“Take your time, let the painting move you.” The woman stroke Wither’s chest gently in a circular motion, wrinkling his freshly pressed white shirt.  He looked at the painting and then back at the woman. Winther wasn’t sure how a painting could *move* him.  After all, it was just there! On the wall! Doing nothing.

“He follows no conventional aspects of the art.  He is a true visionary of our time.  The stokes are so angry at times.  Look at the reds.  Do they not speak to you?”  With a blank stare, Winther tried to look at the painting and find a meaning.  For him it looked like a bottle with red stuff in it.  It didn’t have the actual shape of a bottle but it was the closes thing to the shape that was pictured in the painting.

He scratched his head, with a deep sigh the woman left him to his own demise.  She flayed her arms to the sides exasperated in the knowledge that Winther was art blind.  Was that even a thing?  He didn’t know.

It didn’t matter.  He was determined to find one painting, only one that he could connect with.  His rooms in the castle still had bare walls.  His footsteps echoed in the bare space where only a bed, a night table for his lamp and book and a wardrobe kept him company.  One of the celestials had told him his room needed a splash of color.  When Winther asked what that meant, the celestial told him to go to the Evermore Museum of Contemporary Art.

And here he stood.  Small. Stoic. Clueless.  In front of renowned works of art that looked to Winther as if a child had painted them.

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.Ana had always loved a little color in her life. It made her feel more lively and her room was decorated with a couple of paintings that one did of a French country view, a meadow and one that reminded her of a night sky with stars that brought her a sense of comfort. It obvious ting that what inspiration the painter had for the night sky painting. She had always loved art because of Merissa and having reminders of that made the Celestial happy.

So when she was passing the other Celestial’s room, she glanced around before simply stating that the walls are too bare and then stated that he should check out to museum before simply walking off. She really never had a chance to talk to him before as she never ran into him in the palace but it was the first time she saw him.

So when she saw him at the museum a few nights after she gave him the suggestion, there was a sense of happiness that went through her. She was about to walk up towards him but then saw one of the galleries directors draped all over him. She stayed back and decided to watch the two. Seeing her so passionate and him confused made her want to chuckle but she placed her fingers over her lips to stifle it. As she glanced at the painting she was ranting on about, Ana grimaced and shook her head. It wasn’t her taste but she just shrugged it off as she watched the interaction with an amused smirk.

As the lady ran off, frustrated with her attempt to get him to see something, Ana shook her head before moving to stand beside him. She tilted her head as she looked at the painting more. “I honestly can’t see what she’s talking about either...” she commented.

“I’m glad to see you took my suggestion,” she said as she folded her arms over her chest and looked over to him with a smile. “Maybe you might like this one more,” she said before taking his arm gently and lead him over to one she saw when she walked in.

This one she was showing him wasn’t as abstract as the one the lady ranted on about but it was still nice to look at. It looked like a small meadow with flowers, the colors vibrant enough to make it look tasteful. “It all depends on what you like. I usually find one that reminds me of home,” she said to him before letting her green hues on him.

“I don’t think we ever officially met,” she said with a warm smile. “I’m Anastasia, but you can call me Ana since it’s a mouthful,” she chuckled as she extended her hand towards him.

Winther took Anastasia’s hand, and when he did an uneasy feeling ran through him.  As if she was hiding something.  Winther didn’t know he had the power of foresight.  He was still like a kid with training wheels as far as he knew, thus he was unable to determine what that little glimpse had been all about.  As soon as he let go of her hand that feeling went away.

Turning his attention to the painting, Winther shook his head. “Meadows are not my thing.  I think I like this one instead.”  He pointed to a painting that had the night sky painted in a very unique way.  This gave him a great idea.  What if he could paint the sky in his room? He didn’t share this with Anastasia.  He didn’t know her that well, she may laugh at the idea.  

The rest of the celestial s were not friendly to Winther, they left him in the dark.  All except for Freya who had helped him from the very start, so he wasn’t about to jeopardize a new friendship by sharing one of his goofy ideas with Anastasia.

They walked the museum, sharing their ideas about the paintings, laughing at how different their likes and dislikes were.  When they were done for the day, Winther wanted to show Anastasia how much he had appreciated her time.

“Do you like ice team?  I saw a little place around the corner about two blocks away.  Since I’ve been in Evermore I have only had ice cream once.  I like the rich creamy cold sensation of it.  Do you?”

He was doing the glow thing again.  Every time his heart was happy, it did that.

Ana shook his hand, unaware of the fact that he may have felt something bad attached to her. It wasn’t something she shared with everyone but when she moved to Evermore, while her sister Antonia was focusing on finding closure to her past but Ana was focused on something else. There were a few other vengeful Celestials that moved to Evermore with Ophelia and Ana was one of them. She wanted to get even and make things right. Images of the other fallen stars features lose hope, the light behind their eyes diminishing with every passing day was enough to make the Celestial mad and along with the Ailwards stealing one last chance to see her best and closest friend also added to it. However, all those feelings were not there on the surface as she glanced around the museum.

Ana’s attention followed where Winther pointed and she smiled at it. “Oh I love that. I have a star one in my room. It has to be my favorite,” she said as she continued to admire the painting. From there, she walked with her fellow fallen star to whatever painting captured their interest. The man got a handful of light but genuine laughs from Ana at some of the remarks he made. She liked his honesty and it was different than being around the stuck up people that sometimes were here, acting like they knew it all. However, Winther didn’t seem to be that way which was nice for her.

Her green hues flickered to him as he asked her about ice cream. “Of course. I love it. I have a bit of a sweet tooth,” she admitted with a light chuckle. She noticed the light radiate from his frame and it caused a warm smile to him. “I’d be happy to try it out with you if you want to check it out?” She said in a soft tone. She was enjoying his company and since she hadn’t been around many Celestials aside from Toni, she was rather lonely which she would never admit aloud.
“You know, you never told me your name,” she said with a smile.

Winther’s smile reached his eyes as she said yes to his recommendation of ice cream.  He had always wanted to try the sweet treat.  The commercials on the tele intrigued him.  Was is really that cold?  

Unlike many celestials that were busy in other endeavors, Winther was fascinated by the new world he found himself in.  He was the eternal optimist, the one that always carried a smile, and even though at times his heart felt empty, Winther did not allow that to deter his prime directive which was to bring happiness to everyone he met.  He had his dark moments, like all Celestials did.  However, Winther had yet to find someone he could trust.  Someone that could help him understand their purpose on this earth.

“I beg your pardon madame.”  He bowed to her extending his hand  to reach hers  to place a tender kiss on the back of her hand if she would allow it.  He had seen that in an old movie, he had been wanting to try that.  He was old fashioned as a young person had told him once, and perhaps he was.

“I am known as Winther Ramsey, as you know, we don’t remember much.  The person that found me, named me.  Your name is beautiful by the way.  Anastasia, it has a Greek origin meaning resurrection.  Your name is so appropriate for you.”

He offered his arm, like a gentleman would do.  He found it easy to be with Anastasia.  She didn’t mind the goofy side of him.  That wonder that only a child had, Winther had.  Their taste in paintings have been diverse but they did find a commonality, they both were star gazers.  Maybe he would trust her with his secret?  He wanted to paint the sky in his room at the castle.  He wanted to bring a little bit of heaven in his bleak surroundings.  Would she laugh at the silly idea?  He decided to wait and see what would happen.

The ice cream parlor wasn’t far.  The place looked like a Norman Rockwell painting.  As the bell rang when they entered, Winther felt like they had crossed a time warp and where now in that painting they had seen in the museum.  Winther couldn’t help but chuckle.


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