Ever since the day she vowed and been loyal being a guard and protecting those who needs help. Zandra has been thought so much as being inside a celestial powers which is something she still can't even think about explaining. it's unbelievable to her until this day. Zandra for what people see, is a simple human who is trying to live the best life she possible can but to her rank she is someone who has a role and a job she must keep up with.

Things she sees and does are what kids and think of what a hero would do but that is the last title Zandra herself want to hold within someone's live even a whole city if something does happen. She went on her daily walk to make sure everything is still in order other then a man thinking using his powers to steal something from a lady. Zandra kept a notebook with her in her blogging bag so she can put reports in.

She came back to the Manor turning in the report, she was about to got up the stairs as someone stopped her. her hazel eyes laid on the person who is speaking to her as she hard one of the aspects wanted her to meet them in the woods. Zandra grew scared, what did she do this time? The last time she talked with one it was about a report she didn't write up the moment she walked into the front door and there he was. Aureus Ailward. Ever since that day is the reason she kept a notebook with her. one thing for sure was why would they want her to meet them at the woods. "Excuse can you tell me which one so I know who to look for?" she asked as they told her Erythreus.

She went to her room to change out to put on clothes that will be better fitted for a walk in the woods. Zandra looked at her watch glade it was not a full moon then again why would a Aspect but a guard in trouble? Putting her black boots on from her black jeans silver and dark shirt shirt along with her black leather jacket once again bring her back on her shoulders. Zandra put her notebook, pen, a pouch and a makeup bag with no makeup in it. She packed for more things then a normal girl as she walked down and begin to walk to the woods.

Zandra heard a little about the aspect for people talking among themselves, she never thought she would be asked to join an aspect on whatever he wanted her for. She always self doubted herself due to a human guard among people with powers made her feel a chance like this will never happen. Human changes everything when someone meets her or so she thinks. When she got to the woods she being to look around as she kept walking.

The Human looked around wondering if it was a joke someone planned on her until she saw a figure of a man in fount of her. He was very tall with blonde hair, this must be Erythreus. "Hi, am Zandra. Are you Erythreus? You asked me to come here. have I done something wrong for you to ask me to come to the woods like this?" she asked wondering if there was walk about her. if so was it bad or good. Zandra didn't know this night would be more dangerous then her worrying about her doubts about herself among the ranks.

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Erythreus sighed as he paced around the wooded area alone. He had tried for the past couple days to recollect the events that had happened recently, but to no avail. If anything, the brooding Aspect had become a bigger alcoholic to mellow himself out from the series of unfortunate events that he only wished to forget and move on from. While the Aspect of Death had been stuck in a downward spiral, he couldn't say everything was bad, new doors had also opened for him. Rosalyn Sterling; the queen of sass and sarcasm had finally agreed to meet him, and even though everything else was in the air, Erythreus couldn't help but feel in his gut, that it was the start of something new.

He had continued to pace and tap his chin in thought when a petite but athletic figure approached him from behind, causing him to twirl around, wide eyed. "You startled me" he stated, clearing his throat before approaching her at a closer distance. "You must be.." he started, shortly cut off as she told him exactly who she was. She seemed frightened, or worried. He couldn't pick apart the two, but either way, she had no reason to be either. Ery gave her the slight nod of his head, smiling faintly. "That would be me darling" he said in response, and studied her for a moment. "It's a pleasure to meet you finally. Ive heard a few things here and there, we speak of all the guards on occasions, and ive never heard anything bad about you" he expressed before arching a brow.

"What would make you think you've done something wrong? If you didn't seem guilty before, you definitely do now" he chuckled, shaking his head amused before gazing down to her as he towered over her a few feet. "Don't worry. You weren't brought here as a joke, trap, or because you're in trouble. It's just you're one of the few ive never worked with, and well, we need all hands on deck this time. I'm sure you know whats going on with one of our first and finest guards...." he trailed off in thought, squeezing and letting go, making fists as the muscles in his jaws flexed a few times through gritted teeth. 

None of them had any answers yet, and fear had riddled several of them, including Erythreus himself. He should have felt Vlad's presence the day he disappeared, if he had died, but the truth was, Ery felt nothing, not even after touching the urn that held his ashes. It made him feel useless. To get to the bottom of this was the idea, but in order to do that, they needed the guards and aspects to work with one another.. and not just the best of them, or those closest to one another, it needed to be ALL of them. Zandra was no exception. "So with that, answers are needed, and I can't help but to feel like the more people we have on board, the easier this will be to figure out" he added, suddenly ducking as an arrow wizzed right past the Aspects head, sticking into a tree behind him before two more lunged towards him and Zandra. "Get down!" he yelled, hoping she hadn't been hit.

There were either a few ignorant hunters out here among them, hunting animals as in deer, or Ery and Zandra were being hunted themselves.

 When the blonde male replied to her, Zandra didn't like her mouth to cut him off that is never her tension. Confirming he is Erythreus made her at ease knowing one mistake would cause her trouble and she is not one to mess anything up. Not this fast.  "Am sorry I cut you off. Am happy to finally meet a face to the name." She said with a friendly smile. The moment Erythreus said about talks about her, Zandra frozen in place. "Have you now? Only good things, right how could I think there would be bad words about me," she said nervously. Zandra didn't know why she is on edge by the male saying that.

Zandra knew she was readable but this male she swore can look right through her. "Am Sorry sir. I am always on guard with all my reasons. Like a Human in the ranks, always feel like am always doing something wrong so I can't help but think that way.  Please forgive me if I insulted you." Zandra said bitting her tongue. One thing Zandra liked how calm he is made her calm down faster as she took a deep breath.  "I don't get a lot of requests. Will the is the first since Human of all species I am. I will stop talking so you can speak." Zandra said shutting her month. The moment she did the male started to talk about Vladimir, how could she not miss the talks about his death, the version she heard, Zandra didn't feel like he is dead due his species. Zandra would be lying to say she was not scared of what could be the reasoning behind what happened.

In her, mind Aureus came to mind in what he said as she connected the dots as she grasps. Oh, that is what he really meant. "I've heard of the talks, to give me a little idea of what happened. it's very uneasy to think about if am going to be completely honest." What he said is true, species do not matter anymore other than the answers to what happened. "Is this why you called me here? Do you have a lead?" she asked wondering.

The Human could see the male wanted to find the answers as soon as possible, as her she would love to know about the full story. She is still unsure where her place in the ranks is yet but she guesses that will be answered tonight.  "Something tells me will be an eventful night then. I will have your back no matter what. As a guard, it's my job to make sure an aspect is safe as well. You life matters as much as others." Zandra said smiling. Within a second, an arrow hit a tree as she ducked down as her hazel hues looked around. "We can't stay here sir. We have to move somewhere that is safe." Zandra first thought was to get the other to safety not really caring about her knowing she is trained if something does happen. Doesn't he have a guard that is supposed to protect him or did he chosen not to have one? If that is so, Zandra has to watch their backs. 

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