Meeting my boyfriend? ( Jessalyn Reigns, Sierra Reigns and Kyle McCartan )

Jessie was looking at her around for five minutes now. She couldn’t get her eyes over it even though she got there way too early. It could be read in her eyes that she was slightly nervous about it. To comfort her stress, she looked over to her sister as they as they were enjoying a normal day with tea at her house. Hero, Pearl and Angel were just around them to get attention and everything. It shouldn’t be such a big deal right? Of course it’s important but maybe she is way too stressed to see that it was a good thing that this was doing. She wanted to introduce Sierra to his boyfriend, Kyle.

But she never knew when is the right time to do it. They were only at the start but Sissy was her big sister so it was a big deal for her. With a heavy sigh, she let her head on a side closing her eyes from the moment to relax her body at the silence that was covering her house. Alright, she was a Reigns so she can surely do it. As she wrapped her hands to her chest , she was turning her head on a side and another as the hair followed the opposite motion. She was doing it for distraction most of the time but shortly after, she got it in a pony tail feeling how her hair grown.

She looked over to her sister with her blue crystal eyes before turning her head on the window letting her eyes on the view outside.” I am glad we are doing this Sissy.” She admitted with a grin towards her sister before cupping her cup of hot tea. As Hero jumped near her, she laughed at how happy he was and he was graving for attention so she patted his head a few times before telling him to get down the couch because it was rude. Rolling her eyes she let the scent of the tea invade her lungs when she heard her phone vibrate. When she heard it, she shoulder raised and her eyes widen as she stopped death track.

Without hesitation, she took the phone in her hand to see how she got a text with although Jessie already knew.  It was Kyle. She left her eyes on the screen for a moment before raising her eyes on her sister texting him to come over. Alright, this was the time. ” Sissy, I would like to tell you something.” She admitted towards her sister letting her head on a side with a smile. She tried few moments to think about a proper sentence before she just let it out for her.” I started to see someone and his name is Kyle. He is a Therian.” She said all of a sudden smiling at the thought of his features.” I would like you meet him, please~”  She said getting closer to her getting her in a cuddle hoping her sister will say yes to her request. After their parents death, she hoped her sister will accept her choice and be near her to support her.” You are an important person to me and I really hope that you will like him!”

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Nothing was mundae, simple anymore. Life got the ever more difficult and busier so to say. Back around 4 years ago all she had to worry about was booking villas and apartments to stay in when travelling to country to country. Where it was only her and her two elder brothers since Jessalyn was still back in England studying. Wanting her sister Jessalyn to make the most of growing up, having a normal life. To spend time with friends whilst studying at sixth form and then leading onto university. So that she could get an education and qualifications behind her for a career now or in later life. Sierra would never had thought her her life would turn around so much like it did. So soon after arriving in Evermore things had changed for her and her family. With the death of Aurora Deveraux, the Initia Magister at the time, came the choosing of the next Magister. Sierra would never have thought that the spirits would have chosen her of all people. She was just a normal initia stopping by Evermore City a while. Supernaturals from all over the world were drawn the city for many reasons. Its known to be a sanctuary, a beacon for supernaturals. After Sierra became the Magister she started to read through her family's history. Wanting to find out more. To her curiosity she found that she and her siblings were descendants from the very first initia tribe dating back to thousands of years.

It took her a long while to get a grasps of her new found powers. Having no one there for guidance or help. Sierra had to figure out it all on her own along with all the duties and responsibilities that came with the ambassador positions. It was then when she grew up, putting behind her ‘wild-life’ that she lived before. Although her brothers were not too keen on it, their hatred was always their downfalls for the two Reigns brothers. In the end it was what killed Adolf, his blindness for the bloodbath in his path. Since then Cedric got his act together and Jessalyn returned home. The Reigns family ruined once more. It was just the three of them. Sierra knew she would do everything in her power to protect them two from harm if anything were to happen or came their way. Both Sierra and Cedric were protective over their younger sister. Seeing her still as the ‘baby sister’ the one who most sane out of them all. One with a kind heart and soul. Not wanting her to grow up almost.

It was just her and Jessalyn back at home as Cedric was off on one of his business duties out of the city. They were having a casual cosey day in. Sierra got up from the sofa and walked across to the kitchen. Filling up the kettle she turned it on, boiling the water to make a cup of tea. Getting two mugs from the cupboard, a star wars one for herself and cat one for Jessalyn. Popping one tea bag in each. A minute later she heard the kettle turn off, picking up the kettle she pouted water in each. Pouring in the milk she used a teaspoon she mix it together before taking the teabag out. Sierra took the two cup of teas over, handing one over to Jessalyn “Here you go” She smiled handing over the tea before sitting down beside her. Soon she felt something jumping on her lap, a ginger cat appeared out of nowhere sitting himself onto her lap. Harry was always her cat. It looks like Harry wasn’t the only one who came out wanting attention as Jessalyn’s Hero wanted to come up but was soon told to go down by Jessalyn. The sofa wasn’t big enough for the two of them along with Harry, and the two grown dogs that each other them owned. “ Cedric’s missing out” She chuckled laughing a little as the two were having a quiet night in.

Sierra was good at reading people seeing how Jessalyn nearly jumped out her skin with the vibration of her phone. Signalling that she'd received a message. Knowing that her little sister was hiding something from her but not wanting to tell.  Sierra raised a brow almost, curious to know what was making Jessalyn so jumpy. Looking to see that Jessalyn turned to her ready to tell her what she had something to tell her but Sierra already knew something was up. “What's the matter?” Curious to find out more. Listening in, Jessalyn started to explain to her that she’d met someone and started to date him wanting her approval first. A smile appeared on her face seeing how how he was already making her sister happy. “Awwh, of course” She grinned feeling happy for her sister. “When I started dating my ex Reager, both Cedric and Adolf went mental. Although they were a bit too over protective” To say the least, but now times have changed. She and Jessalyn were no longer young teenagers who needed their older brothers there as bodyguards for protection. The two sister were strong enough to protect and take care of themselves.  “When do you want to bring him by for me to meet him?” She queried although knowing on Jessalyn she’d already planned to bring him over now whether or not Sierra had said that she was happy for her. It was better to bring him round tonight whilst Cedric was away first.

Not knowing how Cedric would react she’d might had to calm her brother down using her spirit powers but truthfully she felt it’ll be unneeded. Since Adolf's death, Cedric too have grown up. Changing for the better, maybe he was bit less protective of his siblings love lifes. Whilst for Sierra herself there were no boys on the seen. Choosing to look after herself more, not wanting to get her heartbroken again. Until then she’d wait till the right one came along.

"You know how stubborn those two were. " She admitted having a memory with Adolf and Cedric together. She often misses her older brother Adolf but fate wasn't that nice of her family with the even of his death. She knew Adolf wasn't the perfect man and she knew that he made mistakes but she still loved him for that. It was her big brother after all. She saw how much Cedric changed after that. He had became way too overprotective on them in other to know they were safe." He is coming right now. I warned him that I want him to meet one of the most special person in my life." She admitted with a warm smile that crossed her expression as she looked over to her big sister. Jessie was the younger one as she always looked with pride at her siblings. "I know I haven't got boyfriend past the few years and it wasn't anything to actually met but Kyle is so different Sissy." She admitted softly grabbing her sister's hand excited and also afraid of what she will think about Kyle.

The most important object for Jessie her entire life was her beloved family. What was left of it. Since her parents died and Adolf got killed, her life had turn a opposite direction of how she wanted it to turn out. She never wanted her siblings to suffer but she couldn't stop the course of life that it was made for her. Since everything happened, she was feeling blessed that she got Sierra and Cedric. They were the only ones she had left and she hoped she won't lost them either. Living with this fear was killing her softly inside but she learned to think that her siblings are strong enough to no be harmed. But after a while, there was another important person that appeared in her life. And that was that charming sweet man, Kyle. As it started as pure simple friendship, she wasn't sure how things will turn out but she was grad they got this way. 

Starting to have feeling for Kyle was unusual but they were welcomed. He was a perfect man and she was lucky she got a chance to cross paths with him. Now she didn't want to let him go. As they had been through some challenging stuffs before they could get officially together, she was glad it was him. And she would chose him all over again every time she would think about it. And as Kyle was so special to her, she wanted him to meet her precious ones as well, Sierra and Cedric. But she knew Cedric was way too over protective in this time of matters so that's why she wanted to show Kyle to Sierra at first because her big sister was just like a mother to her but a role model to follow. She wanted to have Sissy's approval and she hoped she would get it when her sister will see how much Kyle means to her and how a good man he really is. She knew it was all of a sudden for Sierra because she avoided the boyfriend chapter many years but now that it actually happened, she hoped her beloved sibling will like Kyle. 

Getting a message from him, she took a deep breath letting her hazel eyes to fall on the window. He would get there any minute now and with every moment that passed, she was starting to feel nervous about her sister reaction. She knew what she felt for Kyle was real and she knew he would never ever hurt her. She met him from the first days that he came in Evermore in the first place and it was something special about him from the start. He was different from any man she met and she really had strong feeling for him. She stood in the same pace for so long and it felt sometimes it was hard for her to move ahead her problems. But she found power in him. Lately that changed because after letting herself into her feelings for him she had been the happiest woman ever . She was happy. She couldn't still believe she had the big luck to get Kyle in her life but she was the most happy that it happened and that everything worked out for them.

Hearing the knocks at her door made her break from her thoughts as she gave traveled at Hero that was barking excited rushing towards the door to meet Kyle. That was his routine every time he was coming around. She didn't saw Hero rushing to someone so excited beside her siblings but that meant even Hero liked her Love. " He is here." She said towards her sister feeling her emotions raising as she stood up taking a deep breath. She knew she told Kyle not to worry about her sister but she still was excited for Sierra to meet him. "Excuse me a minute Sissy." She smiled towards her before she rushed towards the door. When she unlocked the door and let her head outside, she grinned softly as her eyes felt on her Love." Love! You came." She said excited and thankful in the same time as she allowed herself to open the door and get him in a tight hug placing a soft kiss on his cheek. " Are you ready Love?" She whispered towards after she softly cupped his cheeks to lock her gaze with him for a few seconds. ' Don't worry about a thing. ' She thought for him even thought she didn't said it out loud. After a brief moment, she gave him an assuring smile before she closed the door behind him. 

As Harry came to meet the new person in her house as well, she grinned before taking Kyle's hand." Harry is Sierra's pet." She whispered towards him before she softly guided him towards the sofa where her big sister was waiting for them. She looked for him one last time before she gave a nod and approached her sister. " Sissy, we have a visitor." She said softly as she walking with him towards the living room. She could feel her was a bit nervous but she hoped that staying close to him will make him relax and forget about everything that was worrying him for this meeting that she planned." Sierra, this is my boyfriend, Kyle McCartan. Kyle, this is my older sister, Sierra Reigns." She spoke as she made the introductions showing towards one another with a smile. Now, she was the one that will observe how the will react to her introductions.

Life always seem to get hectic with different things coming in the way of it all. Sierra knew it better than a lot of people. Looking back to when she and her brothers first looked at coming to Evermore. Thinking that it’ll be a place that they’ll stay only a short while. As a city with supernatural wouldn’t be for them. It didn’t turn out that way. 4 years on and she’s still here. Nothing ever planned out the way people think. Soon after arriving in the city Sierra became the next magister. Shortly after the previous magister Aurora Deveraux had died. Sierra knew that the spirit element had chosen her for a reason. Something that always worried her was that would she live up to her families and ancestors legacy. What would her parents think if they were alive? Did she let her brother down. So many questions she wants answers for. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to find it out. Trying to do better. To be a better person. In the last few years Sierra have turned her life around for the better. Focusing more on her own fraction along with her ambassador duties. To keep the peace.

Whilst all the drama was going on. War nearly breaking out. Sierra made sure to keep her youngest sister out of it all. For her to stay in England where she’s safe. She was the innocent one in it all. Not like either her, Cedric or Adolf. Jessalyn was different from them but in a good way. Inviting her to join them in Evermore after it was all safe. Sierra thought that it was a fresh start with her, Jessalyn and Cedric but things didn’t always turn out that way. As Cedric spent the last few years going to and from the city not wanting to stay. “Both we’re bad at each other” She added on remembering how her brothers were quite alike in many ways. A smile appeared on her lips hearing Jessalyn say she was one of the most special people in her life. “If you say he is good then he must be” She knew her sister wouldn’t go for any of the bad boys, sticking to the good ones. If not she knew her younger sister would put them in their place.

“Cedric’s coming back home in a few days” She told her sister. Earlier she’d gotten a text from their brother telling her that he was coming back but this time for good. She was happy that their brother was coming back, knowing that Jessalyn would agree. Although Sierra knew her brother better than Jessalyn as they were close in age they had more of teasing relationship. Sierra knew that it would be best for Jessalyn to keep her new boyfriend a secret from their brother for a little while longer. Knowing that he wasn’t as opened minded as she is. Cedric have become more protective in the last few years. Taking up the title and responsibility as the eldest brother. Along with what happened with her last boyfriend. Where Sierra was engaged to a vampire but he soon brother her heart leaving the city without a goodbye. Since then Cedric was overprotective and would interage any guy that she would bring home. Thinking that no guy was good enough for his sister. Sierra didn’t want that to happen for Jessalyn. “Maybe it’s best to keep it from Cedric for a little while” Not wanting to think that she didn’t approve her sister dating. It was quite the opposite as she was happy that her sister was happy and found someone. Seeing a good change in her sister now knowing who was the reason for it.

Noticing how her sisters phone lit up receiving a text. Soon finding out that he would be coming over. Sierra thought that it was maybe a bit too soon. As she’d only just been told about him not getting yet the full details. The normal thing when either of them gets a new boyfriend telling each other the full details. How long it’s been going on, how they met, learning more about them. Now is a good time as any. Thinking about it. Hearing a knock at the door signaling he was here. Sierra noticed how Hero, Jessalyn’s dog was already going a bit crazy. The husky was running to the door and barking whilst Jasper her own dog was staying at her side. A bit confused. Watching as Jessalyn was excited that he was here and was rushing to the door to greet him. Whilst Sierra was staying where she was for the moment. Continuing to sip her tea not wanting to let it go cold.

Sierra looked to see Jessalyn walk back in with a young dark haired. He seemed to be a few years younger than her. He looked like a good guy, she thought. Sierra put her cup on the coffee table in front of her so that she could go and introduce herself to Jessalyn’s new boyfriend. “Hey, I’m Sierra but you probably already knew that” She introduced herself with a smile on her face being friendly. Showing her support for her sister knowing that jessalyn was watching with a close eye.

She watched them both closely as she waited for them to talk to each other for the first time. She knew it must be hard for Kyle as they were only for a few months together but this was a huge deal for her and she was more the grateful that he had the pure kindness and care for her to accept her request in meeting her beloved big sister. In much as she talks about her siblings, Jessie feels blessed for having both her and Cedric in her life. She was aware that she wouldn't had gotten where she is today without her siblings to care for her in that dark time and guide her through life becoming the serious and educated girl she is today. She can't ever thank Cedric and Sierra enough for what they had done for her all this time. 

Hearing Sissy introduce herself , she chuckled before giving a nod of her head." I kinda talk about you and Cedric all day so yeah. He already knows it." She whispered towards her sister before looking at Kyle. Even thought Kyle told her he is fine, she could easy see what he was slightly nervous about it. It was a new thing for him as it was for her. She never brought a boy to Cedric and Sierra so for her this was a huge important deal. She hoped she didn't make Kyle feel uncomfortable about it. She gave an assuring smile at Kyle as he introduced himself and chuckled as she hidden her face in his shoulder when he said she was talking highly about her sister." Don't tell her more. It might get up to her head this way." She chuckled joking before looking at Sierra.

When he mentioned coming in a bad time, she shook her head before letting her hand find his as her fingers intertwined with his." We usually meet at this time for some chats and moments in family. Firstly, we thought that Cedric will be too but he had some issues outside the city. So it's just me and Sissy this time." She assured him before adding." I also thought it's better for you to meet Sissy because she is more.. nice in meeting people then Cedric." She admitted towards him before looking at Sissy. 

"Let's all sit on the couch and get to know each other more." She said fast taking them both by the hand before walking them towards the couch." Firstly, love. Would you like some tea?" She asked gently towards him before looking at him with a gentle smile before looking at Sissy." I will let you know everything you want about my relationship with Kyle as I am sure you would like more details then just meeting him like this all of a sudden."

It was weird almost finding out and seeing that her little sister was growing up. Having a life of her own with secrets of her own. Maybe it's because both Sierra and Cedric tried to keep Jessalyn wrapped in bubble wrap for all her life. Only doing it to keep her safe from everything both the good and the bad. Sierra knew that they couldn’t do it forever. Jesslyn was a bright girl, one who knew not to make any big mistakes to make right decisions. To protect herself, she didn’t need them any more to protect her. She do it all on her own. The blonde watched as jessalyn went to greet and invite in Kyle her new boyfriend. Seeing the cute highschool romance making her remember back to how it was the same when Seierra was her age. Young love.

Jessalyn was introducing them both to each other. Knowing on her sister she was thinking and hoping to herself that all goes well which it did. “Nice to meet you too” She greeted back smiling to her sisters new boyfriend. “Hope she hasn’t told you everything” Sierra joked half sounding serious but knowing that Jessalyn knew what to share and not to share. Hearing Jessalyn say that she talks about her and cedric all day made Sierra burst into laughter for a moment knowing what her sister was like. “As we used to say you could talk for England” She joked to her, little bit of sibling banter.

The three of them were guided back to the couch where both her and Jessalyn were before things well Kyle came in the way but it’s good that can get to know each other. She was curious to find out the details of her sisters love life. As she sat on the sofa her not so little ginger cat jumped up on her lap and curled up ready for another nap. The blonde grinned as she tickled behind Harry’s ear making him purr louder. “That I do”.

“Well if we are all coming clean about our relationships I think it is time I do too” She started to say ready to tell her secrets to her sister and too well her sisters new boyfriend too. Seeing as Cedric had only found out it’s time to tell her sister too. “Your not the only one with a secret boyfriend” Sierra confessed nervously grinning a little happy that she was finally able to share the secrets of her love life with her sister. “He’s name Floren we’ve been dating for 2 months” She added telling a little about him knowing that Jessalyn would be full of questions knowing on her. Both sisters were bad as each other keeping thier love life a secret but mostly for the same reason. To keep it from their brother Cedric, but now everything was out in the open.

Jessie always dreamt of the day when her boyfriend will meet her family. She always wanted to make them proud of who she is bringing as she wanted their approval so much. They all became her role model. Even if Adolf had dark secret and everything, she still admired his confidence and pure leadership that she was always seeing to him. For her, he remains the big brother that was calling her shortie and hug her tight when people were mean to her. Every little thing that they did for her was everything she could had asked for. They were her second parents even thought she haven't got a chance to meet her actual parents. Sierra was always like a mother and a big sister and Cedric and Adolf were the fathers. That's how she grow up ad she doesn't regret anything besides the part with her parents.

Now that Kyle came around as she knew how much her love was for him and how an amazing person he is, she wanted this to work. She wanted him to meet her siblings, get along and have the pride that her brother and sister had accepted Kyle as her boyfriend. She knows that her love for him was no joke and she wanted her family to see that she wants the present and most probably the future with him. ' You never know where the future brings you' but she likes to think that if it's meant to be, it will last and they will be happy. As they passed the situations they were in with Blake and unpleasant moments, with the strong feeling for each other made them now together and they will have the power to face everything if they truly love each other. She was sure of it.

She chuckled gently looking at Kyle before gasping at her sister words shocked and surprised. But still. She knows Sierra. She knew something was going on but hearing it out loud was still a surprise." Really?" She asked smiling warmly and got her sister in a warm hug." I really want to meet him someday and give him a little chat between sister and sister's boyfriend." She chuckled teasing her big sister before looking over to Kyle." Cedric is busy pretty much since he has such an important job. But you will meet him some day I am sure." She admitted caressing his hand before looking at Sierra." Well, me and Kyle met a year ago in the place he was working. And after that day, we were kinda glued to one another." She explained smiling warmly remembering the first day they met." Me and Kyle will have 1 year next month." She admitted slightly surprised how fast the time passed. 


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