An old saying claims that you can’t get along with everyone which is true. However are you supposed to be surrounded by complete morons?! According to the DISC personality assessment test, which analyzes your personality and divides people into different colors, it’s because of the different personality types that you might dislike most people around you. The different colors people can be divided into in this model is Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Shortly Red people are impatient and want results, Green people are conservative and afraid of conflict, Blue people likes details and quality is everything, yellow people are annoyingly happy and social. Most people are mostly two colors. 

As a police officer your work is to catch this morons and correct them before the cause more trouble and while they don’t exactly make your work easier you have to stay calm and learn how what’s most effective when meeting different personalities. At work Nate had a very laid back style and rarely got worked up. In his normal life he could either be annoyed by the slightest thing such as a ugly sweater. Nate had just gotten off a rough night shifts with plenty to do. He missed his forensic work which was his employment but as the p.d lacked staffed and he met all other criteria he had started to help out more and more as a patrolman. He didn’t do it for the money, he’d been born into ridiculous wealth.

When Nate was opening his locker he discovered that someone had taken his awfully expensive brand clothes … again. The dhampir sighed but didn’t complain he just closed his locker again and went to the car of the day, a volvo, only to see that someone had caused him a flat tire… again. Normally he’d sigh or call someone in a very upset tone. Being bratty and manipulative was his signum but at times he could take on the role as loyal and patient if needed too. There was no doubt who the guilty was, Zeus, she’d been taunting him for months and he had just gone with it, not doing anything back to her endless pranks and sabotage. The two of them had a complicated passed and Nate knew that the tomboy had a rough time. Since her mothers death the nephilim had seemed the killers with no success. During one of her more desperate times she’d meet Nate and fallen involve with the idea of him.

After that everything had gone south and now they were walking a long hard road. Nate didn’t give back on her for the pranks. It was sad that she felt so trapped in her anger for him that she felt like there was no way out but to make him pay for all the pain she felt. For those who had killed her mother. It worried him that her mind was so obsessed. 

Usually Zeus would come around to gloat in the misery she thought she had caused him, mostly it didn’t go to well Nathaniel Leight was hard to bother, and today was no different. The promiscuous dhampir didn’t recognise her first, her blond hair and soft figure replaced by shorter almost black hair and less feminine clothes. ”Hey what happened to you” he asked letting his eyes follow her body to take in the new girl standing in front of him. ”Zeus I am tired of this and worried about you can we end this and be friends?” He gave her his most irresistible look. Giving up was nothing he did ever but he felt like this war was everlasting and that the nephlim needed to maybe cry her eyes out and grieve before building herself up again and moving on with her life becoming a confident woman who felt complete on her own.

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After successfully grabbing his clothes again, and slashing his tires.. again, Zeus left the police department, already having a trunk full of his expensive brand clothing. Zeus didn't have any intntions of destroying them, only the intentions of making a point. He had hurt her, but beyond that, would Nate ever appreciate more than just materialistic items? Probably not, but this was definitely a good way of finding out. Nate and Zeus had  a toxic relationship lately, much different from how they had started out when it was only a friendship with the fun of banter between them.

After pulling in, Zeus used the spare key she had to Deus's apartment, letting herself in to grab her jogging clothes. After changing and grabbing her ipod, the Nephilim let herself back out, and began her daily jog. Even though she had music blarring in her ears, she'd been interrupted shortly after her jog had turned into an angry sprint, as if she was trying to run her problems away. Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk though, a sinister smirk adorned her features, Nate letting her know it was her who struck again with his tires and clothes through a text message, and even his texts were nonchalant and calm. Nothing bothered the Dhampir, and that fact alone bothered Zeus.

With a location to meet up in the text, Zeus placed her earbuds back in and began jogging once more until she reach her destination. Knowing that Nate seen her behavior as obssessive caused her to chuckle, in her mind, it wasn't obsession, it was revenge; for a long time the Nephilim had felt utterly alone, alone with her mothers death, and her mother haunting her, but then she'd met the Dhampir who had ended up making her feel even more alone in the end. Teaching him a lesson was her goal but her every attempt was short handed and done blindly as no matter what she did, he was still never bothered, or at least she didn't feel that he was.

Gazing to him, she rose a brow to his question. Her appearance had only changed in the first place due to him making a statement about her fashion and with that; a change had followed, one she'd made specifically for him. After he betrayed her, Zeus felt no need to continue dressing in a way that would please him. "What do you mean what happened to me? I simply made a change, a necessary one if I may add. I only ever started dressing proper and acting accordingly for you, this is me getting back to myself" she stated, bitterly. It was clear she was still hurt by his decision to continue on with being a malewhore and she still felt he had mislead her and had given her false hope. With an eyeroll, the Nephilim sat down.

"I was considering giving your clothes to charity, and buying a bigger knife, seems your tires get thicker ever time I cut them" she stated, flashing him a wink. "Maybe though, just maybe when you've had enough, you'll stop caring about your materialistic lifestyle and not see women as objects, that was my goal the first time i slashed your tires" she admitted, but toned down on the sarcasm when she realized his expression was one of true concern. "Don't you think it's a bit late for that Nate? Where's all this concern coming from? You didn't seem 'concerned' when you placed other women in your bed, despite my feelings. Only telling me where I really stood with you after I fell for you, or fell for the idea of you, either way, you hurt me, and since I knew that moving on wouldn't hurt you at all, I went for the things I knew I could bother you with, materialistic things"

Zeus then realized the irresistable expression on his face, which had made her weak at the knees every time he looked at her that way, and he still had a way of doing just that, but she fought it off this time. She felt vulnerable enough without letting him see her become something weak around him. "Don't do that, seriously" she stated before looking away from him to hide the fact that her eyes pooled up with tears. But, it was impossible to sit near someone and cry without them noticing, so deciding she'd swallow her pride, the Nephilim gazed back over to him, letting her features soften as he finally said he was tired of it. Never in her life had she thought she'd hear those words from him.

Zeus was at a desperate time in her life, and weak when she had met Nate, and for a long time, he had been the only one she felt comfortable around, so without meaning to, she had fallen in love with the idea of him, not knowing the future outcome cause if she had known back then, she would have kept her guard up. Knowing Nate wouldn't give up, she inhaled deeply "Im tired of it too honestly, but I got to a point where I was tired of missing you, and tired of longing for someone I couldn't have. You were a jerk, and you hurt me, I knew me moving on to another wouldn't phase you.... but it seems that your tires and your clothes mean a lot to you" she added with the roll of her eyes.

Zeus would probably never feel complete, but perhaps if she and Nate could start over... as friends, like he just requested, she'd at least feel somewhat content again. Snapping out of thought, Zeus bit down on her lower lip to keep it from quivering, though the lump in her throat was more painful than she cared to admit. After swallowing harshly the Nephilim spoke the best she could through a shaken tone "I know Ive went above and beyond to make your days hell, but without meaning too, you've made mine very much the same. I started out dealing with my mothers death alone, ended up with having you around which made it easier to cope with, to end up back at square one, alone, because you can't deal with committment" she expressed, before looking back away from him.

"But fine, let's start over. I rather have you as a friend, than not at all Nate. Despite my methods and actions lately, there is a part of me that you don't even know and i'd like to show you... but you should make your intentions clear in the future, towards other women, trust me, I won't be the last one you hurt if you continue on the way you are, it makes us feel like objects, im just thankful that we never climbed in bed together, because it wouldn't have been your tires I slashed had that been the case" she joked slightly, but partially meant what she'd just said, because sleeping with someone went to a new level of being personal, so for the fact that they hadn't explored that route, Zeus was utterly grateful, there would have been no repairing this if things had been anymore personal than they wre with the two of them. "I take it you don't like the new appearance?" she asked, shaking her head with an amused grin adorning her features, waiting for his reaction, knowing he'd have something sarcastic to say at some point

"And diet or no diet, not sure if you're still on one where no booze is allowed in your system, i think we should start this off with a celebration .. or something" she finished off before gazing out into the distance, somehow feeling relieved, a feeling she hadn't had in a long time now, and it felt ... nice.

Old sayings like you can´t teach an old dog to sit or you can lead a horse to the water but not force it to drink was very applicable in Nathaniel case he was like a diamond had to shape and form. Frozen into the behavior he had grown into over the years and the carelessness coming with the confidence you got from years of confirmation. Changing him was a lifelong challenge doomed to fail. Still many threw themselves at the possibility only to have their egos hurt.

"I am flattered really Z" Nate spoke half sarcastically truth be told all along he had never seen her as his type. A female who did everything to fit his liking proved that even more. He´d always gone for the Super bitch deluxe type. Not the ones covering their insecurities and need to be loved with a confident charade. "Own who you are instead I´d liked that better, even thaw this is not something I will be seen in public with" he said gesturing to her new Gothic style.

"They would´ve ended there anyways" All the dhampirs clothes were only used once or twice before they were given to charity or other people in need. He didn´t know if they actually wore them poor people wearing brand clothes would look odd and misplaced maybe making people doubt if they really lacked capital. "Things does not bother me it´s all about attitude if you don´t get annoyed by the little things life gets better" He told her as if he was spilling a secret. "It was time for you to get over your childish crush on me" he said simply as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"I think they mean more to you than to me" he teased her. It was impressive the effort she´d been putting into ruining his life and without much success. It had of course been annoying to not be able to use the clothes you had plan to wear or drive the car you wanted but not more than the annoying bee buzzing in the background easy to tune out.

It delighted him that she had accepted his offer to be some what friends, and it seemed to lift a weight of her shoulder too. He had shared a bed with many girls but not her from the beginning he had never seen her as a possible shag knowing she´d break once he moved on, breaking people was noting he enjoyed even thaw it happened every now and then with the life style he had chosen. Not everyone accepted only being an accessoar of the night.

"I don´t mind as long as we stay out of public" he joked. Being spotted with Z´s new look would make him approachable to a new group of people something he didn´t look forward to."I have a better idea" a smile spread on his face as he thought of the trouble that he was about to cause. Poor Valeria would want to kick him out of the faction for the problems he caused.

Zeus's ego was hurt indeed; and that was something Nate perfected, the art of hurting those who were dumb enough to think he actually gave a damn about them. From the time she'd met the Dhampir till this day, Zeus still seen potential, thinking he could come out of the bubble he lived in and try to take on some normal human qualities. But still, even if he did, he'd btrayed the Nephilim's trust and she'd never be able to look at him the same.

If the arrogant Dhampir had even an inkling about who she really was, he'd have known she was more his type than anyone else, the fragile stupid girl he'd met when he first met her, was Zeus trying to find her barrings around the city, but she'd changed drastically since then and felt that she was more herselfd than ever now, so if he wanted super bitch delux, then he was about to get a double dose of that from her, only now, it was vise versa, he no longer fit her type. Zeus and moved on, aside from still having a need to torture and make his life hell. Zeus wasn't ready for a relationship when she met him, and he had made it to where she wouldn't be ready for one anytime soon. Her trust issues had grown, and her guard was up more than ever now.

"You don't even have so much as an inkling of who I am, Nathaniel. You didn't take the time to get to know me because when you met me, I just happened to be desperately lonely and in need of someone, but you... you're not really a person, your selfish ways make you seem more like a robotic form of what a person is meant to be, just with douche bag behavior" she snarled while her expression was now more sinister than just angry. Zeus had indeed changed who she was to impress him, but when she met him, he had critisized her clothing, her whole appearance, now she felt just right, being raised on a farm and having a simple life was one thing she had always valued of her upbringing, her parents had raised her not to let wealth swell her brain and cause her to end up like most of the people she'd met in this city. 

People were so wrapped up with themselves thhat they'd not taken a single second to think if they'd only live outside of their bubble, that they'd possibly enjoy life a little more. Nate was a prime example. Zeus laughed, snapping out of thought. "Oh I have always owned who I am Nate, never once had I been ashamed of how I looked or how little money I have until I met you, you tried to change me, and when I started making those changes to suit your satisfaction, you grew away from me, deeming me to not be your type, well here I am... 100 percent me. I should have never let you open your mouth to begin with, about how I dressed, because what you see is what you get... I don't wanna be rich .. don't want to look rich... I damn sure don't want to be anything like you..."

It was clear he'd made her angry... but what did she continue letting him do her this way if she didn't care about him anymore. Raising her hand, Zeus didn't even hesitate to smack his face, hoping he'd leave this conversation wearing her hand print for the rest of the day "Then the best thing you can do, Leight, is get the hell away from me... there's nothing wrong with me or how I look... if you don't like it, tough luck... I kinda hate your preppy pretty boy appearance too... but I dont spend my time studying it to the point where I have to comment on it like you do to me. Why care so much about how im dressed in public around you, if you care so little about me.. this is who i was all along, you're the one who tried to change that" 

"So you assume i get annoyed by little things... your judgement isn't something small Nate, it seems like it would get very old and boring to you, your insults and lack of concern for anothers feelings is disturbing" she then replied, clearly pissed at this point for him making a gesture about how she looked, claiming he wouldn't be seen in public with her looking like this. "Im done arguing though, thats for married people, or friends, or family, and we don't fall into any of those categories, you're a dellusional typical male, and more human than you are anything... the supernatural normally have lived long enough not to be the stero-typical rich person, but not you huh?" 

"Another little FYI for you... if I had a crush on you, nothing about it was childish, except for you... I had no idea what a jerk you were, you comforted me when I was in a dark place in my life and I read into it to much... sue me" the Nephilim nearly growled out, sick of the pettyness between them.. knowing it was going to continue ending in damaging his things, or him making her mad enough that her powers got out of control. Her eyes already glowed a bright purple currently, brighter than they'd ever been. And she was doing all that she could to not pick him up and hurl him 10 feet away from her, Nephilim's were gifted with being strong, fast, and wise... strong enough to pick something up as heavy as a car, picking a Dhampir up wouldn't have been an issue, but she'd been refraining for as long as she could. 

"They mean nothing to me Nate, I was raised on a farm, and living that lifestyle you grow up to appreciate simple things in life... Ive only continued on with doing such things as burning your clothes, keying your fancy cars, and contemplating on setting all your houses on fire, merely to make you see that you don't need wealth to be happy, but I give up... You will never be that way, but you take it further than anyone on earth. There are plenty of guys like you, but you rank over all of them with douchery" Becoming friends with him was off to a rocky start, but she was willing to give it a go, especially if it ended the non stop bickering between them when they were around each other. 

"enough enough.... my appearance is me... it's nothing I changed like some drama queen just because you broke my heart, all I did was change back to who I was when I was living with my mother and father, ill be damned if this city, or any guy in it changes who I am and what I look like, so you're going to have to get over it ... Dhampir" she stated, flashin him a wink before gazing to him with a puzzled expression but she couldn't wait to hear what his idea was. "You have a look in your eyes that says we probably shouldn't be doing whatever it is you have an idea for" she then finished off before shaking her head, chuckling some. 

When they had meet several months ago they had been in different places in life, they still were. Z had been in a vulnerable state, her mother's deaths still fresh in memory while Nate was having his glory days everyday better than the last. When their paths had collide they had built up different expectations for their future relation. The dhampir had, after getting her out of trouble with the law, comforted the nephilim and given her a place to stay in the middle of her emotional storm which meant nothing to him more than a friendly encounter, he would’ve offered the same hospitality and advice to any homeless person because it was his personality. His charm something forced upon everyone he met. Still many females read his attention and kindness as affection and fell headlessly in love with his emerald green eyes well built body. You might think that he´d learn but the dhampir was oblivious to just how hard they fell for him. As he´d never fallen in love himself it was unimaginable that it was something causing tears.

The fact that she called him a robot was ironic really, and caused him to laugh softly. Robocob. His superiors would definitely appreciate if he was more robotic and less impulsive and reckless. However calling him a robot which was probably the substantive least suitable to describe him was hilarious. Her raising angner only added to the comic and all he could do was just laugh about it. It was way better than the shattered little girl she'd been, with time, hopefully she could let the grudge go both against him and the assassins who ended her mother's life. It would help her come to peace with the world. A reason why she´d taken his rejection so hard Nate thought was because she didn't have anyone to hold responsible for the lost of her mother so she projected all the blame to him for the time being. Luckily for her she had chosen a good person to blame. Nate didn't get offended or angry as with everything else he took it lightly.

“Darlin Sorry to interrupt you but don´t you think it's a bit contradictory that I tried to change you? Isn't that what you've tried to do to me from the start what you still try?” He questioned softly, not in an accusing ton as she had used. Right from the start she had tried to change him into the boyfriend type and guilt him for not having the same desires for their future as she did. Deep inside she still wished to change him to be right and wanted once in for all. Sure he could play along but would it do any of them any god? Didn't she still try to change him by doing all these things to make his days harder. Hopefully the question would send some realisation to her that her own behaviour was quite similar.

“Firstly I´ve only honored this earth  with my presence 30 years or so and Secondly I don´t mind being stereotypical” With an eye roll Nate listened to Zeus next line off insults and then fired back with his usual happy facts about how the world work. Dhampirs could stop ageing and usually looked younger than their real age so it was hard judging how old they really were. Nate was of the new generation and hadn´t lived through any cool eras yet. Both parents and everyone else had all his life praised him and told him how special he was so he couldn´t relate to being normal. Besides the norm was there for a reason it worked so it wasn´t so bad being called normal it was what most people strive for to blend in.

“Well FYI I am not the one stalking, I left you behind months ago and we wouldn´t have spoken again if you hadn´t insisting on starting a fight every now and then. Not that I mind but that you actually can´t blame on me” Nate enlightened her shaking his head tired of standing there listening to her gibbering. The slapping he was used to. If you had a habit of insulting people you did become familiar with slaps quite instantly. He could see that Z was about to lose it again a purple tinge showing in her eye. Dhampirs used magic to so others magic weren´t as effective on them as was his not on other species using magic, and both as a cop and dhampir he was trained to keeping his calms during various torture scenarios, his chill personality making it even easier.

“So are you done insulting me and want to make peace?” He asked with a raised brow and his hands lifted to the air. Nate chuckled as she asked what trouble he had in mind this time. “Isn't everything I do unauthorised?” The male laughed, poor his ambassador and bosses who always got to handle the complains about his behaviour, even tho most people just thought he was adorable and charming. “I thought isn´t it time to find your mothers grave digger?” A smirk grew on Nathaniel's perfect features as he started to reveal his idea to her.

Zeus placed her hands on her hips, foot tapping the floor as she stared right through Nate. For the most part, she was to blame in this situation. She knew Nathaniel was just a spoiled bachelor when she first met him, he had came off that way even at the scene of the crime he'd gotten Zeus out of. Him arriving to that scene thouggh, made the Nephilim regret ever committing the crime in the first place, because then she wouldn't have gotten to know him, formed a bond with him, and fall head over hills, stupid for a man who could care less about anyone but himself. Maybe in friendship, he was a completely different and even an approachable, likeable guy, but the way he'd acted towards Zeus after her gulliable confession of having feelings for him, had put a huge strain on the two of them even having communication. But still, here they were. 

Inahling, as she seen him laugh, Zeus clenched her hands into fists, ready to throw a swing, or two, maybe ten with how furious he was making her. Nate of all people knew her temper had a short fuse. He had witnessed it first hand when he came to the scene of her bashing a real estate agents car with a baseball bat, who ironically happened to have been the last man she'd ever cared about before meeting the Dhampir himself. Her gaze flickered from Nate and then out into the distance, most of her life since her mother had been dead, she had lost so much time... obsessing over who killed her mother and stole her mothers medallion, down to being haunted by her mother as if the woman was still alive. Mocking Zeus and calling her name; it had to be something a Diviner had done to the medallion of her mothers, to link it to Zeus to maake her think she was losing her mind. She knew her mother would have never acted that cruel towards her, Peggy loved Zeus and Zeus was her mothers universe and all she cared for aside from Zeus's still missing father. 

Perhaps she did place the blame on Nate and take the easy route after meeting him. But she definitely needed change. It was time for change. As he began speaking, her eyes darted back to meet his very own. "I didn't try to change you; you led me on Nate, maybe I should have steered clear of romantic feelings for you, but what don't you understand? No one gets to choose who they fall for, it just happens, and when it happened to me you mocked me for it, and you still seem to be doing so. When I met you, you didn't like my style, so I changed it. And today, you still find things you don't like about me, but not to worry bachelor boy, I won't be changing anything else on account of you. I like who I am" she expressed, saying all of that in one breath, her anger coming to a boiling point as her eyes raged a bright purple. 

"You really think i'm still trying to change you? Why? Because I set your precious name brand crap on fire.. because thats what it is Nate, CRAP .. just like your attitude, CRAP. I have been doing all that; because A: whether you admit it or not, you did indeed make it seem as though you started on the same path with this relation between us as I did, just to shoot me down like I was garbage. And B: you treasure materialistic things more than you do life, or the life of other beings, I figured if i burnt it all, or broke it all, you'd have to start giving a damn about something other than the expensive things money buys. But ..." she exhaled, shaking her head, looking away as she rolled her eyes. Keeping the tears trapped in her eyes, refusing to cry around him, she smiled instead. Wearing a mask was something she had perfected, especially after her losing her mother, and her father disappearing instead of being there for her, for all she knew Joe McCartney was walking around in this city with his head held high. The thought of that disgusted her. 

Zeus suddenly snorted, breaking out into laughter as he called her a stalker. "That's getting so old Nate, I wasn't stalking you, i just told you why I burned your clothes, slashed car ties, etc. It did bring me great joy, more happy than it did to see you. I didn't come around messing your stuff up with hope of seeing your pretty rich face" she expressed in an awkwardly calm tone. "But..." she then added before stepping closer to him. "I don't want to fight with you anymore. You may be a peasant, a self serving asshole with no self redeeming qualities, but still, there's something in you human like...I wanna wave the flag and call a truce if you can even do that without mocking me" she then said, her words trailing off calmer and calmer the more she spoke. 

"I just wish I could take back my bravery with you thats all. Your pride is above anything Nate, did you ever stop to think that so is mine? That a tomboy, badass, female kissing, motorcycle building girl like me wanted to admit to having feelings for a male like you?" she asked, with an eye roll. Turning back to gaze out into the distance, she gave him a side ways glance, eye him but keeping herself turned away from him. "I think im done... insulting you that is. I want peace with you.. just don't make it impossible." she stated, knowing her very words just then were pointless. Nathaniel usually made her blood boil without even trying, perhaps it was her .. perhaps she needed to work on her rather than blaming him. "I moved on, don't worry.. it was the best day of my life to be able to look at you and not long for one short second of your affection" 

With his last few words, Zeus choked out a little rather than being able to reply with words. "So... you want to help me now? she asked, with a cocked brow. "Or do you know things that I don't. You do afterall have an upperhand with things like this. "If there's something you're not telling me concerning my mother, tell me now" she demanded, but kept a semi - soft tone about her. "And the first rule to friendship Nate, is communication.. or in my world it is.. I guess we can say screw it though and make up our own rules. So here's you a list from me, feel free to make your own for me" 

  1. Don't mock me
  2. Don't remind me that I fell for you like some young niaeve idiot.
  3. Don't hide things from me concerning my mother
  4. Don't rub other females and your one night stands in my face (I really don't care to hear it) 
  5. and last, learn to reach out to someone you're trying to be a friend to. Let someone in, even if it isn't me, though this isn't a rule Nate, just a suggestion. 

"As for anything else, like I said, we can just live in the moment. Preferably care free. No strings, no attachments. Deal?" she asked, a smirk now playing on her features as she kept her eyes out to the distance, because still to this day. Nate was awfully gorgeous and looking at him made things a little hard on Zeus. 

Nate saw the wheels started spinning in Z´s head as he threw the questions back at her, spreading some light on his side of the situation. For a moment it seemed like she took his word into consideration but seconds later she was back blaming him furiously clenching her fist not to punch him. He guessed they would just have to agree to disagree. Fighting wasn’t something he enjoyed but als he didn’t mind them he actually preferred those over the behaviour most people had around him, to change themselves to live up to his demands.

While Z went back to rambling the same things over again getting more and more aggravated , repeating what he had heard since the day they parted, a very unclear day in Nathaniels memory. In his world the sudden breakup and outbursts of feelings had came as a huge surprise everything was fine until it wasn’t until this day he still couldn’t quite wrap his head about why their friendship had crashed. He tuned out wishing that she’d just let out all this boiled up anger she got built up inside after her mothers death, every betrayal and god knew what. Throw a punch at him he could take being the punching bag and surely it would help her move on and let go.

”I don´t quite believe you” Nate chuckling at her standing with her head turned away from him. Wether it was to be able to stay mad at him and not drool or it was with the purpose to be able to remain calm enough not to try and strangle him, either way it was amusing, the most amusing thing he had experienced all week and he couldn’t help but give her a snide remark about it.

”I’ve always wanted to help you” he stated with an eye roll referring to how he had not pressed charges the first time they meet and taking her in when she had no where else to go. ”Rules are meant …to be broken so I can’t promise anything” The dhampir whispered winking as he heard her list of rules. 

”I’m not involved in your mothers case but I am a master att getting info you know” Frankly he could’ve looked into it months ago but he felt no need to complicate things further, letting Z ride out her anger wave. ”Off to the man cave we go, but as you flat flat-tired my car well have to do just that GO”

Inhaling, Zeus unclenched her fists. As mad as she was at Nate, there was no way she'd ever actually punch him, perhaps a slap through the face, but even still, she would have felt bad for doing something that small to him, considering what he'd done to her, or what she still assumed he done to her, a smack in the face was definitely a small thing in her mind.

With an eyeroll, the Nephilim gazed to the ground below them, grimacing as she pondered about things for a few moments, letting silence loom around the two of them until he broke that silence by saying he didn't believe her. "Well I guess as the saying goes, seeing is believing" she stated, more so saying she would just show him, and prove herself rather than continue on saying she wanted a chance at peace, a chance to remend what they started off as a friendship.

An amused expression danced on her features then, as he said he'd always wanted to help her but that wasn't something she would argue with him about, because in the beginning, she had to admit, he truly had tried. "Maybe you're telling the truth about that Nate, but you did quite the oppsite of helping me, despite your best efforts, I ended up catching feelings for you because you made yourself open for that. I tnk you should just tell a girl when you're off limits, something you surely didn't even give me a hint of, and more than anything ive been pissed at myself, not at you" she admitted, peeling her gaze from the ground to look back up at him.

His dashing features still made it hard to keep eye contact. But, the Nephilim kept her composure for once. Clearing her throat, Zeus didn't expect nothing less than what he just said. 'Rules are meant to be broken' she could only shake her head. "You work in ECPD, you should know rules are put in place for a reason, to keep balance of some kind, and we kind of need that in this friendship" she stated, but couldn't help the laughter that errupted from her lips. "You still have the tendancy to make me laugh, and as crazy as ive been feeling lately, no leads with my mother and all, i needed that" she stated, smirking at the Dhampir would could make someone laugh in their most miserable moments.

Zeus then sighed, she knew that he wasn't involved with her mothers case, but him saying he could get info for her gave her a small sliver of hope. "Can you be a friend then, and get me at least a new lead?" she questioned, because currently she was at her wits end with this, it had haunted her to the core, and she couldn't sleep, eat, or even think straight anymore. Her features showed that very much, with the dark circles that lined underneath her eyes, her complexion being more pale than it ever had, and the weight loss that had started taking efffect.

As Nate then spoke of his tires, Zeus frowned a bit. "Im sorry for runining so much of your stuff, even though you can just replace it all back like its nothing. I just thought if you had nothing materialistic to love, that you could maybe open yourself op to a person for once, my way of going about that was wrong, and pretty crazy though. So let's ... go" she stated, biting her lip, attempting not to chuckle. "Where are we going again?" she questioned, she'd forgotten that quickly due to being caught up in conversation with him about how they'd go about working their friendship out.

Nathaniel waved dismissively one hand as she spoke about rules thinking of that he out of everyone should know that rules were needed for a working community. ”Rules are for those who have no self control and can’t set limits for themselves” the dhampir stated with a roll of his eyes. Maybe it was a part of his harsh up bringing were he was taught that everyone was to fend for themselves. A lawless community would work if the people in it behaved unfortunately many had bad morals and no boundaries. Just like many hcaad no control over little things like food and couldn’t resist sweets.

As a person without addiction or ever being in a desperate position the spoiled male had little to no understanding of such behaviour. He had lived through Dhampir training camp but with the knowledge that they would never truly risk his life even thaw they would hurt him to train his endurance. If he had been left without money a month or two surely his perspective would change. However that wasn’t likely to happen so his lack of empathy would probably continue.

”I am confident we can discover many new leads on your mothers case” Finding hidden information was something he was a master at. Aside from work he had never used his skilled to enable others to get information, he didn’t gain anything from that. In this case he was just bored enough to try a new route to discover where it would lead. Hopefully a new adventure if not he’d know for next time and never do it again.

”I guess my office at ECPD would be to suspect” The forensic responded with a soft laugh. Many of his estates had a computer room and from their location the fancy penthouse apartment was probably closest. Before starting the short walk to the penthouse Nate sent a text to his assistant to fix new decks to his car and drive it to his current residence. ”Oh just one of my properties I think you’ll be quite fond of it” He winked and started walking. 

The Nephilim's gaze had adverted to the heavens above, sometimes she just felt like shaking her fist to the higher being. She needed someone to blame, someone to blame for her mothers death since she had gotten absolutely no where on finding her mothers killer and the medallion they snatched from her neck as she took her last breath. But, looking to the sky didn't last very long, her eyes darted back to Nathaniel when he began dissing her idea about rules, in her ears, it sounded as though he was saying she herself had no control herself.

With an eyeroll, Zeus glared at him, shaking her head amused "Well maybe that's what I'm saying, maybe I need a damn limit, Dhampir" she expressed, almost in an angry tone, but after exhaling a deep breath, she calmed her voice to a normal one. It had always been nothing less than crystal clear to Zeus, that Nathaniel and her had been raised so differently that she was shocked they could tolerate being around one another for a single second. "You infuriate me sometimes, Natty. I don't know how you get under my skin the way that you do, but you do.. maybe that's why we need rules, because I definitely need a limit, if you're still getting under my skin, then i'm oviously still being a dumb typical female who's struck on your ways" she sighed, wanting to bury herself with that confession, but she knew Nate was smart enough to know it without her having said it.

Feeling as though she was at her wits end, Zeus's eyes welled up in tears, and a lump formed in her throat yet again, when he mentioned his confidence in finding new leads. If she knew anything, it was that Nathaniel Leight always had reason and proof to be that confident, he was never unable to back his confidence up. "For once, i'm really happy to hear that you're confident, and if it wasn't weird, i'd hug you" she stated, but kept her  hands in her pockets, standing at arms length. As Nate started walking however, Zeus followed, curling her hands up in her pockets as the cold air felt like it was biting her every time the wind picked up. When he then mentioned that they were headed to one of his properties that he figured she'd be really fond of, The Nephilim flashed a wide grin his way, biting her lower lip. Maybe this was why he still had a slight hold on her, even in the midst of his arrogance and nonsense, Nathaniel was a charming badboy, he wasn't just a badboy with a bad attitude, and truth be told, Zeus practically threw herself at him, since she'd met him in the darkest moment of her life, seeking comfort where ever she could get it.

"I can't wait to see it. I promise not to trash this one either" she stated, grimacing as she looked to the ground. Guilt was something she hardly ever felt, but for some reason in this very moment, she'd fallen guilt-stricken for all the things she'd ruined of Nate's. Even if he could get it all back and consider it pocket change, Zeus had been raised to live a very simple life, where struggling to get everything she had was a real thing. Appreciating each dollar earned when she worked on the farm along side her parents gave her an understanding that she totally betrayed when she began carrying on and destroying stuff of Nates, that probably costed more than she could earn on a farm in an entire lifetime. The walk was short, but much needed and when she figured they were arriving as she peered ahead to a beautiful setting, Zeus stopped. "Gosh..." she muttered breathlessly. "This is why a lot of females chase you, the wealth mixed with those striking features tend to send females over the edge" she stated, flashing a wink his way in return.

But, it was now that she felt a new weight slam onto her chest. It seemed as though the breathless feeling she had, had now changed to one that hurt. If they walked in there, and he did actually get some new leads on her mothers case, then that meant it was about to be over. Would Zeus even know how to live like that? Without her mother haunting her from below, without chasing down people to the ends of the earth, drinking the pain away and burying what was probably a really decent female, underneath all of that. "I hope you have booze stashed away in there" she stated, with a painful look on her face.

A smug smile painted his face as Zeus admitted her lacking self-control and how he still made her heart skip a beat. He’d known right from the start but could still find satisfaction at her confession. People who were in self denial really stepped on his nerves. In interrogations those kind of people always tried to find compassion from their surroundings claiming that if only. The dhampir´s understanding for those were below zero. That many girls fell for his dashing appearance along with the charismatic charm was no secret. There was always a line of admirers after him ready to have their one day fling. Himself couldn’t understand it he didn’t see the charm in going for someone so egoistic. Or maybe he did after all he liked sassy women girls who didn’t throw themselves at his feet.

Another thing that was kind of his signum was the aura of confidence and cockiness that radiated from him as if he was in a a bubble. His confidence was not built on nothing and as his father  said ”Its not bragging if you can back it up”.  ”Keeping our paws to ourselves now love, is that a new rule?” he asked teasingly with a raised perfectly shaped brow. His appearance was mostly natural and due to good genes, which many doubted seeing as how perfect his eyebrows were shaped or how even his highlight was but it was all a gift he had received from mother nature. The vain male would never undergo surgery to refine his looks, not that he needed to being the adonis he was.

”Don’t thank me just yet little nephilim supernaturals have a way of not using the cyber world to commit crimes and then there is nothing I can do to help” He said waving away all gratitude before she could get all sentimental of course they could hunt other leads but the murder had happen many months ago so any real evidence like sents or DNA would’ve either faded or been contaminated in the progress. Also if it wasn’t a planned crime just someone in the wrong place at the wrong time the likelihood of finding any cyber traces would decrease significantly. Hopefully the assassin had been stupid enough and the murder planed otherwise their mission was doomed to fail and Zeus would just have to get closure and move on which probably was a goof thing for her. The weight of her mothers death had taken a big tall on her and seeking redemption seemed to have become her lifeline.

”Don’t say to much” Nate said admonishingly thinking back to all the broken furniture from the last time she had lost it and to the flat tires from mere minutes ago. He didn’t expect anything less to happen when and if they went spiralling downwards again. ”People are way too easily impressed, but I must agree it does have a charm” Nathaniel told her in an almost bored tone as he topped infront of the high apartment house that was mainly built in glas. They took the elevators to the top floor and then entered his newest property.

”As I don’t drink, which you shouldn’t either, NOPE not a single drop” he announced walking through the living room and straight to his high tech corner. His assistant hadn’t visited had time to fill the booze cabinet a low priority since himself didn’t consume the burning beverage. The skilled dhampir got straight to work and instantly started pressing different buttons in a blistering speed his fingers only pausing to ask Z questions about when and which neighbourhood the crime had been committed. A new side of the otherwise waggish male came to light as he worked.

While Nate seemed to drift away in thought for a moment, Zeus used the time to give him a bitter gaze, but instantly she softened her expression, chuckling in amusement at the whole situation between them. After meeting him long ago when she'd been in a downward spiral, desperate for affection from anyone whatsoever, she had been one of those 'girls' who'd thrown herself at his feet she assumed. Being an independent female, knowing that Nate labeled her as one of the desperate ones in his life caused her pride to fade just slightly.

Her gaze had been focused on the ground below them, it was better than gawking at him like she still had some kind of weird attachment towards a male who shot her down as quickly as she expressed her feelings, until he spoke, causing her dark optics to meet with his once more "A girl can try" she stated, shaking her head with a faint grin adorning her features as he mocked her about keeping her hands to herself. Zeus sighed though whenever he told her not to thank him yet, raising a brow, listening intently "So you mean if the crimes are done in a cyber manner, then there's nothing you can do? Wouldn't a hacker know what to do?" she questioned obliviously. Zeus didn't know much about Nathaniel's job, but she didn't want to question him much, as she was sure he knew what he was doing better than anyone, and she was confident that if anyone could help, he was one of the people she could possibly depend on.

The Nephilim sighed softly thinking that the mission was impossible. Hope was a thing of the past, something Zeus didn't hang onto, it made it much more bearable when she was let down if she hadn't built up a ton of hope. This case with her mother normally led to disappointment and one empty led after the next. Giving an eyeroll, Zeus fell silent as they reach an enormous building mainly made of glass, she couldn't help but smirk "Will I find a Christian Grey in there?" she questioned teasingly, the building reminded her of the one from the movie, and with that her mind then went to a place about Nate that was pretty vulgar and forbidden. Clearing her throat, the Nephilim shook those thoughts from her mind, the sound of Nate's voice bringing her back to the here and now. "A certain charm, I guess you could say that, it obviously had me acting like a foolish teen at one point, but for me it wasn't the wealth.. I guess it was more so that you showed me affection in a pretty dark time of my life and I took it for more than what it was. The most charming thing about you is ..."

Zeus had stopped mid sentence finding it sad that she had to actually think on it, because it was obvious his appearance drew a lot of attention, but she wasn't sure that saying his personality was charming... perhaps at times like now however, there was a certain charm to his personality, him helping her and being kind in his own way, she found that pretty charming. Now that they were on the elevator, she chuckled "Yeah certainly Christian Grey's cloned building" she muttered before folding her arms over one another in response to his statement about drinking. "A drink right now is very necessary, Leight" she expressed, glaring right through him  as he tapped away on the keyboard at a pretty impressive speed, not missing a beat even when he had to look away to ask questions. Zeus made herself comfy by plundering through his things, running her finger tips over the different labels on the shelf where books had been stored.

"Louisiana ..." the Nephilim then spoke quietly, struggling to continue on. It seemed surreal to be answering these questions. Sure, she'd gotten leads before, and had Dominic's help also, since Nate couldn't help her avenge her mothers death, that would be been the very opposite of what Nate's job consisted of, but it was surreal to think that maybe Nate could get the information she needed so that Zeus could finally proceed with her real plans which was tracking down the very one who killed her mother and making them pay, though she wouldn't be revealing that part of her plan to someone who worked with ECPD. Glancing towards Nate's screen, she inhaled and proceeded only after finding a bottle in the cabinet that Nate had possibly overlooked. "Thank God for small miracles" she stated, taking a large swig before looking over his way "When I was 18, which seems like it's been an eternity ago, so I may need my memory rejoggeg, but I was either in school that day or on a date...pretty sure it happened during my date because I specifically remember running away from that date when my father called me"

Swallowing harshly as a painful lump formed in her throat, Zeus fiddled with her own medallion piece, clutching at it tightly as she did her best to continue recounting back to the day her mother had been killed. Turning her attention back to the bottle, Zeus held it upright, chugging almost the entire thing... cringing when she sat it down. "Much better" she stated, chuckling with glassy eyes. If she was going to get through this, it would have to be done not sober.

”Do you ever listen to me or you just keep a monologue in your head imagining what I´d say” Nathaniel said with an eye roll making a frustrating sound. He was used to not being listened to. His parents had never listened to him or what he had wanted, they had always just assumed he wanted the same thing and had tried forming him into their goals. However they had never expected him to break free and deviate from their path. His superiors didn’t pay much attention to anything he said either, they let him do what he wanted as long as he helped them. ”I said that if the crime is NOT cyber related there is nothing I can do”He repeated underlining the word not. He shook his head at himself continuing pressing keys to narrow down the time frame.

The dhampir smiled to himself while he kept his eyes on the screen looking through video sequences trying to find one with a matching background. The nephilim was so easy impressed it was something so naive about that. The spoiled male was rarely impressed a result of his pampered childhood. Nate tuned out as the female started to list his advantages and what she’d fallen for. It was nothing he wished to hear. Of course it was flattering but it was also a reminder of something he failed. One of the reasons behind him not settling with one partner was so they couldn’t get close enough to know him, or what could hurt him. Maybe if they did they’d realise that he wasn’t more than a pretty face and muscly body. That was all his guardians had wanted him to be. And no matter what he did he didn’t prove them wrong.

”You need better taste in movies” he stated shrugging. Movies had never been his thing he was far to restless to sit down and watch an entire movie. Youtube had taken over now and was what Nathaniel consumed. The clips were shorter and could be set to double speed which he liked. He had uploaded a few clips himself, tutoring how to handle some weapon and programs and had a few million subscribers. Not quite as many as the biggest you tubers on the platform, he didn’t put so much effort into it but apparently people liked watching pretty boys no matter what they did.

Letting himself seem like just another gorgeous face was a part of his act. He was well aware that Z would use the information to track down her mothers assassin and get her revenge even tho she had never uttered those words out loud. It was a silent promise that layed between them. He wondered what she’d be when it was done when all she had dedicated her life to was finally over, would she feel relieved, empty or just devastated. The brunette had never had time to handle her grief just letting it pile up until only rage remained. He was worried what monster would be left once her mission was done. Death penalty was nothing he agreed with so he was careful not to give her all details.

”Hey no drinking or sticky fingers close to the computer” the forensic exclaimed slapping the tip of her fingers as they closed to the screen. He had never understood the people who ate close to there work space it only created trouble and damaged the equipment.

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