Damarco hadn't gotten off to a great start here on earth, ever since the Aurazin had been ripped away from what they knew as home. While he looked absolutely fine, the young Aurazin was completely lost and distraught on the inside, and he desperately looked for ways to escape those feelings. The gym did an okay job, but that was only temporarily, and Marco knew he couldn't live his life within the walls of the gym, it got tiring and it took away from his daily tasks. Some of the Aurazin had definitely taken on more than their share, constantly helping who and where they could in a feeble attempt to get back home. But Damarco felt like he hadn't been doing enough. He needed something to fill the gap. 

Marco had taken up an interest in the legal field. Not long after being ripped away from what he knew as home, the young Aurazin had decided he'd need to blend in, and by doing so, he thought a job would be the best approach. Before he had died, Damarco had graduated with high honors, the top of his class, and had the certification from all the skills he had sustained by joining the military. Today was Marco's first day as a trainee in ECPD's homocide field. In training, he was sure there wouldn't be anything too serious, so the young Aurazin showered, got dressed and went in as casually as a person could on their very first day of work. But boy was he wrong.....

There had apparently been strange occurrances in the city for a while now, and a part of Marco felt that being ripped from the void had something to do with that too.. but since there was nothing he could do about that now, Damarco focused on the task at hand. Approaching Detective Espinoza, Damarco sized the male up, with his arms folded. Before Damarco could speak however, Detective Espinoza pulled a file out with a smug expression adorning his features. "Welcome to your first day of training, Vineyard" he said simply and stood there silently while Damarco analyzed the horrific contents inside the folder. A string of people had went missing, and once they had been found, they werent alive.. nor were their bodies in tact. It was gory and disturbing and Damarco couldn't help but ask out loud. "So this is what i'll be doing for my first day....?" there was plenty of hesitency in his tone. Espinoza snickered and handed him another file "No, this is what you're doing" this file consisted of a name, address and an image taped to the inside of the file folder. 

Damarco's eyes widened.. there was no way this woman was the murderer. Someone like her couldn't be capable of such things, right? Shaken up slightly, Damarco closed the folder and cleared his throat. "So by myself? You want me to go investigate this woman alone?" he asked, unable to restrain himself from laughing. This was definitely off to a rocky start, he was sure by the end of his training course, this detective would hate him. Espinoza shook his head and without a word walked away. That told Damarco that he would be indeed doing this alone. With that, the Aurazin grasped the folder and took his leave, making sure his badge was hidden and that he'd grabbed the keys to one of the work cars, which was sadly way nicer than his own vehicle. After climbing in, Damarco smiled "I could get use to this" he muttered, while fixing the rear view mirror, and gazing at himself, hoping this would go in his favor. He really wanted to accomplish this training and become an official detective. 

As the car started, Damarco pulled his phone out and bluetoothed it to the car's stereo. After browsing through a list of different artists, he settled for LAUV and drove off into the night, humming every word of the song. Damarco loved music, it allowed him to escape into a positive place and reflect when he needed 'me time', plus it was beneficial when the lyrics were something he could relate to. 

It wasn't but a matter of 20 minutes before the GPS beeped to indicate he had made it to his destination. At first, the Aurazin sat in the car, coming up with a game plan. He had to 'investigate' someone for the first time, and he had to do so alone. After deciding he would wait this out, and approach the woman as if he were a normal passerby, Marco exited the vehicle and walked up towards where her house was. Mairenn was her name, and Damarco wasn't even sure how someone like her could have gotten wrapped up in something like this. Looks could be decieving though. That much he knew. From looking at Damarco, you'd never imagine he's an EOD specialist either. Marco's plan was that of an idiot's plan. He was going to just pretend like he had gotten lost and was in need of help. Damarco could be pretty persuasive when he wanted to be, but having to be for his job.. that made him a little anxious. 

Giving the door a gentle peck, Damarco waited for her to answer with a little bit of hesitation. His ultimate plan was to get to know this woman, while in the meantime, she would have no idea she's under investigation for a string of murders. 

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Sitting at the marble kitchen counter, Mairenn sat as a statue writing a on golden parchment. To her left was a small cup of coffee, and to her right was a saucer with an English muffin with butter and cinnamon on it. Soft piano solos were playing from the stereo in the living room. The notes fluttering about the new home. Her face was rosy with joy as she continued her secret scripture. It was a letter to Sir Silas. He was a gent that was never far from her mind, much like her brother, August is never far from thought. If she couldn't manage to visit Silas, she'd clear time to send her thoughts. It was a refreshing and blissful experience to meet someone else that didn't gripe over old fashioned methods of communication. Modern technology is convenient, yet it seems to lack the luster of personal touch and time. The time to write a note, seal and postage it takes energy, thought, and greater effort than that of a 'text.' Once she finished her letter, she gave it a once over to assure there were no errors or context missing. She let the letter sit on the counter while she finished her breakfast. Once done, she cleaned the two dishes and put them away to dry. Today is the day she starts painting downstairs and she couldn't be more excited about it! The work on removing old wallpaper and damaged wood was finally over. On her frame was a cropped blue hoodie, and matching blue sweat pants. She was only wearing white socks with a dark blue stripe across the toes. 

Entering the living room, her right index lightly tapped the screen of a music player called 'ipod',' weird name in her honest opinion, and switched to a different playlist. Mairenn was in the process of learning Spanish so the music playing was in that language. Slow romantic songs instead of the upbeat reggaeton she'd also discovered. She was singing along and painting the walls a soft chantilly white. Auburn strands of hair were spilling from its hold as the day went on. It was a Friday morning and she was given the day off as requested. She wanted an extended weekend to work on the home she was truly falling in love with. Now that she's here, she couldn't imagine living anywhere else for a very long time. Near her ankles danced her cat Jinx. She laughed softly and made a kissy face, to which the cat blinked slowly in response. Around the home were long sheets of plastic with paint splotches on them. One the furniture was also plastic. She was making quick work of the living room, entry way, and hallway. But she was in no such hurry to finish. This was almost therapeutic. A lovely change of pace from certain stressful events. No long ago she was wrapped up with a gentleman named Edward. He was quite the personality. Whether rude or simply oblivious to social cues, he made his presence well known and wouldn't stand for left. In a way that was admirable. Her hums flowed along with the music and she had a faintest smile on her face.

Jinx pranced to the door as soft taps met her eardrums. Looking over to the door, she was confused as to whom it could be. The only one to show without prior notice would be Silas, but he was busy today was he not? And a Friday morning- August would be giving his lecture. She quirked her lips and set the wet paint brush down onto the tray. "Move kitty," she snapped her fingers and shooed the small black cat further into the home so that she wouldn't escape out of the open door. Mairenn undid her bun so that her hair didn't look like a disaster in a hair band. When she opened the door, her eyes took in the sight of a gentleman unknown to her. Last time this occurred, it was not a pleasant start. However, it was not of her intention to treat him the same. After all he knocked and did not bang. So the reason to be alarmed began diminishing rather swiftly. She gave him a smile and a wave of her hand. "Oh Good morning! Are you the construction permit supervisor? I didn't expect you until noon," she pointed behind her towards the grand father clock. She was trying to get some home upgrades approved by the city which was a difficult task itself. She would be embarrassed to say that she had to pay a college student from her brother's class to help her navigate the websites and download the forms for printing. "How can I help you? Do we need to reschedule? I have the paperwork signed and ready actually. And oh-" she clasped her hands together, "I have scones. Nice guy like you like scones?" She laughed. Her last encounter with the instillation company was grand. They nearly ate her out a house and home. Her baked goods were the talk of their crew for weeks. Still yet a few stragglers would stop by offering to purchase them. The valkyr's left hand waved him closer as she began to step out of the way in preparation to lead him inside. On the bright side of his unannounced  presence, he seemed to have a gentle aura about him. Either that or she's in an incredibly good mood. Both are probable causes for her social butterfly behavior this morning.

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