The sun was descending behind the oak and pine trees of the Therianthrope territory, the woods have become Arthur's favourite place and it made him feel rather safe. Although, no doubt his own home was a safe place too but he preferred spending time in the outdoors and exploring around the woods. He always found somewhere new to explore every time he adventured out into the woods. 

Arthur placed on his leather jacket and headed out into the woods, he entered without a problem and he shifted into his wolf form. He sprinted forward and swerved through the trees and shrubs of the woods, his nose beginning to pick up all the scents throughout the woods. His breathing was heavy as he ran, he climbed over the log that was leaned up against a rock, heading down to where a water stream was. 

He stopped for a brief moment to catch his breath, his eyes darting around to gain his surroundings before he jumped over the water stream and continued south in the woods. His ears flickered as he picked up various noises around the woods. He was careful as he knew that people could be hunting out here. 

As he turned a corner and was about to jump once more over a rock, something sharp caught onto Arthur's right back leg, collapsing in pain as the sharp object snapped onto him. He started to panic instantly and looked around, his ears picking up any movements, Lifting his head up towards the sky, he howled loudly for any other Therianthrope to hear him. He was trapped and he couldn't get out. 

He growled at the object and tried to rip his leg out of the trap but that pain soared through him and no doubt he'd be dead by a hunter. He howled once more, hoping that another wolf or someone was out there. 

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Coming to Evermore city had been a major decision for Arwyn Valkyrie. After his family had left Nevada he had chosen to go back, feeling at though he couldn’t let go of the anger he still felt over his mother’s murder. For 2 full years he had been a lone wolf, relying only on himself and his instincts for survival and now he found himself a member of a pack.

Harper had been kind enough to let him join despite her current disagreements with his father and Arwyn had graciously accepted her offer. He had also gotten the mark of the Evermore pack tattooed onto his ribcage, a reminder of this new milestone in his life and of his chance to finally move forward and put ideas of revenge aside.

The dark haired male found himself in the middle of the woods in Evermore city, he appreciated that the therianthropes had chosen well when they claimed their territory within the city as it allowed for significant cover and the opportunity for the pack to be left in peace for the most part. Of course there was still the odd hunter that would come wandering by but it was easy enough to stay clear of their path.

The wolf’s paws were light against the ground as he found himself running, darting between the trees in an undefined path. Arwyn loved to shift and run when he needed to let off extra steam,  allowing his animal senses to take over gave him a break from all the thinking and worrying that he tended to do in his human form.

As he was running however, he suddenly found his hearing overwhelming with the piercing sound of a howl through the air. Arwyn was intelligent enough to know the difference between a lycanthrope’s howl, which was silent to the ears of all other than lycanthropes and that of a dog or a actual wolf. Without a second thought the russet colored therian changed his path running towards the epicenter of the sound.

As the second howl called out Arwyn had closed most of the gap between him and the other therianthrope. Entering the clearing where the other male had directed him. Instantly his eyes were drawn to the sharp rock protruding out of the male’s leg and a soft whine echoed from him as he realized he was in pain. Hesitantly Arwyn moved closer to the other wolf so that he could inspect the wound trying to determine if it was safe to pull out the rock or if it would cause more bleeding.

Arthur was trying not to panic as the pain was soaring through him, distressing sounds came from his mouth, his tongue lolled out of it, his heart beating rapidly against his chest. He didn’t want to draw more attention then he was as he might fear there was a hunter out in the woods at this time of night. He was sure that his ankle was going to be broken, a whine left his mouth once more.

His nose picked up a scent from another lycan approaching near him, he was glad to finally see another therian that was in the same pack as him. He lifted his chin to point towards the rock that was holding down his ankle, a soft growl left him in frustration. He hoped the other was willing to help him get out of this, he didn’t want to die if he was found by a hunter.

He looked back over to the other lycan, his ears flattening as he looked at him, pleading to help him. If he were to shift back to human, there was no doubt he would reveal himself if there was a hunter as if there were watching right this second.

He lifted his two front paws up and tried to move the rock, moving his head as he tried to push it with his strength, only little movement caused the rock to move. His sharp claws retracted from the skin, scratching at the rock in frustration and anger. He didn’t know how he was going to get out unless the other helped him, his nose picked up a smell of metallic, knowing he was bleeding underneath the rock cause him to stress even more.

Arwyn studied the rock and it’s placement in the other male’s leg, for the most part he was trying to determine if pulling it out was going to cause a large amount of bleeding and watching as the gray wolf nudged at the rock. Arwyn knew a few things about these kinds of injuries because he had found himself in the same position. He knew they had to do this right because otherwise they would have a story and a half to tell at the hospital.

Despite the fact that he could almost feel the pain coming off the other male he knew it was best to leave the rock there for a moment. He rounded to face the other male giving him a bow of his head to convey the fact that he could trust him. He then stepped back a little turning his head towards the exit to the clearing and then back to the other male and he let out a silent howl. His intent to convey that he would be back and for the other male to help him find his way back.

Once he had done his best to explain he turned on his heels and dashed out of the clearing to where he had stashed his clothes before turning. It took him a few minutes to reach them and he picked them up in his jaws without hesitation. Following the other lycanthrope’s guidance back to the clearing he came to a dramatic stop dropping the clothing items on the ground.

To their luck, no hunters had come around this area yet. Arwyn once more moved closer to the wound better equipped to take on the task. Leaning down he took a breath before latching down on the rock with his teeth and then he backed up quickly pulling hard on the rock before it came loose and sent it and him staggering backwards over the ground.

Arthur was still in panic if there were going to be any hunters nearby and it seemed the forest was eerily quiet, the birds weren't chirping, the trees were still and they were near the clearing which is a bad sign. A groan left him as the pain was soaring through his body, he was trying to keep very still now so he wouldn't cause his injury even worse. 

No matter how much frustration he was in, he couldn't let his injury get any more worse than it was because he surely would have to explain something to the doctors if they were to go to a hospital. He watched the male closely and wondered how he was going to get him out from this trap. His ears twitched to the sound of the silent howl that the other gave him and watched him dash out from his view. A pained whine escape from him as he waited patiently for the other to return.

Within a few minutes, the other had returned and a breath left him as he was relieved to see him. He watched as the other neared to the rock, watching him and was ready to free his injury from the rock, he hoped that no one was watching this and left them in peace. With success of the other pulling the rock back, he ignored the soaring pain as it lifted him free. As quick as possible, he moved out of the way from the trap. He hoped to never see again.

A soft grateful whine left his lips as he looked at the male in front of him; he attempted to get up onto his three good legs but pain went through him, he was sure that his ankle was broken. Groaning, he slowly shifted into his human form. His clothes only just hanging on, they were holey but they were still there. He winced at as he saw his ankle, it was deformed, bloodied and didn't have much strength. 

''Thank you,'' he spoke quietly at the other male, his blonde locks messy from being in wolf form, he was exhausted and he knew he had lost a bit of blood but he was sure he was able to heal in no time. He slowly got up and leaned against a tree, hopping over to the other wolf. ''Let's go before anyone sees us,'' he murmured to the other, began to turn on his leg as he walked into the clearing as quickly as he could. His house wasn't far from here.  Perhaps he should have stayed in wolf form but he knew he would have struggled in that form, he was hoping the other was following him.

After landing in a heap on the floor Arwyn let out an annoyed grumble before he focused himself on his human self and his body began transform back to his human form. The dark haired male quickly changed back into the clothes he had brought over. Once he was done he finally allowed his eyes to fall onto the other male with a curious expression. Arwyn was one of the newest members of Harper’s pack and he had to admit he had slacked on the introductions.

The tattoo on the other male however confirmed to Arwyn all he needed to know about whether he could trust him, there was no doubting faith in the pack because the pack was life itself, at least that was what he had grown up believing from what he was taught anyway. At the other’s thanks he nodded his head before his eyes travelled down to the wound with some concern. Without a second thought he reached down and tore a few strips of fabric from the jacket he had earlier been wearing “You should really bind that, last thing you want is to explain a visit to the hospital” he had a little experience with self treatment of nasty wounds.

He held the strips of fabric out to the other male “Well not exactly the way I intended to meet a member of my pack but glad I could help” he stated before following it up “My name’s Arwyn, son of Orion Valkyrie” he’d rather be up front about who he was than have everyone gossiping about the fact that he was the ambassador’s son. It had taken him a long time to follow his father to Evemore, he hadn’t been ready to let go of his home back then.

Nodding he agreed with the other male, while the woods were their territory hunters were becoming more and more of an issue and it wasn’t like you could just tell them why they weren’t allowed to wander the woods when they were oblivious of the supernatural world. Without question he followed the blonde’s lead, a little concerned for that injury and wanting to make sure he didn’t run into any more trouble on the way back.

“So what happened?” he asked curiously referencing the tear in his leg, the younger therianthrope had to wonder how he had managed to get himself trapped. Arwyn was somewhat paranoid when he was in his wolf form which meant he tended to see everything, often in so much detail that he couldn’t focus on anything else, it was both a blessing and a curse.

Arthur was struggling to carry his weight on his left ankle that was damaged pretty badly, all his life he had never fractured or broken a bone in his body. A groan left his lips as he leaned against a tree, staying still as the other caught up. He saw the younger male come up to him and he smiled gently, his eyes flickered down to the fabric in his hands that he had torn from the jacket. ''I'll buy you a new jacket,'' he murmured as he took the fabric from him and bent down, winding the wound up as tightly as he could but not as tight to cut off the circulation. 

''Thank you, I was lucky you were around. I could have died, probably'' He shrugged at the thought as he leaned against the tree, waiting for the pain to subside. ''I'm Arthur, Arthur Brynn.'' He said as he extended his hand out for the other take shake, his brow raised at the surname, he recognized it as he must have been the ambassadors son. ''Ah, you are the ambassador's son?'' He tilted his head, smiling warmly at the other despite the pain. ''Pleasure to meet you then,'' he nodded.

''I was running through the woods before the rock had fallen onto my ankle like some sort of trap, I was stuck there for nearly half an hour before you came.'' He said, scratching the back of his neck. ''Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. Once I stop by to my place, did you want to have a drink or something?'' He asked, ''the least I could for you because I couldn't help think that we may have been struck by some sort of hunter that could have been lurking around.'' His eyes darted behind the younger male, making sure that there was no movement but there was none. 

''Right let's get out of here before we get trapped again,'' a slight chuckle left his lips as he made his way through the trees back to his house, hoping the younger male followed him. ''So, have you been in Evermore for long? I assume your father would be looking after you?'' He asked as he tried not to put pressure on his left foot, grimacing in pain. 

''You seem to be quite young, I guess you are what? 20? 22?'' He guessed as he continued to make small talk with the pack member, glad to see that he was not alone despite being in a pack. After about 10 minutes, they reached his house. A two story home, a fence surrounded the garden he had and a mahogany front door with gold on the rims of the door and the handle. ''Come on in,'' he said as he opened the door up and headed inside. The lounge room was spacious, big enough to hold an event, the kitchen was large enough and with white cupboards, and shiny counter tops.

''Make yourself at home,'' he said as he grabbed a drink for the male, handing it to him before he headed over to his first aid kit. ''You ever bandaged someone?'' He asked, smiling as he pulled out the equipment. 

Arwyn could tell the other male was in pain from the way he was distributing his weight, he had more than a little experience with broken bones and wounds as he had been raised in what could only be described as a supernatural warzone. The young therianthrope had quickly come to an understanding with pain and he had learned to tolerate more than most could, emotional pain however, he had yet to figure out. “A jacket over a leg, no brainer” he responded modestly with a shrug he had loads of jackets, he wouldn’t miss this one.

Arwyn nodded softly in response to his thanks, he was sure anyone would have done the same had they known what was happening but he was glad he had been there to help “I may not have exactly integrated myself into the pack yet but the mentality is never far from me” despite being an omega for the past 2 years it was very easy to fall back into the protective group mentality. “The one an only” he responded returned the other man’s nod “Great to meet you Arthur” he responded. Well so far everyone he had met from the pack were amicable.

Arwyn frowned as the other male mentioned that it seemed like some sort of trap, that gave him all sorts of bad flashbacks. Reminding himself in his mind that vampires and therianthropes got along justs fine here he let out a long breath “Some nerve the humans have setting up traps in our territory” he grumbled angrily, you’d think the human ambassador would do a better job of keeping her people under control. “Sure” he responded to the other male’s offer, normally he would have been the kind to excuse himself politely but a pack member was different to some stranger you found on the street “I’ve been meaning to, you know, actually interact with the rest of the pack” he chuckled “Moving to the city has been more of an adjustment than I think I’d prepared myself for.” he admitted with a shrug.

He continued to follow the other male, not paying too much attention to where they were going as to what was around them, if there was one trap in the woods no doubts there were others and the last thing he was going to do was get caught in one. “A couple months” he answered Arthur’s question without hesitation before he followed it up “I’m staying with my dad for a while but the plan is to get a job and my own place down the line” he nodded, as much as he loved his dad, Arwyn knew he had a girlfriend now and probably wanted space of his own. “How long have you been in the city?” he returned the question curious, he knew very little about Harper and the members of her pack thus far.

Noticing the male grimace Arwyn moved a little closer to him in order to ensure he didn’t fall and if he did to help keep him standing. To his relief however he seemed to be able to press forward and push his way through the pain. “I’m 26” he answered with a chuckle as the other male called him young looking “Still get carded for alcohol almost every time” he shrugged, there were worse things in life than looking youthful, he was sure.

Following the male into his home, he couldn’t help looking around, curious as to the sort of living that therianthropes in Evermore had, the place was spacious and pristine, very unlikely the crappy log cabin Arwyn had been living in for the past few years. He whistled before he went to speak “Wow, what do you have to do for a living to afford a place like this?” he mused with a smirk, he had to admit he was a little jealous, he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to afford such a nice home.

Taking a swig of the drink he offered he smiled softly “Thanks” he was never one to turn down a good drink. His question was met with a nod as he stepped forwards “Unfortunately, far too many times” he admitted as he opened the first aid kit and took out the things he needed. Pointing for Arthur to sit while he got to work Arwyn removed the bloodied strips of fabric tied around his leg. Thankfully the bleeding had now calmed and his accelerated healing seemed to be kicking in.

Arwyn smirked “Okay this might hurt like a bitch” he warned as he used an sterile wipe to clean the area before unravelling the bandage and placing the dressing over the wound. As he wound the cloth around the other’s leg he looked up for a moment and smirked “Any other battle scars?” he asked curiously, Arwyn had many himself but Arthur didn’t seem to be the fighting type.

Arthur remembered the countless times where he had injuries from sword fighting as he used to practice all the time since he was looked up to upon a group of Knights. He faced many deep wounds after challenges he had faced even when he was young Prince. He had many scars all over his body and all of them had a story behind it.

‘’Hey, I will buy you another jacket since I used yours to tend to my wound.’’ He was going to make sure he would buy him a good jacket, something that he’d do to return the thanks of the pack member. After all, he had only met Harper once to join the Lycanthrope pack and he hasn’t even met the Ambassador.

He knew that being in a pack was safer than being a lone wolf and he wasn’t risking his life when he was a lone wolf, it gave him some security from being in this pack whether or not he hasn’t met many other wolves. ‘’Yes, the one and only Ambassador’s son, but hey, don’t stress it. I haven’t even met your father yet,’’ a soft chuckle left him as he shrugged his shoulders, letting out a sigh.

‘’Yes, some nerve they must have to do that in the Therianthrope territory, honestly, what are they thinking?’’ A grunt left him as he hobbled along and tried to hurry a little bit more as he didn’t want someone trailing behind them. ‘’I’ve roughly been in the city about 2 months as well. I’m from Neath and came all the way here.’’ He explained as he kept going through the woods and made sure he kept an ear out for any suspicious activity.

‘’Ah, well I didn’t think you looked like 26.’’ Once they were in their home and got comfortable, he sat down on the stool as he watched Arwyn look around his house and he guessed he wasn’t used to living in luxury like this. ‘’If you ever need somewhere to stay or even if you need a break from your father, you are always welcome here.’’ He spoke gently to him and watched as the other fiddled with the first aid kit.

His eyes narrowed as he saw the sterile wipe and he clenched his fists up to prevent him from growling at Arwyn. Once the sterile wipe was going over his injury, a deep growl left him and he clenched his fist tighter, trying to keep calm. ‘’Bloody hell that hurt,’’ he grumbled as he watched him clean his wound up, he could feel himself healing slightly however it wasn’t going fast.

‘’Yes, I have many scars.’’ He spoke while he grimaced in pain once again but he was grateful as well that someone was here to bandage it up. ‘’Well…’’ He sighed and thought he might as well tell him just to get it over and done with. ‘’I used to be a Prince… I mean, I still am one. I left because I was turned, worried for my people back at home and came straight here since I heard about Evermore.’’ He let out a breath as he stopped speaking for a moment then continued on.

‘’I’m wealthy and have a lot of money.’’ He shrugged and grabbed his phone, unlocking it and showing what castle he used to live in to Arwyn. ‘’This is where I used to live in Neath,’’ he said with a smile and rested his back against the chair, trying to relax a bit. ‘’So yeah, here I am now.’’ He said with a small laugh, scratching the back of his neck, shrugging his shoulders once again.

Arwyn simply smiled and nodded, if the blond so badly wanted to replace the jacket then he could, Arwyn wasn’t much for being materialistic, as long as he was comfortable and didn’t look completely out of place then he was happy. Arwyn was generally selfless when it cames to others, being brought up in a kill or be killed situation made him stick to those around him.

Arwyn laughed when Arthur mentioned he hadn’t even met his father, well he really must be new to the city then “All in good time” he prompted returning the shrug of his shoulders, he hadn’t rushed to meet everyone. Arwyn was more of a lone wolf and had been for several years now, coming back to pack life had been more difficult than he expected, especially because none of these pack members were his direct family like his last.

“They’re humans, probably as oblivious as anywhere else in the world I’d guess” he shrugged, it was frustrating but people would always sneak into places you told them they couldn’t, for curiosity or boredom. Humans for the most part though, were much easier to deal with than the supernatural, most of them had no idea about the full extent of the world around them and went around with their normal lives. “That’s quite the trek” he commented noting where the other male had traveled from “Any particular reason or just looking for a fresh start?” he raised his brows for a moment.

Arwyn chuckled reaching up to scratch the side of his clean shaven face, perhaps he needed to grow a beard to look his age “Yeah I get that a lot, I blame the therianthrope gene” he shrugged, he had always looked pretty young but then that wasn’t always a bad thing. “Thanks” he responded to the other male’s offer of a place to stay “Hopefully I won’t ever need to, but I appreciate the offer” .

Arwyn chuckled as the other male came out with a very proper cuss, he could tell that he wasn’t as adopted to ‘Americanisms’ as most were, though it was pretty refreshing he had to admit. He continued to treat the wound without much thought, it was almost robotic to him nowadays after doing it for years both with his family and later just by himself. “Luckily the cut isn’t deep enough to reach the bone, it shouldn’t take too long to heal”.

The male’s eyes widened a little when the blonde mentioned that he was a prince, it was easy to believe that someone was a vampire or even more recently, a dragon messenger from the Gods, but Arwyn had never met anyone royal before “Like…” he tried to think of the least dumb way to put it “Crowns and servants and your majesty prince?” he raised his brows curious to know what would bring someone like him to Evemore city.

Arwyn was enthralled by Arthur’s story, looking at the picture he showed him in wonder. Arwyn had never pictured himself as the kind of person who wanted to be royalty but every kid dreamed of knights and castles at some point in their life, he never thought he’d meet a prince in real life. “It must be such a different life for you” he commented with sad smile “Having to give up the life you had because you were turned” he leaned back in the seat interested to hear more.

Arthur was sure he’d pick up a good leather jacket for Arwyn sometime down the line; when his ankle was healed and he was up to normal health. He felt appreciative that Arwyn was there to help him escape that awful trap that the hunters laid upon in the therianthrope territory. He was sure that he would meet his father soon enough as he was only settling into Evermore.

He hadn’t stumbled upon a hunter yet and he was sure as hell didn’t want to either, the things they could do to Supernatural creatures were unbelievable. He heard some tales that werewolves get tortured by wolfsbane or silver, it was an excruciating pain.

He ran a hand through his blonde locks, his eyes flickered over Arwyn and smiled gently. He shrugged his shoulders gently before speaking, ‘’I didn’t have any choice but to come here, Arw. It was the only safe place I could come too.’’ He explained and tried to move his ankle slightly, that was a terrible bad move.  A growl left his lips as the pain shot through him once again; he rolled his eyes at himself. ‘’I shouldn’t have done that,’’ he muttered with a sheepish smile. ‘’Hey...Being young isn’t such a bad thing. You could get away with stuff,’’ he winked playfully at the other.

‘’You’re welcome Arw, I wouldn’t mind the company either, gets quite lonely sometimes.’’ He shrugged his shoulders as his eyes flickered around his home. ‘’Well, thank goodness it’s not too deep and I won’t need to go to the hospital’’ he chuckled as he knew the other would be worried if it were the case. He watched him curiously to see what his reaction would be - part of him hated that he was a Prince because he was recognized even over here in Evermore City. A chuckle left his lips as he heard him, shaking his head. ‘’Yes, Crowns and servants, you name it.’’

People were always amazed and dazzled by the royals; people were always trying to get more of a glimpse of a Royal’s life. He could tell Arwyn wanted more details and he smiled; he didn’t mind sharing but of course he didn’t want to bring too much attention to him but since he was someone he could trust he thought he might as well continue. ‘’My father made me the knight leader when I was only 16 years old. I was crowned Prince at the age of 18 years old, that’s when my night changed. I was turned on that night when I was in the woods by accident.’’ He rolled his eyes and shifted slightly to get comfortable. ‘’It was quite an adventure coming here, I must say. America is not something I’m quite used to since the culture was quite different compared to Neath.’’

‘’I recently told my brother - Harrison which is now the King back in Neath, that I was turned into a werewolf. It was hard to tell him but he had the reason to know and why I suddenly dropped my duties to come here,’’ he muttered and took a sip of his drink. ‘’Took me some time to adapt here and with myself too.’’ He cleared his throat, gazing at Arwyn for a moment. ‘’What about you? Tell me about yourself.’’ He said and smiled, he grabbed a packet of chips that was nearby on the counter, opening them up and offered him one.

“I know that feeling” he responded honestly, the first time he had come to Evermore it had been fleeing for his and his family’s life, they’d had nothing on their person and yet somehow found solace here “It seems like Evermore is a solace for many” he agreed as he thought about all the people he knew that had come here because they didn’t feel like they belonged anywhere else. As the blonde moved to try and put weight on his ankle the dark haired therian quickly spoke “I wouldn’t….” but it was too later as he watched the male falter.

“You need to give it at least a few more hours before you try and walk on that, or it really won’t heal” he warned with a slight grimace, he’d seen bones heal in all kinds of strange ways when someone pushed too hard and seen therians had to have them rebroken in order to set them right. Arwyn had to agree with being lonely, he’d gotten so used to being alone that being around people again was strange for him but he had to admit he welcomed the change, it was nice to have people to lend an ear.

“Well then I’ll have to make time to come over, Art, maybe we can have a few beers and play some poker or something” that would be nice, even if he had the worst poker face in the world. The idea of having a friend he could turn to was nice, he hadn’t had one of those in a long time. “Yeah, I’ve heard there’s an understanding part of the hospital but…” he trailed off “they still freak me out and so do all the questions” he shuddered a little, something would have to be seriously wrong for Arwyn to go to the hospital.

“Wow, I always thought those were just” he held his hands up and made the shape of a rainbow “You know, a fairytale” he chuckled, he had to admit it was intriguing regardless, especially how a royal could end up somewhere as mundane as Evermore. His story was interest to say the least, it couldn’t have been easy to leave the life he once had behind “Do you miss it?” he asked with raised brows, how could he not, coming here must have meant he had to leave his family behind and that was never an easy not favorable thing to do.

Arwyn never had to worry about the whole tell the family he was supernatural thing because he was born one and his whole family had been his pack but could imagine a discussion like that can’t have been easy “How did he take it?” the dark haired therian raised his eyebrows, humans tended to be pretty ignorant and so he imagined all sorts of scenarios. Taking a chip from the offered out packet the shifted to make himself comfortable as he debated interesting things about himself “You know, I think I’ve spent so much time in war mentality that it’s the only interesting thing about me” he chuckled and shrugged “Lets see… I’m an overprotective older brother, I love getting my camera out and taking pictures of nature and hunting down hidden gem places that barely anyone else knows about and I’m currently looking for a job, but there isn’t exactly much you can get with only baseline jobs on your resume” well that sounded mundane but that was his life he supposed.

Arthur nodded his head in agreement, many people fled to come into Evermore for a safe place where they could share their stories to one another or make new friends down the line when staying in Evermore City. ‘’The trap did some work to it, hey? Bloody thing could have chopped it off if it weren’t for you.’’ He said while he glanced over towards Arwyn.

A soft hum left his lips as he took another sip from his drink, nodding his head once again. ‘’That could be fun. I could also teach you some combat as well, since I have a training room in my home. Archery, swords, you name it.’’ He explained and smiled, ‘’that’s if you want to learn that is.’’ He thought that back at home he was a fairly good teacher and it was came in handy if you were in trouble with someone or something. The skills you could learn with different weapons was rather fun and informative. It would be nice to be able to hang out with someone more regularly than just being alone. A chuckle left him as he heard him, his brow raising and tilted his head slightly to the left. ‘’They are just questions. Could easily lie to the nurses or doctors.’’

‘’They aren’t fairytales, Arw. How much do you hear about the Royal’s back in Buckingham Palace and all that jazz? I know some like to think they are fairy tales, but come on, we are real. Media thrashes our story all across online, get’s rather.. Annoying.’’ He grimaced at the thought, ever since he came here, he had some paparazzi following him through the streets.

He was lucky he was able to loose them before they continued even more. His brow raised slightly as he heard the question then clicked his tongue, ‘’I miss it sometimes but the duties, the pressure of it all had gotten to me for a little while now. I was used to it to an extent when my father was around but now that my brother is King - I didn’t feel so pressured in a way,’’ he tried to explained. ‘’At least, that’s how it’s come down to, the royalty of it all was pleasant yes, but it’s very stressful.’’ He paused for a moment taking another chip.

He watched him momentarily and thought to himself for a couple of minutes before he continued. ‘’My brother took it by surprise. He wasn’t extremely happy with the way I had left them behind but since he has his own family to look after and I wasn’t next in line to be King, I left.’’ He shrugged as he threw the chip into his mouth, chewing it. He listened to Arwyn’s story and smiled gently and nodded his head slightly, shifting again in his chair. ‘’Well, I could always help you find something. I’m sure there’s bound to be somewhere to give you a job, even if it’s just a cafe.’’ He nodded.

‘’Anywhere is a good start even if it’s a learning experience. I can easily help you to find something,’’ he assured him with a smile, grabbing a handful of chips and took some into his mouth, he crunched them down and licked his lips after he finished. ‘’You may stay the night if you wish,’’ he offered as he thought about it. ‘’I have nowhere to be in the morning. How about we start looking for a job for you tomorrow?’’ He asked, his brow rose and he smiled, he wasn’t pressuring him but just a thought that counts.

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