It is so very hard to admit, even to ourselves, that we are lonely - it is far easier to "invent" a myriad of problems that we buy into, body and soul, inventing scenarios that involve social interaction out of simple ‘how may i help?’ at the coffee show, and we encourage others to do the same because loneliness is one of those emotions that can’t be fixed with a simple pill. Loneliness is the deranged screaming of a man in a room, filled to the brim with people and somehow still feeling completely alone. Loneliness is the thought of never touching another being ever again and ending up cringing at the slightest accidental brush of another warmth too close to you. 

 It's little wonder why our society is broken. Only when we are emotionally starving for real companionship can we appreciate the beautiful relationships we’ve had over the course of a lifetime, the little interactions between one person  and another. 

Morthon Rainy/John Shooter from Secret Window

Only when Arken had felt this deep pit of despair and agony, the feeling like, even in a city of thousands, he was completely and utterly alone. Although, the Initia wasn’t always alone, he once had a woman in his life, as close as family, that brightened up his days with merely a hair toss or a smile. Lily. She’d disappeared when he moved to the wretched city of Evermore, and even worse thereafter? The Detective he’d been hiring to find her had gone too. 

Pulling out his mobile phone, Arkens thumbs quickly hit the keys to go to his call log. Over the past year he’d rung the same number, five times a day, seven days a week. 1825 phone calls, all with the same answer…

“The number you have dialed is not recognised, Please check the number and dial again.”

With a resentful sigh, he then clicked the next three buttons, the same pattern he did everyday, and reread the text message over again, as if he didn’t already know it by heart. 

“I found something. C.”

Essential - New phone and 360 camera by Andy Rubin | Product Hunt

He knew exactly what the words meant. A year ago, Arken had hired Detective Cornerlia Bradford, A Nephilim he’d found who knew how to find people that didn’t want to be found...But something went wrong, for the detective disappeared into what seemed like thin air. Arken had tried every way imaginable to find her, but couldn’t. The morning air made his heavy breathing blur in front of him in a cloud, the Initia lifted his arm and launched the device out across the grassy plain he sat before. He stood, dusting the dirt of his jeans and turned his back to the direction of the device and stormed back towards the path that led into the city. But as he did, a flash of mousy hair and a familiar perfume invaded his vision. 

The old movies had scenes, where the character saw something and everything turned to slow motion, everything, and then the camera focused on one particular part, zooming closer every now and then. This moment for Arken was like that, the world slowly stopped spinning and his eyes narrowed. 

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His voice was raspy and dry as he called out. The sound of a desperate man with even more desperate cry. “Cornelia!” He called again, more confident this time, but still strangled in his throat as if he was expecting the woman to turn and look nothing like the lost detective. Turning his hands in the air, Arken forced the grass at her feet to grow, enveloping her shoes in the green blades so he could easily catch up...But he never went to the front to see for himself, he waited, a few steps behind, watching warily until finally, the mouse haired woman turned...

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