Healing. It's always a long road, physical or mentally there is never a fast way to take on the world. Zandra months ago her leg was badly injured from stepping in a bear trap. Not a fun way for someone on a mission alone. She was lucky enough to have someone to find her and get her out of the situation without anything more happening. That night was not that fun for the human at all. Zandra has been taking everything slow and painful hating she can't do anything but sit down and lay making sure her leg gets better quickly. 

It didn't stop her from trying to walk around town, Zandra knew walking it out will work for the muscles. The human put her laptop, notebook and her case with her pins, pencils highlighters and sharpies in her black backpack as she begins to walk out of the doors of the manor. She has been getting used to going on the bus lately which is something Zandra would not admit out loud. Today was no different as she went to her favorite coffee shop to type out things for her blog. It's all she has been doing lately. 

It was very quiet for the most part as it came to the afternoon. Zandra got herself a vanilla latte with a breakfast sandwich as she was telling her story about learning how to accept yourself even if things weren't going well. Reflecting how she was feeling, Zandra did felt like she wouldn't do anything and is trapped inside in her body. "It's ever easy to sit down and do nothing well the world does not seem to care how you feel." Zandra typed as she went thought her experience about her recovery with her leg. She is sure it's coming closer and closer to being completely healed but she can't just get back that quickly. 

As the Human Guard finished up her story, she said looking at all three stories she wrote out. One thing about her time off is that there are more time for her to write her passion and express herself. Zandra can say for the show from those in the manor and her fans on her blog got her through this hard time. She will always be grateful for all the get well messages and stay care of yourself along with don't overwork yourself. 

Love Yourself,  is one thing Zandra wanted to work on this year along with taking better care of her well been. After all, she is just Human. Being in the guard with so many supernaturals taught her she is her own power and there is nothing wrong with that. She can do things others can't well it can be vise verse. It takes the hard way and doing something yourself you can finally learn and it's important for growth. 

When Zandra pulled up a clean new page in word pad, she heard someone yell, "Yeah, he took my purse." The guard turned around seeing the male-run out of the door. Something inside of her started to move her legs regardless of the pain. She knew she will pay for it later. "Hey stop that man!" Zandra yelled to get someone's attention. "Damn it, Damn that bear trap," she said to her self.  The next moment she saw a male she thought looked familiar started to run after the male as she relief sigh came to her. Turning to the women who were asking if Zandra was ok. "Am fine. I just saw someone running after the male who got your purse. If he is what I thought he is you will get it back just stay here." Zandra said making sure she was in view of the male came back. 

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Theo was having trouble wrapping his head around all that had been happening in Evermore it seemed like things were getting more and more out of control as each day went by. The elder guard was doing his best since coming back from his Awol mission to stay on the straight and narrow he was seeing a therapist to sort out his own mind. Following orders from the Aspects and trying not to go against them again, he was slowly coming to terms that his brother wasn’t coming back. Nothing would or could change that fact, today Theo just needed time away from the mansion to get a hot coffee and just sit amongst the people and read a book.

The guard had his novel tucked into his back pocket and his hands stuffed into his jacket pockets as he walked down the sidewalk. Yelling caught his attention and Theo looked up just in time to see a man go whipping out of the cafe, Zandra was trying to run after him Theo took off in a sprint after the man thinking he grabbed Zandra’s purse. The man was slightly faster than Theodor looking around to make sure no one was watching, Theo let a gust of wind whoosh out of his hand to trip the man up. 

“Didn’t you’re mama teach you it’s rude to steal and to disrespect a lady?” Bending down the Guard picked up the purse and grabbed the man by the back of his shirt and helped him to his feet. With his free hand, he called the local police to come to pick the thief up, after all, was said and done. The Initia made his way back to the cafe, realizing he dropped his novel somewhere along the way. Once back at the Cafe extending his hand towards Zandra “Should hang onto this a little tighter” Offering a charming smile.

“How is your leg doing?” Theo held out his arm to help her walk being the gentleman he always was.

She was at the meeting when she heard about Theodor going on his own mission to find something missing about the guard that is dead. Zandra knows the name very well but she had no idea who face looked like until today. The manor is really crazy lately as so many things around the treat in hand. It didn’t help the human wanted to do so much but with her leg being this way is blocking her.  All she does is sit down watch what happened, write about it on her blog and go on her way. Nothing really is happening which made her not feel easy at all. The Unknown around this time is more disturbing than anything. Things are getting out of control, wrapping someone’s head around what is going on. How can someone not thinking about what really can happen any time, any day or any moment?

Zandra knew her job is now to look after the women who are the real victim telling her she will get her purse back. After a new minute going by, the women were trying to call Zandra a lair as they both turned around to see the male who ran down with her purse. A big relief came on to Zandra before she could say thank you, listening to what he said the human tried not to laugh in his face as he told it to the wrong person. Zandra took the purse as she turned to the women and handing it to the owner. “What he said. I was trying to invest in a small backpack. You can feel everything and if they want to take it they will have to take you with them.” Zandra said with a smile as the lady thanked them both and left. 

The human guard looked up when the male spoke up asking about her leg. “Oh this thing?” she said looking down at her leg with a sigh and then looked up to him. “It’s fine, I will be happy when it’s better so I can do things. I don’t recommend a fight between a beartrap and a leg.” Zandra said trying to make her injury a joke to laugh about. It was her fault after all. When she noticed his hand Zandra didn’t expect anyone to help her but with the pain, she is feeling right now she smiled and put her hand on his arm telling him where she is sitting. 

When they got there Zandra sat down as she closed her eyes feeling the waves of pain. “Thank you. I wish I can turn back time and have my dumb self to go into somewhere without looking around for anything that can hurt me.” Zandra said as she knew to keep it to herself as no one can’t know she is a guard. What she didn’t know was the other male is also a guard. “My name is Zandra, Zandra Smoke,” she said with a smile holding out her hand wondering what the other’s males name.

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