The sun was descending behind the oak and pine trees of the Therianthrope territory, the woods have become Arthur's favourite place and it made him feel rather safe. Although, no doubt his own home was a safe place too but he preferred spending time in the outdoors and exploring around the woods. He always found somewhere new to explore every time he adventured out into the woods. 

Arthur placed on his leather jacket and headed out into the woods, he entered without a problem and he shifted into his wolf form. He sprinted forward and swerved through the trees and shrubs of the woods, his nose beginning to pick up all the scents throughout the woods. His breathing was heavy as he ran, he climbed over the log that was leaned up against a rock, heading down to where a water stream was. 

He stopped for a brief moment to catch his breath, his eyes darting around to gain his surroundings before he jumped over the water stream and continued south in the woods. His ears flickered as he picked up various noises around the woods. He was careful as he knew that people could be hunting out here. 

As he turned a corner and was about to jump once more over a rock, something sharp caught onto Arthur's right back leg, collapsing in pain as the sharp object snapped onto him. He started to panic instantly and looked around, his ears picking up any movements, Lifting his head up towards the sky, he howled loudly for any other Therianthrope to hear him. He was trapped and he couldn't get out. 

He growled at the object and tried to rip his leg out of the trap but that pain soared through him and no doubt he'd be dead by a hunter. He howled once more, hoping that another wolf or someone was out there. 

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“I’ll bet it was” he answered and bit down gently on his lip, he was lucky to have grown up in such a safe space where all of his decisions were respected and understood, he couldn’t imagine life would have been great for him had his father not approved of a major part of his life. “I think my teachers phrased it as troubled” he answered with a laugh “Being born a therianthrope I always had this temper that I didn’t really know how to handle” he admitted with a shrug, he had learned to control that part of him with time and practice.

Arwyn nodded, no one really appreciated their parents as much as they should have, you always seemed to take for granted the things you always had available to you until one day they weren’t there any more and you realized all the little things. It had been a major adjustment for Arwyn when his mother had died, he hadn’t been able to handle the change and that had sent him into a spiral he didn’t know how to get out of. “Sometimes you just gotta step back and remember just how lucky you really are” he mused, he may not have a lot of friends in Evermore just yet but he could see himself liking this place. Perhaps one day it would feel like home. Arwyn understood what Arthur meant though, the level of connection you had to an alpha was irrelevant sometimes, they were your leader, it was a matter of fact “Can’t be any worse than being an omega anyway” he’d experienced that for the past two years and the amount of toll it had on your strength was beyond what he ever expected.

Arwyn raised his brows between mouthfuls as he listened to Arthur talk “Sounds like you had a pretty hectic childhood” he commented, his parents had done their best to shield him and Sera from what they were when very young but as they got older they grew into the family business and wanted to take after their role models. Arwyn nodded softly as he commented on the food “You haven’t seen anything yet” he teased with a laugh, when Arwyn had time to prep he could make some pretty insane meals, even if he was saying so himself.

“You make a point though” he commented, thinking about how much time in the last year he had spent learning to cook and thinking up new recipe ideas “Maybe I should take some classes” well it was something right? He didn’t know if he could ever be as good as the stuff he saw in restaurants but it wasn’t like he had much to lose anyway. “Next week works, still got some free time while I’m figuring everything out” he picked up his phone to look at his calendar but suddenly realized how late it had gotten “I should really make a move before my dad thinks I skipped town” he chuckled opening the contacts app and pressing the add button before handing the phone over to Arthur “Here put your number in” he prompting so they could arrange their sparring sessions.

Arthur tried not to let his past affect him so much when it came to moments like these, he was still recovering from all the events that happened to him back at the castle and it seemed to be taking it’s time. He agreed that he had a bad temper as well when it came to certain things but he was trying to take control of it more often now. ‘’Must have been difficult when you were younger, couldn’t imagine being at a school and trying to not scream at someone when they did something badly wrong,’’ he chuckled softly as he finished the plate of his stir fry and took a sip of his glass of water, ‘’I’ve had some trouble with my temper as well.’’ He admitted as he walked over to the sink to place his plate into the sink, then putting the water on.

The word omega came across his mind many times when he first arrived here to Evermore City, omega didn’t seem to thrilling and for the most part, he wasn’t sure how they were treated here in Evermore; he heard stories that many were treated differently depending on the alpha’s orders. ‘’That thought crossed my mind when I first came here, I didn’t know whether or not to become part of this pack but it seems to be a better advantage to become part of the pack then not,’’ he commented gently as he began to wash up the plates, other utensils that were used for cooking.  

As Arwyn thought about taking some classes for cooking, he nodded his head once as he finished washing the rest of the plates, cutlery and putting away spices and herbs. ‘’I think it would be a good way to go, it could lead you to cook in commercial kitchens and you could experience travelling around the world if you were to take it that far,’’ he said softly as he let out a soft yawn, leaning onto the counter in front of him. He took Arwyn’s plate away from him as he fiddled with his phone then placed that plate in the sink. ‘’No worries man, I appreciate you helping me get out from that trap.’’

He wiped his bubbled hands onto a towel before grabbing the device, placing his contact number in. ‘’There ya go,’’ he grinned as he took his own phone out. ‘’You can text me later, whenever you have the time and I’ll save it as a contact,’’ he said as he checked for any messages from university. ‘’I have a couple of tests next week,’’ he scrolled through his calender for a moment then he looked over to Arwyn, ‘’but otherwise, I am free after that. Perhaps, the weekend, it would suit us better?’’ He suggested, pondering the thought then nodded.

Arwyn chuckled, he had been that kid at school that all the teachers hated because he was constantly talking back, making jokes or generally getting himself into trouble. He guessed the school setting had just never really suited him, everything felt like a waste of time there compared to the important work he was doing when he got home “I feel sorry for my teachers more than anything, I was an ass” he admitted with a shake of his head laughing, now he was an adult it all felt very silly to him “Thankfully I grew up and learned to get a handle on it” he nodded “You’ll get the hang of it too” he assured.

“Speaking from experience, being an Omega sucks” he’d gone from a very powerful pack, to a very small and tight knit one and then to none at all and every time that had happened he felt the blow to his powers like a ton of bricks. Now he was a member of Harper’s pack he felt the power returning almost instantly, it was insane, the different it made to a therianthropes life. He had to admit he was glad to be past that point in his life, it felt like the first step to rebuilding what felt like a broken life.

“Well I wouldn’t get too ahead of myself, I’m no Gordon Ramsey” he chuckled with a shrug, hell he hadn’t even told his father he could cook yet, mostly because Orion seemed to insist on making them something in the evenings and Arwyn didn’t wanna step on his toes. “I’d like to think anyone would do the same but then I’ve seen some pretty awful people in my life” he shrugged softly and smiled, Arwyn wouldn’t ever turn his back on someone who needed his help.

Taking back his phone he tucked it into his pocket, not that it was a big deal considering he now knew where Arthur lived but it seemed easier than showing up on his doorstep “Works for me” he answered with a nod “Sure I’ll have to talked to my dad and make sure he didn’t have his heart set on something” he chuckled picking up his things and making his ways towards the door of Arthur’s apartment “I’ll catch you around Arthur, keep that leg rested” he spoke as he reached for the door to open it and did a somewhat dramatic salute and winked before he headed out.

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