Everyday Ilyas was growing a little more comfortable with how modern day worked, he still wasn’t a fan of it but he could not deny the growing appreciation on how far life had got since he last lived in a society with other people; yet this did not mean he didn’t miss the life he had within the depths of the forest. However, as the days went on, he began to rethink of the reasons as to why he missed the forest life and slowly, he came to realisation it was the people he missed and not that lifestyle; the one thing that he did miss, was the act of building and using brute strength rather than using the new utensils that they used today. Therefore, with that in mind, he made a mental note that he would speak with Anivia to see if he could start building work on a plot of land within the mountains ready for when he managed to get his family safely from the forest to Evermore City; which he hoped would be soon, as each day passed, the more likely they could have been found by Kadri and his own crew. His family occupied his mind constantly, especially when he noted the relationships others had within in the city - he still very much felt like an outsider which a rather noticeable language barrier; of course, Valeria and Anivia was introducing him to others, but Ilyas knew he was not the most approachable of men.

Therefore, when both of the women in his life were busy with their Ambassador roles, Ilyas frequently found himself in a building which he regarded as the love of his life and the only thing that had not really changed much over the centuries; the bar. If allowed, he would even take Memphis with him to have some company, she was the only one that sometimes truly understood him; yet tonight, he knew he would have to go alone, both Val and Memphis were attending a party at the Dojo for welcoming new Dhampirs to the faction and community - at least he knew he was no longer the newbie in the City. Since he arrived over a month ago, Ilyas had always ended up in the same bar, yet this evening he decided he wanted to see a little more of the City, particularly in the night time; the modern day city intrigued him but not enough for him to ever want to live in the center of it. A leather jacket covered his broad shoulders, his hands found comfort with the jacket’s pockets as he closed the door of Valeria’s apartment before he took off into the night; the cold breeze caused a light groan to rumble at the back of the throat - oh how he missed the Caribbean weather.

Without a particular destination in mind, Ilyas wandered - his gaze taking all the sights in, the many different faces in the crowds and the different items which decorated many shop windows. There was one shop which caught his eye, there were many old looking objects which gave him a sense of home; it was nice to see historic things still being sold - yet as his eyes roamed, they came to a sudden stop at the sight of a very familiar compass. Ilyas leaned forward, his nose pressed against the glass to get a better look; and lo and behold albeit faint - the initials YE were engraved around the edge. It had been many years, centuries even but Ilyas was no fool and knew for certain it was his Father’s. A sudden wave of anger with a tint of sadness washed over him, and he knew he had to get it back; it also triggered a layer of curiosity - he wondered if any more of his family belongings were in the shop. He would ask the questions later, once he had retrieved what was his.

Ilyas walked up to the door and roughly shook the locked door; with a frustrated growl, he glanced behind him - glad the evening was now late enough that many were already drunk or hidden away in the bars in the surrounding areas. With ease, Ilyas aggressively lifted his leg to push it forwards to collide with the weakened wooden frame; a smirk found his lips as the door swung open willingly for him, yet the sound of the ringing alarm made him jump - but he would not allow that to scare him. The Niveis entered the darkened building and without hesitation, he grabbed the compass before he began to rummage through the mounts of objects; unaware of what the alarm was actually doing.

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Kal had to laugh when Ilyas said freezing the shop to the ground because while that shouldn’t technically be possible, it brought an image to his mind of the whole shop essentially being frozen into a block like a massive ice cube. He shook his head slightly “Something like that, either way it wouldn’t have worked out too well” he liked to think he was a pretty reasonable guy who could recognize when someone meant to do harm and when they were just so lost in their own emotions that they didn’t realize what they were doing was harmful. Kal chuckled softly under his breath at the statement of cheap and cheerful “Yeah that’s not the kinds of things I sell, most of them are very expensive” had he been a different guy he probably could have made a lot more money doing the same thing on the black market but that disagreed with his morals which he liked to stick by “As long as you’re ready for a counteroffer then it’s okay” it was the people who expected cheap and nothing more that bothered him.

Kal nodded slightly, after 40 years of being apart there wasn’t a day he didn’t think of Anivia but he was sure things got easier without him in time for her and she had continued on with her life, he wasn’t the center of anyone’s world and he didn’t expect to be. And now they were in this situation where they were together again and yet things still felt distant too “We all learn to adapt with time, either you adapt or you get left behind” Kal had chosen to take a leap put into the world and find himself alone and to him, that was the right choice because he was a much stronger and more balanced person now than he ever was before. “I just hope she can forgive me with time” she told him she did but he had this feeling in the pit of his stomach that he still had a lot to make up for and he wanted to, he wanted to show her that he had become a better person in this time alone.

Kal kept wondering if he should offer to help with the door but then he kept reminding himself that he wasn’t all that great with DIY and would probably be more of a hindrance than actual help so he sat himself behind the counter and took out the paperwork for his recent sales, going through them and doing some online research about their worth “True” he responded to Ilyas saying with only one life to live they shouldn’t hold themselves back. He chuckled as the other Niveis continued talking about the dog he lived with and how she liked attention a lot “Sounds like she’s got you right where she wants you” he chuckled seeing he had finished on the door and came over to inspect it “Damn, you made that look so easy” he grinned slightly “Thanks, saves me having to call someone out” he grinned slightly and when Ilyas mentioned a demon box he pulled a confused expression for a moment before he explained and Kal patted his pockets for his phone before unlocking it and passing it over “A demon box huh? Actually not the most inaccurate way to describe it now that I think of it” he waited to hear more about the stone in the hopes he might be able to track down any information about the necklace.

It was always fascinating for Ilyas to hear about how others chose their life, he himself was never a businessman as such; unlike his fellow Niveis here. He of course, had to learn how to lead and do some business, but nine out of ten times, it usually ended in some form of violence, if not death. Although, he had done his fair share of selling items in the past, he did so by pirating and selling objects at many different ports that he and his family stopped off at; he missed those days, they were fun - thus he could understand how and why Kal was protective over the items which lay within his shop. Ilyas chuckled when he heard that many of the things that Kal sold were expensive and he hummed in amusement. “I can see” He nodded, and if he didn’t have a house to stay in and some money in his pocket - he would indeed steal from the man. “Does shop get busy?” He queried, mainly because of what he saw, many people wanted new things; not secondhand. 

Ilyas understood the concept of being left behind if you don't adapt to the new situation; he was almost that individual - it took a lot of strength to return to his sisters, and his crew after the battle and after the deaths of his parents. To this day, and despite it being centuries ago - he lived with the guilt that it was all because of him and he was sure that sometimes his family believed that too.  Ilyas glanced at the other male now, now that the conflicting emotions had simmered into the air and that the air could not be cut with a knife; from what he knew of Anivia, he was sure that she meant every word. “I think she is speaking truth” He attempted to reassure the man but understood that some demons were hard to fight off. “She feels other Niveis, so she can know that you have changed without speaking” He nodded, but shivered somewhat by the concept of the power that she possessed as Chief and Ambassador of his new kind. “It weird, if you ask me” His broad shoulders shrugged. 

He glanced downward with a small smile as he exhaled out a chuckle at Memphis having him wrapped around her little finger. “She is boss lady” He rolled his eyes, as he couldn’t believe that he had allowed a dog to control him. “A cute one too” Ilyas grinned, and would make sure that he would get himself his own dog when he eventually moved out of Valeria’s and got his own place; which in his eyes needed to be soon - he craved a place to call home. He had even gone and scoped out an area in the woods, near the base of the mountains to build for his family. Ilyas waved his hand in dismissal as Kal complimented his work on fixing the door. “Least I can do, and I like it” He nodded, and grabbed the many tools to place them back in the box before grinning widely at the males reaction to his phrasing of demon box to describe mobile phones, as well as televisions. “At first. I said the box captured me but I was told it is a photo” He shook his head at the memory and how he ended up throwing the phone across the room; eventually he began to nervously tap the screen to spell out the Turkish word of the green stone. “Diop… Tase” He stuttered out the broken down word and showed the male the screen to show him the dioptase Stone; a beautiful deep teal coloured stone. 

Kal chuckled, he was definitely proud of the business he had built, after going from someone who essentially did and said whatever he was told to, to spending the last 40 or so years trying to figure out what he wanted to do, he liked to think that he had found something that suited him, he had always been pretty great at picking out things that seemed to be valuable and he had spent the past few years collecting information and tips about everything he found in the human world. A lot of it stemmed from the fact that when he started, quite literally everything he saw was new for him and the shop was a way of keeping the thrill of that learning going “Sometimes, especially in the spring when people clear out their houses and find lots of new valuable things” he nodded slightly, it kept him on his toes, but he did often need to keep his eyes peeled for people who tried to palm off stolen goods or counterfeits.

The hardest thing that Kal had experienced since leaving Unyak was being apart from his sister, they had always been together, they had always had each other and when their brother was killed they were quite literally the only person they had left, after his mother left him, he just felt himself getting more and more alone. Which is why he could understand if she was angry at him for leaving, because he turned his back on her much like his mother did on him so maybe he was punishing himself more for his actions than even she was. “She’s a better person than most people, so she probably is” he responded with a nod of his head, but there was a part of him that felt like he needed to earn said forgiveness too. Ilyas’ comments about her power to sense other Niveis made him chuckle “I’m with you there, kinda invasive too, especially when that power is given to someone with bad intentions” not that he was implying Nivi had bad intentions but his father certainly used that ability to keep tabs on them all.

The way he talked about the dog he knew was really endearing “Most animals are and yet they find a way to get you right here” he tapped lightly over his own chest and chuckled softly, most people turned to butter the moment they saw a cute animal and almost melted on the spot, it was really interesting to see how different they could be. He nodded slightly when he said it was the least he could do to fix the door “Not the first time it’s been broken as you may be able to tell” he joked with a laugh, turned out having a shop with a bunch of mystical objects put you at high risk for a break-in, go figure. He couldn’t help but laugh when he spoke about the way the box captured him and then explained it was a photo “Yeah...those are good for capturing memories, not people” he teased with a laugh before leaning across the desk to see the picture Ilyas showed him of the stone “So beautiful. And how big was the stone?” he was already on his computer and doing research into the stone, how it fared in water and any showpieces that might be around in museums to help them locate it.

Whilst Ilyas looked around the shop, it made him realise that perhaps this was the sort of life that he wished to live; in a sense of having a space where people can come in and enjoy themselves and perhaps leave with a smile on their face. Of course, trading would be the most reasonable idea, as that was what he did best back as a Phoenix and as Pirate; but these days, with the anger which was continuously hidden beneath the surface, he believed that a gym of sorts would be a good place to start. A faint smile appeared on his lips at the thought of one day owning something that was his, rather than crashing at other people’s homes and the like. Although, he suspected business had changed quite a bit since he last tried anything of the like; he assumed violence would no longer be a method to get what he wanted - or if he was owed anything. Nevertheless, he could see the passion and excitement in Kal when he spoke of his shop. “I will have to come. See new but old things. Buy this time too” He winked at the other Niveis. “Why you have, shop like this?” 

Ilyas was genuinely curious, he loved to hear of other people’s passions and interests and what made them do what they do; after all, he believed others would not find his business ventures that shocking. The Turk nodded in agreement with Kal’s comments about Anivia; and he must say, upon hearing of the woman and how she was the leader, he naturally assumed that he would not get on with her - simply because he was a leader too. Yet, he found himself warming to her, and enjoying her company, just like he did her brother; and he believed that she was a great leader, and from what he heard from Valeria, it seemed other’s shared his beliefs. Ilyas couldn’t help but laugh at the unique power that she held, and how embarrassing it could be for both parties if she paid attention to their aura or however it worked at an awkward time.”Very” He laughed. “She stays out from me, most time, I hope” An inquisitive expression found his features for a moment. “Wrong person?” He thought back to previous conversations with Kal and his sister and pondered over this for a short while. “Baba? (Father)” 

He glanced down to the man’s chest as he pointed to his heart and grinned. “Man best friend” He smiled fondly as he pictured his own dog when he was growing up, and how they were almost tied at the hip. “I want one again, but Memphis would be green” Ilyas mused before glancing over his shoulder at the door and laughed. “Time for new, soon, no?” Although he gathered any one could break anything to get in they wanted it bad enough. “Many break ins?” Ilyas asked. “The television was bad. But now, I like” He mused, a light chuckle vibrating deep within his chest, being unemployed, he found the company of the TV very nice. His gaze fell upon the stone on the screen and hummed in approval at how beautiful it was and is; upon Kal’s question, he made a series of thinking sounds about the size of the stone before motioning with his fingers. “This big? Had gold chain” 

Perhaps this kind of shop was a strange idea for a career to most, he could have done whatever he wanted with his new start, after leaving Unyak he had come out into the world only to discover how much more civilized it was when compared to their island. People had a choice in what they wanted to do with their lives, education was provided in many different subjects, including in ones he had never even known existed before like engineering and architecture, everything was so much bigger than he even imagined it to be. So why a little shop like this “I guess I always had this fascination with the idea of treasure and finding value in things which may seem worthless to others” it wasn’t so much about the money as the thrill of buying and trading things, along with seeing all the rare items which existed in the world “It’s a challenge, finding things which are valuable and knowing when something is not” sometimes he got it right, sometimes he got it wrong, that was what kept things interesting.

Kal chuckled, it definitely seemed like the had an interesting relationship with Anivia but he found that was probably the case with most people when it came to his sister, she was a good leader in that her mind was always on the ball when it came to what was right for her people and she cared for them but that didn’t stop her from seeming a little tough to crack at times. “I’m sure she would to anyone who asked her to, that’s the thing which makes her different, makes her good” and yet there was a time where he could say the same thing about his father and then all of that had come crashing down to the point many people paid the price. And there was a part of him that believe those powers and the control they gave the leader over other Niveis was the problem “Yeah, our father” he responded and nodded “He hurt a lot of people, including his children” it was safe to say in the end he was completely consumed by his lust for power and extreme paranoia that there was no getting through to him.

“Yes indeed” he agreed when he said dogs were a man’s best friend, though his heart did lie with the feline kind, his cat Ivy was no doubt wandering around here somewhere, though she hadn’t shown face yet, probably wouldn’t until he went near the cat food and then all of a sudden she would appear out of nowhere “No good making them jealous” he chuckled, he could never get another cat, his diva would never forgive him for it. “Yeah I thought about it and then I realized most people who break in here are supernatural so” he pressed his lips together and widened his eyes “Even a better door isn’t going to do much” but he did have an alarm sensor which was pretty hard to avoid setting off as well as surveillance cameras. “Not always break-ins, just many people think because of what my shop sells, I must be a Diviner” so they usually come looking when they need help and the likes. He nodded when the other male confirmed what he thought the size of the stone was along with the fact it was set into a gold chain “Okay, I will send the description to my contacts and see if any museums or private collectors have a similar item” he nodded slightly “So next we should probably figure out what area you want to cover” he spoke with a firm tone before rolling out a map and laying it down on the counter for him to read.

A slow smile formed on his lips when he heard of the reason why Kal had decided that he wanted to have a shop like this; he understood the fascination of finding new things and being able to learn about the objects heritage before selling it on to someone else who shared the same amount of love for it. It was very similar to what he and his Father used to do when they sailed the seas to find treasure before selling it for a good price at the nearest port or market they could find. “It is fun” He agreed, and it was a shame that Ilyas was no longer in the business of hunting as he could imagine that he and Kal would have a great business relationship; although he wasn’t entirely sure how it all worked in the modern day but he didn’t imagine many if at all gave their items to the other Niveis for free. “If I had my ship, we be business partners” He grinned - that certainly was one thing that he needed to get used to once again; finding a place to call home, but only to find that it was landlocked. Ilyas would always have a calling to the sea; and now that calling could be even more intense now that ice ran through his veins. 

Ilyas nodded, although the only difference was that he had not asked Anivia to stay away from his thoughts; at least not verbally. Perhaps she sensed it herself through his own projections so in effect, she did as he asked. His features fell sombre when Kal confirmed that it was his Father who misused the power and he grunted; particularly at the revelation that he used it to hurt his family and loved ones. “Me sorry” Ilyas murmured quickly as he finally finished off his cup of tea and placed the mug down. “Make me angry, Baba (father) can do that to children” He was incredibly lucky that his Father was a doting one; despite all the claims which stated that Yusef Enver was a cruel man to many - including Tulay, his wife. He tried to imagine the pain that came from his actions; but whatever it was, did eventually turn into something good whenever he saw Anivia and Kal - they had grown up to be well rounded adults. Ilyas believed that it could have ended up a lot worse for them. 

Ilyas mused silently at a jealous pet, he knew what Memphis could be like when he gave another human being attention; so he believed that if it was another animal, she would release hell on Earth. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly as Kal mentioned that many thought he was a Diviner due to the items which he sold and Ilyas nodded somewhat. “I see why. But no creepy things” He laughed and glanced around at the objects in the shop; yet he wouldn’t be surprised if they found that one if not a couple of the items were to be cursed or haunted. “Though some look very old, powerful maybe. Haunted objects?” He teased, he longed for the day to see a Ghost or the like; being brought up on a ship lead to him believing in many superstitions. Women on board were one of them, yet that supersition had faded somewhat considering he traveled with his Mother and Sisters at one point.  Ilyas nodded and grinned knowing that he was perhaps a little closer to finding something else of his heritage but he knew the pickings would be slim - it had been 300-400 years now. 

His eyes widened at the map which was ended up being sprawled out on the countertop; the pads of his fingers traced over the paper and he exhaled at the memories which were brought to him.  “We ported at Naisou.” His gaze moved across the map before placing his finger at the location. “Popular place for us in Piracy” He commented and he could feel his gut sink as that was the location where his family met their end. 

He chuckled softly “You meet all kinds of interesting people too” and while he wasn’t the most sociable or outgoing person he did enjoy the variety to the day that it provided, he enjoyed a bit of back and forth with them and investigating and learning more about their item, often when someone brought something in they had no idea of it’s worth. He smiled when he said they would make good business partners if he had his ship “I guess you’ve been used to traveling all your life huh?” he raised a brow curiously, he was the opposite, almost all of his life had been spent in one place and even after he left Unyak he came to Evermore and stayed here. Maybe he just wasn’t the type to move around or maybe it was a habit from the life he led til then.

Kal nodded a few times in thanks for the other male’s empathy, he definitely found it difficult to remember what his father had gone without recoiling into a person he didn’t like being, he had been so angry and lost after losing his brother and then his lover, it was a wonder that he managed to stay on his feet at all “The only good thing I can say about him is that he’s gone now” all thanks to Anivia, though it wasn’t without its cost and the rebellion saw them lose a lot of very important and innocent people “And thankfully my sister grew up to be a good person in spite of the example she was given” Anivia had never really wavered in the person she was while he certainly had and he admired her for how steadfast she could be.

“Yeah I tend on the interesting and whacky things, there’s a black market for those who are looking to sell cursed objects, I have no interest in bringing those into my home” no doubt the place would end up going up in flames or some random angry spirit would come to annoy him for the rest of eternity and he didn’t have the patience for that. “Most of the scary-looking ones are mostly decorative” he chuckled softly “I tend to buy things that have interesting functions or anything which has protective like charms” could definitely use some of that given the fact that people kept showing up at his shop out of nowhere.

Kal watched the other male as he pointed out the different places on the map which meant something and he nodded slightly taking in the location and then getting onto his computer to do some more research about any shipwreck rumors or things that had been found there. There wasn’t much but a few news stories about interesting driftwood. He pursed his lips for a moment and expanded his search to the surrounding cities before coming across an interesting museum website. He started scrolling through the artifacts before turning the screen around to show Ilyas “Anything here you recognize?” if anything was lost there, it would likely wind up in a museum if it was of value.

Ilyas nodded in agreement, he had met quite a handful of different people within his travels and within his lifetime; The Enver family never truly had a home, at least not since his Mother found out she was pregnant with Ilyas - since that very moment, and with the constant fear of being taken by the many governments and other enemies, the family remained at sea for the majority of their days. “A lot of people” He hummed with a widening grin as fond memories came to the forefront of his mind. “I very lucky to have a life like a pirate” He went on. “In the 1600s, travel not possible for people.”' Ilyas almost sighed in sadness, as he thought about how so many people lost out when it came to the wonders of the world; especially now, when it seemed travel was a lot more possible for all kinds of people. “You talk of world they only know in dreams” He commented and drummed his fingers upon the tool box as he recalled some of the expressions many held when he told them of places like Africa. 

He couldn’t help but blink a few times at the comment of how it was good that the man was gone; despite knowing the story, or at least, as much as they were willing to share with him, he simply could not imagine being happy that a family member was gone. Ilyas was sure his expression gave it away - his face had a habit of speaking loudly when he didn’t intend it to do so. “Life gives lemons, make lemonade, no?” He laughed a little, he knew many people that wanted to be anything but their parents, although he had a terrible feeling that slowly brought bile up from his stomach; that sometimes it was impossible to outrun the familiarities one has with their parents. He, to this day, believed it was still very much possible that he would turn out like his Father - not that it would necessarily be all bad; but Yusef did have a terrible streak to him. “And Mother? What she like?”

Ilyas could only imagine the many reasons why Kal did not want to bring cursed and dark objects back into his shop or his home; and he couldn’t stop the laughter that echoed out of him. “Seems shop brings in the crazy already” He commented, noting all of the many different people, some like himself that had had wanted something from the other Niveis. “But black market? Where?” He was curious and because of that, he knew he needed to go and check it out; he knew it could sometimes be dangerous, but where would the fun be if he lived in the comfort of his own bubble all the time? “And you are no Diviner?” He teased as he glanced at the objects which could hold protective qualities. 

His eyes narrowed suspiciously as Kal began to work the computer, and occasionally he gave the other man side eye; even though he had lived in this community for some time now - he still did not like the new technologies it came with. Occasionally his withdrew his head before leaning in when they came to a page full of images; he hummed in thought, and his lips tolled together. “Maybe.. That” He pressed his finger to the screen and more than likely left a fingerprint mark; his finger lingered on one of the green necklaces. “It hard to tell when not in hand” 

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