Mavi didn't like shopping malls. They were crowded, noisy, and filled with the smell of overcooked, overpriced, and under performing food. Sometimes, however, in a pinch everyone ended up there. Which was how on her first Tuesday night in Evermore, Mavi ended up in a fitting room of one of the keynote stores, frowning at her reflection in the low grade light of the fitting room mirror. It was cramped and she swore that the white shirt the attendant brought her had a lot more lace and ruffles than the simple, modern cut one she'd chosen from the rack for her interview tomorrow. Her emergency had been a case of wet suitcases after unloading straight into a six inch puddle of mud and water from her Taxi, as she arrived at the new apartment building where she would be leasing for the next seven months. Despite how durable her suitcase was everything inside was soaked and would need a good trip to the laundromat before it didn't either smell of mire or look covered in sludge. She was fairly sure showing up in a white shirt with brown cow spots was not the look of confidence that would help her be hired into Evermore's journalism staff. In fact, it was probably the opposite. Mavi reached for the next item on the hanger, pulling a black skirt up over her body. It was meant to be slightly form fitting and reach just above the knee, but even as she saw it hanging, Mavi could tell that these were the wrong clothes. The skirt that she'd put on was nearly floor length and once again covered in a delicate lace.

Mavi poked her head out of the curtain that protected her privacy. Where was the employee who had her clothes? Her real clothes! She walked out to the main mirrored area and caught a glimpse of herself in full bodied, 20th century style, and couldn't help but snicker. She looked...different, to be sure. It was only as she was looking over at herself in the mirror that out of the corner of her eye, Mavi swore that she saw herself, in the outfit she'd chosen, emerge from the dressing room behind her, and laugh at the clothing on her body. Turning around, she faced her mirrored self. "What the...heck."

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