An old saying claims that you can’t get along with everyone which is true. However are you supposed to be surrounded by complete morons?! According to the DISC personality assessment test, which analyzes your personality and divides people into different colors, it’s because of the different personality types that you might dislike most people around you. The different colors people can be divided into in this model is Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Shortly Red people are impatient and want results, Green people are conservative and afraid of conflict, Blue people likes details and quality is everything, yellow people are annoyingly happy and social. Most people are mostly two colors. 

As a police officer your work is to catch this morons and correct them before the cause more trouble and while they don’t exactly make your work easier you have to stay calm and learn how what’s most effective when meeting different personalities. At work Nate had a very laid back style and rarely got worked up. In his normal life he could either be annoyed by the slightest thing such as a ugly sweater. Nate had just gotten off a rough night shifts with plenty to do. He missed his forensic work which was his employment but as the p.d lacked staffed and he met all other criteria he had started to help out more and more as a patrolman. He didn’t do it for the money, he’d been born into ridiculous wealth.

When Nate was opening his locker he discovered that someone had taken his awfully expensive brand clothes … again. The dhampir sighed but didn’t complain he just closed his locker again and went to the car of the day, a volvo, only to see that someone had caused him a flat tire… again. Normally he’d sigh or call someone in a very upset tone. Being bratty and manipulative was his signum but at times he could take on the role as loyal and patient if needed too. There was no doubt who the guilty was, Zeus, she’d been taunting him for months and he had just gone with it, not doing anything back to her endless pranks and sabotage. The two of them had a complicated passed and Nate knew that the tomboy had a rough time. Since her mothers death the nephilim had seemed the killers with no success. During one of her more desperate times she’d meet Nate and fallen involve with the idea of him.

After that everything had gone south and now they were walking a long hard road. Nate didn’t give back on her for the pranks. It was sad that she felt so trapped in her anger for him that she felt like there was no way out but to make him pay for all the pain she felt. For those who had killed her mother. It worried him that her mind was so obsessed. 

Usually Zeus would come around to gloat in the misery she thought she had caused him, mostly it didn’t go to well Nathaniel Leight was hard to bother, and today was no different. The promiscuous dhampir didn’t recognise her first, her blond hair and soft figure replaced by shorter almost black hair and less feminine clothes. ”Hey what happened to you” he asked letting his eyes follow her body to take in the new girl standing in front of him. ”Zeus I am tired of this and worried about you can we end this and be friends?” He gave her his most irresistible look. Giving up was nothing he did ever but he felt like this war was everlasting and that the nephlim needed to maybe cry her eyes out and grieve before building herself up again and moving on with her life becoming a confident woman who felt complete on her own.

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Zeus snorted, she couldn't help but to find amusement in almost everything Nate said to her. The arrogance was her favorite part about the Dhampir. "Mostly what you just said, I keep a monologue in my head imagining what you're going to say, sometimes my monologue does not fail me, Leight" she responded with a snarky, yet playful tone. Zeus figured it was about time to put the past behind her with Nathaniel and count her losses rather than to continuosly make the Dhampir's life hell by destroying all of his materailistic belongings and try her best to destroy his ego.

Zeus knew his ego  however was just something that came along with Nathaniel himself. It was a package deal, if one decided to have Nate in their life, then right away they were deciding to take his ego along with hi. Zeus cleared her throat then as he decided on dragging out the very same sentence, underlining the word not, she supposed he'd done that to try to make her better understand. For a moment, she glared at him bitterly, "You know, you don't have to be such an ass all of the time.. sir" she stated, adding the word sir in the same tone of voice he had just used with her, mockingly. "So, let me retrace my own words and edit them, there's nothing you can do if the crimes were not done in a cyber fashion, meaning you can only help if they ARE done in a cyber manner?" she asked, underlining the word 'are'.

Frustration was evident through both of their expression's and tone of voices. But, as he continued flipping through the video sequences, Zeus folded her arms, shaking her head. He'd obviously taken notice to how fascinated she was just by this very moment, making it clear that it really didn't take much to satisfy and fascinate the angel-child as he smiled. Nate on the other hand, she figured was totally different on the matter, someone who took a ton of effort to fascinate. "If only once.." the Nephilim muttered in the form of a whisper, thinking how much she'd enjoy seing the Dhampir fascinated by something she done or said, but then again, that sorta made her feel as thugh she was still reaching for something he'd never hand her. But, she had definitely accepted what they would never be, and what they currently were now; friends. The word alone made her chuckle, but she could without a doubt see them having a decent friendship in the near future.

Zeus noticed how he was now tuning her out, realizling that she could indeed be pretty terrible sometimes at this whole friendship thing with a guy that rejected her. Irony, there was a great sense of that for Zeus with this entire situation. A flat out tom boy who only showed interest in action figures and playing in the dirt all through school with no interest what so ever in boys, even sharing her first kiss with a girl, made her questui why it even bothered her that Nate was turning her out. She had chalked all of this up to him probably dealing with a rough up coming as a child, perhaps he had been molded into the person he currently was, but he certainly never expressed that he wished for it to be any different than this. The Nephilim rolled her eyes again as he mocked her taste in movies, chuckling. "I suppose, but i'm not much for movies myself, Christian Grey just happened to be what came to mind with that extravagant office" she stated with the roll of her eyes.

How much more flashy could his life be? Shocked enough that the male actually had a variety of cars and homes, she certainly figured that was the end of the line until her eyes met what he considered an 'office'. Inn Zeus' eyes, an office was a small place with a desk and a filing cabinet, maybe a mini fridge but this, this was just ridiculous. Her eyes seemed to be able to wander for miles, and never find an end to the office, but distracting herself with the lavish lifestyle of Nathaniel Leight wasn't the goal for right now, right now she only wanted answers, and even if it was small, petty answers that didn't reveal a name or location, something would be better than all of her nothings. A frown pulled her face downward, she too couldn't help but wonder what she would be when this was all said and done. Zeus had forgotten how to live after she lost her mother, and rage was all that motivated her anymore. When all that was gone, when she no longer had no one to hate, what would she do with herself? That thoought terriied her and would most likely be something she would end up taking to the ambassador herself. Killing was not of a Nephilim's nature, but Zeus didn't care at all about consequences. If avenging her mother and finding the missing medallion would finally put the ghost of her mother to rest, then she would do that no matter the price.

Widened eyes suddenly averted down to his very own as he slapped the tips of her fingers. Zeus laughed, for a moment she felt normal, even if she did feel like a child in trouble, it felt normal. "Yes sir" she teased, but backed away from the screen with her drink. "So what is this that you're looking at?" she questioned, seeing what displayed as a map, but then beside of it were tons of worrds that her glassy eyes couldn't quite see through the tears. Trying to have an upbeat attitude when she felt more close to getting answrers than ever was almost impossible, if by some chance she got what she needed here today, then she would soon be meeting back up with the Ailward guard who'd been kind enough to help her track down her mother's killer in the first place. It was true that she needed a village of people to help her. Nate would be the only one to get answers, Dominic was the one who'd actually take her there for what she needed to do, then a few in between who would support her, not that those few knew her actual plans. Had anyone heard a word of this, that her intentions were to kill her mothers murderer, they would have backed away, and Zeus didn't blame anyone for that.

"If you find an exact name and location, you're not going to give it to me are you?" she then asked, narrowing her gaze in on him, knowingg he wasn't just going to point her to the direction of an entire faction when he knew fully that her plans were to kill people or get herself killed in the attempt of her own plans. After finishing the bottle, Zeus threw it away, and reach into her bag, pulling breath mints out, given that she was so close to Nathaniel so she could see the screen herself, she assumed her whiskey tainted breath wouldn't make his task easy. "So, what was it like for you growing up as a child?" she then asked, out of the blue, but if they were going to have a proper friendship, she wanted to get to know him, or at least as much of him as he would allow for.

Nathaniel let out another chuckle as he was right again. He was used to being right about everything, when he was proved wrong it was a nice change but he still appreciated the satisfaction of his guesses landing very close to the truth. It was what made him great at interrogations. People spilled their details out of annoyance to prove him wrong before realising their mistakes and then it was too late. ”Getting that predictable huh ouch” He commented back pretending to be hurt but not letting his eyes off the screen, he was getting closer now that he had narrowed down the area as well as time line for the crime.

A less involved person might just have told the nephilim to fuck of asking her if she wanted help or not, the dhampir wasn’t like that not easily affected by others mood swings it was mostly just an amusing addition to the show. ”That assumption would be partly correct yes” he cryptically responded to her now redefined question. For him to find traces the guilty needed to have used a phone, credit card, internet or been caught on tape. Mostly it wasn’t as simple as that and more digging was needed as the criminals had goten better at using burner phones, library computers and paying in cash. Which made it almost impossible to trace. Especially since this crime wasn’t only days ago like he was used to. Servers only kept a record for a few months before deleting the data.

Their relationship had mostly been rocky, he wasn’t used to that, either he was loved or hated but by Zeus he was both. He was glad she had putten the revenge thing at bay for now so they could be somewhat friends. It was a long shot both of them knew that she would never entirely get over her fling for him and one part would always wait hoping that he’d take her in and say she was his only one. Those knowing the dhampir knew that it was a highly unlikely senario and that this constellation would definatly end in heartbreak, and advice Zeus to keep away from him. She didn’t however seem to have many friends that could say it, and she probably wouldn’t listen either way.

”You certainly need to widen your horizons love” Nate said distantly, he didn’t really listen to what the female had been saying and was kind of hoping that she’d go watch a movie or something, her chattering was a distraction. Reading and translating the binary language was hard enough as it was without a frustrated female standing over his shoulder picking at him for unknown reasons. If you read one digit incorrect it would change the whole meaning.

”Video sequences trying to map out your mothers days befor the murder” Nathaniel muttered, replaying a scene at a grocery store over and over in different speeds. Normally he would have one or more suspects to go on, pin pointing their latest activity leading up to the crime and from there find new ones until he found the one matching with the crime. In this case he had nothing, only the victims name which made it so much harder both to find movie and interactions. Now he had to study Zeus mother in detail trying to get into her brain and the secrets she hid.

”I doubt we will get anything as direct as that” the dhampir informed shaking his head at how clueless she was in all of this. ”But no if we happen to do so No I won’t, don’t throw your life away over this” He instructed her in a soft tone, something very unusual for him he was the one being lectured most of the time. When failing to hack into the library the 5th time, a normally simple task the impatient male shut the computer down. ”This won’t do, get dressed, pack what you need to pack and call whoever you need for this trip we are going to Louisiana”

Zeus knew his chuckle was only arrogance, as she also knew being right was sort of Nate's signature thing at this point. With the roll of her eyes, she too chuckled. For the most part, the Dhampir really wasn't all that bad, and sometimes he actually made decent company. Him helping her like this was more than she could ask for after everything she had done to attempt to make his life hell, which now only made her see herself as nothing more than a selfish brat who threw a temper tantrum when she didn't get her way with him. Zeus was thankful that her childish behavior ended before any chances of them remaining friends did. Shaking her head, she smirked "You are all but predictable Natty" she teased, and it was half way true, but partially untrue since at times, Zeus could predict exactly how he would react to things she did and said to him.

Nodding then, as he confirmed her question was partly correct, for once made her feel like she was completely dense when it came to what Nate was saying to her. But, if anything, she now felt more doomed. Because even Zeus knew that it made it that much harder to track her mothers killer down. Especially since she figured they had been smart enough to use cash, library computers and burner phones if not pay phones, but then again using a pay phone may have been something he could trace, at least trace the call back to the location the call had been made from. Zeus knew she was in over her hed though, the Phoenix/ Initia war was something that had sarted years before she was even born.. so it was hard to tell what Initia her mother's death would fall on.. it could have been one individual, or it could have been several.

While Nate typed away, Zeus did unfortunately let herself slip off into a dangerous thought. For most the thought would have been normal, but for her, it was dangerous, because she was one who easily got attached, and someone who always walked away heartbroken and vengeful, so yeah the word dangerous came to mind when her thoughts consisted of all the 'what-if's' the whole idea of Nate someday changing into a one lady type of man though was to much to even think about.. she couldn't imagine him being any different than he was now, and yeah perhaps she did sometimes still think about him and how she used to long for him... but she tried her best to abandon that thought the second it crossed her mind.

Shaking her head as he spoke up, Zeus could tell her voice was only a distraction at this point "Maybe, but then if I do that, I wouldn't have the urges to annoy you as much, and that's where the fun's at" she joked, and glanced back to his screen. But the words he spoke caused Zeus's chest to tighten, she felt as though for a second, that her heart had sank as deeply as it could.. what her mothers days were like just before the murder... she imagined that they had tortured her, beat her, and more... it sickened her, and now more than anything she just wanted this case to be solved, and to be over with. "Well, she was missing a while before her body was found, though they found her the day that she was actually murdered, not sure if that makes a difference, but it's not like they found her body days after she was murdered.. I think the entire time she was missing, she spent in captivity being tortured."

And again, tears welled up in the Nephilim's eyes. She felt like a bi-polar train wreck. She had spent the majority of this morning between laughing, crying, gritting her teeth out of anger, rolling her eyes, genuinely smiling, and showing saddened expressions. That combination was enough to make anyone sane look at Zeus like she had issues. And truthfully, for a girl who was being haunted by her mother who was nothing by an angel towards Zeus, now calling her cruel names, and making her life a living hell, Zeus was literally broken. Her brain was cracked, and her heart always ached, so she tried to put on the best smile she could, even if at times she didn't mean it. But somehow the times that she found herself smiling around Nate, always seemed to be genuine to say the least.

Right now though, thinking about her mothers last days breathing gave Zeus a feeling of true heart break. Seeing the look on his face spoke in volumes. "You have nothing right?" she asked, being as pesimisstic as she always was at the end of every investigation she'd ever been to. Figuring this was as well the end, Zeus turned and grabbed the bottle she'd found hidden away in a filing cabinet that was practically empty. Nate seemed to keep his files else where, which was smart since anyone could reach into this very one and grab whatever they wanted, luckily for Zeus, there were a few old bottles of scotch. She figured it'd been gifts from people, or maybe even Nate was saving them for a special occasion, possibly a break in a huge case, but she didn't seem to care much when the bottle touched her lips.

But, when Nate said something  rather kind .. Zeus sat the bottle down, grmacing as her gaze fell to the floor. "I'm trying not to.. trust me... I never wanted it to consume my life this much, or for me to fall into obesessive traits over it.. but the less I do, the more she seems to haunt me .. letting me know what a failure ive been, so i guess my main goal as hard as it is to say this, is to just get rid of my mother, for good" Zeus muttered in a shaken tone.. one that sounded like she was about to just fall apart right there in front of the Dhampir. "I want her to find peace, as much as I want to find peace and closure." she added, before her eyes widened at his last set of words and the sip of scotch she'd just taken spewed from her mouth  by total accident. "Oh god im sorry! but what?! my home town?...." she didn't know how to act right now, after her mother was murdered she figured she would never wanna see the place again that she used to call home. But, she figured that it was also the only way the two of them would get any closer to the truth, but she knew that they were about to get a little to close for comfort.

After breathing in and out a few times, and cleaning up the alcohol she spewed from her mouth, the Nephilim looked to Nate with an appreciative smile. "Okay Nate, let's do this. I'll try to keep from driving you to insane" she stated, smirking at him before grabbing her bag and heading towards the exit, waiting for him to log out of everything he currently had opened on his computer. "Who's driving?" she then asked, figuring Nate would want to be in charge, which was fine by all means for Zeus. She would take over if at any point he got tired. "I just have to stop at home and grab a couple outfits.. I'll bring my credit card and get whatever else I need" she finished off, and part of her was truly excited to go on a road trip with the one and only Nathaniel Leight. "And, thank you for doing this.." she added, letting her gaze avert to the handle of the door, with a million thoughts racing through her mind.

”Glad to hear I’ve still got it” he joked confident that everything he did was beyond adorable. As if he was some kind of furry puppy who coudn´t do anything that wasn’t super duper cute. The looks were the first thing you noticed about him. That attractive too perfect appearance that dragged you closer like an enchanted forrest. When his magnetism had pulled them closer they realised he was even more captivating when you reached passed the shell. Maybe his life would’ve been easier if he had been more mediocre, not that his life was hard. Except from having commitment issues and a demanding family his life was truly soft. He hadn’t been forced to handle immense grief like Zeus had. In many ways they were still kids needing parental guidance.

Reading faces wasn’t hard when you knew what to look for. No matter what face they all worked the same. Nathaniel could see disappointment, and disbelief flash over the woman’s face before the desperation returned. The Nephilim had probably imagined that clues would appear out of thin air pin pointing names and location as the police dramas on television worked. Had it been that easy the killer would’ve been caught years ago and Z able to really hit rock bottom before resurfacing and moving on with her life. Doing all the things this case stoped her from doing now. In reality a majority of cases didn’t close due to lack of evidence. Especially older cases which was the category her mother’s case wold fall under. Head he been more of a bastard he’d try to reassure her telling her that they would find the killer only to get her hopes up and then taunting her when the mission failed. The cocky male wasn’t that cruel.

The silence gave the dhampir room to work and his hands flew over the keyboard as he tried gathering as much information as he could and save it to several hard drives, leaving as little traces as he could during the process. In a better world he’d be the perfect gentleman and she a young female not suffering the loss of her mother and maybe in that universe it would’ve contained a future for them. Tho in that world he would probably never had left his childhood home in England which meant they would’ve never met. Knowing that he was easily lost was also a part of his gravity what women found intriguing, because some silly part wanted to believe that they were special and he’d change for them. So far none of those fools had been correct.

Somewhere in all her misery the brunette still smiled at his silly remarks or overly honest comments. It was an affect he had on the humanity in people when not annoying the crap out of them. An hour in Zeus started drinking again, something he didn’t quite approve of it would only make her emotional rollercoaster hit new heights. ”Not nothing” He chuckled while trying to get passed the hospitals security system. ”You know this is the 21 century right we keep all files digitally and can only reach them from the station” Papers were to easy to copy.

After announcing the roadtrip he was sprayed with alcohol from a surprised Z. Luckily it didn’t hit his expensive equipment and only his clothes. The vain male thought that was almost worse than the machine taking the hit. ”Me obviously” He said as if she was an utter idiot for not remembering that she less than a minute ago had been busy drowning a bottle of whiskey. When she didn’t seem to get what he was referring to he pointed to the flask in her hand. ”Secondly I can drive over the speed limit without consequences” The perks of working in law enforcement. ”Can’t we just buy it on the way?” Nathaniel complained while packing different devices and charges into bags along with some diet approved food and clothes.

Clearing her throat, the Nephilim gave the conceited Dhampir an eye roll. "I'll swallow my pride and agree that you do still got it" she chuckled, shaking her head. Sure he was conceited rightfully, gorgeous features, a great job, and all the money someone could ever ask for. But, growing up like Zeus did made her to aware when people had more money than they did sense. Thankfully in this case, Nate had a personality, at least some what of one. The tomboy, farm girl though had never been arrogant or conceited even with all the remarks she'd gotten from men lately based on her appearance, which she also found amusing. Zeus had never done well with dressing up, or putting make up on until she started high school where appearance seemed to matter more than grades did. She often wondered what Nate was like back in his school days, and she assumed his upbringing had a lot to do with why he had closed himself off to love and romance. It felt like even the thought of that revolted the Dhampir, which made Zeus want to know even more.

Zeus knew that glimmer of desperation was caught by Nate, and for a moment she caught herself on edge, hoping he didn't assume she'd turn back to what she'd done when she first met him, clinging to him for support, then falling head over hills for a bachelor who wanted nothing more than a one night stand with women. Even that, Zeus had thrown herself to him for, and now thinking about it, the Nephilim gritted her teeth, anger rising along with her blood pressure that he'd ever even had that effect on her in the first place. It was a stretch for someone like Zeus to even notice a male considering all through school, she despised boys and shared her first kiss with a female.

It was true, Zeus really did want to believe that it was as easy as her mothers killers name popping up out of thin air. She couldn't help but think that if it'd been that easy years ago, that she may not even be here in the city now. Maybe back then if she'd been allowed to move on, she would have done so and it was hard to tell what kind of life she would be leading in today's time. But, Zeus really didn't like to think about a life where she would have never met Nathaniel, and just as he thought, maybe even in a different life where she knew peace, she would have known a totally different Nate, one who would have wanted a life with her like she had him at one point, so much that it broke her when he confessed that he never even cared.

As his fingers flew across his keyboard, Zeus watched with widened, curious eyes. Several hard drives later, he'd flawlessly gotten all that he needed with no traces, and she had to admit, she was impressed. Shifting from one foot to the other, Zeus grinned, unable to contain that goofy grin that adorned her features when Nate did or said something to make her smile, but oddly he wasn't doing anything this time except working. Maybe seeing him in his work enviroment amused her too. It was something to think, that buried underneath all the sadness and grief, there was a pretty awesome female, able to smile and life a carefree weightless life and around Nate, that female who Zeus didn't recognize lately was just scratching her way to the surface. Breaking free though, she knew that wouldn't happen until she could finally lay her mother to rest. Even though Peggy McCartney had been dead for as long as she had now, her spirit still tormented Zeus to no ends, making sure that each happy moment the Nephilim courageously worked herself up to having, was only terminated by the ghost of her mother, leaving her restless and distraught.

Zeus sighed and shook her head when he stated he had nothing. But, maybe he had just what he need. Raising a brow, Zeus  folded her arms over one another and began tapping her foot against the floor as if she were making a point. "Are you lying to me, Leight?" she then asked, feeling her blood boil, a voice in her head convincing her that he'd gathered the info she had been longing for, for years now... the voice was almost a clear audiable one. "If he didn't have the names and a location, why go all the way back to your hometown?" the voice echoed .. but something felt off. For a moment or two, Zeus's vision seemed to have gone a little foggy, and when it cleared, she could see Nate deleting a file. "What are you doing?!" she yelled out angrily. "You jerk!! i knew it!! i knew you were hiding something from me Nate! this entire fucking time!!" she cried out, pained for what her eyes thought they'd seen.  (hallucination)

When he said it was the 21st century, whatever made her see him deleting files instead of getting them for their road trip, made it seem even more senseable now that he'd said they kept all files digitally "Yeah, and now I get why! so you can delete them and dispose of them when someone as desperate as me comes along needing help" she added, her tone broken. A sharp pain went through her head though, but as fast as it hit her, it left her. And it was as though nothing had even happened, she didn't even remember yelling at Nate. Giving him an eye roll when he acted like she was a complete idiot, she snickered "Fine, but if you drive, I control the music. Deal?" she questioned, figuring in his eyes, she seemed like a psycho for the breakdown she'd just had, that she was also oblivious of. Zeus chuckled when he added that he could drive over the speed limit without consequences. "Damn, you make it seem fun to be in your field of work" she stated, grinning from ear to ear, remembering exactly how they'd met one another.

To his question, Zeus sighed but checked her bag to make sure her wallet was in it, "I guess we'll get what I need on the way .. do you really need all of that?" she asked, eyeing all the different devices, chargers and other things he was packing into different bags. Looking down at her attire, Zeus grimaced. "I look like a slob.. so we're making a stop for an outfit. You can pick it" she stated, flashing the Dhampir a wink. Part of that suggestion/idea was sarcasm. When Zeus had first expressed how she felt about him, her fashion was a big deal and with that, Nate had actually picked her an outfit out.. but now that they were on a better path with each other, she had to admit, he had good taste, and she really did need a new outfit for this trip. "I gotta admit, this road trip idea might not be the worse idea youve ever had" she finished off, smirking before reaching down, grabbing one of the bags he'd packed with devices so she could help take them to the car.

Something still felt off, she knew something had happened with her, but she had no idea she'd yelled at Nate like she did. To distract herself from whatever had just went on, which she was sure by how he was looking at her was bad, she decided to bring another idea up. "On the way, we should stop and eat.. and maybe sight see.. if the trip is just about my mothers case, it may not be that fun, and we're off to a pretty good start with this attempt to be friends.. so what do you say?" she asked, hoping some part of him would want to actually enjoy this trip even if it was business, who said work had to be boring with a friendship like theirs, she thought to herself, chuckling. Zeus stopped chuckling though, giving Nate a saddened expression. It was the last thing she wanted to mention, but she knew they would be leaving in a few moments, and all information she could give would probably help. "Maybe look up the name Joe McCartney too... he disappeared right after she died. Ive not seen my father since my mother was murdered, but the note she'd left us, told us all to well who was behind it. Im so confused.." she  sighed, shaking her head in disbelief that she had still not found no closure, but maybe thats what this road trip would bring her.

Back in high-school Nathaniel had been a true Casanova his bachelor days had started early. The Dhampir was well aware that he was an arrogant bastard. His Parents has raised him to be, unlike the rest of England who brought up well spoken little gentlemen. At times he could act like the perfect gentleman but that game never lasted long and only when he had something to gain from it. His behavior wasn’t some kind of compulsive act, he did it because he could. No one called him out on his rudeness. He got away with it because of the charm and money. In a girl he liked confidence someone who put him in place and always kept him on his toes. He didn’t like to get comfortable, comfortable was boring. As soon as a girl gave in and showed affection he was over them.

Nathaniel wasn’t someone who walked by unnoticed, if that wasn’t his intention, to lay low for a mission otherwise he was an expert at drawing attention. Not only due to his exterior, even tho he got much attention for that as well. When Nathaniel Leight wanted something he got it, ordinarily without too much effort. Either through charm or provoking. The pompous male weren’t the shy type and didn’t back away when the subject exposed to his games got annoyed or furious, like the average guy hiding behind a keyboard to express his feelings, it simply made the entertainment more amusing and triggered him to continue until the breaking point was reached. 

He was aware of the affect he could have on people without even trying. When he did try most people didn’t give up much of a fight before giving in to his charm. Still when meeting Z he’d not been trying. It was a period of his life were he cursed his upbringing and hated the girls lining up. During this time him and his brother had had an heated argument and fallen out of contact. Loneliness featured all of his free time and he almost decided to return back to England and his legacy there. Z had been the friend he needed, the distraction he needed to get back to his normal arrogant ways. Caring for the broken angel helped him to get back to appreciating the false people trying to be his friend for the money or recognition. Their friendship had been the only real thing he’d had for a long time, he hadn’t even seen her fall for him it came as a back stab for him. Honestly he was still a bit mad at her for not being able to keep her paws to herself and screwing up the one true thing he had.

Times moved on and so did he and now he was back in his glory days. Enjoying every minute of his spoilt lifestyle but every now and then he found himself longing for the relation they had had before her jealousy had taken over and he had realised she was just like any other girl who had fallen for the great Leight. 

Being ambivalent and shift from calm to enraged in less than minutes was nothing out of the ordinary for the brown haired angel. So he didn’t react much when she went from amazed to furious and started screaming and gesturing. ”I am trying to help you if you don’t want the help its fine I have other things to do” The dhampir told her with an eye roll. To not leave any traces he had to delete a few things and as he did so Z got hysterical again. ”I am trying to keep us out of the loop” He sighed shaking his head at the irrational nephilim. She was certainly a piece of work. 

Just like that everything went back to normal and it seemed as if she didn’t even remember her outburst. Strange even for her. Dropping things weren’t her normal behaviour. ”Deal” he agreed reaching out his hand for her to shake while balancing his computer in the other. ”Do you really want me to miss anything because we are lacking equipment?” Nate questioned back with a raised brow

”Z own your style dear, don’t care what I or anyone else prefers” He declined her offer without even considering. Picking out cloths for girls wasn’t something new, he had done it millions of times. The dhampir loathed insecurity. He wanted someone confident who kept him on his toes, never letting him be comfortable. Possibly there was no woman who matched that description and he’d remain single for eternity, the thought didn’t frighten him it was better than compromising and adjusting everything to fit the description of someone else dream. As Zeus and many other females were willing too.

They started carrying everything to the car, an unsexy white minivan to fit everything they needed for their mission and in worst case senario even sleep there. It had Louisiana plates and had a bakery print on the side to blend in. ”Or we end up killing each other ” He said without blinking not a trace of sarcasm. It was a possibility. ”Ew we don’t share the same diet and I will certainly not eat junk food” Nathaniel exclaimed disgusted with the idea of being forced to sit at a greasy dinner and smell the bad carbs and calories. ”You didn’t think of mentioning this a tad bit earlier?” Annoyance painted his tone. ”If you hadn’t drowned that whiskey you could’ve driven so I could do research now we’ll lose at least 17 hours”

Tilting her head, with her arms still folded over each other and tapping her foot against the ground, Zeus cleared her throat, really not understanding why she had all of a sudden felt that Nathaniel was out to ruin her as well, and sabotage any leads that were available for them to grab. "Sorry Nate, I don't know where that came from.." she stated, feeling as awkward as ever right now. "I know you're trying to help. Of course I need and want you too." she then admitted, meaning every word she'd said, sincerely.

Something or someone had gotten inside of Zeus's head once again though when Nate deleted the files he had just looked at. She didn't even care in this moment that he had to delete any traces of what he was looking for in order to not be discovered by the others who worked in the same field as him, and she didn't care that he was trying to keep them out of the loop. Whomever got inside of her mind, made it very clear that he was being sketchy, and the voice nagging at her, was compelling enough for Zeus to believe it; even if she did know Nate better than that now, she simply had no control over whatever was happening to her. "I'm not trying to seem like a basket case here.. something is definitely wrong with me though" she then said as she noticed Nate sighing and shaking his head.

Arching a brow, Zeus immediately got defensive again. "Nate.. the offer to pick an outfit out for me isn't because I don't like what I wear personally. It was just me strolling a little to far down memory lane, when you had done it before.. idk.. guess im still not completely over your charming ways" she then blurted out, before looking down to the ground, laughing and shaking her head "Wow.. what is wrong with me.?" she then questioned. Zeus would have never said that outloud had she been in the right state of mind, but somehow everything she was doing and saying right now was turning right back around to bite her, and she didn't enjoy feeling like she wasn't in control of her own actions. This road trip may very well to turn out to be a bad expereince, mostly for Nate if the Nephilim continued acting the way she was right now.

Zeus couldn't help but raise a brow as Nate simply said that they'd maybe kill each other. Normally a hint of a smirk, or sarcasm in his tone would let her know he was joking, but he said that as nonchalantly as he could, leaving Zeus speechless for a second. Bursting out in laughter as he blurted out the word 'ew' Zeus stood there staring at him, with an are-you-kidding-me type of look. "Well, I may not drink blood Nate.. but that don't mean we can't find some place to eat that serves more than just junk food.. or maybe we can just pick up a hitch hiker, and you can eat them instead.. whatever works for you" she added, not smiling or chuckling or trying to be cute, she genuinely was curious about what kind of diet Nate actually had. Zeus's eyes widened when the Dhampir said they had already lost 17 hours, due to the fact that she hadnt mentioned anything about her father before now, and she couldn't drive for him to do the research since she'd drank an entire bottle of whiskey.

"I am immortal you know? I doubt ill be swerving too much.. ill go ahead and start sobering up now, cause 17 hours.. that's way to much to lose. But, admittedly, I did wanna be drunk for the start of this road trip" she expressed, leaving her reasons out of it, he could guess if he wanted to, but talking about her feelings for him wasn't on the menu right now. Being drunk just made things seem easier. But being alert and aware was really the only option for Zeus since this road trip hadn't really been planned for fun. It'd been planned for Nate and Zeus to finally get some answers, and Zeus drinking her way through it would have meant that Nate would be stuck doing all the hard stuff alone.

After the van was finally loaded Zeus climbed into the drivers seat, glancing to Nate who was annoyed right now more than anything. "I'm sorry. I won't drink anymore for the remainder of this road trip, my head has to be in it as much as my heart is. Thanks though.. for doing this" she said before messing with the nob to the radio, sighing in relief that there was a usb port to plug her phone into it. After doing so, the Nephilim scrolled through a ton of music before finding one to settle on, "Seriously, if you want me to drive, Im fine" she stated, knowing she was still a little too drunk to drive, but it'd wear off in a matter of seconds because of her immortal status. To the song now playing in the background, Zeus hummed along, wondering what her and Nate would end up talking about on the way there; "I have an idea.. but ill mention it after you get going" she finished off, waiting for the van to start it's journey.

Zeus mood swings were certainly intense today. His gut told him that something was wrong, like he could sense some other presence. It didn’t make any sense tho. The nephilim was always a roller coster of feelings happy one second then furious the next and then back to happy. Which only got worse when she drank alcohol, a daily habit the female had. Somehow this little outbursts felt different, less controlled. However blaming Z´s weird moments on some unknown force only made him the freak. Accepting his frenemy´s instability and not try and read into it too much was a smarter move. Letting things go and not following ones instincts was against Nathaniels nature. The dhampir relied on them for the most part so ignoring them and trying to shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right was hard. ”Are you sure? You don’t seem t agree with yourself” he grunted confused by the sudden change of mood. image

”I won’t disagree with that” the forensic said sourly while trying to check so everything they needed was packed. If she was going to be this weird the entire trip it would certainly be a challenge for the both of them. For someone used to people behaving after his liking this was the opposite. Well well boredom wouldn’t struck so hard then. Getting out of town was always fun, it had been a while since last. It wasn’t like him to stay in the same place more than a couple of months without travelling. Rooting yourself somewhere didn’t appeal to the impatient male, adding to his non commitment rule. Valeria and work had both kept him busy and now over a year without leaving Evermore. What the heck had become of him? Maybe on this trip he’d get back his mojo. Or not return to evermore when it was over…

Another mood swing jerked him back to reality and all he could do was sigh. How many times had they had this exact same conversation? For someone easily getting bored it was easy to tune out when the brunette once again ensured that she didn’t at all did it for him. A lie told so badly that not even a child would fall for it. ”I know you can’t help yourself love” He told her condescendingly already somewhere else in his mind. 

His words startled her which was amusing enough. He wondered if the ambassadors would demand revenge if they ended up eliminating the other. Probably not due to the peace agreement but it was already moving towards more insecure times, where people sought for reasons to pick a fight. Would a murder be the fuel that lit the fire? He was unsure if he wished to live to see that, he didn’t have a warriors heart violence wasn’t exiting him. Provoking people yes and getting slapped everyone and then was fun but he would never use violence himself if he could avoid it even if it was what he’d been training for, and trained others for.

Nate turned green as the fallen angel started talking blood sucking. A few dhampirs was found of that source of nutrition. Himself almost wanted to puke, not attractive and Nathaniel Leight didn’t waste time on doing unattractive things, just thinking of swallowing the warm thick liquid. So much bacteria and other disgusting particles, to him it was equal with cannibalism. ”I´ll bring food” he concluded walking to get some extra boxes of healthy granola and water bottles. ”I´d rather drive myself I know I wouldn’t die if you crashed the car but I don’t feel like spending time in the ER” Having Zeus behind the wheel drunk or not with her recent moods wings didn’t seem like the best of ideas. He didn’t trust her schizophrenic behaviour, or her ability not dodge the impulse of drive into a three if that idea would pop into her head.


Still annoyed that he she hadn’t mentioned her father until now and that he couldn’t work while someone else drove Nate hit the gas and started the long drive to Louisiana. They could’ve hired a chauffeur or jump on the train but getting others involved was a risk. Z´s mood was already too much of a risk factor. He drove in silence while Zeus plugged in her phone and started scrolled among the songs in her phone until she found one that she liked. ”Do I want to know?” he muttered letting his eyes leave the road a moment to meet the angels blue. Probably not he thought to himself. It wasn’t like him to be grumpy.

Finally, her ManCandy of a Dhampir had seemed to have taken notice to something other than Zeus, meaning he had finally felt whatever it was Zeus had been controlled by earlier. She knew he wouldn't say much about it, because as crazy as it had made her seem, she couldn't blame him for dismissing it. Clearing her throat as he asked if she was sure, Zeus swallowed harshly, she knew lying to him could turn out to bite both of them if this was some supernatural force that they didn't know about "Not, not really. But trying to explain it isn't going to help either; when I thought you were deleting things from your system, no where in my mind was the thought that you were doing so just to keep us out of the loop, I was convinced that you had found something and deleted it in a more sinister manner, like.. you had something to hide.. i don't know Nate, something still seems off though" she expressed.

For things to have already been so awkward with Zeus having one mental break down after the next because of whom ever or whatever she felt with her besides Nate, his condescending comment didn't help in the least; "i know you can't help yourself, love" she then repeated, mocking him, and even making a face like a childish brat would have behaved, but Nathaniel truly did have a way of getting under her skin, something that no man ever had been capable of. Immediately, Zeus saw how sick Nate had became, and she couldn't help herself as laughter erupted from the Nephilim. It's not like she knew much about how Nate was when it came to blood, and as curious as she had been, she figured that was her answer. "I don't think ive ever seen you that pale. Does the thought of consuming blood really make you that sick?" she asked, figuring he'd tried at least once or twice.

Zeus snorted when he added that he would bring food, and that he would also drive not because he cared if she got hurt during a wreck, but because he simply just didn't wanna waste his time by sitting in the ER with her. "You just get more charming by the second, Leight. Keep it up and youll be the most irresistable male in the city". While her comment was nothing but sarcasm, Zeus wasn't sure if that wasn't already true. Women flocked after him, like he was a walking sex stick.. like he was some sort of god-like figure, and she herself had been guilty of that when she'd first met the bachelor. Still to this day, his charm affected her immensely.

As they began their journey, Zeus felt content, oddly more content that she had in a long time. It felt like a weight was being lifted from her chest, but she knew that feeling would be shortly lived when they got to her home town and started digging up the truth. A frown graced her features, but she was quick to dismiss it. She really did want to enjoy this with Nate, even if it was business, the two of them had began to rebuild a friendhsip, and a road trip was the perfect thing for that, but not if she continued with the mood swings, although, little did either of them know, Zeus wasn't even in control of her own mood. Soon, Nate wouldn't be either, but how would they have seen that coming? Sighing, she averted her gaze to the Dhampir, for a moment, she watched him and found herself smiling a little more than she meant to. She couldn't help but see a man who had a heart, someone who would have made the perfect friend, the perfect lover, and he was damn good at what he did career wise. But all those things were buried underneath who he really was..

With  that thought to interrupt the smile she was currently wearing, the Nephilim was pulled back to the here and now, to his comment "Probably not. I mean, you're definitely going to say no at first when i tell you what my idea is but .." she started before pulling her small digital camera out of her purse and positioning in the windshield so that it would be aimed at her, at least for now "First I'm recording it." she stated, knowing he probably wouldn't want himself on camera being seen having any sign of fun, but she insisted. "I want something to remember this by, even if you don't wanna remember a single second of it" she added, giving him a look. This road trip was probably much more special to her than him, a big reason for that was because she was getting to spend it with Nate in particular.  "But thats just something small, it wasn't the main idea, i have plenty." she added with a sinister smirk adorning her features. She knew they'd have to be a little ways out of the city to start having any fun.

Zeus had finally shut up, she felt pretty tired when they'd gotten a little ways out of the city, deciding it'd be okay to rest her head on the window, but Zeus never had slept in just one position; as the car had came to a halt, Zeus's eyes fluttered open, unsure of where they were, and with her feet nearly laid across Nate's lap; she was sure he was ready to throw her out of the car for that, but as she quickly sat up and wiped the drool from her mouth before he could notice it, the Nephilim smirked at the Dhampir. After rubbing her eyes, she knew they couldn't be to far away from the city, considering it hadn't been long ago since he'd began driving "Where are we?" she questioned, but maybe he was just stopping for gas and food,. Either way, it was Zeus chance to get out and stretch before they began again.

”You do know I am on a vegan diet right?” he questioned her with a raised brow. Drinking blood somehow felt so much worse than eating other animal products that he had made an active choice to abstain from. It surely contain plenty of carbs and other unhealthy substances too. Who knew what the person offering the blood had eaten during their lifetime. Nathaniel shivered at the thought. He had heard that some dhampirs had started consuming blood as they claimed that it gave them more strength and endurance, almost like anabolic steroids. Himself didn’t feel the need to get stronger he knew that with or without blood his body was one of the best equipped to handle harsh situations. So he had never tried the new trend.

”Oh I already am” a wide smile adorned the suntanned dhampirs symmetrical face. It was well known that the it-forensic wasn’t known for being the most humble or kind being walking on evermore streets but his charisma and charm nestled into many single women’s minds creating a desire built on fascination curiosity and desire. Lying and pretending that he was a complete gentleman was a sin he hadn’t committed yet. Nathaniel was very open with his duchebag manners and made it clear that he had no intention of settling down with anyone. ”But on second thought the hospital can offer cute nurses and doctors and I have heard a certain blonde I’ve been after for ages is finally taking dates” His smile now widening to a grin as he thought of the possibilities. As the spoiled male had very few things he couldn’t have those things interested him extra. Females tended to throw themselves at him and those who didn’t were usually not very hard to convince. There were a few tho who he’d met who had greeted him with no interest what so ever not even a longing gaze. Those individuals were a mystery to the vain male who was used to being adored and admired wherever he went. He wondered what had been the reason behind her breakthrough and if he’d finally get to check her off his list.

Being caught on camera was something that decided humanity. Some loved it and craved to be photographed whenever there was a possibility and could plan the perfect picture for hours just to get likes, while the other part hated being themselves on a picture only seeing their flaws and comparing themselves to the norm. It was clear which group the flashy male was a part of. His instagram had millions of followers both acquaintances and totally unknown people who followed him for inspiration. This trip would fit perfectly as a vlog on the youtube channel he tried to maintain but the situations he found himself in usually didn’t have room for a camera. Criminals didn’t appreciate being caught on tape. ”Change your mindset” Nathaniel muttered annoyed with her as he speeded through the night. He could understand her desire for a memory something concrete to look back at years from now, when they had parted ways, but it was far to dangerous to leave any evidence behind. ”Even tho I´d love to see my handsome face we can’t give this people evidence of what is about to happen” He said checking the review mirror. His gut told him something was off. ”They cannot get something to connect us to this” he argued shooting down her idea.

Soon Nathaniel was alone with his thoughts as zeus drifted up to sleep. The alcohol probably giving her a relaxed feeling. He checked the rear view mirror again and saw a familiar car that he was quite sure he’d seen a couple of miles ago. Someone was already following them. The vehicle protested as he pushed the engine to the limit making some rough turns trying to shake their tail. The angel was still asleep when he pulled up at a gas stop. ”How would you feel about a new hair colour, that or a wig” he asked throwing the products he just bought at the newly awakened nephilim. Himself had changed into sweatpants, a clothing he would never wear willingly , and a baseball cap and a stain over sized shirt. Wow what didn’t he do for this mission. The clothes he was forced to wear at work, that he complained about were luxurious compared to this. ”Get out we are changing cars we can’t stay here long”

Zeus arched her own brow when he questioned her about his own diet. "I knew you were picky, but you had never told me it was a vegan diet until now mr prim and proper" she teased playfully before flashing a coy smirk in the direction of the Dhampir. He still had a tendency to make her heart race and skip beats when he spoke, it was just the sound of his voice she  had gathered after a while, that something so simple, had such an enormous effect on her. Nate was someone she'd never truly not feel things for, but she'd at least gotten herself to the point where she could be his friend without breaking down due to wanting more than that with him.

She couldn't help but laugh as he cringed to the thought of blood, but it made Zeus shutter in disgust as well. For some reason, her mind conjured up the thoughts of humans who carried diseases like aids, and other deadly viruses. And what happened if a Valkyr or Dhampir consumed a bunch of blood clots, oh how the thoughts made her stomach rumble in discomfort. Zeus's mind worked in a very annoying way; she normally though about the worse case scenario's, hence her mind being full of nasty visuals of a feeding habit she was thankful not to have.

"I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.." she stated, knowing the booze surely wasn't helping with the fact that she felt nauseated now, and she wished she'd llistened to Nate when he told her that drinking wasnt' the best idea for this road trip. Zeus rolled her eyes at the arrogant male,  she couldn't help but to find herself in awe of the snarky attitude. Around anyone but Nate, Zeus acted very similar. She'd turned into a party girl, and now she only had the occasional one night stands, and flattered people with her charm who were easily taken by it, most of the time leading to her having to reject people for anything more than sex.

"Yeah no cute nurses for you Leight. We have business to take care of, let my cute face suffice" she stated, giving him an eye roll before glancing out the window, her gaze averting to the sky as if for a moment, she was looking to the heavens wondering if her mother was up there or not. Wondering if all the hell she'd been through so far, to avenge her mother, would bring her the peace she desired. She was ready to get out of the city and dive into the comforts of her country home life if even only for a moment. Knowing it was only to find what they couldn't in Evermore about her mothers case, put a little bit of weight on Zeus's heart; but that was okay, she had to have some hope in finding the peace she assumed this would bring her in the end.

Speaking of peace, Zeus also knew she needed the closure of moving on from the hopes that Nate would someday be the settle down type guy; it was strange that he'd been the only one to make her act the way she did. Still, she couldn't deny the butterflies that filled her stomach around the Dhampir. She felt quite hopeless about losing all feelings for him completely. She had adapted to the fact that he'd always be an arrogant bachelor guy who lived a very fast paced city style lifestyle unlike Zeus who'd grown up on a farm, and enjoyed the idea of someday growing old with someone who could make her happy. She should have guessed that he actually loved her idea of filming their entire trip, but his words said something entirely different, causing Zeus to groan as if she was in agony "Seriously though, it would be us leaving evidence if we weren't ... friends" she stated, nearly choking on the word friends before she could continue "But, who would pay much mind to you being filmed with a female? You are notoriously known for being a ladies man, they'd just assume you're out with another one of your conquests, i promise not to film any part of this trip that involves my mothers case" she stated with the recorder paused while gazing to him, hoping the puppy dog eyes would work in her favor at least this once.

Zeus had been asleep for a while after pleading with the Dhampir to let her film the trip, something he was pretty damn intense about not doing, and she couldn't understand why. She had nearly been thrown out of her seat a few times, realizing that only the upper half of her body remained in the passanger side seat when he pulled over to get gas and questioned her about her hair. Sliding her athletic frame back up into the seat, Zeus blinked a few times, rubbing the sleep away from her eyes, before glancing over to him with a blank stare for a moment "My hair... a wig?" she muttered, trying to process why she'd been thrown out of her seat. "What happened?" she then asked, noting the look on his face before she observed their surroundings, the purple tinge in her eyes lighting up to it's brightest shade of purple. "Somethings here" she whispered, mostly to herself. The presence she had felt a few times earlier, whatever it was controlling her mind, and her thoughts, had returned. Something about the presence felt slightly familiar, in a way to shook the Nephilim to her core. A Diviner? She thought silently. But obviously no one was in sight that alarmed her. But, she did feel a Diviners presence. As a Nephilim, a being of light nature, Zeus could always feel when she was near a dark being; the two mixed like fire and gasoline, even if Zeus had a certain darkness of her own.

"You look distraught, did something happen while I dozed off?" she asked, before eyeing the store; her stomach rumbled then at the thought of food, figuring if she rode the rest of the way with him with her stomach making noises, that he'd only become more annoyed. Sighing, Zeus got out and walked to the drivers side, glancing to Nate for a second, unable to keep herself from grinning. She despised how that still seemed to be a thing, that goofy grin that she possessed just by looking at him. With an eye roll, she looked away before speaking "Need anything? I'm running in to grab snacks and drinks.. non alcoholic drinks might I add" she stated, chuckling, before heading towards the door of the gas station, figuring he'd be behind her anyways after filling his van up with gas for the rest of the drive. Zeus had grabbed tons of junk food while being inside, along with plenty of caffine drinks that were as bad for her as all the junk food, with the exception of a couple salads, one for her, and one for Nate if he desired one.

After walking through each isle, grabbing a few of everything, Zeus came to an isle full of miscellanious items; she could only grin at some of them, figuring they'd make the trip a lot more fun, especially for her, even if they did nothing but annoy Nate. The first thing she grabbed was a roadrage megaphone, it was more so a gag gift, but Zeus couldn't wait to try it on other drivers.

The next thing she grabbed, was something for Nate's office, a joke mostly, but she was serious about him using it for his office. A cat's ass as a tissue holder caused her to laugh until her eyes watered.

Then she grabbed a notepad that she was sure her name would go on, just for buying it for him,

smirking as she walked to the counter to pay for everything after grabbing one more thing.

A book. She assumed that Nate could really benefit if he'd actually read it, if not, oh well, she could get a laugh out of seeing his expression. After the cashieer rang all of her food, drinks and gag gifts up; Zeus trailed off to the door, but she realized the entire time shed been in the store, two men in a suit watched her intently. Every move that she made, every sound, every step; they'd even snapped a picture of her, which ended up causing her to practically run back to the van where Nate was. Sure, she was aNephilim, but they were no longer in Evermore, which meant she could no longer depend on the fact that she was a Nephilim with the sort of gifts to take men four times their size down in a heartbeat.

"Someone was watching me in there" she said, out of breath while loading the bags into the van. "I don't know who they were, never seen them, but they looked rather serious and one snapped a picture of me. So, what happened while I was sleeping?" she asked again, hoping he'd hurry and pay for the gas with his credit card, so they could just pull on out and leave rather than waiting long enough for him to walk inside and pay, and possibly encounter a bad situation with whomever those men were.

As Zeus caught her breath finally, she began laughing again at the items she pulled from the bags one by one, showing each of them to the Dhampir all except for the roadrage megaphone that she kept in her lap; she figured he'd scold her for being childish enough to buy it, but don't think for a second, that Zeus wasn't really going to use it. Oh yes. And she was about to turn this road trip into a hell of a time for them, she hoped at least. She did actually wanna see Nate smile and just really enjoy himself before things got serious, which would be soon enough.

Now digging into the bags that held her food and drinks, Zeus pulled out one of the salads that she'd picked out from the cooler isle, and opened it hungrily, before drowning it in ranch dressing, sighing happily as she took the first bite. "I don't know what you like, but I got probably everything the store offered, help yourself" she stated, knowing how picky he was, and that he might not touch a single thing she'd bought. The thought alone made her chuckle. As she waited for them to get going again, Zeus leaned back with her shoes now off, and continued eating.

”I am quite confident I have told you at several occasions actually” He gibed slightly annoyed, listening was certainly not one of Zeus most eminent attributes. At first the egocentric dhampir could be perceived as a bad listener himself. With the bad habit of diddling with other things or interrupting it didn’t exactly sent out the message of an active listener. A facade that helped him get rid of the worst nonsense talk that he really didn’t care about, however behind that he noted everything that seemed of importance to use later on. ”Its not me being picky” Nathaniel voiced grumpily irritated with the angles assumptions. For someone living for their diet as the health freak did it was not popular when someone told them they were just being picky. 

”Nice choice of topic, is this really how the 17+h we are spending in this car are gonna now down” Nathaniel sighed wishing he had just flew down to Louisiana and tried to get the equipment there instead of being forced to sit in the crowded van with a girl speaking of puke and other unpleasantness. It wasn’t too late to turn back they had just driven 1 h of their journey and the nice leather seats in his family private jet tempted even more now that Z had set the tone for their conversations. Flying would be less under the covers, it would have to be both stamped and recorded not as under the radar as he knew this case needed. So he would just have to swallow it. The now annoyed male pressed the gas a little further down forcing the car to speed up.

”Fine” he agreed. Louisiana would hopefully offer a new range of ladies either way. The ladies man had gone through most of the ladies his age in Evermore, at least those he deemed worthy of his valuable time. Silence rose both lost in thought. After this, what would be left of the brown haired nephilim? Her mothers assassin had been the fuel the last decade from what the hacker had researched when reading up on her before initiating the chase. Basically she had dedicated her life to the revenge letting it devour her entire existence so when that impulsion was gone what would happen then? Maybe it was the final piece that would drive the angel insane or the opposite the closer being the final push she needed to get her life together. The selfish male wished that he could at least offer her that with this trip… closure both for her mother and them.

”It records the places and a timeframe to tie us to crime scenes” He realised he sounded kind of paranoid, weird when did he the carefree bachelor become the precarious one? Classic someone rising to the occasion while others world unraveled beneath their feet. In this case the former hacker was convince that leaving no traces was the best way to go. The guilty was obviously no one to play with and seemingly a very skilled criminal as he’d gotten away with it so far. Undoubtedly whom ever it was would keep close tabs on any progress made to the case to defend their freedom. He’d even gone to such lengths so that his assistant would post pictures on his instagram ensuring that he was in Spain on a modelling job.

Spotting their stalkers only confirmed his suspicion that someone was watching their every move ready to have them killed off if needed. How could they already be catching on to them? What traces had they left then he realised that Zeus had hit a button which must’ve blown the cover, alarming them that someone was prying. 

”We are being followed” He clarified to the newly awakened and confused angel. Of course she didn’t caught on to this information and as if someone had erase this fact from her memory she left the wig and hair dying kit to go and by snack as if they had all the time in the world. While the angle strolled around shopping unnecessary junk Nate moved their stuff to the new car. 10 min later when Zeus hadn’t returned Nate was gritting his teeth why did he even bother when she clearly didn’t care. ”Are you kidding me what is all this junk didn’t you hear when I said we need to go and you need to change appearance” The dhampir questioned when she finally appeared behind the wrong car. Not amused by the bags of shit she had carried. ”Tell me you at least payed cash?” 

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