It was a nice day in November when Sapphire walked around the city, just to get some air and let Nala out for a walk. Wearing a long black shirt with a white smiley face along with  black converses and black skinny jeans. Her blue eyes looked around as she took in a deep breath as she could feel that fall was coming and it made her happy. A small bark got her attention, Sapphire looked down at the black pug and giggled as she spoke, “Don’t worry I will take you to the park.” She said as she continued to walk towards the park.

The wind picked up a little bit causing her stop and pull her sleeves closer as she giggled and walked into the park. Sapphire walked along the sidewalk as she looked around at the few people in the park. With her attention occupied, Sapphire didn’t notice that Nala’s leash slipped from her fingers until she heard barking. “Nala!” She shouted as she ran after Nala. “Nala come back here.” She shouted as she ran after her.  Her blue eyes kept staring at the black fur that she ran after before she skidded to a stop.

Nala had stopped in front of a handsome man and jumped up on  him with her tail wagging. Sapphire looked at her pup before looking at the man as she walked up to him and blushed a little as she rubbed her neck as she grabbed Nala’s leash. “Sorry about that, I wasn’t paying attention and let the leash slip.” Sapphire said softly as she looked at the man. “Um I am Sapphire Rizzoli.” She said as she held out her hand with a small smile. “Nala is a very friendly pup.” She said to him as she looked at Nala as she nudged him with her paw to pet her.

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Living in a small flat in the North-East corner of the city helped Florentin keep an eye on the subject of his murderous revenge; Valeria Yvette Aldridge. He was going to kill her to get revenge for his family. His family was killed by Valeria's father, Warren Aldridge and Flor wanted him to feel the pain and loss he had felt.

Florentin of course was fed these lies as a child growing up when he was kidnapped as a young child of three years old by Mateo. A man he now saw as a 'father figure' even though the two were never close and the only time Mateo helped the younger Dhampir out was when he needed money for education. Though Mateo was never there for Florentin emotionally like a real father would have been. These lies have now led to Flor wanting to kill his long-lost twin sister Valeria. The only thing he had that connected the Dhampir to his past before he was kidnapped is a baby's rattle that matched Valeria's but, will Valeria and Florentin figures out the mystery before it's too late?

Waking his pet husky, Shepard in the park near his home. Florentin felt relief for the dog as being cooped up in a small flat all day couldn't have been the best for the growing dog. It was a small sacrifice Florentin had made when he picked the flat in Evermore having moved from France in a hurry. He hoped to find somewhere new soon with a garden for Shepard to run around in. 

Fixing his chain he moved it to rest outside his sweater. He was glad to be in his home clothes after a long night shift in scrubs at the Hospital, where he worked. Suddenly a little black pug scurred down the path towards them. Shepard was quick to hide behind Florentin even though Shepard was bigger than the little pug. Crouching down, the blue-eyed male met the pug halfway before picking up its leash. "Where did you come from?" he said to the lost pup.

Looking up he found the dog's owner trailing along behind it. She was blushing, clearly embarrassed by the whole ordeal or perhaps a little warm from running after the pooch? "That's quite alright. Sometimes dogs like to bring their owners for a walk instead." he joked with a light chuckle before handing her back the leash. "I'm Florentin Alvarez" he had taken Mateo's last name when he was kidnapped by him. "and this is Shepard." he pointed to the husky hiding behind his legs. He petted Nala after shaking her paw. "Nice to meet you Nala and Sapphire. Are you guys from around here?" The Dhampir asked making polite discussion. Shepard came out from behind his legs and started getting tangled up with Nala and her lead. 

Sapphire smiled as he handed her leash, catching her breathe for a moment of chasing Nala. "Its nice to meet you Florentin." She said as she looked at the husky with a small smile. "Its nice to meet you too Shepard. Well we are from the other side of the city kinda." she said as she then giggled alittle as Shepard and Nala got tangled up with their leads. "I am from the South side of the city." The young phoenix said as she smiled at him. "How about we take these pups and let them play at the dog park not far from here?" She asked as she knew that untangling Nala and Shepard were going to be alittle difficult.

"South side of the city?" he replied, "I haven't been over there yet. Is it nice?" he smiled with a lopsided grin which was an unusual gesture for him to have on his face. "I'm looking for a new place at the moment with plenty of room for Shepard. Know if anyone is selling their house in that area?" his french twang coming through a little as he spoke.

He began trying to untangle Shepards lead as he listened to her. "Sure, it's a nice day and the dog park sounds great. Let Shepard off the leash for a little while." The sun was splitting the trees, leaving diagonal shadows in their wake. It was a good day for a walk and a chat as Florentin looked around at the many people doing just that. 

"Hey, I'm having a little trouble untangling these two. Can you just hold onto Nala for a second?" he knew that soon he and Sapphire would also end up being tangled up together if he didn't separate the pooches soon. Finally, after a while of getting rid of a big knot, Florentin managed to separate the two. "So which way to the dog park?" He knew that Shepard was getting reckless to play and chase after Nala.

Sapphire smiled softly, "Yes its nice." She said. Her eyes looked at him as she listened, "Hmm I dont know if anyone is selling their house up there but I can keep an eye out for you." Sapphire said as her Italian accent came through alittle. Her small hands helped him get Shepard's lead untangled as she called Nala over to sit next to her. Nala came and sat next to Sapphire's feet as she smiled softly. "I agree, plus I think Nala would love to run around to unleash her energy." Sapphire said.

She smiled and nodded as she held onto Nala for a moment so he could untangle the leads. Once their were separated, Sapphire let go of Nala and told her to sit, which she did. Sapphire smiled and giggled, "Its that way." Sapphire said as she pointed in the direction she was heading. "I was just heading there, maybe we can walk there together?" She asked as she smiled as Nala barked.

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