Late at night was the time when your mind was filled with different things that keep you awake, when you can;t sleep. Thinking about everything and everyone. That your mind can’t shut down for rest. Normally it had to do with work relating things but tonight was about something else. Umming and ahhing. Thinking about it back to the other day when Illiana brought it up. Whether or not it was the right time, right decision. Of course he knew it was the right decision for them but what would others think. He knew he made his mind up wanting to let Illiana know now about it. Draco turned on his side to face Illiana whose back was turned facing him, he gently tapped her shoulders. “Illiana are you awake?” He asked wondering as he tried waking her gently. Hoping she was half awake since he knew she wasn’t a deep sleeper like he was. After hearing she was up he wanted to let her know what he was waking her for. “Let’s do it, let’s get hitched!” He proclaimed with a smile on his face as he was gazing at her, he couldn't wait to see her reaction. Knowing it was something she was wanting and suggested him a few days back but he was torn on it.

Draco knew that he wanted to marry Illiana, they were madly in love. He was just thinking was it the right time for it, as they both have lot of work commitments on their shoulders most of the time. Would he be given the time off work? Would she? What would their family think if they ran off and got married without telling anyone? Draco knew that Illiana wanted a whole fairy book wedding. To spend months or years planning it all for it to happen, but looking at reality it weren’t possible. His family weren’t in the country let alone city, her parents were away. It’ll take a lot of planning to get them all together. Draco knew that Illaian’s been to busy to plan anything for the wedding, each day she had spare to sit down and make some planning she’s then sidetracked to something else. On the other hand eloping was more easier and quicker. Spontaneous. Something that they both were. To live in the moment. Rather than in the past. Why wait any longer. No planning, no preparation just for them to get in the car and see where it takes them.

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Shaking her head, she chuckled softly as she looked at him. "I suppose it did otherwise who knows where we'd be right about now." Illiana said, smiling as she held onto her mug of tea before taking a sip of the warm liquid. "Yeah, I think you have. You've found your place, a home, people who love you. Me." She grinned, looking up at him as she placed her mug down on the table. Love changes everybody in some way and it definitely did with them. "I'll ring up after breakfast to see if I can pull some strings and get fitted in for later this morning." The more they were there, the more realistic it became for her. This was actually happening, they were getting married in a few hours. They had the dress and suit, they had a location. It was all real and not some dream. Laughing at his question, the blonde shook her head as she looked over to Winston. "I think it'll be fine, as long as he makes it down the aisle with the rings." 

She was right if they never met both of their lives would be quite different, whilst Illiana would still be commander of the Aliward Guard. Whilst he’s would be more simpler. “I probably would still be munching off my aunt and sleeping on her couch or something” When first arriving to Evermore him and his cousin would spend most nights partying. Going and crashing different parties, having no problems or worries. Like most people their age whose family was rich so they had no responsibilities tying them down. It was all different now. He’s settled down with Illiana and was happy. “Will you Italian be okay enough to ring them up?” He put in knowing that places like those aren’t so familiar with the English language, but he knew Illiana’s italian was good too. Sometimes there was times she couldn’t understand him or vise versa. Draco was happy that they would be doing it soon, this morning would be better than they can spend the rest of the day celebrating with one and another. “You’ve been teaching him haven’t you?” Draco knew what Illiana was like, she was always spending ages trying to teach the dogs new tricks whilst he just sat on the couch watching TV with a cat curled up on his lap.

There were always those 'what if' questions that got everyone thinking about different their lives could be if one particular event never happened in their lives. For them, it was what if they had never met in that coffee shop? What they have met further on down the line? What they have met at all?  It was scary to think that one small event like that could change their lives completely and that made Illiana grateful for that day. The day they first met, sure it was a cliche coffee shop meeting but it set them up for the years that came. To where they were now. Chuckling at his comment, Illi shook her head at him before smiling. They had both changed so much since then, they had matured a lot. At his question, the Nephilim raised an eyebrow at him before smirking. "I knew Italian way before you did, mio amore. I just get confused sometimes with the old words and the new words." It had been apart of her training when she was younger to learn other languages and Italian had been one of them. In recent years, she began practising again to learn the new way things were said. "I should be fine. If not, I've got you to help me!" She grinned before nodding her head to his question. "It usually involves his favourite treats but I'm sure he got the hang of it."

“True” He answered knowing that it was part of Illiana’s job to be used to speaking different languages. It comes in handy when going undercover on missions in different countries. English was the only other language he had bothered on learning, the other ones just confused him. Not able to wrap his head around it, some of the times some english words sounded gibberish to him but sense to others. “Che tu faccia” He replied in Italian reassuring her almost. “No one he’s been putting on a few more pounds with you giving him all those treats” That and Winston doesn’t like to be walked. Preferring to be carried. Draco knew he was just been needy and lazy but french bulldogs always look a big pudgy to him. Finishing up the rest of his breakfast, it helped to fill up his empty stomach and sipping the rest of his coffee as well. 

There were many languages Illiana had learnt for her missions and with her frequent travelling back then, she always found it easy to pick up on new things when she got to all the different countries she was visiting. Now she didn't need all those languages as much, most countries spoke English alongside their native language but she always did find it better to speak their native language instead. Smiling as he replied in Italian, she nodded her head before she chuckled. "It was the only way he'd learn! He can go on a diet, lose a few pounds. Start walking more." Illiana suggested, laughing as she watched the small dog before finishing up her breakfast and pouring another mug of tea for herself. "That was some good food, definitely chose a good hotel." She nodded before taking a sip of her tea, placing the mug down before getting up from the chair. "I better ring Villa Lais, hopefully they can squeeze us in."

He was starting to see a connection between Illiana’s tricks of the trade how she’s able to make someone do something. Seeing how it’s all connected. “I see, he’s like his father. Able to do anything if in the end food is involved” He laughed pointing out the obvious. “But you know what he’s like, he’ll get far as the gate and won’t move anymore. In the end one of us has to pick him and carry him the rest of the way” Winston was the most awkward dog out of the lot, all the others would be far ahead on the walk whilst Winston would be kicking at his heels and far behind. “It was the taxi drivers choice” The hotel was already a bonus for their trip they still had the wedding coming up soon. “I’ll be watching some TV” For once he’ll be able to watch a program in his own language, able to understand it all not needing put on the subtitles that he sometimes had to do back home at times.

Her laughter rang out through the room at Draco's comment, shaking her head at him as she looked between him and the dog. "Okay, maybe that is true. Also absolutely hilarious, no wonder why he's like that, picked it up from you." She stated, laughing softly as she grinned. "And he wouldn't be like that if you didn't start picking him up! He's lazy so he's going to have to learn, otherwise what is the point of taking him for a walk if he doesn't even bother to walk?" Illi pointed out, raising an eyebrow in questioning at him before looking to Winston who was starting to waddle around the room in his funny little walk. "Taxi driver has good taste then." She grinned before nodding her head, stacking the empty plates together before piling them back on the service trolley in the room. "Okay, I'll get the details and ring now." She smiled, picking up her phone from the table before going over to the other side of the room, where it was more quieter to have a conversation over the phone. With the number ringing, Illiana waited for an answer before speaking in Italian. "Ciao!..." She started, speaking through the phone to the receptionist to organise for that day.

He was right in thinking it that Illiana treats him like a dog at times to trick him into doing something. “Should I be offended or see it as a compliment?” He marvlled a little shaking his seeing Illiana just laughing at him. “But how can I say no to him, you see his little puppy dog face he gives you” Draco tried to defend himself but knew he was just digging himself into a hole. Maybe when they get back he’ll look into taking Winston to a dog class in hope it’ll help with with trying to make Winston go for a proper walk instead of carrying him most of the way. Draco went to go over to the living room area of the hotel room sitting himself down on the couch before picking Winston who was trying to get up but was failing. Needing a helping hand. Listening to the tv he looked over to see Illiana who was making the phone call to the wedding place. Knowing it was better for Illiana to call and organise it all since she was better with all that. He would somehow end up messing something up or saying the wrong thing.

"Neither, love." The blonde spoke, chuckling softly as she grinned at the male whilst shaking her head lightly. She knew how it was with Winston, she was just as bad when it came to picking the dog up from the floor when he struggled walking during outings with the other animals. Also when it came to seeing his little puppy dog eyes wanting treats or more food. But she wasn't as bad as Draco was with him. "I know how hard it is, but he desperately needs to lose some weight otherwise he's only going to get worse." She pointed out, chuckling as she looked at Winston trying to jump up onto the couch with Draco, stifling her chuckles. "You poor dog." Illi murmured, before putting the phone to her ear and speaking to the receptionist for the Villa Lais. "So che è poco preavviso..." She spoke into the phone, working her way around the problems to be fit in for a reception that morning. Even if it meant paying more, the receptionist would eventually agree. 

It was a losing battle one they had to win with trying to get Winston to actually do something without trying to worm his way out of it. “I know, I know love” He answered sighing a little as he picked Winston up putting the little dog on his lap so they could both watch TV together. Whilst Illiana is making a phone call to hopefully get them a place. It was all last minute to book something like this. Both of them just had to cross their fingers and hope something could be worked out. That he knew Illiana was good at negating to get herself into different things that were often fully booked.

It was basically part of her job to negotiate things and over the years, she had gotten pretty good at it. Whilst on the phone to the receptionist, Illiana glanced over to Draco and Winston watching tv on the couch before going back to the conversation at hand. With it being so short notice, it wasn't going to be easy for them to squeeze in an extra reception for the two but Illiana persisted, chatting away with the woman at the other end of the phone trying to find a way around it. The Nephilim knew that in the end, she would win and they would have a spot, hopefully within the next few hours. And that was exactly what she got. The price was a little higher than usual seeing it was a last minute deal and they needed to gather the correct people, but they had the place. Now they just needed to get themselves there so they could say their 'I do's'. "Grazie! Ci vedremo presto!"  She spoke before hanging up the phone and turning to Draco. 

Draco was watching some random show he found when flicking through the channels before picking on. Not really bothered to focus on watching it he was more interested in trying to overhear on what was going on between Illiana phoning the receptionist. Hoping that it’ll all work in their favour since it’s all short notice and all. As most people unlike them plan these things far in advance. Whilst for them it’s all splur in the moment, going to get eloped. Not telling any of their family or friends just keeping it between the two of them. Making it even the more romantic. Draco looked to see that Illiana had ended the phone call turning the tv onto mute he turned to her. Eager to find out if she managed to do it or not. “Sooo, did we get a spot or?” He wondered curiously feeling a little bit nervous almost with anticipation.

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