It wasn’t as if Malva had nothing better to do other than keeping herself busy by drowning her petite self in the pile of sheets where most of her spells came undone and ended up being a pile of fail attempts. Failure, basically. "What in the world am I doing..."  The Russian born Aspect of Magic grumbled to herself as she crumpled yet another paper and threw it somewhere in her spacious room. That was probably her 300th time or god knows how many more poor papers the girl has been wasting. 

"This is not working out well.."  No shit sherlock, Malva. Obviously it was not working out at all when you have your head wandering off in the air with no other basis. Deciding it was enough for her to stop wasting the poor papers today, Mal closed her spell journal and rolled out the other scrolls, arranging them neatly and accordingly in the cabinet before plopping herself on her bed, laying her head on top the pillow of hers as she stared at the fan spinning on the ceiling.

After a while of endless staring, she decided to take a walk, which meant it would be her first time after almost two months of being in her room. Mal hasn't been going out as she used to, which was probably why she quit being a doctor at the general hospital of Evermore. She told herself the reason she did all the isolation part was due to herself needing some time off the society they were in. Which wasn't really easy given that the society they lived in had supernatural creatures as their majority of population.

Today was it, then. She was finally setting her foot outside of their residency, again. She hoped it will be long lasting this time. She needed to check up on the Diviners once in a while after all. To which she hasn't been doing for quite some time. Tucking her spell journal in her bag, she wrapped a jacket around her as she went downstairs, only to find no one. That one did not came to her as a shocker, clearly. No one really stayed in the manor anymore with the exception of them Aspects and a few guards. Opening the entrance door slowly, Malva was greeted by the cool breeze as she set her foot outside and made her way to her destination, the river banks, where most of the Diviners had resided in. Or at least, the last she checked, anyways.

It would be a lie if she said she did not miss Isle of Skye the slightest because everyone in the faction knew if there was one who hated Evermore to the core, it was going to be her. She never liked Evermore and despite her position, she didn't like being in the supernatural society that much. The now light haired Aspect found the supernatural haven to be easier to navigate though, thankfully. Since she couldn't risk getting lost.

It came to her as a question, to why she didn't just fly over to the river banks like she used to go anywhere the first time they came to Evermore. Malva had guessed, after the tragic incident that took place at the Isle of Skye, she felt mildly traumatic to use her main ability that categorized her easily as one of the Aspects, because it had reminded her to who she was. Her current identity. Boy how she missed Tatiana, who was her partner in everything. Who was also her ball of emotion helper.

She felt as if one by one was beginning to disappear and go away. First, Aureus who ended up giving back the mantle to their brother, Venetus due to exhaustion, then a few of her siblings going elsewhere. The guards starting to move out of the manor and only coming in to bring updates and news. Her strongest confidant was also out of town to carry out the mission they gave on keeping an eye out for other supernatural beings. No wonder the Aspect of Magic felt alone.

Taking a seat at the same boulder she used to sit on, which was just a few meters away from the stream, she took out her spell journal and flicked through the pages. As she delved too much on the spells, she had accidentally made the tree vines grew around her without her knowing. It seemed to be her habit these days. Delved too deep and while doing so, her magic spiraled out doing what it does best without the host knowing or realizing.

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It wasn't something unusual for the Aspect of Magic to just lose herself in deep thoughts occasionally. Well, if you can say it's occasionally, it does actually happens a lot these days. Can't blame her, the poor woman has a lot in her head at the moment after all. Hearing a very familiar accent, she looked up and saw a male. Possibly a diviner as well considering where they were at. Noticing how the vines were growing at quite a rapid pace, Malva stopped the growing with a simple look and it decreased gradually back to it's normal size.

She can't even give life to things so easily without losing herself on the spot. She really does need to stop thinking too much. But exactly how in the world is she going to do that? When she was purely conscious that their foes are basically accommodating the other side of the city? She didn't want them to be her foes, she didn't want anyone to be her foes. At all. But people don't always get what they want. Which was pure superficial to her, because they never really do get anything worked out their way without having any problems, may it be secondary or minor ones.

"I don't think these things can eat anyone alive." She shrugged. He emits a dark aura which gave her the impression that he is a dark diviner. Of course Mal wasn't foreign to such auras. She's been around for a while. She might not really go out that much from the Isle in the past, but once upon a time, Tatiana and Gabriel did serve her as good companions to the 'wondrous adventures and escapades' they had. She knew enough.

"No. I wasn't trying to be discreet... But then again, I wasn't trying to stand out either. I believe I've failed in both areas.." She huffed and faced the stranger directly as she fixed her position. "I've never seen you around before, are you new?" On her defense, Malva has not stepped out the manor for a few months yes. But she hardly doubted more new people started to move in, Again, the Aspect of Magic wasn't exactly reliable to know newcomers. She's definitely gone rusty.

Staring into the cold breeze, she shrugged slightly when he asked if she was a new resident as well. "Kind of. But not really..I don't think my family would say we're new. We've been here for more than a year for sure. But I can never truly be blending in the society and community in this eternal city. Despite the majority of population being more to supernatural beings instead of humans. Guess you could say, I never felt like this place is a home." Which was thoroughly very true, seeing as she never considered the supernatural haven in Colorado anywhere near the word that meant home for her. She hated the place. For many reasons she won't care to justify.

As the young diviner introduced himself, Malva just gave a small nod, as if she couldn't care less. She could assure him that wasn't the case. She was just enjoying the fresh air outside and she didn't expect any company so yes, if you were her, you'd be indifferent too. When he asked her if it was light magic she was using on the vines earlier, she averted her gaze on to the diviner instead, her sapphire hues analyzing him slowly. "You're sure a curious little one, aren't you. But yes, the form of magic that I was using on the vines earlier was in fact, light magic. It's very distinctive from dark magic but it's not that much of a difference. The contrast between both are not really a lot once you see it." The way she talked was as if she was a wielder of both light and dark magic, which she was. But he didn't know that, now did he?

She guessed it wasn't something she should be hiding anymore nowadays. Her identity, her abilities. Everything. She was way too tired to even hold up another identity to mask her own. "But seeing as I never intended for the vines to actually choke people and kill them like some artificial snake, I didn't use dark magic. I only used the small bit of light in the form of my own objective. Which was, to grow and support the go green campaign." The small tinge of sarcasm could be detected very easily, especially with the way she was speaking." She knew, it wasn't long until the curious doe of a diviner asked her how she was able to wield both forms of magic seeing as they were categorized into their own, and she wasn't even the ambassador. There was no reason she could wield both forms unless she was in the position where she was able to.

Turning to her side, she tilted her head slightly as she raised her eyebrows. "You want me to teach you that? Aren't you a dark diviner?" She meant no offense but she could see the dark aura emitting from him very clearly. Of course, she knew not all dark diviners are those petty mean witches. She wasn't stupid to think so. "I could teach you a few things, I guess..but don't you have a grimoire of your own?" Now, Malva was purely asking out of genuine confusion. It took her a while to realize, not all of them have grimoires since those were ones passed from factions and bloodlines. Even if you have a long line of witches, sometimes, the grimoires were no use. It depends on the person, really.  "You knew well that most diviners didn't like to share their spells, yet you still asked. You're one interesting diviner, Maverick."

"Fortunately for you, I'm not stingy. Well, not when it comes to my spells of course." She was sure he would be surprised when he found out that there were a lot more spells that she never gave such knowledge to the witches of old. The only one who had access to all her spells were Gabriel Dimitreu, her apprentice. And of course, formerly Stephen Hunt. "Not many like to practice their magic out in the open. I don't, too. What happened earlier was merely an accident. I tend to go off the grid when my mind is elsewhere." Pursing her lips lightly, she decided to ask him. "Maverick, aren't you curious who I am? Obviously, you can't decide whether I'm a light or dark diviner. You also can't sense any diviner aura on me. Yet I practice them as if they were my toys. I could be a bad guy here." Now, Malva isn't one for quizzes but sometimes, she does like to go out of her comfort zone and survey around.


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