Missions. Ever since working for the F.B.I. Marcos had been named one of the best in the force. The Nephilim had high intellect and even hacking skills; he picked up from his mentor back in France. And more often than not; those skills came in handy, especially when working on top secret cases. So, when anything new came at his hands. He did not hesitate to jump on the task. Whether the situation was dangerous or not. Marcos had been dedicated. Finding, that fighting crime and solving mysteries with the F.B.I was still helping him repent for his rebellious teenage years; where he made mistakes. But this upcoming mission, would challenge him in unexpected ways.

That morning; his boss had entered his office. Casually tossing a file onto his desk, right under his nose. Glancing down at the file in front of him, it read: Fleur Aarden. The Nephilim’s brows furrowed at the name on the file. He had no idea why his boss decided to dig up an old profile. “What’s the meaning of the old file?” He questioned, as respectfully as possible. “Isn’t the girl clean?” When browsing old files; Marcos had stumbled upon that particular file. Taking a few glances at it. So he knew a little bit about the girls’ past and why she had been in trouble with the law. But if someone had asked him to repeat it word for word; he wouldn’t remember all the details.

“She might be clean, but we all know; that relapses happen.” His boss stated. “I want you to keep an eye on her. Make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid...or falls of the rails again. How you want to go about keeping an eye on her, is up to you.” His boss seemed to be giving him free reign on how to go about this particular mission. But one thing was clear. This would need some one to one contact, with the girl. 

For a few moments, the Nephilim had been left stunned by the entire ordeal.  “Is that a problem? If so, I can assign this to someone else.” His boss added. Looking at the male Nephilim with a questioning look.

“No need. I can do this.” He assured his boss. Since this was seemingly a big deal. Marcos couldn’t mess it up. But he had always taken his career seriously. So there was no possible chance of that happening, luckily.

“Don’t disappoint me Moretti, I am relying on you.” Those were the last words, Marco took note off; before his boss left his office. Leaving him alone, with the file and the deliberation of his next move.

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For the last few years she was trying to get her life back on track. Well trying was the word. With how she’s not really got anywhere just cutting ties with her old like and the life of crime was far as she’s gotten. Being disowned by her parents and family too. Finding herself all alone but that never mattered much to her with how they were never around or noticed her anyways. Cutting them out of her life was an easiest and decision that she’s ever made. Wanting to cut all of the bad things out of her life and that's what she’s done since leaving the gang. Truthfully she did miss it all, her old life in Amsterdam the once places she’s been accepted, wanted. It was and always will be her home Her happy place even if at the moment she couldn't go back there. Still she’d considered it home. Like many other people in the world who had to leave their old city, country to escape to a better place. Looking for their salvation. She was feeling that she was still looking for her purpose never properly having one. Only having in the past falling into the roots of people around her even if they weren't the right ones. Forever feeling that her past was still forever following her around in her immortal years, trying to prove herself. 

Fleur thought made settling down in a place where there were people like her. Supetntuals who were still trying to find their purpose and to find themselves. A reason why she chose this city from all the other places. Even if she was still learning the language and the way things worked. Finding she weren’t all alone with many people like her all around just she needed to find where she fits in. Thinking the best place to start was at the Dojo in the Dhampir Territory where she’s spending the last few weeks training by herself mainly, her next step was to work on speaking to other Dhampir’s. With only knowing Nora who was helping her with her training as she was using the wrong techniques apparently. Fleur knew she needed to try to find a new job soon, the next thing on her list of getting her life back on track She just needed to figure out what she good at so far. She’s been doing some internship work at the police station helping with the polygraphing work but finding that was not for her. It all made her uneasy being all around cops the opposite of what she should do. 

Today she wanted to pick up a few books on the library ones that were both in English then in dutch. Thinking that she’ll get better at her english skills if she understands the language of the place where she lives better. Preferring to learn it all herself instead of having help from others rather to be singled out. Fleur liked to have routine with going to the Dojo each morning for an hour or two. The first hour she would spend would be running on the treadmill or on the exercise machines then the next hour would be practising on her Dhampir Skills. After she’ll go back to the apartment have a showe and get changed before heading to the library or coffee shop. Very mundane things for a person who doesn’t have a job to do. So here she was arriving at the book shop, looking for the books she wanted. Taking a pile of them to one of the spare tables making her own little set up for the next few hours. Having books scattered around her along with her notepad for notes or inspiration for something she’s been working on the last few weeks. Ready to spend the next few hours wrapped up in the bubble that everyone finds themselves in.

The Nephilim sure had been put in a slightly awkward and risky situation. He had been used to tailing and following those that were still in trouble with the law. Not someone, whom had been clean and in recovery so to speak. But a small part of him could understand, that his boss might be worried about her relapsing; and getting back on the wrong side of things. Hence, why he was given this task. The male, spent a while in his office; re-reading Fleur’s file. Familiarising himself, with the information that was on there. Soaking up the information, so it could stay imprinted on his mind. The refresher of the information was probably needed. Judging from the file, it seemed like one of the cops had let Fleur go, giving her a chance to better herself. Coming from a similar background himself, he knew second chances were rare and important. To this day, he was still thankful, he changed his own ways for the better.

Since Fleur had been in the city, her file had a list of places she was likely to spend her time at. Someone had dug pretty deep, it seems. Opening up, his desk draw. Marcos took out his pen and paper; writing down the addresses on it for safekeeping. Before tucking away the file safely. Gathering his things from his office. The Nephilim headed out of the large building and towards his car. Punching in one of the addresses, into the sat nav. The Nephilim was soon heading towards the book shop, that Fleur liked to go to.

With it being around mid morning, the traffic in the centre was quite busy as usual. As he was driving towards the shop. His own car blended into the ordinary cars in traffic. He was sure, he spotted the female Dhampir from his car window, as he was nearing the neighborhood. Once he arrived near the shop, he parked his car. Turning off the sat-nav and hiding the list of address, in the glove compartment, under a pile of maps and car manuals. It had been a few moments, since Fleur had gotten herself comfortable in the book shop. As he exited his car. He looked casual, like your everyday person that was about to browse a book shop.Walking inside. Marco walked around, pretending to be looking through the books on the shelves; whilst seeing where-abouts Fleur was sitting.

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