From a young age, Athena have always struggled with her sleep patterns. Finding that a lot of the time she was battling with insomnia. Even with how much she tried to stop it, she couldn’t shake it. Mostly these days she blamed it on either the whole moving to a new city. New surroundings, new people or the medication she was on. Athena was sure that her siblings knew that she was struggling with sleeping again with how they were used to it by now. Athena found herself trying to clock off to sleep but her mind not letting her. With it being full of different things and worries. Whether it was simple mundane things or she had things to do. If she had ideas for her next training session with Enzo or she forgot to do something. Different things she would be thinking again that didn’t really matter too much but ones she couldn’t help to think about. All that would stop her from sleeping. Athena knew if her insomnia still was being a bother to her a few days time she’d look into booking a doctor's appointment or going to the local chemist for some pills to help it at least. Till then she knew she was awake and there was no trying to go to sleep. Athena got out of her bed choosing to get dressed that maybe a walk, getting some fresh air would help to clear her head. Something that always helped. Finding her quietly trying to sneak out of the house not wanting to wake her siblings if they still were in. 

Stepping out of the house she could feel the cold winter air hitting her instantly as she started walking down the path leaving her home. Athena weren’t sure where she was walking, having not thought that far ahead. Just furthest enough to help clear her head, that she was thinking. Looking around she could see how things looked differently at night and since all the christmas lights and decorations have been taken down. Seeing how the city was still lit up but not to harshly. Before she knew where she was heading how long she’d been walking or she was finding herself further away from her home in the initia territory than she first thought. Finding she was nearer to the city than she was to where she should of been. The brunette turned looking around realizing she had no clue where she was or what way she came. Finding that she was already lost. Since she was still new to the city not knowing her way or bearings yet. It didn’t help that it was the middle of the night.  Athena went to get her phone from her pocket thinking she could use it to figure her way back home. To her disapoinment and frustration her pocket was empty. Already knowing she left it back home with how her insomnia meant she forget simple things like that. 

Athena knew she was lost with no way of knowing how to get back home easily, that it was all for her to figure out on her own. Knowing that maybe a midnight walk wasn’t the best of her idea. Already feeling a little bit anxious of it, regretting her choices. The brunette initia was trying to back track the way she came, that's what most people do when they lose their way. Athena started to feel that someone was following her a horrible feeling that she couldn’t shake. Making her walk even faster hoping it all was just in her head like everything before that she's struggled with in the past. Choosing to take a left turn through into an alleyway hoping to lose whoever was following her. Quickly using it as a shortcut before turning onto the next street. Athena felt her bump into something or someone, taking her off guard. The look of fear spread across her face, as she let out a little scream thinking it was who was following her. Looking to who it was hoping it was not a serial killer with how no one else apart from her was out walking at this time.

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The Valkyr couldn’t recount the last time, he had some free time on his hands. But he was actually thankful that Javier had offered to help him out with his store, nearing the end of last year. Having an Assistant; Eirik now found himself with spare time at his hands; making his schedule less hectic. And that was a good thing. Whilst he was too stubborn to admit it; that change had been long overdue, instead of him overworking himself. Even if he had been used to doing things himself, for the longest time. It had been second nature to him. That he had barely noticed. 

That evening he had spent some time at a bar; socialising. He needed a few drinks to decompress. Running into a few fellow Valkyrs at the bar he was at. As well as the mundane people. It was pretty late; when Eirik had left the bar premises. Heading back towards the Valkyr compound. Finding it was a pretty quiet and peaceful night. The winter evening air, nipping at his exposed flesh. But he didn’t mind. The air felt fresh. Savouring the cool air around him, as he breathed it in. He had always preferred the cooler weather; didn’t sweat as much; as one would during the hotter months of the year. The Valkyr was deep in thought; thinking of new strategies and techniques to teach his students. When someone walked right into him. The small shriek; brought him back to reality. His brows slightly furrowed. Not the usual greeting, he got from a stranger. His hands slightly steadying her she didn’t topple over, from the impact of bumping into him.

Looking down at the young woman that had bumped into him. Eirik noticed how terrified she looked. Seeing that she was on the verge of having a panic attack. “Is everything alright miss?” Eirik questioned. Was someone following her? “Are you lost?” He didn’t recall seeing the brunette in his territory before. Unless she didn’t venture the city much...or she was a new face in the city all together, it’d explain why.

Even as a child she used to get lost if she didn’t know her way. Easily distracted not noticing where she was going or if people who was with were already too far ahead and she didn’t see where they were. So Athena was used to finding her way back thinking that tonight would be one of those nights. With how she not noticed or realized that she walked too far from where her house was. Believing she was still at the base of the mountains until she saw the skyscrapers and tall buildings that told her that she was far from home. Seeing how there was no one else crazy enough to be walking alone one late winter night. Realizing that she was all one her alone to try to find her way back. Athena hoped that she would get back home before it’s daylight. Not wanting her siblings to worry about where she was with how she slipped out late at night with not exactly telling them. Too she didn’t want anyone seeing her thinking she was crazy for being out looking half out of it. Athena panicked, overreacting almost as she felt herself bumping into someone. Not expecting for a person to come from nowhere. Or now she was thinking was he here all along and she not noticed he was there in front of her. Athena was feeling more embarrassed than anything hearing as the male was asking if she was okay. With how she knew how panicked she must of looks right now. 

The brunette coughed a little, clearing her throat having just screamed a little moments ago. “Umm yes” Quickly mumbling looking down as she fiddled with her hands. Something she does when feeling nervous or anxious. “I’m kind of lost, I’ve only just moved here and I thought I knew the way back but turns out I don’t” She laughed softly, looking embarrassed but sure she wasn’t the only one whose ever go lost. “Aren’t you out a bit late too?” Raising a brow, wondering why he was out late on her own. Almost wanting to know he wasn’t some person who would kidnap and kill her because she was alone. Or maybe she wasn’t the only one who was suffering from insomnia. “I don’t make a habit of getting lost” She mused softly, wrapping her arms around herself feeling that it was starting to get a bit colder. “Sorry to bother you, I’ll find my own way back” Quickly trying to excuse herself from the embarrassing situation she was in, even if she was lying about knowing her way back. Having yet to figure that part out but wanted to pretend to tell the stranger she bumped into. 

Eirik was always rather adventurous. As a child, he used to love going with his father and their men. Wanting to learn how to raid and be a true Viking,like them. Even when he got lost; that didn’t deter him from the adventure ahead. Something new and exciting was always around the corner. Or seemingly so, with the life-style he was born into. It was in his blood. And everyone always said, he learned his ways from the best; to becoming the very best, himself. Whilst he didn’t speak of his Viking heritage to many people; it never left him after becoming a Valkyr all those centuries ago. Certain things, he couldn’t let go off easily. The warrior instinct and ways were still very much in him; and always would be. Being a being of the Shadows; Eirik had easily been unspotted in the darkness of the night. No wonder, he surprised the young woman in front of him.

He wasn’t sure if the female was nervous, or maybe embarrassed? Probably both. When she told him that she was new and lost. It made sense to the Valkyr. He knew it was common for new-comers, to get lost in the city. “Ah, that can happen, when you’re new to a city.” He gave her a slight smile, understanding her situation. Chuckling a little, as she questioned why he was out so late. “I’ve always been a night owl.” But being a Valkyr, it held more meaning than it did in his human days. “I was, just heading home from a night out at the bar. When you run into me.” He said honestly. Eirik wasn’t prepared to run into a new-comer in the city, at this hour. But guess, she was in luck. Maybe he could help her find her way back home.
As she tried to excuse herself. Eirik rose a sharp eyebrow, trying not to chuckle. “You just admitted, you didn’t know your way around the city.” he pointed out. “It’s late, and who knows what could be lurking out here.” Especially with all the bad things going around the city lately, it wasn’t safe for her. “Where abouts do you live?” he questioned, if he knew the general area, he could at least help. “The least I can do, is help you get home.” Safely. He mentally added to himself.

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