Oliver awoke to a sudden knock to his door as he rose with a jump he looked down at the textbooks and comics in front of him as he rose to his feet walking to the door " who is it" Oliver waited a few seconds before opening the door to find a note pinned to the door with an address and name " Valeria Alderidge " the name rang a bell to him as his mind recalled Z mentioning she was the faction Ambassador " he quickly rubbed his eyes as he looked at his schedule seeing it was a day of no classes as he looked at the bag he had left the bow and quiver in as he reached for the bag he took his jacket with his free hand before leaving his room.

Oliver stepped out onto the street as he looked up at the street signs directing him into the road towards the centre of town as he strolled minding no one hit his bag as he looked around he felt a weird sensation like there were more than one there " keep it together Ollie " he turned down the street that lead towards the address that was given as the same sensation ran through him as he took a deep breath before suddenly stopping at the door with the name Valeria Alderidge on the door.

Oliver knocked on the door as he pushed it open as he looked around seeing a dojo" Hello I'm looking for Valeria Merlin sent me " Oliver placed his bag on the floor by the door as he looked around " Merlin said that you might help me understand things after the weapon ceremony " Olivier walked to the seat by his bag sitting down as he looked around waiting

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It was a slow day at the dojo as Val pondered over her correspondence and checked the latest supply for their weapons. She loved their wide range and power and at times, hide away while watching her members train and cast runes. She had been staying in touch with Max for a while now and he was happy hearing about her progress with the faction and the peace in the city. "No longer the lost woman, are you?" he'd ask with a laugh.

When a knock sounded on her door, she opened it to find a man. When he mentioned Merlin, a small smile flickered across as her face as she gestured for him to be seated on one of the chairs. "Yes I am Valeria. Merlin is one of the chief recruiters around so you are in the right place"

As she took her regular seat, she studied him for a moment. He was a Dhampir, there was no doubt about that fact "I can certainly help you. Why don't you tell me about yourself? And what is your chosen weapon?" When Max had been around, there hadn't been any regulated process of accounting for members but now she had a protected file with her member details that just made everything systematic and easy. 

"Once I figure out the basics, I can take you to the training room and see what skills you have acquired so far and go from there. Have you ever cast a rune before?" 

Oliver nodded as he took his reserve bow out of his bag as he reached in making the quiver of arrows also "  er well I'm Oliver harris, and I don't really know why I chose this weapon I just felt a connection with it if that makes sense  "  Oliver rested the bow against the wall as he sighed beginning to think about his past  " well I'm Oliver Harris, and I've just finished a major in computers and I " Oliver looked down as he. Never really talked about it " I  just lost everyone I knew, or I thought I knew they were my foster parents, and I only learnt in the last two years  I'm something called a Dhampir. 

Oliver rose to his feet as he began to pace a little like he usually did when. He was in full flow of explaining " Merlin your recruiter he. Knew my father, who was killed defending my self and my birth mother from hunters and throughout my life, he told me he sent me comics about my heritage and. letters  after every birthday but I only found out about the letters after I  cleaned my stepfamilies house  and your name is mentioned a lot  in the letters, but I don't understand anything but the weapon ceremony

And I have learnt to shoot between 1 and 4 arrows continuously and defending my self with the bow. Still, I don't know about rune casting  I was told you could help me with the blanks " Oliver looked down as he stopped to look at Valeria " I know I may seem like a child in your eyes trust me " he shrugged " I feel like a freshman but if my dad were someone who protected people I would like to do the same.

Val rested her fingers on her chin as she listened to him. There were many explanations on why certain weapons choose certain handlers and although Valeria could surmise, she'd rather have that person figure it all out for themselves. It would be a great exercise for them and help in developing deeper connections with their weapons thus enabling them to cast their runes better. 

She solemnly nodded in sympathy as he opened up about his family. She hadn't lost anyone in that manner but she understood the emotion well. Though her family was healthy and well in France, she had certainly lost them. "Well Oliver, I am glad Merlin found you. You have certainly come to the right place. And you needn't worry at all. We have special trainers and classes to explain everything to you." She gave him a friendly smile as she pulled out a book from the drawer and turned it towards him.

"Here at the dojo you are going to be trained right from the basics. I definitely don't think of you as a child. You'd be surprised how many don't really understand who they are when they walk in through the doors. So you are certainly not alone" She flipped the pages pointing out the extensive content regarding weapons and runes and the day-to-day training they conducted.

Max hadn't been all that organised but Val who enjoyed structure had formulated a system with Dhampir history lessons, rune information, weapons and other things that she felt new members should be aware of. So the Dojo operated not just as a training ground but also as a place for learning the theory of their kind.

"Are you up for a little exercise right now? Just to test where you stand at handling you weapon. If you are too tired today, you can definitely come back tomorrow. I am sure thing would have been something huge to process and figure out. But you can rest easy Oliver, we'll help you" 

of course " Oliver  rose to his feet as  he pulled a full quiver out of his bag as he attached it to his belt  as he picked up his bow with his free  hand " job searching was  dull, so I need something to  wake me up " he looked  towards  his bow  after  Valeria had mentioned about not knowing why  dhampirs have connections with there weapons " would it be possible my father   was a bow user " liver took his seat as  he looked to Valeria  

" and thank you I would appreciate anything you could teach me " Oliver bent over  as he pulled out  two comics the first issue  showed  the story of a battle  of good and evil, but  the hero   fell in battle  and   what   the heroes wife did to    make their son safe  and the second  magazine showed the heroes son  gaining his weapon " the second comic is exactly like the  weapon ceremony " he placed them on the table " apart from  merlin and z telling me what they know  and the comics I wouldn't love even of known where to find you " Oliver looked down  at  his bow as he relaxed feeling he had let off a lot of things  that were on  his mind  as he looked down at his bow  for the first time since the weapon ceremony  he saw the same blue  energy  shaking  his head quickly he turned his attention back to  Valeria 

It was always enlivening to see the new Dhampirs gain more confidence and enhance connection with their weapon. Val smiled on seeing Oliver relax a bit as she studied the comics intently. She had never seen them before but he was indeed right "Yeah wow! These do look like the weapon training ceremony. It could be possible that a Dhampir may have written this or that it is one of the instances where fiction comes really close to reality"

Noting the names, she decided to research on them more later as she walked around her desk "Let's go see the Dojo. I think you'll like the place. And I'm really glad you had the same kind of weapon as your father. You guys would have been close right?" It saddened her for a moment that she had no such connection with her own father. She hadn't even spoken to him in ages but perhaps not everyone was lucky like that.

"But it is lucky that you did find us. Although most dhampirs do live and train in a community, there are others who do it by themselves. That's their choice I suppose but doing it in such a company is really beneficial. You get to learn a lot" 

She could still remember her own initial days of training and the pressure that had been put on her to excel at the cost of everything else. She wanted her members to be successful but she hoped it wouldn't be for a hefty price. "There are many great trainers around but Donovan and Scorpios usually are the main ones. I don't know if they are around right now, but I'll definitely introduce you to them. Where are you staying in the city?"

My stepfather kinda but my step-parents  got really funny   the minute I took an interest in a sport with a  little   violence  like I was  going to turn  into a mass murder by playing football  “ Oliver  looked up and down his  bow    and  to be honest I didn’t know my  dad  had a bow I found out that he did when Merlin said i chose a weapon  similar  my dads “ Oliver continued to follow  as he listened nodding “ I admit i am pleased I found you hope I can feel complete now  knowing  who I truly am “

Oliver took an arrow from his quiver as he felt  the arrow “ I was kinda at the college campus but I need to find a new place  and a job” he looked to Valeria “I would be grateful if you could as I don’t know much about using the runes and fighting apart from what I’ve been practising since I got the bow  but I think the  first lesson for me is  to learn how to  cast runes “ Oliver   quickly latched an arrow to his bow pulling it quickly  and firing  2 consecutive arrows   hearing two solid thuds  as he turned his head he  saw  his arrows  had hit a training dummy   just under where a human heart would be  he sighed as  he relaxed seeing no one was near and no one would be mad  “ but thank you for accepting me    im willing to learn everything I need to honour  my dad and  the Dhampirs” he blushed a little as his mind  thought “   way to samurai movie there   ollie “ 

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