It’s been months since Miyaza has last seen Taehyun, her boyfriend before she was captured. He had no idea where she went or even her true self. A Celestial, a star from above or else she thinks that way. She had been trying to avoid him as much as possible. What could she even say the day she and another star was catch up with a hunter, Miyaza couldn’t get Taehyun involved due to her species. She had been in the dark, crying in the dark what she is used to doing but there were no bars to hold her in, it was an open space. Christmas came as it was another holiday passed without Taehyun laying with her in his arms. Miyaza couldn’t even cry in his arms due to how much it hurts her.

Looking at the day February 1st, Miyaza could not handle another holiday without telling Taehyun. She had to tell him the truth, it's his choice to stay or leave her heartbroken. The young star couldn't stay in love knowing a lie is standing between them. Picking up her phone to his number Miyaza begins to type. 

To: Taehyun: I can't take it anymore. Am broken and hurt. Am going to tell you. 
To Taehyun: It's either you will stay or break up with me. The time is right and I need you to listen to me no matter how much it hurts.
To Taehyun: Meet me in the park, same time, the same place where we found each other again. 

The star got her on her black long sleeve jacket, black boots and her dark blue skinny jeans. Sliding her phone in his black jacket pocket she started to go to the park knowing the moment he sees the messages he will be running to make sure she is not in danger or to make sure things where ok. By the time she got there, the sunset was about to go down, beautiful pink, yellow and orange light up the sky as Miyaza got to the fountain under the street lamp for Taehyun to see her easy.  

The Young star prepared to cry with her goodbye to her first love, the one who she can say her soulmate but he will prove it tonight how much he really loves her,  Miyaza watched the sunset fade as she streetlamp came up making her look up but something was not right. Something or someone made her feel the way she and hanseol felt that day. 

Miyaza stood up and looked around not scared at all since she knew one thing about her powers but could she really use them? Was she ready to face one of the demons that took her for sixteen years? It was until she saw the same male from that day. "Damn, Tae is not here. Please hurry," she said to herself. "Looks like your boyfriend is not here. You thought you can get away from me that quickly. I will always come back for someone like you." Miyaza stood up turning on her voice recorder on knowing if no one believed her she will have to prove. "What are you going to do now? take my powers away? What good will it be to someone like you? A selfish human as yourself." she said standing up taking off her jacket. 

Both the hunter and Miyaza looked at each other but one thing she never saw way Taehyun running to protect her. "Fight back Star and now run away. Your boyfriend can't protect you." The hunter started to take toward her as Miyaza got herself right to defend herself. "I don't need a man to protect me. So back off!" she yelled thinking about her most happy memories as she light-shielded her as she blocked the hunter from hurting her. In sheer shock, the Hunter backed away as time froze for her as she told the hunter to leave and leave her alone. 

The young star pulled her light back into herself as she sat down on the concrete looking at her hands. What did she just do? The Aspects and Guard will now be looking for her. Seeing someone from her side vision her eyes widen to see Tae standing there. "Tae." she said standing up but not reaching out to him. "Y-You saw didn't you?' she asked shaking in her voice.

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