Tonight was the night Elias thought he was ready for the next step, he had invited his Ex over for a date night, and hopefully their first sleepover. Dinner was great and the two were just getting into bed, Mid kiss in fact when Elias’ phone rang and the male begged him not to answer it. “I have to.” He whispered and Kissed him once before saying Hello. The Celestial sat bolt upright the cold chill that ran through the Celestial was a feeling he could not describe, it was as if he could feel death walking through him. His stomach jolted his head was spinning the phone in his hand clattered to the ground with a distinct glass shattering sound. The males face had lost all of its colour air seemed like a much harder task to fill his lungs gasping for air. Seconds seemed more like hours when the Celestial found the strength to move, he ran to the bedroom he had for her gathering up anything he thought she may need. “Clothes..PJs yes PJs for sure.. Pillows, Blankets!” He said out loud while he grabbed things for her. His brain barely functioned all he could think and say out loud over and over again was “don’t you dare take her from me.” He glared up at the sky for a moment.

After a bag was hastily packed he toted it the pillow and blanket out to the truck, tossing the items on the passenger side as he pulled himself into the truck. When he realized he had left the keys inside he was about to head back into the house seeing Bap coming outside with Keys, shirt, and Eli’s boots in hand. Elias let out an uneasy chuckle. “Sorry... “He took the items pulling his shirt on and thrusting his feet into socks and boots. “Thanks” Eli took the Keys as Bap buckled up. Turning the key and the engine refused to kick on. Eli growled and hit the wheel “Not now dammit! Please work, please I am begging here.” The tears had yet to spill but he could feel them stinging his eyes, as he kept trying to turn over the key. “Come on! I don’t need this right now!” His voice was shaking as he yelled at the truck, gripping the wheel tightly in his hands his knuckles going white from the grip. “Please, I am begging you I need to get to her.” trying the key again the truck sputtered to life. “Thank you.” He said.

Backing out of the drive the redhead tore down the dirt road as fast as he could, forgetting if Bap locked the house or not. His brain was so scattered ‘Please God don’t take her, she is special I need her here’ he prayed over and over in his head, Pulling up into the hospital drive he parked in the first available spot. Carrying the stuff inside he looked a mess as he rushed inside to the nurse's station. “Jess… Jessa… Jess Reigns” he was out of breath as if he had just run a marathon. The nurse gave him a sympathetic look. 

“Your name sir?”

“Elias Braelynd, Where is Jess? How is she? Can I see her?” The questions poured out of him as he dropped the bag pillow and blanket down.

“Only family at this time sir.”

Elias' head began to spin with anger, she was alone and hurt and now they were not letting him see her this wasn’t going to stand. “She’s my wife dammit!” the Celestial let out a pained noise, he clenched his fist at his side; a low glow started to beam from Elias as his emotions grew stronger and stronger. Eli was not aware of his glow until Bap lay a hand on his shoulder, telling him to calm down. With Bap’s touch, Elias began to calm the nurse nodded to Eli as he picked up her bags giving Bap an 'I’m sorry look' Knowing that hearing Eli call Jessa his wife probably stung but he hoped Bap understood why tugging on Bap’s arm to come with him.

When Eli was lead to her room he dropped the bags just inside of the door, his eyes scanning the room the lights were turned down low Elias made his way over to her bedside. He tried to stifle the gasp as he looked over her body. “Oh, my sweet sweet Jessa” He bent down and planted a kiss to her forehead. “Please, Please be okay.” He whispered brushing her hair out of her face. “I need my bestfriend, I need you.” He whispered the tears he had been holding back finally spilling down his face. His Angelic bestfriend looked in rough shape and Eli just wanted her to be okay. 

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This wasn’t how, the young Initia thought that 2020 would begin. Not by a long shot. That entire evening; since her arrival at the airport and transfer to the Evermore General Hospital, felt like a massive blur. Jessalyn wasn’t even sure, how she got to the hospital. She just mainly remembered, being at the airport; with her friend Nikolas; whom was looking out for her, whilst some paramedics were checking to see how bad her injuries had been, after she had been helped out of the plane. Most of that night; she felt alert. But after the adrenaline had died down; she must have passed out again. 

The nurses at the hospital; had went through her emergency contact list. Informing her family and friends of her condition. If they couldn’t reach a certain contact; they had left a voicemail. Not the ideal. But at least, the closest people to the young Initia knew of her condition.

Seemingly, having some internal bleeding. She had been rushed to surgery. By the time anyone had arrived at the hospital; the surgery was just finishing. Whether it was luck or not. The internal bleeding was manageable and had been quickly stopped. After the operation; she had been taken to a private room. Hooked up to different monitors; a breathing mask on, as well, as having bandaged wrists and right shoulder. Beneath her hospital robe; there was another bandage around her waist; to keep her stitches covered. The young Initia was mainly sore; inside and out. With a dislocated shoulder, fractured wrists. Various fractures bones in her ribs;that they couldn’t operate on yet. Not until she was fully stable after the surgery for her internal bleeding. And probably a concussion; with how bad her head had been spinning. Jessalyn looked paler than usual; and the bruising now more evident. But she was lucky to have survived; some of the other passengers came out a lot worse; than young Jessalyn. It was a tragedy; over 1/2 of the passengers on board; had died, or no longer physically mobile. A few lucky ones like Jessa, sustained less injuries.

With the lights dimmed; Jessalyn was still asleep. Mainly to the drugs that were in her system.

But the pain was slowly coming back; despite the morphine that had been pumped into her. With things wearing off. Jessalyn was slowly waking up. One of her hands slightly twitching. Her fingers gripping at blanket. With a few sleepy/pained groans. Her eyes finally flickered open. Her vision evidently blurry at first. Blinking a few times; as if she was trying to clear her vision.

Once her vision cleared a bit. Jessalyn saw Elias was by her bedside. Looking freaked out and teary. “Hi…” she breathed out, sleepily. Stifling a slight groan of pain. “Don’t look so glum. I am not dying.” The young Initia cracked a slight joke; despite her condition. But, no. She would be fine.  Jessalyn caught sight of the other male present by the doorway. Looking a bit confused. He didn’t look entirely too familiar to her. “You’re not the doctor?” Her question, sounded as confused as she looked. Whilst Jessalyn had heard about Baptiste. In that moment; she didn’t recognise him; from any description Eli ever gave her. Or from any picture, of the two together.

The Dhampir was part of the group that found the Initia. Riding over giving them every report and the question asked about how they found her. He knew him going to work will be a little late so she texted Audrina to tell her about what happened and the reason who him to be late. He stayed inside the waiting room holding on to his phone happy his father found his way through Evermore. What a way to start in 2020. 

Since the room will be only family Nikolas had no choice but to ask ever now and then how the female is doing. He was someone far from being a hero. He got a phone call from His Little Dove, taking it knowing she will be worried. "Hey there Dove. Am fine. Did the crash got on the news?" he asked wondering as he walked to the next room sure enough it is. "Yeah it was really bad, I am waiting to hear back to see how one is doing at the moment," Nikolas said looking at the door to the female's room. During the call to make sure Audrina will be calm enough to let her go the calm before the storm, he heard a male rushed in yelling. 

Turning around to see two males going to the front desk. Looks like the husband is there to check on his wife, seeing how it as the same room he was watching Nikolas told Drina he had to go. Nikolas sat down watching the news read every since the report that came in. He wanted to know how it happened and why. Nikolas was a nurse coming up to him to tell him how the women are recovering learning her name is Jessalyn. "Am happy she will make a full recovery. I am sure her family is very relaxed to know that." The nurse smiled telling him Jesslyn would be very happy to know her hero stuck around to make sure she is fine. 

Watching the nurse walk into the room, Nikolas sighed calling Audrina back like he promised to tell her about Jessalyn's recovery which made her happy to know her husband is now by her side. Hearing she wanted him to stick around for the family to know who saved her and telling him how brave he is Nikolas knew it was his job. "Am sure the nurse is already telling her husband about me right now. I should be on my way soon just hang on tight and don't let the fun be kept to yourself," he said joking as Nikolas ended the call looking at the TV with a sigh. 

The Valkyr had struggled through this night for sure. But the moment Elias's lips clashed against his own, all troubles in his dakr world seemed to fade into nothingness. Elias however had pulled back to answer his phone against Bap's wishes, which made the Valkyr throw his hands up out of frustration. It was only as he saw Elias began to heave and all color leave him hat Baptiste realized something terrible had happened. "Elias, what's wrong?" he asked, but Elias had been in his own head so much that he didn't answer. Instead, Baptiste watched as he bolted around the bedroom, gathering clothes and shouting out a list of things he needed to pack. "Seriously. breathe .. please?" he asked in a gentle tone, and stood before him, hoping hed get some kind of answer. "Tell me what you need Elias, and i'll help you" he frowned, seeing fear written all over the Celestial's features.

Baptiste gritted his teeth angrily though, when Elias brushed past him, and flrew out to his tuck with nothing morethan a bag. "You better hope that bag starts the engine!" he called out, and shook his head as he gathered Elias's keys, shirt, boots, and his own clothes, hobbling out shirtless himself and hopping in quickly. "No need. Just calm down, or you won't make it where you're trying to get so quickly" the Valkyr suggested, and slipped his shirt on before settling into the seat of the truck without any clue as to where they were going. All he knew, was that Elias was a wreck and after pushing him away a long time ago, Bap wasn't about to leave his side for a second.

Baptiste watched Elias come undone when the truck wouldn't start, and for a while, all the Valkyr could do, was simply just sit there, and hope Elias hadn't lost someone dear to him. He couldn't help but release a hankful sigh himself when the truck finally did start, but the way Elias drove, would have scared anyone straight in that moment. Bap was thankful when the truck stopped, but easily put two and two together when they parked outside the hospital.

The Valkyr followed behind him, and listened intently as Elias asked for a woman named Jessalyn Reigns. His jaw dropped when Elias called her his wife, and his heart for a moment, sunk to the back of his chest, as tears welled up in the Valkyr's eyes.He knew now wasn't the time, but he gave Elias a look back when the Celestial gave him an apologetic look .. but the look on Baptiste's face likely spoke in volumes, he knew he probably looked enraged, because he felt his blood boiling.

Without understanding, or knowing anything, the Valkyr pulled away when Elias tugged at his hand, but to support the man he loved, he followed him regardless. Baptiste didn't step all the way into the room at first, he needed just a second to breathe. But after walking in, he watched Elias grieve over the woman in the bed, the muscles in his jaws flexing when he bent down to kiss her forehead. While he  was more than pissed at Elias, the  Valkyr took his side, and caressed Eli's back. He didn't know who this woman was, or if Elias had ran off and got himself married during their time apart, but he could only pray that this wasn't his and Elias's ending. Until then, he would be by his side and support hm thriugh such a hard time. And, the priest in Baptiste scratched it's way to the surface, because he had done this as a living. He spent hours each and every day praying for people in the hospital, people unlikely to live through the night, and by the looks of Jessalyn, he feared the worse.

Bap cleared his throat when the girl finally began waking up. Confused at that. Her question caused a faint smile to grace his features "Nope, not th doctor, i'm Elias's ... well.." he gave Elias a look, before shaking his head and looking back to Jessalyn. "I'm just here for support" were the only words he knew to say right now. It had hit him rather hard to hear Elias call her his wife, so for right now, while he had no idea what to think, he figured it was best to be by Eli's side, and talk about the things that pissed him off later. "I'm happy you're awake though" Baptiste added, his smile growing a little more genuine, before clearing his throat "I'll give you a moment. I'll be in the waiting room" he stated, glancing to Elias, and then to Jessalyn. "If you feel like you need or want prayer, i'd be more than happy to pray for / with you" he added, because that's what he felt the right thing was. He was a priest aftr all. Bap dismissed himself, and headed to the waiting room.

The male he sat next to, seemed to be a little shaken up, and after a nurse approached him, Baptiste smiled. "You did good" the Valkyr gave a compliment, and a faint smile before looking up to the flat screen mounted on the wall, watching the news that showed very detailed footage of the crash and the remains of the aftermath. "She's lucky to be alive" he added, and turned to face the other a little better "I'm Baptiste, her husbands boyfriend" he shrugged, as crazy as it sounded, he couldn't help but give a sarcastic chuckle. "Did they say when you could go visit her? I mean, you should have every right to do so considering you're the one who saved her" Bap found it noble of the male to have stayed all this time though, in a waiting room of all places, just to make sure she was okay. He supposed he had been a little harsh with the looks he'd been giving Elias ever since he had blurted out he was Jessa's husband. He would go back into the room soon enough to be by Eli's side though.

He simply needed a second to breathe. "I'm sorry for acting this way. I'll be back in there shortly" Bap sent a short text to Elias, because he didn't want him to think he had abandoned him during a tragic time. But he couldn't lie, he felt out of place right now.

The first thing out of Jessa’s mouth was that he looked Glum and that she wasn’t dying the relief that washed over his features must have been visible to anyone around them. Elias let out a loud chuckle when Jessa called Bap the doctor. The redhead shook his head and was about to introduce Bap when the male spoke up for himself. Elias felt slightly disheartened when Bap didn’t tell Jessa who he was to Eli, though Elias sensed the tension that now hung in the air with him and his boyfriend.

Elias opened his mouth to speak but before he could Bap had excused himself and left to go sit in the waiting room. Elias turned to Jessalyn “He’s my boyfriend… and I am pretty certain I will be in the dog house when I get home tonight, The nurse wouldn’t tell me how you were doing.” He began to explain. “You know how I call you my work wife... Well, the word wife kinda stuck in my head in my panic mode... Sooooo yeah…” the man felt the heat rush to his cheeks while he watched his best-friend. “So I didn’t exactly explain it all very well, and so now I think Bap is hurt and likely wants to wring my neck.”

Taking a seat on the edge of her bed “what happened to you! I get a call saying you were in a crash, I show up you look like you're on death’s door, but you are telling me you're okay?” The worry that was written all over the face of the celestial was unmistakable. “I think you have a waiting room full of people out there.” He pats her hand. “I can go get them if you like after you yell at me, of course, I don’t feel like getting a scolding in front of well everyone,” Elias smirked he knew Jessa well enough to know she was about to yell at him after all the pair did act like a married couple most of the time. If anyone knew them they would know that Elias was gay and in love with his boyfriend, and he was simply the gay best-friend to Jessalyn.

Looking at the tall male besides Elias, Jessalyn was a little bit confused, as he began to say something but trailed off. As he said he was for support, Jess figured he was Eli’s friend. Little did she know, that wasn’t exactly the entire story. “Ah.” she managed a slight nod. Her neck still felt a bit stiff. Her entire being felt sore; bruised and battered. But the young Initia tried to keep a strong face on. Everyone seeing her weak, wouldn’t do anyone well. That was for sure. At the mention of praying, Jessalyn smiled weakly. “I am not exactly the most religious person, but thanks for the offer.” she said softly. It had been many years, since Jessalyn stepped into a church. Back when her parents were alive; the entire Reigns family would head to church on Sundays or on Christmas. But she hadn’t stepped foot in one, in a long long time.

When she was left alone with Elias; Jessalyn rose a sharp eyebrow. “He’s your what?” she asked. Blinking, as if she heard him wrong. “Please tell me, he’s not that Jerk whom left you broken hearted for months?!” Jessalyn knew all too well, how Elias felt about Baptiste. But that didn’t mean the Initia liked him any more. She hated the fact, that the Valkyr male left her best-friend hurting and in need of answers for far too long. He wasn’t in her good books, for breaking Eli’s heart;that was for sure. But it wasn’t her place to stop Elias following his heart. She wouldn’t do that to her friend. Trying not to wince, as her getting worked up, was putting a strain on her already injured self.

If Baptiste being here, didn’t shock her. Elias admission to having called her his wife, was another thing. “You said what? Elias Callum Braelynd! Did you just call me your wife?” Jessalyn asked in disbelief. She closed her eyes. If this was one of his silly practical jokes, she would have laughed it off, but he looked serious. “Yeah, it’s fine...cause everyone marries their gay best-friend, who’s dating someone else.” she pointed out. If Bap wasn’t planning on sending him to the dog-house, than Jessa most likely would. “You couldn’t have said, I was your sister?” Jessa questioned, wincing as she shook her head a bit too much. God, he really did drive her crazy; like a best-friend would.

Then came the load of expected questions. Jessalyn sighed. “You know, how I was in Milan visiting Sierra over the holidays? Well, I was heading back to Evermore. The flight was pretty long. There was a crash...but I don’t really remember what happened. It was all so quick and I think, I got knocked out by something when it was crashing.” Jessa admitted. “As bad as I look. There’s people with worse injuries than mine.” Jessalyn rolled her eyes slightly.”I ain’t done telling you off yet.” she reminded him, this whole mess-up was far from over. What the heck was she supposed to call Bap if the nurses asked? Eli’s Mister? But after a while, she gestured for Elias to let one of the visitors in.

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