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Each season holds a different meaning, time for things to come and go, that is why people favor one more so than the others. Claudia had one season and one season only that she enjoyed more than any other time of year and that was autumn. She loved how the colors of the trees changed, the sound of the leaves that fell from the trees sounded beneath her shoes, the breeze, the smell of the rainy days. How the sun still felt warm on her skin, it reminded Claudia of the small town her and her twin brother lived in, the colors there were so vibrant, the foliage that thrived during the season were pigmented and full of life. Whenever the element bending being would go for her morning walk she couldn't help but be envious of the forest life, it was how she wanted to be able to live, how her brother was meant to live. Full of life and abundance. 

But that is not what happened, Claudia was here in Evermore with heart full of hope that she would find her brother and they can live happily ever after, sadly leads fell short and with every rock turned over Claudia felt further and further away from her brother. But still she looked, using every technological tool that was at her discretion. Though Claudia honored him in anyway she could, doing things the two grew up doing together, traditions they created just between the two of them. It was her way of keeping her brother present in her life, the only thing that soothed her fears of her twins well being. 

Saturday morning came, the sweet autumn sunshine peering in through every window, fresh flowers rising at the suns touch, Claudia was already dressed in a green sweater, navy blue jeans, with her white cream high-top Chuck Taylor's. Tying the last knot in her sneakers she stood and slipped on her coat, collecting her things into her purse Claudia grabbed her lipstick and went to the mirror by her oak front door. Applying the lip stain to her lips before going to endure the day. Claudia walked, her hands buried in her pockets, her sharp icy-blue eyes looked around the effect the season has had on this city.  One she still tried to find promise in, a city Claudia still tried to find her place within, it was hard when someone didn't have anyone. Still the initia carried on, busying herself with jobs and hobbies. And with a day such as today Claudia went to the local farmers market, buying a fair deal of things, her journey led her to the pumpkins. 

Claudia loved to cook and bake, back in Canada she would search every cook book her hands could hold looking for various recipes she could do with pumpkins. It drove her brother mad but his complaining would end once he took a bite. Claudia picked through pumpkins of every size, shape and color. Smiling as she did so, picking up one that was perfect in her eyes Claudia went to place it in a wagon. Pausing, her fingers felt wet and as she withdrew her hand with wide eyes, all she was red. Gasping Claudia dropped the pumpkin causing it to crack on the pavement, her mind playing tricks on her. She stared at her red hands with the flashbacks of her war with her clan, with angry shouts of the farmer who ran the pumpkin stand made Claudia shake her head and spew out apologies as she backed into another person. " I- I am sorry, I wasn't- I thought... I can pay for it!.. It was an accident..." She turned and looked at the stranger she bumped into and whispered an apology looking at her hands.

Her hand finger had a small cut, looking at the other pumpkins Claudia realized she must have slit her finger on a vine, embarrassed she knelt down and picked up the ruin pumpkin. " I didn't mean to... " . Claudia hung her head down in shame and looked away.  

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