Everyday Ilyas was growing a little more comfortable with how modern day worked, he still wasn’t a fan of it but he could not deny the growing appreciation on how far life had got since he last lived in a society with other people; yet this did not mean he didn’t miss the life he had within the depths of the forest. However, as the days went on, he began to rethink of the reasons as to why he missed the forest life and slowly, he came to realisation it was the people he missed and not that lifestyle; the one thing that he did miss, was the act of building and using brute strength rather than using the new utensils that they used today. Therefore, with that in mind, he made a mental note that he would speak with Anivia to see if he could start building work on a plot of land within the mountains ready for when he managed to get his family safely from the forest to Evermore City; which he hoped would be soon, as each day passed, the more likely they could have been found by Kadri and his own crew. His family occupied his mind constantly, especially when he noted the relationships others had within in the city - he still very much felt like an outsider which a rather noticeable language barrier; of course, Valeria and Anivia was introducing him to others, but Ilyas knew he was not the most approachable of men.

Therefore, when both of the women in his life were busy with their Ambassador roles, Ilyas frequently found himself in a building which he regarded as the love of his life and the only thing that had not really changed much over the centuries; the bar. If allowed, he would even take Memphis with him to have some company, she was the only one that sometimes truly understood him; yet tonight, he knew he would have to go alone, both Val and Memphis were attending a party at the Dojo for welcoming new Dhampirs to the faction and community - at least he knew he was no longer the newbie in the City. Since he arrived over a month ago, Ilyas had always ended up in the same bar, yet this evening he decided he wanted to see a little more of the City, particularly in the night time; the modern day city intrigued him but not enough for him to ever want to live in the center of it. A leather jacket covered his broad shoulders, his hands found comfort with the jacket’s pockets as he closed the door of Valeria’s apartment before he took off into the night; the cold breeze caused a light groan to rumble at the back of the throat - oh how he missed the Caribbean weather.

Without a particular destination in mind, Ilyas wandered - his gaze taking all the sights in, the many different faces in the crowds and the different items which decorated many shop windows. There was one shop which caught his eye, there were many old looking objects which gave him a sense of home; it was nice to see historic things still being sold - yet as his eyes roamed, they came to a sudden stop at the sight of a very familiar compass. Ilyas leaned forward, his nose pressed against the glass to get a better look; and lo and behold albeit faint - the initials YE were engraved around the edge. It had been many years, centuries even but Ilyas was no fool and knew for certain it was his Father’s. A sudden wave of anger with a tint of sadness washed over him, and he knew he had to get it back; it also triggered a layer of curiosity - he wondered if any more of his family belongings were in the shop. He would ask the questions later, once he had retrieved what was his.

Ilyas walked up to the door and roughly shook the locked door; with a frustrated growl, he glanced behind him - glad the evening was now late enough that many were already drunk or hidden away in the bars in the surrounding areas. With ease, Ilyas aggressively lifted his leg to push it forwards to collide with the weakened wooden frame; a smirk found his lips as the door swung open willingly for him, yet the sound of the ringing alarm made him jump - but he would not allow that to scare him. The Niveis entered the darkened building and without hesitation, he grabbed the compass before he began to rummage through the mounts of objects; unaware of what the alarm was actually doing.

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It was strange to think about the life that Kal had built for himself in Evermore, it was a lonely one really, he spent most of his time alone in his apartment above the shop which was about as miserable as it sounded, his main company now was Lucia who had pretty much taken over manning the front desk of the shop when she was on shift which gave him time to spare for himself, that was both a good and bad thing for him, on the one hand, it meant he actually got to live a bit of his life instead of constantly burying his head into work but on the other, it meant he had a lot of time to fall into his own thoughts, which could be a very dark place at times. Kal had no shortage of demons, that was why he had decided to leave all those years ago because he didn’t know how to face them and while he was better at fighting them now, he still lost the battle sometimes, even 40 years down the line.

Those particular demons were in full force tonight as he writhed against the bed in response to the images and memories that flashed in his mind, his whole body breaking into a sweat as he experienced everything that happened back on Unyak over in fragments, it made his whole body restless as it jerked in response to the emotions he had felt, especially as he saw the look in his own father’s eyes as his brother lay dead at his feet. Kal wasn’t sure he would ever really shake the nightmares, though they were often the only reminder he had of the life he had lived back then, he tried his hardest to drown it out however possible when he was awake. He’d tried many things, from drinking, to burying himself in work, to support group and for the most part they helped, but not when he slept.

The usual moment where he would wake up screaming never came through because he was quickly dragged out of his restless slumber by incessant beeping. His first instinct was to sit up in his bed and slam his hand down on his alarm clock but when he glanced over he realized it wasn’t the clock that was beeping, it was his phone. Furrowing his brow he grabbed the device and opened it to check the app that wanted his attention before he realized what the alarm was for, his security system. As if on cue, his cat came skittering across the floor looking frightened which instantly told him this wasn’t just another time that the wind blew too hard on the lock. Kal sighed and got to his feet, praying whoever it was this time at least hadn’t shattered the windows because that was such a pain to clean up. He changed into whatever clothes he could grab first and then headed down the stairs to the shop.

Most humans would probably call the police instead of approaching the thief directly but despite him being away from his community for a long time, Kal was very skilled in his niveis given abilities and therefore wasn’t really worried about facing up to an intruder,, it was normally a desperate teenager who wanted to raid the till for moment. He didn’t really expect to see an elder male’s shadow rummaging around the cabinets like he was doing something. He stood studying him from the doorway for a few moments before he cleared his throat “You know if you’re looking for something, in particular, I could book you in for an appraisal” he stated unimpressed, his hand at his side making frost appear on his fingertips as if it was backing him up if he needed it.

Rough fingers curled around the compass tightly, reluctant to let it go or to even look at it just in case it was all just a terrible dream; he wasn’t sure he could go through the pain of coming so close to his parents once again to have it ripped from him in a heartbeat. Ilyas had spent many years haunted by the memories, by the battle which killed his Mother and Father, he remembered watching how his Father’s head rolled, purposefully to his feet; he remembered the man he became on that day, he became an animal, and killed not only those responsible for his parents - and many of his crew, but he also killed the only women he had ever loved, Eleanor. She had worked her way into his heart, despite being an Initia, a species which continued to seek war between his kind; yet at the beginning, he knew she was different, but that all came tumbling down on that day. Ilyas clenched his eyes shut for a long moment, the faint ringing in his ears caused him to grunt out; he could not be scared any longer, and with that, he finally uncurled his fingers to look at the compass.

The pad of his thumb rolled over the engraving YE, and a very faint smile found the corner of his lips; Ilyas brought the compass up to his curved lips and pressed a loving kiss upon it. Upon opening the compass, the nivies sighed, it had broken on the day of the battle and would be of no, physical use for him; other than a sentimental piece he could keep in his belongings - he made a mental note to speak with Valeria, to find out if anyone in this weird city could fix it for him. To have a fixed compass would surely help him get back to his missing people, and his sisters when he had learnt the consequences of what happened to him on that ship with Kadri. “Durdur şunu (Stop it)” He muttered in his Mother tongue as he shook his head almost violently, as if it rid himself of the memories and the worries which came from them. Ilyas kept hold of the compass and began to rummage through the other cabinets and shelves to see if there was anything else in the shop which could give him some sense of closure.

Ilyas was often compared to that of a man child, and tonight he lived up to that name; he had no respect for the other objects which took residency upon the shelves, therefore, he felt no remorse when the back of his hand swept them from their place and onto the floor in hope to find something. So far, nothing was catching his eye but he very much doubt that whoever took the compass from the wreckage would only leave with that; Ilyas was so preoccupied that he had not felt the pair of eyes which were upon his back, until a male’s voice broke through the constant ringing in his ears - that damn alarm. Ilyas straightened himself up and turned on the heels of his feet to face the man who spoke; he rose a brow at the English words which were spoken to him, and for a moment, a look of confusion found his features as he tried with all his might to decode what was said to him. Yet, it was not the words that distracted him, he had noted the very faint oddness about the man which rang many bells; he was familiar yet a complete and utter stranger.

The Turk decided not to delve any deeper for that and strode over to the male who did not seem at all intimidated by his size; Ilyas outstretched his hand and dangled the compass in from his face. “Compass” He grunted, his dark eyes intend upon the male. “You got this? Where?” His broken English came off roughly, and in a frustrated tone; his brows furrowed forwards as the man took his time to answer the very basic question - and without hesitation. Ilyas couldn’t control the sudden outburst of anger and found his free hand had allowed his fingers to clutch around the collar of the man’s shirt. “Konuşmak (Talk)”

Kal was tired and frankly not in the mood for any of this, his eyes scanned over the shop noting the way the other male had totally trashed the place and all of the items on the shelves in his search for something. He was trying to make sense of what the other male was doing as his eyes followed him around the room, his initial thoughts were that he was looking for something specific, because some of the things he had knocked off onto the floor were expensive items so if he was a simple thief then he would have emptied the entire shelf into a sack and left. No this was targeted.

That was only confirmed further when the other male mentioned the compass and Kal’s eyes dropped down to the brass item in the male’s hand and Kal raised his brows having a serious sense of deja vu to the other night when a girl had come in and angrily asked him where he had found something that belonged to her. He gave a weighted sigh but held his ground to show the other male he wasn’t afraid of him, Kal didn’t scare easily, didn’t have a reason to really, he was Coldren Frostbourne’s son in the end after all.

Kal hesitated when the male asked him where he got the item from which seemed to anger him and he felt himself stumble backward in surprise when he felt the other male’s grip against his collar, instinctively his hand wrapped around the arm which was holding him at the other male, his powers seeping through his fingertips and leaving a chill where he gripped his arm “People bring items in to sell, I sell them” he explained in as simple terms as possible because he could tell quickly that English was not this man’s first language.

He continued to stare him down in warning, he’d really rather not have a brawl with this guy in the middle of the shop, especially because he’d already broken enough stock and the younger Niveis really couldn’t afford to be replacing his stock over a compass. “That’s yours?” has prompted in an attempt to keep the other male talking and distract him a little. The alarm that was ringing was also driving Kal nuts, he hated loud obnoxious noises like that. “A lot of lost items end up here, people trade them or find them on shores or in old storage places” he explained as he pulled out of the male’s grip so he could head to the desk and turn off the damn alarm. The moment it stopped he breathed a sigh of relief before focusing his attention on the confused looking male.

The Pirate, had, on multiple of occasions, particularly since joining this modern society been told  that he needed to control his anger or else it would lead him into a series of different troubles; such comments as those only caused Ilyas to scoff to himself - he very much doubted the punishments here were anywhere close to what he faced on a daily basis in the 1700s. These threats were not just from the English Government but also from the constant enemies that his Father had collected over his years - thus, Ilyas was certainly not afraid of the said ‘police’ which attempted to control the crime levels in the city; in fact, from what he had learnt, he was surprised that the supernatural had yet to take over control, it certainly would be his first mission if the city was a new settlement and foundations were not already built. Even with the man stood before him, he held no remorse that he had trashed the man’s shop, and livelihood - and despite feeling the anger boil in his blood, if the man did steal this then Ilyas was not one to talk; it would be extremely hypocritical of him to do so - considering his own life consisted of stealing. Yet, unfortunately, Ilyas not yet a man of reason and would struggle to see it that way, especially without someone like Valeria challenging his thought pattern.

Thus, it had not surprised him when he ended up with the man’s collar within his grasp as he stared him down, waiting for answer to his query; and before he truly processed the words which were offered as a response, he inhaled sharply at the chilled sensation which took place upon his arm from beneath the man’s fingertips. This action, consequently made Ilyas take a few steps back; his eyes narrowed suspiciously now as it was that exact power which made him realise he was no longer the firebird he had been for centuries.. Ilyas decided to bring that topic up for later, it was the least of his worries, but it was comforting to know there were more than just Anivia in the city with these odd powers. He glanced down at the compass in his palm and nodded slowly as the English words were finally broken down and processed within his extremely clouded mind. “You not find?” His words were less attacking, less frustrated now as he looked back up at the owner with a tilted head before he released the man from his grasp.

If it was not the man before him that found the compass, then he would need hunt down who did; it would be surprising to find that they had left the city - and he couldn’t help but consider it was an Initia who had roots to those who took part in the battle that day. “Shipwreck” He grunted with a nod as he heard of the different reasons why items would end up in places like this - he couldn’t tell if he was relieved that the treasures upon his ship could still be within grasp. Ilyas nodded at the simple question as the ringing finally stopped in his ears. “Fathers” He extended his arm out to show the man the engraving. “Yusef Enver. He died in war” He recalled the power which seeped through the man’s fingertips, thus felt comfortable enough to indulge him in who killed him. “Initia war”

The little shop wasn't exactly anything special, it faded into the area it was located in, it wasn't particularly large or fancy looking but it was quite literally everything that Kal had. When he came to Evermore it was his fresh start and he had no idea it would turn into his entire livelihood. That's why it upset him quite so much to see the place completely turned upside down, though he bit down on his tongue to keep himself from showing it too much, his first impression of the other male was that he had violent tendencies triggered by his emotions so Kal didn't want to make things worse and end up getting more things broken. He'd had a break in about a year ago and they had broken the front window and taken a lot of valuable stuff to sell, that was why he'd gotten the alarm system fitted, he really didn't enjoy having to go through the repairs process so he was pretty glad that the other male had only thrown stock all over the floor. Kal gripped his hands into fists then unfurled them a few times to push aside his anger, getting angry was only going to make things worse for them bother after all.

He looked at the other Male as he continued to grip his collar, Kal sensed almost immediately that he wasn't just a common thief or a vandal and that he had recognized the compass. Looking at it Kal tried to recall who had brought it in or what their species was at least but he was drawing blank on both fronts “No, someone else found it and sold it to me” he explained talking slowly because it was clear from the other male's broken way of talking that his first language wasn't English. Still, he did seem to understand somewhat what the raven-haired male was trying to tell him. It was hard being in the business he was because you could never really know for sure whether someone was trying to sell you stolen goods and often it was almost impossible to verify. “It's important to you?” He proposed pretty certain at this point that he had some affiliation of sorts with it. Despite being annoyed his shop was trashed he was doing his best to be patient with the male whose accent he was trying to pinpoint as he talked. 

He heard the figure talking as he went to shut off the alarm and listened attentively, he was glad for it to finally be off so that he could think straight again, Kal didn't work his best around loud noises though he didn't think many people did if he was honest. Looking down at the engraving on the compass he nodded thoughtfully, the Male definitely wasn't lying about recognizing the item and nor would he even have a reason to, the thing had sat on the shelf for at least a year or more now and wasn't a high-value item. Still, Kal thought it had character which is why he had agreed to take it off the seller's hands. When the male mentioned Initia war it took Kal's attention and he snapped his head up to meet his eyes for a moment, so he was certainly supernatural then. The question now was which side he stood on “Was your father Initia or Phoenix?” Kal had never seen the war for himself because it mostly happened during his time on Unyak but he knew all about it thanks to the happenings on Evermore over the past year or so. He was neither and never had been a Phoenix but he still felt loyal to those people in some strange way. “You can keep the compass, it's yours” he stated as he headed back towards the counter to look through the book he used to record transaction details, namely he wanted to know if any more items came in with that one but his memory of every sale wasn't that great.

It had surprised him that he had found his Father’s compass, particularly in Evermore let alone in such a small store which was not associated with any other chain which sold similar items; it was as if it was meant to be - that he was meant to be reunited with some of his own possessions. Maybe it was to bring him comfort, not just from his parent’s death, but to the family he had left behind to find answers to his new found species; it had seemed that he had lost everything, and this was the universe’s funny way of showing him that he was not alone, and perhaps his parents were, indeed still looking over him from whatever realm they were in now. It did bring him some pleasure to be reunited with such a possession, and if it were just a coincidence that both the compass and himself found themselves in this city then he would happily accept that; but throughout his life, he knew such things very rarely existed. The news of his escape would have certainly gotten out to the circles which wished to see The Enver family dead, thus, Ilyas knew he would need to keep a level of skepticism in case an unwanted face of the past presented itself.

Upon hearing that it was someone else that brought it into the man, was something that fed into that skepticism; and he couldn’t quite believe it would be someone innocent, it had to be someone who knew where the wreckage sat on the seabed and that caused a level of uncertainty raise within him. Ilyas glanced down at the compass as his mind raced with every possibility as to how they both, and possible other items worked their way here - he had learnt that Evermore was a beacon for supernatural creatures, but he failed to believe it was also a beacon for supernatural’s personal belongings, especially those that were lost centuries ago. Ilyas regarded the man once more at the question, his hand reached up to run through his long locks as he considered the answer; he genuinely didn’t know just how important the compass was - after all, he had lived long enough without it to know he didn’t need it. “Sentimental?” He spoke with uncertainty as he responded, he wasn’t sure if that was the right word, hell, he wasn’t even sure what the word truly meant, but it felt correct in this instance; for he didn’t know if it could be fixed, and if couldn’t, then it was to no use to him but to relive some fond memories of his parents.

Ilyas moved from his spot and placed the compass into his jacket pocket as he began to move around the mess in which he created; the anger which boiled within his system had simmered down, thus he simply looked through the other items which had been collected throughout the years. The sound of the ringing continued to ring as an echo in his mind despite the actual sound being turned off; he glanced over his shoulder at the apparent interest the male had when it came to which side his Father was on - of course, it shouldn’t have surprised him. The man had the power of ice, thus, he had to be either Nivies or Initia himself; and he hoped for the man’s sake, he was not the latter - Ilyas still had an overwhelming hatred for that kind. “Father, Phoenix” He responded, and sighed somewhat to himself - knowing that he, himself was not one of those anymore either; he missed the fire. The question alone invited Ilyas to ask more; the man clearly knew his stuff. “The war, you know?” Ilyas had yet to come across another Phoenix turned Niveis and hoped that would change tonight thus, he nodded a thanks to the man confirming he could keep the compass; not that he truly needed such permission.

When the other male spoke the word sentimental Kal nodded his head softly, he understood the meaning of personal items, he didn’t have a lot from the life he left behind on Unyak, he didn’t really want to be reminded of all the terrible things he went through there and everything his father had put him through. Everything his father ever gave him or provided him he had gotten rid of or left behind which left him with very little, a chain which his sister had given him for his birthday a long time ago which he had worn since the day she had given it to him and a small pocket watch which was given to him by Thomaz which he always kept in the top drawer of his bedside table as a reminder of what he lost. He gave a half smile in the male’s direction “Sentimental, yes” he confirmed because of the questioning tone. He was glad it was reunited with someone who cared for it if he was honest, it probably wasn’t going to get sold anyway so sentimental was the right price in this case.

Kal looked around at all the things that were scattered out on the floor and now out of order on the shelves, considering how violently he had been searching through them all, he was surprised not to see anything broken or really damaged in the pile. He picked up an old ukulele from the floor and strummed it a couple of times before he laced it back onto the shelf in its place “Is there anything else...sentimental, you are looking for?” he asked, it was clear that he was looking for more items in the store that he recognized so maybe Kal could help him find them and reunite them with their owner too. Sure, it was a loss of stock but if anything was stolen goods then he didn’t particularly want to hold onto it anyway.

When the male confirmed his father was a phoenix Kal nodded his head a little “Mine too” he responded, his father had been a phoenix before he had become a Niveis but Kal had been born a Niveis, he’d never known what it was like to control fire but he couldn’t say he really wanted to, he’d never been the kind to dwell over his supernatural ability instead focusing on his strengths as a person and as an individual. When he asked about the war he pulled a conflicted expressing “Yes, though I never experienced it myself, I’m a Niveis” he spoke softly as he looked back at him, he got the feeling this male was either the same as him or he was a phoenix but either way that put them on the same side of the conflict so that meant they had nothing to worry about right. Kal always disagreed with the Initia for their treatment of phoenixes or any of their deviant species, for such a highly mutatable species they sure did have backward purist mentalities.

Kal paused for a moment before he figured he should introduce himself, he already knew the other male’s surname so it only seemed fair he returned the favor “I’m Kaldre” he spoke softly, he didn’t say his surname because frankly...he hated it, it hated the fact his father had chosen it more than anything he supposed, though through the years he still hadn’t been able to bring himself to change it either. How strange, that a bunch of letters thrown together could have quite so much meaning to a person and their identity.

It was quite a relieve, as well as accomplishment in his eyes that he managed to speak an English word, without it’s true meaning, correctly; a sense of pride washed over him which was shown with a very brief smile with a slight exhale. Ilyas recalled the last time he truly attempted English, long before his family were involved in the war, when he had associated himself with a British woman; of course, his English was not great then either, however, to woo a woman, he believed actions and non-verbal cues were the way to go and in that time, it certainly worked on her. Eleanor had attempted to teach him English in their secret meetings, he remembered her to be very well educated whereas he, he was not - thus, he could never understand why such a bright spark would ever be interested in such a brute as himself. Yet, those fond memories of their rendezvous were always haunted by the war, and perhaps it was that very reason he had chosen to forget the lessons she had taught him; in fact, he had chosen to forget every trace of Eleanor, to try and save himself of the guilt and regret after he ended her life, because deep down, he knew it was not her fault that they were caught.

Now that he had the time to look in detail at the different objects which lived in this tiny shop, he considered the different stories that each of them held; for example, his Father’s compass had seen much of the world, survived many wars and welcomed in a new generation of Enver siblings. One item peaked his interest as he leaned forwards, lifting up a very old fashioned children’s toy, it looked like the vehicle that Valeria threw him in when she invited him to Evermore, yet this was slightly bigger, with more windows and more trees; it looked like it also had a chimney. The Niveis tilted his head slightly as his finger rolled the wheels before he glanced up as the man spoke; he wasn’t sure what else he would be looking for - one, it had been too long to truly remember many items, and two, there were too many items that his family had collected over the years. Ilyas attempted to think back, it would be nice to find something of his Mothers, not for his sake, but something to give back to his younger sisters as an heirloom; after all, they didn’t have as many memories of their parents as he did. He rolled his lips in thought, and nodded - it would be a long shot, but from what he found of this new world, anything was possible. “Hair…” Ilyas grunted, not remembering the word so used his fingers to run through his long hair before continuing. “Necklace, green stone… Both, lot of money, in 1600s”

Ilyas chuckled to himself, he would be surprised if the man could find anything with those very short descriptions. Eventually, he leaned his frame against one of the tables as he watched the smaller man strum ukulele, and smiled - not just at the sound but in relieve that the two men shared the same blood, and no fight would happen here tonight. Ilyas nodded simply, the man was lucky that he did not have to experience the war directly. “A lot of death, innocent died” He exhaled sharply - knowing he killed Eleanor out of fear, not because she contributed directly yet as soon as that thought entered his mind, he shook his head to get it out. Niveis That word again, a word that was constantly drummed to him, a word which was pushed to be accepted by him - Anivia continuously told him he was no longer a Phoenix but one of those now, instead. “Niveis, new firebird?” He mused as he glanced down to his feet; it was no lie, that if he was now one of those, he did not know who he was at all. He refused to believe he was no longer a Phoenix, but the more he remained in Evermore, the more Anivia and Valeria tried to convince him. “Frosty fingers, then” He reconfirmed the move from earlier whilst debating whether he should open up to the male; after all, he had not seen this one in the Mountains where the other coldbirds lived.

“Kaldre” He nodded in a greeting, before clearing his throat. “Ilyas” He extended an arm, it would probably be best to start trying to make friends in the city rather than enemies -  he had decided that once answers had been found, he would be moving his family here.

Kaldre found it remarkable that despite the other male clearly not speaking a lot of English that they seemed to still be able to get their points across to one another and diffuse the situation, Kal wasn’t really much for fighting anymore so he was relieved. Not that he couldn’t take care of himself because he could but he wouldn’t choose a fight over talking someone down nowadays. Part of him was trying to distance himself as a person from his father as much as he could, he didn’t want to resemble him, he didn’t want a single one of his personality traits. He hated sharing his name. He hated the very thought of him. There weren’t many things that Kal hated but the topic of his father was probably the main one that set him off the deep end. In comparison to that, everyone else was pretty tolerable. In fact, Kal actually quite liked the gruff seeming male, he hadn’t broken anything he didn’t need to and while he had been a little careless, Kaldre could tell it wasn’t out of spite. It was because his emotions got the better of him.

Kal had a pretty good memory of the items he had bought and sold over the years, had to be to avoid people trying to flip things through you. He had an eye for value and had bought such a large range of different things from so many different customers. Still, he never really forgot the items themselves, you had to appraise them, study them for damage, talk to the owner about their history and the likes. One thing that was harder to remember was who they came from, which was why he kept detailed records of them. He headed over to the counter and opened his logbook flipping back through the pages until he found this particular compass. Sole item unfortunately so it wasn’t going to be any help finding his other items. “Jewellery is in the glass case just there” he pointed the cabinet out to the male. He didn’t recall a necklace with a green stone though unfortunately, not one from the 1600s anyway.

Looking up at the other male he caught the hint of a smile of his lips, it was a strange moment, considering this guy had just woken up Kal from his sleep, broken in and thrown a lot of the stock over the floor that they’d be talking casually like this. Kal wasn’t complaining though, he’d had more than enough of the local police and how they handled break-ins. It was more effort than it was worth most of the time and if his insurance didn’t insist on it then he probably wouldn’t bother. When he spoke about a lot of innocent people dying the Niveis was instantly reminded of those he lost during the civil war on Ukyak, especially his elder brother Quilo and his love, Thomaz. “I know a little about that” he admitted with a nod “No one should have to live through a war” sometimes it was harder being a survivor and missing the people you lost. Remembering the horrors of what happened.

He saw some confusion on the other man’s face as the word Niveis came up. It wasn’t really a name most supernaturals recognized because they had lived on a remote island for hundreds of years, they only recently came back to civilization. He had been different, he left the very first chance he got and never really looked back, he saw the chance to be free and leaped for it with both hands outstretched. The question caused Kal to nod “Yes, or I guess you could call us a frostbird” he spoke softly as he held his palm out in front of him and frost slowly appeared over it, just as quickly as it appeared he made it fade away again “Frost fingers indeed” he commented with a half chuckle “You’re a phoenix?” he said his father was a phoenix after all.

Kal took the arm and shook the other male’s hand when he offered it, a curt nod of his head acknowledging the name the other male had spoken. Ilyas was an interesting name, definitely had a 1600s ring to it which would make sense with the necklace date from earlier “Have you been in Evermore for a long time?” he asked curiously, he’d never seen him before but Evermore was a big place so it would be almost impossible to meet everyone.

It had surprised him just how easy the situation between the two males defused and how there was no need for any true violence to get any form of answers; of course, part of him was slightly disappointed that he didn’t get the fight that he often craved - it was, infact one of the many things that he missed from the past. A fight often released him of any stresses, and it was also a fun way to make some more money but these days, he had only seen a fight break out in the bars, before security got the better of them or from watching organised fights which took part on the other demon box that Valeria had her apartment. Neither of them truly sparked that excitement within him than the older fights in his own time did, yet it did spark some ideas within his mind of what he could do in the City of Evermore, which was to be his future home. Of course, there were plenty of gyms and fitness studios, but he couldn’t recall seeing a boxing ring, nor a training facility of this; thus, he saw fit to by or even build a building for such a business. This idea also had many positives for himself, it would be a healthy way to beat someone up with no risk of definite death whilst releasing the anger which often resided within him.

Ilyas noted the look which found the other man’s features as he described two of the other items which could have been handed in at the same time as his Father’s compass as he assumed that whoever brought this in, would want to make some extra money from the other treasures onboard the ship. He tilted his head a little as he waited for an answer, which gave him the impression it was probably not good news and that neither of the two items were in Evermore; this wouldn’t necessarily upset Ilyas in that regard, in fact he saw it as a new adventure to locate his ship once more. A series of different thoughts came to mind of his future in this modern world, which both excited and frightened him but they were the very two reasons why he needed to go ahead and fulfill his plans. The Turk glanced behind him as the other male pointed the cabinet in which the necklace could be hiding and nodded just the once before he headed in that direction; all the while reminding himself that he needed to be a lot more gentle with these items as they were more fragile and likely to cost a lot more than some of the items which he threw to the ground from the window display.

The pads of his fingers drummed against the glass which protected the many different jewels, his dark hues scanning the beautiful items carefully; it was crazy to think that some of these items were left behind when they could have been passed down to their loved ones and kept in the family - he refused to believe that everyone had such a dramatic and rather heartbreaking lifestyle that resulted in all their goods going to retail. His eyes closed for a brief moment as it was made clear that none of the jewels which were held in the store were from his family; he remained silent for a moment or two before straightening his spine once more to continue the slight discussion of the war which took many lives. He recalled his participation in the war, and he knew his part of was not necessary as it was simply triggered by love. “Giving someone death, sometimes fun” He admitted but not in ashamed manner, yet as time went on, he began to forget just how pleasurable delivering death could be; but he also enjoyed how clean his hands had become in the last century or so.

Ilyas wandered back towards the back of the shop and jumped up onto one of the empty counter tops to take a quick seat as he watched the frost appear on Kal’s fingers once more before disappearing. He shook his head at his question as he silently agreed to let Kal in on his species; the man seemed like someone he could trust - he liked to think he was a good judge of character. “Not now, I died” He huffed, as he glanced at his fingers wondering if he too could attempted with Kal had just done; since his rebirth, he had yet to control his icy powers. “People speak, I am one like you” Ilyas nodded his head in the other’s direction and dropped his hand; the more and more he stayed in Evermore, he began to believe in the ice which ran through his veins. “A few weeks, Valeria - The Dhampir, brought me here” Ilyas admitted. “For…. The Phoenix answers”

Kal used to be very much a fight first, think later kind of person, he’d been raised that way and grew up alongside an elder brother who worked the same way, he felt like constantly had to live up to the example his brother. It made him into a person he barely recognized nowadays, he had spent so much of his life trying to forget who he was and become who he was now. He hadn’t really fought much since then, he did train and he made sure to regularly practice control over his element but aside from that he tried to live a pretty normal life. Frankly, he didn’t like being reminded he was a Niveis, while he was born one and had been one his entire life, the fact that his father founded the tribe and became the original one tainted the idea of his species as a whole for him. No matter how much he reminded himself there were others who didn’t come from his father forcing them to be one or being born in that lineage, it would always feel that way to him.

He appreciated that the other male was being more mindful of his surroundings and the shop as a whole now, while Ilyas was busy looking through the jewelry, Kal took the opportunity to pick up some of the stray items which were spread all over the floor and return them to their places on the shelves. He had quite the crazy range of items, he realizes as he placed the little ukulele next to a pair of leather gloves and shrugged. He worked in a grey area, he had to see the value in anything that could be brought to him, which could sometimes be easy and other times he was playing a complete guessing game on how much things were worth. He was lost in thought when he heard the male speak again and raised his brows. Well that was an unexpected remark but Kal managed to cover the surprise in his expression as he pressed his lips together “When someone has done something unforgivable, I agree” part of him wished it had been him and not Anivia who had killed their father, the world was better off without him in it and Kal felt no pity in knowing he was dead “Most people prefer peace here though” he explained with a nod, Evermore was unique that was, trying to lead the way in cross-species peace.

Kal was half tempted to say something about the male sitting on his countertop, even opened his mouth to do so but then he shook it off, wasn’t like he was breaking anything up there after all. Kal preferred not to get in unnecessary arguments and the two of them were actually strangely getting along which was really surprising to him considering the way the two of them had met. Then again, a lot of valuable things seemed to end up here so he supposed it wasn’t that unexpected to meet someone who had lost something. It being in the late hours and setting of the shop alarm was unexpected though. He looked up at Ilyas and gave an empathetic expression as he saw the struggle he was going through. He had seen several phoenixes who became Niveis in his time and for most, it seemed to be a pretty negative experience. They did have to die to become one after all. He parted his lips wondering if it was too much to ask more but he decided to anyway “Did you die somewhere cold?” he asked curiously, now he thought about it, when they shook hands, Kal hadn’t felt a temperature difference between them which would imply Ilyas was cold too “Well if you have any questions, you can ask me” he assured with a nod, he might not be massively disconnected from the tribe itself but he wouldn’t turn his back on any of them either. It was complicated as hell.

Upon sitting on the counter top, Ilyas had completely forgotten just how on Earth that he had found himself in this situation, and although it was comforting to have one thing from his past when he was alone and away from his family, he truly did crave that drink now; and he very much doubted that this shop sold any form of alcohol, even if one deemed it to be of value. Yet, Ilyas couldn’t help but eye the shop, just incase - after all, the modern world was exceptionally strange so perhaps it wasn’t too far out for someone to come in and want to buy something of the sort; however, he had only encountered this man for a very short time and Ilyas just couldn’t see the man from indulging in alcohol, at least, not to the point of losing self control - much like Ilyas did on a nightly basis when Valeria was either asleep or out doing business. Just the mere thought of alcohol caused his throat to burn, it clearly had been too long since he last tasted the substance, however, the niveis shook his head to try and distract himself from his cravings; he gathered by the time he left this place, most of the bars would be closed, thus, it would probably end up being an early and sober night for him.

Ilyas simply nodded at the comment on how most people in the city desired peace and to live in harmony with each other, despite there being other species which could easily clash with the other. It was, of course, warming to see so many people get along with the other but it truly baffled him that people could put aside their differences for each other to live like this; he believed that, that would be the most challenging part of moving here, he and his family all had a passionate hatred for Initia, so to not release that emotion upon them would cause many other troubles. Thankfully for their sake, he had just to bump into one since his arrival, despite there being a meeting being put into place for him to meet the Initia Ambassador so that they could prove that times had moved on. “So much peace, strange” He commented, his shoulders shrugged some. “Can be, boring, er, no?” Ilyas tilted his head, although much like his alcohol thought, he really struggled to see the man before him throwing any punches - perhaps he could be Ilyas’s first client when the day comes and his own training rink opens up for upcoming boxers.

This happened to be a conversation that he had repeated many times since coming to Evermore, some days he could explain his death perfectly, and other times, he reacted badly to the story - yet, he supposed he was lucky that he got most of his anger out on the products around him first before the question was thrown his way. “Warm seas” Ilyas replied with a simple nod, the flashbacks of his deaths appeared in the forefront of his mind - he was glad that when he was around people, he could handle them perfectly, but if the thoughts returned whilst alone in the middle of the night; people would see a whole different, and very vulnerable side of him. “The plank… I um, walk” He commented, and a very light smile curled at one edge of his lips as everytime he said it, it sounded more and more stereotypical of a Pirate’s death. Valeria very much had the pleasure of showing him the many films which portrayed such deaths, particularly the cartoon versions as they were less realistic to what he went through. It was very kind of Kal to offer to answer any questions that he had on their species, but there was more of a nosey question that he had to ask. A series of thoughtful sounds bypassed his lips as he tried to think of the right wording for it. “You, no mountain with the other?” He asked and twirled the compass between his fingers. “I’ve no seen you there”

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