Everyday Ilyas was growing a little more comfortable with how modern day worked, he still wasn’t a fan of it but he could not deny the growing appreciation on how far life had got since he last lived in a society with other people; yet this did not mean he didn’t miss the life he had within the depths of the forest. However, as the days went on, he began to rethink of the reasons as to why he missed the forest life and slowly, he came to realisation it was the people he missed and not that lifestyle; the one thing that he did miss, was the act of building and using brute strength rather than using the new utensils that they used today. Therefore, with that in mind, he made a mental note that he would speak with Anivia to see if he could start building work on a plot of land within the mountains ready for when he managed to get his family safely from the forest to Evermore City; which he hoped would be soon, as each day passed, the more likely they could have been found by Kadri and his own crew. His family occupied his mind constantly, especially when he noted the relationships others had within in the city - he still very much felt like an outsider which a rather noticeable language barrier; of course, Valeria and Anivia was introducing him to others, but Ilyas knew he was not the most approachable of men.

Therefore, when both of the women in his life were busy with their Ambassador roles, Ilyas frequently found himself in a building which he regarded as the love of his life and the only thing that had not really changed much over the centuries; the bar. If allowed, he would even take Memphis with him to have some company, she was the only one that sometimes truly understood him; yet tonight, he knew he would have to go alone, both Val and Memphis were attending a party at the Dojo for welcoming new Dhampirs to the faction and community - at least he knew he was no longer the newbie in the City. Since he arrived over a month ago, Ilyas had always ended up in the same bar, yet this evening he decided he wanted to see a little more of the City, particularly in the night time; the modern day city intrigued him but not enough for him to ever want to live in the center of it. A leather jacket covered his broad shoulders, his hands found comfort with the jacket’s pockets as he closed the door of Valeria’s apartment before he took off into the night; the cold breeze caused a light groan to rumble at the back of the throat - oh how he missed the Caribbean weather.

Without a particular destination in mind, Ilyas wandered - his gaze taking all the sights in, the many different faces in the crowds and the different items which decorated many shop windows. There was one shop which caught his eye, there were many old looking objects which gave him a sense of home; it was nice to see historic things still being sold - yet as his eyes roamed, they came to a sudden stop at the sight of a very familiar compass. Ilyas leaned forward, his nose pressed against the glass to get a better look; and lo and behold albeit faint - the initials YE were engraved around the edge. It had been many years, centuries even but Ilyas was no fool and knew for certain it was his Father’s. A sudden wave of anger with a tint of sadness washed over him, and he knew he had to get it back; it also triggered a layer of curiosity - he wondered if any more of his family belongings were in the shop. He would ask the questions later, once he had retrieved what was his.

Ilyas walked up to the door and roughly shook the locked door; with a frustrated growl, he glanced behind him - glad the evening was now late enough that many were already drunk or hidden away in the bars in the surrounding areas. With ease, Ilyas aggressively lifted his leg to push it forwards to collide with the weakened wooden frame; a smirk found his lips as the door swung open willingly for him, yet the sound of the ringing alarm made him jump - but he would not allow that to scare him. The Niveis entered the darkened building and without hesitation, he grabbed the compass before he began to rummage through the mounts of objects; unaware of what the alarm was actually doing.

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Really, Kal was pretty curious about Ilyas and his motivations in life, it was becoming pretty evident now that he was a Niveis like the younger Frostbourne and yet he seemed to be separated from the community too and the way he spoke about it all made Kal wonder if he wanted to be a part of it at all. Kal couldn’t blame him for wanting to go it alone considering that was exactly what he wanted for himself, he’d tried to make it evidently clear to Anivia and anyone else she sent to see him that he had no interest or part to play in their tribe. He lost complete faith in the idea of a leader when his previous one had left someone helpless and vulnerable simply for his own petty reasons and amusement. While he did trust his sister to do better with the powers she had been given, he couldn’t stand in support in the idea of someone having so much power over their kind that she could quite literally strip someone of their wings and everything they were. He drew the line there and the worst part was, there was nothing she could do to change that.

Kal hadn’t really needed to get himself involved with the faction city of the city til now, he was immortal and supernatural yes, but he was also very good at hiding what he was and he lived for the most part, as close to a human life as a Niveis could. So in that sense the peace contract worked for him, it meant that the supernatural secret was very well protected in this city and so humans tended to turn a blind eye on the fact that he wasn’t aging and therefore he was free to live his life however he chose, focus on the things he found important and leave the story of war and tyranny in the past. The way Ilyas seemed surprised about the idea of peace made Kal chuckle softly “A little” he responded with a low throaty laugh “But it gives you the chance to live the life you want without having to run” he spoke as he glanced up at the other male, if he was a phoenix once, Kal was sure he knew how that went and how miserable it could make you. Kal was glad for the chance to be able to find his own passion and life away from his father’s influence and without anyone telling him who he was supposed to be.

From the way that Ilyas started recounting his story without much hesitation, Kal suspected he had been asked to tell people before. He leaned one hand against his cheek as he listened, taking in the words he was hearing and nodded a little, Kal couldn’t say he had ever met an actual pirate before but his expression remained unaffected by the revelation, in a world with vampires, werewolves and witches with fancier names, pirates certainly didn’t feel like a far stretch. He grimaced a little as he looked up at them “I hope you gave them hell for it” he stated matter of factly as he echoed the smile the other male made, if Ilyas wasn’t going to make a big deal over it, the least he could do was be minimalistic about his questions. At the end of the day, he had died by drowning and therefore triggered the Niveis genetics in himself. Kal was interested to hear what the other male would have to ask him but what he did ask was a little surprising “Uh- no” he spoke as he pondered for a moment about how he explained where he stood when it came to the tribe “I don’t really believe in the same things as them” he admitted with a slight nod “The leader, my sister, she has the ability to take away someone’s wings” he pulled a conflicted expression as he remembered what his father had done to Thomaz “Personal” he explained as he nodded a little.

“Have you met Anivia?” he asked with raised brows, he was talking about the mountain so he supposed he had, Kal actually hadn’t been up there yet, hadn’t been able to bring himself to face them all at once though he’d seen Daehyun, Anivia and Lita in his shop.

The Pirate, despite loving and often craving the violence that they were speaking of, did, however, understand where the other Niveis was coming from; to live in a society in peace did surely mean that he did not have to run from places and start a new life. Of course, in the last few years of his life before he went into hiding, his family were settled for a few years before the inevitable happened; but before that, he distinctly remembered the sheer panic which radiated from his Mother when his Father made the ultimate decision to leave Bodrum, to leave Turkey completely for a new live. He may have been too young back then to truly understand the reason behind the very quick departure; but now it was clear - they had to run to stay alive, so perhaps a more relaxed way of living in Evermore was the right away to go about things. Ilyas, with a grunted nodded in a possible agreement with the other male. "A home, be nice" He loved living with Valeria, but he very much doubted she wanted a lodger for the rest of his time in Evermore; perhaps if he was going for this more peaceful life, finding a permanent home should be on his to do list. 

It took a lot not to react how he normally would when it came to reliving the experience of death with Kadri; seven out of ten times he would get violent, however, he knew Kal's shop did not need to see his wrath once again. Thus, he decided to remain calm, and almost dissociation himself with the associated feelings. Ilyas exhaled in slight amusement at the other males  comment and shook his head only once. "He will, he will pain.. Feel" His words were slightly growled, he knew when the time came, he would have great satisfaction watching Kadri die by his hand; he would do something that his Father could not do. The kill would be sweet and far worse than what was infliction upon himself. He could see that Kal wanted to ask further questions but was silently glad that he refrained from doing so by going on to answer his own question about the tribe. Ilyas repeated a couple of words in his head after hearing the response and a brow quirked - the man before him was Anivia's brother; he always believed family was everything and should stick with each other no matter what, thus, he couldn't comprehend how Kal could not stand by her because of a power she may not have control over. 

Ilyas tilted his head some as his gaze met Kal, he was not the best with the softer emotions but he did, however, understand that whatever the reason was that he did not contribute to the tribe was painful. It was odd, he thought, that  both of them didn't want to truly be part of the tribe yet their reasons were the complete opposite; for he did not want to follow, Ilyas was a leader and made the final decisions, therefore, he could not live under someone else's ruling thumb. "Take wings? How?" He quirked a brow before animating a back and forth movement as if he was cutting something "With sword?" He hoped that was the case yet he very much doubted it. Ilyas nodded a little as he composed himself from the brief excitement which washed over him as the idea of how one's wings could be taken from them. "Anivia, sister?" He asked, despite knowing the answer to the question. He nodded. "She sent someone - found me and err" He rolled his wrist in thought. "He took me to mountain to talk… Anivia, nice, no?" Ilyas posed the question, wondering whether or not Anivia had taken someones wings before and if that was the reason why the man before him did not work within the tribe. The Turk jumped off the counter to stand once more. "Drink?"

Home was a funny word, at least it was to him anyway because everyone had this different definition of it and he didn’t think a single person thought of it the exact same way about, to some, home was the place they felt most secure and safe, to others, home was the place they came back to time and time again. Some people believed that home was less a place and more a feeling or a person they felt most attached to. Kal didn’t really know what his own definition of it was because he never really felt like he found it, Unyak certainly wasn’t his home but then Evermore didn’t feel like it either. He didn’t have any people he would refer to as his home so perhaps the short answer to the question was that he actually didn’t have one and that was why the word so foreign to him “Me too” he responded to Ilyas’s comment and nodded, by that he meant he wanted to find what it truly meant to be home one day, even if it took forever to figure it out.

He sensed the other male had been through a lot too, though their stories were very different he was sure, they ended up in a similar position, alone. Kal definitely had his own tendencies to want revenge and to make people pay for what they did to him and the people he cared for, it wasn’t just his father responsible for that fateful day, it was all those people who chose to stand by a mad man and fight to their deaths. People who later surrendered when they realized their leader was dead and were given second changes that the younger Frostbourne didn’t believe they deserved. Perhaps that made him bloodthirsty but then also, he left because he couldn’t stand by and watch history repeat itself. Both him and Ilyas seemed pretty traditional in their ways, fighters by raising but the difference between them was Kal had spent the last 40 years trying to leave that part of him behind while his intruder was still very much stuck in it “Make sure it’s worth it” he responded and nodded his head slightly.

He chuckled softly as the way Ilyas explained removing wings quick literally and quickly shook his head “No, it’s magic” he wrinkled his nose hating that term and wishing there was a better way to explain it “When a Niveis loses their wings they lose their immortality” now he did know for sure that his sister hadn’t used this power and wouldn’t unless it was necessary but the problem he had was that necessity shouldn’t be a question, no one should be able to have that much control over someone else’s life, in his opinion. “Yes, my sister” he affirmed with a nod and then bit on his lip “She’s a good person, with good intentions but we were raised in a closed community, no one was free” and 40 years he saw no intention from his sister to leave any time soon or move to any kind of normal life, even now they lived on the mountain in isolation.

Kal blinked a few times “My father, the leader before Anivia, he took someone’s wings and..” he couldn’t finish, but it was clear from the choke in his voice and the look in his eyes that he cared about that person very much. He was glad for the change of the subject so when Ilyas said drink he repeated it “Drink?” he nodded a little “I can do a drink, you like whiskey?” that tended to be what he kept in the liquor cabinet for the worst days. He jerked his chin to the other Niveis and led the way into the back of the store and then up the stairs to his living area, he headed over to the cabinet and took out a decently dated scotch and poured it out in two crystal glasses “So you’re thinking about joining them on the mountain?” he asked with raised brows as he held out the glass towards him.

A very faint chuckle rumbled within his chest as Kal told him to make it worth it; and he simply responded with a nod of his head - this death had been planned for many years, centuries, even. In fact, it felt like his whole life was groomed to be in this very predicament - he would not only make himself and his Father proud but also put the Enver family back into the running; it would bring them out of extinction. It would also, he hoped, make this new world a safer haven for his growing family - he would not be able to rest knowing his younger sisters would constantly be exposed to these threats; however, he would expect there would be a small few that would not be happy about Kadri's death and thus, he knew he could not be naive to think that this life in Evermore will be completely peaceful. Ilyas quirked his head a little upon hearing Kal’s agreeing statement and furrowed his brows just a little. “Evermore, not your home?” He queried, he would certainly find the answer ‘No’ strange - after all, the man now had family in this city, as well as what looked like a thriving business; to an outsiders point of view, Kal had everything a man could ever ask for, yet once again, Ilyas knew better than that. 

Ilyas truly could not hide the disappointment which danced across his features when he heard the removal of their wings would be by magic and not by brute strength; where was the fun in that? The Turk shook his head and tutted under his break before composing himself to listen to how it was done, and what would happen if someone did lose their wings this way. It took him a few moments to comprehend the words that were spoken and had to try and pronounce the word ‘immortality’ to himself. “Rebirths, no more?” It was more of a rhetorical question, and the idea that once he now died, he would not return - death never frightened him, not one little bit but he knew he had too many responsibilities for him to go just yet. “My sisters, remain phoenix” Ilyas grunted, he would not wish that outcome to fall upon them - however, in Evermore, they would likely become safe and away from any form of death, nevertheless he would not want them to change into this Niveis creature if that was part of the icy deal. He was sure they would want to be like him, if they hadn’t already been caught and trialed by rebel Pirates. 

“Anivia, seems nice” He commented with a nod, the Niveis leader had shown him nothing but kindness - much like Kal was doing now; thus, he could say a bad word about either of the siblings. “But you, free now” Ilyas offered a weak but reassuring smile, although he could certainly tell that their previous conversation regarding wings made the man uncomfortable, upset even. Perhaps that was the reason behind why he did not live up in the mountains with the rest of them. “Who doesn’t?” Ilyas smirked, his broad shoulders rolling as he dropped down from the height of the counter top and followed Kal backward into the living quarters which resided behind the shop. As the two wandered up the stairs, Ilyas allowed himself to be nosey, and stopped every now and again at the pictures which aligned the walls before moving over to the bookshelf. The pad of his finger dragged along every spine before he turned to face the drink being held out to him. 

“I, err…” He slurred his words, his wrist rolling to watch the brown liquid swirl within his glass - the question was inevitable; Anivia would ask him this eventually, without a doubt. “I lead people, I in charge” Ilyas nodded and took a prolonged sip. “I do not like, getting orders from people” Upon hearing the words out loud made him smile, and probably made him sound like a brute; he even hated Valeria asking him to tidy up after himself. “It may not be good, to live up there… Wings could be taken...” 

The question about Evermore being home definitely struck a chord with him and he went quiet for a moment considering it, what even was home to someone like him? He wasn’t sure he had the answer to that question specifically but it was certainly the place he had stayed for a long time, it was familiar to him and now with his family here too he could see a day where the word home resonated with him “I think one day it will feel like that” he responded honestly, he had to try and keep positive sometimes and see a better future for himself. He’d made friends here, he had a business, now he had his family too, there shouldn’t be any reason to still feel apprehensive and yet that was exactly how he would describe the feeling in the pit of his stomach every time he heard the word home. “What about you? Where is your home?” Ilyas struck him as a loner type and likely somewhat of a wanderer, Kal got the feeling he probably had an equally complicated relationship with the idea of home.

Kal was doing his best to speak slowly and in the least complicated way he could but it was hard for him to do so, although Ilyas spoke very little English he did seem to understand most of the things that Kal told him, which he was impressed by “Yes, no more rebirths and no more aging” it was a hard concept for most phoenixes who were used to living entire lifetimes and then dying and starting over again. He had always been a Niveis from birth, however, so immortality was his normal and he had long been the way he was. He nodded in understanding when he said his sisters weren’t Niveis like him “Nivies and Phoenixes are allies, there’s nothing to worry about there” he nodded his head slightly “Your sisters aren’t with you?” phoenixes tended to be very family-oriented, it surprised him that he would travel here without them.

“She is” he responded without hesitation when it came to talking about his sister, she had always been much kinder and understanding than her father, which considering everything she had been through was surprising “You can trust her, she cares about our people”. He was the colder of the two of them, able to leave that life and the people relying on him behind. He wasn’t exactly proud of it but he also couldn’t bring himself to regret it because he quite literally felt like that decision saved his life. Or his sanity at the very least. “I am free now yes” he returned the smile he gave “that’s all I ever wanted” he admitted with a thoughtful nod of his head. The questions Ilyas asked did make him rethink whether he was being too harsh on his sister though, considering he hadn’t really given her the chance to show him what she was like as a leader “Good answer” he responded with a laugh as he poured them out a drink .”

He glanced over at Ilyas when he spoke about being a natural-born leader, he knew that story, his sister had been that very same thing for the entire time his father reigned, he was pretty sure his father was even jealous of her. “Yeah me neither” he responded honestly, though his reasoning wasn’t because he wanted to lead his own clan, it was because he hated the very construct of one and how it left him being a follower rather than fully in control of his own life “Well Evermore is a place where you can be anyone you want to be so” he smiled, nodding slightly “Don’t let anyone tell you what to do if that’s the case” he raised his glass to his lips and took a long drink of it “Are you planning to stay in the city?” he was curious if the other male had found what he was looking for here or if he was just passing through.

The concept of home for himself was extremely baffling, for the last century or two - he did have a stable and permanent home within the belly of a rather daunting rain forest; it provided for them, it gave them shelter and it gave them enough food to survive for as long as they did. In fact, they made what could be quite a good tribe if they decided to bring more people in, in the future; but the day in which he left them to scout for more food was the day they realised they had not planned for any more bodies.  Thus, it perhaps was not as reliable of a home than what he once thought; but nevertheless, it kept them safe from the enemies which they had accumulated through their travels; yet, for him, the sea would always be his home - a ship to live and work on but he realised, the modern way of life may no longer provide that as a means of income, at least not anymore. Ilyas grew quiet for a long moment as the question was reversed - what would his answer be? Where his heart remained, or would it be the forest which his family currently and continued to live in. He rolled his lips in thought. “The sea, my sunken ship” He responded rather bleakly. 

“A home, one day again to live” It would be a dream, a possibly unrealistic dream to come true, but considerably doable - if he was able to locate the bed in which the ship had sunk. His body shook to try and rid himself from the emotions which resonated from just the mere conversation of his Father’s ship, his ship and quickly finished off the rest of his drink in one chug. “Death, easier for us?” The question was more a statement to himself as his expression furrowed, perhaps picking fights should not be his priority as much as it had been; he always knew that if he made a stupid mistake, if he allowed his arrogance to get the better of him - he had another chance at life. It was comforting to hear, not just from Anivia but also her brother Kal that his family would be welcomed to the city, despite still being phoenixes; yet that would just be from one faction - the other creatures within the walls may have a different opinion on the matter; initia being an example. Ilyas shook his head, oh how he wished his sisters were here with him; the thought of them being alone with his crew was very frightening indeed - after all, one of his crew members had already impregnated one of them, much to Ilyas’s dismay.  

“They safe in forest” He sighed, his head turning to look out the window to view the city lights which were something he still had yet to get used to. “I gather food and got taken” Despite the very sadness which radiated from him, the words caused an exhale of disbelief to escape his nostrils. It was probably hard to believe that a man his size could be kidnapped. “One err... “ Forgetting the English term, he expressed it with a motion of moving his hand up and around his stomach, indicating she had grown a rather large belly. He thought back how many months it had been since he was taken, and perhaps the baby was now born; and it hurt to not be there to welcome the new Enver baby. As the conversation went back to Anivia, he nodded. “Turkish, she learns” He commented, knowing that was a sign that she cared for his well being within the city; as it probably wasn’t a well taught language else were. 

If he were to remain in the city, there certainly would need to be some give and take between himself and Anivia in regards to the tribe - he could not live under giving him orders. “I hope to stay” He responded. “But family, may not like…” He trailed off, if his family and crew did not like this city, he would leave with them, currently they were all he cared for. “Where they go, I go but first, get them here, safe”

When Ilyas spoke about the ship he lived on and how it had now sunk, it made more sense that his compass had been here in the store, he’d suppose after the wreckage someone had probably found it on the shore of some beach and kept hold of it until it eventually ended up being sold to him. So not really stolen considering the person probably thought the compass’ owner was long gone. “Sorry to hear that” he responded with a solemn nod, he could see from the way the male acted and responded that it definitely struck a chord with him which was exactly why Kal was choosing his words carefully when it came to the topic. He didn’t want to cause Ilyas any unnecessary pain or upset, they barely knew one another after all but he did enjoy getting to know the other male. It was nice to meet another Niveis with the same free spirit he tended to have.

“That sounds like quite the task” he commented and looked down at the book of records he kept on the sales of items, perhaps the owner of the compass would have more information about where it washed up and therefore be able to guide Ilyas in the right direction of finding his ship “I could ask the person who found the compass where they found it?” it was the least he could do anyway, since the other male had probably lost a lot of other things to that he wanted to find. Kal had never been big on boats himself, but he imagined losing his apartment and shop would feel the same way to him, like a small piece had been taken from him and he couldn’t get it back. “Death, final” he responded with a solemn look in his eyes, they had to be careful because there was no second chance like phoenixes got.

Kal was a little confused about what Ilyas was trying to tell him as he explained what had happened and where his sisters were, but before long he realized that he was implying that one of them was pregnant and therefore it was best not to travel. But there was something else in his eyes too, a certain amount of concern and longing for his family. Kal understood that, he and Anivia were in the same city now but it still felt like there was a distance between them and he feared it would always feel a little like that. He didn’t want to disrespect his sister or go against her but much like Ilyas he also didn’t intend on just being part of the tribe like he knew she wanted him to. “Damn, she must be busy then” he commented with a nod of his head “And you’re learning English...clearly” he understood more than most foreigners he had met anyway and that was a good thing too because getting by in Evermore really did require good knowledge of the language.

Ilyas has definitely triggered Kal to think long and hard about his own thoughts when it came to the tribe, he didn’t intend on moving up the mountains or suddenly becoming the model member of their community but perhaps he had been a little selfish with his own standings and perhaps he owed a little more to his sister. She had let him be for a full 40 years after all, that definitely spoke a lot when it came to her standing on freedom “Your family are lucky to have you looking out for them” he commented thoughtfully as he lifted his drink to his lips and downed some of it “Maybe I owe my family more care” he commented softly as he leaned his hand against his cheek to prop himself up.

It was a comforting thing to witness when he watched Kaldre react to the news that Ilyas had lost his home many, many years ago; the worst part for him was not knowing how it sunk - he had to assume it got damaged throughout the battle with the English Initia tribe when they found out about himself and Eleanor. He highly doubted that it was the sea alone which took it to it’s bed, his ship had seen many different tides and weather conditions thus he knew for sure that it could survive; unless of course, the ship was taken by someone else who simply did not have the skills nor passion to sail it. Perhaps the ship alone was simply loyal to the Enver family. “Many years” Ilyas tried to wave a hand of dismissal, it still stung like a dagger to the heart, but time had made it easier for him to accept that life would not go back to how it was when he was a child, nor a young teenager who adorned on his Father. “Many long journeys, it sleep now” He offered a weak smile, many would find it strange that he regarded the ship like a person, a loved one but that was what it was - he saw it as his baby. 

It would be quite the task indeed, but it would certainly bring closure to the Niveis; it would give him the chance to say his final goodbyes to not only his ship but to his parents - it would feel as if they were buried there along with his home. Ilyas nodded with a slight grunt. “Impossible” He huffed to himself as he knew he was unable to truly believe it was possible but with the life he had lived and the life outside in modern society, perhaps anything was possible. With that, Ilyas stood and without asking, he went and helped himself to more alcohol; yet as he poured more liquid into the cup, his mind translated the English spoken words into Turkish which allowed him to turn to the other Niveis in surprise - would he really do a thing for a guy he did not know? Ilyas nodded solemnly and raised his glass in a toast of thanks. “You come too, if like” He responded, he knew he would likely to the journey alone if the seller was willing to give such information, but he felt the need to see if someone did want to join him on this ridiculous adventure. 

Once the alcohol was poured, he returned to his seat and allowed a slight chuckle to bypass his lips as the glass was brought up towards them. “I talked some English… Earlier” His brows furrowed, knowing the words did not sound right together, but he knew he got his point across that he was not completely new to the English language, but simply just rusty and a little out of date with how they spoke; yet to have Anivia teach him, along with living with Valeria - English would certainly come to him a lot sooner than he ever expected. A light smile appeared at the mention of his family, he didn’t suspect they would believe they were lucky now considering it had been many months see they last saw him. “They not know” He went on to tell him. “I left, came back never… They think I left” His broad shoulders gave off a shrug, to tell them the truth - well, he would cross that bridge when he got there. 

He glanced up at the other male, and could sense that he was lost within his own thoughts. “You, Anivia speak, no?” He asked, simply as he had not heard of his name when speaking with the tribe leader. “Without family, very unhappy life” And despite only knowing the man a few hours, he strangely felt the need to want him to be happy. 

He could tell from the way that Ilyas spoke that he probably wasn’t a young Phoenix before he died and became a Niveis, though it was impossible to tell whether someone was older or younger than you in this supernatural world he found. He listened to the way that Ilyas described the ship that he had been living on for a portion of his life and it quickly became evident to him of the very importance that it held for him, despite the fact that he tried to brush it off with a wave of his hand “It can be many many years since something happened and it is still hard to forget” he admitted with a slight nod of his head, he definitely felt that on a personal level given that it had been a full 4 decades since everything with his father went down and yet it still affected him to this day, made him question things, made him anxious and even paranoid at times “At least a ship can be found” not easily but a ship didn’t disappear or die which meant there could always be hope.

He shrugged a little at the word impossible “Maybe” he responded pretty honestly, he wasn’t going to say that it was because he really had no idea where it might be, how deep the waters were when it sank, how long it had been there. One thing he could probably say for sure is even if they found it, it would only be the things from inside it that were salvageable, he highly doubted the whole ship would remain intact all this time. He chuckled when the other Niveis raised his glass in thanks and raised his own before downing it, but the offer of coming with him made him choke for a moment on the burning liquid. He pulled a face before he managed to compose himself, well he hadn’t thought about that but someone so interested in trinkets and treasures like him had a little bit of a pirate dream and here was an opportunity to track down an actual shipwreck “Really?” he asked a little skeptical that he’d actually want him there “I wouldn’t say no to the chance to see it for myself” he answered honestly and nodded.

He nodded when Ilyas spoke about talking English, it was evidently clear to him that he was trying very hard to understand and speak the language which Kal could respect, having learned a couple of foreign languages himself, he knew it wasn’t easy, especially not when talking with native speakers anyway “Your English is good” he answered honestly, he’d managed to understand everything that Ilyas had said so far and that was saying a lot “If you ever want to practice, you’re always welcome at my shop” he spoke and nodded “Perhaps in the day next time” it was really late at night after all, but what started as a robbery seemed to have become the start of a strange friendship. When he spoke of his family he gave a sad smile, he knew what it was like to face someone after you left them, it wasn’t easy at all “They’ll forgive you, you’re family” he spoke honestly and nodded his head.

Same as Anivia had forgiven him, despite the fact that he probably didn’t deserve it after he left “We speak yes” he answered and nodded his head “But we’ve been apart for 40 years so...there’s a little tension” he shrugged a little, repairing everything he felt would need to happen over time, neither of them were just immediately going to be okay with everything “Have you met Lucia?” he asked with raised brows “She works here at my shop sometimes” part-time so he was always forgetting when she was and wasn’t in.

There was truth to his words, that somethings that happen, never mind how many years ago cling to a person no matter how many timed that they try and shake off the memory and associated emotions; of course, he supposed he was somewhat lucky that what haunted him was simply one day of very unfortunate and morbid events. There were consequences of that day that followed after such as him leaving his surviving family for weeks to regain some level of control and then the survival within the rainforest; but overall, throughout the centuries, his life had been somewhat happy and exciting. For example, what kid wouldn't want to sail the seven seas? He got to see much of the world whilst others lived in poverty, on the streets barely making ends meet. Thus, compared to others, perhaps he did not have too much to complain about and simply accept and move on to present and future problems which may come his way. Ilyas nodded to himself as he considered his thoughts. "Accept and forward move" He commented, knowing that what he said was much easier said than done; sometimes it was just closure which was needed. 

Ilyas couldn't stop the grin that appeared as the other male clearly choked on his drink after his invitation of coming along with him to locate his sunken ship. In fact, it surprised him also that he invited another being with him on such a mission - he was typically a lone wolf and enjoyed doing things alone but stupid was one thing he was not; he knew what he wanted to do would be tough and a second pair of hands would surely help him as well as someone who was knowledgeable about the modern transport. He was worried it may be required to jump on one of those flying cars to get to the location as he was sure the other male would not want to endure a long winded road trip with him. "Evet, evet! (Yes, yes!) I am sure" He reassured the almost suspicious looking male across the room. "Company is nice. And you clever on world today… Me? Not" 

A low chuckle rumbled deep in his chest at the comment of meeting in more sociable hours next time which happened to make him look out at the sky; now that the city was alight with electricity, it was more difficult to tell what time it was by the sky, but he suspected they were only a few hours away from dawn. "Beauty sleep, huh?"  However, he appreciated that many people were not night owls like himself and he realised that he had woken the poor man from his slumber and it would be rude of him to keep him from returning to that peaceful sleep; however, he noticed how well the two surprisingly got on, all things considered - and to make friends in the city was very much needed. Even if it was just to grab a drink, yet the bizarre mission to locate his sunken ship would likely make them better friends than simply drinking away their sorrows; such as family dilemmas. "After few punches, evet" That was the benefit of an outdated family, once frustrations were taken out in the form of violence - much was forgiven. 

Ilyas finished off his drink and nodded in response. "Better to get it done" He commented, it was always better to rip the plaster off than do it slowly - much less painful that way. Upon hearing the second female name, he quirked a brow and shook his head; it seemed there were plenty of people yet to meet, whether they were in the tribe or not. "Ahh" He chuckled with a shake of his head. "Glad it was you, not her, tonight" He mused although from what he saw of women these days, this Lucia probably would have shown him just as much violence as he did the shop. Eventually he stood up and glanced at the strange thing called a clock. "You sleep, we plan trip tomorrow" Ilyas commented, an excitable grin found his lips before he walked over to Kal and roughly hit albeit friendly, the other Niveis shoulder. 

“Accept and move forward” he repeated after the other male as he met his gaze, exactly that, if you sat and dwelled over every bad thing that happened you would likely keep doing so forever. He had spent so many sleepless nights thinking of the things he went through with his father and Anivia, thinking about how things could have been different if he’d made different decisions. It was a rabbit hole you could get yourself lost in forever if you allowed yourself. But eventually, he had done what he needed to do to move on. Which was why Anivia coming to Evermore after so much time had past was hard for him, it was hard not to go back to that person who questioned everything and felt so trapped in the past he couldn’t live his life. Letting it go was the wisest decision he had ever made and he couldn’t bring himself to regret it, even when everyone in the tribe saw him as a deserter.

The idea of the trip was a surprise but he kinda liked the idea of getting out of Evermore and just forgetting everything for a little while. Since the tribe had come to Evermore, everything had been focused around mending bridges and facing up to the decision he made and while he knew that was necessary and a part of him even wanted to make amends, that didn’t mean it was easy. And it was also overwhelming for his mental stability. “Okay if you’re sure” she spoke with a nod, he was actually looking forward to the treasure hunt, not because he wanted anything from it but because he liked the idea of the adventure, plus, strangely, he wanted to see Ilyas reunited with what was left of his past because it was clearly very important to him. “I know how to drive and the likes yes” he nodded.

It was definitely getting late though and while they had both had a couple of drinks, the lack of sleep was beginning to get to him and Kal was looking forward to returning to sleep, especially one which wasn’t interrupted by the burglar alarm going off “Exactly that” he spoke in an amused tone and shrugged “I don’t sleep much normally so I’ll take what I can get” it seemed Ilyas had caught onto the fact that Kal had been yawning for about 10 minutes now. The other male had definitely given him a lot to think about tonight though, from the questions he asked which had him thinking if he’d been too harsh on Anivia. Maybe it was his turn to offer an olive branch out to her “What’s a family reunion without a few punches” he joked and laughed, honestly he was surprised that wasn’t the very first thing Nivia had done to him and he wouldn’t have blamed her for it either, he did leave her without a word after all.

He laughed when Ilyas said he was glad it was him here and not Lucia tonight, Kal couldn’t disagree with that, the younger Niveis girl did strike him to take after her mother which meant she was feisty and not afraid to face up to people. It’s quite possible she would have kicked his ass and sent him packing without his compass “Yeah, she can be quite the firecracker, which is funny considering she’s like us” he chuckled softly and shrugged his shoulders. He raised to his feet as he got the hint that Ilyas was going to head home now “Okay, you know where to find me” he responded to his goodbye with a nod of his head and when Ilyas hit against his shoulder he looked confused for a moment until he realized and returned the gesture “Good to meet you, take care on the way home” he spoke and nodded. Tonight had been a strange but eye-opening experience for him.

The conversations which had happened that evening between Ilyas and Kaldre played over and over in his mind as he walked back to the Dhampir territory where Valeria resided; Ilyas had found it bizarre that he connected to the male in the way that he did - just from appearances alone, the other male was much smaller than him and most certainly had different hobbies and passions, that the likelihood of them being friends in the past was very slim. Yet, he was glad that it had happened; he got to learn so much more than he ever expected and got to see another point of view regarding the Tribe. It was also true that he was glad that he made a friend that was not the typical friend he would go to - more often than not, Ilyas would find himself with like minded souls, who would rather throw a punch first than think of any other means of resolution; but with Kaldre on side, perhaps his own ways of behaviour could change and fit in with this society. 

Ilyas was eager to plan a trip to locate the coast in which his ship sunk; of course, he didn’t have high hopes and knew it would be near impossible to locate the ship entirely, but certainly to find something would be wonderful - despite it being so long since that fatal day. In fact, if there were other shops much like Kaldre’s around, then they could be in those, or in those museums he heard so much about; that would be when he needed Kal to help him get those - although breaking and entering would be much more fun and amusing to see the other Niveis partake in. The rest of the evening was spent with him tossing and turning in bed, his mind would not shut off to all the possibilities that were to offer, and if anything was found, it would give Evermore City a sense of home for him and in the future, his family. He also found himself feeling rather guilty of how he left the state of the shop and found himself planning to go over, perhaps even before the store opened to help tidy up; he knew Kal would appreciate it, but also Valeria who would be so disapproving of his childish behaviour. 

The Turk must have only slept a few hours before he was up again, he had made enough breakfast for the Dhampir ambassador as well as the husky puppy before glancing at the time; would he be bothering Kaldre if he turned up so soon? Probably. Nevertheless, he was used to being a pain and that would not change because he wanted a travel companion. Therefore, he waited until the hand of the clock stroked 9am before he headed out; if he recalled other male stated he did not sleep that much. It didn’t take long for him to reach the store and he watched from the window as the other Niveis began tidying up the mess he made last night. The scene caused him to chuckle somewhat, before he stepped through the broken door and cleared his throat to notify the male of his presence. 

“Morning!” His loud voice roared through the shop as he knelt down to pick up a cutlery set and placed it nicely yet cautiously upon the shelving unit. “I not too early, I hope?” Ilyas questioned, he truly was like a child waking up on Christmas day. “I want to errr… Help with shop before plan” Ilyas nodded his head, hoping the other male was still up for the trip. 

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