Ever since the day she vowed and been loyal being a guard and protecting those who needs help. Zandra has been thought so much as being inside a celestial powers which is something she still can't even think about explaining. it's unbelievable to her until this day. Zandra for what people see, is a simple human who is trying to live the best life she possible can but to her rank she is someone who has a role and a job she must keep up with.

Things she sees and does are what kids and think of what a hero would do but that is the last title Zandra herself want to hold within someone's live even a whole city if something does happen. She went on her daily walk to make sure everything is still in order other then a man thinking using his powers to steal something from a lady. Zandra kept a notebook with her in her blogging bag so she can put reports in.

She came back to the Manor turning in the report, she was about to got up the stairs as someone stopped her. her hazel eyes laid on the person who is speaking to her as she hard one of the aspects wanted her to meet them in the woods. Zandra grew scared, what did she do this time? The last time she talked with one it was about a report she didn't write up the moment she walked into the front door and there he was. Aureus Ailward. Ever since that day is the reason she kept a notebook with her. one thing for sure was why would they want her to meet them at the woods. "Excuse can you tell me which one so I know who to look for?" she asked as they told her Erythreus.

She went to her room to change out to put on clothes that will be better fitted for a walk in the woods. Zandra looked at her watch glade it was not a full moon then again why would a Aspect but a guard in trouble? Putting her black boots on from her black jeans silver and dark shirt shirt along with her black leather jacket once again bring her back on her shoulders. Zandra put her notebook, pen, a pouch and a makeup bag with no makeup in it. She packed for more things then a normal girl as she walked down and begin to walk to the woods.

Zandra heard a little about the aspect for people talking among themselves, she never thought she would be asked to join an aspect on whatever he wanted her for. She always self doubted herself due to a human guard among people with powers made her feel a chance like this will never happen. Human changes everything when someone meets her or so she thinks. When she got to the woods she being to look around as she kept walking.

The Human looked around wondering if it was a joke someone planned on her until she saw a figure of a man in fount of her. He was very tall with blonde hair, this must be Erythreus. "Hi, am Zandra. Are you Erythreus? You asked me to come here. have I done something wrong for you to ask me to come to the woods like this?" she asked wondering if there was walk about her. if so was it bad or good. Zandra didn't know this night would be more dangerous then her worrying about her doubts about herself among the ranks.

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Erythreus sighed as he paced around the wooded area alone. He had tried for the past couple days to recollect the events that had happened recently, but to no avail. If anything, the brooding Aspect had become a bigger alcoholic to mellow himself out from the series of unfortunate events that he only wished to forget and move on from. While the Aspect of Death had been stuck in a downward spiral, he couldn't say everything was bad, new doors had also opened for him. Rosalyn Sterling; the queen of sass and sarcasm had finally agreed to meet him, and even though everything else was in the air, Erythreus couldn't help but feel in his gut, that it was the start of something new.

He had continued to pace and tap his chin in thought when a petite but athletic figure approached him from behind, causing him to twirl around, wide eyed. "You startled me" he stated, clearing his throat before approaching her at a closer distance. "You must be.." he started, shortly cut off as she told him exactly who she was. She seemed frightened, or worried. He couldn't pick apart the two, but either way, she had no reason to be either. Ery gave her the slight nod of his head, smiling faintly. "That would be me darling" he said in response, and studied her for a moment. "It's a pleasure to meet you finally. Ive heard a few things here and there, we speak of all the guards on occasions, and ive never heard anything bad about you" he expressed before arching a brow.

"What would make you think you've done something wrong? If you didn't seem guilty before, you definitely do now" he chuckled, shaking his head amused before gazing down to her as he towered over her a few feet. "Don't worry. You weren't brought here as a joke, trap, or because you're in trouble. It's just you're one of the few ive never worked with, and well, we need all hands on deck this time. I'm sure you know whats going on with one of our first and finest guards...." he trailed off in thought, squeezing and letting go, making fists as the muscles in his jaws flexed a few times through gritted teeth. 

None of them had any answers yet, and fear had riddled several of them, including Erythreus himself. He should have felt Vlad's presence the day he disappeared, if he had died, but the truth was, Ery felt nothing, not even after touching the urn that held his ashes. It made him feel useless. To get to the bottom of this was the idea, but in order to do that, they needed the guards and aspects to work with one another.. and not just the best of them, or those closest to one another, it needed to be ALL of them. Zandra was no exception. "So with that, answers are needed, and I can't help but to feel like the more people we have on board, the easier this will be to figure out" he added, suddenly ducking as an arrow wizzed right past the Aspects head, sticking into a tree behind him before two more lunged towards him and Zandra. "Get down!" he yelled, hoping she hadn't been hit.

There were either a few ignorant hunters out here among them, hunting animals as in deer, or Ery and Zandra were being hunted themselves.

 When the blonde male replied to her, Zandra didn't like her mouth to cut him off that is never her tension. Confirming he is Erythreus made her at ease knowing one mistake would cause her trouble and she is not one to mess anything up. Not this fast.  "Am sorry I cut you off. Am happy to finally meet a face to the name." She said with a friendly smile. The moment Erythreus said about talks about her, Zandra frozen in place. "Have you now? Only good things, right how could I think there would be bad words about me," she said nervously. Zandra didn't know why she is on edge by the male saying that.

Zandra knew she was readable but this male she swore can look right through her. "Am Sorry sir. I am always on guard with all my reasons. Like a Human in the ranks, always feel like am always doing something wrong so I can't help but think that way.  Please forgive me if I insulted you." Zandra said bitting her tongue. One thing Zandra liked how calm he is made her calm down faster as she took a deep breath.  "I don't get a lot of requests. Will the is the first since Human of all species I am. I will stop talking so you can speak." Zandra said shutting her month. The moment she did the male started to talk about Vladimir, how could she not miss the talks about his death, the version she heard, Zandra didn't feel like he is dead due his species. Zandra would be lying to say she was not scared of what could be the reasoning behind what happened.

In her, mind Aureus came to mind in what he said as she connected the dots as she grasps. Oh, that is what he really meant. "I've heard of the talks, to give me a little idea of what happened. it's very uneasy to think about if am going to be completely honest." What he said is true, species do not matter anymore other than the answers to what happened. "Is this why you called me here? Do you have a lead?" she asked wondering.

The Human could see the male wanted to find the answers as soon as possible, as her she would love to know about the full story. She is still unsure where her place in the ranks is yet but she guesses that will be answered tonight.  "Something tells me will be an eventful night then. I will have your back no matter what. As a guard, it's my job to make sure an aspect is safe as well. You life matters as much as others." Zandra said smiling. Within a second, an arrow hit a tree as she ducked down as her hazel hues looked around. "We can't stay here sir. We have to move somewhere that is safe." Zandra first thought was to get the other to safety not really caring about her knowing she is trained if something does happen. Doesn't he have a guard that is supposed to protect him or did he chosen not to have one? If that is so, Zandra has to watch their backs. 

Erythreus chuckled and with the gesture of his hand, he spoke "Nonsense, you didn't cut me off. Don't worry about it. It's nice to finally meet you too Zandra, ive heard about you.. all good things of course" he expressed, and flashed her a playful wink before brushing his hand through his hair, attempting to place the loose strands back on top of his head. One thing Erythreus could say without a doubt, is that Zandra had beautiful, striking features. Everything about her made his head spin a little; but then again, so did Rosalyn, and she'd have his head so, the Aspect decided not to play with fire. 

Ery could sense how anxious / nervous the guard was. Was it just Erythreus who had that effect on her? He'd seen a select few other females get pretty nervous around him in the past, so he couldn't help but wonder if it was a good thing, or bad.. or maybe it had nothing to do with him at all; maybe she was simply just nervous to be meeting someone brand new. "Honestly, ive not heard anything bad about you from the others; but I can tell you now, from my own point of view, that you're way to tense, loosen up love.. i'm not here to judge you" he expressed, offering a faint smile as she seemed to get more nervous the more they spoke. 

The Aspect quirked a brow. Sir. That was new for him, but he respected, and appreciated it a lot. Maybe respect wasn't a thing of the past afterall. Shaking his head, Ery smiled once more "You didn't offend me. It's completely fine that you're on guard, but don't be too on guard with me, that'll stop you from helping me do what's needing done" he then said, sighing, and grimacing as his gaze dropped to stare at the ground. Erythreus still felt a sense of denial about the whole situation with Vladimir; if Erythreus couldn't sense his death, then he wasn't dead, but then Deus, the Aspect of life, could definitely sense a life missing. How was this even possible? Frustrated by it all, the Aspect of Death groaned. 

"Don't worry about talking to much you're doing fine" Erythreus admitted; chuckling at her non-stop rambling. Ery began pacing when Zandra asked if this was what he'd called her here for, throwing his hands up in the air when she asked if he'd had a lead "I have nothing" he said in an angered tone of voice before shouting "absolutely nothing!". The Aspect knew his temper was getting the best of him right now, and around someone who didn't need to see that side of him. Looking to her apologetically, he sighed "Im sorry. I just don't get it" he then said truthfully. "All we all want, and i imagine Octavia in specific, is to know..." he stated; even if Erythreus did have a gut feeling that this situation was gonna turn out to be something none of them saw coming. 

Erythreus was angry sure, but he could only smile when Zandra promised to have his back. Dominic had been handling other business, so he hadn't bothered calling his personal guard o this matter yet; not to say he wouldn't though, because Ery usually worked best with his personal guard. Most the guards had stuck with one Aspect specifically, and for Erythreus it'd always been Dominic. But, he couldn't deny being excited about meeting Zandra, and having the chance to work alongside her. "I can see the puzzled expression on your face. I have my own guard, but he's dealing with a lot of major things.. we all are I guess, and since you and I have never worked together, I figured now was as good of a time as any" he said as he began walking at a fast pace to get away from there, as she requested. "I couldn't agree more" he added, as his chest heaved, breathing a little unsteady now. 

Two more arrows whizzed by both their heads as they were trying to get to safety; letting Ery know that they were under attack for certain. "This isnt just a few hunters looking for deer to shoot" he expressed, and a small part of him felt as though he should stand in front of Zandra; it took his pride away to think she'd throw herself into certain danger, possibly even death, to make sure he was safe. Erythreus inhaled, fearing the worse and becoming nothing short of pessimistic. Before he could utter another word, he'd finally been hit by one of the arrows being shot their way, a searing pain lingering from his shoulder down to the very tips of his fingers, causing confusion for the Aspect to pin point where he'd been shot. 

"Zandra.." he mouthed, blinded by rage, but he needed to hear her voice; a sliver of fear washed over him to think she may have gotten hit too. "Zandra are you okay?" he then asked, stumbling against a tree, wincing as he grabbed the arrow, realizing it was lodged too deep for him to pull it out himself, therefor, he would have to get Zandra to help him. "Who ever you are, may god have mercy on your souls!!" the Aspect of Death called out to whoever the shooters were. 


Zandra had so much going thought her mind that she does not know. This was her first real mission with an Aspect. "You are too kind and I thank you." She stayed quiet when he said about hearing about her. Zandra didn't think no one noticed her around the manor looked like she is wrong for one in her life. One thing that makes her feel calmer and brought herself a little more confidence. One thing for sure she can't fail him or oversee anything around them. She didn't know what got into him when she saw his wink, Zandra never having any boyfriend ever in her life she didn't know what it meant so she shrugged it off thinking there was no meaning. " Am grateful there is nothing bad about me. I can see why you asked then nothing again me so trustful in a way if I think around. Not like am jumping to a conclusion." Zandra said with a slightly nervous laugh to herself. Get a hold of yourself Zandra this is not a get-together, this is a mission focus.  

It was not like she was nervose about being with someone new, will other than not knowing the other's limits or thought the process. It was that she is scared to let someone down knowing she can't do anything but what a normal Human would do.  Coming from her, she was moments away from protecting her mother from getting murdered in her hospital room. She was too slow. Zandra promised herself she will never let anyone die on her watch no matter how bad they are. Someone might think she has too much of a pure innocent heart to be in the ranks but Zandra knew the job means to see things no one will never get to see. It has to stay between her and the reports to the aspects. How does a simple human like her deal with everything? It's something Zandra has yet to find the answer too but she knew she can't give up just yet. Not anytime soon, something is dark and feel wrongs in the manor, it was all in the air. That also made the human stress and nervous but one thing she does not want to admit to anyone or herself... she is scared.  "Am sorry sir. I mean am not trying to be," she said taking a deep breath closing her eyes feeling herself loosen up.

She might be overthinking things at the moment as Zandra told herself don't overthink, don't lose sight of what is going on. This is important and she needed a clear mind. Opening her hazel eyes feeling how calm she became felling lightweight with the no fog insight of her judgment. Zandra nodded in agreement. "Sorry," she said as she laughed. " I say sorry way too much. You called me out here for an important job. I will hear you out to get an idea." she said with a smile. 

As the blonde male said nothing, Zandra noticed the change of the other's mood. "Dang," she said looking at him. "Hey, what did you just told me. Take a breath am sure we can find something. You don't need to be sorry, what is going on is stressful to all of us. I have a feeling if we force and look at what is going on in the bigger picture we can find something. Just be hopeful." Zandra said in a calming matter. Repeating the other's words might not have helped. It was all a mess and both of them knew it. It was no time to be selfish or to have a disagreement. "It must be very hard on her, losing someone you love is the hardest thing in the world," she said holding back her eyes as she chocked on her words. Zandra can feel that pain knowing she was not involved. 'Whatever happened to him or who did it must have some nerve to start this. Is it wrong to say they're better to be a good punch line or reason? The question is why target? What is the real plan or motive? There are so many things that are in the air we need to be open about. We need to talk about baby steps and really think about things as well as keeping our eyes open." Zandra said as her eyes grew wide noticed she talked like an officer as she blushed in embarrassment. "Well, there is my father's talk," she said in a joking matter. 

Zandra nodding hears the aspect had his own guard, she could understand there is so much for everyone to do. "I understand like you said everyone has a role to do. Asking too much of him will wear him down. Keeping energy at this time will help more. I will do my best. Like I said I will have your back." she said with a bright smile. As they begin to walk, she keeps her ears open to let every noise will be welcomed. 

Zandra listened to the arrows as she fell down to her knees trying to look for Erythreus. "Someone knew we were coming or suspected us to be here." the human said after what the other said, there was no way people like hunters will know where they will be but why attack them? Something in her felt something dark. Who is attacking them and could they be an answer.  Zandra stood up knowing she is a guard she can't be on her knees. The arrows were everywhere feeling pain as she found one of the arrows cut her pants leg as she saw blood. "Sir?" she yelled out hoping he was not hurt.

Her worst nightmare, she turned when she heard the blonde's face as her hazel hues saw an arrow. "Oh my god am so sorry. I allowed this after I promised to have your back," she said hating herself. "It's alright let's get you to sit down and lay low. Whoever they are I know they would have answers. There were not normal hunters. Something tells me they knew we were out here but how and why." she said getting her back not thinking about her bleeding pant leg. Getting her red first air kit out along with towels. "First we need to get this arrow out. You have to bear with me alright. Do me a favor, bite on to this towel breath in and out from your nose and by the count of three I will pull the arrow out." she said. She needed to be strong and whoever the shooters were they need to be quiet. Zandra handing him a towel as she got a towel ready for herself to put pressure. Thank goodness it was not life-threatening around his heart. "When you're ready." Zandra looked at the other knowing how scared she is in her eyes but at the moment her emotions were not important. She is ready.

Erythreus chuckled. Zandra was cleary distraught, and the more they spoke, the more nervous she got. In a way, it was pretty cute. He gave her a dismissive wave, “No need to thank me, It’s just how I am” he said in response, giving a simple nod of his head. The way Zandra kept quiet when he had told her how people had said a few good things about her, let Erythreus know something; Zandra felt like she wasn’t noticed at all, and he figured it had a lot to do with her being the only human in the guard. It made sense though, one human among tons of supernaturals, it couldn’t have been easy. 

Ery studied her features for a moment. Oddly enough, she wasn’t even phased by his flirtation; that too let him know something, she wasn’t used to having someone flirt with her. That much had surprised the Aspect of Death. You’d have to be blind or stupid not to notice someone as gorgeous as Zandra. When she laughed nervously, Erythreus grinned; even that was cute, but he decided not to comment on it and make her feel even more awkward. Erythreus was probably as stressed as Zandra appeared to be, but he felt a sense of doom and hopelessness nagging at him. How could he be helpful with this situation concerning Vladimir if his ability to sense his death had been tampered with?

Erythreus sighed, but Zandra’s words pulled him out of through, and for that he was thankful. The Aspect offered a faint smile, when she apologized. “You do that a lot? Apologize?” he asked, finding it sad that she felt the need to be sorry for a lot of things she really wasn’t doing wrong. “I know you must feel like you need to be a little more than the other guards, because you’re the only human among them, but you’re just as important to the faction; I hope you know that” he expressed, placing a hand on her shoulder, but quickly withdrawing it the moment arrows soared over at them, one striking Ery’s shoulder in the process.

Another apology from her caused Erythreus to chuckle, and shake his head. “You’re fine. Yes, I called you out here for a reason; but it don’t mean we can’t have a little fun too” he grunted, pain still searing through his arm as blood stained the sleeve of his shirt from top to bottom. He knew he was losing a lot of blood for whatever reason, it scared the shit out of him. Erythreus was immortal, whatever these arrows were made of, caused his wound to stay open, instead of healing instantly. 

With him having a small meltdown, and after losing his temper a little, the Aspect couldn’t help but chuckle at how she said dang, but a faint smile adorned his lips when she finally stepped into her guard-like role. The questions she’d asked were definitely on point, why target? What is the real plan or motive?  Ery gave her a nod “You’re right. But I fear that baby steps won’t be enough.. Something drastic needs to be done” he expressed, but Erythreus was the irrational, impulsive Aspect when it was narrowed down to him and the others, so at times he knew very well that his own judgement wasn’t the best.

He chuckled then as Zandra said that was her fathers way of talking “He sounds like a smart man”the Aspect said truthfully, because the way Zandra spoke, she seemed pretty on her game with being a guard, and it made Erythreus feel a little safer. Erythreus did as she requested, scooting himself against the tree behind him and pulling her close to him to keep her from getting hit while she assisted him. “It’s not your fault, you couldn’t have seen that coming, it could have just as easily been you.” he stated, now having sweat rolling down his face as well as his body.

“I don’t know why or how, but I know you’re right about one thing” he talked through breathing heavily. “They have answers. This wasn’t random nor was it an accident” he added, gritting his teeth to drown out the pain if possible. “My wound shouldn’t be this open still” the Aspect then stated, a look of fear settling onto his features. “Do you think they’ve spelled these arrows? Something is different about this.. I should have started healingg the moment I got hit” he then expressed, as his chest heaved. 

When Zandra handed him a towel, the Aspect knew what was next. He was immortal, so why did this scare him so much? Either way, he had to be ready, cause they had to get the hell out of here. Placing the towel between his teeth, the Aspect gave her a nod, signaling he was ready, and reach for anything he could to hold onto, which ended up being her leg, so he didn’t squeeze tight enough to hurt her. Tensing up,and pouring sweat from his face,  he waited for even more pain to hit him while she readied herself to pull the arrow out of his shoulder. 

 For their first met, Zandra expects the aspect to be this nice and thoughtful if those were the right words. Somethings were meant to be and some aren't. She expected what she thought when she heard his name but now in the flesh and being with the other made her feel sad. "It's good to show who you are. That is the best of the person for a first impression. I mean... out of what I thought you were going to be I got proven wrong by you. Not saying I thought you were a bad person I didn't expect you to be calm and nice." she said trying to make her first statement nicer than saying the opposite. 

It was not like she didn't want to get noticed by people or to sound like she was too introverted to only focus on her training, taking walked to make sure everything is still in order. Being a Human is harder then what people think it can be like. It was not bursts of sunshine and rainbows who are nice and friendly, somewhere not good people and trying to prove she is not one of them is not fun but stressful.  It's hard to prove to some who don't want to see that side. Zandra was not bothered by her being by herself knowing missions will go smoothly as they are then having someone like her does one mistake and everything can go into chaos. Zandra was shocked she was asking to go on a mission for the first time. Looks like this will be her shoot to prove she can be as helpful like the others. She is not a show-off type of gal it was more like her saying not to underestimate her because of her species.

Zandra never had a significant other, She could've but it was chosen to be forbidden so she could force on her own life and leave that side untouched for the time being. It was never a thought to her, people are shocked. Zandra didn't think her love life was important for people to know. Zandra could be lying to herself thinking he was being too nice because how pretty she is or because she is a woman. if Erythreus is flirting with her she saw it as being really friendly. Pure and Innocent in the world of love. 

When the blonde made asked about her apologizing too much, she made a nervous smile and nodded. "I say sorry to many time in one conversation with anyone. You can say am not that social with people. In short, am not good with people or with words." Zandra said truthfully looking at him. In no pun intended, he caught her off the guard when she spoke about her species and her worries like he saw right through her.  " I...." Zandra tried to form words, not a single person noticed that but Erythreus.  She personally didn't know what to say to respond as she swallowed hard nodding. She didn't notice his hand was on her shoulder until was being pulled down. 

Zandra soon laughed lightly. " I don't think you getting a shot with an arrow is fun," she said joking. Zandra putting on gloves so her figure prints won't be taken, she knew one of these days it would be useful. The world they line in today anyone can be taken out or impersonated. Change a simple thing like not leaving fingerprints on an arrow can protect people in the manor, she loved once and most important everyone's safety.  If these were the people who took the fellow guard then giving them fewer resources will make them left with nothing. 

The Human nodded getting a little clear visual of how the situation is really like. "Will it does not matter how many steps we take things will uncover the answers we need to know. Baby steps might not be the right phrase but you never know what will show up or happen tonight." Zandra said with clear judgment.  It's true they are walking and talking about something that's in unknown territory. Anything can happen right at the moment, a few minutes or hours. As the moment came it was attacked by arrows from an unknown source. Zandra sighed which she was wrong on everything she said but it looks like her words for jinxed. 

"My father is the best. He trained me before I came into the ranks. After he stepped away he was right back to work became a police officer. Everything I know about the law and talk to people in a situation like this is from him. Then again I wanted to be just like him. Am just part of who he is not saying the rest will be just like him." she said knowing he made time for love, made time for his family. Zandra herself is scared to build a family even be with someone. It's dangerous, she didn't want to be a burned to anyone. if it's someone in the ranks of know about her it would be simple but it's still too risky. Zandra still does not know how her father did it all.  Zandra came closer to the aspect with her hazel eyes looked at his shoulder. "You do have a point. Even so, I should've token that arrow. I will rather be recovering then seeing you hurt like this. Dang, that look....on second thought am not going to comment. It will just make things worse." 

Once again the word Answers made a full circle. "Calm down and relax the pain will only get worse if you stress out or even move," Zandra commented knowing they were on the same wavelength. Whoever they are something will come back at them. Zandra didn't like how wound didn't clear up like the male said as she bites her lip. Her eyes looked at the arrow when the answers were being asked. Something did catch her eyes, the arrows have symbols and markings on them. "Damn, I wish you were so wrong," Zandra said as she looked around to see an arrow in the ground. "They were ready. How are they steps ahead of us?" the human asked.  Something didn't feel right within that moment. "These arrows have marks and symbols I never have seen before. They could very easily be it's hard to tell. We need to get the arrow out now since it's unknown what is doing to your body. Am so in trouble getting back." Zandra said sighing but went to focus on the arrow. 

When the Human watched the other do what she said, putting both of her gloved hands on his others free shoulder and the arrow. " 1......2......3," she said pulling the arrow out as hard she can. Zandra quickly took her hand off the other's shoulder with a cloth pressing hard to stop the bleeding. her hues looked at the writing. "Yeah. I don't know what they mean. maybe the other's will know. Put your hand on this cloth put as much presser as you can." Zandra said as she let him take control for a moment. Taking off one of her gloves to reach for a bag to put the arrow in so they won't get the other's blood as well as getting another bag for the gloves. Who said police work won't be useful in the ranks. Zandra got out two more bags looking around knowing it will be risky but rolled over to another tree to reach the other arrow in the groud after getting her gloved on putting it in one of the bags and run back carefully. "If their fingerprints are on these arrows it would lead us into an answer or uncover something," Zandra said putting the bags in her bag carefully. 

"Right you're bleeding still," Zandra said forgetting for a moment getting her goss and cotton balls out. "I can only do so much at the moment when it stopped bleeding. After this, we need to get to higher ground. They are traveling on foot most likely. This is making me wonder how did they know we will be here tonight not like I want to think about this but could they have spies or ears or even away into the manor/' Zandra asked a little scared. She is not one to show how her emotions in a serious situation but saying that out loud didn't make her feel easy. 


The aspect furrowed his brows. He couldn't help but smirk and shake his head, feeling quite amused wit her explanation "I get that a lot" he expressed, chuckling, but rose a dark brow at her as curiosity swept over him "But im dying to know. What kind of person did you think i'd be?, since you said you were proven wrong" he stated, wondering just what her first impression of him had been. Erythreus knew Zandra had a harder time than the rest, fitting in and proving that she could be just as valuable to the Aspects as the rest of the guards seemed to be, but Ery had never let his mind be so narrow as to thinking Zandra was less capable just because she was a human. 

Zandra had a determination about her, that made it enjoyable when it came to working with her. The Aspect of Death had his guard, Dominic. But he enjoyed branching out and getting the opporunity to work with those he never had been able to, on smaller missions. Ery would have never went out on something dangerous without Dom. To Erythreus, it was a little bit about loyalty. Erythreus could tell that Zandra was pretty innocent where it concerned being with someone, it seemed that she'd never had the luxury of beingg loved by a special someone. Erythreus had felt that before, but it had turned out to break him in half, three times now. Ery laughed out loud ever time he thought about it.. the tripple threat of blondes in his past life, made it seem very much like the Aspect had planned it that way. It was odd the way people looked at him when he expressed how all three of his ex's were blonde headed females. It also made people assume he was only interested in blondes, and that wasn't true. 

Her voice snapped him back to the here and now. The Aspect chuckled to her saying she wasn't great with people, and knowing what to say to them "It's okay.. at least you try. I'd rather hear a bunch of apologies than to talk to someone who thinks they know everything.. that typically gets people hurt" he stated, giving her a nod. Erythreus watched her, fascinated with how she knew to put gloves on, in order to keep her finger prints off the arrow, so that the attackers wouldn't be able to track Zandra down by the use of her fingerprints. The world they lived in now, had been overran by technology, and it was so easy to find people; the last thing any of them needed right now, was for any of the others to come up missing or harmed at the manor. Everything they were doing from here on out, would likely come with a list of risks. They all had to be careful, one simple mistake could cost every last one of them. 

"Well it sounds like a part of your father, will always be with you then.. cherish that" he stated, frowning in that moment. Even if it had been 1500 plus years ago, the Aspect still remembered how much his own parents had loved him; but as it turned out, they loved him too much. Erythreus was truthfully just ungrateful back then, and had he not been out in the forest hunting for days on end, just to rebel against his parents, he'd not be right here where he is right now. It was odd how things tended to play out. Rebelling against his parents, caused him to initially be found by two vicious blood suckers, be turned into one of them, executed once more, and brought back as the Aspect of Death; it was safe to say, Erythreus believed in the butterfly effect. 

Erythreus grunted a little, the pain continued searing through his arm, but Zandra had a way of making this a light hearted moment no matter how pissed off and how much pain he was in. "Zandra, don't say that. I know it's your job, but i can never see it as an okay thing to do, for you to jump in front of an arrow for me.. i will live through it.. chances are, you might now.. especially if it hits an artery or something major" he expressed. Sometimes the lines became a little blurry for Erythreus as to what all a guard should actually risk to protect the Aspects, and often times it'd gotten him hurt. Like now, where he had taken an arrow to keep Zandra from getting hit by one. He would gladly do it again. 

The fear of not knowing what was on these arrows, had caused Erythreus to panic a little, but as her voice guided him into calming down, the Aspect breathed a little easier. He didn't want to move and jepordize the arrow sinking deeper into his body, and possibly piercing his heart, or whatever the possibilities were right now. "Just het it out.. I don't care how much it hurts, don't be afraid of hurting me" he expressed, balling his fist up again. "Lets hope that I am" he stated, referring to being wrong about these bullets being seeped in poison or spelled to do damage to it's target. Ery's skin had began turning pale, and for a moment, he felt cold, and this had scared him even more. When Zandra began counting, he couldn't help but squeeze her leg, when she ahd only made it to one.. by number three, she had done pulled it out, and Erythreus could only gasp for air. 

"Fuck fuck fuck!" he shouted, and slammed his foot into the ground as he laid there bleeding pretty profusely. Erythreus was now as pale as a ghost it's self, as Zandra gave him a cloth to hold onto the wound, and he did as she instructed, and placed pressure against it. The Aspect breathed in and out, heaving as his breathing still came out unsteady. When Erythreus watched her get out another bag, and roll over to the tree where the arrows were, he practically growled at her "You're going to get yourself killed!" he said in a low tone of voice, but one serious enough to let her know he certainly wasn't okay with what she had just done. After conjuring up the strength to stand, Erythreus leaned himself against the tree he'd been sitting by "But i guess that's wise.. at least we can take that arrow to a specialist and have them see if they can trace whoever's finger prints are on those.. then we'll get to the bottom of who's attacking us.. and no matter how it happens, we will get them to talk" he then said, his eyes holding a dark glint to them; because even if he had to torture someone a little to make them talk, they needed to know why they were being attacked, and after the injury he had sustained, the Aspect was pretty desperate for answers. 

"Let's go then, we've wasted too much time on me.. I can walk.. at least far enough to get some where safer than this.. because you're right, they're travelling on foot, and im not sure that we're not completely surrounded right now, but i figure if we are, we'll know it the moment we make our next move." he expressed and tore a piece of his shirt off, wrapping it around his shoulder as tightly as his hands could tie. "We don't go back to the manor right away. There's a safehouse we can go to not far from here, if there are others .. then we would lead them right back to the manor' he finished off, making surre she knew that they needed to get to that safe house as quick as possible. "Im ready when you are" he added, and knelt down, furrowing his brows as he found a shoe print. "It looks like a trail of them..". Now the question was, do they follow the prints, or carry on with the original plan of going to the safe house. "Following those foot prints, could lead us to even more answers, or it could very well lead us into more danger" 

Zandra was taken back by what the other said. " I... didn't expect for you to say that others said," Zandra said didn't know what to say but it was not bothered by the other. "Well, one I thought you were going to be the type with a deep voice I don't know why I thought it would be a little loud and intimidating.  You can see why I said I got proven wrong. Your nothing like that at all." she said with a smile looking at him. She never liked comparing herself to others know it will bring her down even more. She was born as a Human for a reason and it can't be changed, well other then if she gets turned by another species but that is the less likely thing to happen. Anything can happen but she does not wish it to really happen.

"You're not wrong that's for sure," Zandra said with a laugh. She didn't disagree with him people do know how to talk people's ears off along with annoying people on how much they know and pushing people's buttons. Zandra remembered someone from her father's work always did that along with their son who always happens to be there when Zandra got to work with her father. 

When the Erythreus commented about her father is a part of her Zandra couldn't help but sigh. "Is he really?" she asked. "My father is a good balancer nothing he did was unperfect or planned. He could figure out stuff that I can't. I don't even believe if there is time for me to find the answers. I don't even know if I have time to even get married and have kids." she said knowing what she said. Zandra knew to cherish her father, his life is passed on to her which would expect from her to pass it down to her children. How could Zandra so that if she does not even understand the balance and with the world today she does not want to think about it. 

The human was not one to bring a positive outlook if someone needed it. She is too outspoken, always look the other way from fantasy and only look at the facts of the situation.  Never meet one person who would outcome her viewpoints until the other spoke up. A smile came to her lips as she looked at his face. "Thank you for saying that but I do believe me signing up for the ranks is to be prepared for any danger on the lines to protect anyone in the line of sight. Risking my life is something I am prepared to do." Zandra said with the harsh facts. Zandra is scared of death yes but if she dies a hero then it's one death she does not mind being a part of. Someone taking something for her is something never had to happen to her. This was a first for her. 

Getting the arrow out didn't scare her but his sudden outburst. Zandra looked around to see if anyone was going to come out 

to see where the voice came from. "Shhh, Sir it's alright." Risks are everything for her to take this was no different. Zandra knew he would not approve of what she did. "Whoever these people are they have to talk, if they heard this from the manor I think things will be chaos. Who let them in and who we are dealing with. I don't want more people being killed but tonight showed both of us we must be careful who we talk with, where we are going are our words.  If they are part of the big picture then we are so many steps away from the truth and everything we need to find out." Zandra packed everything and got a container to get the blood from the snow so nothing will be there. Whatever happened in the snow and the tree at that moment will be eased.  Packing everything as she put her bag on her back as she turned to the other.

"No, we need to go straight to the manor. Whatever is in your system is no waiting and you're not dying on me." Zandra said putting her foot down. Tonight is ever eventful. "Sir, am not one to talk back but if they knew where we are doing to be they would know the manor already. I will keep a lookout as we walk. I might be short but I can make a taller person like you living in hell." Zandra knew the main goal is to get him to the aspects and everything they have as evidence of what happens to them. Zandra talked in her mind on how she was going to write the report. 

----------------------------------------------------------- Time Skip --------------------------------------------------------------

Getting back to the manor, she felt all eyes on her and Erythreus. "Someone help to the other Aspects. He is not in good condition." Zandra said letting someone taller help him as she sits down writing the words what she said within her mind. "An Unknown Arrow with an unknown source made an Aspect fall and ghost-like." Zandra took out everything she needs to turn in along with the arrows and the snow. Every little thing that happens and makes a difference. The Human turned everything into someone she knew can give it straight to the Aspects. Putting her hands together taking a deep breath hoping the Aspect of Death will be alright and can recover. 

From one mission what people would think is failed but honestly, to her, it didn't. They didn't come back empty-handed, they came back with answers and new questions that might have answers. Zandra is more than having nothing. As she was going back to her room she got stopped by someone telling her about another mission as it was very important. The Group she dealt with two times now. Zandra said she will get ready but in her mind, she sighed wondering when they will learn there lesson. Looks like another mission alone. The Human got into the all-black clothing to watch before stepping into the building. Walking out the door, she kept her hazel eyes open in case anyone with arrows will follow her but it still troubled her greatly. What was it they didn't want her and Erythreus to know or find out. She right is she or how wrong she is being.  Questions after questions. 

Getting to the spot, Zandra watched as she saw them doing something that looks bigger than the ranks know and see. She walked in but something Zandra didn't care to do is to look for traps or anything that can harm her. She was close to death tonight she didn't want a second chance at it either. As short as the visit was she stopped the trade that looks like it could've done so much damage but little did she know the trade operation still went though. Blindsided by Zandra's part didn't know they had a backup plan which kept the trade going and to get rid of her so she won't tell others. 

The is one of those missions Zandra didn't expect to go so wrong and yet is the first time she is scared. She was on a solo mission like it's not normal to her already but is to stop a supernatural gang that is dangerous. One thing is why would they ask the only Human in the ranks to do a mission like this. Zandra did stop them from doing a trade but not sure if it officially stopped. One of the members was after her. "Shit shit shit.... why can't I be with someone on this mission," she said in her head while running until something hit her leg as she feeling on her face as tears now came closing her eyes in pain. "Shit is tonight the night I die?" she thought as she looked at the male who was staying behind her smiling. "Please someone save me." she wished in her head not sure if she should yell for help or not.

The Human didn't see they had a bear trap ready for her along with people she never has seen before. That should've been warning signs for her. She heard someone walking behind her but she felt she could not move her leg that made her panic. "No No No, why can't I move I need to protect myself. No one is coming." Zandra said defected, she can't do anything and she hated it. her worst nightmare has finally faced her. A Solo Mission went wrong.

Erythreus was back inside the manor before he'd even realized it. Zandra may have been short and petite, but she was fierce and unbreakable when she needed to be. Ery admired her for many reasons, and that was just one of few that had always caught his eye right off with the human. After she had turned in her report, Erythreus scanned their surroundings, alerting them to let his own personal guard know about this the moment he returned to the manor. It was a mission he planned to have Dom go on with him whenever Dom got back. Erythreus had decided on laying down once all the comotion died down, and people stopped walking in and out to make sure he was okay. 

It seemed that he'd slept for hours. But when he finally woke up from a nap, evening time had settled in, and he had healed up just fine. Thankfully the arrows weren't posioned, or whatever those markings on them might of meant. Getting to his feet, Ery walked over to his fully stocked cabinet, and pulled himself a bottle of whiskey out along with a glass. He put some music on before heading into the bathroom with his glass, stripping from head to toe, and taking a much needed shower. After getting out, the Aspect chugged the contents of the glass, and sighed happily before slipping into a fresh outfit. 

As Erythreus walked out of the bathroom, he slid into his grunge boots and topped his outfit off with his long leather trench coat, and his leather fingerless gloves. As the Aspect of Death waltzed out of his room, several different members in the manor rushed him, to make sure he was okay. Ery held a hand up, to back them off "I'm fine. Where is Zandra?" he questioned with an arched brow as a few of them started whispering and the other few dropped their heads. "WHERE IS ZANDRA, I WILL NOT ASK AGAIN" he then asked in a much louder tone, with his hands folded behind his back. 

When one of them finally spoke up, the Aspect inhaled "Sir, we sent her back out. You were injured, we need to know who's behind this". The explanation was cut short by Ery's hand flying up once again to silence them. "YOU SENT HER BACK OUT THERE ALONE?!?!" he shouted at them, "If we're not back in two hours, send help! idiots.. all of you!!" he spoke out of anger. Erythreus hated to call anyone names, especially those in his own faction, or the guards. He knew their intentions were pure, and that they were only trying to protect him. It was their job to keep the aspects safe, but who was gonna keep them safe? Erythreus wasn't about to let Zandra die for him.. not like this anyways. 

After rushing out of the manor, and into the direction they'd been earlier where they were attacked by arrows, Ery's heart sank. He could hear her pleas through the trees, needing someone to save her. As he arrived, Erythreus fell to his knees beside of her, and dropped his head when he realized she'd been caught by a bear trap. "Hang in there okay? i'm gonna help you. I won't leave your side, I promise. They had no right sending you back out here, especially alone" his voice was soft, but held a certain anger to it as he locked eyes with the human guard. Erythreus knew she couldn't be coddled just because she's a human, but her being human also meant that the others should have more regards as to where they sent her alone. 

"This is gonna suck. And, it's gonna hurt even more to get your leg out, are you with me on that? you understand right?" he asked, hoping she knew that she was in a world of trouble right now. Because even after she was free of the trap, her leg would be damaged for a good amount of time, and that would prevent her from missions all together for a while. "When I pry this open, I need you to scoot back and get your leg out. Can you do that?" he asked, with widened eyes, and his chest heaving as he breathed heavily. "If I let it go, and your leg is not out, it could very well cut your leg off, with how deep it's already in there" he stated, sheer worry in his tone. But, he had faith that she would do it without damaging her leg any worse. "Let's do this. Are you ready?" he questioned, and reach over, gently giving her shoulder a squeeze to assure her that he was right there, and he wasn't going any where. 

"Im so sorry this happened to you. You shouldn't have been sent out here alone" he finished off, and placed his hands on the trap, readying himself to pry it apart when she gave the okay to do it. 

Out of all the pleas of help, Zandra didn't expect to see Erythreus out of bed after a few hours. The Human didn't know what to think or say she say the man who was going to kill her still behind him. "Sir what are you going just standing there he will kill you," Zandra spoke out. As soon she spoke about the man he begins to run away from the scene. Zandra begged in her mind for the male not to go after him. "I-I" is all human can say. This happened so fast she forgot her leg was in a trap. 

"T-This is a different mission. A mission I think I did stop but by the looks of it, I don't think I didn't. They are going to do dangerous trading. I don't know what to, I have to stop it." she said frecking out as she wanted to get up but soon fell silent. Her head slowly looked down at her leg as something was missing and she is trying to find what is missing.  "I-I can't felt my leg," she said as she freaked out. "Erythreus why can't I feel my leg...... I can't feel my leg!" she said with tears coming out non stop, this was the first time she ever showed her weak side toward the other and she is not proud of that but it couldn't be helped. "Am so sorry..... oh my god am so sorry If it was not for you... I would be dead," she said with a shaky scared tone in her voice.

It all came to her as everything the group was doing is all planned the mission failed and it was also her overlooking things she needed watch out for. Traps and she found one by the last minute. "You need to careful there could be traps everywhere." The worst nightmare came to her and reality. After they get her out of this trap she might not end up taking anything on until her leg is better and movable. 

Tonight was one of the normal nights that can happen. This is why she didn't want a relationship with anyone. To have someone who loves her always worried about her and then can hear that she died on the line of duty is something she can't help but feel guilty. She couldn't do that to someone. Zandra didn't want to be out of commission from anything... it made her feel like she was not strong enough to handle anything. Her legs are important to her and now it looks like she will not be doing anything for a while. When the other told her not to worry but to breath she couldn't help but freak out more but she did the breathing part. She dared to look down at her leg as she didn't care tears were coming down. She was reckless and didn't pay attention to Zandra didn't want the pain she held on to the other male tightly as she cried in his shirt. She nodded at what he is telling her as she did what he said with the little strength she said."I T-trust you." she said lightly. When he asked her about how many times they sent her out for this type of mission she looked down not knowing what she should say or how to tell him. Three times but this is the first time she got in danger. "T-Three... tonight made three," she said softly looking at the ground. "They never listened.... who would because I'm someone-" she stopped her felt for say the rest. She was already in pain and now can't perform anything for a long time she didn't need to put herself down.

Erythreus had never really been bothered by the sight of blood, nor had he ever let himself feel fear when someone got hurt. But, seeing a Guard in this situation, tugged at him in all the wrong ways. Rage boiled his blood as the peasant ran off in the other direction. "It's okay, let him go for now. We can send a tracker back out here.. you can't do anything to stop him, your leg is a mangled up mess" he expressed, trying to point out that she wouldn't be able to go after the man who'd just ran away, but it did impress him nonetheless to see how much will power Zandra had. The only human in the ranks, wanted to go after someone even with her leg nearly snapped clean off by a bear trap. 

The traps were seemingly sat out to catch someone, rather than an animal, and it's as though these people she was after, knew she was coming, which meant they were one step ahead of her. "It's still there, just breathe" the Aspect said, trying to remain as calm as he could himself. Ery knew if he displayed fear about how bad her leg looked, then she'd freak out even more, and likely pass out. 

Reaching out, Erythreus grabbed her hand gently. "It's okay. I was just out and about trying to reflect on some stuff .. trying to figure out what to do next with the situation back in the manor, I'm glad I was out here when I was. Who knows what woulda happened if I hadn't made it to you. That man that ran away from you, seemed to have plans for what he wanted to do to you while you're sitting here helpless and can't fight back" Ery frowned. The realization of what he may of done to her, made his stomach turn. "you have a point" the Aspect said with widened eyes, freezing in place, unsure of what his next move could even be at this point without getting stuck in one of these damned things himself. 

Erythreus's hands balled into fists as anger washed over him. He knew Zandra was part of the guard, and of course she had to go out on missions when she was sent out, no matter how dangerous it was. But, couldn't they have sent someone out with her for crying out loud? At least with someone by her side on missions like these, in the middle of no where, she could have dodged that bear trap, having another set of eyes to look out for things like that did wonders. "Good. I'm glad you trust me, when I pray this off your leg, pull yourself backward until your legs in the clear, then ill let it go again. I don't want to let it go back onto your leg.. your leg won't survive anymore damage right now." he said, and began pulling, nodding at her, and giving her the go-ahead to start scooting herself back. 

"You got this, just breathe" he stated, trying to talk her out of the trap, and keep her mind on anything but the pain she may of felt when he had pulled the trap apart. The holes in her leg were big enough to set up infection. Erythreus knew he'd need to get her to the manor, and seen by one of the few nurses who had been nice enough to serve the Ailward manor, as soon as her leg was free. 

The human is not one for letting something go so easily, even if it’s a mission she is passionate about. With all the pain she is feeling nothing ever slipped out of her mind like it is right now with her. “He could go and tell others... I failed this mission,” she asked beating herself up. Knowing she can’t do anything made a lot of things worse on her.  Zandra didn’t want to cry to the pain but it was hurting her too much to the point they came down from her hazel eyes with or without her permission.

“Don’t make me look,” she said breathing in as she closed her eyes. Zandra hated this too much. If she would’ve looked around and dismantled all traps before going in this would not have happened. This was her fault. The moment the Alward took her hand she opened her eyes to look at him and nodded. “Most likely I would be dead,” she said boldly knowing she was dumb to the word death. Since her mother died in old blood in her hospital bed, nothing was ever the same for the human guard. “Did something happen at the Manor?” she asked wondering. “We need to get me out of this can head back before they come back. Knowing the male he could’ve told everyone and on their way back. They didn’t like me coming around well they should not be doing what they are doing. Plain and simple.” Zandra said under her breath annoyed. People do all different types of things to get pay, that’s why there are so many crimes going on.

Zandra can feel the hand go into a fist as she looked up at him with her hazel hues. Working alone is something grew a custom too so to her it was not a big deal but she can understand in this situation it’s very much a big deal. The group had bigger plans which is something she still needed to report. The moment the aliward said what he did make Zandra scared if anything more she wouldn’t be able to walk forever. There is still so much for her to do as Zandra nodded knowing he knows what he is talking about. “Please do what you can…. This pain is killing me.” Zandra admitted looking at the blonde male. Zandra did as she is told as she scooted back as she finally looked down at her leg she wanted to cry. Her leg.

Breathing in as she bite her lip when the other opened the trap as she can feel everything. Zandra scooted back more until her leg was out and the loud snap from the trap closed with nothing to hold on. Zandra was shaking like a leaf, seeing the aftermath really took a toll on her. The human just sat there looking at her leg and not saying a word. Why didn’t she looked around and protected herself? She hoped the trapped was but rusty or anything looks like she won’t be much of anything now.


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