The sun was descending behind the oak and pine trees of the Therianthrope territory, the woods have become Arthur's favourite place and it made him feel rather safe. Although, no doubt his own home was a safe place too but he preferred spending time in the outdoors and exploring around the woods. He always found somewhere new to explore every time he adventured out into the woods. 

Arthur placed on his leather jacket and headed out into the woods, he entered without a problem and he shifted into his wolf form. He sprinted forward and swerved through the trees and shrubs of the woods, his nose beginning to pick up all the scents throughout the woods. His breathing was heavy as he ran, he climbed over the log that was leaned up against a rock, heading down to where a water stream was. 

He stopped for a brief moment to catch his breath, his eyes darting around to gain his surroundings before he jumped over the water stream and continued south in the woods. His ears flickered as he picked up various noises around the woods. He was careful as he knew that people could be hunting out here. 

As he turned a corner and was about to jump once more over a rock, something sharp caught onto Arthur's right back leg, collapsing in pain as the sharp object snapped onto him. He started to panic instantly and looked around, his ears picking up any movements, Lifting his head up towards the sky, he howled loudly for any other Therianthrope to hear him. He was trapped and he couldn't get out. 

He growled at the object and tried to rip his leg out of the trap but that pain soared through him and no doubt he'd be dead by a hunter. He howled once more, hoping that another wolf or someone was out there. 

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Arwyn grimaced a little as he looked at the wound the trap had made on Arthur’s leg, he’d had a similar wound from a bite to the leg before so he knew it hurt like a bitch “Well that’s why our kind run in packs, stronger in numbers and all that” he’d learned the hard way all the ways that a pack strengthened you after being without one for 2 years.

Arwyn smirked at the mentioned of weapons, being raised a hunter he was proficient in many but their armory had been cleared out when he and his family left for Evermore, he’d missed having so much choice “Well I don’t know about teaching, combat was pretty much all I was raised to do, but we can certainly spar some time” he smirked, he’d forgotten what it was like to train alongside others and had somewhat resigned that he wouldn’t because both his father and sister were now trying to live ordinary lives. “Well you could, until they figure out your healing rate is faster than humanly possible and then either freak out or want to make you a test subject” his tone as a little sarcastic but there were a lot of ignorant humans out there in Evermore.

“Can’t say I’ve ever really followed em” he answered with a shrug, he’d always been pretty disconnected from the things humans obsessed over, his mind constantly on the life he lead and making the most of the time he had “Never been big on reading the news to be honest, most of it is all lies anyway” both stories about humans and stories covering up the supernatural, all lies and fabrications of the truth.

He couldn’t even imagine what it must have been like growing up in the public eye, he supposed everyone’s eyes were on you, watching you reacted and held yourself, one slip up and your name was plastered over every news article. No thanks. “Don’t suppose it would have been easy growing up with everyone watching your every move” he commented, even as the second born you were no doubts expected to act a certain a way “I couldn’t have done it, far too private a person myself” he needed a lot of time alone he had to admit.

“Well at least he believed you I guess” he responded echoing the other male’s shrug, he had heard countless stories of people being tossed out and abandoned by their families when they became supernatural, at least Arthur was able to make his own choice. “I count my stars that I was born into a supernatural family and never had to think about the whole telling them you’re supernatural thing” he admitted.

“See the thing about getting a job, is I don’t just want another dead end place that barely pays the bills” he admitted as he leaned one arm along the length of the couch he was sitting on and then rested his head against his arm “I wanna find my thing you know” if he was going to live the big city life, he didn’t want to be just another person doing just another thing, he wanted to do something with his life he could be proud of “Do you have a thing? You know a dream, something you always wanted to do?” he raised his brows curious.

“Well no one’s really expecting me home so, I guess we’ll see how late it gets” he agreed with a nod, he had to admit he was enjoying some being around Arthur, he was smart and interesting, the kind of person you could just talk to for hours without getting bored.

Arthur sighed gently as he saw the wound in his leg, it was quite painful and he was lucky that they weren't found by hunters. Although it was rather strange that hunters didn't go after them once it happened or it could have been just a normal animal trap. He wouldn't really know as they didn't want to risk investigating them as he knew how bad things can come by for supernatural hunters. 

His brow raised as he saw the others smirk along his lips then he listened to what he had to say. Arwyn must have been through some hell if he was raised to use weapons and he was sure he'd find out the story in time. A small chuckle left his lips and he would love to spar with someone, he hadn't done it since he had left his home. ''I would certainly love that. I've missed sparring,'' he nodded and memories started to flood through him for a moment before shaking his thoughts away, another chuckle left him. ''Well, I wouldn't want to be a test subject. I would just run out of the hospital without getting caught.'' His lips tugged into a small smirk, winking at the other as he continued to dip his hands into the packet of chips he was eating. 

''I am sure you haven't been obsessed over these things and I completely understand since you have a total different up bring than I have. Trust me, I don't expect you to treat me any different. Don't call me Sire or anything like that. I personally hate it,'' he sighed and wiped his hands on the small towel he had reached over to grab, rolling up the chip packet he had half finished. ''It is mostly lies on the news yes, as they over react to everything,'' he shrugged. 

''It wasn't easy,'' he agreed with him and chewed on his lower lip for a moment, taking a breath then spoke once more. ''Specially when... You're expected to be perfect in front of everyone. Specially your father... That disapproves you of being bisexual.'' He said, his eyes clouded for a moment as he remembered the memory of it. The disapproval look on his father's face and what he had said was definitely something he would never forget. He sighed and ran a hand over his face, grimacing at the memory taking over him as he tried to get a grip of himself again. ''Sorry,'' he apologized quickly and took a sip of his drink. 

''It took some time for him to believe it although he was quite shocked to find out I was one and that we were real. He wanted me to come back but I'm not risking it.'' He listened to the other as he explained how he was born into the supernatural family and wished for something like that for himself but everyone was different, different lives and stories of their own. As the other talked about jobs and watched his movements as he once again, adjusted himself once more on the chair. The wooden chair was becoming uncomfortable for his back but he can live with it until bed time. He nodded along as he listened, it seemed that Arwyn was having trouble to find himself. 

''Well, it all takes time to find what you want to do in your life specially when you have had major events happen. Don't stress upon it, I am sure you will find your way in life.'' He paused for a moment and nodded. ''I actually want to become a doctor. It took me a long time to figure it out but yeah,'' he shrugged his shoulders and he liked helping others as he had always put others before himself. ''But my dream would be to have a family one day without being tied down to the Royals.'' He explained, his brow arched slightly if that made sense. 

He checked the time on his phone and saw it was starting to get late but he wasn't feeling very tired. ''Arw? Why don't go get me a pair of crutches? I have some spare in the wardrobe in case of emergencies.'' He said as he nodded over to the wardrobe in the living room. ''What do you want to do? I have many things we can do but I'm currently disabled,'' he let out a small laugh as he joked with him. ''I'm actually hungry, are you?'' He asked as he looked over to the fridge, pondering for a moment to what to eat. ''You like cooking?'' He asked and smiled over to him, he would do it himself but you know... Broken ankle sort of thing. 

Arwyn had to agree, there was something about it that just helped to blow off extra steam, whenever he was feeling worn down or frustrated a good match could always take his mind off it “Me too” he mused with a smile “Me and my cousins used to spar all the time but I haven’t seen them in a long time” some of them had been killed in the battles his family fought and others were starting their lives over elsewhere. Arwyn chuckled imagining the blonde, flustered with all the doctor’s questions running out of the hospital “I think I’d pay to see you try” he teased with a laugh.

Arwyn nodded slightly “Believe me I didn’t intend on it” he clarified with a smile, Arwyn was certainly the kind of guy to treat everyone as they treated him, in his mind, everyone was of equal stature unless they proved themselves to be less so, such as the vampires who killed his family and all those humans they were trying to protect “I can imagine how awkward it must feel to have people call you things like that” he grimaced a little. “That and they’re always covering up the real story because the supernatural was involved” he gave a mock eye roll, so many people in the world really were so oblivious to what was in front of them.

Arwyn could almost feel the shift in Arthur’s mood as he seemed to flash back, the dark-haired male nudged the blond gently against his side with a half smile “Well if he couldn’t see past the people you choose to love then he’s the fool, not you” Arwyn was very clear when it came to his beliefs on that particular subject and while he was heterosexual himself he celebrated those who weren’t, it was no one’s business but the individual to decide who they loved and no one would tell him any different.

“I can’t blame you for that one, I certainly wouldn’t” not only would a newly turned therian be potentially dangerous to those around them but under so much public scrutiny he imagined it would be very easy to set off alarm bells and once humans learned the supernatural secret they weren’t all as understanding as most would like them to be. Arwyn had to admit that Arthur’s place was very homey, especially for only being lived in a few months, it was nice, familiar to him even.

Arthur sounded way more confident about Arwyn’s future than he felt about it, he’d always felt a little lost when it came to his role in life, especially now that hunting was off the table and he needed to settle for something else to do with his time. He’d never been to college and if he had he’d have no idea what to study. He’d never really found his thing, the spark that made you excited to show up for work in the morning. His eyes widened at Arthur’s answer “A doctor? Wow that takes some serious dedication” he mused remembering Sera telling him how long it took to get a doctorate degree. His addition made him smile though, being raised in a very tight knit family he had always envisioned a family of his own too “Well I think that’d possible with Evermore, it’s pretty easy to lose yourself here”.

Arwyn nodded softly in response to Arthur’s request “Yes sir” he teased with a wink purposely as he moved across the room and pulled open the cabinet. His eyes took a moment to adjust before he spotted the silver metallic crutches and he pulled them out before returning them to their owner “Do I even wanna know why you have a spare pair?” he asked with a raised brow. As if on cue when Arthur mentioned being hungry Arwyn’s stomach growled and he laughed softly “Apparently I am” he answered honestly.

Having lived alone for several years now Arwyn had come to an understanding with cooking, at first it had been just the basics, things like noodles and things you could throw in the oven and came back to in 20 minutes but then it had become stir fry’s and steak and before he knew it, he was actually pretty good at it. “I do actually” he mused as he got back to his feet heading over to the fridge and opening it, scanning his eyes over what was there. Pulling out some bits which would work for his usual Friday evening stir fry he smiled “I got this one” he assured the other male “You’ll just have to point me in the direction of the right stuff.”

Arthur kept listening to Arwyn as he continued to talk about sparring, oh how he missed it. He would do anything to have another match again with someone even if he could teach someone but he was glad that Arwyn actually could spar. ‘’We could definitely use some practice then,’’ he grinned at the thought thinking how fun it would be. He had two swords he had managed to find in Evermore, in a small shop in the city.

He smiled at Arwyn’s words and nodded, ‘’thanks’’ he spoke gently and he used to hate it when people didn’t call him by his first name, specially when his father was alive, he remembered the awful things that he said about servants and other people not addressing him properly. ‘’It was quite awkward,’’ he admitted and pushed the thoughts away. It had felt strange since many people just know him as Arthur now. He only had a few close friends now but it felt nice to be called by his first name. As blue orbs darkened as a memory went through him, he truly disliked his father for many reasons. He was nudged out of his thoughts and he gave a soft smile at Arwyn.

‘’Yep which is why I explained to him that I couldn’t go back. If they were to found out what I truly was and why I was turned by the werewolf. I would probably tortured or something,’’ he shrugged his shoulders ‘’or maybe even hanged,’’ he grimaced at that thought. Even though the laws have changed, there was still some circumstances that even in his small town that people were hung.

Shifting to get comfortable on the small wooden chair, his muscles were starting to ache from sitting for so long. He could see that Arwyn was thinking about his future and what possible things he could be doing, he hoped for Arwyn’s sake that he’d be able to get back into reality and get settled into something he enjoys. A small chuckle left his lips, running a hand through his messy blonde locks and was in need of a haircut soon. ‘’It took me quite some time to figure it. Yes, it is some serious dedication but I think it’ll be all fine in the end.’’ He explained as he paused to listen to Arwyn.

He rolled his eyes at the words Sir, he would get him back for that later on, he couldn’t risk moving his foot that was still healing. His blue orbs watched as Arwyn went over to the wardrobe to grab the silver crutches as he returned with them, he reached out for them and smiled. ‘’In case I fall down the stairs of my home?’’ He joked before shaking his head, shrugging. ‘’When I first moved here, I went out for some rock climbing. Of course, I didn’t have any safe equipment with me. I had fallen and nearly broken my knee, I had to be taken to hospital as someone found me on the ground.’’ He explained, his cheeks turning pink at the embarrassing story.

He smirked as he heard the small rumble from Arwyn’s stomach, chuckling a little. He began to adjust himself on the crutches, heading over to the sink and grabbing a glass, filling it up. ‘’Sure. I can do that for ya,’’ he nodded as he pointed to the first set of draws. ‘’Utensils and cutlery are in that draw. The cupboard near the fridge is where plates are and glasses, below that is where all the saucepans, frypans and all that are there.’’ He nudged his crutches towards the cupboard, ‘’I have most meats in the fridge and vegetables in the crisper.’’ He explained, he moved away from the kitchen and stood near kitchen island. ‘’I’ll watch you cook,’’ he grinned and placed the crutches aside him. ‘’What are you cooking anyway?’’ He asked, his brow raising in curiosity.

Arwyn had never really been called much else than Arwyn, obviously nicknames came and went but for the most part his name was his sole identity, he couldn’t even imagine having people call him sir or your majesty but then he supposed Arthur was brought up in a completely different life. Arwyn’s eyes widened as Arthur spoke about what he believed would happen should his werewolf side ever be exposed, Arwyn had never really given much thought to the consequences of human ignorance before “Sounds like we’ve gone back to the 1800s” he admitted with a furrowed brow, he was glad Evermore was a safe place for the supernatural.

Arwyn nodded, he’d never really had something click for him enough that he’d want to fork out money and time into studying it before, being raised in a family of hunters that was all he had ever wanted to be and once that was taken off the table he had felt lost. Sure, working in bars and coffee shops had fallen into place for him but they weren’t his endgame, he wanted to do so much much more than that. “Well as long as you keep showing up for classes and working hard, it has to work out right” he couldn’t even fathom the stress that must come with being a doctor, even in training.

Arwyn chuckled at Arthur’s reaction, he enjoyed toying with people and making jokes and he felt comfortable enough around the blond to do so, which was rare for the younger therian who tended to keep to himself and avoid letting people get too close. Returning with the crutches he laughed “It’s just not something the average guy keeps around his home is all” most people he knew hired them and then returned them once they were healed. “Ouch” he grimaced at the other male’s story raising his brows for a moment “Bet you won’t be doing that again in a hurry” he teased with a smirk “Only limb I’ve ever broken has been in a fight, pretty nasty one but it does something to you, makes you way more cautious” which was ironic since therians broke their bones every time they turned, technically.

Arwyn followed Arthur’s movements with his eyes as he pointed out all of the different things around the kitchen and he made mental notes of where everything was before he started to make a few rounds around the kitchen, taking out two dishes and sets of cutlery, a frying pan from the cupboard and set them on the side before turning his attention to food. “Friday night is stir fry night in my home, trust me it’ll be epic” he smirked, he was a little over confident when it came to cooking now, one of the few important skills he had learned from living alone.

Taking out the vegetables and meat Arthur had, he pondered over them for a moment before picking out some onions, peppers, beansprouts and steak meat. He made his way over the counter and started chopping up all of the components to the meal before tilting his head over to Arthur “Sauces or spices?” he asked their whereabouts as they hadn’t been part of the quick tour Arthur had done. Between chopping he placed the pan on the hob to start warming up “Make sure you’re keeping weight off that ankle” he reminded the other male noting that he was trying to move around more than he probably should.

Arthur knew that his small town back in Neath had different rules and laws of everything; however since his brother Harrison took over, he was trying to mend things and change some rules to allow certain things in their town. It would be more like modern times for their people and it was a good sign too; it seemed that the rules getting out dated and he was glad for his brother to have such responsibility. He shrugged, ''partially my father's fault that made up those rules back there.'' He admitted even though he was young when rules were being developed and changed when his father was King, he never doubted that most of the laws there were his father's laws. 

''Yes as long as you keep on top of everything then I should eventually pass,'' he chuckled and he personally thought he was quite smart and knew how to do most things that came to first aid, although this time he couldn't save himself from the trap he had on his ankle, since his ankle was pretty much fractured, it'd take time to heal over a few days. ''Hey, they are good for emergencies like these ones?'' He grinned at Arwyn as he adjusted himself on the crutches and chuckled once more. ''Nope, never doing that again without any safe equipment.'' He rolled his eyes at himself for doing that, how stupid could he be that day? His brow raised as he mentioned the fight when Arwyn spoke to him, ''at least we heal fast, huh?'' He grinned. 

He went on to explain where his kitchen utensils, fry pans and all the other kitchen essentials were. He held his glass as his fingers curled around it, sipping at it while he watched Arwyn began to take out ingredients from his fridge. ''Ah...Stir fry? I haven't had one for years,'' he chuckled and tried to ponder for a moment when the last time he had a stir fry. He watched his movements as he saw how confident he was with his knife skills and his brow raised slightly, an idea coming in for what Arwyn could possibly be; if he wanted to do so but he wouldn't mention it yet. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Arwyn's question; he placed his glass on the counter and began to hobble over to the the other side of the kitchen, pulling the cupboard door open, he took out the spice racks and some sauces. ''Here,'' he gestured to him. 

''You know, you have pretty good knife skills.'' He commented as he returned back to the stool and sat down, positioning his ankle without hurting it. ''Yes boss,'' he muttered and smirked. ''I can't sit still for too long,'' he pouted, his bottom lip curling. ''I go crazy otherwise,'' he winked at him as he leaned against the counter as he watched. 

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“No offense but your father sounds like a bit of an ass then” times really had moved, even in Arwyn’s short life and those who didn’t move got left behind and he considered that a good thing, because it meant the world was moving to a more accepting place. Most supernatural beings had no choice in what they were and it was utterly ridiculous to him that people would be punished for being different. Being supernatural was one thing, being a monster like the people who murdered his mother was another thing.

“I never really clicked with the whole academic thing, always found myself better at things I could do with my hands than things I could read from a page” he shrugged a little, he guessed he had been raised with a practical mind and that mentality had stuck with him “I respect people who do though, it takes a certain something to be able to put yourself through that much study” he shrugged. When Arthur mentioned healing fast Arwyn nodded gently “Probably wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for that statement” he agreed with a nod, that was a story for another time.

Now he was working on cooking, Arwyn felt more in his element, despite not knowing the kitchen and him frowning and trying to figure out how things worked a few times, he generally was able to start piecing together the meal he had in his mind “Stir fry was one of the first things I taught myself” he admitted with a laugh “My mom always used to cook one for me when I was upset and so it became necessary for me to be able to make myself one” he smiled softly, taking the spice rack and sauces “Thanks” he spoke before scanning his eyes over the rack and picking out some herbs and worcester sauce “Quite the selection you got here” he commended, glad for the amount of choice. He also took the salt and pepper and got to work.

Loading the meat into the pan he started to sear both sides before tossing in the vegetables he had chopped and then starting to add the seasoning, using both his hands to blend the different spices “Oh thanks” he laughed a little embarrassed “Truth be told that spurred from a fair few mishaps which make me thankful yet again we heal fast” he chuckled and shrugged “I’m stubborn though, I wasn’t gonna be defeated by a simple knife”. Arwyn turned his eyes back on Arthur for a moment glancing from him down to his foot “Just don’t overdo it, I don’t wanna have to rush you to the emergency room because you collapsed in pain” been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

“You’d think a doctor in training would have more concern for his own health” Arwyn jeered a little as he shook the pan enjoying the sound of the food sizzling and the smell which rose as he tossed the stir fry.

Arthur chuckled at his words and shook his head as he took a sip from his water, his hand resting along the glass in a delicate manner. ''None taken. I know he was more than asshole specially towards me,'' he said in a serious darker tone as his blue orbs narrowed when memories started to flood through him but he quickly pushed them away. ''I could call him many things,'' he tapped the side of his nose as he paused his words. ''But I would rather keep them to myself.'' There were probably more than a dozen names he would call his father as he absolutely hated his father for what he did to him and others he loved.

''Well, you see; most people are different when it comes to learning things. I'm sure there's something out there for you to learn with yours hands rather than your academic skills. I could even tutor you if you would like to enhance those skills.'' He suggested to Arwyn and he gave him a small smile and his brow raised as at his last statement but didn't question it. 

His kitchen was rather difficult at times and even he had trouble figuring his own equipment within his kitchen as he was never really a great cook himself. He made easy meals or ate healthy take out meals so he barely uses the kitchen as he was usually busy studying his course or out of the house. ''Well, it seems that you had a lovely mother.'' He commented gently and he missed his own mum as she had passed away due to cancer. ''Well, I like my spices, you could say.'' He chuckled as he sat down on the stool as his eyes wandered over Arwyn's movements around the kitchen with ease. The smell wafted through his nose and his stomach was getting excited from the smell of the meat and the mixed vegetables along with the sauces that Arwyn was adding into the stir fry.

''Smells really good, I can't wait to eat.'' He grinned as he continued to watch Arwyn cook the stir fry; he nodded in agreement at his words. ''Ah yeah, the one thing about being a lycanthrope is that we heal fast.'' He was grateful for that at least, he didn't accept himself as a lycanthrope at all. That would take time. He smirked before letting out a small chuckle, ''I've been stabbed multiple times as well as being thrown off a horse and almost killing myself from the rock-climbing, I think I can manage a broken ankle. But I appreciate your concern, don't worry.'' He told him and smiled as he continued to watch the steak sizzle in the pan, he looked over towards the clock. It was getting rather late however he was enjoying his company.

''You'd think so but mistakes happen I suppose? And that trap wasn't my idea either.'' A smirk tugged along his lips and he leaned against the counter. ''A stupid hunter put that thing there, remember?'' He teased as he began to fiddle with a lid from a spice bottle. ''I think we are going to become good friends Arw. I have a good feeling.'' He smiled and cheekily sent him a wink. 

Arwyn gave a slightly sad nod, so it was like that, he sometimes found it hard to remember that a lot of people’s parents weren’t great people, mostly thanks to the rose tinted glasses he had from growing up in a happy home with parents who were happily married. “Fair enough” he responded to Arthur’s not so subtle hint that he didn’t want to talk about it, he couldn’t imagine he would either should he experience the same thing. “Just be glad the modern world is moving towards being more and not less accepting I suppose” he gave a half smile, nowadays it was fairly common to know people who were gay, transgender, all different species, it was normal to him.

Arwyn shrugged a little “I just wish those learning styles translated to grades better, maybe then I would have got more ice cream” he laughed and winked, he didn’t really care much for how he performed back in school, he had always been one of the average students who never really excelled at anything, though he did always enjoy playing sports.

Arwyn found the kitchen pretty expansive, he had room to move and all the different things he needed were scattered around meaning he was moving around a lot, he didn’t mind that though, he preferred it to the alternative of having to stack and reshuffle everything in a small space the way he used to back in Nevada. “I did” he responded wistfully with an appreciative smile, noting how Arthur had picked up on the past tense “No doubts she’d be here telling me I’m using too much salt if she could” he chuckled, his mom always had a thing with salt, she didn’t use it often and it drove her nuts when people added extra to their food “You and me both, I’ve even imported a few from other countries before, just to try them” he grinned, he loved food with rich flavors.

“Me too” he mused, his biggest vice with his cooking was that he’d always end up wanting to eat scraps of food as he went and by the time the meal was finished he’d have eaten half the portion and be full, today however he reigned it in, thanks to the distraction of Arthur watching. Arwyn raised a brow when he heard about the injuries the blond had sustained through his life, he didn’t comment directly but he did grimace a little, he hated the idea of people going through pain. Shaking it off he changed the subject “So have you met any of the rest of the pack yet?”

After a few more tosses, the food was cooked all the way through and he picked off a bit to try to make sure the flavor was right. After a moment of deliberation he nodded slightly and then moved the pan over to both the plates he had gotten out and served half of the portion onto each. Hearing Arthur’s words Arwyn gave a tone of mock offense as he picked up the first plate of food and offered it out to the other male “Are you implying we’re not friends already?” he chuckled “Cause I could always just steal your spice rack and go” he winked before collecting his own plate and passing out the silverware.

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