As daybreak greeted the Northern hemisphere, Mairenn’s eyes slowly pried themselves open. Her body felt heavy and immobile for the first few minutes of consciousness. Slowly rising into a sitting up position in bed, she jumped as a loud thump erupted from the shared wall between her and her neighbors. Her heart raced inside her chest and she placed her gentle yet steady hand over the space between her breasts to help calm herself down. She could hear every word of the couple’s spat and she couldn’t refrain from worrying. Moving from her bed, she entered her bathroom to brush her teeth first. The white nightgown hung down her frame loosely and her feet were bare. Leaving her hotel room, she approached her new neighbors’ door and gently knocked four times. The yelling decreased to whispering, which she could still hear clearly, and then silence. Thirty dreadfully long seconds passed until the clicking of the door locks could be heard. A tall and rather hefty built, tan skinned man with a long black and gray colored beard opened the door. His dark, seemingly obsidian eyes glared coldly at the young Valkyr. “Oh my,” the words escaped Mairenn’s full lips without her consciously doing so. He had to be much taller than Mr. Orsino. “Uhm- hi, good morning to you- I couldn’t help but overhear a disturbance coming from your dormitory. It gave me quite a start and I just wanted to ensure hat everything- and everyone is okay?”

The man’s presence was eerily dark and contrasted drastically to the beautiful sunrise that blessed them this morning. In her peripheral view, she noticed his right hand slowly condensing into a fist and that caused Mairenn to shift uncomfortably.

“Best you mind your business,” his voice was low and almost could’ve been mistaken for a growl. Her hears caught the hushed wishes of a woman inside. She seemed to be wishing for someone to help in anyway possible.

“You see, I wish that I could, but I will not be at ease for the rest of the day if something were to remain disturbed in the atmosphere. I wish to speak to the woman inside, and if she says everything is fine, then I shall bid you both a farewell and my sincerest apologies for interrupting your morning.”

The stubborn man stood still for another minute before moving to the side. Behind him stood a shorter woman, however she was still taller than Mairenn, with blonde hair and deep ocean eyes.  “Oh, she’s a trinket,” Mairenn admired her beauty before pulling herself from the trance. “Ma’am, is everything alright?” The woman blinked and then gave a brilliantly white smile.

“Yes, of course! Just the old married couple dispute. We’re sorry for being loud. We’ll be sure to keep it down,” the woman locked her right arm around the man’s left as though they were about to walk down an aisle. Mairenn would have dismissed the situation had she not caught sight of the woman’ left hand hanging down her side. She was using sign language word “no” repeatedly. “Of course, I’ll be sure to play my part in all of this and get out of your hair.” Mairenn reached forward and took the woman’s left hand into her own with a reassuring squeeze, “It was a pleasure meeting you. What is your name?”

“Angel,” the blonde responded. Mairenn found that to be quite befitting the woman’s aura and beauty. Perhaps her parents had incredible foresight, “And this is my husband Norven.” Mairenn bowed and backed away from the couple. “It was a pleasure meeting you both.”

Mairenn retreated to her room and exhaled heavily. “He’s like a giant or a troll,” she muttered as she called out to the emergency department. She gave the hotel name, address, the couple’s room number, their names, and a briefing of the situation. If she spent any more time on this, she’d surely be late for work. Considering that she is now running behind, she made haste with preparing for her day. 

She left the hotel in a long black skirt, a black mid corset, a long-sleeved white shirt with a low v - neck, and black pumps. Her dark hair formed large curls almost naturally and so there was little work to be done with them. Her black leather bag was pressed against her chest as she sped walk down the streets; squeezing between people and trying not to trip over her own feet. She was disheartened to pass by her favorite tea shop on her way to the library, but today she didn’t have the spare time. Once gauging that she was close enough to work to walk normally, she removed her shoes as her feet were hurting from the running, and she made her way to the front doors.

Winded and disoriented, she pulled the keys from her bag and unlocked the library.  The cool air conditioning greeted her overheated body as she set her things down behind the desk and turned on the lights. Finally taking place on the soft leather chair behind her desk, her familiar jumped onto her lap. A small black cat that the valkyr named Jinx. She was a rescue that was drawn to Mairenn since the very first day of her working at the library. Finally relaxed from a frazzling morning, the Valkyr started reading her own book titled Jane Eyre.

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"Oh it quite is, I have been a little all over..." She took a pause before continuing.  
"The world is beautiful, everything has changed, everything always changes, but you can make do with it, it's not the end of the world. We just have to learn how to adapt is all." 

When she spoke about the key ingredient she couldn't help but laugh, a hearty laugh that reached from the core of her belly and sprung past her lips. Once finished she smiled. "Well you know what I mean, if you want something bad enough, it will happen." She said nodding before she smiled.

"Hush now, this was a blast, and I will take you back to the library, I appreciate you coming to lunch with me, it was so much fun."

"Once I've made my mind up, it's not easily changed. I wish much patience on my future friends and family in tolerating me." Mairenn couldn't argue Katrina's generosity. It would be incredibly rude of her to do so. Besides, it was a lot of fun getting to know her. That should could attest without any hesitance. "Things often change whether we are ready for it or not." She laughed along with her and walked her out of the cafe elbow to elbow. "I'll probably get on better after frying a couple more computers. As they say, you sometimes have to tear things apart or put things together in order to know how they work." She got back into the car and sighed heavily. "My stomach feels like there's a small bowling ball sitting in it," she chuckled as she rubbed her stomach and crossed her eyes jokingly. "I should've packed half away for later, but it was so good. I do appreciate the ride, I must make it up to you when I learn how to drive. Maybe I'll ask GusGus to teach me."

"I must admit that is a similar notion. Its stubbornness I can't help it.
I just have so many different things that if it's in there, it's not being changed. So I agree wholeheartedly with you." She nodded as they walked to the car, having a great time together and enjoying each other's company. 

"That is true, and it happens so quickly as well. I had that with Sapphire, one moment I met her, and then before we knew it, something had started between us that just overwhelmed us." Katrina looked as she got into the car and once she spoke about frying computers she couldn't help but giggle a little.

"Well, frying them is the easy part, but working with them where you understand is another. I had an easy time picking it up once I got into it." She said as she spoke about her stomach she shook her head slightly. 

"I'm sorry to hear that. The food tasted you good?" She asked looking at the woman carefully wondering if she would be sick or something. 

She laughed and brushed her hair from her face. "We seem to be two stubborn peas in a pod, huh?" She buckled herself in and cleared her throat. She listened attentively as Katrina spoke about her encounter with her lover. It was sweet to hear about. Even a touch funny she had to admit. Knowing that there is such truth behind the saying, ‘Never knew what hit them until it was already done.’ “Beautifully though, I can tell that you are very happy. And I’ll figure out the electronic society given proper time and experimentation. You are correct, frying them is the easiest part. Maybe I’ll have to inquire tutoring lessons from you.” She noticed a mom and daughter crossing the road and she smiled at them. The daughter had the cutest little pigtails on her head.  Katrina’s words about the lunch struck Mairenn from her daze and she rubbed her belly. "I'll be plenty fine. I'll just have a food gut for the next thirty minutes," she couldn't stop from laughing at herself.

"Stubborn Peas and Pods is just accurate. But being stubborn has been an incredible thing for me. Even in my worst times in life being stubborn has been what has kept me going." She said looking at the woman in front of her as she played with her hair.

"Thank you, I try to be happy where I can be. Life is what you make it. If you know what I mean?" She asked looking at the woman in front of her. When she stated wanting lessons she took a small laugh and smiled. "Yes, that is totally understandable. I could try but my teaching qualities are roughly around the birth world." She said with a smile.

"Food gut! I have not heard that before. I like it though, that's interesting." 

As Mairenn gave the woman her full attention, she nodded her head every so often. "Stubborness has its perks. Often, people try to make stuborness seem like a bad thing, but it's neither good or bad. Just how and when it's used. Life is certainly what you make of it. Despite my many years on this world, I'm still learning that each and every day." 

Mairenn's face lit up when she realized she knew something that someone else didnt! Normally she knew useless factual things, but never any social phrases or norms that were unfamiliar to someone else. "Really?! yeah! It's when you've had more than your fill and your stomch swell a little. So you waddle around with it until it digests everything," she laughed.

Katrina looked at the librarian. There was kindness in this woman and it was nice to see such compassion in the world. So far in the city, it has been nothing by kindness from people. They had come a long way from the evil that it used to have. 

Darkness has once ensued the world and seeing something different brought her joy. "Stubbornness does have its perks, you are correct on that." She stated before looking at the woman. 

"Yes, I have never heard it before." She confirmed as she listened to the laugh emitted from the woman's lips she couldn't help but chuckle alongside her before smiling.

"Well, I appreciate your company with lunch. I was desperate to eat. It's better than being alone while eating. It was a very sweet thing to do." She felt a sense of joy that their lunch had went so well.

"Off to read some more?" 

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