Today was going to be a day of silence; without worry of whom is doing what and what needed to be done. Today was pure relation. A much needed day for the dhampire guard after everything she’s been doing for the Aspects; mission after mission -- person after person. It was time to clear her mind and get a restart on everything. It was a good thing that Tatiana knew this city inside and out; knowing all the secret little hiding places. It was one of the many perks working throughout the city. Today was going to be a day where everything was going to be turned off, cellphone, smart watch... anyway of contact... off, no interruption. Something that she hadn’t have as of late, with how busy she’s been running around. It was times like these where she literally had to schedule this in advance to even get this time with how demanding life is.

Having sat upon a dock for the last few hours, laying upon a towel.. sunglasses placed over face, laying out in a nice black one piece, sun just beaming against the pale skin that was her own only to then suddenly sit up, taking the sunglasses off, sliding self to the edge of the dock, allowing herself to be dipped into the nice, warm spring water. A soft please smile appeared across her features, swimming out further into the water before floating self on her back. Allowing the sun to hit against her once again; attempting to give herself a tan, which probably will never work. When you’re pale as a ghost; that’s what you get. Burn but not tan. It was a shame, really. Neverthless. It felt good to have the heat beaming down against the frame enough to send her off into a drifting sleep; loving the peace and quiet of her own.

about thirty minutes later. That peace and quiet soon came to a halt when a loud splash appeared, knocking her over into the water, causing everything to become wet. Picking head out from the water, a lily pad landing on the top of the dirty blonde locks. Ugh. What the hell? Brows furrowing as those ocean blue optics made contact with the teenager who splashed his way through the lake. “Excuse you!” huffing and puffing, taking the lily pad off that head of hers. “Next time. Watch where you’re jumping, why don’t you?” that hot headed temper coming through, but when she was in the middle of a good nap just to be interrupted by some teenage boy who was careless of others, of course the anger was going to show through. Tatiana could probably snap him like a twig if she really wanted to.

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Arwyn moved his feet around in the water, swinging a little from side to side to keep himself occupied as they talked, he had always been a fidgeter, his father told him they could never get him to sit still as a child. “Thanks” he responded with a nod to her condolences, Arwyn still believed even now that what they were doing was right and necessary and so in his mind, while he missed them more than words could express, he was at peace knowing their died doing something they believed in. Arwyn chuckled when she spoke about Harper “Harper’s just mad at my father for making a rash decision, he does that a lot so clearly she doesn’t know him that well yet” he shrugged, back in Nevada everyone had simply trusted their alphas to make the right decisions but here there were more packs and more conflicting voices than he liked.

Arwyn had to admit he was surprised when she mentioned her age, after all dhampirs weren’t an immortal species until the comet hit Evermore city, he frowned a little in confusion but remained quiet as she continued her story leaning back a little to catch the sun rays that were beating down. But then everything made sense when she mentioned the guard, whilst he had limit experience with them himself, Arwyn had certainly heard the legends about the Ailward, 8 dragons tasked with protecting the world and their immortal guard. “Oh…” he commented as he pressed his lips together “I have to admit I never thought the day would come where I met an Ailward guard” he chuckled, it was inevitable now they lived in Evermore but it still felt strange to him.

“Despite being raised supernatural, sometimes the things you hear...the legends, they seem too much to be true” he admitted with a half smile, though he had to admit, it was settling to know there really were some real forces of good out there when the supernatural was mostly filled with monsters. Whilst she was telling her story Arwyn was struggling to remember the last time he had ever just sat down and told anyone his life story. In Nevada most people didn’t care to know and he spent the most part of the last couple of years alone, save for a few one night stands and nights spent in bars.

Arwyn chuckled at her admission “Well then consider me honored” he responded with a smile and shrugged, strangers were actually far easier to tell your story to, because if they didn’t like what they heard, it wasn’t like you had to see them again. Her question brought a furrow to his brow, not because it was unexpected or rude but because he honestly hadn’t thought about it “It’s a complicated answer” he clarified before he tried to put it into works “After my mom died my dad wanted to pull out of Nevada and did so quite successfully” he sighed “But I couldn’t stay when I felt like we were giving up on who we were so I wrote him a note and I left” he regretted not having the guts to tell him up front back then but Arwyn had know his father would never be okay with him going back and potentially getting himself killed “He says he understands why I did what I did but I still feel like there’s a part of that trust I broke” he smiled sadly “I’m guessing from the past tense that you are your mom aren’t as close as you once were?” he raised his brow curiously.

“I mean, be thankful you have a dad... you know?” not that she meant to sound mean or rude, but some people took that for granted. Having both of their parents. It never really bugged Tatiana that she didn’t know her father until as of late. She loved always just being with her mother. They never truly ever needed anyone else. Their connection to each other was all they ever needed back in the day, when they went jumping around from house to house. But suddenly as of late. The word ‘father’ kept popping up everywhere, which started to have her question some things. Not that her mother ever knew. The guard always felt bad for bringing up that subject when it came to her mother. She always had said it was a one time fling and that was it. But as time went on. It suddenly felt as if that wasn’t the case anymore. “Ahaha. Although. I don’t think I was suppose to tell you that. The Guards and Aspects are suppose to be kept a secret, from the humans among others.”

Nodding in agreement with everything that he said. Understanding why he did what he did. “I can see why you did what you did and it sucks breaking a little bit of your parents trust. It literally sucks.” tucking a strand of her dirty blonde locks behind her ear. “Aha, you caught on to that? Didn’t you?” her mother and herself had never really been the same the last few years, or maybe even hundred. Clearing her throat, as it was a sensitive subject. “Growing up.. I always saw my mother as this...beacon of light and hope.. She never really let anything get in our way of what I wanted to do. I loved coming home to that.. When we both joined the guard. I saw that light leave, little by little. It was something I couldn’t control.” brows pressed together as she suddenly had lost eye contact with the male. Everything that was wrong was suddenly coming down on her hard as of late.

“Suddenly she’s resorted to drinking, passing out and staying out late from getting into fights and being heartless.” blinking as she had never told this story before about her mother. People saw the struggle but never knew the reason behind it. “Being an Ailward Guard isn’t all that’s cracked up to be. I feel like it’s my fault you know? From being always gone and never home. Maybe if I was home more often, she wouldn’t have resorted to drinking..” all this guilt weighed heavy on the guard. “I also think she feels bad for not giving me a father.. I’ve grown close with one of the male Aspects who has become like a father to me in a way and I’ve never known that. So I know she sees it and feels some kind of... guilt I guess for never giving me one. Which, I don’t blame her for not giving me one. She did the best she could as a single mother and I love her all the more for it.” hues glancing down at the water, feet moving about to get them wet. “I just wish we could get back to where we were, before the guard..” digits clinging on to the edge of the dock. “But I bet that doesn’t compare to having an ambassador as a father.”

“Believe me, I am” after losing his mother Arwyn realized all the ways that she had been there for him and supported him, he missed the meals she made for him and how she would always remind him that he was free to make his own choices, he wished he could just have a few more moments with her just to tell her all the ways she made his life better. “There isn’t a day I don’t wish I could talk to my mom” he shrugged slightly, if that made him weaker then so be it. Arwyn laughed as she realized she’d told him something she probably shouldn’t have “Well it’s a good job that I don’t really have anyone to tell” he chuckled “I’d be worried if my dad didn’t know the Ailward Aspects were in town”.

He couldn’t argue with what she said, it really did suck but at the same time he had needed to go for his own sanity, Arwyn had learned eventually that living your life to make others happy only made yourself miserable “It took me a while but I did come home, I’m hoping that counts for something” and he hadn’t gotten himself killed so that was also a bonus. Arwyn listened to her story about her mother, he could tell already that she’d been going through some kind of strain with her mother, he supposed all parent child relationships had them at one point or another “War has a way of stripping a lot of the optimism out of people” he could relate, since he was born into a warzone and learned to fight and kill from a young age.

Luckily Arwyn’s family had always been able to keep strong in the face of danger, while they had lost many whilst fighting back the rapid growing vampire population, they never managed to break their spirit, even when they were forced to flee Nevada for their own safety. “I doubt she wants you to blame yourself” he answered honestly “All a parent ever really wants is to see their kid live a better life than them right?” at least he got that feeling from both of his, they always pushed him to follow where the light led. He understood the want to go back however, the amount of times he had begged the universe to give him a second chance and bring his mother back was pretty enormous. “One bitter thing I’ve learned is you can’t change the past, only work on making the future a little less terrible” he smiled softly as he met her gaze “From the sound of the relationship your described, there’s still time to fix things, especially cause you know” he chuckled “You do get to live forever and all”.

“Time will tell on the whole ambassador’s son thing, I think he and my sister are purposely giving me space to adapt first” it wasn’t exactly easy to swallow that his father was looking at getting back into dating either. “Sometimes I wonder if I’m a little like a stranger to them now, two years without a word is a lot” he felt bad at times but it had been what he needed to cope and he knew he couldn’t expect to just return to the way things were.

It was good, you know? To have someone to talk to whom really didn’t know you and wasn’t able to really cast any type of judgment on one’s past. Two different lives had came together as they sat here together on the dock, sharing their past. “I know she wants nothing but the best for me, but why not tell me the full truth about my father? I’m older now. 895 years older. I’m not stupid. I know there is more to the story.” allowing a shrug to roll off the base of her shoulders. “My mom has had a rough.... hundred odd years or so? I don’t want to press the subject and make things worse. I don’t want the subject to cause her to start drinking again or something. I don’t want to be the cause of that more than I already am.” it was a subject that she had thought on countless times. Always talking herself up, bringing the courage to ask. Then when she’s finally faced with her mother. All that courage had suddenly.... poofed.

Hues glancing down at that immortal ring on her finger as he mentioned her being immortal and all, twisting it about. “I’m sure your father and sister don’t want you being a stranger. It’s awkward when it is.” offering another piece of advice once again. “How are you adjusting though? You know, to your father being ambassador and dating? I know it’s super weird to see your parent. At least that’s how it is for me and my mother.” mom always had all different kind of flings ever sense joining the guard. “Mom was always doing one night stands, until this one guy named Davis popped into her life? She said it’s only friends with benefits.” shivering at the thought of that. “But I think it’s becoming something more. She’s feeling... a sense of safety.. which is rare for her...when it comes to guys, I guess. I’ve never actually see my mother, you” it’s hard to think their parents have a life outside of their children, even the grown up ones.

“Have you... met the woman he’s dating?” asking as she cocked an eyebrow. It was probably a stupid question, seeing as he has stated he hardly talks to his father, even being within the same city. Although, Tatiana felt like she knew what he was going through in some way. Maybe not father wise. But parent wise. It sucked when it was always awkward with them, or feeling like a stranger. These days. That’s all she felt like with her mother; she didn’t even know about her having a man till a little bit ago. They hadn’t really been hanging out; like they used to in the early days of the guard. Where they were the best team together they had ever seen. Always pairing them together on missions and training’s. It always made the bond a little bit more special. But that special bond seemed to be far ways away.

“Does he seem different? Ever sense he became ambassador? I know sometimes those types of things can change people.” maybe that was the issue. You never know. Although, she didn’t know if she’d like her mother being ambassador or not. On that subject, she couldn’t relate and if she was honest. She didn’t know if she wanted to or not. Sometimes those jobs could be a real hassle with being busy all the time.

Arwyn had to admit that it was nice to talk to someone about general things, someone he likely wouldn’t see again and therefore didn’t have to worry about the opinions of. The young therianthrope had spent so much time alone and being alone tended to mean bottling things, he was pretty good at keeping his emotions in check but sometimes it was nice to just while away the time talking about anything and everything. “Well whatever happened, it sounds like it hurt” he could fill in the likely gaps in his mind, he left and her mother didn’t want her to feel like she had been abandoned, he had met many a person whom had been raised with a single parent and the story tended to always be the same. “I guess you gotta show her that you can handle the truth, no doubts she’s keeping it quiet because she thinks she’s protecting you” all parents faced hardships to shield their children from reality at times.

Arwyn chuckled “Right now I’m not sure my sister wants me around at all” he laughed and shook his head, he knew Sera well enough to know he could eventually talk her around, she just needed time and she was right to want it, considering he had left her to shoulder everything without so much as a goodbye. He perked up a little confused when she mentioned his father dating considering he hadn’t brought it up but then he realized the two of them had been plastered all over the city’s news “It’s complicated” he admitted with a half smile “Part of me just wants him to be happy and if she makes him happy then so be it” he shrugged before continuing “But then the other part can’t help but feel like she’s a replacement for my mom” he pressed a hand against his head “I keep telling myself that’s ridiculous but you can’t help how you feel, you know?” he sighed, he was the last person to judge how people dealt with moving on.

Hearing her words about her own mother, he realized they did have some things in common, despite coming from very polar opposite backgrounds “I guess it’s a little easier to see her date when you didn’t know your father though, I have this rose tinted picture in my head that I can’t help but miss” he wouldn’t say any of this direct to his father but talking to Tatiana felt easier, she was being equally as up front as he was.

He shook his head in response to her question “Not yet” he answered honestly “I’m not sure it’s gotten to that stage quite yet” and he wasn’t sure he was quite ready for it either “I’ve looked up all about her though, she really does seem like a genuinely good person and my dad needs that” he nodded softly, he wasn’t going to be the one to make things more difficult than they needed to be, that was for sure. “What about you? Have you met her ‘friend with benefits’” he raised his fingers making air quotes at the statement to mirror the way she had said it earlier.

Arwyn shrugged softly at her question “I’m not sure I can really tell what’s changed him, I wasn’t here so whether it’s becoming an ambassador, an alpha or simply just the grieving process, I have no idea” he smiled softly “He is different though, that’s for sure” that wasn’t a bad thing though, he had dealt with the loss of his mother far better than Arwyn had. “So the Ailward Guard huh? What’s that like?” he raised his brows curiously.

When it came to parents, that topic of discussion was always rather hard. Aurelia was always mother of the year when she was little. Always making sure Tatiana had what she needed and enough to be able to live wherever they landed next. It was always them two against the world and she admired that. Being a single parent was hard sometimes and from time to time, she saw that weighing in on her mother. So Tatiana made a promise to herself to always help out when she could, that way her mother wouldn’t always be struggling at the end of the day. No matter what it was. “We’ve always been two peas in a pod and I get, she had to keep things from me when I was little. But it’s like...” trailing off in her own sentence, trying to find the right words. “She’s still treating me as a kid? When it comes to not telling me things and I know her heart is in the right place in trying to protect me.” sighing softly, allowing a shrug to roll off the base of her shoulders. “I don’t want to start the conversation and it only ends up in another fight.. and I don’t want to have another one.”

Teeth sinking down into the bottom of her lip as she heard him starting to talk about his sister. “She’s your sister. She’ll act like she doesn’t want you around, but at the end of the day. She will.” Tatiana never had any siblings, although the guard were like her annoying siblings, if she had any. They don’t properly count. Although, there were days where she was happy she was the only child. Her mother didn’t have to stress as much as she would have compared to more than one child. “Look at me though, talking like I have experience.” laughing softly, but at the same time, having a sibling would have been great, someone to hang around with besides her mother. Someone near the same age to do things together. There would have been no guarantee they would have gotten along, but she would have been hopeful. “I know how you feel though.” hues glanced over at him. “Sometimes I feel like every guy my mom brings home. I wonder if he’s ‘the one’ or if he’s going to be the father I never had.”

“I’ve learned not to get attached. That’s the best way to shrug them off, but I doubt her intention is to replace your mother.” but then again, what did she know? chuckling softly as she saw his air quote, playfully rolling her eyes. “I actually, haven’t. She pretends like she doesn’t want me to know about her ‘flings’ but I’ve heard her talk about this one to someone and I guess he’s more than just a ‘fling’. He’s actually someone she wants to keep around... which is big for my mother, I suppose.” as long as her mother had her flings. Tatiana really never met any of them, besides the fact she’d sometimes come home or she’d walk in on them without really taking notice that she had a ‘friend’ over. Which in the end, was a total embarrassment. “Well, I hope she’s changed for the better. Maybe try to get to know his new side? Maybe you need to be the one to reach out first and not be a stalker online.” laughing as she gave him a playful nudge.

“Oh yeah. Have the tattoo and everything.” moving the strap of her suit to then show the black dragon tattoo. “It’s this thing they have. Once you’re in the guard, you kind of in a way...get branded. As a sign of loyalty.” turning her back slightly to face him. “It has it’s tough days.” moving the wavy blonde locks away from her shoulders. “If you’re not training, you’re on a mission.. or helping out with the Aspects.” placing her hair back as she turned around to now face him. “It can take a lot out of you if you’re not properly trained. Hell, it takes a lot out of you in general. Most people feel like the whole Aspect and guards are their own community in a way, if they have the privileged of knowing. Although, being in the guard. It does actually give me a lot of interesting storylines to tell.” offering a faint smile. “How does it feel being a Therian? I’ve never actually met many. I only really know one and he’s in the guard too. He’s actually our best tracker we have.”

Arwyn leaned one hand against his ear and then laid back on the dock resting his elbow on the wood as he continued to listen to her talk, he gave a half smile in response to her words “I don’t think a parent ever really sees a point in their life where they don’t need to protect their child and sure it might have been a really long time, but at the end of the day, to her you’re still her little girl” his father did very well at trying to give both him and Sera the space they asked for but at the end of it all, he would still see them as their younger selves, who came running to him when they got a cut or a graze or insisted he tuck them into bed at night “I don’t know the first thing about your mom but it really sounds like she doesn’t think he’s worth knowing” perhaps that was harsh but there were a lot of people he’d met in his life that weren’t worth knowing either.

“I know that” he answered wistfully, he and Sera had their ups and downs but at the end of the day, he needed her and he knew he would be there when she needed him “I’m just doing my best to give her space, the last thing she needs is me constantly reminding her of the mistakes I made” he wasn’t proud of the decisions he made but it was too late to change them now, all he could do was turn things around from here. Arwyn nodded softly as she spoke about the unknown, that was one of the most terrifying things in the world, things you didn’t know. He had never really been great at change and it felt like a lot was changing at once right now.

“Nah of course that’s not her intention” he responded honestly with a nod, he was way too old to need a new mother anyway “It’s just one of those stupid feelings you have about something which you know is ridiculous and yet for some reason you feel it anyway” he gave a half smile not really sure if she’d get what he meant but he shrugged it off as he listened to her recount of her mother’s love life and how it seemed to be kept away “The first one you’ve really heard about, even accidentally, sounds like a pretty big deal” he smiled softly, the way she talked about it implied she wanted her mom to find someone, he hoped a bit of her attitude about all that stuff would rub off on him. “I can definitely try” he admitted with a smile, it was easier said than done to adapt to change, it was part of the reason he had ran instead of stayed but he felt more up to challenge now than he did then.

“What is it with the supernatural and tattoos” he mused with a laugh before rolling up his sleeve to show his two pack tattoos, one from the life he came from and one from the life that was just beginning “Guess you’re not part of the group without em” he chuckled, he quite liked both of the tattoos and the way they faded into one another much like his father’s did. The guard was a little different though, because joining was a choice, they were a group created by will rather than fate which intrigued him. “It’s one hell of a commitment to keep, that much I can tell” he didn’t think he could do it, he was far too attached to his own freedom.

Her question caused a shrug to roll off his shoulders “Being a therian is pretty much as simple as breathing to me, I’ve never really known anything different” it probably wasn’t the answer she expected or was looking for but it was the truth “You are the wolf and the wolf is you and once you embrace that it just feels normal, always has for me” he smiled, he was raised to be proud of what he was and that had always stuck with him. “So are you planning to stick around Evermore? Is that even your choice to make?” he raised his brows curiously.

Chuckling softly as she shook her head. The two sharing conversation and just telling someone how she felt. It was good in a way. Allowing herself to get everything off her chest. “Do I look like a little girl to you?” cocking an eyebrow as she teased the male. However, she did understand where he was coming from. No matter how old someone was. He/she would always be their mother’s child. Seeing them as little like they once were, but at the same time. She hated being treated like a child. Tatiana felt like she deserved to know the truth. It was about time. It had been long enough.

Allowing a shrug to roll off the base of her shoulders. “You know, if you ever need someone to talk to about this kind of stuff.. I’m here. I know we literally just met an hour ago, but I sometimes find talking to someone who has no clue what’s going on in your life is the best person to talk to without judgment.” She also had been told she was a good listener every now and again when it was needed. Tatiana was someone that somebody could rely on in their time of need. It’s one of the reasons why she became a guard. Kind of ‘helping the higher power’ so to speak. It gave her a sense of purpose besides painting of course. The dhampir wouldn’t be where she was today without her painting. “However, I’m sure every kid feels like that you, know? When you see your parent dating some other woman who looks like a replacement for your mother.. You have every right to feel like that.” surly she’s felt like that but with a father. Everytime her mother brought in someone when she was little but old enough to realize what she was doing. Tatiana always wondered if the man was going to be her next father or if her mother was ever going to settle down. She wouldn’t have minded to be a family with someone, but then again. Tatiana did enjoy just the two of them. They were each other’s best friends.

Her blue optics shifted down on to his arm as he rolled up his sleeve. Shaking her head as she offered a smile. “I think supernaturals have a thing for tattoos. I know some people get them with every mission or to mark every kill....” she trailed off with an awkward laugh. “Although that’s kind of depressing. I wouldn’t want to mark every girl I’ve done.” blue hues widen at the thought. “Not... that I’ve killed someone because I haven’t. I try to avoid that if at all possible.” Now Tatiana has injured some pretty harshly but killing? That was a completely different story. “I have gotten shot though a couple times.” not that she would have died. She’s immortal.

The question he posed was a pretty good question, as she never really thought about it. “If I’m honest? I never really thought about it.” pressing lips into a fine line. “All I’ve really ever known was my mother, painting and the guard.” it just showed that she was loyal, for sticking with the guard that long. “I’m almost a thousand years old. I feel like in a way, I’ve done and seen everything with all the missions they have you go on.” moving herself about as she leaned herself back against the dock, looking up at the sky.

“My mother always tells me that I’m better than the guard. That I need to some how gain a life outside of it. Which, personally to me is easier said than done.” arms now resting behind her head. “But I get where you’re coming from. You’re one with the wolf, kind of as I am one with the guard? If that makes sense.” she had never really talked to anyone about her guard life outside of the guard. It felt good to get everything off her chest. Tatiana had countless of stories to tell.

Arwyn shook his head “No of course not” he raised his brows, he couldn’t really tell what age she looked actually, perhaps late 20s, but he already knew she was far older than that, with the supernatural it was really impossible to tell, he was 26 but looked far younger than his age thanks to his lycanthrope gene. It felt like a bit of a curse right now when he got carded every time he went to a bar, but he knew it’d be a blessing one day. “My dad does his best to give the illusion he’s okay with whatever choice my sister and I make but, I can tell he worries about us” he probably always would given how many family members they had lost.

Arwyn smiled, it was weird how the afternoon had turned out, after he splashed her he’d half expected some sort of temper tantrum but she actually seemed pretty cool “Thanks” he responded with a smile, he hadn’t realized quite how much he hadn’t said out loud until this afternoon “We can swap numbers if you want, I plan on being in the city for a few months at least” he hadn’t really figured out his calling here just yet but it was as good a place as any to try and rebuild a semi normal life and if it didn’t work out then he could move on if needed. “I just never imagined my dad would ever really need to consider dating, to me, him and mom were endgame...until uh..” he sighed swallowing hard “until she died and everything I planned for my life just kinda” he raised his hands and opened his fists to make a ‘poof’ gesture “Disappeared” and perhaps he had been pretty lost since then.

Arwyn widened his eyes at the thought of someone celebrating having killed someone, it wasn’t something to celebrate he knew that much, it was hard and it caused a weight to hang over you that you could never really shake off “I think it’s about belonging” he responded with his own thoughts “Supernatural life isn’t generally an accepted thing, hell most humans don’t know we exist and if they do they’re afraid of us” he shrugged. When she said she hadn’t killed he couldn’t match her sentiment “I grew up in a life where it was killed or be killed” he admitted with a sad smile, he wished things had been different but the vampires in Nevada weren’t there to listen to reason, they were there to slaughter.

They had both been raised in lives so different from the average person and yet to them, it was completely normal and everything else felt strange “There’s some kind of bliss with your life unfolding before you without having to push for it” he commented thinking back to before his mother died, there had been no question he would stay in Nevada, fight for their home and to protect humans, become a great hunter like his parents “Now that’s gone I have no idea where I go from here” he’d never really excelled in much else and so he felt a little lost in a place like Evermore where he was expected to get a job and build a life.

“Have you ever been to Wales?” he asked with raised brows, he’d always wanted to go because before they moved to America, most of his family line had lived their lives in Wales, he felt connected to the place despite never going there. “If you’re happy with the work you do then why leave?” he asked with raised brows, being 1000 years old she must have so many people there she knew and cared for, he couldn’t see why anyone would want to walk away from that.

Digits moved in a ‘gimmie’ manor for his phone as he suggested to trade numbers. Offering a smile as he gave her the phone. Placing in her number with ease only to then scoot closer to him. “Say cheeese!” leaning in, that smile of hers growing wider as she took another selfie with the man. “Two pictures in one day with a stranger, who would have thought.” elbow giving him a nudge as she teased. The dhampir then allowed herself to go into his ‘text message center’ creating a new text with her number, texting herself with his phone. “Now I got your number.” she said as she also sent the picture they just took.

Eyes widen as she noticed the time on his phone. “Oh crap, is that the time?” handing back as she then scrambled for her phone, as she had it on silent. “10 missed calls from my mother.” sighing in disappointment as she allowed herself to forget the time. “I’m sorry, I have to go.. This is important.” blue optics shifted back over towards him. “I promise this isn’t me bailing on you.” she said that as if they hadn’t just met, but then again.. she kind of just poured her life and secrets out to him. “You better not leave town without telling me; and if you do.. trust me. I have ways of finding out.” laughing softly as she teased once again. “But seriously, you better not leave without telling me.”

“I do hope you get whatever worked out with your family. Keep me updated.” there was no way she was just going to walk away and not know what happened down the line. “You have my number for a reason, use it.” now pushing herself up off the dock only to then grab everything else that was hers. She couldn’t believe she was late to see her mother. Tatiana was never late to anything. The dhampir always made sure of that. Tucking a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear, giving him one last smile. Even though she was late, she was happy she met Arwyn. He was her first official friend outside of the guard.

Now turning around on the base of her heel, backing away. “Seriously, if you leave. I’ll hunt you down.” this time, she wasn’t joking. Evermore was a place to start fresh, new. Especially if they were of the Supernatural kind. This place had opened so many doors for her, she’d only want the same to happen to Arwyn. Finally turning back around on the base of her heel, walking her way off the dock. This was a good hour or two that was very much needed for herself to relax without all the stress of the Ailward’s. Tatiana didn’t regret over staying even though she’d probably hear it from her mother at the end. She’d just tell her she met a new friend, like her mother wanted her to do all along.


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