Being the aspect of life was something Deus was sure he would never get use too, feeling every plant and being that was alive. How could one get use to that? It had its ups and downs. There were days he had to set his staff aside to cut the tie but each time he did it comes with a down side. Picking the staff back up meant he was hit with feeling of all living beings once again. Leading him to stop putting it aside more and more. He just chose to cast magic on it making it into a necklace that would hang around his neck. It was the easiest way to keep it close without flashing it around.

Since siblings had spent the last few years settling in to Evermore they had all seem to find their own hobbies; Cora stalked a Celestial name Rashesh she thought she was keeping hidden, Argent volunteered at a hospital and there was Deus. Deus actually had many interests in life yet being in his garden lately was beginning to cause tension for the aspect. There was a strange darkness in the air lately, which made the aspect uneasy though he couldn’t place his feelings on it. 

So one day he found himself wandering the city in looks for something to keep his overthinking brain at bay when he found himself pausing outside of a veterinary clinic. He touched his hands in his pockets as he wondered in looking at the beautiful animals who where there for one thing or another. It was when he stood in front of a large great dane that was whimpering next to his owner did it dawn on him that humans couldn’t get answers right away from the source of what was wrong. Deus had a huge fear in that moment as his eyes darted around the room. 

He couldn’t let the Great Dane die in front of him. He moved to the vet that was calling in the next patient explain that the Great Dane had eaten a rather poisonous berries and need to be seen right away. The vet gave Deus a strange look as if asking how he knew that and with a sigh he explained that he was an Animal whisperer. It was something he saw on TV once when he was killing time. The vet told him she didn’t believe in that kind of thing but after a little more convincing she took the great dane back and looked at him. The vet ran out expressing how sorry she was for doubting him and offered him a job in the building.

Deus was reluctant to accept yet his siblings had found a life outside of being Aspects so maybe he should too.  So he agreed to take the job mainly because he hated seeing the Animals suffering with no voice. He became their voice. That night had been like any other, yet there was a swift shift in the air that caused the Aspect to pause as he reached to lock the door for the evening. That was when a woman appeared in the doorway covered in blood. A mound of towels in her arms. He pulled open the door and looked over the visible shaken woman. “Are you okay?” his voice had a soothing effect over most mortals.

“She came out of nowhere.” the woman sobbed out as she looked to the towels. “I didn’t have time to get out of the way.”

“Its okay.” Deus said as he took the mound in his own arms and moved to the floor with it. He slowly pulled back the towel on top that was covering what he thought was a dog until he finally saw the wolf in full view. Not just a wolf though, A lycan. It was the full moon that night but the therians tended to stick to the woods. “Ma’am this is a wolf a wild animal. I will patch her up and get it to safety. Don’t worry about her. She is in the best hands.” He gave her a smile and after a little more convincing he manage to get her to leave. Locking the door, he looked back to the therian. “Alright little pup lets get you fixed up so when you wake, you are not in too much pain.”

He moved back over picking her up off the ground and moving towards the exam room and placed her on the table. Resetting her bones before he sighed, placing his hand on her and began to heal her feeling his own bones breaking in her place. Taking on the wounds as his own he stumbled back into the chair. Leaning his head back panting out as his body worked to heal him. He knew better than to heal so much at once but Deus couldn’t watch the wolf in pain. He closed his eyes letting out a grounding breath before forcing himself to his feet. Now all that was left to wait. He got a rag and worked on trying to clean the blood out of her fur. She looked like she stayed in her wolf for, longer then the full moon time. He let out a slight hum as he was deep in thought.

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It bamboozled her frequently how quickly the next full moon came round, it felt like it came round within a blink of an eye; and it was very well known to those that are close to her, how much it scared her at times when she shifted into her wolf form. However, what wasn’t known, was why she was afraid of the shift - people were often confused because she did love the feeling of becoming the four legged creature; there truly is no better feeling than being able to run through the forest, to be able to sniff out different scents which lingered in the air but more importantly, the feeling of empowerment that the wolf gave her. Yet, where there were upsides, there were certainly downsides to this - in the decade before she found herself in Evermore city, she spent her banishment in the woodlands, alone; thus, to keep her own humane demons at bay, she often found herself shifting into her wolf form. These shifts could last anywhere from an hour or two, to a day, to a month and at times, even a year or so; yet because of these often changes, her wolf became stronger and it became apparent that shifting back to human became to her as a difficulty. Therefore, after the last shift where she was unable to change back, this upcoming Full Moon in particular was stirring up her anxieties. 

As per, Riley said her goodbyes to Kaelyn a few hours before the sun began to set and made her way to her abandoned cabin which was her sanctuary throughout her banishment; things had remained the same, and most people if they looked at the cabin itself, would not want to touch it with a stick - she could even remember Kaelyn’s utmost disgust at the place. Time seemed to pass by extremely quickly and Riley soon found herself sitting outside beneath a cloudless sky, peering upward at the twinkling stars and the proud moon; she often found comfort that there were other wolves that were going through the same, maybe even worse situation as herself. Eventually, her bones began to crack and pain soared through her body as it morphed to make room for the wolf; each shift was getting slightly easier, but she often thanked her lucky stars that she had a high pain threshold. The moment Riley had completed her shift, she quickly threw her head backward and howled at the empowering moon. 

The night truly seemed like any other full moon evening, where she found herself exploring the woodland, hunting her favourite prey and frollicking in the water beds which were hidden within the trees; however, this time round she found herself feeling valiant and therefore, began wandering towards civilisation - yet the moment her paws hit the concrete of the road, she soon found herself regretting this very brave but idiotic move. Before she truly had time to process the lights before her, she was soon welcomed with an overwhelming sensation of pain and darkness welcomed her like an old friend. Riley despite wanting to resist the darkness, could not help herself and began to get comfortable in its presence and accompanying pain. Time had passed, which made her more reluctant to accept the light which tried to entice her forwards, yet the very weak human voice within her begged and persuaded the wolf to go towards it and come to terms with the pain in which she felt; saying that, she knew the pain and simmered some, the reason for that, she was unsure. 

Eventually, as the light soon began to filter through her wide white eyes, she let out a whine and huff; her chest rising and falling almost dramatically. The grey wolf slowly began to try and get up, just winced as her bones still had not set properly for her to run off once she clocked on she was inside a building and not in her sanctuary of the woodland. Panic set in, and as she looked around, she soon came across a man sat rather contently, albeit wearily on the chair across the room which automatically made her show her canines, a low growl rumbling within the depths of her chest. 

Deus rested there for a while his eyes half closed as he tried to stay awake while his body was healing from taking on the worst of her injuries. The only downside for Virindeus is the fact he couldn’t heal someone completely, without doing long term damage to himself. He shifted on the chair looking to the time when he felt the panic coming from the wolf. His gaze moved over towards her as she tried to get up snarling at her. He took in her canines and the low growl that was coming from her. Deus stood up letting his eyes turn green as a way to tell her I am not human.

“Calm down child.” his lips moved to letting his brain connect with hers as a way to see what she was thinking. “You were hit by a car, I took on most of your injuries but your brakes are still trying to finish healing.” He held his hands up so she could see them as he moved closer to her. He was sure she could smell he wasn’t like anything she had smelled before. “My name is Virindeus Ailward, I am from a group of people that are meant to keep everyone safe. I am the aspect of Life.” He introduced herself.

He reached his hand out waiting for her to bite it, knowing it would hurt like a bitch if she did. Unlike many of the aspects he was human before accepting his place among the Ailward Aspects, so he didn’t have a tragic tale of turning into another species. “I need you to lay still for a little while longer then I will take you to the woods and stay with you till you shift back and try and make sure in your human form nothing has healed incorrectly.” He said as his eyes still where glowing green. “Please let me help you.”

The wolf didn’t like this one bit, it felt weird but more importantly, it felt unnatural to be inside a confined room in this form; she felt trapped and caged in which only sent her on high alert and ready to attack anyone that tried to reach her. Thus, when she saw the man sitting silently across the room, her immediate thought that he was a hunter, perhaps one of the hunters her Brother had hired; and he was going to have his wicked way with her - possibly use her as some weird experiment. Her white gaze roamed across the room which confirmed her latter thought - there were too many medical instruments for her liking; the clumsy wolf attempted to stand but wobbled on the table she was set upon, which ultimately pushed some tools off and onto the ground which certainly woke the man up in front of her. Shit. She hissed, naturally going into defence mode to prevent any form of attack on her, her lips pulled back and a snarl escaped her; so much so salvia began to drip slowly from her mouth.

Upon seeing his eyes flash green the way they did, she backed up a little; at least as much as she could before she too would fall off the table; of course, she was so distracted from the vibrant emeralds which sat within his eye sockets, the snarl soon simmered down, but nevertheless, she remained on high alert as he spoke to her. Her head tilted as he spoke, being in wolf form and having a human speak to her was something she had yet to get used to; it wasn’t until recently she really had to learn it and even then it was a rare occasion  for anyone to see her wolf. Naturally, she lifted her head and let her nostrils twitch as they took in the many scents in the room when it was clear that he was no immediate threat to her just yet; there were so many, so many scents in the room, all very familiar - but his? What the fuck was he? 

Riley stood back up right as she got confident on the table, albeit weakly and glanced behind him at the closed door and huffed to herself; she was weak, she could feel it and running into the door to take it down didn’t seem to be the most practical move. Upon sensing his hand reaching out to her, her ears fell backward and her jaw snapped at him but being more human, she intended to miss; she was not the wolf she was where she would hurt for the sake of it. She watched him pull his hand back sharply, before she dropped back down onto the table and huffed; the sun would rise soon - and she needed to be back in the woods before that happened. 

Panic was at an all time high in the room, she was scared and he could tell in her jumbled thoughts. He tried his best to calm her down without using his powers on her. Even though his staff was shaped into a ring that wrapped around his hand having him connect with it. Yet he tried not to use his ability to make living things obey to him unless it was a last stitch effort. He reached out to the young would to run a gentle hand over her and yanket it back as she snapped at him. He huffed out slightly and looked to her. That was when he gave up talking in his voice and used his power to talk in wolf in her head. ‘Listen, I know you are scared but all I want to do is help. If you let me help you, I will show you who I am.’ his eyes hung emerald green on her before looking to the door once more knowing the sun was going to rise in just a few hours. If she wasn’t back in the woods he wasn’t sure what he could be dealing with.

“I hope you can forgive me for this.” He said and then used his ability to make any living creatures obey him upon her. “You will let me pick you up you in my car and back to the woods.” He waited for her to fall in a trance like state then he checked her wrappings once more to make sure she was in the final stages of healing before he picked her up in his large arms cradling her with all the care in the world as he exited the building. Locking the door and then moved to his jeep. He opened to a small bed of it placing her in the uncovered back truck before closing the tailgate and moving around climbing in and began to drive. Not towards the Ailward Manor and he was sure that Iris would be nagging him when he returned. Reaching down he made sure his phone was off so not to be bugged with her calls. Looking in the rearview mirror to look to the wolf every few seconds.

He pulled down a path that led to the Therian woods and once deep enough he parked the keep off the side of the road and walked around picking up her out of the bed and moved deeper into the woods picking up a spare shirt of his that rested in his back seats. Once he was sure he was deep enough the animals confirming there was no humans around or anything else. He lowered her to the ground and moved back slightly. He kept his eyes locked on her until he felt the warmth of the sun on his face. He moved closer to check her wrapping confirming that she healed nicely before undoing them and let her mind go. Standing up and turning his back so when she turned back into her human form he didn’t see her naked.

The distant voice in her head was not one that she was familiar with, of course, she was never used to anyone in her head besides herself; the one and only time someone else was in there was Orion, when they were both stuck in their animal form without any means of returning to their human bodies. She recalled that time and how strange it felt to have another speaking inside her; and as this other male was doing the same, a growl rumbled albeit quickly within her ribcage - it simply reminded her of how she was not a fan of this power and possibly would be the only reason why she would refuse to join a pack. However, she did not try and fight the male in her head - not because she didn’t want to, but because she simply did not have the strength to take him down; plus, she had no idea as to who or what he was - even Riley wasn’t that foolish. 

An ear twitched in confusion at his words and before she could register her next moves, it felt as if her body was refusing her orders but following his own; it started at her muscles which began to fall asleep upon her, they grew tired and eventually, the sensation worked its way up her body. Riley’s white eyes glanced up at him, and the last thing she saw was how his green hue’s grew in vibrancy as he moved towards her; but the darkness was ever so welcoming and she perhaps was grateful for the rest as it was no lie that she could still feel the pain from whatever accident or mess that she found herself in. Light snores escaped her as he carried her from the table and into the back of his truck; she could just about feel the movement of the car, but in all honesty, it was rather relaxing and even when in human form - car journeys always made her sleepy. 

The warmth of the sun began to wash over her lycan form and the heat stirred her from her peaceful slumber, and soon enough it triggered the wolf to go back into hiding, and to let her human form out. Riley squeezed her eyes shut for a moment, the sun was just too bright to let in all at once and soon enough she rolled over and sat up right. “Oww” She groaned and allowed her fingers to run through her wild locks before she took in her surroundings - only to find a male standing before her. At first, she was ready to attack but if he was a threat, he would be watching her naked self, rather than saving her dignity; she found the spare shirt beside her and shrugged into it. “I assume this shirt is yours?" Riley queried as she stood, the shirt being more of a dress on her. Her jaw clenched for a moment, glancing down at the many bruises which painted her legs. “I take it, I didn’t just run into trees last night, fuck sake” She mumbled to herself. 

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