Benjamin was beginning to understand more and more of the supernatural world, one of his best friends was the dhampir Ambassador, the mayor was scared of a vampire and he was….in a weird borderline maybe romantic relationship with the Aspect of magic, so he was getting better with understanding. That also meant when he saw certain things in the front of an occult shop he knew it was owned by an actual Instar Diviner and not someone trying to make a quick buck off bogus product. Ben  was pretty sure one of the Guards owned an occult shop but he didn’t know exactly where and he didn’t want it getting back to Malva that he went into one. In her mind he shouldn’t be risking himself in such a way.

Opening the door a small bell above it chimed as his large frame stepped trough the door and into the shop which smelled of incense and herbs but he wouldn’t be able to tell you what kind. Wondering around he looked at the displays, some of the items had information on what it was and what it did but not everything. And given Ben’s very basic understand of magic itself it was probably test he talked to someone since he had no idea what he needed. “No need to rush, just an ignorant customer roaming around.” He muttered to himself not trying to be rude since it was more an insult at himself than anything since he wished that he didn’t have to be a bother.

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