe you should invite her?” Like any sister, about a few dozen questions came all out at once.

As the bartender gave her drink. Elle took a few sips. But her mind was elsewhere, for a few moments. “Nothing, don’t worry.” She shook her head, as Phoenix questioned what was on her mind. There was too much to share; not wanting to trouble her brother. A part of her, wasn’t even sure, that she wanted to share the stories. As she didn’t even mention it to friends of hers. Keeping it to herself. Elle took a bigger sip of her drink. Her ways of dealing with a past break-up, was throwing herself into her work, travelling, trying to avoid commitment on the longer term and keeping her emotions bottled up; from a lot of people.

Sipping on his drink when it arrived he listened to everything she had to say when the bombard of questions happened he simply shook his head with a slight chuckle. “Whoa whoa whoa slow down.” The Valk laughed holding his hands up. She changed the subject or rather avoided it by saying it was nothing and he didn’t need to worry which only caused him to worry more.
“Mayday, you know damn well that doesn’t work with me” He gave her a stern look “I worry all the time, you little sister.” He reminded her and no matter how long they spent apart Phoenix would always keep her safe and make sure she was alright no matter the cost.

“Yes I have met someone, I will tel, more when you tell.” He motioned towards her “I know you hide.” Polishing off the drink “We stay here talk, or my place talk.” Not that it seemed he was going to give her a choice to back out of whatever it was that she needed to tell him. The years and the world may not have been kind to the man but his sister was always kind to him, she accepted him for who he was when they were children and even looked up to him. He did not plan to ever let her down or let her see a side of him she didn’t know.

That included not allowing her to see his hunger for blood, Phoenix believed he had a handle on his situation, how the man was under a false sense of hope in that sense.

“What shall be? Here or there?” His tone was still flat and unconvinced that it was nothing that was bothering her. Nix himself had done some unspeakable things that he was not sure he could ever admit to his baby sister but if it got her to open he would do what he could, without telling her anything to gruesome.

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