Late at night was the time when your mind was filled with different things that keep you awake, when you can;t sleep. Thinking about everything and everyone. That your mind can’t shut down for rest. Normally it had to do with work relating things but tonight was about something else. Umming and ahhing. Thinking about it back to the other day when Illiana brought it up. Whether or not it was the right time, right decision. Of course he knew it was the right decision for them but what would others think. He knew he made his mind up wanting to let Illiana know now about it. Draco turned on his side to face Illiana whose back was turned facing him, he gently tapped her shoulders. “Illiana are you awake?” He asked wondering as he tried waking her gently. Hoping she was half awake since he knew she wasn’t a deep sleeper like he was. After hearing she was up he wanted to let her know what he was waking her for. “Let’s do it, let’s get hitched!” He proclaimed with a smile on his face as he was gazing at her, he couldn't wait to see her reaction. Knowing it was something she was wanting and suggested him a few days back but he was torn on it.

Draco knew that he wanted to marry Illiana, they were madly in love. He was just thinking was it the right time for it, as they both have lot of work commitments on their shoulders most of the time. Would he be given the time off work? Would she? What would their family think if they ran off and got married without telling anyone? Draco knew that Illiana wanted a whole fairy book wedding. To spend months or years planning it all for it to happen, but looking at reality it weren’t possible. His family weren’t in the country let alone city, her parents were away. It’ll take a lot of planning to get them all together. Draco knew that Illaian’s been to busy to plan anything for the wedding, each day she had spare to sit down and make some planning she’s then sidetracked to something else. On the other hand eloping was more easier and quicker. Spontaneous. Something that they both were. To live in the moment. Rather than in the past. Why wait any longer. No planning, no preparation just for them to get in the car and see where it takes them.

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Ever since the pair had gotten engaged, there had been brief plans made about their future wedding but in recent months, the planning had all but ceased as both of their work lives got busier. It had only been days before when Illiana had suggested getting eloped instead of planning a big wedding. The blonde knew that Draco was aware that she wanted an elaborately planned wedding for all of their family to be at but that idea was becoming less and less of a possibility. With the d'Fierro's and Phoenix's out of the city as well as the Dimitreu-Ivakov clan busy on Guard business, the idea of getting 'hitched' as they called it just kept becoming more and more appealing to the Nephilim. She hadn't gotten an answer from Draco that day, it was something they both needed to think about whether it was the best solution from them and whilst they did have all the time in the world, Illiana didn't want to wait. She was with the love of her life and in that moment, she didn't care about a big wedding with all of their family. Illiana had everything she needed in Draco, he was her family and she wanted to make it official. 

Feeling Draco gently tapping her shoulders to see if she was awake, Illiana blinked her eyes a few times to adjust to the darkness of the room, knowing it must have been early hours of the morning. Turning to face him, Illi smiled sleepily at her fiancee as she gazed at him. He looked like he hadn't slept at all, like he'd been too busy thinking. "I'm awake..." She murmured, reaching forward and entwining her fingers into his where his hand laid on the bed. "What's wrong?" The Nephilim asked quietly, watching him with curiosity as to why he was still awake. At his statement of agreeing they should get hitched, a wide smile broke out onto Illi's face before she pushed herself forward and planted a soft kiss onto Draco's lips. "Are you sure? I mean, this is only one option out of many that we can take." The blonde spoke, watching him with a smile, knowing that he had fully made his mind up. It was time to live in the moment and this decision, was them living in the moment.

It’s now or never. To stop putting it off and go for it. Draco couldn’t wait for Illiana to be his wife and he knew that she couldn’t wait for him to be his husband. Remembering back to when he had proposed to her a year back, seeing the wide smile on her face. How it lit up as he surprised her, he couldn’t wait to do it again. He could see what she was a bit confused at first why he was waking her at this time but Draco knew he couldn’t wait any longer. No matter the time or day. “Nothing's wrong Mi Amor” He reassured her softly slipping back into his native tone for a moment by habit. Tending to speak Italian to her when he was calling her love or beautiful, something he’d always done and always will. After telling her that he wanted for them to get ‘hitched’ he watched as her face lit up and a wide smile appeared on her lips just like when he proposed. “I thought you would” He grinned as he kissed her back softly continuing to gaze upon her. “Why not? We keep putting off the date for work and stuff but all that matters us the two of us and how much we love each other” He explained answering her letting her not worry about all the problems and look for the positives. “So let's not waste any time, let’s go somewhere other than in this city” Sounding a little bit eager but he was excited too. Not wanting to get married in the city, since someone was bound to find out of they were to get married. News would spread that the Aliward Guard Ambassador and the d’Fierro Phoenix was to be married in the city. Knowing on Illiana she would already put a little thought in the whole eloping idea for what, where and how they could do it.

They were both ready for what marriage meant and the longer they kept moving the date forward due to work, then the more the wedding was bound to not happen for the next few years. This is what they both wanted. With his reassurance that there was nothing wrong, Illiana smiled as his natural accent slipped through in his speech when he spoke to her in Italian. She loved it. "Okay, I just wanted to make sure." She spoke, looking up at him, her smile widening. His agreement to get hitched was enough to fully wake her up from her sleepiness, the excitement settling in as it all dawned on her. There wasn't much for them to do now, there was no worry about making guests happy and making sure everything was properly done. All they needed now, was themselves, the rings and something to wear at the alter. "I just want to make sure that this is what you want, my love. But you are right, at this rate, we won't be getting married for another five years." She joked, grinning at him before nodding her head. "Let's do this then. Let's get hitched." Illiana stated, them both agreeing to it as she looked up at him. His suggestion of going somewhere else over than Evermore City put a smirk on Illi's face. She already had an idea in mind, one she knew he would love just as much as she did. "I agree, one hundred percent. If we are going to do this, we need to do it properly. No one knows, we go somewhere else. Besides, I think we could use a little break right about now. This just fits in perfectly." She stated, the excitement building up as she gazed at Draco. "I have the perfect place in mind too..." Illiana whispered, smiling at him. "How does Rome sound?"

This was something they both wanted. To do it now rather than keep putting it off, something they’d been doing for a while but now knew where their heads were at. “It’s what I want as well” He smiled reasureding her knowing that she would always like to double check first before going through anything. Already about to tell she was equally or more excited than he was. Seeing as she was now wide awake from being woken up moments ago. “I’ve been thinking it over but now I’ve made my mind up” Taking a few days to give her an answer but the wait was for the better. “Just me and you, that’s all that matters” To speak the vows, to be wed to each other. To death do they part. Nothing and nobody else mattered. “Agreed” He chuckled agreeing with her. Evermore city was able to drive you crazy from time to time, to be free of it you need to get away for a little. Luckily Draco had some spare days to use up from work, so it was no problem for him to get the time off so they could go and get married. It would be the same for Illiana. Nothing tying them down, making it easier. Growing ever more curious to hear what place she had thought of, hearing it made a smile appear on his lips. “That sounds perfect” He proposed leaning in to kiss her on the lips softly before wrapping his arms around her so they could have  couple. Rome his native country. The place where he grew up and loved. Draco hadn’t been back there since he fled after his mother’s and clans murder but it still held a big part of his heart. It was the perfect place for them to get married to start the rest of their lives together at.

This way, everything would be perfect for them. They won't have all the worries of a big wedding and they can focus on what the want to do. The more the Nephilim thought about it, the more it excited her. "Great! That's settled then, we're officially eloping." Illiana stated, a grin growing across her features as she watched her fiancee. They knew this was the right decision for them and honestly, right then and there, Illiana couldn't care less about what her family's reaction would be about her sudden elopement. That would be a problem for another day, once they eventually found out about the event that would be happening. It hadn't bothered Illiana in the slightest that he had wanted to take a few days to think the idea over, it was one that needed to be thought about seriously but she was glad he had agreed to the plan. "Just me and you." Illi repeated softly, smiling at Draco. Their plan was set then. It was more than they had been done since they first got engaged but finally it was going to happen. They were going to get married. In Italy. It couldn't have sounded more perfect to the Nephilim. "As long as I have you by my side, then everything is perfect." She spoke, chuckling at her own cheesiness before kissing him back softly and then cuddling into him. Illi knew how much his home meant to him and how he had been meaning to go back, now was their chance. It would be the beginning of their lives together.

No time like the present, time to go and get eloped. Wanting it to be today, no time waiting around anymore. “Yes! He smiled before kissing her once more. After they get back they can sort out telling their family and friends that they decided to go and get married somewhere without telling them. More so for Illiana’s family whilst he knew his family would be okay with it. Knowing that they’d been waiting a long while to get married. Since his aunt and uncle got engaged in Vegas it was kind of tradition in their family not to do anything the traditional way. Being spontaneous instead of the normal. “At least you’ll save a lot of money on not buying a dress, suits and all the other things that go with it” He joked whilst saying half the truth but he knew it all didn’t matter for her. Just that it was the two of them, no one else or nothing else matters. “What about Winston? Isn’t he the ring bearer” Draco pointed out looking over to the sleeping pup that was at the end of the bed in the middle. Winston was the first thing they bought as a couple. He was a needy dog who always wanted their attention, to go everywhere they go.

Now that they had decided to go through with their crazy spontaneous idea, there was no way they would be able to wait a few days to sort things out. It was going to have to be and there and now kind of thing. Pack a bag with the necessities they definitely needed and then they'd probably be off to Italy. Just go with the flow, live in the here and now instead of worrying about the future possibilities. "I simply cannot wait to be married to you, Draco d'Fierro." She murmured with a smile, pressing a kiss to his cheek. Hearing his joke, Illi laughed softly before turning to him with a raised brow before smirking. "Who's saying I don't already have a dress?" The Nephilim questioned, grinning. The dress was pretty much the first thing she had bought before she even thought about anything else, just like any other typical female. The dress had to be perfect no matter what. At the mention of their little dog, Illiana glanced down to the end of the bed where the dog was laid between them. "We both know very well that Winston doesn't go anywhere without one of us, so it's as simple as that, he'll come with us." Illiana decided, nodding her head with the decision as she looked back to her fiancee, soon to be husband. 

Having no time to plan or pack from a list they just had to grab all that they needed. The essentials and their passports to help get them out of the country. Since neither of them wanted or could fly all the way to Rome. Flying for a long length of time made Draco very tired since he;s wings weren’t strong enough and weren’t used to it. “I can’t wait to call you Mrs d’Fierro” He winked to her with a smile on his face feeling as she kissed him on the keep. “Well you can bring that then, I’m sure I got a tux somewhere” His aunt always tried to make him look smart and well dressed for different occasions. Having many suits he never wears but one of them will make do for today. “He’s glued to our hip” Draco laughed shaking his head looking back to the sleeping pup. Knowing it’ll be more hassle but they were used to having to bring Winston. “So what's the plan? Should I get dressed and get winston and the car all ready and you can pack everything to make sure we don’t forget anything” He knew he couldn’t be relied on packing as he was bound to forget something. As for the flight tickets and everything on the way to the airport. To save time and hassle since it’s all gotta be spontaneous no planning needed.

Illiana found it more intriguing to just pack a bag and then be on their way instead of planning it all out to make sure they had everything. It just added to the fun, the excitement of the sudden trip to get married. The more the idea settled in, the more excited she got. She already knew they would have to get a plane, there was no way they would be flying all the way to Rome. His words put a smile on her face as she gazed up at him. "Illiana d'Fierro...has quite a nice ring to it. Definitely won't be hyphenating my name like my mum did, Dimitreu-d'Fierro is just way too long for me." She giggled softly before slowly sitting up and looking down to Draco. "Great, that's one part sorted then!" Illi exclaimed, nodding her head as she looked down to the dog at the end of the bed. It was a pain sometimes having to take him everywhere with them but she loved the small dog nonetheless. At Draco's suggestion, Illiana nodded her head again as she looked to him. "Sounds like a plan, that way I can make sure we have everything we need for the trip and our little wedding." She agreed, pushing herself up from the bed before looking to Draco with a grin. "Better get a move on, Mr d'Fierro, there's no time to waste!"

It didn’t matter for them that it was early hours of the morning, both of them were wide awake now. Hyped up with excitement so to say, as today's the day. Just pack a bag and go. Simple. He knew that later on Illiana would text her aunt to tell her that they’ve gone away for a few days. So they knew their pets would be cared for, something they did on a few occasions. Whilst leaving out the whole running off to get eloped secret of course. “Yeah that is a moutfull” He added agreeing with her watching as Illiana was quite energetic so to say, she was on her feet and ready to rush pack. Whilst he was still in bed. “I’m coming, I’m coming” Getting to his feet and walked over to his dresser picking out a pair black jeans, and a black top changing into it. His usual day to day outfit when he wasn’t at work. Draco walked back over to his bedside table taking out a ring box which inside held the wedding rings he bought a while back. The first and only thing he bought for the wedding, since he weren’t very prepared. “Here’s my rings I bought, but no peeking” He warned smirking a little bit knowing what Illiana was like before handing her the rings.  Draco looked to Winston fast asleep on the end of the bed sighing almost as he walked over to the pup. “Come on Win, we’re going on an adventure” He told the sleeping pup as he picked him up carrying him away. Almost mumbling to himself that he swear that Winston was getting heavier each time he picked him up. Taking the pup downstairs so that Illiana can get ready and packed. Grabbing his phone, car keys, a few essentials for winston like a lead, poo bags, food and little water. Making his way out to the car hoping not to wake any of the dogs or cats up. Walking out to the car he unlocked it opening the door and putting winston in the bag eat hooked in with his own seat belt in his dog bed they had for him. Placing the bits and bobs on the next seat. Choosing to stand outside waiting for Illiana, leaning against his car.

That was it now, Illiana was ready and on the move since they decided this was it. They were going to get married, today, in Italy. There was no waiting around, it was just going to be go go go until it was done. Or rather, until they reached the airport and were on a plane. That was when Illiana would relax, knowing they were together and there was nothing standing in their way. "That's what I thought, so Mrs d'Fierro it shall be." She winked at him, grinning as she began moving around the room whilst he got up from the bed. First she grabbed the suitcase from their closet, opening it up on the floor before she began piling different clothes inside for them both for their little trip. Going back and forth from their closets to the case, Illiana stopped when she looked to Draco who was holding out a ring box to her. Raising an eyebrow, she smirked at him before taking it. "No peeking, I promise." She agreed, smiling as she put the ring box in a separate compartment of the suitcase. Changing her clothes into a pair of dark blue jeans and a light grey top, Illiana grabbed everything else they'd need before heading into her closet where her dress was in a dress bag, scooping it up and placing it on the bed before going through Draco's closet to find a decent suit. With passports and all other important things in her bag, Illi pulled the suitcases throughout the house until she was leaving through the front door, closing and locking it behind her before going over to the car. "Right I believe that is everything. Clothes in one case, dress and suit in the other. Passports, check. Money, bank cards, check." Nodding her head, the Nephilim looked to the Phoenix and grinned. This was really happening.

It was better to leave Illiana to do all the important bits. Knowing on him he was bound to forget something important behind. Like the passports or rings behind. That would be bad. So leaving it to Illiana was a better idea. “Yes” He winked back to her grinning as well. Watching as she began to run around the room packing things into suitcases. A smile appeared on his lips watching her thinking that this time tomorrow they’d be Mr and Mrs. Having the rest of their lives together with each other. He knew what Illiana was liked she the type of person who would go looking for where the presents were hiding before christmas morning. To try to find and unwrap them to find out what was inside. So he needed to make sure that she wouldn’t take a peek at the rings before they would be walking down the alse. “Good” He replied as he walked out taking Winston with him out of the car. Draco waited for Illiana to come out knowing that she was probably making mental notes to make sure she had everything. Seeing as Illiana walked out with the suitcases, meeting her halfway to take the suitcases from her. “I got them love” He reassured taking them from her. “I think that’s all we need, I got Winston’s things” They had everything they needed, now it’s time to go to the airport. Draco opened the passenger door holding it open for Illiana, being a gentleman.

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